Create Christmas and Valentines Day LIVE Video Greetings using | Steven Healey | Skillshare

Create Christmas and Valentines Day LIVE Video Greetings using

Steven Healey, Helping you make to most of LIVE video

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9 Videos (28m)
    • Live Video Introduction

    • Creating the Broadcast

    • How does it work ?

    • Planning

    • Create a Facebook Group (to store video)

    • Going Live at Christmas

    • Valentines Day Video Message created using Belive

    • Downloading the Video

    • The Project


About This Class


Are you searching for a  novel way to send Seasons Greetings to friends and family ?

With the launch of's Christmas effects you can broadcast LIVE on Facebook and create a video with that Christmassy feel.

You can go live or simply broadcast into your own Facebook group and use the recordings. You can make one recording or many, the choice is yours.

You can use the system to record greetings which you can then add to your website, send to family and friends.

This a a unique way to reach out and spread goodwill .

This course teaches you everything you need to know plus you can join  the LVS17 group on Facebook for support and advice too.



When you first visit you will be asked to register. When you do please mention my name and say that you heard about Belive on a Skillshare course.





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Steven Healey

Helping you make to most of LIVE video

I am a business video chat show host and producer on , live video trainer and author

My mission is to help you use Live Video effectively and promote your business or cause in 2017. I achieve this goal via 1-2-1 sessions ,Udemy courses and producing shows for you.

I am the co- author of Live Video Streaming: How to grow your business online

As a Udemy Instructor I have created courses about Facebook Live - the courses are listed here

I teach broadcast...

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