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Create Better Requirements with Use Cases

Natasha Kordonska, BA Professor, Manager, and Coach

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9 Videos (56m)
    • Recall Use Case Approach

    • Review Case Study

    • Pre Conditions

    • Basic Flow

    • Alternative Flows

    • Post Conditions

    • Use Cases and Data

    • Use Cases and Rules

    • Tips and Tricks


About This Class

This course is about a foundational technique of Business Analysis, use cases. For those of you who have taken our Business Analysis Simplified: Master These 10 Techniques to Deliver Requirements in Less Time, you will recognize use case modeling as one of the golden techniques. In this course, we are taking a deep dive into the use cases and explain how to document detailed requirements with use case technique.

So why use case modeling? In our opinion, it is the most important, useful, and efficient technique for analysis of system functional requirements. Once you learn this technique, you will not be able to approach a project without it and just like us for the last 15 years, will become a use case aficionado!

Here are our top three reasons why use case modeling is such a powerful technique:

  • Focus on value - this technique will guide all your elicitation and analysis activities and help you keep laser focus on the business needs
  • Clear structure - using this technique, you will be able to organize all your system requirements clearly and consistently around the goals of the users
  • Support of all delivery methodologies - use case modeling enables Iterative and Waterfall methodologies and is really a technique for all ages

As with all our courses, this course is focused on practice. You will work through a software development project as it's being delivered by a Business Analyst, named Laura, so that you can see use cases applied in a real-life scenario. You will also have an opportunity to practice use case technique in the assignment section of the course.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What are use cases and why it’s a powerful technique
  • When to use use cases
  • How to create a use case step-by-step
  • Example to work through





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Natasha Kordonska

BA Professor, Manager, and Coach

Hello, I'm Natasha.

I am a CBAP, M.A.Sc. Business Analysis practitioner, trainer and a thought leader. My 15+ years of experience include business analysis on numerous projects and programs across multiple organizations and industries. I created business analysis methodology and established requirements practices in several organizations, consulted and mentored hundreds of business analysts, developed and delivered corporate and academic training programs. I am currently a senior mana...

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