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Create Bookmarks from Letters

Ouss Mezher, Graphic Designer/illustrator

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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Before Sketching

    • 3. Inspiration

    • 4. Demo Sketch

    • 5. Demo illustrator

    • 6. Transferring Cutting

    • 7. Final thoughts


About This Class

From a sketch to a physical bookmark: Learn how to transform a simple drawing into a personalized physical bookmark that you can keep or give as a gift.

Step by step, you will learn how to convert a simple sketch into an actual bookmark. We will go through all the dos and don’ts of the process and you will be given all the necessary tips to achieve the best results.


1. Trailer: Hi. I'm sometimes I'm a graphic designer and the lost Rick. This class I won't share with you my latest project. You will learn how to make a physical usable bit. Mark. Based on the letter off your choice from Sketch conducted an illustrator to find the my fun . 2. Before Sketching: There are few things that you need to consider before starting the sketch. It's very important to keep in mind a couple off rules while designing your life. First, you need tohave to holding points. They need to be on the same level. These are the two holding points. It helps keep the bookmark in its place. Second, the letter needs to be bold so the bookmark can hold and not crack. When you I usually designed my letter inside the rectangle, I made it, but there for you it will be available as an attachment. 3. Inspiration: I recommend that you go explore sites with a teacher, lots of type options. Example. Pinteresque. Also go cease site off Jessica Hash, Alex Perez Body and benches. They work magic with that. Here are some or example off What I look at when I'm surfing that that for inspiration, for example. Here I'd look at the Are the a the sea the Why that you? And see where I can put the two holding point. Are they bold enough? Can I can I put them into the two by three ratio boxes? Are they flexible? I can add more. I can move them into angles. That's here is a good example, because here I can remove the fox and here the options for the two holding points. I have to think about the cross shot year. It's too thin. These are the things I consider when I'm surfing the net for inspiration. When I'm creating my letter 4. Demo Sketch: first start by making a rough sketch off the letter you want to work with once you have a clear idea off the design. New aiming for. Start constructing your letter. I usually use a great paper. The grip. Make it easier to construct the letter. I start with the boxes. Doesn't have to be perfect. They are just guides can draw it light of And here are the 12123 boxes. I use another color to put that to holding points. The two holding points will change depending on the letter you're working on here are making a letter B. So I'm starting with the first holding point. I moved the second holding point and I tilt it. It's okay if you go outside the box and here my letter B here. I didn't do this space on the bottom, but it's still have the 2 to 3 ratio, so it's perfect for me now. It's ready for blustery 5. Demo illustrator: make sure to use the fire that I provided with this project as reference contains two layers. One is the grip. The 2nd 1 is that the holding point points inside off the two by three Rick Tank. I save it in a different name to keep this this file intact. I name it bookmark be because I'm working on the letter B and before I start, I open the tools that I need them off here. I use the pento. If you look there's a small rectangle next to it. It means there are more options. Click on the click on it on Click on the Rectangle here on docket next to me. Dramatic tools, the scissor toe and go to window for past finder. You have also align and transport Before I start, I make a new layer. Name it catch It's the layer where I'm gonna put the letter I go to five place, get the letters that I scan and put it on this layer. I goto transparency and I put it toe multiply and I make smaller to fit inside the box. And I looked the later because my sketches on a grid paper I'm gonna hide the layer grid because it's distracting and I create a new layer for the letter B and I name it Letter B, and I go toe the throw four, and I choose a bright color, so it chose more from different players on. Go to the geometric shapes and start with circum. You can do shift toe, restrain the propulsion and all to copy the four if you're changing of the size and the stroke cuts lighter or thicker. Goto Illustrator Preference General and uncheck the skin stroke effects. Now, if you copy your form on change the size, the stroke stays the same. Always use shift if you wanna have a circle on out. Co pitiful. No, I use the scissors to slice. Parts of the circles can use the shortcuts, see for sizzles and B for selection. - But just don't talk. I tried to flies the parts that I don't need and go toe mental to join points that our slice Yes, those two points can select it and go toe object path. Don't. If you are on the mental on, you need to change or remove one point. You can click on minus and you have the mental with minus to remove point. - And here's my letter B 6. Transferring Cutting: once you finish adjusting your design printed without the guides. Here. I printed my letter B in Colorado. Now I'm going to slip it. Andi, retrace it. Choosing a light table. You can do that with the window. Also, it have the same effect. Now retrace your letters on the board and was an Exacto knife. Now I'm gonna cut. Make sure to what? Sure hand. And here my letter be Mullah. 7. Final thoughts: remember to show your sketches before you start finalizing your design. The feedbacks will help guarantee greater results. Have fun. Thank you for taking this course.