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Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers and artists

Jules Tillman, artist | business coach | infp

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    • 1. Introduction to Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, ma

    • 2. DAY 1 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an

    • 3. DAY 2 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an

    • 4. DAY 3 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an

    • 5. DAY 4 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an

    • 6. DAY 5 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an

    • 7. DAY 6 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an

    • 8. DAY 7 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 9. DAY 8 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an

    • 10. DAY 9 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an

    • 11. DAY 10 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 12. DAY 11 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 13. DAY 12 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 14. DAY 13 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 15. DAY 14 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 16. DAY 15 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 17. DAY 16 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 18. DAY 17 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 19. DAY 18 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 20. DAY 19 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 21. DAY 20 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 22. DAY 21 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 23. DAY 22 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 24. DAY 23 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 25. DAY 24 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 26. DAY 25 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 27. DAY 26 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 28. DAY 27 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 29. DAY 28 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 30. DAY 29 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 31. DAY 30 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a

    • 32. Class wrap up and project

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About This Class

Are you an artist, maker, creative entrepreneur, and/or Etsy seller who looooves Instagram, but doesn't know what to post every day?

I totally get it.

We are told by many "social media experts" that we should have a business-only Instagram account, and we should be posting to it 1-3 times daily.




With everything else we have on our plates (like every small and large aspect of owning our own business, plus family, friends, and sometimes even a 9 to 5 job, not to mention a social life! Is there still such a thing?) coming up with ideas of what to post on Instagram can feel overwhelming. Or, maybe even worse, it can become the last thing on your to-do list... you know, that one that hardly ever gets done.

So what happens then?

✘ Maybe you post something off-brand just for the sake of posting something.
✘ Maybe you throw something together, but it doesn't get many likes or comments (or any at all!)
✘ Or maybe you just don't post at all...

Well, I hear you, and I feel your pain.

So I came up with 30 days worth of prompts for what to post to Instagram: specifically for makers, artists, creative entrepreneurs and Etsy sellers. It's called:

“Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers and artists”

In this class I give you 30 ideas for "what to post?!" So you never have to guess again. I show photos of these post ideas in action: giving you real-life examples of makers, artists and creatives who are nailing it, and I discuss why the prompts WORK when it comes to creating a dedicated, engaged audience on Instagram, and more.

But this class offers so much more than just 30 days worth of ideas: It will actually help teach you how to train your own "eye" and come up with ideas for branded, captivating photos that will help you engage more with your current followers, get more new followers, and actually sell what you make because of it!

Plus, if you don't like my first idea? I give you at least one "bonus" prompt every single day! It actually ends up being almost 80 prompts! 

Don't just take my word for it... here is what some previous course members have said:

"… By doing your series you inspired me to expand our brand. For the last three years we have made products, but over the last six months we stepped back and evaluated what we need to do to create a better brand. We are stepping outside JUST making our product and figuring out what else we can offer our customers.

Thank you for being my unintentional role model. I wasn't looking for the inspiration you provided, it just sought me out, hunted me down, and took over my creative brain.

You are doing such a great job and you are good at your craft. Keep up the good work, friend!" -Ashley from

“Thank you so much Jules! This is awesome. I am at just under 200 followers and I think with your wisdom and helpful tips I can make some big changes for the year ahead and start to generate some income from Instagram. You are a great inspiration and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and ideas with us.”- Jill from Social Butterfly Designs

The best part? It also comes with these FREE bonus materials:

➫ A printable weekly worksheet to plan and measure the success of your Instagram Posts
➫ Two fun printable lists to collect your favorite hashtags AND your brilliant ideas!

So what are you waiting for? Watch “Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers and artists” now, and create a beautifully branded Instagram feed, and never run out of ideas for "what to post?!" again!

P.S. If you like this class, please share this image on Pinterest to spread the love! I sure would appreciate it! 



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1. Introduction to Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, ma: hello and welcome to create plus captivate 30 days of engaging branded instagram photo prompts for makers, artists and creatives. I am so excited we're doing this class. I've worked with thousands of makers, artists, creatives and Etsy sellers. And one question I get from them all the time is what should I post on Instagram If you're wondering the same thing, you're in the right place. Hi, I'm jewels, an artist and creative business coach and, of course, an instagram connoisseur of the boss behind. Creating that beautifully on INSTAGRAM, which, as of the time of this recording has over 100,000 followers creating beautifully, is also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, of course, our bog that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. As I mentioned, I'm also an artist and creative business coach. I love helping makers, artists and creative entrepreneurs make more money in their businesses. I've personally had an online business on and off, mostly on since 1997. I can hardly believe that my first post on Instagram was in December of 2010. It seems like forever ago. That's almost a decade ago. Anyway, if you can tell I am passionate about creative online businesses. As a lifelong entrepreneur myself, I know that building a living and a life around something you are passionate about has the ability to change your entire world for the better. So what's coming up in this class? Well, every day for the next 30 days, I'll be covering one main prompt for you to post your instagram account and not just for posting sake, but to engage with your target audience, your ideal customer. And I'll even show real world examples of other creative makers who are nailing that idea, as well as my thoughts on how you can make the idea work for your business. But I'll also share at least one bonus idea every single day, sometimes two bonus ideas. In the end, you'll have almost 70 ideas for ways to show off your business on Instagram. Let's show the world what you make and what you do you're passionate about. I think it's exciting. I've tried to make each day's video fairly short and easy to complete. I know you're busy, and I want to give you maximum impact in your business with a minimal amount of time. A couple of key points. I want you to remember as you're going through the class, your instagram feed should be beautifully. You keeping on brand helps you gain trust from your followers, makes it more aesthetically pleasing, and it helps build your business. I'll go into this a bit more throughout the course. In fact, you're about to hear me say on brand Ah lot. But keep in mind that if there is an idea here that I share with you and you don't like it or it doesn't feel comfortable for you or it just isn't that your brand don't do it. First of all, I promise it won't bother me one bit. Second of all, that is exactly why I am offering you at least one bonus or alternative idea every single day. I know not every creative business or business owner is exactly like some giving you options. Also, please use the hashtag 30 days of instagram so I can see your photos. I'll be choosing photos for from this hash tag to share over on my instagram account. Last but certainly not least, have fun. Instagram was about sharing, but I also believe that you should have fun in your business. Why bother being your own boss if it feels like drudgery in one last note? Take this course any way you want. Teoh. Feel free to watch all 30 days in one city or cut back each day for the daily props or a combination of the two. You can watch the whole thing get in idea of how the class goes and then come back each day to remember what the problems are. All right, let's jump into Day one. 2. DAY 1 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an: Oh, my goodness. It's day one of create plus captivate 30 days of engaging branded instagram photo props for makers and creatives. Are you ready to get started? I know I am. I'm super excited for the next 30 days. And so yeah, let's not waste any time and get going on problem number one. I'm gonna start you with something that hopefully you consider an easy prompt because trust me later on, some of these might push you a little bit outside of your comfort zone. But today we're going to start with stacks of your products or allying a pile or a group of some sort that makes your product look awesome. Let's look at some real world examples, okay? I love the way Portland Apron Company has used natural light from the side and a diffuse window, no less in this example. But it just goes to show you don't have to get fancy in order to create a beautiful product photo. This is just a stack of her aprons, and it works beautifully. Quinn and Co makes these adorable headbands for Littles. And while this does look fun and almost Messi, if you look closely, you can see that she has actually styled this photo beautifully, showing off the prince and the bows, all the details that you want your followers to see so you can have a pile that still looks really cute and on brand or you could be very neat. Candy relics did the exact opposite of our last example and lined up three of their cups. Very precisely. So you can see, depending on your branding and what you make, you can actually use this idea in a variety of ways. So I'd love to see you get creative with this fun and make it work for your brand. We're going to get messy. Are you going to be meat? Are you going to style the products with a plain backdrop liken s case or on a ledge? Like in the case of the Portland April company, I can't wait to see what you create. Okay, As promised, I have a bonus idea for you today, and it is to grab a screenshot of some recent positive feedback. This idea is great for those days when maybe you're extra busy or it's dark and rainy outside and just not great for taking product photography, which is something I can really relate to living in Portland, Oregon, and trying to photograph art with a bright white background. It's always gray anyway. On those kinds of days, you can simply grab a screenshot of some positive feedback you've recently received for your products that sold. It could be from etc. Or Facebook or Twitter. If you have ever received a hand written, thank you all the better. Take a nice styled photo of it and share it. I mean, what greater social proof is there than that? Or you can actually share a photo of the product that you sold and used the caption to talk about the feedback you got from that products buyer. And while this idea might not provide the prettiest picture, it does provide something vital to your business and that social proof talked about that just a second ago. But social proof helps those people who have not yet purchased anything from you feel more comfortable in doing so. People love to hear or read or see the positive feedback that you and your products get. It helps them to feel confident in buying from you helps them feel more comfortable on buying from you. So this really is a great instagram post idea for your business, whether you use it today or in the future. Okay. Are you excited? I know I am. I can't wait to see what you post. Whether it's a pile of your products, a stack of your products. Ah, line of your products or even some recent feedback or a testimonial that you've received. But that does remind me please don't forget to use the hashtag hashtag 30 days of i g so I can see and like what you're posting for you tomorrow. 3. DAY 2 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an: okay, It's day two of create and captivate. So I'm dying to know. How did it go yesterday? Were you able to post a photo of a collection of your products? I sure hope so. Let's get started on day two. So today, let's share your work in progress, A k a w i p or, as I say in my head. Anyway, your whip. So what are you working on today? If you're an artist, maybe you can show us what painting or sculpture, weaving or collage you're working on in an unfinished stage. Maybe it's gonna be on the easel or the loom or just on your studio desktop. If you make clothes, you could show us the cut, but unsound pile next to your sewing machine. Jewelry makers can show us your strings of handmade beads or a silver and turquoise ring you're working on but isn't quite complete. And I'm gonna give bonus points if you include your tools of the trade in your shot. I'm gonna put a little asterisk here, though. Bonus points have no cash value, just lots of emoji heart, eyes. Let's see some examples, shall we? So in this example from Frankie and Cocoa. We see some leather that they will be using for one of their beautifully handmade bags as all of the tools and supplies to go along with it. They definitely get the bonus points for this photo. I really like this example from jewelry maker Merit made. She simply sprinkled some of her silver heart cutouts on a table. Um, it really is. It's a simple idea, but it's beautifully done. And it's also on brand for her, which, actually I want to take a second here to say that I really tried hard to find examples from makers and artists who have beautifully branded instagram feeds and shops for that matter and other social media, for that matter. But I chose them because I want you to look closely at what they're doing. They are each unique and different, especially when you're seeing them back to back in this course. But if you go to their feed, you'll see that it's really on brand for them. Those brands that they've created have taken time and yours will, too. That's okay. You should never though, try to copy someone else's brand. You really need to figure out what your brand is being inspired by someone is a lot different than copying their style or their brand or even their photograph ideas. These are just here to give you inspiration so that you can create your own cohesive instagram feed that is uniquely branded for you. So Sky Blue Pink Studio took this work in progress or whip idea quite literally, and shared this photo of her sewing machine at work. I think it's awesome. I like when people show their tools in action. Um, so ask yourself. How can you recreate something similar in your own making process for today's post? And as always, I'm going to share a bonus idea which today is, Ah, photo of your supplies. In case you don't have any works in progress at the current moment, you could just grab a handful of your supplies and put them on a clean background, of course, a clean on brand background. And take a shot of that. Maybe it's some yarn or clay embroidery flaws your watercolors and maybe some Pete brushes . Maybe some gemstones that you have for future jewelry project paper, campus ingredients, felt etcetera, whatever it may be. Show us what you're working with. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what you post today. Remember to please use the hash tag. 30 days of I g, so I can check him out. 4. DAY 3 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an: it's day three of create Plus captivate. So yesterday we shared a work in progress or a whip was that hard for you? Sometimes this makers and artists, we worry that if we share something that's incomplete or a little messy, people won't like it because it's not that It's like most beautiful finished self yet. But the opposite is actually true. People love to see the things that you're making at different stages. It helps him connect with you as a maker and see little bits of all the hard work that you put into what you dio. All right, let's get started with a three. Okay, Today we are going to share your newest item. What have you made lately that is new to your shop? Or maybe it hasn't even hit your shop yet. And if that's the case, I would suggest you either list it in your shop right before posting it to instagram or posted to Instagram and ask for feedback before you actually list it. For example, you could say something like I was about to add this to my shop, but then I wondered if it would look better in a different color or with more blank or in a frame. Whatever fits for your product, of course, and then ask them, What do you think? You could also tell them you are about to list it, but that if anyone wants it before, then they can buy it from you right there by commenting on in the you know, in the comments below, right there on Instagram, they could just say I want it and send you their people email address via, like, a direct message or email and done here a couple of examples of what I mean. In this example from Vera Jane, she offers options with her new baby hats. They can either come with a palm or without, and the buyer gets to choose. That's a great thing. Buyers love options, and so you want to let them know that they have options when they buy from you. Announcing your new seasonal items is a great way to share, too. Aaliyah Shop announced her new seasonal items in an eye catching and mouthwatering way. Of course, this is for Thanksgiving or the holiday season, but you could do something similar for Valentine's Day or Easter Mother's Day, Father's day Halloween, etcetera, etcetera, any holiday and Or you could also announced a new items for spring, summer, winter or fall, or simply because you've just created something new. But I really like the seasonal theme in this example. I really love this example from Hello World Paper Co. She shared one of her new products, and she let us know that she's got even more new products in the shop. Ah, this is a great way to get people to actually visit your shop, because if you like what, you see what she shared here on Instagram and you're thinking about getting some new stamps ? Well, of course you're going to go and check out her shop. It's a great call to action as well as a great social share. So what if you don't have any product or were in the middle of a season or there's just no holidays coming up? Well, your bonus idea for today is to simply have a one day sale in your shop specifically for your instagram followers. You could make a coupon code that you only announce on instagram making a graphic in photo shop or pick monkey or your favorite graphic program and, uh, yeah and have a one day sale. And today's second bonus idea. If none of the above are gonna work for you or you just want an extra idea for a post today , take a photo of your labels, tags and any other thing you attached to your products to show that they were made by you by hand. You can show them in a group or on your product, or just get creative. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what you post today. Remember to please use the hashtag 30 days of I G so I can check them out. Have a great day. 5. DAY 4 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an: hi again and welcome to day four of Create plus captivate. How did the post of your newest item go yesterday? I've had more than once. Didn't tell me they actually whipped up a new item just so they could post it on Instagram . How cool is that? Okay, so today we are going to share our office, mate or mates. I know, I know most of us work alone, but you might have a baby, your child or cat or a dog or even a supportive partner. That helps you or or should I say, helps you in air quotes because usually they're so busy being cute that all they really are helping you do is be distracted. But anyway, they think that they're helping in your officer studio. And so why not share a photo of them? Preferably being cute, of course. Or somewhere around or near or on, or with your products. As always, get creative. If you don't have an office mate of any kind, maybe you have an office plant or something else that, you know, distracts you are entertains you while you work and may or may not be actually helpful. Here's a few examples of what I mean. If you have a cat, you know that they love to help in the most distracting of ways and as a person who can't have a cat right now, I love these photos. They always make me laugh. Or maybe you want to share a photo of your little one or little ones. This one is definitely a personal preference, and it's going to be something that you'll have to decide for yourself. Some people love to share photos of their kids. Others are more private and just don't want to share pictures of their family. So they just simply don't. And that's fine. Again, it's what's best for you, your family and your brand. I happen to like this particular photo because well, for a couple of reasons, but first, because it lies somewhere between those you can, you know if you're kind of on the fence, you could post a photo like this because it's obviously a photo of a child. But it's not a close up. And if you saw that child on the street, you wouldn't go. Oh, that's broom Els, kid. I saw them on Instagram. They're not recognizable, but they're in the shot. And then the second reason that I love this photo so much is that how she captured a glimpse of her products on the left? There, in this shot to it's really smart to show a little bit of both. Okay, maybe I'm a sucker for a pet photo, but the shot is so cute. His little dog, it's peeking in on him. Plus, you can see that he's at work and maybe working from a coffee shop. Or maybe he just lives in a really cool loft. I don't know any way sharing your photos of your office mates like this certainly endears your ideal clients to you Well, especially if I'm your ideal client, because I love the photos. So finally, today's fotos idea is a coffee shop. Whether you are working from a coffee shop or just stopping by for your morning fix, why not take a few photos while you're there? I find that coffee and tea shops just have, like, the prettiest or the coolest interiors. And if they are on brand for you or you could make the shot on brand for you, why not take a few pictures of space or how you're working in the space or your warm beverage. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what you post today. Please remember, use hashtag 30 days of I d so I can check it out. 6. DAY 5 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an: Hi. Hi. Hi. It's day five of Create Plus Captivate. So I have to admit, after I wrote about yesterday's office mate post idea, I found the HASHTAG. If it fits, it sits and got totally distracted by all the cute cats trying to sit in boxes that were We t small for them. It was so cute. Oh, goodness. Okay, sorry. I'll focus. I guess we should get to today's idea, which is going to be your product from above, also known as a flat lay. And maybe you have a product shots like this already there. Fairly common. So I really want you to start to think of ways that you can do it differently than you've done it before. Maybe you could place them on a different surface, like wood or fabric, or even like grass or marble or colorful paper brick blanket Kraft paper. You get the idea. Get creative. I like this shot because of ah, mirror Trey. I think that's really cute, but maybe you could just add extra props that you haven't shown before with your product listings. Maybe if you make scented candles, you could show them with their ingredients or if you make dolls, you could photograph one orm or in a toy box. Um, if you make jewelry, you could put a bunch of rings in a pretty dish along with some makeup or a flower. I'm gonna give you some examples of what I mean. Right now. I love when makers use unusual objects or props with their items like this example from Simple Stamp. Um, I think it's great. I mean, who would think to put green tipped matches with their jewelry? In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Green tipped matches before, but yet I think this really works. It's not only eye catching, but I feel like it could be a metaphor for hustling like light a fire under your butt and get to work. If you make a variety of products, this is a great way to share them in a flatly like this. I love how Nettie Christine ceramics shows us a variety of her hand made ceramic products in her. In this picture, um, I see cups and mugs spoon a ring holder, a ring dish and more like you could just look all over the photo, yet they don't look jumbled or disjointed. You can tell that she knows her brand in her branding. Uh, just simply from this photo, because even with all these different products, the photo is clean, clear and cohesive. Okay, makers, I know you're creative, so let's put that creativity to use. Sure, you could pin one, felt it flower in your hair and call it good. But why not lay down and add all the filtered flowers, like in this example from golden afternoon shop? Shots like this really help your creative business stand out in the sea of imagery that we see on Instagram, especially when it comes to product photos. And if you think about it, it really wouldn't take that much more time than photographing one felted flower versus I don't know the 10 or so that she's got here. It's super creative and super lovely. And for today's first bonus idea, how about you wearing your own product or holding it or using it? Whatever, however, that's gonna work for you and your business. Sometimes we might feel shy sharing pictures of ourselves, But one of the many reasons people love buying handmade is that they can feel a real connection with its maker. So show yourself with your product and let people get to know you. Today's second bonus idea is your logo. If you have a pretty logo, why not post a photo of it? Maybe give a shout out to the designer or talk about your business, Why you make what you make or why you love what you do, Why handmade is important to you. This will also help build your brand recognition, of course, but the logo, along with some story behind it, really helps you create a connection with your ideal customers. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what you posted a remember use hashtag 30 days of I G so I can check it out. 7. DAY 6 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an: Hello, It's day six of Create Plus captivate and I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about something. I was in a Facebook group recently where someone asked if they should really be posting product shots all the time to their business. Instagram accounts. And I said a resounding yes, yes, yes. Uh, you know, while I will suggest adding more personal and behind the scenes type shots, I mean, that's what we're doing here, where we're creating more than just product shots. People are following a business account like yours, A maker's account like yours because they love what you make or what you create, period. That's it. I know I go back to target a lot, but do you think target worries that they're promoting too many products on their instagram ? No, they don't give a thought about it, even if we don't aspire to be as biggest target. I assume you're taking this course because you want your business to succeed, even if it's in a smaller way. So don't be shy about posting all of your product photos. If you do lose followers, it's OK, I promise. Because those weren't your people anyway. they aren't your ideal customer or your target market, and that's fine. The whole purpose of this course is for you to really help find the people who are your target market or your ideal customer. Those are the ones you really want following you. So let's get today six. Joey. Today we're gonna share you making your product. Don't be shy. This is a great opportunity to connect with your customers as I have mentioned before and will probably mention again. People love to buy handmade because of the time and attention to detail that really goes into it. They love knowing that a single person created their special treasure. Obviously, you might need some extra help for this one, either a supportive partner or friend to take the photo for you, or even just a camera with a timer and a tripod. If you're anything like me, there will probably be about 20 photos that you reject to get the one that really feels right for you. But hey, that's OK. Ah, and if you still feel too shy, maybe to show your hands doing the making or find another creative way to show yourself creating the 1st 2 examples in today's lesson. We got like, two or three times the normal interaction rate that just a product shot alone normally create. It was amazing, so I think it's really worth it to take a photo of you making your product. Let's take a look at these examples. If you're feeling a bit shy, you could post a photo like this from prima candle. Uh, prima candle makes these candles that almost seem impossible to make by hand. Eso. When I first featured her candles alone versus this photo of her foot of her actually making the candle, the engagement went through the roof. I think with the product feature just the product by itself, many people assumed there was really no way you could make something like that by hand. Or maybe they thought they were being made like in 1/3 World country. But prima candle really does create each of her candles by hand. I like the shot, too, because while you can see her working, it's a good angle for those of us who might be a little bit camera shy. First, can I just comment on how gorgeous these paper flowers are from paper and puny Oh, my goodness. She makes these gorgeous and huge paper flowers. But without her in this photo, the backdrop could just look like a close up of much, much smaller paper flowers. So it's good to put yourself in the picture for scale. So I would say that Heather day from Heather Day are is really a master at showing herself at work. If you have a minute, definitely check out her feet. It is beautiful, and she has a lot of shots like this. Um, obviously, she must have someone helping her take the pictures. Or maybe she has a camera on a tripod with a shutter release button. I'm not sure, but either way, if you could get a friend or family member to help you or if you can get a tripod and a remote shutter release button, you could make this kind of shot really work. Tripods and the shutter release buttons are both really affordable. And if you're gonna take a lot of photos like this, it's a great little investment. I think I recently bought both for my daughter for a project that she was working on. The tripod was just for her cell phone camera and the shutter release button was for that as well. And I think for both of them I paid under $20. So it's it's it's a really affordable choice, but yeah, there sure are some really amazingly creative people in the world, aren't there a seeing makers at work is always fun, at least for me. Of course. I love handmade and I love art and I love making. So if you're not shy, you should be posting this type of work once or twice a week. At least I would say, I'm telling you, they really get some great engagement. So shire not shy. I hope to see that I hope I get to see you making with this prompt, even if it is just your hands. And if you notice I do talk about being shy a lot because I'm shy. I hate being in front of the camera. I know some people love it. It's just not for me. So I do it once in a while, but I like to give you options in case you're shy like me. Today's first bonus idea is really instagram gold, and that is a customer wearing or using your product. Um, if a customer is posted a photo of something they bought from you repost it, I'm gonna put little side, no on that and say, Get permission first. But this kind of post really adds to your reputation as a maker when people are proud to use or and not just use, but share your product enough to post it online. Your followers who maybe haven't bought from you yet will see this as social proof, and it will help them feel more confident in buying from you, even if they have no idea what social prove it. And today's second bonus idea is craft Fair tempo. You should be announcing any upcoming craft shows or pop ups or any kind of in person sales you might be selling at and ask your followers to come by and say hi. You might even want to offer them a special discount if they mentioned seeing your post. Many craft shows will offer graphics to help you promote the fair, but if you'd like to make it your own, you can always use photo shop or pick monkey or Camba to put words over a picture of may be your last profiteer booth or even stacks of your products or whatever it might be, it could even be a plain text post. Just remember whether it's the graphics provided by the sale organizer's your own photo or just a text post. I need to stay on Brand on Brand on Brand You don't want to. You know what the announcement or any other photo for that matter sticking out like a sore thumb in your feed. So, yeah, As always, I am looking forward to seeing what you post today. Please remember, use hashtag 30 days of I G so I can check him out. 8. DAY 7 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day seven of create plus captivate. Can you believe it's been a week already? This has been really fun for me so far. I hope you've been enjoying it, Teoh, and more importantly, getting some new ideas for your instagram feed that are helping you really create an captivate and connect with your ideal customers. So let's jump right in today. Seven. So today we are going to share something that just sold from your shop. Did something just sell from your shop? Hope so. If so, take a photo of it right before it goes off to its new home, especially if you have cute packaging. And I would definitely encourage that. Include some of that, too. As always, I encourage you to get some engagement with your followers with this type of post. Maybe you could ask them if you should restock the item if it was sort of a one of a kind or now out of stock. Or maybe they might like that same product in a different color or size or sent, you know, just depending on whatever it is you're making and selling. But engaging with your audience is just as important as what you're posting. In fact, it might be more important than what you're posting. The reason why is because this is how you build relationships and make sales via social media instagram a particular a couple of little side notes here before we go on to some examples for today. But there are a couple of sort of no nos. Um, one is including the customers address. I've actually seen a photo of outgoing mail with the customers address right there plain as day, so that's not cool. Be sure to keep your customers information private, and I'm sure that you know that. But somebody did it, and I was shocked. So I just thought I'd throw that one out there and then also, if it's a gift, or if you think it might be a gift, I wouldn't tag the buyer in the photo if you even know them or could tag them because you just wouldn't want to reel in any surprises. All right, let's see you some examples. I really like this example from pop by TS. He shows us a recent wholesale order that he's getting ready to ship out, and I really love his use of white space, along with the fact that he's showing a few different designs and products all in one shot . You can also thank your loyal customers, like in this example from Pearl being it. She is thinking her favorite customer with this post. And while she isn't showing us exactly what that customer purchased, she is sharing how gorgeously her products were packaged. Wouldn't it be such a treat to order something that was so lovingly wrapped? It feels like a really gift, not just something that you bought off the Internet here, arm or outgoing orders with such pretty packaging from tiny lumber, I really think that seeing images like this will make your followers want to be buyers, too, because who wouldn't want to get that in the mail? And as you can see, different sellers use this approach in different ways. Pop by ts showed us his actual products, and if you're not already following him, you should be. His photographs are amazing. His speed is so on Brand and gorgeous. Plus, he takes all of Hiss photos with his iPhone. I seriously think he could give a class on product photography with iPhone because he is just a master. But others in these examples are showing us more of the packaging that goes inside of the shipping box. Either way, this kind of photo shows your followers that when they buy from you, they're going to get something really lovely. And of course, we have today's bonus idea, which is your city or town. Do you live in the city or maybe out in the country somewhere in between? Find a beautiful spot and show off where you live As always. Of course, you want to stay on brand as much as possible. Think colors. Mood feel not just any local photo will dio. This is another kind of shot that really helps people feel a bit more connected with you as a maker because they're getting to know you through these visuals. I think, um, when you live in the city, you sort of take it for granted. And when you live in the country, you sort of take it for granted. So people live other places, and they love to see where you live because it's different from where they live. Or maybe it's the same, and it helps build a bond either way. It's a great thing to share on Instagram. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what you post today and remember to use the hashtag 30 days of I G so I can go give it a little red heart. 9. DAY 8 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an: It's day eight of create plus captivate, and you may have already noticed this, but some of the suggestions I am going to share with you or I have shared with you won't always be able to happen on that particular day today. Suggestion are all ideas were probably for future projects, unless you just so happen to be doing one or all of the things I'm suggesting, which would be quite the coincidence. But that's okay, because part of what I hope these problems will provide is an expanded idea library, really, when it comes to you posting beautiful branded images to your instagram that connect you with your followers and turn them into loyal buyers and raving fans. So today we are going to share or plan to share you at your craft fair or Booth. Get in the picture, like in this image from Bunny Sugars. Mama. It was taking that crafty wonderland here in Portland or again, who'd probably one of the busiest craft shows in the nation. It's up there. It's got to be. It's crazy, crazy, awesome, but crazy. Uhm, I'm guessing these two snapped this photo before the madness began. Honestly, like before they even opened the doors because once the doors open, booze are filled with people and isles air filled with people. But I'm sure it was worth it. And it's also super cute and on brand for her. So it's an overall win for sure. When you do share a photo of yourself at a craft fair, especially if you do it first thing in the morning, it's going to help people recognize your booth, too, which is always an advantage. I happen to know Holly, the girl in the photo there of Marsh Mueller, and this photo was taken of her at the Portland Saturday market and she posted in the morning so that when people who follow her locally could spot her booth right away, the Portland Saturday market is a pretty big venue, So Holly made sure to give people an idea of where she was located. Two, she described her location in the caption for this photo as well. Show off your cute displays. I love this display from I love little lost things. They have obviously put so much time and attention to detail in this display, and if you've done the same, you should definitely be showing them off. Also, if you look at these examples, you can see how groups of products could easily be photographed for future instagramming, too. You don't have to post every photo that you take on a craft sale day the day of the fair. So, like in the first example with sugar bunnies, Mama, um, there were four little pink boxes that would be such a cute photo for future instagram or in this case, this the green tin filled with the party props. In this example, Um, that would be a great future. Instagram photo. It's fun shows a bunch of different products, and again, it doesn't have to be shared the day of your sale. It could just be shared whenever, when you put this much time and attention into your displays, you might as well take full advantage and try to take its many photos as you can for future instagramming to continue on with the craft show theme. Today's bonus idea number one is your craft. Show customers holding your product while you're at the craft show. Ask if you've been photographed buyers with your handmade items, encourage them to smile. Of course, and look excited. If they are on Instagram, ask him if you can tag them in the photo. Some people love to be the star and would be happy to do this. Of course, if you're at a really busy craft fair, it might not be that easy. So I'm also sharing another bonus idea today, which is your product outside. If you don't do craft fairs or don't have any coming up, try taking a photo of one or more of your products outside. Think outside of the boxier on my art account. You'll Stillman I recently brought well, it wasn't so recent, but I brought some of my larger paintings outside and photographed them in front of a large bush. Of course, you wouldn't normally expect to see a large painting on a bush, but it really worked, and people responded to it. So think about it. How can you photograph your work outside in an unusual but on brand kind of way, 10. DAY 9 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers an: it's day nine of create Plus captivate. So I recently got back from this amazing blogging conference, and I feel filled with so many like new, juicy ideas. But it's funny because as I was introducing myself to people, one of the questions I heard over and over again waas. But what should I be posting to Instagram? Unfortunately, many of them were fashion bloggers or food bloggers, so I couldn't really be of much help to them. But I do hope that these ideas these post prompts are helping you. So today we're going to share several of your products at a certain stage of making. Do you make things in batches? If so, this is the perfect post idea for you. If you make candles, maybe you could take photos of them in the drying stage. Or, if you make clothes, show off stacks of certain pieces of fabric cut and ready to, so you get the idea and, well, if you don't hear some real life examples, one thing you could share are some pieces in progress, Like in this example from Muddy Heart. She shared her Ursa major porcelain ornaments in progress, and here we see out on a limb Handmaid's It is, well, necklace pendants before they're actually put onto the necklaces themselves. And these coin purses in progress from Little Bright Studio, one of my favorite makers to follow on instagram, are almost done. As you have seen, each of these makers creates very different things and displays thes groups in progress and very different ways, each unique to their brand and, of course, the materials. So think of how you can group your own products in different stages of making and really create a beautifully branded photo to share on instagram. If you have multiple pieces that go into each project, then you might also have multiple photo opportunities with this one idea hashtag gwyn. And today's first bonus idea is to photograph your pet or your kids with your products. If you have kids or pets, it would be great to photograph them with your items. I read a study recently where the face of a baby created like I can't remember the exact number, but the engagement on an advertisement was so much higher when it showed the face of a baby or like a puppy or kitten, and the product didn't even have anything to do with babies or kittens or puppies. People just responded to seeing those cute little things. So if you can, if you have kids or pets and can photograph them with your products, this is a great way to build a connection with the people who love to buy handmade. Today's second bonus idea is your workspace or your desk or studio, or if you so this could also be your sewing machine, and I'm giving away bonus points again for including something you're currently working on , regardless of its on your desk or a sewing machine or in your studio etcetera. If you are a Peter, this could be an easel with a blank canvas or or maybe the first brushstroke on a campus. Or maybe something on your drafting table or your work bench or your loom etcetera. Obviously, you're going to make it work for you and your business and your brand. I am enjoying all of the posts, so remember to use hash tag 30 days of I G so I can check out yours 11. DAY 10 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: It's day 10 of create plus captivate and I can't believe it. But here we are 10 days in. I really hope that you're gaining more confidence in your own creativity with ease prompts . But if you ever have questions or want feedback, please feel free to ask in the comments below. I'm here for you and hopefully your other makers that are taking this class will chime in as well. Okay, so today is going to be something possibly scary. But we are going to share a short video of you making. I know some of you may feel a little bit nervous about this. I'm an introvert myself. I've discussed that that I am shy and the thought of appearing in videos well, I wouldn't go so far to say that it terrifies me, but it's definitely intimidating. But if you're an extrovert and love video, this should be a breeze for you. Everyone else like me, you might want to think of ways you could use this idea that you're still comfortable with . Maybe you only record your hands, or maybe you create a time lapse video of your products being made or some other creative way to still show yourself making. I know you can do this. I believe in you. And here's one more thought on the subject. I actually had a hard time finding examples of this kind of video, which means you will really stand out as a maker if you do it here. Some of the examples that I could find and they are pretty cool. If you're going to make a video, you might as well make it drool worthy. Santana Bakes made this video of her behind the scenes cake making, and ah, you can click in the link below to see the actual video. But be warned, it really, truly might induce some drooling and for you slightly daring introverts. Maybe just make a cameo in your video. Like in this example from Padma Liu. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. Omalu. I hope I'm not butchering that, but she records herself creating this beautiful painting and makes just a quick cameo right in the middle. It's definitely something you could Dio, and of course, now there are instagram stories, and you could even try out video with instagram stories because they don't live on your timeline forever or in your instagram feed forever. They are there for a day or so, and then they're gone. So that might be another way to sort of dip your toe into the video making for instagram. Also feel free to comment below and bounce ideas off of me or ask questions. This is an interactive class and I want to hear from you. Of course, we always have the bonus ideas for an alternative. Today's first bonus idea is you or even someone else holding one or more of your products. And our second bonus for today is a picture of your planner. I like this one with not just a planner but other things, too. Um, you could also use your calendar if that's different than your planner, but especially if they're cute or fun. And, of course, as always, on brand. I don't know if you've seen the hashtag planter addict but man alive. There are some really creative fun planner ideas with that hashtag so I would definitely use that hashtag if you use this bonus prompt hashtag planner addict, But also, of course, be sure to use the 30 days of I g hashtag on your post so we can support each other. Have a great day 12. DAY 11 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: hi and welcome to Day 11 of Create Plus captivate. So I've been thinking about a few things I thought might be helpful when it comes to taking photos for Instagram or really anywhere. I just wanted to share a few tips to help your products or whatever you're photographing really look their best. The 1st 1 is to use natural light whenever possible. Um, I like to take photos like in the early morning or the evening when the sun is either just coming up or going down. Um, in my house, I have a really big window and in the evening seems to be the best time. Um, sometimes I'll even use Ah well, I put I put whatever and photographing next to the window so that there's indirect light coming in, never directly. And then sometimes I'll use a white foam core board toe bounce light back onto my products . It's pretty amazing. I mean, I think you can buy a foam core board for, like a dollar at the dollar store, and it really helps create a balanced soft light on your products. Um, I usually use my iPhone, but however you're taking your photos, I don't like using the square option. I think that the Porter option is best. And then, um, I'll take several photos, at least to at least, but usually whom? Five Or sometimes even 10. And then she is the best one from there and then edit it to fit the square format on instagram, although now were not confined to the square format. Um, and so some people don't use it. I typically use the square format still, but sometimes you have to get everything in there. And so I'll still use the portrait format. Um, but yeah, I think, you know, taking extra pictures. It will take a little extra time, but it typically is worth it. Hardly ever get the perfect shot on the first try. So, yeah, they're just a few my little tips. So let's get to today's post prompt. Which ISS? A book or books that you're currently reading. Do you love to read? I sure dio I usually have at least five books on my to read pile on my night stand right now. I think I might even have, like, eight on that pile. Um, not to mention all the books in my wish list on Audible. I like to listen to audio books as well, but yeah. Anyway, it might seem somewhat irrelevant to share the books that you're reading, but it's really not. I feel like sharing what you're reading helps your followers to really get to know you and your interests. And when they share your interest, they're gonna like you even more and trust you even more. It's a way to get personal without being really like overly sherry. That the word right? No. Um but yeah, here are a few examples that really worked. Janka etcetera is reading food gift, love. And I really like how this photo is super simple, but also simply beautiful. Um and it reminds me and all of us that styling a book and staying on brand is actually pretty easy. Um, this photo just works beautifully in her feed, and that's not hard to do the same for your own feed. In this example, it's still pretty simple, but Bisbee has created some layers for us, so let's check it out. She is reading Big Magic and really has created a bit of magic in this widow. If you ask me, she used that side natural window light that I was referring to earlier. But she's also added her pretty beverage. And if you look closely, you can see her pretty painted toenails down there and even a reflection of her book and drink in the window pane glass and even a peek at the bricks outside. So I mean, there's a lot to look at. But as always, of course, we want to stay on Brand. Um, I like this example from stuff Jagger, because it really compliments her natural outdoorsy feed. She has some beautiful photographs, but you can see, like even her boots in her Army green jacket. Just a little glimpse of those things along with the book that she's currently reading, which is, as a matter of fact, is a book that I am currently reading. And it's really good, so far. Definitely recommend it. But, you know, as as an avid reader myself, I I really dislike to see what books are on other people shelves, and what they're reading gives me some ideas for my own reading list, but also it gives me a glimpse into really what they're interested in, and and I like that. So it's another reason why I'm partial to today's prompt. But maybe you're not a reader like me, and that is OK. So today our bonus idea is your products on a light background, but not necessarily a white background. If you already photographed your products on a white background for your shop, try some light on brand colors for your background today, or if you normally, if you don't normally photograph on a white background, try that today. But here's another bonus idea for today, and that is grab a screenshot of your shop. If your shop is looking extra spiffy, or maybe you're just short on time, try grabbing a screenshot of your shop and asking your followers to visit. Give them that call to action. Also, I am a really enjoying seeing everyone's posts. Please remember to use the hashtag 30 days of I G so I can see yours. Have a great day 13. DAY 12 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: hi and welcome to Day 12 of Create Plus captivate Before we get started today, I just wanted to share one important tip. You haven't instagram account that it's for your business, so please don't have it on private. It's like having a retail store with the lights on inside, but a big closed sign on the door. Even if that door is unlocked, most people won't try to get in. I mentioned this also in part because if your instagram is on private and you use the 30 days of I g hashtag or really any hashtag, for that matter, anyone who isn't following you won't be able to see it or find you through that hashtag. And that's a total bummer. I know I'm probably missing out on some of these posts because of this fact, so I just wanted to give you a heads up about that. Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to today's post where we are going to share another makers work. Do you follow other makers whose work you just love? Why not share that with your followers? It's a nice thing to do for both the maker of course, who doesn't love extra exposure, but also for your followers. Because if you love it and they love you, then they will probably love it, too. You can do this with a simple screen shot or a re posting up. To me, a screenshot looks a little bit cleaner, but re posting is just really so darn easy. So here are some real life examples. Kawai goodies. One is really good at sharing other makers work. She's really sweet about that, Um, like in with these things from Melissa and Company and Cocoa Lavish. She really talks them up, and that's very sweet. And she does it in a way that is still on Brand for her own business. Have you purchased items from other makers creatives or artists share the love like Lisa Conned ended with this example with Adam Jacquet's work. She even asked her followers to go and check out out of a shop for those goodies that she bought from him. I think that's really sweet. This example might be a little bit of a cheap, but see why L Collective has built an enormous following by curating a lovely feed of makers, works and it really does help to build your own following as well as long as you're doing it in a branded, curated and refined way, Today's bonus idea is to share a recent custom order. If you've made a custom order recently, make sure you definitely take pictures of that before you send it off. Mentioned that you do accept custom orders and we'll work with people. It's another great call to action to get them thinking about. What can this maker create for me? Okay, that's it for today. But be sure to remember to use the 30 days of I g hashtag so we can go heart your pictures . 14. DAY 13 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: Are you ready for day 13 of Create Plus captivate? Because here it if were you able to promote another maker yesterday? If so, what was their reaction? I would love for you to share it in the comments below. I know for me, it's always such a lovely surprise when someone does that were recently carve out time for art on Instagram shared some of my art because I use their hash tag. And it made me so happy when I saw it. And I even got a female followers. So it's just a nice thing to do for other makers and creatives and artists. All right, let's get to today's prompt, Which is your packaging. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I have seen your packaging and it is lovely. Okay, maybe not your specifically, but I feel like people who make things by hand usually give such attention to detail and include the nicest little extras. Whether that comes in the form of a beautiful label or even an actual free gift with purchase, that's like a little surprise. Makers are amazing. So if you have beautiful packaging, why not show it off? Let's see what I mean, right here. I love the simplistic beauty of this example from Red Ravens studios. I would feel great gifting something like this after seeing it on Instagram or getting it myself. But I like the cheese, included her packaging and then more of her products on the side as well. Okay, I'm a creative person, but there are just some things that I'm not good at. And hey, that's OK. But I will say that tying a beautiful boat is one of those things. So when I see packages like this, it makes me all emoji, heart eyes and dreamy CJ designs. Paper has a really gorgeous aspirational feed. I definitely recommend you check it out. She's so branded, Um and actually, so does this next maker that we're gonna share. Luna Wishes Studio. She's got a really beautiful branded feed as well. I like this example from her because I know how not everything fits perfectly into a box or pre made packaging. And even if your packaging isn't quite this pretty, that's okay. You might want to work on considering stepping up your game after seeing these. I definitely did that. I ordered something from ah maker on etc. and the packaging was so cute and filled with surprises. I was like, Oh, man, I need to really step up my game and it's still not as good as some of these examples. But I have definitely worked hard to improve what I send out, because it really does make such a great difference in the mind of the buyer in the heart of your buyers. And to see stuff like this gets them excited about buying from you. Okay, so today's first bonus idea is to answer a frequently asked question or f a. Q. I'm sure you have people asking some of the same questions over and over, so go ahead and make a post about that. Along with the answers, of course. A recent example. I saw Waas the deadlines for shipping for the holidays. That's a really good one, something important that people need to know. But I'm sure that you get questions specific to your businesses well, so go ahead and add to those. Today's second bonus idea is posting something silly or fun. This goes back to me having the philosophy that if you're your own boss, you should have fun in your business. So I also know that babies and kids and dogs and cats do silly things all the time. And if you can share a photo of them being silly or even your own silly face, a song is, it stays on brand. Why not show people that you have a good sense of humor and you like to have fun? 15. DAY 14 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: hi and welcome to Day 14 of Create Plus captivate 30 days of engaging branded instagram photo prompts for makers and creatives. So how did your packaging post go yesterday? I shared a little bit yesterday about how, when I first started selling on Etsy that my packaging was boring. But I started ordering other things from Etsy Sellers, and I really realized I needed to step up my game. I think if you scroll through the 30 days of I g hashtag, you'll see some really beautiful packaging photos for you to get some inspiration from. I'm still working on mine. I try to make it better all the time, But if yours this pretty I hope that you went ahead and showed it off. So today we are going to post a giveaway. If you've never done a giveaway before, there are lots of different ways to do them. So I'm going to cover a few right here. But just the first note that Instagram does have some basic rules for giveaways and contests, and I've linked to them below. So first I'm gonna share some basic giveaway ideas. The simplest way is just a like toe win the like to win giveaway is really easy. All someone has to dio is like your photo and follow you toe win whatever is in the photo and that's it. Easy peasy, I think. Ah better example, though, is similar to that simplest give away. But it's a tag a friend give away. In this case, they still have to like your photo be following you. But then they also tag a friend in the comments taken tag one or more friends, depending on your preference, I say tag more than one because it really does help spread the word about you and your business. It's a lot of eyeballs on your product. There's also the repost with a hashtag giveaway. This one's a little bit trickier in that you're asking your followers to use their own instagram feeds to promote your product and to use your hash tag in order to win. It's a great way to get in front of a lot more eyes, but at the same time, not everyone knows how to repost or they might not want to repost your photo anyway. Maybe they're trying to create a beautifully branded feed and as beautiful as your products are, they might just not fit with their own feet. But I mean, I've seen this done well, and it's gained people a lot of new followers, which is always great. That's the point of a giveaway. There are obviously other giveaway ideas out there. These air the basics, and you'll want to decide what you're giving away where you will ship it. Are you shipping worldwide domestic only, or to just certain countries, and how long your contest will run? I don't generally have them run very long. Instagram has a pretty short, like sort of attention window. So 24 hours, 48 hours, somewhere between maybe 2 to 5 days at the most, you can use the random name picker to choose your winner. I've also linked to that, or you can choose a winner based on other factors. I've seen some instagrammers put all of their all of the names of the entrance in a bowl or something similar and actually make a video of them stirring it up and pulling out a name that's Superfund and also creates more content for you. The hello sessions did a repost giveaway, and I definitely entered I wanted to win so bad I didn't win however, so I ended up buying a ticket to the conference, which is one of the reasons why we do these giveaways, right? This is an example, though, of a repost giveaway in which I had to post the image to my timeline and tag hello sessions and follow them and use their hashtag. I do think that this kind of giveaway requires the most from your followers, and it probably is best reserved for high priced items. I believe the ticket was, like $250 or something like that. I can't remember exactly. But when someone really wants to win something high price like that, they're going to repost. I was happy to do it more than happy to do it. So the main point of a giveaway is to get more targeted followers on instagram. So keep that in mind, no matter how you set yours up. And if you're not sure what to give away, you might want to consider giving a gift certificate to your shop because that could lead to more positive feedback for you to. So what if you're not quite ready to do a giveaway today. Well, you can use today's about this idea, which is to show your outgoing mail. If you have a stack of outgoing mail from the orders you've received recently, snap a quick and on Rann picture of it, making sure not to show anyone's address. Of course, sharing this kind of photo may seem a little almost boring to you, but really, what it's doing is it's creating more of that social proof. It's showing those people who have not yet bought anything from you that there are people who do buy from you that trust you that like what you make and sell. So it's actually really important. As always, please use hashtag 30 days of I G so I can check out your photos. And again, I would love to encourage you to scroll through the hashtag and like some of the images that you see there as well, because I love seeing makers supporting other makers 16. DAY 15 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 15 of create plus captivate, and I am dying to know How was your giveaway going? Did you already start it? Is it still in the planning stages? Either way, I'd love to hear how it goes for you when it's all said and done, if you can let us know in the comments section. But for today we are going to post your favorite thing to make and why Instagram is actually known as sort of a microblogging platform. And today's post will be just that a short, blawg like post of your very favorite thing that you make and why it means so much to you. This is another way to build deeper relationships with your followers and customers by letting us know why this is your favorite thing to make. We can understand your connection to what you make and therefore haven't even deeper connection of our own. When researching today's prompt, I had a bit of a hard time finding examples of people actually talking about what their favorite thing to make is. So I just decided to include some beautiful handmade products here that I can imagine are really fun to make, but there really should be a hashtag for this kind of post. This is actually one of the few examples that I could find where the maker did talk about how much he enjoys making these this example from Robin. She talks about how she's on a roll, making these quilted Fedor ease. I think that's how you would pronounce it. Faux Dorries Yeah, Anyway, she talks about how much she loves making them. A little twist on this idea could be to share something that is your favorite color. Not necessarily your favorite thing to make, but your favorite color. I don't know if Holly Marsh Mueller's favorite color, is pink, but she did take advantage of the hashtag National Pink Day when she shared her awesome unicorn. Oh, snap, clutch. I think it's super cute. Okay, so this again isn't exactly the type of example I wanted to share. Even though Vera Jane's work and instagram feed are amazing, I've shared her stuff before. I don't know her personally, but I do think she's really amazing and created. It creates ah, truly beautiful branded feed, but something like this could be expanded to include why you feel the finishing touches on your own products are your favorite part if they are obviously but yeah, as a little side note here, I just I want to say that I'd love to update this section for future readers with photos and stories of why the products and the photos are the makers favorite thing to make. So I hope you use this prompt. And if you dio, I might want to feature your story here. So if you dio leave a link to it in the comments below Thanks. So for today's bonus idea, number one is something quick and easy, and that is to photograph your business cards. Of course, you want to make it interesting. Style them maybe with some of the tools that you use, or something that you're currently making, or even just like your morning coffee or your evening glass of wine or whatever it might be . Of course, you always want to remain on brand, but it's a quick and easy way to get something up on Instagram that will help create that brand recognition that we all want and need. So today's second bonus idea is full hours because who doesn't love a pretty flower or two . I have also photographed my beloved cat die, So really any pretty plant will do here. But, yeah, it could be something as simple as this photo example or going outside and finding a lovely flower in your garden or your neighbor's garden if you don't have one. But of course, you'll want to make sure that it's on brand for your business. 17. DAY 16 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 16 of create plus captivate. So did you have fun talking about your favorite thing to make and why it's your favorite yesterday. Sometimes it's hard to choose a favorite because we put so much of our time and love into what we make by hand. It's almost like picking a favorite child, but that's OK. You can have more than one favorite and just talk about another favorite another day. So today we're going to post a handmade product you own and love. Ah, long time ago, I heard an artist say that Onley other artists care about art, and while I don't agree with that completely, I do know that as makers and artists we do appreciate handcrafted goods, sometimes more than a non maker, but not always. But anyway, I would venture to guess that you have handmade items or original art in your home or office or studio. So why not share that on your instagram feed and let your followers know maybe how they can get one, or why it means so much to you? I like this close up example of when white hologram shared pick perfect UK is hand spun wool I love when maker share other makers work like this. Of course. As always, I'm reminding you that when you're sharing a picture of someone else's work, it still has to go with the look and the feel on the brand that you want in your own instagram feed. So how cool is this example? I love this idea. So windrem design styled her products with some other handmade goods from Thorne and Anchor and Cure and I. It's a lovely idea for everyone. It's a win win win, and she also made sure to tag the other makers, which, of course, is a really nice touch. Today's first bonus idea is to make a shape with your products, get creative and have some fun with this one. What do you think? Maybe put your products in a circle or a triangle or some other fund shape Today. Second bonus idea is to share a helpful tip or some of your expertise. I like this tip because it's one of those posts that you can actually go back to again and again. You know a lot about what you make and how you make it. The Portland Apron Company did this recently, she talked about linen, its origins, its care and why she loves it. It was actually really educational for me because I always thought that Lenin was this super precious and delicate, dry, clean only fabric. But it turns out it's actually pretty strong and could be washed like cotton, even with all of her beautiful posts that one really stuck out to me. So I want you to think about what kind of information or advice you may know a lot about, but your customers might not. The things that we work with day to day becomes second nature to us, but from the from the perspective of our buyers, they might not know a lot about it. Sharing posts like this helps build you as an expert and, of course, helps you build your brand. Don't forget. Please use hashtag 30 days of I G so I can check out your photos 18. DAY 17 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 17 of create Plus captivate. So how did yesterday's post go? I hope you're finding all of the tips each day really helpful. If you ever think that there's something missing or if you have questions for me, please feel free to mention them in the comments. I I'm going to continue to revise this course, which you will have lifetime access to, because I really want to make this the best course possible for makers and creative and your feedback is really important to me. All right, let's get on to today's post and the proper day 17 is a behind the photo shoot shot. Taking time to set up and properly photograph your products for your shop takes a lot of time and energy, I know. But while you're doing it, be sure to take a few behind the scenes photos to the lighting should be right, right, And it's fun to see all the hard work that goes into owning and running a handmade shop. This behind the scenes shot from Frankie and Cocoa PD. X Photo shoot includes the owner of Freaky and cocoa Maya. Her hair is no longer that blonde, but she is the one in the lower left corner here, and I love how much is going on in this shot throughout. It includes the model, some of the room and the photo gear, and Maya is obviously talking about what she sees in the camera to the photographer. It's all good stuff. In this example. Heather Renee designs totally went up to my idea and actually made a short video, um, from behind the scenes of one of her recent photo shoots. It was really fun. I'll link to it below. In this example, One of my very favorite Portland makers, Little Bright Studio, snapped this picture of her assistant on photo shoot day. Of course, you don't really need a professional photo shoot in order to share your behind the scenes shots. Your shot could just include maybe your small D I Y lightbox and your quote unquote assistant might be your toddler or even your pet. Today's bonus idea is a group of people, kids, pets or whatever makes the most sense for your products and brand with your product or even a bunch of your products until next time. Please make sure you're using the hashtag 30 days of I G so we can check out your photos. Thanks. Have a great day 19. DAY 18 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 18 of create Plus captivate, and today I want to start with a question for you. What is your hashtag strategy? I have read that you should include about 4 to 7 hashtags and I have also read that you should use the maximum number of Hashtags that instagram allows, which is 30 proposed. For me, it really depends on my art account. You'll Stillman. I usually use fewer. Either way. I like to include Hashtags in the first comment, not in the original post caption. I just find it looks cleaner and more professional, but I've seen some people work around that a little bit with some editing. What do you dio? I would love to hear about it in the comments below, but in the meantime today we are going to post the ways your products might be used. Many of us simply post pictures of our products by themselves, just as they are. But why not post photos of how they are actually used if you make aprons show someone wearing them in the kitchen? If you make dolls, show us a child playing with one of them. If you make jewelry, show us someone wearing your products. If you're an artist, put your work in a frame and show it on a wall in a room. You get the idea. But if not here, a few examples to stoke your creative fires. How cute is this example from Ashley Goldberg? She shared a full a photo of this adorable little girl wearing her and brooch. Who could resist such cute nous? I know I can't. Ah, But also, this is a good way of shooting your products that will help people understand the scale and the size of them too. And on that note, please, Please don't ever put a coin or a ruler in your social media photos. While it may be OK to do that in one of your product shots, never ever is it okay on social media? There are definitely better ways to show scale and size like this picture. And honestly, I would even argue that there's a better way to do it. And you're listing photos too. But I digress. This gorgeous felt bouquet isse from Golden afternoon shop and it looks just right in the hands of this pride. Of course, it would still look good. It would still look pretty just sitting on a surface. But having someone hold it while wearing a white dress really helps a future bride see herself holding them. OK, that's the kind of thing that you want to create with your own products. And as you can see, you don't need professional models. And if your product is more space oriented, for instance, if you make ceramic bowls or art, you can always set up scenes in your own home or even ask friends if you can bring your products to their houses to shoot just to mix things up. If you ever have a debate in your head over a person versus mannequin, a real person will always win. A rial person is what people relate. Teoh in this example from Victory Garden yarn. Oh, there's a typo in her name right there, but I'll make sure that the link is correct. Anyway. Victory Garden Yard could have put the scarf on a hook or a mannequin, but it just shows so much better on a person, and it also allows you to show the different ways something can be warned. And the thing is, this doesn't just apply to jewelry or clothing makers. If you make ceramics, a bull could hold Cherries or change or even be a planter. I'd really love to challenge you to think of at least three different ways. Your own products can be used and photographed. Today's first bonus idea is to say thank you. Gratitude goes such a long way and saying thank you to your customers and followers. It's just a really nice touch. Today's second bonus idea is make them laugh. Can you think of a way to shoot your product in a way that might make people laugh? Like the beloved Maya Angelou said, At the end of the day, people won't remember what you said or did. They will remember how you made them feel. As always, please make sure to use the hashtag 30 days of I G so we can check out your photos 20. DAY 19 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 19 of Create Plus Captivate. Yesterday I touched on some hash tag strategies, and today I just want to talk about how you're using your hashtags. I started keeping my favorite hashtags both to use and to browse through in a small journal on my desk. But then one day I was out and about, and I realized I couldn't remember some of the hashtags I wanted to use and really a journal for hashtag Jules How analog. I actually still have that journal, and I do update it regularly. There's just something about writing things down and looking at them later. I just enjoy that. But in the meantime, I also started using Evernote. The basic plan, which is really all I need, is free, and it sinks on my phone and my computer. So when I update hashtag there that I do like to use. No matter where I am, I can have hat. I can have access to them, and I thought you might find that helpful to all linked to Evernote below. But for now, let's get to today's post. The prompt for Day 19 is a share for share, sort of. Honestly, I feel like a lot of share for shares, which are usually found through the hashtag s for s or kind of lame because they just seem so forced. Just because someone shares your photo doesn't mean that their followers or their target market will like what you make. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do a share for share with someone who's sort of outside of the box, so to speak. But if you make baby clothes and you do a share for share with, say, a 19 year old surfer who is a lifestyle blogger, that probably wouldn't do either one of you much good. But if you reach out to someone who has a similar but non competing target market and tell them that you'd like to share one of their products in your I d feed and ask them if they will do the same in return, you both can gain more exposure and more followers. So sort of an easy, gentle way to ask for this kind of share for share would be to direct message. The person that you have targeted that you feel has a similar size audience and a similar target market. But is not enter a competition with you. You send them a direct message and you can say something like I'd love to share this product and either show them the photo of the product that you want to share or send a link to it. Or just name it somehow. Let them know exactly which product that you want to share. So you say I'd love to share this product on my instagram. I have X number of followers, and I notice you have about the same. If you wanted to return the favor, I would be more than happy if you chose any product in my shop. Of course, there's no obligation for you to share any of my products, but if he did, I would be so happy. Of course you want toward it in a way that feels and sounds like you. That's definitely my voice. And that was the way that I would ask. But just to give you a general idea of what you might say, I don't have any examples for you today because I don't think that most makers actually use the hash tag s for us. That hashtag, unfortunately, is pretty much littered with a lot of well, we'll just call it junk. But if you work out a share for share like this, I would love to hear about it in the comments below and possibly even feature you and the other maker in the future. In the updated version of this course, which, like I said before, you have a lifetime access to today's first bonus idea, is something in your product now. This could be taken a couple of different ways. It really depends on what you make. It's pretty simple. If you make clothes, put someone in them. If you make blankets, for instance, you could even share a photo of someone wrapped inside of one. But say you make organic skin care. In that case, you could show us one or more of the ingredients that actually goes in your product, like fresh lavender or whole cloves, or whatever it might be. If you make jewelry, it could be the stones that you use or the metal before it's in its final shape. I think this is a really fun, and it's pretty easy to get creative with this one. Today's second bonus idea is a teaser Do you have a new product coming out or a sale coming up a new line for the next season? Give us a teaser. Show us just a little bit of fabric yarn, stone packaging, whatever it might be. Or maybe you give us a hint on when your next sale is going to be or how much people might save this encourages people to stick around and even seek you out because they'll remember . Oh, hey, she said that she's having a sale. I'm gonna go search for her instagram and see if it started. Or he said that he has a new line coming out. I want to see what it iss. One of my friends said that she bought something from an Etsy seller she had had her eye on for six years. Six years? Can you imagine? But she was prompted to buy it because that person hod teased about a sale. It's also a reminder that some people take a bit longer to buy from you and a little teaser like this, if you are gonna have a sale, might just be the nudge that they need. Don't forget use hashtag 30 days of I G so we can check out your photos 21. DAY 20 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 20 of create plus captivate. I'm so curious how your share for share post went yesterday. If you had success, please let us know in the comments below. If he didn't or if you're still working on it, it might be easiest to ask friends or people that were in, etc teams with or in Facebook groups together. But hopefully you can find someone who has that magic combination of having a similar non competing target market also around the same size following as you, as well as at least one product photo that you could share of theirs without making your instagram feed go off brand. Anyway, today we are going to post your favorite quote. This is where your photo shop or pick monkey skills are really gonna come in handy. But first you want to figure out what you want to say and then use one of those programs or another that you prefer to make it pretty to post to instagram. Of course, if you have beautiful hand lettering skills, you could just write it out. And just one little note, though, to if you feel like making it easy and just swiping a quote that somebody already made maybe from Pinterest, Google or whatever. Please make sure that you give its creator credit so many of those quotes float around and their makers don't get credit for them. And that's just not cool. And it's not fair. So I'm sure you already knew that. But it's just one of those things. It's a it's a personal pet peeve of mine. Anyway, let's look at some examples, so you can simply add a phrase over your own photo, like this example from one of my all time favorite boss, Lady's Emily M. Thompson. If you're not familiar with Emily, she's 1/2 of the being boss podcast team. Actually, they're much more than just a podcast now, But, uh, she creates websites for creative and as really good at coming up with branded solid content. I like how in this photo she includes a little bit of herself, along with that fund phrase. If you haven't guessed already, I really love simple, beautiful minimalism, like this example from Restoration House. It's not only lovely to look at and to read, but it's also a quick way to post something to your instagram. Of course, As always, you want to stay on brand with your quotes. Think brand colors the fonts that you use on your website or other marketing tools. Make sure that it's not only just simple and beautiful, but also cohesive with your feet. You can also infuse a little bit of humor into your post. This one is probably considered a shameless plug. Basically, all I post over there are pretty pictures with motivational quotes or sayings or bits of advice, along with a healthy dash of cheerleading, other artists and the occasional fun or funny image. This one was a big hit with my followers over there. It was pretty good. But as you can see, these types of posts can run the gamut from super simple, with no background to using your own photos as a background or stock photos. As a background, they can include a complete quote or just a couple of motivational words, or even just a short race. So for today's bonus idea, we're going to shoot your products on a bright background. We tended typically stick with white or neutrals for product shots, right? But why not try photographing your products on a bright background as long as it stays on brand. Of course, I think sometimes we're afraid that a bright background might detract from what it is that we're selling. But that doesn't have to be the case. Gosh off the top of my head, I can't necessarily think of a maker who consistently uses bright backgrounds. But there is a blogger, the crafted life. She has the most bright and beautiful feed. So you should check her out for some inspiration. And don't forget use hashtag 30 days of i g so we can like and heart your photos. 22. DAY 21 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 21 of Create Plus captivate. So how did your quote making go yesterday? Did you use pic Monkey, Photoshopped? Camba, Something else? If you like a different app that I haven't mentioned, definitely mention it in the comments below. Share it with other makers. It's good to share our good ideas, and sharing quotes like that are always, ah could go to on those days that you just can't think of anything else to post. But let's get to today's post, which is a before and after. This idea could be used in so many ways for your creative business. You could share photos of, say, your very first product and maybe what it has evolved into today. Or it could be all the parts of your product before you've assembled them and then the finished product after you've assembled them. If you want to get riel, it could even be a before and after of your desk or your studio. After a long day of making. Or maybe when you have reorganized your studio after a long day of making, you could even show how your product listing photos used to look. When you first started compared to now. Or maybe you sketch your designs and you can show your sketch and the finished product. As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get creative with a before and after post. But here are just a few examples. This one shows progress over time. After a year of making bow ties for babies and Little's Dreamcatcher Baby shows the improvements. The top is her after ah smaller, neater bow than the bulkier bottom Bo from a year before, this one is dramatically different. My meal a baby made some really dramatic design changes. And not only that, I like how they use the fonts for emphasis on the change. I even noticed, Ah, an improvement in the photography to, and this is just gonna happen with your creative business. Over time it's going to get better. And why not show that off? Maybe you want to share a big makeover like this example for From open for organizing, it really shows an almost unrecognizable office makeover, actually, So if you're doing any kind of home office and or studio makeover or even just doing a deep cleaning or reorganization, be sure to capture the before and after photos so you can share them. Like I said before, there are so many ways to do you before and after shots. Which is why I'm so excited to see how you actually use this. Prompt today's first bonus idea. Share a happy moment. Did you just finished a big project? Did you get a great review? Did you land a big wholesale account, Share these happy moments and create connections with your ideal customers? Today's second bonus idea. Sure, a wide shot of a market fair or pop up event that you've sold that show your booth and all the people walking around it, or maybe just the droves of people walking up and down the lanes in front of your booth. Talk about your experience that day. I love to see you using hashtag 30 days of I G. It's the easiest way for me to find you and check out all of your photos 23. DAY 22 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: Hey, it's day 22 of Create plus captivate. Before we get to today's lesson, I want to ask you, how do you feel about your instagram bio? Do you think that your bio attracts your target customer? Your ideal customer? I just wanted to let you know that I do have, um, two classes actually on branding here. Instagram one is specifically about your bio, and the other one is about branding your feed. And they're both for beginners, I would say, or beginners to intermediate. Um, anyone who really wants to sort of refresh their bio and or their feet so you can check them out. I'm just click on my image anywhere on the screen, and it should take you to a list of my closets. All right. Now, for today's prompt, the prompt for Day 22 is a seasonal shot of your products. This prompt can be used a few different ways. Actually, it could be literal for example, your product in a pile of fallen leaves in the autumn or in the snow in the winter, poolside in the summer or with wildflowers blooming in the spring. But it can also be related to holidays your products under a Christmas tree or on the Thanksgiving table, maybe with some candy, corn or candy hearts. A gift tag that says to Mom or to Dad for Mothers and Fathers Day. Let's see some examples. These pine cones and Tree Ranch are the perfect holiday season Touched by this photo are in this photo by bug a Boo Bear designs. They've even included products that include bowl Thanksgiving in Christmas time. Themes. I mean, who doesn't love Pumpkin Spice? Yea, for pumpkins by season. Just kidding. This example from Sam's simple decor is really simple. Off she did was out of pumpkin to the shot, but it really makes a huge difference in creating that fall. Feeling the photo without the pumpkin might be just fine. It would be killed. But adding, the pumpkin definitely gives us that fall. Feeling this shot from Willow and Fern just feels like fall to me. If you can get outside with your products and really show us the change in the seasons, that is wonderful. I like this prompt a lot because there are so many spins you can put on it. And really, I can't wait to see yours. Today's first bonus idea is a close up and more. Think about this shooting a product one product close up with many others in the background . I love it when the image in the front is in focus and crisp and the rest is a little bit blurry. On Instagram, you can find a lot of photos like this under the hash tag book. I only know that it's pronounced like that because I looked it up. My friend thought it was okay, and I thought it was Boca so but it's actually pronounced Boake. The H is silent, but, yes, there are beautiful images that use this technique. I think that you could really make it your own, and you can even do it with your iPhone. You don't need a fancy camera to do it. Today's second bonus idea is a throwback Thursday shot or hashtag TBT. With this idea, you would take a picture of a product that you sold or made a long time ago. It's really fun to see what you used to make or how much your products have changed. Of course, if today isn't Thursday, you can just plan a hash tag TBT for next Thursday. But whichever day it is, remember to use hashtag 30 days of I G so I can go check out your photos. 24. DAY 23 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 23 of create plus captivate. I really can't believe there's just a week left, but I am excited because I think I have saved some of the best post for last or close anyway. But you'll have to stick with me to get to the mall. Today. We're posting a coupon code that's good exclusively for your instagram followers. Once again, you might need to use photo shopper picked monkey or your own favorite photo editing app. But today, why not give your Instagram followers a coupon code that is good just for them? I would recommend offering the discount for a very limited time one day or just the weekend . Something like that. I would also suggest that you don't offer coupons too often. When sellers do that, buyers often wait to buy just to use a coupon to get the discount. But here are a few examples. In this one. Aaliyah shop uses a photo that she took or it's possibly a stock photo. But she added the text right over the photo. I really like this example from Sam's simple decor because she not only used a product a photo of her products but she tells everyone exactly how long the promo will last and where they need to go in order to use it. Basically, she covers all her bases. This is helpful for anyone, really, but especially if you sell in more than one place. For example, if you sell on your own website and on etc. Will, you could be good for one or both. Either way, you want to make it clear so that your buyers aren't disappointed. So can be Kate. Jewels creates a sense of urgency with her sale, letting customers know that they can save today on Lee. And that's the kind of thing that could just get them to buy. Right now, it's so easy to get distracted by the next image in your instagram feed by your kids or whatever. If you have a three day sale, potential buyers might just put it off and then forget about it altogether. But by creating this sense of urgency, they're more likely to act right now to buy from you. Right now, you can also do a spin on this. For example, you could also just put one thing on sale in your shop and announce that or offer free shipping for the day. Today's bonus idea is a request just could come in many different forms, but we'll go over a few. For instance, you could ask people to post pictures of themselves in your products or using your products and to use a certain hash tag and or to tag you in the photo when they post it. You could also ask for feedback about a new product you're considering. You could even ask how your followers found you. You could ask what they'd like to see you make next. But regardless of what you asked by asking your followers a question, you get them to engage with you. And that's a huge part of what Instagram is for engaging and connecting with your target audience. And remember, use hashtag 30 days of I t so I can check out your photos. 25. DAY 24 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 24 of Create Plus captivate. And before we get to today's post ideas, I wanted to talk about something that I shared recently in my newsletter. I actually lost 382 followers in one week on INSTAGRAM. But you know what? I wasn't sad about it. I wasn't freaking out about it, not even one little bit, because I also gained 2322 followers. So I was up over 1900 new followers overall and that was just in one week. So I'm also not sad about it because, hey, it's OK that people don't like what I'm doing. I actually love what I do. I get to empower makers and artists and creative entrepreneurs around the world. I get enough internal and external gratification and appreciation for it that I'm fine with people finding another feed that they like more or just not following me anymore. And you should be too. Sometimes as business owners, we worry that we're posting too many product shots over and over to Instagram. If you ever feel like you're posting too much, don't don't worry about it. Be boss and wish the people who do in full you all the love and luck, the ones that keep following you that you should really be concerned about. Give them more of what they want. Your products, your business, you all the things that take up your time and energy and love the things that you make and create and nurture. Those people who continue to follow will love you for it. All right, so let's get to today's post, which is someone wearing using or otherwise enjoying your products. It's always good to ask your customers to tag you in their instagram photos, wearing or using or enjoying your products. And when they dio repost them as long as it's on brand, of course, and you should ask their permission. But if you don't have anything like that yet, ask a friend or a sister child or a spouse to model for you. Here are some examples Oh my goodness, all the adorable, cute nous going on in this photo from melody of acuteness accessories Too much. But seriously, I like how they not only tag and think their customer, but they also remind their other followers where they could get the same items. Hashtag smart. I like this example from afternoon owl designs because she's gently reminding her customers that, hey, it's getting chilly outside. And what better time to buy and where one of her scarves, Of course, it really does help to have such pretty customers to and be playful or bold or bright or whatever is on brand for you in your business, like this example from Run Wild Kids. Actually, I think all of these photos that I've shared in the section are great, and when you foster relationships with your customers through all that, you do not just social media. You get customers who turn into fans like these who want to show off your products. How cool is that? Today's first bonus idea is your product on a dark background. Simple is that, though, in keeping with your brand, feel free to use other colors besides black or grey. Would dark woodwork or maybe a deep blue or purple play around, See how it looks today? Second bonus idea is your product next to your morning coffee or tea or green juice or whatever helps get you going in the morning. Of course, I know it's creative entrepreneurs. You might also need a little get up and go in the afternoon or the evening because sometimes it feels like we're working 24 hours a day. But most of us have sub sort of go to beverage that we like to help us get the energy to make and make it through the day. So why not show off your own form of beverage and along with that, a little bit of your product or a lot of your products in the same shot? Also, I know I keep reminding you to use the hashtag 30 days of i G, but have you been checking it out to? I love seeing the creativity and different ways people come up with photographing their product with the same prompts. It's really interesting. Plus, it's just nice to share some instagram love with your fellow makers by Harting what they're also doing 26. DAY 25 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 25 of create Plus captivate. So there are some spoilers in today's intro, but I figured you won't mind since you'll see today's prompt on the next screen anyway. But I just wanted to say that I know today's main prompt might not apply to everyone because not everyone has their products in in retail stores. And even if they do, they might be in a different city or state or a country even. But that's why I always give you the extra prompts, just in case one doesn't work out for you or work well for you or your business. I also think it's important to start thinking about selling wholesale, even if you never do. Because typically that means selling your products to a store for around 50% of their retail price. And this convey Eri from shop to shop. But it's pretty much the average. So my question for you is whether or not you ever do sell wholesale. Are your products priced in a way that if you were to sell them wholesale, you would still make money? If not, you might well know Scratch that. You'll definitely want to reconsider your pricing structure. Just a little food for thought before today's post idea, which is obviously your products in a retail space. If you happen to sell your products in a local retail brick and mortar type shop, why not show it off on Instagram? Typically, these shops have cute displays. Plus, it adds a level of legitimacy in your customers minds about what you dio. Here are some examples. As you can see, Brian Cook are included himself in this photo of his art in the crafty Wonderland store here in Portland. So yeah, don't be shy. Get in the picture too. Okay, Okay. If you are camera shy like me, I have some other examples for you to like a close up of your products in the space. See? And Lake decided to take a close up of their products at the paper decorum store, its simple clean and on brand, and just makes a great addition to their instagram feed. Bamboo revolution shared their display at the shop present space. Just based on this photo alone, it seems they have found a great retail match. As an aside, if you do have products in retail shops, but they aren't close enough to photograph easily. An alternative to this type of post is to list your stock ists and their locations. Today's first bonus idea is to share a bit about you. Maybe share a bit of your story, how you got started, making what you make, or maybe what you did before, how about where you live and how influences your work. I'm not talking about an overshare, just a little glimpse about who you are and why you do what you dio today's bonus idea. Number two have a flash sale. For example. You could sell one item pretty drastically, discounted to the first person who claims it by leaving their PayPal M allowed email address or just by claiming it sold and sending you their email address be a direct message . Because some people don't like to list their email addresses right there on Instagram. It's nice to give them that alternative, by the way, you could do that, or you could also put your whole shop on sale for that day, just a one day only flash sale. Okay, please use the hashtag 30 days of I G so I could go see and heart your instagram posts 27. DAY 26 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 26 of Create Plus captivate. Instagram is such a great way for us to connect with our customers and fans, done through consistent branding, posting and engagement. We have a chance to build riel relationships with the people who buy from us. I'm sure you already know this, but just think about it. Even just a decade ago, such easy fun and simple ways to connect with our customers didn't even exist. The life of an entrepreneur has never been better, if you ask me just a little gratitude before today's post idea, which is your home, office or studio. I love to see other bakers and creative entrepreneurs working spaces. It helps us catch a glimpse of your business and your creative life, and it frequently offers a little inspiration. Let's look at some examples. Susan G. Gentle ease office is so pretty. I don't even know how I could work in it. I would just want to like I don't know Sipa Margarita all day or something. But seriously, that light pouring in through the window and filling up this pretty home office is definitely inspiring. Jean Burgers Jewelries Studio is really pretty dreamy and I really love how she has included herself in the photo. Hard at work, but with no shoes on. That's really riel. And actually, as I record this, I'm sitting at my desk with no shoes on. Either. I actually keep a foot massager under my desk, just in case I want a foot massage any time during the day. It's pretty sweet in your home, office or studio doesn't have to be huge or even an entire room. Like how the every girl uses a small space in a super cute way. If your office or studio is currently well, I'm gonna put this in air quotes in use a k A. Stuff everywhere, like mine is right now. You could even just clear a small space and photograph the most important parts. A scene from your desk, your easel, your loom, whatever it might be. Today's first bonus idea is a fun fact. This could be about you, your products, one aspect of your product, how long you've been in business, etcetera. Just get creative. People love to learn more about the person behind the product, and today's second bonus idea someone jumping with your product are your products so fun they make people kids or animals jump for joy. Snap a photo of them with your products, Of course. Jumping in the air. Okay, that's it for today. Please remember to use the hashtag 30 days of i g so I can see and heart your images. 28. DAY 27 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: It's day 27 of Create plus captivate, and I can hardly believe we're getting so close to the end of this Siri's. I hope you're having as much as fun as I am. So I know that I touched on book before, but I learned about it last year and have really come to love the hash tag book. The official definition is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out of focus. Parts of an image produced by a lens book has been defined as the way the lens renders out of focus points of light. In other words, it's a really pretty way to photograph your products or anything, really. But the best way to explain it is with some actual book photos. Obviously, today's post idea is a book photo of your products. I think of it as part of the photo being in focus and part of it out of focus. But there really is more to it than that. Here are some examples you want to let your product be the focus. Jessica Nickels are took this book photo of this necklace and really made the necklace the focus and in focus while the rest of the photograph is blurry but is captures the light and a really beautiful sort of Foresti feeling it makes for a really beautiful photograph. Overall, Silver Moose Arts created a nice spoke effect in this shot. As you can see, there is a lot more in focus in the shot, then in the last example. But that soft green light that isn't in focus in the background still adds to the overall beauty of this photo. There's a real softness to it. While this isn't a product shot, it is a very creative Boca shot that could very easily include a product or two from entities. If you think that this type of photography might be hard, it really isn't. I've done it with my iPhone camera. I don't know if this is a legit hack or not, but I find it easiest if I actually turn my phone upside down before I take the picture. And I swear it seems to help. I get close enough to the object that I want to photograph, and then I click on the screen where I want the focus to be and voila! The picture is in focus I'm sorry. The product is in focus and the background is blurred and my phone is even smart enough to turn the picture right side up when I'm done. OK, okay. Here is today's bonus idea Number one. Your products from below. I'd love to see you interpret this one. I think you can get really creative with it. It actually reminds me a little bit of a buzzfeed post of cats sitting on glass tables and people taking pictures from below. It's really pretty funny. I don't know what it is with me cat pictures, But anyway, I'd love to see how you photograph your products from below today. Second bonus idea is a wish for your customers and followers, sometimes letting people know how much you appreciate them. Goes a long, long way wishing them a happy day, a fun week or an abundance of love or joy or happiness. It's just a sweet thing to Dio. And don't forget use hashtag 30 days of i G so I can see what you're wishing for your customers today. 29. DAY 28 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 28 of Create plus captivate. Okay, let's get to today's idea. The prompt for a day 28 is your products in use and you get bonus points for videos on this one. Ah, but yeah, you could use this idea in a variety of ways. You if you sell maybe bath, um, body products. You could show someone using your facial mask or laddering up your soaps. If you make dolls, you could show a child playing with, um, if you make jewelry, you could stack a bunch of rings on every single finger. If you're an artist, you could show your paintings in someone's home or office. You get the idea, but here are some examples. Anyway, this photograph is great. What better way to show off what giant bubbles you could make with big bubble bliss? Is kits there just some products that will really lend themselves to this type of photo on instagram or video? Wouldn't this be a fun video to watch, too? But no matter what you make, I know you can come up with creative ways to show them in use. Let's look at a couple more candy relics is really good at taking photos of their products in use. I definitely recommend that you look at their feet for some extra inspiration. But in this photo they were highlighting something you could do with their ceramic matchbox set. I think they're work is amazing, but I have to admit, if I bought this ceramic matchbox, I don't think I would have ever thought to use it as a butter dish. But it's brilliant, and I share this one with you in particular, because I really want you to think outside of the box here. What are some of the ways you could use your products in a non traditional way again? Take a look at candy relics feed for some more inspiration because, like even in this photo, they not only show us the matchbook used as a butter dish, but they've even included waffles in the background for more interest and to really show how people might use their products. I'm also a huge fan of minimalism, so you can really keep it simple to this example from Sweet Magnolia. Handmade really gets bonus points for me for this super sweet shot of a mama holding her tiny baby in one of their minke blankets and one of their caps. It just goes to show that you can create all kinds of in use product photos from the clearly obvious toothy, clearly creative to the really sweet and simple. And if you make a video or even a simple boomerang clip, even better. And by the way, if you're not sure what boomerang is, you can find more information about it in the resource is section or just simply search boomerang on instagram or in the APP store or Google. Play on to today's bonus idea number one, which is a testimonial or a review. If you've recently received a great testimonial or review about your products, share it with your followers. This is called social proof, as we've discussed, and it's extremely important in marketing when potential customers see that your current customers know trusted like what you dio, they will feel more comfortable buying from you, too. Today, second bonus idea is a different kind of behind the scenes shot. We shared a behind the photo shoot seen recently, but today I want you to share a behind the making scene shot. For instance, do you draw your product designs in a sketchbook before you make them. You could share that, Or do you have a certain process for making? For example, if you create soft dolls, how do you stuff them? Or if you make soy wax candles, how do you pour them? If you make wall art on a loom, do you sketch your idea first? These are the kinds of behind the scenes that I'm talking about for today's bonus post. We'd love you to share it with us. People who are fans of makers love to see that the really juicy creative process that you and only you can provide. 30. DAY 29 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: it's day 29 of Create Plus captivate. So did you go for the bonus points yesterday and make a video of your product in use? One of my favorite videos like that to see are the bath bombs going into the water so you can see all the bubbles. I just love that. But I also love to see artists p eating or dollmaker sewing hand letters, hand lettering. I guess I just love to see people in the process of their creativity in the process of them , making what it is that they love. And I know I'm not the only one. It's part of why studio tours air so popular for artists and even why some bakeries have windows into their kitchens. People love to see makers at work. Anyway, Let's get to you today's post idea, which is a motivational quote. Did you know that quotes are one of the most re grand types of photos on instagram? It's true, So you might want to even let your followers know in the caption that they're free to share your your quote with credit. Of course, for even more out of exposure to you and your business Here are some lovely examples. It's so true Dreams don't work unless you dio I love this example from you r d handicrafts . Um, just remember when posting your motivational quotes to stay on brand If your rank colors are hot pink and neon yellow, this example would not be a good fit for your feed, no matter how pretty it may be. Of course, you can always keep it simple and minimalist. Like this example from Little Wings Gallery. It seems to be hand lettered, But even if you don't know how to hand letter yourself, I sure don't. I have the worst handwriting. You can pick up some really pretty hand lettered fonts from websites like Creative Market, which is my personal favorite go to for everything from fonts to mock ups to WordPress themes and mawr. And I've linked to that in the resource is section as well. But I like this one. The flight is in your heart. You will find your way home when you want something, all the universe conspires and helping you to achieve it. I love how fun this quote looks with the little polka dots everywhere from worthwhile paper . Another thing you might want to think about when creating these types of quotes in pic monkey, you're Photoshopped. Etcetera is not necessarily what might be motivating or resonating with you, but really what your customer might connect with the most, because it's really for them. After all, today's first bonus idea is an extreme close up, and I mean get really, really close to your product. In today's second bonus, idea is really combining the last two ideas together, taking an extreme close up of one of your products or a group of your products and then put a quote on top of that. I think that would be pretty cool. Wow, tomorrow is our last day together. I'm getting a little sad, but I hope you'll like your final gift. And I have to say, I am really proud of you for getting this far. It's funny how people will invest money into courses like this, and then they never complete them and look atyou just one day to go awesome 31. DAY 30 of Create + Captivate: 30 days of engaging Instagram photo prompts for Etsy sellers, makers a: Well, this is it. This is the end. Makes me a little sad. I can't believe it's already been 30 days since we began this journey together. I hope you've enjoyed it and posted tons of content and made a bunch of connections and had some really engagement with your ideal customers. And, of course, most of all, sales. After all, we're in business, right? As you are probably aware, I have a passion for handmade and art and the people who make things with their hands and their minds and their hearts. Creative entrepreneurs, artists, makers, crafters, business owners, Etsy sellers, creative entrepreneurs, boss babes. Really whatever you wanna call yourselves. So thank you for taking this 30 day journey with me. And for our last day, we are going, Teoh, introduce ourselves. Yep. The last and final prompt is to introduce yourself. Yes, your followers follow you because they love what you make. But they also want to know the person behind what is made. It's a good idea to do this every once in a while. You could do it once a month. If you gain a lot of followers in a short amount of time or maybe once every two or three months at least once every six months. People want to know you as much as they want to know about what you make. I want to know you too. So this would be the perfect post. To share is a class project. Even if you've shared other class projects through this course, I would love it if he shared this one too. 32. Class wrap up and project: one last note. I just want to add You are amazing. Really? I mean, look, you made it this far, you rock. I want to thank you again and again for spending this last month with me. I am proud to be a part of this crazy, amazing online community with you. So many people will start a class like this and never complete it. But you did. You should be really, really proud of yourself. If you have time, I would love to hear from you. Please leave feedback for this class. We're leave me comments in the discussion below and definitely share your instagram posts in the last part. X section. As of this recording, I have about 25,000 students altogether on skills here. I can hardly believe that. But I would love it if we all start following and support each other. Okay. Until the next fast. Thank you again so much. I hope you're living your best creative life. See you next time