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Create CG Clouds, Skies and Atmospheres for your artwork, Matte Painting and VFX

teacher avatar Film VFX

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (4h 31m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Types of Clouds

    • 3. Vue Interface

    • 4. Vue Atmosphere parameters

    • 5. Cirrus Cloud Layer and cloud parameters

    • 6. Cumulus Cloud Layer

    • 7. Nimbus Cloud Layer

    • 8. Stratus Cloud Layer

    • 9. Cloud Zone

    • 10. Full control over the shape of a cloud

    • 11. Vue Render options

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About This Class

Welcome in this course you will learn the techniques to create clouds, skies and Atmospheres in Vue.
I will explain the types of clouds, which is necessary if you want your work to be realistic.
We will go through the interface of Vue,
The Atmosphere parameters showing you how to make a clear blue sky or a hazy dark post-apocalyptic scene
You will learn cloud parameters to create several types of cloud layers at different altitudes
How to limit the cloud layer to a specific area in your scene
how to shape an individual cloud
and of course render settings relevant for clouds.
Ever wanted to have full control on what the sky should look like in your art work or VFX? this course is for you.

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Film VFX


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1. Course Introduction: welcome. In this course you will learn the techniques to create clouds, skies and atmospheres. I will explain the types of clouds which is necessary. If you want your work to be realistic, we will go through the interface of you the atmosphere perimeters showing you how to make, for example, a clear blue sky or a hazy, dark, post apocalyptic seem. You will learn cloud perimeters to create several types of cloud layers at different attitudes. How to limit the cloud layer to a specific area in your seen how to shape on individual cloud and off course render settings relevance for clouds. Every wanted to have full control on what this guy should look like in your artwork or vfx . This course is for you. 2. Types of Clouds: Let me ask you a question. Can you work on colors, color, grading, color, correction or even painting or anything that has to do with colors without knowing the primary colors? Red, green, blue? Would you trust your work to somebody who doesn't know, like the your color related work to somebody who doesn't know the primary colors more? Would you expect a person to know the secondary colors and the tertiary colors, basically at least to have an idea of what these things are? Well, it's the same thing applies to clouds because there's a cloud. For each occasion, the primary clouds are completely different. Just like the red is different from the green, different from the blue on the secondary, clouds behaved the same way you would expect the country colors. To behave. You mix red and green. You get a secondary color. You mix green on. Do you get secondary color? You mix that secondary color with something else. You get a tertiary color so saying thing obliged to clouds. Let's have a look at this. Let's make the comparison here, Okay? Our red, green blue in terms of class are four. Okay, some say three, but We're not going to get into the discussion school of thought discussion. What? Nimbus is a stand alone, and I'm going to prove it that it's a standalone type off club. Okay, Stratus numbers commuters and serious and Onley to simplify your life in terms off primary ones. I've given you some values as a reference for your mind, OK, just for you, for the simplicity off your work. This is the attitude you've got, Star and the look. These guys are completely different, like fundamentally different. They they're completed. They behave differently. They don't even belong in the right place in the same place. Sorry, uh, in the same place. So here, in terms of attitude, the statues is the lowest one that will generate tens. You have. And this is what it looks like. We're talking. What? We're talking about primary ones. I'm not showing you the secondary ones because there are secondary ones. So this is the start of status is what comes Santos London. Think about London. Okay, overcast weather. That status. Okay, that's that's what you have. It comes in different shapes and forms, but this is the primary one. It is at about two kilometers and I'm giving you these figures that look so nice In terms of to London 300 of your from 47 8 to 12 it looks like they have split the sky between themselves. Well, it's just for simplicity. It's oversimplified just to not to complicate things for you criminals. Sometimes you can find him at one kilometer, but generally you tend to find the status is kind of always. The pure form of status is always low attitude. One kilometer, two kilometers on its is going to their come even lower. Hug the ground, hugged the mountains. It can go lower. Okay, um, the next one is going to be nimbus. Uh, Nimbus is dark black, dark grey and black. So have you ever seen a black cloud? Yes. That's the numbers. It's It's synonymous off rain. It's anonymous. Off thunderstorm. It's an on off a lot of rain coming. OK, then you've got your lovely cumulus. Um it's the one that you have in mind If I tell you Cloud imagine a cloud in your mind is gonna be the clematis. Why? Why is that? What if you ask it a three year old to draw a crowd. He's gonna draw cumulus. Why? But we've got plenty of categories and off the primary ones have already for And you're gonna have much more what? We draw these. If I ask anybody, why would you have these ones in mind? Because these are the ones you see when you have a clear sky. What does clear sky mean when this Stratos is not there? Because Stratos is to, you know, gonna draw the whole sky. So the status is if the status is not there. That's the one. You see them the most. I've given you a picture here where you have more than the criminals. Have you noticed there's something up here? What is this? That's his friend. The serious, you know, gonna draw this for me, are you? You would draw this one? We didn't notice this one because it's too high. Right? So what makes the difference are a few things you can think of them. A three three factors Number one. Where in terms of attitude, No, lo timid, Lo timid. Hi. This guy is always high. You're never going to come across a serious about 500 meters or one kilometer like impossible. You can find every Latiff of the serious lower, like one of this secondary shapes. But the serious He's got his residency around 10 kilometers, 12 kilometers. That's where he lives. Cool. So in terms off attitude, that's the factor. Number one, number two rain wither in terms of storms. Stuff Ah, status. I can't give you rain criminals gives your rain numbers. Gives you a lot of rain and thunderstorms that most I would say the most. Um um the most violent is gonna be your your your darkest one. This numbers, this is the darkest. And from this numbers comes the monster cloud. I'm gonna show you the monster cloud and it's got a name. Okay, so we're going to go into a little bit. Not Not a lot of were not scientist here with artists making stuff, but we need to make it accurate. Come on. Or you're gonna have a flight crews, a jet at a cruising attitude and you gonna put a Camilla's How can you do that? I can understand. And you've got a cumulus at a cruising altitude off a flight that is not cruising attitude off a flight that is going to land or not interested in the land. And actually, if it's dramatic and the flight is gonna crash on is getting closer to show that it's getting closer to the ground. Gonna put a cumulus there because that's the closest 11 of the closest wants to the ground this When I said four kilometers were actually it starts at one kilometer. Okay, It could get quite low, but it's just to simplify things. Okay, so this is in them. That is just the, uh what it means it comes from strata, layer or sheet. This is name Bo Rain, because this is like the reference in terms of find this with these ones, ranges ones, right. But this is the real one bit. Okay, this is more heat Bile on. This is like curl of hair is curly, It's the shape is curly. The first factor I said was the attitude the 2nd 1 was raining or no training on whether and stop on the 3rd 1 is the shape. And that's something you can see clearly from the picture. They look fundamentally different. This covers the whole sky and it comes in waves. This is black, dark Grey and it has no feet, no no specific shape whatsoever in terms off, it doesn't come in a specific shape. You can't expect it. It comes in any shape. It's it's, it's It's not like criminals communities clear here. You've got this shape of here and it's flat down. I've got the serious like that. So I've got three factors I'm gonna get now before moving. Let me give you Justin example. There's the numbers. Eso primary secondary tertiary primary would be a nimbus down here. I've got how simple and actually makes your life much easier. That's the main ins are perfectly simple numbers. Is the primary so secondary is gonna be make mixing one with the other one. And you just at the o que muello numbers. Okay, that's secondary zero. Stratus starts a secondary. Okay, Name? Bo structure. That's a secondary. And we're gonna make a nimbus snatches, Okay, because that's what you also find in London. If you have an over custom, got dramatic scene in London than you can put accumulates in a blue sky. Come on, it's London. It really shines there, but it depends on your scene. So if it's a it's dark times. It's post apocalyptic. You're gonna go The nimble Kemalist gonna go with the Stratus. Sorry. You're gonna go with nimble status or other starches. I'm getting a bit too much in complicated details here, but let me first go back before I lose you and take you to some very simple descriptions If you want to remember something, this is Blaine. English is not scientific stuff. Plain English. Okay, I need you to know these things. Why not know them by heart? But this is the features, because when you gonna make your atmosphere are gonna make the sun look through it or not. That's one of the things you need to pay that is. Okay, let's look at this horizontal layered. So Stratos is layers, layers, layers. Just remember this. My slayers. It's not one individual cloud. It's a big layer. It can cover some of the sky. Not all the sky. But it's not one. It's a layer. Okay, It's a whole team. It's a whole army off clouds, intersex in each other. It covers last portions of this guy, so it's not necessary or it blocks the sun. OK, and this is something you need to know. It has very little detail. Just take any reference image from, Ah, a picture of an overcast day where you've got your status. A does not have a lot off feathers and doesn't have a lot of internal shadowing. I'm already cheating and using some of the para meters we're gonna be using. But it's good that you already know them now. Doesn't have a lot of internal shadowing. Doesn't have a lot of detail amount. It doesn't have a lot off feathers. It's It's the least detailed one. Okay, so when you create one, you want to start with less details on add some details only artistically, because scientifically should be doing that. Okay, uh, then appears as a hazy white or grey mass. Great wise. Agree? Why would you expect it to be great? Is this is this not the great one? The numbers. So why are we saying great here? Because And you will see it when we make this statue. If you got a letter about the Stratus cloud layer, I will make two. I will make one that looks kind of okay, ish like like this one. And I'll show you another one which is completely great, and we will make it completely great from down and white ish from the up. Why? Because Well, let's face it, if you just go above the Stratus layer, Miss Skies Beautiful. It's shiny, it's It's blue. It's just the status that is making that dark, that overcast weather. Okay, Nimbus, quite simple. We're gonna talk in detail about the related of the numbers. Number is, I think artistically is the most interesting one. You wouldn't actually pay attention to that. You think the Communist is the most artistically pleasing one? That's the simplest one number. Number is gonna take you to grounds you've never been before because the the descendants the Children of the numbers are phenomenal. This black thing, let's take it a black or dark grey. Think Sundance. Remember it. Think and dance. OK, take a screen print of this. Do whatever you want with it. When you come back to the settings for the cloud, you are gonna need it. How do you make something blocked? The rays of the sun? One of the ways is a tweak. A perimeter is called density, which actually is the opacity. So you wanted to be thick and dense, so you need to tweak an increased density. OK, I'm interesting. Is no shape, no specific shape. I'm not saying no shape, shape. This has no details, but this one, they don't. They could look like anything. Okay. They could look like anything. I'm gonna show you one interesting anything form that they have a few of them, actually. Cumulus. Okay, this is your lovely normal think. But I have 11 Very big. Everything else, All the other I think that are listed here. You already know them. It looks like a fluffy cotton year. We know. Looks like a piece of cotton floating in the air here are just repeated twice cause I felt like that judging this one appears and patches, you know, that scattered here and there in money. If many combined, it's may heavily rain. Okay, Nice. Good. Um, this is the most important part. Flat base. Now, if I ask a three year old to draw a cloud, they're going to draw it with plenty off. No bubbles here and there. Like, probably form on spherical competence. Up and down. That is cute. Four coming from a three year old child. Now when you make stuff, it's got to be accurate. Unless you want to create a shape, a cloud in shape, off a castle or cloud in the shape off whatever form. I don't know, a vase. That's a different story. I'm not talking about those creative grounds, those creative artistic choices. That's a completely different thing. But if you want to mimic the look off, cumulus, you've got to understand that scientific scientifically, the base is flat. So how do you How many times do you want me to repeat us? It is the most important part. Because when you come to where we are going to work on one individual flower cloud making one cumulus the preset that's in there is not helping your Not so you're gonna have to treat it yourself. OK, but the preset layers are great. Okay. Remember Cumulus? I wanted to remember one word. Flat base. Okay, let's move on. Why is it flying based, by the way? Because what is this thing? What is this? These are what our door droplets the with the temperature. The what? I'm not gonna go too much into detail, but just explain why it is flat. The with the temperature, the water particles go up, they become droplets and they start accumulating and they make the cloud. Once they make the cloud, they become heavier. And once they become heavier that come down. When they come down to the lowest part of the cloud, they become denser and start pushing each other, compressing each other on it becomes a flat on getting closer to rain. Okay, so it's It's preparing for ratings like it's the flatter, the heavier on the more of them the closer to the rain. It is okay, but it's always flat. OK, so I think of what he repeated it enough times. Let's move to the serious. This is like the artist artistic, touching the sky somewhere high off in this card, I say eight, just to allow for the Children off, serious to come down. Some of his Children are gonna come down to AIDS. Nine ish fine, but he actually prefers to be about 12 kilometers. He likes airplanes, so he's always been there. 10 kilometers, 12 kilometers. That's where we find him. This is what it looks like. A girl of hair. Is the definition off the name it looks like curly hair. So this is a shape. Good. Correct. Let's now move to something else in terms of details. Why am I taking your in NOTTs? But interesting aspect about them. I've grade these ones and I'm only talking about the status and something. 123 the mid range. What did we say? It is low range, actually one kilometer about. Yeah, it's less than two kilometers at one kilometer. But this guy, really there's come down. It hooks the ground and when you say fog, it is actually nothing else than the status layer of cloud that has decided to come down to you guys. That's all. The fog is not in, but the status cloud. That's the lowest one on This is what it looks like. It looks beautiful. It hugs the the valley here and it's lower than the mountains. It looks great. Okay, on if it comes on a year on a city dependent honestly, depending on where you are, the feeling is different. Why? I'm saying this because it's just a while. Yeah, I think this is about his new Ortiz device. I've chosen the liberties picture of to buy because I remember an experience in this one. If you are somewhere high up in the sky, it looks gorgeous If you just happen to be in one of these hotels. And I was, I think, one or two floors above probably 53 or two floors above the layer of cloud. It was truly intimidating the sheer size of the thing. Inability to see it is that I have never experienced experienced that before. Where we live, we don't have this stuff. So when I went to Dubai was quiet. Quite impressive. You want this? Look, it's gonna be your strategist. So why am I showing? Do it. This is it. Like scientific well, information. I'm telling you, if you want to work with, if you want to get the fog, you're not gonna drag the series down, are you? Or try to fight it The cumulus. Honestly, we can t Two little bit communists. This artistic thing I'm going on. We are going to cheat on. I'm gonna show you how to cheat to make the Communists behave like a status. That's not just a good way. I'm going to show you, but you're gonna bring in Nimbus or cumulus. To behave like this like a fork fork is only for the start. Is okay now when it comes up to the middle range. What did we say? This guy is that one kilometer. So what is it doing in the mid range? Wow, it's It's an alto stratus. What do you mean, alto? Any time you use the word alto, your position in mid range, What is mid range? It is here, it's It's where these guys live. Numbers and Communist Communist also finds himself. Sometimes in the one kilometer you confined numbers off one kilometer because kind of distant cousins. Is that your descent? Okay, so this is middle range, all right, and then becomes as high range. But we just said it was caught one kilometer. This is the Sierra Stratus. Remember? We said the secondary shapes. You combine two words. You put an own between you end up with a second reshapes off zero. Stratos is actually a combination of the curly hair shaper with the wave covering everything. And you end up with something that looks like this. So you've got waves and rock early thing, and it's covering just a little bit. It's not much because this doesn't cover much. You have these things so understand the primary ones understand the fact that the secondary ones are completely different from the primary. Ones that may go back does pink. That's Bink Lookalike rant does pink, green or like blue. But it came from them, came from these parents. That's why you need to understand as well that those looks in here are different. That the primary ones, they're unique. The kids are unique, different from from the parents. I'm calling them kids just for two, since, um, simplify Let's move. I'm gonna move one by one. Not way. Have now gone past the scientific explanations and stuff. We're not talking about interesting artistic looks that you may want to go for. And now I move into your best friend, the one that's gonna unleash your weirdest, your wildest creativity, the numbers. Okay, Now, first of all, I'm going to show you a few pictures because I like showing black clouds. Just that you if you have never seen one, do you? There are black clouds, and I'm gonna move here. Then I think rule. We're going. What is this? Is this a nimbus This is a nimbus, my dear. This is the power and the beauty of the numbers. And I'm showing you the kids off the numbers. The secondary shape of the nimbus, the communal numbers, the pure one looks like this. It is a massive think the scientists call it the monster cloud. What is it now? It just ignores completely the attitude descriptions we have given and says Guess what? I am gonna go low and cover the sky from the low to the middle to the high. What did you say you had in the higher the serious I'm gonna be duck serious. Can you see the series up here? He the nimbus has has penetrated the serious layer. Here's the serious the denies serious starch ask penetrated district. So it's all over the place This one gigantic cloud. It's called cloud formation. It's not clouds formation in plural because it's one client one cloud and behaves as one. Okay, it's it's it's a massive think and I'm put in so many pictures here because it really comes in. What did you say? No specific shape. So it comes in this shape and it comes in the shape like a nuclear explosion and it comes in this shape and you can see in this one the small one as well. This is the serious This is our innocent serious has just being completely blown away by the by the by the nimble by the cumulonimbus. So the cumulonimbus is the monster club, and you've got all types off looks and stuff. It looks like ours Mountains. It's amazing. That is amazing. And then just next to it, there's another child which is completely different. Nimble Stratus. What is this? Well, um what were obviously clean look, nimbus is a combination of these two. Okay, um, obviously nimble status is a combination of these two. So if you combine dark with layer, end up with what? A dark layer. So this nimble structures is the one with the least features and with the least details in the hole arena off clouds. That's the one that you can use for the most dramatic, intimidating, post apocalyptic weather is what whatever that's the one number status is is again London. Okay, so let's move. What's that? Extends from the lower to the upper way to say gorgeous but dangerous. What did I say dangerous. Yeah. Also known as the tender stone cloud. It looks good. You don't want to be beneath it. You want to be somewhere up looking at it. But you don't want to be beneath it because bad stuff happens. There it is. It's really thunderstorm. It's it's It's not the greatest weather down there. Okay, Next to make it even more interesting, we have moved to the nursery level. We've taken what have taken that que no numbers, and we're going down criminal, numerous Incas. And you will notice that when I start talking about some other tips, other, some other categories, I will make mistakes. I'll talk about inclusive is because I remember this one I like. It's got the cumulonimbus thinkers on the criminal, and there was kept capital letters. So this Look at this. Look at this amazing thing. Eso These are the kids of the numbers. You thought it was a dark and wanted black and wanted cloud. This is what he makes when it combines with others. Okay, on this is like, this is truly, truly amazing. So you could make all sorts off Clouser, um, the the where you're gonna make them That's a different story. Okay, We're gonna be talking about how to make it in view with to make not this one to make it view layers, layers start to make. The primary ones will be talked about statues number criminals on Sears. Okay, for view. Because I think I prefer Dr View focuses on these ones. Let's move. Let's go back. Okay, criminals, I just know. I just thought Communist is already cute. Let's take one of the relatives of cumulus. It's called alto. Why alto? Because it's on top off the mountains and the mountains are high. And when you do that, you're gonna underwear middle range. That's a good starting point. OK, that's one, um standing. Why is it stunned in? Because it is standing. Its not its vertical some. It depends on the shape of the mountain is the mountain is the peak like Is this too sharp like that? The year the angle is to shop them, you can end up with something standing. If it's like this, it hooks the mountain and it's cold, sick. You could simplify it with lenticular. Okay, just a good search of lenticular and gonna end up with it comes in all sorts of shapes and forms. This is a lenticular and is different. It's so not hug in the mountain. It's like just getting closer to hug it on. It's completely featureless. It's OK. I know that the name booking status is the most featureless one, but this one is unique in its form. It's like stop this unique. But this you only find a Onley find. We have two political barriers read in English Plain English mountains. Okay, because they find stable layer of air there and they stay there. Good. Let's move to the serious serious. I just thought, Let me just show you, um a few, um ah, a few other picture like another picture to show you doubt the curly hair for all right Now we have done a brief tour. Very brief tour off the primary. Me Go back. It's important part. The primary, um, clouds and cloud layers. You need to understand instead, these and you need to be able to make them first. You cannot talk about other fun. See nursery forms if you don't. If you can't make a plane status if can't make a normal dark numbers. If you call mimic a flat base repeated of eight time a flat based criminal, and then, if you can't make a serious 3. Vue Interface: Before we start working on class and atmospheres in view, let's take a brief tour off the interface, especially if you are using view for the first time. If you open it for the first time, you'll get a prompt asking you whether you want to use the presets for navigation in view or those off other three. Their packages. If you are using used to those others, there's a list of three DS max Maya. If you want to use these, you can use them. I recommend you don't for a simple reason that the navigation in view is quite simple. Actually, the interface of years quite simple. And this is one of the mistakes that people tend to make is to underestimate the power off this application. Just by looking at the interface right? There's a lot off power behind this simplistic interface, and it's a nice gesture from the developers and designers of you to keep this simple. Keep interface simple on to hide the level of complexity behind. Okay, there's a lot of power. It's ah, it's a huger engine, wants their engine behind on. You will understand what I mean when we reach the function editor. OK, but that complexity you should look at it as power. It will help you reach your masterpiece. Design your masterpiece in few. Good. What do we have in here? We have a four views. Stop view. Side view, front view on camera. You're used to the court of you. If you have already used three D package before, Generally it's about viewing your elements, the element that you're going to add to the seen from different angles. I think you're going to be using top and side more often than front. And if you think this is just taking space, you come change it here to be something else. All right, so you decide for yourself. This one is quite important because this is actually what your camera is going to see. Now we have Nauta. We have not created the camera. I haven't created the camera when you open. If you have not created a camera, it has been created by default. On the right here you're going to see a word, brother, where you see a few elements that have been created by default for you. There's the ground. There's the sun and is the camera these come by Default on this makes view belong to a unique category off three applications. When you open it, you understand that this is a world builder. So this isn't just a through the application, like Maya or Houdini or cinema 40 or blender or three DS max. This belongs to a subcategory of three D morning where you're basically creating worlds. And what you see in here is a preview, right? This is not a render. This is a preview on. You can change the quality of your preview in here. I'm coming to keep it a standard, especially that we're going to work with clouds and clouds have volumetric materials and volumetric materials. Take a long time to render. So you want to stay at standard and keep this window very small like this. This is a default layout. Let's keep it small because you can change the layout that could make it bigger. Actually, when I work on terrains, I make it bigger. I can just move it around, bring it down. Okay. I can work like this. The aspect ratio is not the right one for me. I'll change it. But this is what I generally do when I work own terrains. When I work on clouds, I always display workspace default workspace. I always go back to the initial small preview. Now, is this enough? We're going to be looking at the whole world from our perspective. Camera? Is this enough? Yes. It is enough for us to get an idea of what is going on on. The quality is enough. But if you want to see more, I'll show you the trick. It's about two rendering just one small region. Okay, good. On the top. Here, you will find some properties. Any element that you selecting here. You're going to create some elements. They're going. They're going to be added to the world Person. You will see the the okay for the sun. You'll see the perimeters that relates to that element that you have selected. Okay, ground camera, whatever. Good. And if you want to see more parameters, you're right. Click on it at you. Click on edit Object. If you have that option in there, some options don't have it. And it some elements don't have it. Objector. Then you're able. So, for example, for the camera Teoh change Quite a few things. Okay. Oh, this is the light, son. This is the son, Okay? I wanted to click on camera. So, for example, in here you have focal length. You can change quite a few things. All right. Good. So you can add elements by coming here to the left. You have a few tools, and they're probably organized in terms off what they do. So this is related to water. When we say water, we mean oceans, rivers, lakes on this. Actually, if you click on the writer, it does something. If you click on the left and there's something else on the right, it gives you the options. If you can keep in Clipper and keep pressing on the right on the on the on the months, you will get the options that you have in here. So you have What can that that I can do for you? Water by water. This one means lakes, oceans, rivers, whatever that is going to depend on the shape of your train. So if you shape it during such the way in such way that it makes off a certain region look like a leg is going to behave like a like a like it will look like a lake. OK, but if you just want to fill the hole view with water, it's going to look like an ocean. Right. Then you have, of course, the ground plane, and you can add rain or snow. Okay, Same same applies to other elements in here. You can add the primitives you can add. Dexter. You can add the rains. Just click on this one so that we get closer. You can at the reins normal terrains normal. By that, I collect by default by mistake, and I created one. So there's a normal terrain, this fractal terrain on this is where the power off view lies not only just a normal, hateful trains, but the factories. This vegetation. You can create vegetation. You can creates plenty or for we have quite a few samples in here. But you can create your own in terms off so you can bring your own, not create, creating something that you can do when it comes to Eoin software in Plant Factory. But if you want to create, a space is filled. Them filled spy spaces and scattered vegetation, all sorts off vegetation that you have in here. You could scatter these around in your world and you've got rocks up and you've got what you've got. Let's come here. You've got clouds, OK, you've got class. We'll be talking spending most of our time on the cloud area. Now, I'm not going to use a lot this one, because if you notice on the top here, there's another cloud. And you may be thinking, Where Halderman's why do I have one here and one here? Um, this one gives you the option to create a cloud layer. So I want you to differentiate in your mind between two things. Cloud layer on just one cloud, which is generally referred to as meta cloud. Okay, Made a cloud is when you say I want just one instance and let's let's see what we can do with it. All right, on in here. Uh, come here. When you click on this one with the writer, it's going to give you a few atmosphere presets to load. Be careful when you see an atmosphere, it can be quite heavy to learn in terms off how much volumetric a light is there and volumetric materials and how many cards, so some of them critically sometimes you love and to render. Actually, loading it is not going to be a big issue. But rendering it is take some time and this is normal for a volumetric lighting and what with volumetric elements. So you have quite quite a few presets in here when you click with the left. When you click with the right clothes, this one we click with the right. It's an original directly from here. I didn't finish. This one came here because this is the most important part for our context here. So when you click on the right in here, you find your atmosphere editor on. This is where we are going to spa under 101% of our time. That's part like this. This This is your friend. This is your friend. When it comes to class and atmospheres, I don't think I'll be using this one because I have Ah, I I have the possibilities in your like I can use just this one, which is ah which gives me card layers. We are going to be focusing in view now on cloud layers, so building worlds and building the whole cloud layer, not just creating one club. I will show you how to create one club. Okay? And how to make it even with the cloud layer. But we will also look at these here as well. Good. Okay, next one. Let me come back to the tools. Next one is going to be your planets. Where? Yes, you can create planets and let me open just little bracket and take back. And I'm from time to time going to remind you that view is different. Not just a matter of time, you know that. Yeah. View is great trying to impress you that it's better than the others. No, this is not my point. I will never make a comparison. What I will make, however, is a comparison between the categories. It falls under a different category. Let's assume you're working on three days Max or Maya or cinema four D or Houdini or blender. What do you need to do if you want the sky? Yes. You need to create a sphere and blood on HDR. I imagine that or because the developers of those applications have noticed that that's exactly actually what you want to do so. What they do is they tell you, Oh, create an environment light. What they mean by environment light is that they have already created this fear for you. And they just give you the folder or the file path to upload your HDR. Now, in view, you don't do that in view. It creates the sky for you. And when we say sky, this is not a sphere, my dear, this is the real sky. And if we're going to go high on the attitude and you will see that this is the atmosphere , you go out. What do you see? You don't see a sphere, you see a planet because I'm talking about all of this when we reached the planet to tell you that you can create small planets. Okay, so you want to have ah, see, Look from here from this planet that this is not just a normal plane, it say's it's a normal planes, like a ground plane, infinite plane. But when you scroll back completely, you will see the planet. You can add some more planets in here if you want to make it look like a fantasy or outside in space or whatever scene you have in mind. So this is what you can do with planets. You can also create a spline. Spines are unique, unique. It's you use them to control the scattering of something, generally scattering rocks around the spine offs country in trees. If you want to or create inroads, you have quite quite some possibilities. Okay, There's a lot of stuff to do in here. There are particles, lights. Our focus is going to be exclusively on clouds and atmospheres. How you use the navigation in the view port, you click with the writer s. So this way you can move around on. You can use your scroll wheel for zooming in and out when you click with a left, your selecting an element. So if I create a sphere, for example here and I want to move it closer or so when I click with the left, I can select it on I get those handles. Those handles are going to depend on what is being selected by default, which is this one so moving it. But if you want to rotate it, you get this. So this is moving sex again. This is moving. Rotating on this is scaling. Okay. Good. Um, other things when it comes to zoom in, you notice that when I am zooming like this, the others are not following that. That is something I can influence myself. So if I come to file options and display opens the second tub down here, you find independent Zuman under Bannon off views, you can decide to keep them independent or to have them follow each other. So when I zoom on one, the others get zoned as well. This is your choice, okay? Another thing in the options is that the open GL. So I recommend that you go for the highest double here in terms of three D view display quality, and you check video board information. If yours your, um, video card has been selected. Okay, let me tell you something else. Please. Because you may install your, um, obligation and everything on Do you have a video card and you have the driver for your video card? Let's do something to show you something. What? You the mistake that you could make it even if you come here actually, and you find that you have your options your card is selected. What could happen if you have, for example, and in video card? Let me just come here to my arm and video card. Um, home, just like this. 100 NVIDIA card was in video. NVIDIA control panel and if you have a different card, is going to be somewhat similar. But the idea is that you need to make sure when it comes to managing your 30 settings that you do not let the computer choose for you referred graphics processor, you have to set high performance in video processor yourself. Okay, so by default, if you have an NVIDIA card on it could be the pay their case. For for other cards, it is gonna be on auto select. Please do not leave it on auto select. When you're working with view, it means that for view, you live in a decision to the computer. We don't do that. We never leave the decision to computers. We do it ourselves. So four view to make basically, for you to work faster, that that's what it comes to. It comes to you working faster, otherwise going to slow down because you are not using the horsepower off Europe. I mean, the energy, the power off your video card is just using Intel card. Okay, so in my computer, I've got Intel card in video card. If I don't said this, I'm just gonna be using the default intel card, which is not meant actually for three D applications on its you will notice that the moment you start, I didn't a lot off polygons and stuff. It's gonna get slower. And it may be thinking and blaming view for that. Whereas it's a matter offset in your video card or your whatever of the brand card to making sure that you are using that one. You don't need a computer side a Bligh, Okay. And this way, you make sure that you are using in here that whatever you have selected is actually being used. Other things is maximal, maximum usable video memory. How much do you want to use it? The default I don't think is enough. So go for the maximum. In this case, this card has got four for gigabytes. So I go for just 100 megabytes less. I could go for full, but just yet, I choose the maximum like 99%. 95 cents. Other things. He's, um you can treat these satins to your liking. There are a lot of choices in here. You may want to go with the maximum here. That depends on your computer game and you're on your video card. So I've got a fast computer on good computers. Pakistan. You could go with push. These wants to the maximum. Okay, this is as much as we need to know. When it comes, just click on, OK? When it comes to the interface on the other elements off the interfaces, plenty more. But the other elements of the interface we are going to go through as we work on the glass and atmospheres. 4. Vue Atmosphere parameters: I have here a scene with mountain ranges, textured month and ranges. This is going to help us see the atmosphere more clearly and the impact of the changes of the perimeters that we're going to the before actually working on the parameters for the clouds because to see and to make the clouds look good or looked the way you want them to look, you need to understand the perimeters for the atmosphere. Okay, the atmosphere is here. So you've got the atmosphere editor and this is going to be your friend for making clouds and actually also off effects that are going to impact the lighting, the clouds, the sky, the wind to quite a few things rain and snow. Right. Before going any further, let me make a tweak to the interface. And I said that we are going to address the other elements of the interface as we go on. The first thing I want to do is to change the aspect ratio when you open it for the first time on the open view, you get this photo style for photo aspect ratio. How do we change this? You can come here to the top there is a this camera here. This camera, if you click with the right, you get the render options which apply actually has the same. They apply to the preview as well. So if you're going to change anything here, they it will apply to hair as well. If you right click, you get the options. But you if you left click, you're going to render right? Let's right. Click on this one and go to the first part. OK, I'm not going to give you all of this now, but we will address it in detail when it comes to render and because we are going to export what we're going to work on out of you. So we need to understand all of this. I need you to understand all of this. So the 1st 1 is aspect ratio on photo, you can hear change it to whatever you want. I will go with television 69 but you can tweet it to your like and if you if you want to go , let's say you want to go with drop on a vision. This one. This one is also an interesting one. If you click like this Then you get this kind of form, which is quite interesting as well. Yeah, we could actually work with it. It looks quite quite fun. You could do go back and change it to television or anyone that you you need to work with. So what is the inspector issue off the project? Where is this going? Okay, on this resolution. But this kind of things we will work with later. Okay, let me now go back to the television style, OK? Because I will maximize the years off this upper part and I want to keep 50 50 between Dome Sky on DA the year, the ground in the mountains. The month arranges because I want you also to see the in backed off whatever weird we're going to do, not just on the sky, but on the rest of your scene. And these mountains here are only loaded. As for reference for you to see the impact right when I'm going to go into how we make the mountains because there's a separate course on how to make the mountains. I have also separate course on how to make mountain ranges on volcanoes in the world machine and how to texture it. So for every specific part of the workflow, because I need you to give to have the full workflow. I have dedicated enough attention to each part and now are done. She is going to be on the clouds, But because I need you to know how to make your classes good, let's dive straight into the atmosphere, Editor. Okay, let's go to confess. And with the lecture on, we get this atmosphere editor, right? The first thing, uh, is the son all right? The sun You have here parameters to tweak it, but you have the possibility not just to move it. Let me work with birth, Okay? I'm going to have this one open on. I'm going to have the top view. The top view shows gives you the best off possibility In terms of moving the sun. You click on the sun, got some light here, click on it that gives you that makes the sun selector. Then it gives you the handles to move it around. Moving it is going to change this These values the azimuth is the placement. Where is it? Where is it? On the pitch is how high is it on the sky when it's high, it's a it's it's it's shiny. It's like it's day, but the lower you bring it, it means that we're getting closer to the to the night. Okay, so what does that mean? Let me first show you the first wave donuts, which is the simply grabbing it and then moving it around. Okay, If you want, say, I want to have its in front of the camera. So this is a camera on desert access for the camera holder moments. What just happened? I did not define exactly this. Look for the honestly, it looks pretty, pretty beautiful. It's quite good. But initially it was the default that I had. I just moved it around. I did not touch them. The pitch, the elevation. We're gonna call it in plain English. The placement, Where is it? And the elevation? How high is it? But these are the scientific terms with which, if you want to bring it up simple, you just increase this. I'm going to remember the 17th of it because it's spectacle. So you bring it up, the higher up you bring it, the more light is going to shut because it's your goatee getting closer to noon. Okay? Noone is kind off the time in where you would have the sun between noon on gum? Yeah, and two o'clock center, depending on where you are on the globe. Right? Onda? When I mentioned depending on where you are in the globe, that takes me to the next very exciting part which let me bring this one down a bit. Yes, Like this exciting part. Which is How about this siding? What if you could decide exactly where you wanted to be meaning in the world? You want to copy the exact sentence? Let's say you have. You are shooting in a particular area on Do you want to mimic the exact time? Not only you have that you have custom here by default, but could go to real world. Not only you have the possibility, okay? When I can, you can reword It becomes black because the the default values are, um are kind off night. Okay, this is the wintertime and 70 m. Andi, It's dark. OK? It is dark. And the location When you click on its on the location, it takes you to hear you can define for yourself the time, the date and where you want it. Say we want to a place that is Ah, we want to go. Teoh. Um, China. Let's go to China. Would place that. Yeah, something like here, okay. Or Thailand or Yeah, let's go on the tour Thailand say let's go to Thailand and the choose this and we would like to have, um it's 1 p.m. Let's go with 1 p.m. 1 p.m. is gonna be very brighter. And this is 1 p.m. In there in the winter. So how about we changed this into ah, moving into June? So it's going to be even more good. Okay, so you have the possibility to do it by date and time and location, or you simply can't ignore all of that and come back to your custom and say, hold on amendments. I just want to decide for myself where that where that son is and and how is it on this card? Okay, this doesn't real world does not. Also not does not only apply if you are shooting in that particular location. Anyone to mimic that place simply if you want to copy. Ah, a place that looks good on you Think. OK, how about that place is gonna be sunny. It's it. If your description of the scripts matches a place on the planet, then you think Well, let's just copy that one. Let's go. Let's go there when I go there. All right. This is one thing above the sun. Before I go any further, let me tell you, you don't need to have just one son, okay? This is a three d application, and you can be creative with this on for lighting. You can have also soft cheats. So if you want to have two sons, you just come to the sun. You say copy, undone based, and you're going to have another son. All right, so it's now coping on the same location. If I move it here, then you have two sons. Okay? I put one on in front of here. You could be cheating in all sorts of ways. Let me just bring it here under something like this rights. But it's going to be to have similar barometers. All right, Good. I'll let me just get rid off the 2nd 1 but I just showed you that you can go for a fantasy look. Or if you are in a different planet, whatever you want to do, then you have this possibility. Let's go back to our atmosphere and come back to the sun perimeters custom. And then you can say a touch, son, to come in a direction basically is going to follow the camera son size the size of the sun the size of the corona. And all of these things are set physically in terms off. It's physically accurate. Unless you want to have a customized look. You want to keep them the way they are. If you want to have let me just break this son closer, OK? Let me just put it somewhere here. I think we have a little bit messed up with the sun when we owe. Just put it back to custom. Okay, If you if you want to change it, um, freely, I just click on this custom. Okay? Have you noticed? Okay, if you are on real world, it's going to stick to the place. So it's a good opportunity to just click like this and you notice that has jumped. If you are in the real world location and you want to move it. You can, but it's only going to move within that specific location. So if you want to move it manually, you need to change it back to custom. Because if it's real world, it's locked to that real world location. All right, now, that's why I didn't want to move in the first place. I'm bringing it here in the front and move it a little bit up. I know we like this look here, but let's ah, work with the parameters that we understand what the sun does. Let's bring it up a little bit. Bringing it up is about the bitch solid, moving it, live it up nice and I have It's in front. Also the camera. So what, exactly in front of the cameras that we talk about this son? Okay, now we have to find the cover. If I say OK, increase the sun size, but that it does what it says it's going to increase the size of the sun. If it's for a fund disease, something fine. Otherwise, then you can stick back to the 2% size of the Corona is going to increase a corona around the course on so 30% in general. But if you want to go with something like 80% it's going to make the Corona so huge. But it's all it's all up to you. What you want to do with it, I recommend when it comes to the atmosphere editor, is that you stick to the atmosphere model for domestic, for the metric spectral that already has these things on a few other things preset because out of these settings, we didn't talk about this because I I recommend that you always go with for the for the metric spectral. I do not expect you actually to go withstand inspector. That's much older for the metric Spectral is the newest and best on most accurate and physically accurate one Volumetrics tendered environment mapping is would be truly a pity. It's really a pity environment. Nothing is like you're treating view like you're treating Maya completely unfair because environment mapping is you want to bring in a HD arrive. How dare you bring an HDR in view view makes HDR eyes so, but it's not sure. Okay, viewed as you find modesty, does you Listen, if you don't like my stuff, you can bring your own hdr. And when do you need to do that? Well, sometimes you need to do it when you are shooting in a place and you want to create HDR in that particular place and you want to recreate something in that same look in that case, then you say, OK, find the light needs to match, and then the mountain that I'm going to make needs to match the lighting off that place. But guess what that place is in the real world. So if that works for you, fine. If not, then it tells you. Okay, you can bring in New York to derive if you want. We can do that. But most of the case, I think you're going to stick with the photo metric spectrum, which is the best out there. Why did we talk about this? Because the settings that are in here and the settings that we're going to move to the light and now we're going to move to it are set by default for a physically accurate look. When we come here, you find a few parameters for lighten. Now I re really wants you not to get too creative with these with these four meters for simple reason that you're going to distort significantly the look off the photo metric spectrum. So already it tells you it has grayed out quite a few things. It doesn't let you work with this Doesn't let you work with these. If you want to stick to Dr than it does, you listen for your best interest. I am gray and amounts. But if you want to allow, if you want to override them, fine. It's your choice by the end of the day. So allow over idea for automatic sentence. I'm going to click on it just to show you that you have the option to tweak these things. But I recommend you Don't you don't. We want to keep a good balance between physically accurate and your masterpiece that you have in mind, right, Because you could easily end up with some terrible mistakes, especially when we talk about the next bit. Which is gonna be so Scaife Organ Haze. If you mess up with delighting and you make a mistake in sky folk is gonna look really, really about, um especially when we talk about reddish skies, there's a difference between beautiful scenery and red sky because risk are just does not exist, right so and you could easily end up in that. And you look it. I don't want you to be Teoh to take too many risks in this stabbing flight. Standard global design design models, the latest and best, is global Radio City. What you will notice from view is that they keep the old things. If you want to go back to that, or if you have seen that you've created back in a long time ago with an older model, you can still work with that. They will keep those models for you, just like for standards, spectral and standard. A standard is prehistoric. ITT's very long. It's a long time. It's a very long time ago, but it's there for you. Saying applies for the lighting models here. Global Radio City is the one that you should choose 101% of the time because it's the one that are accurate. Should you want to go for another one? Fine, you have that option, but this is the best. Okay, now there's a new option here, which is optimized for outdoor rendering. What are we working on now? We're working on collapse. We're going to work on gloves. This is an outdoor scene on our door. Scene needs to be optimized, especially for lighting. When we say large lighting, we say, How many times will the light bounds if you keep it bouncing? It is going to get crazy in terms of friends or times, so optimizing it is going to limit the number of bass bounce sister, too on this is enough. Believe it or not, it is enough. OK, so you're going to have The first bounce is from the sun to the mountain from the mountains of the nearest objects. That's about enough. If you want to go any further, it it's going to increase exponentially. You're under times and when we say, increase its exponentially Render times. This applies to the neighbor here quality boost. We can be tempted to say I want buy stuff to look gorgeous. I want to have the best quality everywhere. This is one of the mistakes you make in view. They have already optimized things with the default results. Start the default parameters if you want to boost, If you go for better and go to the top plus four plus for my dear you, you better know what you're doing when you go with plus four Sometimes if I see you go into minus four, I think this guy is smart. He has some he or she has some. You have a trick somewhere else, too. Teoh cheat the render in terms off, making it faster and at the same time get the result that you want. And you could do that. If you reduce it to minus four on, say, for example, allow overriding because minus four is going to reduce the lighting. And then you come and cheated Hearsay. SkyDome lighting gain. Increase it and you put something like 1.5 or two. Then you kind of back to what you had. It's like, but it's much faster, so it's all a matter of balancing things. Okay, so let me just bring this one back to zero and let's go to the next part. Next part is about global lighting adjustments. We are in an outdoor scene. We have exposure now. Sometimes I wish view of developers and designers just stick to our plain English. Or at least the technical terms are generally used in the community. This is exposure. What this one is accurate lights, badness exposure. Do you want it to be darker? Okay Or, um, brighter? Why that makes sense. Because it's what he say's say, Is that a would you want to have, where you want to have the balance, the sunlight or the Indians? Here it's split 50 50. So if I disable, allow overriding you notice that the parliament is up. There they go. It is 50 50 so 50% off the lighter that has come that is in the scene comes from the sun. In reality, the light comes from the sun. But it is also a reality that light of bonuses on objects is reflected on other objects. So it's the Indian flies. Okay, so the ambient light is there as well. If you want to kill it, you can do that. And this is like we're now in artistic territory. Like if you want to completely change things, you can do that. So you go to with just from the light, meaning you noticed Now that these shadows have become darker. So whatever Lights this part over here, see, it's lit. But there's nothing bouncing back here because you say no. There should not be any light other than that coming from the sun. Okay, that's your choice. Fine. Or you say no light from the sun. Just Indians. Then you notice that is only ambient light does. There's no there, no shadows, because there's no son. All right, so this is the possibility. Did not the possibilities. You have the creative freedom to trap ambient lighting. Do you want it to be controlled from the sky or uniform? Okay, so you can you can tweak that that you're, like in as well. All right, um, let me go back to our in new show. None overridden 40 metric setting, which I think is going to be left and touched for our purposes. Now I'm going to skip clouds because this is the most important part, and we're going to dedicate more time to it. Once you've we finish talking about the elements that are going to influence it, son is going to influence it. Light is going to use it, and the next one is going to be the sky fog and haze. We will not address win because it's completely out off scope for this discussion. We will not talk about the effects in here. We will not talk about the rain and snow. We will just focus on the sky. Forget Hayes as elements that influence the clouds. All right, Good. Very important. Skyfall and hes Honestly, I need you to master the stop. This stop is going to make your, uh, artwork look the way you want or greater than you want, because he didn't expect it to look that good. Now you're going to open the door for beautiful accidents. Okay, So great accidents like you do it by by accident. You got something great. This allowed yourself to experiment with these, but I need you to understand every single para meter. The terminology that's used in here is not very descriptive. So it stays. What? Let's start with this guy. First Sky got for gun Hayes. You've got some gold global settings. Okay, I'm saying some global sections, Honestly, they make a big difference. But let's start with this guy. The sky. We have sky ground density. Now forget about this. Forget about this sky. Ground density is simply the altitude off this guy compared to the ground. Okay, So how do you want to squeeze it, or do you want to stretch it? So this is stretched too much the atmosphere to the real atmosphere. You can customize the look Now, I know I keep that in. Let's use physically accurate things. But this isn't autistic too. So if you want to make a darker, you can make it darker. All right, let me just check. Did I mess up with the lighting? Or is it because I want to work with defaults here? Now? I've kept everything to different talking, so this is darker and this is brighter. You know what? To make it look better. I'm gonna move the son away so that you see the impact. I'm gonna smear this son away from from in front of the camera and just move it somewhere else. Move it somewhere. Here. Shall we do that? Yes. This is much better. Ok? Not doesn't mean about more. Beautiful just means much better for you to see the impact, right? This guy, this one is not in barter. How, um, stretched or how squeezed is dot atmosphere. You have a real atmosphere, and then you're going to squeeze. By the way, the atmosphere is split in several parts. Um, it's you've got the state thesaurus, the troposphere, which covers the first part. So when we are now looking from the camera, we're looking at the troposphere. It's very important to understand that's stretching. The atmosphere is going to distort a lot. You look distort positively. Sometimes it's if it's what you want, because if you if you're going to go bring it like 30% it basically means you have stretched and you have compressed Serena straight compressed atmosphere at that level that 30% from the ground. That's the sky. That's it. Meaning all the colors are going now to start getting denser. So you notice that the blue is darker, so if you want to have a doctor look other than playing with the sun, which is an option, which is the first option is you can reduce your sky gradin density. Now we are back again to creative territory, right? So you can do that. I'm gonna keep it up 80% or whatever value works best for you. depending on the look. Now it's so much off. Look, this is why you have your preview. And please keep it up as we agreed. Standard. Okay, So that you can work faster and keep it small. 80%. So we've talked about this on the 2nd 1 So what is that story off sky mean attitude? This Kymmene attitude is in reality that how do you call that? The Grady int? It's the Grady int off the atmosphere. How high and how or how low is it? Okay, so it's ok from from the ground from the ground. It defines how gradual it will be those that the atmosphere let me show you if I bring it down, okay. If I bring it way down And is that Grady int off the normal colors that you would find when I say normal colors? What do I mean by that? When the sun crosses the atmosphere, it comes as sharp. But then it starts deeming away, and it starts getting reddish reddish on more with DK, This is these are all inter related. So this color you notice has disappeared from here because we're all I'm saying is that Oh , that Grady int Just make it way smaller. So the smaller the Grady int, the less colors you're going to be. See, that's BCM. OK, but if you increase that Grady int Okay, call this one radiant. It means you are stretching Grady, and so far that you see every single section of it. You see this part that is dark, which is now over exaggerated. Then you see this one where the sunlight that comes on interacts with the atmosphere and spends a lot of time interacts with the atmosphere. The longer the light spends in the atmosphere in terms of crossing, it's the reddish it's going to become. And this is what I mean by reddish. I know this color is not red, but to mimic it through In reality, they have put this yellowish, orangish color, but it's more like at the end of the day, if you cross, if you give crossing, if if the lights keep crossing, the atmosphere is going to turn into red. And this is why around sunset it's reddish okay, because the sun is crossing the maximum atmosphere before before, given okay before it's not. So this is This is how you can influence this in terms off mostly brightness and the colors . Okay, let me bring it back to what It waas. I think it was 8.8 kilometers, OK? It doesn't mean you have to bring it back to defaults. Please play with these parameters, but know what they are? DK amount. Well, we've just talked about it. This is how long that lies is going to spend crossing the atmosphere. The DK's 20% Okay, this 20% means this part over here. And this is the color, by the way, can change any gallery once so you can click on this one and get a red sun. This one you could make a pinkish whatever fantasy land. What? Just whatever you want for now, I just keep them the way they are. If you increase this, what is the decay amount in reality? What in plain English it controls How much off that red nous? Okay, on demon off the light of cars. Okay, so you notice now that I've just let it go, I just let the DK rule the world. I think it's what we have. We have given so much decay that has become red. So if I bring it down it although it's orange I'm repeating if it second time, look at it as red. Because this is a final impact you're going to get if you go back up here. This is where things can go terribly wrong If you start playing with this and you say this looks actually artistically pleasing, Yes, but pay attention. It looks artistically pleasing for the ground. For the for the sky. It's no that realistic ish. Okay, Because you want to keep some. Sometimes you want to keep some things realistic. All right, But if you this is what you're going for, go ahead. This is how you can achieve its by increasing the DK amount. Right? And we bring it back to something that is kind off works for us. Okay, Decade mean attitude. Well, it's quite simple. It's the Grady int. Any time you see me an attitude, think Grady int, But greedy int off. What now? It's not the greatest of the atmosphere of the sky is the greatest off this color alone. So if you make it closer to the ground, it's all ingredients compared to the ground starting from the ground. Is it closer to the ground troops? You see now it is almost gone. Why is it going? Because my terrain is about one kilometer high and that DK mean attitude that Grady int is 800 meters. What does that mean? It's below the mountains, so we don't see it. So if you want to have a very clear sky and a very bluest sky, it is the Grady int off the DK that you need to play with you. Bring it down here or you can take it up and then you get a completely different looking. This is probably the look you don't want to have. Unless if its probably Morse and then, yeah, no one knows what the sky and Marsh looks like. So you could go with that if you want. Uh huh. I mean, no one looks knows exactly were not used to that. That's what I mean. So you could you could go artistically with that, But still sky, be careful, please. You condone touch the colors. But be careful with this guy. So this is what you could do with the gray agent thing. This is how you can influence a bright day. And sometimes let's say this is a client work our client wants to have has just a description. One you honestly, sometimes they have very vague descriptions. Now that helps your creative freedom. But if you have, if they say OK, it's a very bright day. Do you think holder moments Bright is probably I want to go with my DK. Bring it way down to the ground. Okay. Is it an area full of mountains? If it's dark times, if there's a villain and dark times ahead on apocalyptic stuff are not going to go with this. Look, are you? I'm gonna have show you in the next perimeters how to make it more dramatic and drastic, apocalyptic and stuff. But you may want to increase a bit of decay, right? Because that introduces the first layer off. Off, off, off, off, Disturbing, that clean, bluish sky. All right, I've spent enough time on this one because this one has quite gives you quite a lot of freedom and times for creative. You can You can do a lot of it. Okay, Let me bring it to whatever. It's not meters. By the way, if you just type in a number without the letters. It defaults to meet us. So if I said 8.8 kilometers, I don't remember. Home was the young. What was the default, but whatever. I'll just put it in here. Good. Okay, let's move. Now to the next fog and haze. What is Forget? What is Hayes? Okay, um, there are particles in the air, but there's a difference between them. The 1st 1 folk is water particles at the 2nd 1 Hayes is dust. Okay. Why am I wasting your time this defining these things? Because it is, it has an impact on what you want to achieve. Is it an apocalyptic scene? Is that dramatic? So is it playful? Beautiful, wonderful scene? Or is it a dark, dramatic apocalyptic? If it is this the latter than you want to play with the fog. Sorry. With Hayes, more because hes is is going to pollute. And it does come from pollution as well. You notice that Hayes is more dance in cities where it is with this pollution. Right? So think Hayes's pollution. I'm not defining it right. These are just dust particles, mostly dust particles. I'm not going to just the particles what they include. Exactly. But for now, we go with dust particles and fog is gonna be water particles. Now hes A is darker than folk. Folk is water particles, and Hayes is dark Now, days is a color. You want to influence yourself. You don't let you decide for you. But this is reasonably OK. Good. So when we say hes ground density, just just rephrase it and say how much Hayes do I want. That's all. How much hate do I want? I want to have a lot of haze. This is going to make this, um, more just missy polluted Biebs trying to avoid the use of polluted. Because this is like a amount chain of mountain scenery. There are no factories are nothing. But you want your Adan particles dust particles in the air, right? Do not confuse this with aerial perspective. We're gonna talk about this. If you are trying to add the illusion off distance, you can achieve that with the other perspective. So don't exaggerate it with hes trying to achieve it. It has a different objective. All right, so this is your Hayes. You want a clear sky you have like this and then you go sky mean altitude. Sorry, the DK DK you bring it down on you have a bluish So it's a combination as well off factors . This is the haze on. Then when it comes to the haze mean attitude, you may think in terms of Grady INTs, but now I drive that you just think in terms of how high. So this one is how much how high, How much How I How high's days is it? 1.2 kilometers? Meaning Okay, it's going to cover my mountains and 200 meters above it. If I bring it down, then it is like I said, it's as if I said there's no haze. It's like you said zero. Even if you go to 100% that hes off yours is too low to be seen. Okay, nice. Uh, and then if you increase it like this and it's gonna become quite dark. Okay, this is one way. If you look at this, I just This is this is the right time for Yeah, this is dark times, just like dramatic. But you see, we've gone for 1% and one kilometer point. Just look at your topographic structure. How high are they? Don't go beyond the hate unless you, because you want to keep this guy and touch somewhat. And there's there's a need for that. Okay, so let me bring it down on completely remove it, actually, so that we can work with the folk. The folk is not there by default. It gives you 0%. But if you increase it, you see what? Nothing. Why again? It's the same story. How much how high its 200 meters my terrain again, his one kilometer high. So if I bring it up 22 kilometers, we are going to start to get the fog. And then this is now the density of the fog. How much of it let go with 100 is going to be 40. All right, now wait. When we say fog, some folk and mountain, these two words, when you think of them, you say Well, hold on a moment. I want to have a dense, dense, dense fog covering the lower part of the mountain. And I only see the peaks of the mountains. River folk. Wouldn't that be great? Yes, that would be great, but you do not achieve in using this folk that you have in here, because now what are you dealing with? View is not justice artistic, too. But I truly appreciate. I think it's We need to be grateful to the developers that they have really worked with some scientific things. These are particles, my dear, you are working with particles alone. So if you want to use the real folk as in like scientifically, what is the folk? We're going to talk about that. But basically the folk is a layer of cloud that comes down. It's like, What? What? Holding guns are used. Are you serious? Yes, I am serious. It's a layer of cloud that comes down on the topographic structure that comes down on the grub when one layer and it's one specific player. It's not any cloud. This is why it's important to know every single type of cloud. It would be am artistic crime to bring the wrong cloud down on the earth. There's only one that's invited on on the other. That's what makes your folk that thick fog. When you say Google, for example, well, I'm just opening a A Ah, a small bracket here just for New York, for example, for New York. And I'm going to go, and I'm working on a second a second. Okay, second monitor. Let me just look at this. Okay. Focal New York. Um, something like this. Yeah, something like this. Look at this. If you say you want to achieve a look like this and you're trying to do it with with this fog that that's not the right one, this is just for particles. Add little bit. A final artistic touch to make those particles inside the fog denser. If you want to do this, you're going to have to do it with one type of cloud, because this is that type of cloud, okay? And we are going to Teoh address these separately like we're going to go into the details of cuts and tax of clubs. So the next bit is going to be now to talk about the not before because I've already talked about the focus. Now is the glow and glower intensity. Well, that's quite simple. The glow, you know, other glory. Is it simply how much off the light comes from the source like that? comes from the source light is spread outside the sore slight. So slight is the son. How much off that light brightness. Do you want to be present in your scene? Starting from your source. So the son Where is my son? Has moved somewhere Clear where it's coming from. The site. 5. Cirrus Cloud Layer and cloud parameters: Now let's dive into the clouds section. First of all, I have here one scene and there's another scene here, which is empty. Okay, so I have a scene with mountains to put the clouds in context. And I have an empty seat in, just in case we would like to focus on the clouds. All right, now, the first category is going to be the serious. Okay, the serious is the one that is a high up in the sky. Let's start with that. We are going to come to the atmosphere editor and come to the clouds tub, and here you can create a new layer. But I recommend that you go straight to the 2nd 1 which is Load Lodin on existing club. Now when we click on this so we get this stuff here for clouds and there are quite a few taps animated commuters, meta cloud materials, other clouds of spectral, whatever you come to the spectral cloud. Sorry, Special number two. And then you find quite some interest in clouds recessing here. All right. Good. I recommend you don't do that. Why? Well, you can always come here and choose a style based on the look. But how did we start this whole thing we started? No. But by knowing more so if I want something, I'm gonna call it by its name. And this is the way I recommend you Always have the option to come and grab something based on the look. You come to start to serious under new chick here we come to spectral, and then you check which one you want. But how about we just come to the search up here and regardless, actually off where we are, just go to the cloud spit search in clouds and type in serious. Okay? When you click serious, then you're going to get a few, um, a few templates that are serious. So when you over over them, you get red. Syria's get their names. All right. Good. Please note that clouds as we have talked about their primary categories and they're called , for example, for this category. This is the primary, and it's called Syria's. The moment it becomes a secondary category, then it starts becoming what a seer. Oh, something with Oh, so why don't we just stop at Sierra? Because it could be zero, and it could be, see serious. And we talked. And we get a little bit more because we have invited those sick Kendari shapes as well. Okay, So if something is, if you've got cumulus, then you stop at Kimmel Kimmel because it's going to become to Muello started. You stop at Strat because it could become start or something. Okay, Numbers you can stop. That number is going to become name both something. It's quite quite obvious. OK, so we're going to type in Sierra here, Onda. We get everything that relates to the highest altitude camps. The most important part now is to understand that there are two different view presets the two D and three D. Let me explain. Let me load something. Um, both off serious. Just the 1st 1 Let's load this one. Yeah, that's an excellent example. Why? Because it gives us the two d How do how do I know it's a two d? Because the hate is great. Now we are going to go through the apartment is one by one. But the moment you see the hate is great. And when the hate is grade, some other ones are going to be great as Well, If you end up with just altitude cover density and ambient lighting, you are dealing with a two D cloud. What does two d really mean? It's just a fact that there is a texture applied. There is no volumetric. It has no volume. It has no thickness. It's thin, and it makes sense. Sometimes it could be a very good, deliberate choice to make. When you have a heavy scene and you believe you're serious, clouds are high up in the sky. Oh, by the way, when I mentioned high Up in the Sky, you notice that these are one of the very first three sets of U has created on. Back then, it was not very accurate. Look at this. Have you ever encountered a pure primary serious type at attitude of two kilometers? This is just does not exist. The serious is that about 12 kilometers I'm fine would drink with having a two D, but it's got to be high in the sky because that's where it belongs. Serious does belong anywhere between 10 and 12 kilometers. Yes, sometimes when it's up secondary type sear or something, it could get a little bit down lower Okay, This is the cruising attitude. Often aircraft, the commercial aircrafts. OK, so, uh, this is number one. If you want to tweak it, if you want to use it, then there are a few tweaks that you need to be aware off. And most of them are going to relate to the altitude on the scale because honestly cover it just basically means how much off the texture do you want to apply? I'm using the word texture because that's all it is. And then city is capacity. Okay? It is how much how transparent or opaque is the texture going to be, That's all. All right, s So this is the two d part of things. Let me de zablit. And this is an opportunity to show you that you can disable it from rendering here. It's not visible. And let me load another one. This time I'm going to look for for our something like, Okay, let's go for serious Incas. Serious Incas, um, in seniors. Sorry in seniors, because ism is another type for another, it's it's the nimbus nimble community starts at the communion numbers. Angus, that's not something. That's another type. I got them confused suitors in Souness. Is this one on? When you know this, you get a three D. Now you notice in our scene that we don't see much. Do you think holder moments Can you raise it? You raise a bit of this guy. Ok, let's see. Let's look at this guy. It's not very visible because it there is No, It's not meant to be obvious. It's 12 kilometers up in the sky. And yes, this one. Yeah, it's kind of okay ish. I still prefer to have my incurs. Um sorry, my cirrus clouds at 12 kilometers, they make much better sons. Okay, so now you have the possibility to work with all the parameters off off the volumetric material. Another way to tell if it's a two D or three D is by coming to the material here. So this is the material. This is how it should look about. This actually is a material you press control and click, or you can just right click and say it is material. OK, when you edit material, notice the difference between this what we have in here corner and density and plenty of things in here in large scale over. Oh, so this is able got lighten and on effect. Okay, I'm coming back to this tab. It's quite important for rendering for speed of rendering. I'm coming back to this one. Um, you know, I'm gonna do it now because it's already slow in the preview when you work on volumetric, the volumetric materials on clouds and it is not very important for you to see the shadow off the clamp on the ground like it's not a big deal. It's not part of your scene. It's not part of your story. And honestly, in 99% of the cases, it's not gonna be because you are looking at a small part of the off the terrain, and there could be or they could not be a shadow. So to speed up the render this cast shadows, not the internal inch. Others internal shutters are extremely important for the look of them. Off the year off the of the cloud if you turn international off, is gone. It's no longer a cloud. It looks like something else. Don't know what you want to call that. But, um, it's something else. Cast Shadows is on the ground so internal is the shadows that happen inside the cloud that makes it look three dimensional. And cast shadows is whatever shadow the cloud casts on other objects on trains on on the ground. So if you turn off this one, especially if you're high up in the sky, if you're high up in the sky, you've got your camera up at eight kilometers or something and you're looking at a ground off statues and you're looking at some commuters and you've got some serious off that. Why would you waste your rendering time with cast shadows that it's impossible even to see ? Okay, so cast Shadows 99 common. 99% I would say Turn them off for speeding up the London. But if you believe you want to have a specific shadow off a Communist cloud cast on a particular area, and it's part of the beauty of your story in a part of the thing, fine. It's just gonna take a bit longer to run their good. Let me go back. So I was talking about the difference between the material off the how to tell the difference between two D and three D. We've got the stats. But if I come back, okay, if you if you open the material, um, I did the material. You just get another tab here, So if you want to go back, you don't close it. You just come back to another to the first time here and it takes a bigger shape. Then it just one has become smaller. Whatever nice has come back to the other one on go to the tab here, you notice it's completely different. The material off this 1st 2 d one is different. This, actually if you are used to view, looks pretty much like the material for anything for rocks, for the rains. For anything. This is the normal material editor for anything else. This is not volumetric stuff. So this is another way to look at that. Which one should you use? Should he used the r two d? What the three d To answer that Number one. Are you doing an animation or is It is still if it's a still that you're going to use as a matte painting, which is an absolutely brilliant choice because you do not always need to have even if you have an animation. If even if you are seen is animated like you have a live action and you want to replace the sky if you're even if you're replacing, this kind of got a few seconds fine. You can use a still on a larger resolution, at least double, and then you can use that still, as a background, you know, use in, does up protection in the nuke infusion or refuse enough the effect. You just make a projection, and then you put it back in the background. It is gonna work perfectly. In that case, you could use volumetric if it's still if it's animation, try to work with the two D because it could work faster. I live the choice up to you. The only main difference is going to be there, rendering time with the look. OK, let's. Let's just be honest. Not in base. The volumetric look. Volumetric materials look much more beautiful. We're talking about something that's 12 conditions high up in the sky. How close are you did up? Are you looking from? Let's look at the camera here. Hate. 1.8 meters. By default, it is at your eye level, kind off average eye level. One foot in it. You're looking from 1.8 meter toe a 12 kilometer high, um, ist cloud in the sky and you're gonna tell the difference between a to the end of three. The probably you are going to if it's a big deal. If it's a clear sky. If it's clear sky, there's no structures. There's no commuters are hardly any. You may wanna have a volumetric. Okay, if there's to much stuff going on, brought in a to D structure, days go into work. OK, so it's always up to you in terms of choice. Render investors look good. Let's the elite days now and go for a choice. Right? So I'm going to start tweaking, actually, the serious and seniors. Okay, seriously, As soon as I'm gonna start weekend, let me show you another one. By the way, let me show you another one. Because we've started serious incidents. There's another one. See, Rose, statues fee brackish. Let's start having some fun with these names. Zero. Okay, See row strategy. Stick to zero. It's much easier. Cirrus cumulus flickers and Cyril statues. Okay, We have what we talked about this when you mix. This basically means Ciro started. Basically, you're mixing the highest. It was not mixing. Is it justice exist? Actually, it's the highest altitude cloud with the lowest altitude cloud. Now, you, what will you get? So get something that looks like this, okay? And by the way, before proceeding any further before continuing any further, I want you to get in the in the habit. OK? I'm doing this because I'm kind of used to the types and I kind of have a feel off. What? To expect it. Because I've been using them for quite a while. I want you to get in the habit off just searching for that to see on go to images. I want you to have a reference image all the time. Okay. So let's look at this. I'm going to have another monitor, and we say serious, serious image. Um, Okay. Serious cloud. I'm gonna bring in. That's OK. This is serious. Glad. All right. This is serious club. This is the normal one. But which one did we talk about? We talked about. See? Rope Ciro's terra structures. See, Brad, Justice one. Okay. Syria's stances. Fibrosis. Did you already have a no idea, for it should look like they attention to the fact and be careful that sometimes the the Tagen is not correct. Sometimes those who upload those pictures don't know what they're talking about. That makes your task a little bit complicated. So if you go Teoh a more reliable probably something like Wikipedia could work better. Okay, so if you could end up with with the wrong appellation Okay, so this is my matches, and it's a cumulus. You can tell because this cannot be civil status. This is a criminal from from the look of it, this is single status for granted, you know, Let's let's keep these ones. I'm gonna move them to another monitor. Let's look at it here. Right? Syria started. She brushes. Basically means we are bringing this fellow a little bit down. It's just 11 kilometre kilometers, but we're giving it the shape of a status. So we're taking the shape from this from the lowest, and we've broken it on the first. But keeping that way, Venous. Look at this over here, this steel. And as long as we're working with tears Stieber, it's not gonna be as obvious as you want it to be, because that's how it is. It's high up in the sky. Okay, but if you want to get closer, you can do that. This is a volumetric. Think so I can go to something. Like which one? This is 11. I confess to something like nine kilometers up in the sky and with nine kilometers, I'm much closer. Okay? Much closer. I can see some off this, but because the cover is 92% it's almost covered everything. And you can start taking this. Where? Here. You're sorry. Where is your starting point times? Of course, you camera. The camera is most of the time going to be either at Stratus level four at eye level. I'm just talking in terms of scenery. Let's be harnessed. Let's be clear. This is a fantasy scene where you or you haven't a flight seem. If it's a normal scene off, something happen in the ground. It's 1.8. We have a crane. You're mimicking the crane. You could go, but something like three meters of something like that. If you are working somewhere in the sky, let's be honest. You're not gonna tell me your cameras at 12 kilometers, you're somewhere in the sky is gonna be at around 12 kilometers, which is just above the Stratus layer. Okay, so this is why I'm saying even if you are tweaking the serious, don't get too close to the series because that's not how you come is gonna look at it. You tweak it. How being that close and you come back to the camera. Didn't look. Oh, it looks different. Yes, because the camera doesn't belong where you have tweaked it. Need to tweak it back where your camera. And so if it's 1.8 fine, we look at it from there. 1.8 bells break down to look at the ground to just to see just a bit in context. Two. Thinks you want to pay attention to the 1st 1 and I need you to have as your second have it . Now the first habit needs to be the reference image. Always always started the reference image. Okay, let me let me go back. The first habit is to use the right word for searching. When you come here, let's let's reorganize our let's create a checklist for you. Okay, let's Let's create to check this for you. The 1st 1 is going to be when you come here. Okay? Don't use just taps. Just use the such use the right numbers. That's not the right words. Okay, What's the name of the thing? Because by now you already know everything you need. You know what serious? You know, you have a flight seen. You know exactly what you should you be using. You have a scene down, you know, exact. So use the right word. That's habit number one. Having number to go. Grab a reference and make sure the reference kind off is from a reliable source. Right. Number three, cause for clouds, it's a bit difficult. Not ever been in those exact details off. So if it's scientific website, if it's ah, we could Wikimedia Wikipedia. That kind off makes us generally shutter stock and you'll be surprised. Shadow stock And I'm not recommending any year subscription to that. Don't even bother buying anything. Shutter stock tends toe have quite some accurate name in for the clouds. So if one way to just cheat this whole thing's go to shut a stalker dot com and ah you, that's giving me a completely different. Okay, This don't know where we're okay. Abusing sometimes GPS and gets the wrong I p address mrs. For English. English organise, especially English, right? Cumulus always goes serious. Serious cloud. Serious officers could give us. Okay. No one. I'm gonna start anything. Okay? You get you get different types. You are going to under serious focus. This is it. It's a cheat. Okay, your way of cheating is go come to serious. Sorry. Too serious to short a stock because it does have the most accurate. I've noticed they have quite some accurate stuff. 90%. It really works. I said I'm getting lost between these once and sometimes Google, a za main search engine is going to load everything that's related to it. That's that's algorithm. So you're looking for zero status and it's gonna give you Otto cumulus. Sorry, you're looking for Syria cumulus and give you out of cumulus because it's got something in common. Cumulus. Um okay, so that's your habit Number two, Your habit number three is once you come to your goes This Come here. Always start with this scale. I know these are disbar. Meters are what's going to make the real look. But you cannot start with something other than scale. That's what defines the default values. Honestly, sometimes worked perfectly. And there are deliberate by the developers, Whatever. They made this look already good. And sometimes it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. So it this is why your 2nd 1 of the checklist being reference images is your best friend. Okay, So what do we have here? I have a serial statues for branches. Let's look at that in here in shadow stock. See Row. That's not just so not just hopefully gonna find it. I'm just looking at the, uh Oh. Nice. Nice. Okay, nice. We got something here. Ciro's started. Three branches. Clouds on. This is not the one. Okay? Syria started three branches, so this is kind of it. It keeps okay. It's very high. It has the year a little bit off waving us off. The Siri's inherits the format off the status, which is wavy like plenty of waves. All right, so you take a reference picture like this and you start making it the way the way you want it to look okay? So you can start with the scale, reducing the scale. This is how we start behaving the waves. So do you want to have more ways? You could use the scale. All right, so this is about the waves. Once you are, you say OK, I'm fine. I've got enough. Weighs. 12345 Enough waves. Be careful with being in it too low. So the moment you start going below 0.1, you either know that preset is fundamentally wrong and you want to tweak it. But you're entering into the danger zone because the volumetric material is driven by a noise and there's comes in moments where the noise starts become repetitive. Okay, It's not a texture, but it's a noise and noises. When you start zooming back, back, back, back you're gonna find that the noises actually argued a number not just re beats a certain pattern. Okay, so this is fine for us from now. Let's talk about the perimeters. No, I did not load the scene. Just seen with them this yet, but because I needed first to take you through the core things, the perimeters, we will do that in while it's faster. Talk about this right the attitude. Um, well, the fast if you want to know about the perimeters, is that you want to take a pen and paper change. The name ends of these off. Some of them, all of them. I've got two of them that are going to mislead you. So we're going to change their names. The 1st 1 makes sense. Attitude is attitude. That's what it is. And that's actually what defines how the club card is going to look. If it's hide, then it's high up in the sky. And this is where you said them scientifically, you have the status. It is one kilometer cumulus you've got doesn't have to be. One kilometer can move a little bit up depending on your seat. Could move it to walk 2.5. It doesn't have to be three because then you entering into middle middle ground, middle ground, middle sky, middle troposphere, SRE the troposphere. Um, so the attitude for serious is going to be 10 to 12. Okay, Hater, be very careful with the hate for the Cedars, but I'm not going to be talking about disparate meters for all of them. Although we're not talking about serious we're gonna talk along. The hate is what makes the three D. But hate is miss how thick it is. So starting from the first level 123 meters, it makes perfect sense. So for Siri's, make sure it is not to take too high. Okay, It should not be high because serious is not high. The typical Siri's is not how you could have some variations that are slightly thicker, but the serious by definition is not high. You could go to the status is a completely different story on physically and artistically. Sometimes you want to take your art a little bit different than physical. So you are sometimes given to make the hate a bit. You know, just how high is it? Okay, on the cover. How much of the skies it covering? This makes sense. How much of the sky is it covering? If you want to say Okay, this is 92. If you say 100 you're going to be covering like a 100% of the sky. But still, this is driven by the noise. Remember, 100 does not necessarily mean that you cover the whole Skype with the serious. It applies for the Stratus. It supplies for the second retyped of cumulus. But for the C serious And by definition there is no serious that covers the sky. Sorry. There is no seriously covers. The sky serious is by definition are artistic. Lovely, wonderful. Wavy touches high upon the sky. 12 kilometers That that's all it is. So for the cover Be careful when you do 100% because you basically don't want to see another. If you're down on the ground you don't want to see this guy. If you're open, this guy doesn't want to see the ground. Okay? And let me first do this Control click and make sure that I have turned off my cast shadows . Yeah, let's have this as your number four on the checklist. Yeah, this is the most important one. When you lived it, make sure that you have the cast shadows off. Let me go back up and talk about the next one. Then city capacity are your two parameters. You want to rename completely renamed them for you. For you. It's for your understanding. Density is opacity. Okay, So density is capacity and capacity is not opacity So then city is you push it up, it becomes more or bake. That applies for the textures and applies also for the volumetric, um, materials. So dancer basically means I'm now multiplying. So I'm making those layers of cards more opaque, which means they're going to. They're going to be whiter. That's why it's gonna be whiter, and you see less off the transparency that goes through it. So it's capacity in reality, densities, opacity if you bring it way down. If it's a two day, then it's become a fortress transparent. If it's in three D, and it is also becoming more transparent, but it's it's treated by density. So your density is Do you want it to be transparent, or do you want it to be a bake? T. Now I have less off it. Well, it is less done since its If then city works for your fine, but the moment gonna reach capacity. Gonna get lost. Okay, what is a paucity? Let me just bring this one back to 61 Or perversity is internal shadow in inside the clouds . How much shadowing detail? So when you are the shadow in you express visually, the three d Look off the cloud. How much of that shadow in do you want to have? This is one of the ways to make the cloud look more beautiful. This does not apply to your serious because serious is not thick. So the higher here, the cloud and the higher in terms of altitude variation we come into this one mawr. Um, the more shadowing is going to happen, and the more shadow is going to happen, the more you can play with this one saying I want to have more shadowing or less shadowing . And we're going to see this when we start working with the cumulus is gonna be even more obvious. Fine with the status. Because the status sometimes you're gonna load the status on. Let's start complaining. Hold on a moment. This doesn't look good, man. Wait. The started scientifically doesn't have enough features, okay? It's very fake. Strategist. By default, our wavy clouds that are vacated have their little features. You are going to wants to play with the capacity to make some internal shadow interest to get the satisfaction That Okay? Yeah, I can see some details now. If you look in real life. Go up and go to London. That's the best place to see a status. It's always overcast under, and you hardly conceive a son. Um, you look at that and see hardly any features. So statutes do not have that much feature that many features. So opacity helps you add more internal shadowing so that you make it look much more three d . It looks really good on cumulus and Stratus. Okay. On you could undead definitely needed and required for numbers. It's a must for nimbus because nimbus is is the dark is a dark one. Okay. Yes. Yes, it happens quite often. This so this one has crashed. It has crushed on us. Yes, as question has completely disappeared. Um, you know what? Let me create a new one again. Right? Let's continue on this because I had two of them open its continuing this one. Let me load. Love this here because we've been playing so much with are not this one, not numerous letters. This one see which one we're working with? Zero, um zero satisfy branches. This one? Yeah, this is the one. And we went down to 0.1. Okay. And we created those waves. Nice. I think it may crashes well, because this is an even heavier Sean's got. See, it now helps us to see it in context. Now, when you have your trains properly textures and you've chosen the the lights, you add these ones and make sure there are 12. 11 is fine. I'm happy without appreciate, by the way secondary again. I've said that already, but secondary types can be different in attitude and be slightly difference in altitude. But we know we never bring a serious type back to one kilometer. You never find one. I want to vomit. Good. Let's go down. Capacity was what intel? A shadow in sharpness. Okay, you are going to want if you are taking any notes with the Pantic, a red pen and, um, write it as big as you possibly can. Don't mess with this one. Sharpness is what is going to make your clouds look ridiculous. You increase it. Oh, sorry. Unless it's your artistic choice. If it's, um, a cartoonish nuclear after then shortness is your friend. 99. Come on. 99% of going to work work in a film, reproduce a sky, recreate a sky creating h dear I that you want to use for your lighten. It is never going to be which hardness sharpness you've been. Get down to two anywhere between zero and 20%. 20% is when your deliberate like this part. When you're desperate to get something, move it off 20% but just sharpness. Remember one thing. The lower the better. But wait, hold on a moment. Doesn't sharpness mean? I get more details? But I'm looking for those details. Wait. I told you that some of those barometers are not are not named in a way that is gonna help . Do you tweak artistically what you want? So if you want more shadowing, you go to opacity. But capacities actually density. So what is about sharpness is a detail. No detail is down here. Detail amount. This is your one of the biggest friends detail. You want more detail when you come to detail? Among this is properly named Sharpness is also properly named. It just happens to be not the detail, so don't mess with it. The next one is gonna be feathers, feathers. Let me just grab any cloud and actually gonna go to the commuters. Comedian. Sorry, commuters. Just bring this one. What's the federal feathers? All those a problem? A voice. It's not. That's OK. Resolution. Can you see this one? This one. Okay, like those extensions does small, detailed extensions that, um, are kind of X. Just get out of the main mass off the cloud on dark, slightly attached to it. These are the feathers. Okay. Do you want feathers on Sirius? Okay. These other feathers. Okay, So it's generally what you tend to do is you want to increase for commuters were coming to converse. But for commuters, you're going to want to increase internal shadowing, so push higher up on the comeback push higher up capacity. That's your internals headwind. You want to have more detail, so increased the detail. You want to have feathers because cumulus does have feathers. Does it mean you're gonna go crazy with 100%? No, but just see something that's going to depend on the look off. The one that you have in front of you. Okay, serious feathers. We don't do that for for serious. No, this one comes as 39%. You may be thinking what he just said Serious. We don't use feathers for Why is it there? This is one of the ways that view is using to kind off keep stretching those way. These serious things, especially for the fee, brought it for the Stratus Cirrus status. That's a combination to add to make it look less static. Just give it a little bit off different. And when you create these feathers, they don't look like real cumulus feathers. They look like extensions of the waves. OK, so be careful with this one. For serious. Keep them at the defaults. They have thought about this. That's fine. Detail amount now, 1% for serious. And I've started with serious because it's the simplest, the highest and the most of easiest one to start with. But it's also the one where I could give you all the warrens about Diem. The perimeter's Do you want to have detail? Amount on under serious. You can't do that. Detail amounts. You can. Okay, this is 1%. And I think it is brilliant, because look at them. I mean sick. Where is that serious? Just go to serious here. Okay? Serious happens also to be young. Uh, brand off the aircraft. Apparently Cirrus clouds. Okay, Um, where is that? The detail amount detail is gonna mean that I'm going to get details inside here. That's not the most important part for me is the way venous and the form it's not the inside. That's why internal shadowing is somewhat okay. Like you can do up to 65%. It doesn't go up with criminals. Sometimes you want to go just 97%. And for the detail amount, you stay low for the serious. Okay, you can try it, experiment with it to see how ugly is going to look. Or if that works for you. You bring up if you that's your artistic choice. But the detail amount is the detail inside the cloud. It's not about adding details to the edges. It does add details to the feathers as well. But that's when you have feathers. Okay, so altitude variation 0%. I think the serious is the most fantastic cloud to start with when you're learning. What did you do? The basics off? What you should not be doing attitude of ideation. 0% view. Developers have done wonderful work at match in reality for this one. What his attitude variation. Look at this. This is 12 kilometers. That's not the one I'm talking about. That's why you need to be careful with the name in altitude. Variation is actually hate. Variation is how high their this is 123 meters. So they're saying that the Siri's stratosphere zero satisfy brought is is 123 meters on. We don't want it to be any higher than that 0% with other types. Let's say I'm going to move it. This is the absolute wrong thing to do to 100% 100%. Number one is an utter waste of time is not an intelligent choice, not just because it's a serious, because it's high up in the sky and no one is going to see that number to New York. Camera is never gonna be at 12 kilometers, and if it is a 12 kilometers, you don't want anyone to see that you have messed up with this one because it's gonna look ridiculous. Sometimes you use art it okay, audited variation is you wanted a little your cloud to the start with 123 but to have a variance, some of them are going to be double that. Some of them are gonna be somewhere between. So you're you say I wanted to be double say 100% variation. You want to go 200% you're going to make it even crazier. And mawr, uh, more diverse in terms of hate, how thick it is this this this perimeter, we'll use it only when you're high up in the sky. All right, use it only when you're higher up in the sky or sometimes when you are at 1.8 meters down on the earth. OK? If you're Donald, yet you're Or if you're looking like from on and go off like the high tips of the mountains and you have some specific types off cal 6. Cumulus Cloud Layer: next is going to be the cumulus. Okay. The cumulus cloud is the middle ground on low ground. So we're starting from top to bottom. Started with serious were higher up to welcome It is now we're moving to the cumulus which is generally where? When you can find it at one kilometers as well but it is in the middle ground is where three kilometers. Five kilometers. You can find it there in other variations Meaning the secondary types. Ok, so we do the same thing. We come here and we are going to load a layer now. Why did I also leave? Let me just move this one. Remove this one. Go back to my cloud and start typing for the such before we move any further. Why did I keep this status last month? Just because we moving doctor bottom. But because this Strategis has another use on, we're going to look at that. And I wanted to be closer to the other use. Okay, so now we cover the famous for start the cumulus first. Okay. Communion is what you type in. Okay? Not commuters commune because there are other types communal something he click on that. And then you get a long list that looks a lot much more than this serious. Why? Actually not just one page, two pages. But why is that? Why is it that we have so many of these For a few reasons? Number one, There are many types of cumulus, the second re types that glint of them when it starts merging with the series and Mark starts merging with the status and within that it starts creating even more Children in terms off same Children. I mean by that tertiary, the third level off variation. So he start and we end up with a lot off different different categories, very different clubs. That's what number two is. When I see cloud in your mind. What do you see? You see something that looks like this, right? So if I say club or if I tell a child three year old child draw cloud, it's gonna draw something like this and for your artistic work. Generally you tend to add a cloud like this. So these are the most beautiful individual coffee off feathery clouds that aren't that you could just put them somewhere. OK, This is also why There's so many variations of them. Good. All right, So how do we choose? Well, you can start based on the look. But what I would do is, um, just starts with a few on start tweaking and experiment with them, but to help you, I've already provided three. I'm gonna give you three of them that, you know, I always go into work on these three are the just pick my notes. Puffy cumulus feathered commuters and cumulus him. It's OK, so let's start with the puffy Cumulus. We can definitely start with this one. I just go to the first page. This one looks the most attractive in terms off the Terminator. It doesn't necessarily mean it's the best, but we can have. You can have a look at that as well. Have a look at that. Let me go to another scene, please. An empty scene. Because when I want to explain clouds, I prefer to have this button. When I want to see them in context, I come back to the main scene because clouds fits in context. All right, Right. Let's come here and get our Buffy committees, um, coffee criminals. So this one Okay, so I got quite profitable. Is three to you've got in plenty of them fluffy cumulus. All right, I think I'm gonna go with this one. Be careful. There are two D clouds as well. I'm just checking. Let's check and see if I can get Yes. See this one? Even for the cumulus, there are two D clouds. So I was thinking, Why are there so many puffy cumulus? Because the one I have chosen most reading was good. And this one is to the So do you want to have a puffy cumulus? That is to d um, 80%. 90% is gonna be No, I'm not saying always know, But chances are it's going to look okay if it's far, if it's not part of the story. If it's like for in the background, you know, two D is not always bad. Hey, three d is always good, but it's longer. But Judy is not always bad, so you can go for it. There is that 10 20% chance that you choose to go for about fine, you can do it. But here, 300 through 30 meters is completely out of the question that you find this stuff at about 11 kilometer? Okay. And if you have it to the the high res, it'll on the sky, the less problems gonna have for them. Okay, so the further away from you, the better. Okay, so let's remove this one under. I actually let me open a parent. This is here. Um, you what you could do? What you could do is when, especially when you're experimenting with these things. When you are building your scene. But you could do is add cloud by cloud layers. You remember when we worked with serious? I know this is now telling force for cumulus, but let me show you something. We have serious incurs, just, ah, incidents intimate. I was keep using increase, but it's a different one. Incidents. I have it like this. Okay, We decided they're gonna be with keep it that one. Keep it up. Whatever. Let's keep it out of focus is going to the Communist now. Uh, you've worked with it. Let's assume we've worked with your finished. Okay? Finishing it means I'm gonna put out 12 kilometers. Okay, let's say you finished. You like it's fantastic. Fine. Turn it off. Okay, Fantastic fun is gonna be first control. Click and on the rim of this, cast shadows avoiding each other complications and remove it. Not sorry. Not remember, doesn't remove deletes, But just just turn it off and start working on the other things. You have tweaked one, especially if you have a scene where you want to have criminalists on higher up in the sky . Serious. That's one situation where you will definitely want to need need to do that. Another wonderful scenery. Where you want to do that is when you have a jet flight scene where you are building a floor with the Stratus and you have it some cumulus around. We've got the serious a little bit higher up okay. Or if you're shooting the aircraft from beneath or shooting the aircraft from from down and then go into beneath, Do you want to have your serious? Don't disable it. Then come here to the to the search and go to the cumulus. Okay, then I pick my coffee. Communists This one and I go to the three d one. Okay, this is three D because it has everything in here, and I the first thing I'm gonna do is control, click or right click and go to edit material and go to lights and effects and turn off cast shadows. Why? Because 95% of the time I don't need it. I've seen I. Okay, so let's now come back to our para meters and we're going to revisit the perimeters now in light off the cumulus type. Why? Because it's exactly the same thing. But the tweaking is gonna be different. Have you noticed that density I'm jump into density is 353%? Didn't you think that actually the maximum was 100%? No, the capacity can be exaggerated. And I'm using the words now that we have agreed upon. Density is not density. It's transparency and opacity. So capacity can be exaggerated. To give more weight on the criminalist cloud gets more and more and more, more weight over time until it can no longer handle it. And it starts Iranian. OK, that's how it works. So at what stage do you want it to be? Or simply because no one knows what stage it is? You can make it. You can use that information to make it to give it the look you want. So it's absolutely fine to go beyond 100 sometimes you need to write. So that's for the then city. Because I jumped to this one because it has the higher than 1%. The scale is the most important want to start with in our checklist? We have number two is the scale, so scale 0.2%. What have we agreed? It's anywhere between 0.1 and two. So let's go to 0.1. What do you get in here? You get smaller clouds Now is this Have you work in terms of making one cloud? No, we are now talking about layers. We talk about covering the full sky would cards and we defining how the size of the yacht off the off the class. So a bigger school out is going to give the illusion off close nous a smaller cloud is going to marry very well with the higher aerial perspective. You remember when we talked about the aerial perspective and in here just where is out in here? Their perspective. When you increase that you give, you give the illusion off distance Now, if you have an empty seem like this, you know, gonna notice much, are you? But if I go back to this one, right? So let me pick the puffy here as well. Yes, I'm working on two things at the same time. But that's for the purpose off illustrating this. What we talk about, We're talking about the young. The scale? Yes. So if I come here and Abd Export is open seven Okay, if I might get something 1.5 already introducing I am the illusion off distance. So I'm feeling the atmosphere with more air to tell that Well, dismount and even this mountain is actually much further away. Done. If it was 0.1, then I come back to the clouds and I say, Let's make the even smaller. That makes the cloud smaller. Meaning it's a bigger scene. Okay, so that's how you concede the bigger seen as well. It's not the reason why it's there, but it's the second use of it. But how big do you want to close to be okay, Um and yes. Please have your task manager. If its windows or any other monitoring thing for you I keep monitoring my memory and my CPU because now especially I'm working on two of the same time. Um, so yeah, let me just delete this for now and come back to the empty scene. Good. The empty seen Let me go back to the clouds. Price. We've talked about the scale now, so I'm gonna keep it at zero point to Let's go. Let's go to one and see how big these things are gonna become. Uh huh. They did not become big. Why? But I just told you that by increasing this bite story by reducing the scale, you're reducing the size off the year of the collapse. Why is it that when I increase the scale, it does not increase the size of the cloud? Because it's not about the cloud. It's about the size off the noise behind the volumetric material that is making the cloud. And what I'm doing now is actually, if I increase it so much, I'm looking at small features off the noise and those small features and noise and of being smaller crowds See, So scale is for the layer. It's not for the individual parts. Go to two on you're going to notice that it's starting to become random. Like you just look at some part of the noise. Okay, So this is why which direction should you go? 0.1 or two or anywhere in between. Let's go to 0.1 for now on. Uh, yeah, let's keep it as your 0.1. Nice. The attitude. Absolutely fantastic. I think over time, view developers have taken feedback. I think from several other people on They have just readjusted the attitude to one kilometer because that's where it starts. I'm saying where it starts, you could find them at five kilometers. So you're absolutely fine to do five kilometers. I'm saying the feedback for for a view, because sometimes you find 300 meters and I think, Well, hold on a moment. That's very low. Okay, There are other clouds that are gonna come down to this to the face of the earth and much lower the one kilometers that's gonna hug the ground. And these are the Stratus clouds. So it's not the limiters. Okay, that's a different story, and it comes us fog. So we're gonna talk about that later. Something don't mess with the criminals bringing it down endless. You are talking about fun disease situation. That cloud is a character you make you make. You make characters out of class. That's a different story. Okay, so let's go back to our one kilometer on. Let me go back to just my aerial perspective. Did I change this? One of the remember, Actually, just put it back a 0.1. So make it close that I can see them more, because, yeah, I could see the more than 0.2. So I keep them bigger and I see more of him. Okay? Because I wanted to focus on one of them. So to see how to do that, Why, you're why am I looking at them from the ground? Because the camera is set by default at 1.8. But we don't have to do that. So how do I get closer to these dead simple attitude. One kilometer. Go to them. One kilometer one kilometer. But hold on a moment. If I do that, am I gonna get a dare level you're gonna get at their start in level? So it is 1.9, actually. Do you want to be slightly above them. It's gonna be two kilometers. So really, it's 1.9 said is 11 night or two kilometers if you leave to what's gonna happen just meters . We've talked about this one, right? So it is too two que two kilometers, and now you can look down a little bit to see your clouds from up. Um, these are for them cumulus class. It is less interesting that BB harness. It's less interesting to do this for commuters and more interesting to do it for statues. Start is gonna give you a gorgeous scenery if you do it from up. So generally the cumulus is went camera down. Okay, let's go down. You're going to notice sometimes depending on your version, depending on what view wants to do is that this active camera view does not to sell update to reflect this move that you have made. So if I look down, I'm looking down properly here. But in here it just kept full. So just above just above, find bucks everywhere. I mean, old applications do outbox. I just learn to live with this. No problem. Nice. Let's go back down to 1.8 meters Because, let's just admitted this is the the the camera position where we want to see the clouds from. That's the look gorgeous. The Communist looks great from 1.8 meter from our perspective. Okay, uh, or when you are flying, but that's a different story. You need to put a layer for starters down there to focus on the nice. Okay, um, that's one. Let's move to the next. They hate. How high is it that this is the thickness starting from the bottom up And the criminals? Um, we've talked about that. We're going to talk about it again because I don't want you to get it wrong. Please. The down here is always flat. But I'm saying always, as in 95 96 97 98 whatever percent is always flat. This is the scientific description at your discretion off a cumulus cloud. It is not, uh, shape up here is not to shape down here because this is where the what are droplets start accumulating and it start raining so that the shape is formed by what is going on. And down here is all flat. That's why you notice that it's flat and just look at any picture from down to real clouds and or just go outside. If you got one of those clothes giving us around and you see that it actually flat from down. So drawing or shaping a cloud as being like a puffy from everywhere on ground from everywhere that is not accurate at all. It's It's cute. It's cute from a three year old dropping it. But of this level, we're expecting physical accuracy. Okay, as causes disappearances. And let's tweak. The other permit is the cover over 1/4. Um, I'm talking about the cloud innovative class. Remember, it's always about the layer. So how much of the of the sky they will want to cover everything? Can you do that absolutely fine on your kind off now cheating, which is absolutely fine Visual effects are all achieved. Its all are cheating. So, giving the illusion that something is going on this you could very easily mimic a sick Kendari type. When I look at this, it reminds me of secondary type of the status. It's not even the Communists. Fine, you can do it. And actually you could even cheat with this one and make it a nimbus so it could give it something like a 92% on Make it a nimbus. What? We're gonna talk about the numbers later So this is very close and invest, but not not in terms of large scale. This is also very close. A secondary type of the status. What am I doing now? I'm just showing you the possibilities. You have the moment to start tweaking a para meter You go into undock. Would secondary tertiary cut kinds off of clouds which could not even which could be not even inherited by this parent cumulus. It could be the child off another combination. See? So it's ah, it's your choice, but it's here covered in disguise. How many of them do you want to see? 20% is like OK, where are my class? They're all gone. Well, this place the camera is looking up. They're not there because you covering 20% on 20% of what off the noise. So let's go up 35%. Start seeing some things there. Okay, if you want just a few stretch, Too much stress, just a few little touches of cloud in there. It's gonna be the cover. This is your friend for how much off the cloud should be in the sky. This is the cover. Okay, Now let's do something like a 70 ish. I don't remember how much was all seventies a lot, but this is pretty cool. Actually, it's critical for another look. 55. Yeah, 55 is kind of OK just to focus on the ship. Now density is capacity. Let's bring it down. Zero. Let's make let's make zero. This makes her what do you see? Nothing. So what is? The city is density accurately, physically. But its opacity, its transparency. It's completely transparent. Transparent. Now the volumetric material is transparent. Has been Cooper again 100% wold in women's we have 300%. So why is my, um this this stinking in here? That I'm moving moves from 0 to 100 wait. The attitude is one kilometer. That's the minimum. What does that mean? Can I go lower? Of course you can go lower. These are helping you. Just if you want to have a quick and lazy move. But if you want something more complicated, go to here. Not Cos an accurate number. Make it 700 if you want. Um, I'm not sure you want to have 700 for unionists. Um, you could have a 700 for a numbers, but for a communist, they meant to build these lovely, beautiful white clouds that go through some changes and at some point in time to start raining. Okay, um, but 700 is too much. Um, 100 is probably not enough. You notice it. This is now becoming a little bit like puffy. Why, it's Buffy. It's called body, but it's looks like some cotton flying in the air over in India. If you want this look fine, you could go for 1% but generally it's yes, I think it's quite nicely you default that they had 335. This is critical because this is gonna allow the next one to happen, which is the exactly the internal shadowing, not the opacity, the internal shadowing. So if you bring it down zero the shadowing is gone. I mean, the shape is old there. The density is there, like transparency. The capacity is there. But the shadowing I mean capacity, as in this one Okay, The other one is gone. The shadowing is what gives your cloud the three D presence. So if you bring it up to 100 you're going to get there a world of shadows. This is one tweak and trick for the Nimbus, because numbers is a cousin off the off the cumulus, and it's a darker It's dark gray and black. So this is one step towards animus. But for for a year, Kimmel is a nice, lovely, gentle commuters. You don't go that high would do in the shadows Just enough to say this is a three D shape Onda. We start playing with other parameters. You could even go down to something like 150 on the on the on the capacity capacity density . And you could bring this one a little open 75 tweak to get the look you want. OK, um next sharpness. What have we agreed? Don't touch it. Okay, well, don't touch it or reduce it at the best. Don't touch it. Reduce it if there's a need And you think we're older? Man, this 25 let me remember that 25. Let's bring it down. Not much of a change. There is something but not much of a change. So if you find a value by default, changes are it's going to work or less than that. Okay, let me take you back to not this 1 25% Sorry. And then the next one is maybe the feathers we talked about. The feathers and the feathers are those lovely, very extensions. Five years in the same word to describe the same work feathers extensions that you find here. If you have more well, would be thinking Wait, that could be a question. This is a communist, and fathers are present and criminals on. Why is it that by design this by default, this type off both the criminals doesn't have that many? Just 9% doesn't mean that the force have to be 9%. It just couldn't bring it off as you want. Now it's your artistic touch. Cumulus feathers do belong. And Camilla, so they wouldn't bring up to 190. Just see what looks best for you. Okay, I think I've messed up a little bit with the opacity. This is what it's looking a little from like this, uh, breakdown Yeah. Bring down a little this. Tell us Shadow in tiny bit because we're trying to make it look good. Okay, nice. What? Anyone? Inter shadowing. Keep it. Keep it high. Let's go back to feathers. Feathers. They're going to create these additional bits and pieces, right? Why don't I see them now? Because you're not working on one individual cloud. You're working on the whole layer on all the whole layer. It's been added small around old noise in here. Okay, so it is all the impact is much more when you work on one individual club as a metal club. Right? So the next one is gonna be detail amount. So this is your friend. If you want to see more details, that's not the sharpness. That's the see. Now you are shaping the cloud. It looks different. Let's remove. Let's reduce it down. And you see, it looks like a big piece of cotton on. Then the detail amount when you increase it. Now we're gonna end up with those exactly the shape on. Remember those feathers we couldn't see because now we have shaped it. That noise is different, so you can see more off those feathers across the edges, off the noise. So this is how you make one para meter is gonna make another one shine. All right, So when you're working on any cloud other than serious detail, amount is gonna help you a lot. But do not go off board. If you're working on normal status layers, please. Just just for communists, you can exaggerate the way you want, but started dealing. Be careful and serious. Just don't touch it. Literally. Don't touch it. Okay, Um what I'm saying all of these things as instructions, basically matching the accuracy off the physical reality off clouds. If you want to push anything in any artistic direction, go ahead because you could shape a cloud in the form of Castell. If you want, that's that's another story. That's another thing. It's just artistically is a different It is different territory. Altitude variation. Do you want that 25% well attended variation is gonna mean that you're going to add to dinner 900 meters. So do you want just 900 or do one more? Here you are making a 25% variation, so 25% more or less or anywhere in between. You're playing with that? Do you want 100%? You could go for that, but by default, it could be OK. 25% Now is all the matter off? Look, what do you want them to look like? Because Cumulus, go ahead with the altitude variation. Go ahead. OK, it's just not off. Look, you notice that the shadow density is great. Outer, we already enough have enough tweaking for the for the shadowing here. So that's enough for us. The ambient light in 40%. We have agreed that we're not going to touch these two, these two. Because if we want to influence the lighting, we have better tools. For what? Nice. So you could already have you look at this one. And you maybe look at these and think or they don't look as nice at these more as this one . You are looking at them from lower here. And you see most of them is our flat in here. So this is the reality of a chemist. Flab. Come this carpet's eso This how you can keep tweaking and you may want it to bring it down to 0.1 now I'm not going to go any further with the tweaking myself because that's something you can do because you now know everything about the parameters. And you know how to find those criminals cards. Let me, however, quickly grab another one from my notes. Feathered criminals are prepared for you. Feathered cumulus were just quickly gonna look at that and get in the habit off disabling when you're experimented. Disabling? No. So feathery, feathery a layer. Before we start, we start working on another one. Feathery criminalists. Oh, I made a big mistake. Let me just let this one go. Correct My mistake. Federal criminal recommends a profitable estimate. Disabled this. Come back to this one. I forgot to switch off the, um did I? That's what your this one. Yes, I know. I didn't. I did remember to turn it off. Okay, that's good. That's good, because I've been talking so much about I forgot a lot of fun, actually, because the first thing you want to do when you bring something other than the scale is Teoh. Go in, turn off That lovely cast shadows cause it's just there for nothing. Almost. Okay, unless you need it. Let's bring up the Frederick the Feathered Commuters. Okay, The feathered Communists is this one. It has its own look at 0.5 to scale. Most important part is the skin to start with. What do you want to see? Do you want to see big, big clouds? Then it's going to be 0.5 for this one for this one. I'm not saying to make them bigger. Increase it. It's just your luck with the noise that's behind. So just let's go. Let's go with one. Let's go. One is gonna make them. I think her bigger for this one. Let's look up of the sky. Let's just get away. Get rid off the young of the ground to look up at the sky So, you know, covering huge space. A huge space with that. We don't with the club big crowd. Look, you don't eat. If it's your artistic choice. Fine. You know what? Let's just keep it. Let's keep it. Let's play with this one. Let's say we have a big crowd like this. I'm gonna play with it. Well, same story, two kilometers makes absolutely perfect sense. Wonderful. Who exploit hate? I think Synot is going off high. Hate. I'm gonna play now. We start jumping. Why? Because I know that I have to explain the part meters in order in sequence that don't get lost. Now you know exactly what you want, and it's based on what you want that you're gonna You're going to grab the tool. So what do I want? I want to create a variation in the hate so that it's not just stuff. Flat down is fine, but I want to create some variation here, so I'm gonna come to my attitude on bring it up. Oddities violation. So I've got some more thinking here. Okay, Small. Two year. All right. What is the way? Once I want to have detail amount, let's get some detail amount. But wait. The detail amount is gonna be much more relevant when I add deep opacity. Okay. Sorry. Using the right word for Adam or internal shadowing so increasing internal shadowing, which is gonna make it more three d presents. I'm going to see more off the inside of it. It's taken some time. It's not updating the real time because disappear is is blue. It's like it's 100% so It's some. It's taken some time to load. Um, OK, it's done it Now. When I do this, I go to because their their friends capacity and detail, detail amounts are friends. So they work together very well. If I bring it up to 100% you could take it even more than 1%. Now, you see, you have completely reshaped that cloud. We're not playing with it. The feathery these feathers. Do you want them to be stretched like this? Sharpness is a bit too much, and we bring it down and let me see the cover. I'm gonna touch the cover because I want to play with this shape as his hate is fine. It's taking some time. So when you get this circle like this, it means that don't touch anything, please. Otherwise, view could crush wait for it to give you the preview on. We are now just standard quality. I could drop it down too fast, But let's be honest. I want to see how good looks. Okay. Did I turn off this one? I always forget to turn off this one. Yes, it's turned off. Um, capacity. Fine. So basically, this is the internal shadowing this. We're gonna touch that. The the density. You? I'm fine with this one. I'm actually just now I like this. I just want to see how well complete with the rest of the feather nous feathers, maybe Tony. A little bit less. Tony, witness some dating. Okay. You noticed that because we are working with the large scale. It is completely changing you don't want me to do. I'm gonna go to the camera and look at a larger so 25 the focal, um, so I can see more. Okay, let's see more. Tell you what, Because I've just changed the noise behind it. I'm gonna go back to a higher, further 17. So OK. And this is how you can keep tweaking it. What do you want to do? Based on what you want to do? You gonna grab one of those tools? And remember, there are some friends there that go together. Okay, so you work with these friends together, you tweak one, and then the other Don't go to another one outside of the friend circle off four meters. So capacity, meaning eternal shadow in detail amount go together. The hate and the altitude variation go together. All right, there, Sharpness goes with no one. There is no one's friend. It's not even your friend. So this is how you can keep shaping these things on if you're tired of this local thing. Okay, You know what? It's too big. Uh, let's go down to 0.1, and that's gonna completely different. The scale makes things look completely different. And then can't You can come to the, uh okay, this one is too white. So what could possibly do is what What are the two main perimeters to play with this one? This is two white. I want to introduce some presence. Got it? Writes yes. You need to have Mawr internal shadowing internal shadow in ways that capacity. So that's internal shadowing. So I'm going with 200 and I'd like to have more detail. So more detail is going to be some kind of 2150 fish, and now you look it really has more presence. Every part of it has more presence. Nouri. Sorry I messed up with on a moment. See, this something is that that is gonna happen to you because view is so busy calculating, and it grabs the first vision that I have filled in. I wanted 150% and he stays detail amounts, one at 1% and it looks completely different. You don't want This year I type 150 because it was busy rendering the preview. It just could only grab disappear. Is is overload is something you need to be aware off. Just you know, it can happen. Don't get frustrated, give it some time and type in your 150. And hopefully we're gonna get something that is more interesting than the 1% good. This is too much, too much detail. I think the 100 was enough because friends work together. It doesn't mean that both of them have to do the same thing. Um, I already have detail amounts at 100%. She's good. So this looks already good. Okay, A lot of detail, Plenty of internal shadowing enough feathers. Although I've got only 7%. Have you noticed? Why is there Are there so many small details and feathers? And I only have 7% because off the scale, this scale influences your feathers. And these are somewhat close friends the feathers in the scale. The moment he changed this one, the fact is gonna change completely. I can keep talking about this for days for weeks, for ages because I like tweaking these things on A I really would like each is not playing with them and get different looks for your artwork. So I'm gonna leave it at this. But just before doing that, I'm gonna introduce you to the next one. Maybe not necessarily tweak it, because I think we've been tweaking enough. Let me add. I disable this on the next one that I have for you in my notes. Up there is the 1st 1 is puffy Cumulus. The 2nd 1 was for that Communist. The next is criminal limitless. Okay, on new school, New Miss Her. Okay, here is enough. Luminess. Okay, so this is another one. That really looks fine. I'm giving you stuff. That is easier to start with, because if you has done a lot of work on it, you have less work to do. You can go directly to your artistic touches, okay? You can directly influence it. This one looks gorgeous by start. Well, of course I'm gonna have to add some internal shadowing here. I need more international. When I promise I didn't I'm gonna not gonna tweak it. But some things are different. Difficult to resist. So sharpness, little bit down. And when it comes to the, um um, detail amounts, I'm gonna have to have more on the details If view wants to listen, uh, detail about a bit higher. Something like this. Okay, See, I'm just tricked these two friends on our end up with something that looks great. Okay. I did not add them on the terrain. Let let let me do that quickly. I'm just gonna grab you know what? Let's go grab the criminals. Him is because this is the closest one is the easiest one to tweet because it's already ready to go back to the rain scene and grabbed the families. Who, him? Him is enough. Grab it's Block it in there, then quickly tweak as we have done, the church was out the dental shadowing on a bit more detail. Okay, so you're going to see them in the context. Gonna take some time for this surrender. But once you tweak it on an empty seen do this in an empty scene. If you've got enough memory, a memory So this one I have how much you've got 32 gigabytes in memory and view is more CPU intensive than in Mary memory. It has become. It is gonna become memory intensive if you work with textures. So if you load in terrains with a lot of textures, this one is one terrain that is duplicated, um, over just duplicated and put it 7. Nimbus Cloud Layer: Have you ever seen a dark grey or black cloud? Well, say hello to the Nimbus. Now we're going to work on the distant cousin off the Communists, which is the numbers, Okay, It doesn't have the same shape. It actually doesn't have a particular shape. Nimbus comes in different shapes, but it does come in the primary category. I mean, when we say nimbus, as in plain numbers, it's it's quite similar to the, um, Communists. But the moment you start mixing with other forms, it completely changes shape. So the shape is the least recognizable from the numbers. It's more ward category we talk about. Is it numbers pure, then is gonna be dark black or gray, Dark gray looks like there are commuters. And if it is a combination like a secondary type off numbers, then it's gonna look completely difference. And it could be very white. Okay, so what we're going to do now is start with a nimbus part and hold over me. Did you just say dark? If we say black or gray or dark grey. So how can you have a dark grey cloud in a beautiful clear sky? You can't do that. So we need to prepare the sky the atmosphere to accommodate such a dramatic Such a Such a weather and stuff like that. So the first thing is going to be to come to the atmosphere editor. Let's skip the crowds for an hour because we need to prepare for him for the nimbus on we go to the sky now The sky is going to be What now? This is blue, but we're gonna turn it into No, no, not black. Just greyish. Okay. An eternity to grayish. That's number one. Okay, what's gonna happen? Because the blue is gone Now the orange off the DK is feeling like taking over the whole skies like Walden moments. We didn't mean for you to take the whole sky. We're just meant for the gray to take over, so I'm going to reduce Just keep the decay amount as yes, because it belongs in the atmosphere. But what I will do is to give it a little bit less lissome, Grady int. So it's somewhere down here. Nice. Okay, that's that's about enough. We just shape in the place. We were preparing the place for the NIMBYs to come. All right, So a gray sky with the Why I'm saying that because initially, um, you're just preparing for the proper lighting. A fart not to sit me. When you render your full scene in view, this guy's gonna look gray. No, that's not the case. But what you could do when you're export is to export the mask. Four the clouds. And there is a way to do that. Let me just show you quickly. I'm just depressed. Okay? Just to show you what I'm talking about when we're gonna talk about the render officers later. But before we get there, just a quick look here when you come to the, um just any to move it for us to the your final onto the render to screen. Then I got Then I get enable multi pass when I get enable multi pass and I click on that I have here look at this cloud mask so I can actually extract those lovely black, gray, dark gray are clouds from the render because I've got a mosque, so I'm only preparing the lighting for them. Okay, so on artistic work that involves so much light in this stuff can be done in several steps and you can composes it with a different sky. Not time is gonna be very bluish and lovely navy, blue sky, because it needs to be less saturated. Okay, so that's what I meant by musk in the clouds when you exported. Let's come here too. Our sky We haven't finished yet. Heavy? Um, the haze. The haze would just make it a tiny bit darker. Okay, just a tiny bit. Doctor. You could play with Hayes as in Are not increasing it. It's more like the darkness. I'm going to stay for now with the current settings. It's works for me. Fine. Let's go to the cloud. Okay, let's bring it in. What's the name of them off the year off the crowd. This has come here on. Where do we find it? I mean, click. I'm trying to Yeah. Good. Okay, let's go to the club here. Let's type in clouds. That's type the numbers, Nim. This we get nothing. Why? Well, there isn't a nimbus and view, but we can make one. And what we need to go is to do is grab a dark, commit this. What did we say? It's a distant cousin distant relative off of the off the communists. So if we grab the darkness and click on dark and we grab a dark Communist dark communist or Communist if a grab one of these, then it's a good starting point for that. Let me grab first, the wrong one. I'm gonna grab the wrong one. I love this. And I think, why is it the wrong one? Because it's true to D right now we're going to start working on this stuff. It's duty, and it looks like not then. Okay, it's I can't even see where it is because it's so vague on it toward that 0.2 And the texture is where is the wrong one? Okay, I'm gonna bring in this one dark cumulus, okay? It's not as dark as you would want it to be, but it's a good starting point. All right? When you load it initially did not look like this, but we have made it look like this by preparing the atmosphere is by making the Skype great . Okay, It's already helping with darkness. And now let's reduce the skin. Now you can start off course. Okay. Again. Same story Let's go turn off the shadowing because let's face it. Now, where is the sun? It's gonna be covering the sky because it's a dark, whether it z z going to start raining because the the numbers is synonymous off tender storm, it's anonymous. Off heavy rain is so the sun is not present because the sun is not present. The casting shadows has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. Added to the fact that it renders faster. Okay, noise so that don't I'm gonna drop it down to 0.1 or drop it to any level you want. Okay? You could bring it less that. Let's let's see what we get if you go less than 0.1. Okay, you can get you can get different shapes and forms. I'm gonna stay with the Oakland one for now. Right. And what I will do is start tweaking a few parameters. Have you noticed that it is? It doesn't have that much detail. It has the darkness. Some has a darkness. Fine, but not enough detail. Okay, let's make it worse. Let's make not worse. Let's make our work more complicated because it needs to be done properly. I need the cloud material to change cause when I said it's ah black, it's a darker, great or black cloud I mean it. It's a dark grey and black cloud. So I'm gonna have to change this one. Go back to the any material this time not to delight in effect but to the color. I'm gonna change the volumetric alarm from whites, which is part of what the cumulus is to a dark. So here, I'm gonna bring it way down to not completely to the maximum, but to something like a Bug's 30 ish. Something like that. Okay, okay, so this is gonna be the color now off the cloud. Wait, We are now mixing. This is what I meant by it's gonna get a little bit complicated before it gets sorted. We are mixing the color off the cloud with the shadows. But what did you say? The shadows that's come back. The shadows here and the capacity which is internal shadowing. That's what helps, uh, create that feel off three D. And now it looks like a big chunk off gray. So we need to increase the internal shadowing, and I honestly don't even mind being a bit more adventurous and given it more. Okay, so that's more internal shadowing. And when I will do is because what it does is okay, Mrs Grubach, 80%. Because now you're working with dumb. That's about enough. Okay, it's much off to weaken. There's no exact value, but it's a matter of getting different, Uh, shades off the same color. Okay, so I'm coming now to the detail. A mountain, this is the friend does gonna come to rescue the capacity to rescue this wonder, because now this one is not is trying to do a lot of good work, but it's not able to do it on its own. It's gonna have to call the friend detail amount and push that one to the absolute. Both to one of the percentage was here goes detail amount to 100%. I'm gonna go to one of 50%. I could be making it, making it worse. Let me just get down 60%. It's actually looks much better like this. Okay, I'm gonna increase a little bit defenders just to introduce a bit more. Okay. Nice. Right. So the killer's sorry. The numbers. I'm not talking about individual clouds in divinity divinity class are different story altogether. Not in terms of what it looks like. This is what it looks like, but in terms of making it, it's a different story. Okay, so I'm working exclusively now on layers to create a layer off numbers. You need number one to get this guy to help with degree number to get away. That DK that's going to start thinking is gonna become the boss because this guy's gone. Eso bring him down, then the cloud We're gonna, of course, take away the shadow but changed the color. You know what? Probably it's too dramatic that 30 30 year value just little bit less 46. Okay, a little bit less is gonna help more this capacity. Do better work. This works for find for me. Okay? Because I have enough variations in down. So the detail amount did not need to do that much work. Okay, though. Well, I wouldn't mind making it. Okay, That's nice. That's that. That's OK. That's OK. Now, the numbers is not like the status. The status has little features. So nimbus comes in in shape or form. Okay? It does come in any shape or form literally. It doesn't have any shape that is recognizable. Basically what dust means. It gives you full credit creativity as to it looks like this. Fine. Is it dark? Almost, Buck, they have enough features because it's not. Status needs to have features. It's a little bit distant cousin of the commuters. Then it's fine. So this is what you want to have in your own in your scene? Um, let me see if I want to replicate this on the other one. Um, do we want to do that? It's not gonna look my It's gonna look my scene here. It's not gonna make it look great, because this looks much better. The clear sky, by the way, we can do it. We can do that. We can do that. I could I could apply it here on CNN. Just disable this one here to avoid any calculations. I think it here it's gonna be our friend, the darker or dark friend. This one, um, the attitude is going to be Did we tweak the attitude here? 200 meters. Okay, 200 meters is not accurate. So I didn't play with this one. 101 kilometer would be more reasonable. Something to work with. One kilometer on this study on. I didn't do that. Yeah, but probably if you want to see it closer. OK, it's fine to teach its were cheating. Just because we're cheating is the further away the list details you're going to see. All right, but it's fine to do that. Keep a one kilometer, that could be accurate. Or you could break it down us 500 meters. But the moment you start giving down below 101 kilometer, you are making an artistic choice. Meaning you are cheating Just is able this one, I come back, this one. There's no reason for me to think about cheating, not cheating. The the stuff is too high, so I'm gonna have the trains are quite hard, so I'm gonna have to put them here. Okay, I'm gonna have to tweak the sky. Right. Um quickly, disc. I'd of done it already. So go back. Teoh to the young. Knows it block rage. Sometimes it's tough to move these small handles. Kind of something like this. Okay, um, same story here. This is started to take over some. No, this is already good for good. The cloud quickly change the young. It may feel like doing the work twice for you, but it's always good to start in an empty seen faster. You look at the clock alone and then you incorporate it. Then you add it just like you're doing my painting. We work, but it's intercepts. What did I want to do is 0.1. What else? The way here off. We could tweet. We could take this couple this hate on the altitude variation. We could do that, but because we were seeing very little from down here, it's not going to help much. Um, the color. Did we say Yes, We said the color. In this case, it's already dark because it's so. What I could do is just get a little down. Oh, that was not my intention, my dear. He needs to come down here. Yeah, let's leave it on something like 74. But it's just something for a difference. Okay, Yes, we complicated our thanks. Now let's come and tweak de Deylam. So detail amounts. There it used a sir or more of it. Okay. Creates a bit to detail the mountains because they're higher. You know what's going on? Has this fellow over here, So 0.1 if you want to see them closer, Um, you make it. Yeah. You make you reduce the aerial perspective. It's all interrelated. What I will do is density is too much for us now for the look. It was okay for the other one. Okay. Scientifically accurate physics stuff. It is very dance like this is why it's got so much rain in it is very dense. It was just a matter of looking up. And then I had my detail amount. Probably bigger. A tiny bit. My material down to get several shades off the gray has already helped the young. Okay, this is kind of the look. Okay. Every scene is gonna look different because of the Andi in delight In the empty one, the ambient light's like there's no lights bouncing from the mountains. But now it's every time is different. And I've raised it up in the sky and the aerial perspective was different. It was much further. Okay, So this is how you add a nimbus cloud to your seem Sorry. Numbers cloud layer to your scene. 8. Stratus Cloud Layer: Now we move to the statues allowed layer. How do we do that? Same story. We're going to go to the to the atmosphere Editor Cloud. There's and load something that starts with the doctor. Okay. Struck on. It's gonna be either start off something or structures. Good. But you have some two D ones. A. Go ahead. If you want to work with these, I am going to go with the three. D just so that I can explain to you the other permitted because two D has got very limited parameters to work, But you can still treat with the two D dependent on your scene again. It can be a good choice. All right. Okay. What's the 1st 1 I'm gonna start with to process? I'd like to share with you that are going to take you there faster. So the 1st 1 is gonna be our dense status. So let me look for denser, then structures. This is the one distractions, and it's a three d one. It comes at a 100 meter, um, attitude. I'm not gonna make any comment in this one because it is not completely wrong. Then it will be thinking older moments, have you not? Have we not agreed that this Stratos is about one kilometer? Um, let me answer you later, because there's a whole section that tells you when the status comes down to the earth. Okay, this is the cloud layer that comes down as fuck. And they've started 100 meter. Probably because they already know that we could be isn't as fun. Okay, because it is how focus formed. Okay, let's now move to one kilometer on you. Notice that it has this way before. Now, uh, you need to have in your checklist or in your way of working to have those references. You notice that when I started divan digging deeper in making off those clouds? I don't look at these references because I've got another monitor in front of me. Right on. Actually, not just that, because another, I'm used to these forms to most of the primary and second reforms and some of the tertiary once I'm used to them. So I know what they looked like. But if you're starting with clouds, you want to have a preference picture, okay? And not just this one. You could be like anyone just check for you. This is this is this is started Squad. Okay, this is typical status club. This is like the plain vanilla Status Club, Primary one. This is what it looks like. It's way the it's almost sometimes you you find that those waves are connected in a rather structured way, and it's almost like a grid, but it's not a great That's why sometimes when you're going to load one of the presets, they're gonna look like a great anything. What? Complete rubbish. The starting point is purely scientific. They look sometimes like a great, but that grid is distorted. It's like you need to introduce some notes to the great. I'm taking you to the process that work best for you. Uh, take you to another one. I have this one. Which one did I have open in the beginning? I can just check like this on. Probably go a little bit before. Yeah. No, no, this is not This is other status. Also status, By the way. When I said when I when you use the word until it's for the mid range Okay, you want to Something is low range, low attitude, low altitude and it's somewhere in the middle. It basically is a form of, although also started, meaning that started that we're used to in the low attitude is now in the middle. So if somebody says all toasters or you know exactly where it is, it's somewhere between two and six kilometers. Something like that, it could be five could before 23. It's no. It depends on where you are on the planet and what's the topographic, what topographic barriers are there and so many things that are taking it. But the idea is that it's somewhere in the mid range now. I just opened this practical. I came across this one. Let's have a look. This one, for example. Okay, this gives a good idea off. What? And it's wonderful that we have a business websites, whether with kids that's brilliant at the teach this stuff to kids. Um, this is This is a typical structures status cloud. Typical status clubs. You find a huge wave, which has little features, very little features. Can you see any detail there? Can you guess it's the least one with the features, But you also notice that just next to it does does a blue sky and it's there's nothing that so these things do exist in reality. So let's have a look. Let's try to get something on here, Okay? So let me just continue working other than Stratus, because what do we need? We need waves. This things have too much distance between them. And the default that comes is possibly something you may want to work with. But I prefer to go to 0.5 and start closing the gap completely, OK? Because I'm trying to get something that, like this. Yeah, like this one off him it is. Open it like this one. Some gap on this, the gap is gonna come by the fall. So I've got some gap in here. OK? I have got the ways okay to get those waves. I know there are in here, but I'd like to see through them then. City, let me explain some things. Um, by default, those stratus layer clouds, what do they do? They block the sun. So view developers when they put this piece that whoever has worked in this preset, they thought this stuff has got to block the sun's. So we're gonna have to bring that capacity. I mean, the real opacity. Not this one. The density. Bring it up to 1500. We need to make sure it blocks the sun. Well, I can do it without growing our Heiken. Go to 300 alone and then do my tweak for the son. I can drink the sun because this is all part meter drink driven so I can go and take care of the sun. It's not a problem. Okay? You notice when I reduce that density, which is the transparency of capacity, I'm started to get a bit more light that gets through the status. But let me just go back here. Well, sort of striking here to make sure that I remove cast shadows because that's gonna help a lot. This is where it makes perfect sense. You should not cast any shadows for a simple reason that there shouldn't be any shadows. It's book in the sun. Okay, uh, and your work on the shadows on how its books the son needs to be done of the sun level. Ah, this carnival. So like, just reducing the the game. Okay, so let me go back now to my almost here and start working on the other. Promises were jumping here. They were jumping because, as I said before, Well, I'm not gonna follow from top to bottom because who said that is from time to talk to bottom? I need something. I have to go straight to the perimeter. So the capacity that the transparency I just reduced because I need to have some more details. Yes, I know I'm using the wrong word. We shouldn't have too many details in starters, but guess what? I'm just cheating out to make them look Ah, to give them some presence. That's all I'm gonna and you notice. Detail amount here. Let's let's jump to detail leader amount. It's 90%. What 90% for a status isn't is an overkill. It's just an artistic thing. I didn't do that came with the preset, but honestly, I don't have a problem without Let's have locally. You have here very little details. What you can see is that bouncing off the light internally is happening so you can clearly see the different layers interacting with each other so I can do that with the opacity, which is what which is the internal? The internal shadow in. Okay, So when I get more details on internal shadowing and I reduce a little bit dark density, I'm starting to get those differences in. Some places are okay. It's starting almost a break apart because this this should not be stand alone. So you just go back on the recover can walk. Let me go back on this one little bit. 90 the detail amount. Sprinkle a bit down to see what for you to see if you get this. This is another type. By the way, if you bring it down, it doesn't mean hope. It's broken apart. It's ah, it's not a club. It is oclock, Believe me. Plenty offer the secondary and tertiary reforms can be formed. This this is limbo. Limbo status, okay. Or Saturn. Emma Stone, Remember, this is one big pile off clogs is one huge thing. You just need to increase the length to something like 400 meters and it becomes a neighbor status. Okay, is different. So it's just the president. Which one are you after? Um, detail amounts? I'm bringing up a little, but it okay, this is one of the looks you can have. You can keep tweaking with the feather. Did I say feather? Yes. Is that a crime? Artistically? No. We know that they don't have feathers, but we can see some stuff in here, so there's no problem in again some presence in the feathers. I know that view. People know that the status do not have that many details, but there's not. They're wrong with a little bit. Now. Something up to 9 to 10% off feathers is not gonna hurt. Okay, this is how we kept week in your arm. Europe status. It's It's dark. It's meant to be dark. It's not casting any shadows. Basically, it means that your are going to influence as well. This is completely inaccurate now, because I have a sunny scene would cloud the cloudy weather so you can You can touch the starts. Working on that son for the solicitors is check the young perimeters for the color of the sun. Here, the sky color, the color of the sun. Sorry, the sky color. You can reduce this one. What the reduce It can change your remember for the new book. We have done it Gray age now you can just Yeah, the saturated and make a bit. But my purpose, actually for status is not just to spend too much time doing it. Sorry. Doing its from being need the cloud. I'm gonna have to go really fast on this one so that I take you to what's much more artistically pleasing, aesthetically pleasing, which is above those clouds. That's where you. So when you go up a both these clouds, that's where things are starting to get interesting. Okay. But I need to build first the basis for this. I need you to know the basics on how to do it. I don't think you're gonna need to have these unless you are. You have an overcast seam. Okay, then you you know how to do it. I'm gonna show you a second precept. A second preset for status. Many think work is not enough because that second preset has the possibility to give you another secondary stratus type. The number status. I don't remember. It's nimble strategist or starting a business check. Now, I'm just checking out, cause it's nice because we were going to make it anyway. So, uh, uh, strata name this numbers doesn't exist. It's starting members or nimble starters. Yes, it's Yeah. Starting when you combine. Remember we worked under this is it. This says that Members club. Okay, this is numbers Cloud. In reality, it's kind off closer to threaten in this started nimbus. Okay, just check in to see one that is accurate. Have agreed that. Okay, let me let me go to short a stock. Sure, because these guys, for some reason completely unknown to me happened tohave quite accurate. Um, look, its name this. Oh, okay. They let me down in this one. It would be too complicated. Ok, that's fine. Um all right. So, Nimbus Cloud, this is the dark one. Um, trying to find a really accurate You don't look like this. Starting numbers is kind of fun. Big pile. All right, here we go. Here we go. This is it. Good. Dark, low level clouds. This is it. So I think this is like you may be thinking we're holding moments. What is going on? It has no shape. That's the nimbus part. It is dark dots, the number spot. It's covering most of the sky. Last. The status part has got some large waves. That's the status parts. So when you combine the Syria end up with members, Sarge's guess what? Let's do it. Not because it's lovely. You may end up with them a dark, seen or dark or the dramatic Think whatever. But I need to show you 1st May go on to go back to class first, how to do normal status with the second later. Second them a second precept, which is stretched Stratus. Okay, stretched. So I'm going with storage sex criminals. That's their status. This one. Okay, I've turned off this one. Let me go to my light effects and then turned down the customers. This time you notice I am working directly in the scene which has the mountains. I didn't start with the but the anti scene for simple reason that when you start covering the whole sky, it needs to be done in a context and is the only one that really by default a starter's covers the whole sky. Okay, most of it. All right. So let's work with this one. What do we need to raise it up in the sky? One kilometer? Okay, that's nice. And you've noticed for holding month. You noticed This one has larger waves. Let's look at the difference. That switch on this The 1st 1 has thinner ways because we have reduced the scale of this one. The second stretched one is stretched. I said they've got this one's larger. Let's bring them down. 0.1. You could make a A stretched like normal bribery one. I'm sorry. You could make a status cloud layer a normal primary one just by using this. OK, but this works already. These are process. I continue their much faster. Now it's all yours now. It's all yours. This already has, like densities. 800. Let me bring it. Let it down. Because I really wanted not Teoh. Okay, nice. It. All right. It looks nice. This is fine. Feathers. 50%. How dare you? Whoever. I spoke about this presets, but he looks good Anyway, Just forget it. Do as if you didn't see it. Sometimes the feathers really introduced a lot off beauty, too. Damn stuff. Ah, detail amount 90%. You noticed that to get the look they're tweaking. They've worked on. They put these defaults that logically you wouldn't touch in normally. But this is a three d application. This isn't Okay, so to get that look, this we need this is a quick one. How fast was actually to get this look quite fast? All right, Now, how about we change it into that into this? This one? Okay, let's change it into something that looks like this very quickly. Okay, that's simple. It just the large scale you want. Something huge is gonna be the scale. Let me just try 1.5. Uh, and by the way, now we're talking. Now that we're talking about the number status we're talking about, whether that probably want to change the color of the sky. So it shouldn't be that bluish Aldo, let's come here because reality is reality. So above the clouds, believe it or know that sky is blue, right? So no matter how overcast your weather is, wherever you are looking for a little in London, you just go beyond the class. And it's a gorgeous scenery. The sky's blue is beautiful s Oh, yes, it is completely accurate to have blue appears that you could cheat on, make its de saturated a little bit or change it to greyish. But That's an artistic choice. I leave up to you. All right, then. What you could do is probably go on this 1 to 2 on, then take what else? Cover? Let's let's bring up. Let's bring the cover up. 90%. Yeah, something like this. I'm gonna drop down that day. Do density because it's because I just I know it's slowing down. It's slowing down because off this I've turned it off. Okay? Okay. So yeah, this is one large pile off Dark cloud. Why is it dark? I just can't see the sun through it. The light doesn't get through it. That's why it looks dark. Let's look at this picture. Okay. What is interesting based artist? Sorry. That picture is a bit small. So is this Never started. The the top part is exposed to the sun. Where the skies up here. If you concede that some blue sky this party's lived because you're not gonna broke the skull with another layer. This is the layer that's booking the sun. But beneath down is is dark. OK, that's exactly what you would expect in here. The density could bring it down to 2 50 But then, as long The moment you start seeing that the color here is starting to get impacted. You may want to reconsider what you're doing. Feathers. It's fine detail amount growing up with you, we internal should win and probably Dad. Size is a little bit too much. Let me just try one. Okay? One is giving us a little bit more. UM, zero points, Aito. And guess what? I'll show you another feature. If you think well, this part of the sky, probably. I need to look at another part of the sky you can refresh. This is going to change the seed if you're used to through the environments to, well, making trees to make it mountains and stuff making skies there's something called the seed Seed is basically variation in the noise. So if you click on that is just going to give you a completely different part of that noise , you click on it again, and it's going to give you another one. Why is it that I have no 90% cover and it's in here? Because the type off the noise there is a flight in the statute Criminalist is like this. Okay, it's like that so I could try to bring it up to 100 but it's still going to have some huge gaps. All right, so this is how you can start tweaking your nimble statues. Yeah, this is this is one look. Okay, now, with clicks, the four time and I have this and I think this takes us very, very fast to what I believe is the best. Look, you could have, um, the best one of those close it looks he could have for the new boss starters. What is this? It looks like nothing that Okay, that's the definition of neighbors status. You accept something that there's no details. Its docks, it's stretched. Discovered the whole sky. These four descriptions to inherited from the first burns the other two enhances from the other parent on the kid is has got for for characteristics. Okay, good s So this is how you do your You're a nimble status. Well, I thought just let's have a look at skin dri shape because secondly type, because we can. Now I'm going to take you to another one. I just disable that is completely actually to lead them because I don't need to many more. I just leave this one action and save it. Yeah, this is she even save it to save this, I'm gonna take you to another file, which is empty now that fire that is empty and just quickly trying to get the other instance of view. But she's here. Why am I doing this? Why am I going to have a blank on? Because we're going above this guy. OK, let's go about this crime quickly. Go to change my presets here for the no sex issue on Let's go up off the sky. The first think we're going to do is how high do we want to be? Let's bring in the cloud first. What do I bring? We need a status. What? Did we agree? We're going to go above the starches. But hold on a moment. This is a free application and we are artists. So how about we do what we do best? Cheating. Okay, so what I'm going to do? You've already seen a 40 show? Do you have to work with the stretched within with this status ones? Now let's start the cheating. Okay? The cheating is going to be It has There are plenty off ways to cheat. You could We're not gonna do that now. But you could If you are a bit lazy, Simply put the cloud on the ground. I'm not gonna do that. But that's one way of doing it. Okay, if you want to have the proper sphere, Um, look on the high, high attitude. You could do that. Okay? If you want to keep a little bit of decay, you could do that. That's when we have cheated. What did you just say? Put the club on the ground? Yeah. No one is gonna see the ground at the ground anyway, because that's, um it's it's a status, and Stratus covers the whole thing. Right? But we're not gonna do that. Okay, Let's do another cheat, which is we do everything accurate, but I'm going to load a different preset. I'm going to make a status. I was off eight Cumulus. Okay, so let's do that. Um, we can do it with a thick kemalist Koumura stick cumulus. You're going to find You know what? I'm gonna just right. Think you can do it also with extra rattle communists. Ok, but to take you to the to the biggest cheat. I'm okay, This one. You see this one? Dick? Think strata Cumulus is absolutely fine. But on maybe we're gonna use it as well. Let's let's let both of them. Actually, I'm gonna load this one and load the other one as well. Load the biggest cheat, which is thick cumulus. How dare you use the killer's other status while can do it. I'm an artist because I know what I'm doing on how we can shape it. I can just do it up. Okay, so let's work. I turned off the turned off. Let me work with my cheat. I turned off the starter cumulus, which is to no one. But I'm gonna go with the chief thick cumulus layer first. Things is absolutely necessary. Cast shadows off. I already told you need to do it, but in this case, it is completely out off. It doesn't make any sense to have it on because it's impossible to see the ground. Okay, so let me do is for both of them birds off them. All right. Initially, I had the idea just to work with Dick aimlessly about thesis. Probably just all sort of just one, right. So before we go any further, what we need to do scale. But hold on a moment where I've agreed. We need to look from up in the sky. Where are we? 1.5 kilometers. No, one kilometers should be fine. One comes. It should be fun. Okay. So what does that mean for Alcantara? Standard? Just click on the camera on 1.8. Let me go where it is displaced. This It's not one kilometers 1.11 point five. OK, so let's go to two. Just a tiny little bit above two. And if you press two alone is gonna give you meter on. Do you have this? Look, I think I'm a bit too high here. But for now, let's just keep it a two kilometers. OK? I'm going to treat it. The scale is 0.2. What did I tell you? We need to experiment between what? Between 0.1 and two. I mean, he could feel free experiment with 200 if it works for you. But generally your shape is somewhere between 0.1 and two. Now we go into the two we've never done it before, did we? So let's go is big. I think all used to be better with 0.1. Or how much was that? 0.10 point two. It used to have more detail. I'm gonna create to detect the worry. So because remember, it's the Stratus and we're cheating with the Communists. Okay, so we're gonna have to take away some of the detail. That's number one when you are up in the sky. The absolute very first, not very first thing. But the thing that's gonna make the biggest difference is the very attitude variation. Every time we worked with other things, now is the time for altitude variation to shine. 100% No, 200%. Okay, enough. Could be. Let's bring the camera a little bit down. Let's been Get up. Look, just check 300%. What am I doing? I am actually making the cloud be some areas off. It's sometimes thicker than 1.5 by 300% Meaning I'm creating some, um, some some. I'm creating topography on top of the cloud as if I'm putting mountains in there or hails. Let's call them heels from okay, Let's look at this. Okay. What? I'm going to just immediately take on the seat. Randomize undermines. Just have a look at generally. What kind of look at my making is its overall? If something looks too high, this is too high. 300. That's almost a mountain. That's not good. Let's go back to 2 50 ish. Let's start working on the other. Bids cover the sky. 79%. That should be okay. Um, it's thinking sensible percent should be okay. Density. Oh, something with drunk. Yeah. Artistic variation. Because it was thinking. Just grabbed the two without the to 15. Sorry. Okay. Nice. Um, we have no something that is going to be a good starting point if we give it a little bit more internal shadowing. Okay on. I'm going to put the hate's at one kilometer. I must get too much now from view about him. It's OK. Keep long metal not meet her one kilometer steak in some time, okay? And I'm raising the camera a bit to three kilometers. Good. Then, um, the cover I mean to create to get that that Look, girl, we don't need to cover the whole sky. You cover the whole sky when you're beneath. But because you're positioned, it depends on the position of the calmer Now imposes positioned in such a way that I'm not gonna be able to see the the the ground anyway, unless there are huge gaps. So 85% could work. Then for the density, you may be a little bit surprised, but this is a pay too much for us because I'm gonna bring it way down to 50. Okay? 50 is probably, if you look vertically, it may be No, maybe it's not enough because we're looking horizontally. That density is cumulative between them, so it looks okay. Um, the capacity, which actually is internal shadowing. Let me just go to 74. I'm re creating a look for you here, sharpness. Well, sharpness, I'm gonna keep it as it is going to touch it for now. Unless we have a problem, then we bring it a bit down the feathers. It's OK. The detail amount. Go to Probably need a little bit more. Just a tiny bit more. Yes, it is a status Onda. We don't put that much detail of status. But you know what? It's a cumulus. So we started cheating. It's all the big cheat. Uh, ambient lighting is going to stay The way it is on the scale is gonna be a to Okay, now, let me bring the camera a little bit. Don't. When we get closer to that is meant to be 2.5 kilometers. I'm getting closer to the clouds. OK, Much closer. Right. So another thing I want to do now is a start working on that Look, why do you think we started in the beginning? By talking about the sky for gays four meters? Because they are going to show the beauty off the clouds when we start to weaken them. So how about we take this son with custom? Take It's somewhere where it's good. Look, work for us. Look better for us and like this and bring it down. Not too much, because if you bring it to, waited to too low is something like seven ish second time to, uh, so just all right. Now you see where I'm going with this? You see? No white. Let me just check clouds. You see why I messed up with the attitude of variation? Because that helps create those shadows. When you put this song in here, create shadows. So now you can clearly see the wave before off their starters on some parcels are, um, getting out of its like this? Just creating a topographic graham. An interest in topography there. I know the word topography applies to the ground, but well, yes. What? I'm just an artist. All right, So this is how you get a look and then from here, continue to weaken the way one. Just move the sun a little bit. Grab it, actually, under Grab its boy. And where's my son? Where is my son? Here is the sun. Okay, Just a tiny bit coin. A bit to the left. Yeah, something like this. Just Teoh. Go with the rule of thirds. Put in the fundament of those intersections for the rule of that. Yes. OK, so this is how you could do that? You keep this self fluffy, a car that is near near you, and then you get a look like this. So I'm left the decade where it is. Because that is what is helping us with this orangish look. And when you break the sound down it's closer to sunset. Looks beautiful. So I'm DK's and help us with us, because that's is where the lights are going to spend the most time crossing the atmosphere and the most expert time to spend that DEMAR they become so less harsh on the reddish, the rather they become, so the more unjustly become. You can experiment with other presets and say, for example, will use the extent accumulator and try to achieve something similar. It's all up to it's all depends on your artistic, artistic touch. There's something about the rendering that I'd like to talk to you about. It's not in detail about rendering that's gonna come much later, but for the rendering now, because this preview is to have a good idea off what it looks like. It's very small, but it really gives us a good idea of what's going on now. But we need to have some intermediary previews, meaning you going to render just to for your feel, to see slightly bigger can you come here with the right and then you get your options and you are going to make sure that your hospital issues fine. You come to final and render sunscreen. I'm jumping. I'm not showing you all of these things. I'm gonna do it later, Okay? But you need first to do this to check your renters. Don't go. Please. Teoh. Tentative. Be right on. Definitely not to four K. OK, it's just your you previewing. Let's call it to preview it. Surrender. But it's just a preview. Otherwise, you're gonna be wasting too much time on, do you not gonna get faster and you're gonna be making less art, okay? And more struggling with renders. So, um, go to something. Maximum security. 640 try. 123 20. I don't know how big this stuff is, but anyway, I just drive with 6 40 But that's it. Easter. Why? For you to preview what the general look. Looks like what your general feels like. Is it? Is it okay? Getting a little bit closer to your year end. Do you want Teoh select a particular area? Then it is gonna be something like this. Just keep going, Okay? There's this one here. Select render area. You can use this one. We're not gonna do it now, but you can say you click on this one and come and choose exactly where you want it to be. Okay? And it's gonna be rendering that part only for you. This is where what you could possibly do is go a little bit higher so that we can see. You can see that particular one. So if you want to see how this part looks like because this part is the same as this part, right? So I don't need to have the whole thing. Just one part is enough for you to see him. Then it needs some tweaking, or I need to get a little more density because we're just working with 50%. Can you imagine what it looks? Good. Eso it just You can just select this part. Okay, Now let me just go back to this disable it first enable or disable to select, and then come back here and you can do the whole thing by click and render to screen. If you don't look rather to screen is gonna render inactive camera view, which basically means is gonna come here. Um, are you rarely do dark, but guess what? You could do it if you want. Just gonna replace this view with during their okay. Are you gonna find your renders here, render, um, bro's previous renders. This is where you gonna find your, um, renders. Okay, we're gonna talk about this. Nice. It's not zari. When I did that, I did not mean it. Just open it. I did not mean the year you will find them to sort of look check for you something that is , um, yeah, something like this, for example. Let's get this one. This is a big, big Yeah, this is one big one that don't do that. In the beginning, that was one off the final renders just one took six days. Is this the one that took six days? Probably. Yeah. Okay, but this was like a preview. Think that quite some time on this is how you can scroll. It is saved that make sure that when you come here, there's render stack second options you've got under stock and options, you can define exactly where it goes and how big it is. Okay, I recommend you put it in a place where you have enough space because you'd be rendering quite a lot. They don't need this this a little bit better in the default. See, Dr Location that comes with with you. Okay. Nice. All right. So that is one. How about you make it? We make it a little bit more interesting. Yeah, I know it looks already kind off. Good. But why don't we add those light shafts? So let's come to the, um, here to those kind folk on the But this is gonna take rather time. Okay, we switch on the light razor. Aunt, we moved to the volumetric sunlight. Okay, then you are going to see that actually wants you. Render it. You see some light shafts crossing those gaps. You see here, there's a looking gap in here, and there's a light shots coming. Gap in larger on. You see some of them. Okay, light is not gonna be very obvious. And something you can exaggerate in the compositing. I could definitely You will be able to do it much easier in the compositing. But this gives you a very good starting point because now you have mood moved to the volumetric sunlight. Not only you have volumetric class volumetric sunlight. I'm gonna wish you a very good luck would rendering because it's a choice. You want great looking stuff with quality, then it's gonna take much longer. 9. Cloud Zone: So far, we've been working on cloud layers that cover the whole sky. What if you want to limit that to a specific area, you just want a specific zone to have the clouds. It is possible in view. So what you do is you just load your preferred outlier, Onda, and let me take you straight before starting to tweak in What? Just quickly disabled GM cast shadows on and it is here. Okay, so this is the your cloud layer. You can tweak it the way you like, but I suggest you keep the tweak in after you defined his own. Okay, So, limit, making sure that your cumulus illnesses selected limit allowed to zone. You collect on this one. So these are your three funds. 123 limit cloudzone limit. Carter's on. When you do that, it kind of disappears. And I think Well, what is it going? It's just in the scene. But you need to scroll back here and see having this one selected. That is this one. This is the zone. Now, when we did not have this on selected, let me dizzy lit again. You have the cloud layer, which is this dark pit over here rectangle that covers the whole scene. All right, so you keep scrolling. Just covers the whole scene. Right? So when you click on limit club zone, it becomes much smaller and so small that it could probably just cover an area of the noise that doesn't have any clouds. So what you could do is just keep you start moving it, But before moving it, I suggest you click on this Move, cloud layer, move limiting zone. Okay, so you move the limited zone first. Okay, So you moved the young Theo the design, and then what you do is you bring it where you wanted to be. A So you're gonna need to have here a few views because this is just gives us the impression it's in, but it's actually slightly on the side. So from the top view, we're going to come here. When you move this, you're moving the whole thing. The whole layer. If you want to move that a specific zone inside the layer, you need to activate. This one can be a little bit confusing, but just remember to do that when you do this, Let me come here. and before doing is I haven't quit yet. Let me show you if I come to the precise. So this is moving. This is, um, rotating at this is re sizing. If I resize it, then if I resize from here is gonna be re sizing also vertically meaning reducing the attitude. We don't want that. I wanted to stay one kilometre. So if I move it from here, it's gonna be limited to his uncle. So if I do like this, it's moving in both sides but not coming to the ground. So this has been increased. Not what has been increased the area for the zone to move in. You noticed this? This dark rectangle is still there. You can keep moving. This as big as you want is just is just there. Okay. So how do line movement? You need to activate this one, then. Now you are able, when you click on it, you're able to increase this. Okay. There are a few a few elements that come into that you need to take to get the look that you want. Okay, so there's downs. All right, this is number two. Number three is going to be the zone. Sorry, it's going to fall off. Let me before talking about the fall off. Let me bring something that shows a problem so that the full of comes as a solution. Let me just disable this one and move the whole thing. That's what Trying to move it. Not too. Okay, was it? I place it somewhere where the camera concedes clearly. Yes, but it's here. Okay, good. OK, what can I see? Bring it live. But there may be down meaning attitude. So now I'm reducing the altitude. Okay, good. So we can see something. We could see something off here. We can run demise, but let's start working on the perimeters and I take you then to the fall off because I need to show me the problem. Let me create the problem first. So the scale. I'm gonna go down to something like 0.2. Okay, that's the first. I'm going to increase the cover. This is what's gonna cause us the problem. Trees the cover and okay. To get really the problem. Gonna have to raise it up. 0.5. Yes, we got the problem. Okay, Because I'm looking for problems. the fall off here comes to do what? This is the fall off. Between this and there's it creates a fall off. So this is this is your This is where the club is going to show up. Kate, this doctrine fungal nowhere else. And the follow is what helps, um, the edges off the cloud slights starts slightly to dissipate on disappear, and it gives a nice edges. But what kind of a nice edges are we talking about? Have a look here. That looks perfect. Sphere, this is not realistic. This is why the full of has come in play. But then you don't solve the problem. Just with the fall off, you need to go to the source of the problem. Cover is where your problem is gonna is gonna be. So I've increased it to 90% to create the problem, but we need to reduce it a better 60 then I still have a little bit of problem here. Then I come here and say 30% okay, and I have less of a problem. But if I come get down to 45 in the cover, I will. Okay. It's almost gone. So it's just one of tweeting it. 53 ish. Okay, I'm getting something. Um, and I'm gonna go to 35 then you think What are you doing here? Are we working on a specific one individual cloud? No. Working on one individual cloud is a different story. We're talking about a zone. But why is it that I only see one? Because this is the, uh, the layer the cloud. Later we have chosen on the noise on this scale that we have chosen. That's a matter of scale. Let's go to 0.1 zero point. I'm gonna start seeing more off them on a little bit higher cover now, because the combination of these three things is going to make the look off the zone one to three. The scale. Recover the full off. This is the zone. Now, the tweaking of the shape of them off the cloud layer is gonna happen with the other part of it is, But this is what makes or breaks your zone. Okay, Let's just get it down here. One kid on the town, okay? I meant one kilometer. Yes, When you just put one, it defaults to the meter okay. And now I can move it around. Say, Okay, this shape or you can if you want, change it, randomized. If you could randomize, you could get nothing or you could get more or get less. It's all about the noise that's driving the volumetric. Care how much a girl so have retreat the shape? No, I haven't week to shape. We haven't got any work that we've done in terms of. Let's go too dense to the opacity. Internal should have been done any of that. I'm just working on the placement now because that's the focus. So let's bring it down here, and this one has been disabled again automatically. So if I want to move, the card player can just move it here. Let's move the glass here. If you want to work with the rule of thirds, let's say I want to have the club exactly in the intersection for the rule of thirds. Something like this. Okay, any with the card layer zone. It's just a zone off the leg. It's not one individual card. Okay, this is how we can trick it. And then once you're done and you find that, Okay, this is the look. I want to have just a tiny little bit of class in there. I can start working on the perimeters of We have capacity a little bit more bit of detail in their on Duh. Well, I'm just going to start to become a bit adventurous here with the cover. It could break parts, but you know what? Okay. It's not the wrong would try and see. It works perfectly. No works very well, because I still have my 35% fall off, and I have a very small scale. So this is how it could get. I could afford that. A bit more offenders detail amount we would like to have. It is because it goes hand in hand with with dear dental shadowing. So okay, and then I have some some details. I think I have too much detail, but this is how you do it. The idea now is not to tweak the club there because we've already done it by now. You're kind of an expert if you've been practicing, and if you keep practicing, you know, it's my heart. The idea is now how to place it. So now you know that Number one, you need to limit the lip. Number one. Limit collectors. Um, number two. If you want to move this dark rectangle within this layer ish, it's it's It's a layer, but it's not covering the holding. Okay, so you can resize the layer in the window. You can resize this dark rectangle, which actually is your cloud by activating this one. Okay, and that is activated when you finish on. Then when do you want to work on what's inside that zone? Then your friends are 123 scale cover and the foot off on. And for fun, you could start random izing to see to get something different. Okay, every time. 10. Full control over the shape of a cloud: Now let's work on individual clouds, which no longer about the cloud layer that covers the whole sky or even covers a specific zone. It's about that one cloud, OK? And you will notice that so far we've been working with this icon over here, which is atmosphere editor. Why? For a simple reason. Because it's got everything in there and we did not touch this one. Now, does it mean that this one is for layer? And this one is for individual? No. But this one, If you right click, you can add a cloud layer, okay? Or you could load a cloud layer so you could do similar things with these two that we've done here. But just here we already have it in there. We're gonna have to tweak it anyway in this one. So why not start immediately? Director Here, that's for the layer. But when it comes to individual ones, um, I think it's better to come here and add what is cooled in view. A meta cloud. Okay, Meta cloud is basically Well, it's a cloud. Okay, so it's one. Glad if you take this as meta Cloud. You're gonna get a default if you move here, you get, uh, you lived a preset. Okay. Just like what we have seen. There are presets for several teletypes. There's a preset for one cloud. Okay, it's just one block. And in this one admitted cloud Primitive. It's a compliment. You want to add a part? So you want to make it bigger. You keep adding to it. Let me explain. Okay, so gonna be working with 123 Right. Let's look at OK, let's start with the presets at MIT. A cloud preset. I release my mouse because I collect on. I pressed with right, and I kept pressing. When I release it was gonna happen is I get this clouds meta clouds window Where I get these in here. Okay, um, it's based on the look. OK, you notice that we don't necessarily get something that is. Let me just check. Do we have anything that is okay? There's there's a cumulus. There's a scientific term used in here. There's there's accumulation year, but they tend to be criminals, cause strategist by default is is a layer eso. They tend to be cumulus. So generally we're gonna be working on cumulus okay? Or one off the secondary shapes off limits. Or it, um, how do we do that? I just click on one of them. Let's go. OK, let's go. Criminals just normal one. You click on it and you get what you get. A bunch off spheres. What? Yes, this is how it's made. Its a bunch off spheres. This is what you what your senior u Get closer and you see spheres just fears. And it looks different here because on those spheres, a volumetric material has been applied. Let's come here on the top. Objects are aspect and right click on that time. Nail on, it gets edit material. When you click on that, you get it's coming. You get exactly the same material tabs that you would have for your club players. Okay, so it's a it's a volumetric. It's a three d volumetric material. Okay? And we have Let's come here, come out settings and you see, these are a bit similar to the perimeters that we used to work with for cloud layers. It's just kind of the same thing. OK, so, um, the crowd layers in view are much more closer to what you want, so you can get faster to what she wants with cloud layers because quite some attention has been spent on that. When you load a meta cloud, you have a longer way. You've got to tweak more and from the beginning, when you drop it there, you think that looks rubbish because it's a primitive. It's like it's a primitive the premises, like a bunch of primitives together with with volumetric material. So it's up to you because you say you want it one club. And when you say once one cloud, it means you know what you're doing. So you you want to shape it that basically views telling you. Okay, you want to shape it yourself. Okay, I'm gonna give you a little bells and whistles for that. I'm gonna give you a primitive and okay, go ahead and do it. You can go ahead and do it and we're going to go ahead and do it. Let me first come here and say, What if I want to shape their different like I had a little bit more to that We can immediately come here and come on. Add a primitive. Okay, admit a cloud. Primitive. Let's Let's look at this. Lets me bring this one down on. Let's get this like this. I'm going to do it and release. You will notice that my cursor has General Custer. This this, um, dismal has jumped. And I have one new sphere added. I can move it around and say, this is another sphere. This is another parts like you can move it around. So this is how you can start shaping in adding, adding more shape to your club. You can resize it. I just resize the whole thing. You know, the whole thing besides this one make it bigger where it's not visible. Because it's not. It's behind the cloud. Let me just move it in front of the cloud in here. Something like this. And then you're going to see that this is this one big chunk here to make even more visible . Let's have it moving to decide. Okay. And there you go. There it is. Okay. So you can shape your stuff now. I've used exactly the same well, the same mom bar meters that we've used to to take it where you want to take it. It's just gonna take the liquid longer. because view is giving you control now. Okay, so let's try to make something out of this. Yes, I've left it where it is in terms off article in terms of attitude, I've left it where it has come because I just want to look at the thing. Okay, Um, so what I'll do is simply, uh, the cover. Um, I'm kind of fun with that. Just look at the opacity. Opacity is the internal shadowing. So this is your best friend? Um, you have two best friends. Opacity. Which actor is internal shadowing on the amount, but they don't have enough space to write detail. Ministers. The amount. Okay, I'm gonna go a little bit off board with this one with 200%. I'm gonna get a bit more detail by detail is gonna mean that's gonna start looking to, like, dig inside the cloud to make that detail. So what, you could possibly sayings It just increases to get it back over to 100%. Meaning Okay, I've lost a bit when I have the details. Will give me a bit more when you Yeah, just a cover. Okay, So one of the 50. So you This is how you keep tweaking it and you start getting delighted. Let me look at the sharpness. Sharpness is you're it's not your friend. It's never been your friends. And it's never gonna be your friend. It doesn't mean always bring it to zero. But anywhere above 20% maybe is a problem. Let's just make it up to 100%. You don't necessarily gonna see an immediate an immediate catastrophe, But you can look here. This part. I'm losing it. Yeah, I think I think I don't want to have this clamp. Honestly, this is complete of lost completely. Let me bring down the sharpness to make the point. Bring it to something like tennis with 13 and then all of a sudden, these parts and a little fluffy. Okay, a cloud is not sharp. Just just so we are clear. Not right. Andi sharpness is, Can be can be quite actually off the sharpness of the shadows as well. Right? So shadow density, the feather as well. It's what makes the beauty of the cloud. So we're gonna have more. Probably have exaggerated a bit with the details. So let me just go down to one of the 50 business. Good luck to have more. And maybe it's time to add a bit more of elements. So let's add another sphere. And it's inherited the same size, the same thing you've done for the other one. Okay, so let me move it here around. Probably big. Slightly down. Where is it going to see it? Um, yes. Get in there or slip getting off the camera stopped for okay. I'm I'm doing something that is not phenomenally wrong. Why? I'm adding this fear to the bottom off the cloud. What have we said about the cumulus clouds? They are flat wide because they keep accumulating those water droplets and they accumulated the bottom. And that's how it could become heavier because becomes compressed. And that becomes flat. So having fluffy, like all all sorts off spheres everywhere here, in and as well. But the bottom is completely inaccurate, and you don't want to do that. So what you could do is have your creative or freedom with those fears somewhere at the top , because that is gonna be more, um, what you want to do. Okay, so this is how it can keep tweaking. This is a matter off the artistic choice. Now I've given you. It's exactly the same bottom is that you have to work with these apartments. And you just keep working with these to get your the they look that you want, right? Capacity, sharpness. American was trying to get density density. If I bring it to 50 that's gonna be a little bit transponder. But no Celt response. I could see the mountain through. That's not good, then, City 150 could be something interesting if we add more detail, but we're gonna it's gonna be an overkill. So let's go back to something like 85 ish. Well, it's and this is how you make your club what I will do. I just, uh, press on this, Um, I'm gonna go and select that commuters. And when I do that, one more selective everything, including those primitives that's called them spheres. And be honest that we've added grouping these. I'm gonna move everything up. Where am I gonna move it? I'm gonna move it. Open the sky on I'm gonna place it somewhere Now you can define exactly where you want that particular cloud that you've worked on shaping it to be. Now we're going to resize it. If we want to come to the resize on, you can resize the whole think he's in this one. Okay, um, I leave it on top of that mountain using the three the rule of thirds, maybe appreciate somewhere else for for change. Now we've done it for his own on the right list through its on the left, for his own assault on the rights for this one. Okay, something like this. All right. Be careful, please. With placing it exactly on top off a mountain because that would be completely inaccurate. Scientifically, it's a disaster, because on top of clouds, there are completely different. That's a completely different breed. A completely different type, completely different. Race off clouds that you final top off off mountains. Like exactly. It's exactly a top of the year. Tip of the mountain. They are not criminals. Come something completely different. Okay, so these ones, you want to have them at a reasonable attitude. The higher, much higher. Completely unrelated to the mountain. You could put it on top of the mountain. Higher, but not exactly at the tip. Okay. Those that hugged the mountain there. There are literally clouds that hugged the mountain off their different. Okay, it's not these. Okay, so you're working on a similar scheme. It should be a bit higher. Write something like this. Nice. Okay. Oh, so this is have you can move it around, add more spears to wait a few funds announces on most fierce debate and, uh, keep if you add more spheres, you know, notice that it's every time it's it's adding somewhere else that you get the same size for every time you add, Do you get another place so you get to have more. Okay. Good. This is how you make a cloud in view as starting starting from the preset. But what if you want to start with the with the letter? Lisa, I just disable it. This is a bit from during their not only will just delete it completely later, because I like to come back here on day, come to this 1st 1 Okay, admit a cloud I hold is the recommend you start with, admit a cloud from preset because you couldn't work better with this one. If you start with, admit a cloud, you are going to get something that reads commuters to Okay, it is going to It's going to give you the last one that you worked with. OK, but if you haven't worked with something, it may learn a new boat cumulonimbus three criminal members that you get in view is a long way from the kuna limits that you want to have. So this is why I generally recommend in this case that you come to the preset and then you work with that every time you loved the another one. Then it's going to become the same things like you load in the last one you've worked with . Okay? And that's that's like not the chief, but the way to work effectively efficiently by duplicating. You want to duplicate it, you just go back here and then get a similar one. Ok, good. So this is how you create one individual, Kyle in view and shape it the way you like and position it. Where do you need 11. Vue Render options: Now it's time to talk about the render options. Okay, So rendering here in the preview is one thing and then rendering for the final releases. Another, thank you. Come here to the top and you are going to press with the rights that when you do so you get your render options. If you press with the left, you are left in the render. All right, the presence here that we have a few presets. But before going into further, I'd like to tell you that this render options are going to be explained in context, meaning we have clouds and atmosphere so and skies. So we're gonna be focusing on what's relevant for that. If something talks about plants, we don't need to cover that because it's not plants. We don't have any plans. So ignore indirect lighting on plans. Okay, you could do that, but for us, we're just talking about clouds. I come here to the top and we start with the presets that are available for the quality. What did you want to have opened? Yelp Review. Final broadcast. What does that mean? Okay, the more you increase in terms of quality, look, there are quality, the more bells and whistles have been switched on and you could get the impression the wrong impression that is the right one for you. So the higher you raise it, the better it's going to become. The problem is, it is not looking at your scene. You are looking at your scene. So it is switching on things that could be completely you useless in terms off. I don't need them. Actually, I don't even have them on my ST. So how come I How come I I want to calculate these things. This is why we're going to say thank you very much. We don't need any of this presets gonna come down to user settings because you are in control. Okay. User settings meaning, Give me full control. Now I want to choose myself what to do before we move to the render quality that I have switched on now when I moved to user settings, let's look down here, Render render You've got internal, external and render node network. What does that mean? Internal. It's in your computer. Basically, it's does computer that you're working on. Okay. External meaning you're are going to use a network for that. All right, All right. And there's another option. Which is, if you're using render cow view, um, views got render cows. Well, if you've got render node, then use that network as well, so that that's an option. But generally, in the very beginning, you're gonna be starting with internal. Um, unless you have a network, then you gonna be using external Can you can You can edit that Good for the internal. We're gonna stick to that. And then there is a render inactive camera view by the fold. It's this It comes like render inactive camera view, active camera views. This Umm I generally I talked to you what you want to do you want rendered their fine. I don't do that on a rather to screen. So I get a separate pop up window that gives me the the the render. Okay, that's render to screen. So this is the one I recommend. And then there's something render off screen which gives you the impression. Yeah, that's the one I won't. That's that's the one that's gonna keep me working and it's gonna happen in the background . You don't do that with view. Why because you're creating worlds. You are working on stuff that has so much complications. And you've got so many things. Yes, you have this preview, but you want to stop the render that is taken long. These are the longest runners you can think off. Okay? These aren't simulations and stuff. You want to stop it when you notice that something is to be tweaked and not finish like one of the renders Took six days. Do you wanna wait six days to re render again on to look at it? So Okay. Actually need to take this. No. You want to do it as it covered. And it starts at its rendering, and it sounds somewhere from the top. And as it comes down, when you start noticing, I need to tweak it. Then you want to have it rendered the screen surrender offscreen. It's something I do not necessary. Commend. What you could do is activate this. A friend of the disc immediately Is it gonna doesn't mean if you don't do it, it's not gonna be saved. It is automatically saved, but not where you want it to be. Ghost the render stock. Where is the other stock render. You may close this for now. Say okay and come to render on bro's previous renders. When you come here, then you get the render stack and you couldn't see older renders that you have made. And here you can click on safe weaken. Just save the safety image, select inject you want, and then click on save. Okay, you could do that. So you don't necessarily need to do it in, um, in this Also in this window, you don't need to sell it to do with here. But when you do it like this, you get a few options and then you come here and say I want to save the color. Picture the alpha mask on the depth map. Is this all? Especially if you're used to three d rendering and you want to ADM or through the environments you work? You think I thought there were more than this? Where is the speculator? Where's the reflections? Where all of these things is this all I get? No, This is not only get this is just If you want only a short list, there's much more. Let me disclose this, and I'll show you where you find it. Okay, let's come down to render Walt, you can choose. What do you want to render everything or specific layer that is visible or active or specific object that you select. So where do you select them? Here in the world browser. You can create a layer like this undone. Gaming present. Okay, create a layer on the position. Some elements. And I have this one as active on disabled. This one or disabled visit myself. This one you can choose. You can choose what to render. Generally, in the beginning, there going to be working with everything. Okay, so you've got a few other business whistles here. Always underlies. Well, that's what makes the beauty of the atmospheres we need Lights use automatic seen hierarchy . Yeah. I mean, these are inherent. Thanks to the scene. Hide infinite planes from Alpha. You could choose to do that, but I have another one for you. Is if you want to render just the clouds in the sky and get rid of this ground. Now, why do I have an empty seat? Because I don't want to do to be calculating what I'm talking to you because now it's just just about the rendering. Okay, let me close this. If you just want to have the sky on the class, how do you do that? I don't have ground was quite simple. We just click on the visit, not visited the render option for this one that you click on it. It thes appears from the render completely. Now what you have them is something that you could use in your compositing software and projected behind your active your life action on some other three D things to replace the sky to add your your cloud. Can I add my cloud? Just the cloud. Yes. Not have. You have to do that. Let's come back. I mean, reactivate decided. By the way, if you click on it for the first time is gonna ask you what you want to do. You've got two options disabled from the render or some other option. I never care about the 2nd 1 I always go with the 1st december from the room because that's how fast you can do it. Let's come back to the end options window. And here comes your friend. If you are working with three d stuff, aren't you love these Aerovias? These are the movies, Okay? Enable G before and Labour multi pass. You can do both or either off them dependent on 20 years in. So that's if you're familiar with these multi pass rendering is you can come here and you can get by default. It's already this one is for the selected surrendering competence. This gives you the general things you would expect from any respectable treaty application they give you. Just open this. Did you give you the atmosphere? Gained? Filter indirect light in. You can tweak all of these. Meaning you get a picture for each one of these and that you can tweak in your compositing software. You want to take the indirect lighting? You can do that. You can dissolve the reflections, Reflections, ambient shadows, speculative Defused the normal stuff. Okay, here they are. You wanna have more wealth? View has gotten much more for you before. You start overloading your render file folder whatever with so many things you got the Z Dept. I definitely want to go the seat up because it's running through the environment. Some you need depth the field so you can you can get that you want to have some other things like object. I d It wouldn't work with the Have to call it the, um keep the matter. You've got your object. ID's. You've got two objects ideas you got. You got your material ideas. You've got everything you need, everything you need in here. So any any elements you need is in here on the final touch. The final Master P starch is the cloud mask. Do you want just to get the class, Macleod? Master that when you composited, you just get the clouds. That's beautiful. That's really you have a lot of control. So do not underestimate the simplicity. Disclose it to remember. We talked about simplicity of the interface. Look at it. It looks so innocent. It's hide in so much power behind. Let me come back. Okay, so this is about the jeep offer on the multifaceted. Choose whichever one you want to work with on. Then there's unable diagnosis, buffers, whatever. Just like technical stop. But this one you could do not in the composite in parts, but inside view enable relighting means that let me re decide about the lighting. You know what make their under. And let me really decide about the lighting. What? You mean we decided? Are you not sure? Yeah. What? I'm an artist. I couldn't reach wicked the way I want it can change even the color of the light. So if you do that I'm not saying about composites. I'm saying about still inside of you. So if you hear you enable realize him and you a new presser render you want to change the intensity of the sun. You want to change the color of this on the color off the ambient light. You could change these off after the render. How beautiful is this? A lot of control before rendering enough the rendering. OK, but this one and this one, they do not go together. Reuse indirect lighting on this one. Didn't go together. Okay. Um good. Ok, now we're going to live to the next one, which is rendered quality settings. Now I'm gonna go straight to the ones you want to be careful with applied materials. Well, by default, you need to apply materials enable. So brace. Yes, Super sampling. Okay, this one, You can keep it on. OK? Yeah. Keep it on neighbor motion blurring if you have any animation. Yes, often Maze optimized. Volume it fully metric lighted. Remember here, let's come back. Remember this one? Volumetric lighting. Votomatic. Sunlight. Okay, It could take a little bit long to render. Okay, let me be honest. Long surrender. This is why they're telling you. Do you want to optimize that? Let's look at what it does. Just like it makes it a bit faster, but reuses some of the young information optimized last around the bassa. Generally you come to you take final, you come to use the settings and then you start weaken. Based on that, there are some some things that are irrelevant for us. What is relevant is advanced effects quality. This is relevant in every single one. Do you want you may be thinking, huh? This is time now to take the bride. Um, out. It's it's is the renders A final Rundle. It's boost it up to a crazy 100%. Um, it's not gonna help much. Okay? So they come up 46% for particular reason. View developers view people say generally stay around that value. Okay. If you go mawr, it's like that 1% that is gonna take your days sleeping like that. Okay, so these quality para meters in view, Um, just just handle with care. Please handle with care. So 46% is enough. What you could However, a tweak is an anti Anderson for until you think you've got two things you got the object and you've got the texture. What do we have? We've got clouds. Clouds. Generally, when we look in three d, the texture is not that relevant. It is relevant for the plans, its relevance for the extreme with with image texture that you bring in to add to a rock to add to a terrain. If you did that in world machine and you bring a texture four k factual 16 K texture. If you have a 16 kicked extra on a blight on a doctor in, then you're asking to do the intel. Yasin, That basically means you are asking for a better quality, but for more time. And here you can edit your until listen. Barometers for the clouds were going toe Go deeper on the texture parts butter. What you could do is increase a little bit. This one OK, it takes you here to 20. You could you could go with 20. I used to do with something like 45. Or but try 16. Okay, try 16. See what you get, OK, Because it's not about give me the maximum Sabri's per pixel. It is gonna keep pre some planned, the whole thing, and that is gonna take you longer. OK, so and two if you have extras. But in this case, we don't because the working class and most of them are three day. And if you're using it to the doctor is gonna be somewhere on the serious up in the sky to have kilometers. Eso You could use the extra until isn't as well and slightly smoothed it. This is these are the danger zones. Okay, Michelle didn't vision. So this is danger zone number one, this is the injury zone. Number two. Okay. Okay, this is number two, but this is number three to is you can increase it, but don't go overboard. Especially if you have these promises. Not great. Don't go for it. Okay. On this one is don't Smith it too much because it's gonna look completely ugly. Just stay very low. Treat this Sexual Children like you're treating shop sharpness in the parameters of club a bit like that. Okay, So had a little bit if you need for textures. But this is now I'm already outside of scope of the discussion off the clouds, but yeah, whatever. Let's move on. So you've got until I z depth, if you want on some other four meters that are relevant are the bottom. Okay, let me talk about this one. I think we've talked about this before. Yeah, aspect, ratio, the aspect ratio. That's what defines them in new aspect ratio of the protected area where you were taking it . Which one do you need? Some of them could be quite interesting. Like Panavision 70 millimeter one, which, if you click on OK, you're gonna get this very long thinking here, which is quite cool, but it says your artistic choice and it's your the project where it's going. If the client has got already something, then that's the aspect ratio you need to stick to before you start modeling. Okay, Before I start creating your environment, uh, let's come to the resolution, please. When you are rendering, even if it's the final one. If you do it for the first time, go low. Okay? Go with something like 800. Look at it first. See? Does it work? Fine. Okay, let's bring it up to 10. 80 p one frame. And if you have animation, that's a different story. Then then you have a different parameters. OK? Another one I'd like to talk to you about is when I remember when I when I talk to you, just come back. But I talk to you about these models for the metric spectral on. I said you have the possibility to bring in your own HDR iPhone environments and I just joke and saying How dare your begin in hdr I to an application that makes its do your eyes ? You could do it. So now I'm showing you the other part was joking about which is that serious? It does make each derives. This is how you make an HD. All right, you right. Click on this income panoramic rendering. I wish they called HDR. I export to something like that, but it's but it's the same thing. Just click on that the moment you could reconnect. You're asking for a HDR I and you can save it as an HDR. So you create your, um, say, for example, you're taking your clown somewhere. You just just the cloud and you want the lighting or you're taking a terrain. And you made the rock. We made some plants or river. Whatever you want to keep the same lighting that you had in view. That's how you do it. Get data out. Okay, so and then you've got steady a strong state, your skah pick, which is like for the three D thing. And if you're not rendering everything, sorry if you're not rendering the whole scene, this is everything for objects and this is everything for the whole frame. If it's a specific area that you have chosen, then it's gonna show here, and you can activate it to decide which size do you want in which. Good. So these are mainly the ones that are relevant to the clouds. But remember, you are dean with the longest renders, because these are the volumetric lights on view is known for long renders. Okay, so it gives you great results. But you need to be aware that the option that is going to save the day. Every time is What is the resume? Render. Okay. What I'll try to do now is go to another scene. Um, click on this, Uh, let me go to another scene. Why another scene? Because this one let me try to complicate it a bit. You know, I'm just trying to I think I think it's enough. Complicated. Okay, not enough. I'm trying to I'm trying to, you know, have just one or two seconds the time to explain to you something. But I want to catch of you in these two seconds to show you this resume under this is going to save the day. Why? It's what I think. You're days, right? Whatever. Mrs gonna depend on your computer. But if you rendering something, really, it could take you one day. It could take you half of it. Half a day's really cool if you launch it at night and go to sleep and funding in the morning. That's pretty cool. Um, for one frame, talking about one frame. Okay? If it's any to be so if it didn't finish anything, what do I do? Know it's 30% or 20% and it's taking the resources of the computer and I need to work on something. That's what do I do? Well gives you this resume run a bit. So what I'll do now is trying to complicate the life off the, um, the render, But it on built out, which I do not recommend for any render because I want to show being controls. It's always user. You said it, but I wanted to push it to think longer. I wanted to be if I had one for four K would have done it just to keep it working. And, um and let me just check Yeah, let's click on Render. I'm gonna click on Run. There is going to start rendering the stock of butin and what I'll do is let it work a little bit just a bit. Okay, going, going, going, going on. The beauty off view is is two things. Number one, it listens. It's one of the rare applications is just bloody listens to you. If you say stop, it is bloody stops. It's amazing. Um, some renders in other Okay recording. Look at the record and resume rather information if you look at it. So why is it not listening to me. Those excess seconds. She is saving your day. What she's done is, um if you come here, you've got it is wonder on this resume Render So it has. If you look back, it said, saving the resume of that. If you click on resume, render you click on it, then it's gonna take it back where it has left it. Now it's like preparing this prepares like loading this stuff that it has already calculated is going to contine. Si, it's not continuing. Meaning if you spend one day and you need to leave is you have a train to catch a plane to catch me to switch off your computer. Fine. Just press escape. President escape doesn't make you lose your work. Adjust your way to talk to view which listens ALS the time. Um, And when you do that, it's going to save this stuff when you open the same even much more nicer and friendlier when you open the scene, um, it's gonna tell you there's a reason Render on. Do you want to continue? Yes, of course, when you go ahead. So this is how you have you do it I mean, to space escape again, and you will notice that. Okay, It has already stopped. Stopped render very quickly. It's a few sex. One or two seconds. Just the time to save the render. Um and it continues. Why is this important? Because it doesn't take long to render great stuff. And they understand inherently the process. And to tell you, Take your time. You want to stop now, Work on it later. Fine, we'll do it. So this is one of the really good, um, really go down. Are orphans in render options in that? Let me come back to the other one on because I've talked about the HD Ryan that didn't really make it. Let's do it because I feel it's gonna be a bit incorporated if you don't do it. I keep an empty seem OK, there's a son. Let's let's look about this. There's a Sundays ground. That's all there is. Let's look at it. There's the sun here, Okay? I can't see it because it's not in in front off them off the camera, but it doesn't matter what is important. Why am I talking about the son to show you that it's a proper 80 year I. The camera doesn't see the sun, but it's tries. Is there is going to include the three and 60 including the sun. Let's do it now. Quickly. Uh, panoramic. I'm going with this final, just just for a bit of shopping. They need to be. Yeah, I conduct an 80 p. I can afford it because it's empty. There's not enough seen, So I'm going to go with panoramic on. Let's put it in them. Just put outside, Uh, record the screen. That's fine. Render, uh, glaring on. Okay, now I just got to ignore these visa visit. No disabled motion blur, OK? Because I had something switched on for stuff that is not there. And also some promises that are some elements are not compatible with volumetric environment. Model C. So this is your HDR okay? No, I have chosen a specific aspect ratio. OK, that's why squeezed the right. You could go for a different aspect ratio in here about different, because it's what you ask. What have you asked for? Go for Ghana vision and do it again? Do it again. These ever much Blair on this is your edged Here. I stretched like as you would need it to be loaded in another through the application, like three D s marks or my or anywhere else. Okay. Or if you feel like it for fun, bring it back again of you. Because guess what it accepts. It's yours as well. But you see, it makes each deterrence. So this is in brief, a tour off the rent options, relevance for for the clouds and atmospheres and interesting parts off the HDR I and how you can work best with the resume render. And how to make sure that although when you're working on some high resolution, much more complicated renders, you could still get it done over a few days. Uh, please just ignore these presets. Say thank you and use your own user settings because you need to be in control.