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Create Beautiful Video Animation with Powerpoint

Pavel N ⭐, Powerpoint Video Skills

Create Beautiful Video Animation with Powerpoint

Pavel N ⭐, Powerpoint Video Skills

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21 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction - Full video of the project

    • 2. Choosing and setting a nice background

    • 3. Importing transparent pictures

    • 4. Finding icons

    • 5. Applying artistic effets to icons

    • 6. Finding and installing new fonts

    • 7. Grouping objects and precise positioning

    • 8. Inserting and formatting a curve

    • 9. Creating a photo effect

    • 10. Creating a screen effect

    • 11. Rearranging the set

    • 12. Creating a custom 3D box

    • 13. Finalizing the end slide

    • 14. Entrance Animations

    • 15. Exit Animations

    • 16. Simultaneous Entrance and Exit

    • 17. Morph Transition

    • 18. No transition and line moving animation

    • 19. A Short Interruption

    • 20. Recording the times and Exporting the video

    • 21. Congrats! Now you can move on to Part 2

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to create a beautiful illustrative video using Powerpoint only. I share my tips and techniques to get Powerpoint videos to look like "real" animated videos. These videos can be used to create online courses, YouTube videos and marketing videos for business.

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Part 5: Design Guidelines for Powerpoint Videos and Recap


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Pavel N ⭐

Powerpoint Video Skills


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1. Introduction - Full video of the project: Hi, in this class you're going to learn how to create an animated video using PowerPoint only. This is the video you're going to create. It shows a story of the founders of the company Zappos and how the validated their business idea. So they went to a shoe store, they make pictures of the products and they uploaded them online. And then when they received orders from customers as they returned to the shoe store, they bought the shoes, they package them and send them to clients via post. I'll explain you my thought process, the resources that I use to find the visuals and the design and animation tricks to make it look like a real video. Finally, I'll show you how to export everything to create the final video file. Your goal will be to reproduce the same video while adding your own taste to it. This is the first part of my PowerPoint video skills classes, and I strongly encourage you to follow all the next parts as well to become a real master of this technique. Just to make it clear, here is how all my next classes are organized. So this is the project number one of the main class. Then there's project number two, project number three, the video editing class. And finally, a theory and design guidelines class. All the links for these classes are in the description below when you click on the About tab. But this is not over. I have a lot more cool stuff for you here on skill share. Once you finish this class, you can take my PowerPoint graphic design class, which we'll teach you how to draw absolutely any design inside PowerPoint. Even if you have no design skills, you will learn how to draw a crew Dragon capsule by SpaceX, this technique will teach you how to create literally any illustrations that you want and easily. I'm using it to create graphics for my online courses and my YouTube videos for example. And lastly, I have yet another class that will teach you how to create transparent animations with PowerPoint. I'm using this technique when I create talking head videos and I want to show Transparent animated graphics next to my face. So I found a way to create these graphics inside PowerPoint, animate them, and then make them transparent using a video editing software like Adobe Premier. This class is divided in four different parts and you can choose which project you are interested in. So without further ado, let's start with the first project of the PowerPoint video class. And then when you complete it, don't forget to look in the description for the links to all the next ones and the additional classes. 2. Choosing and setting a nice background: Hi, everyone. So let's start doing this first video project together. And like I said, you follow my steps. You don't necessarily need to copy everything exactly like I do. You just need to do it your way and understand the principles that I will be teaching here . So open up your power point and let's start by dilating these things, so you click on them, then you click delayed on your keyboard flick again delayed and just a little thing before that you have to do is depending on the version off your power point. It will open right away in 16 by nine. But if it doesn't, you have to set it yourself. This is extremely important. So to do this, you click on design here and then slide size and here you click White Spring 69. Don't leave it in 43 And usually if you have power point like 2013 or a bit higher, this is the default size at which it opens. So choose this one. So you saw the video that we want to do. And for this let's find some cool background. So for the purpose of this video, we have to find a background that looks like a chalkboard, like in a school. Let's do this. So let's go on Google to search for an image off chalkboard. And by the way, my computer is mainly in French. The power point is in English, so no problem with that. But the rest of the things on my PC are in French. But don't worry about this because it's not important at all. It will not change anything for you. So let's type here, chalkboard. You actually chalkboard background, then click on images, right? So you might find a different child board than me. But it's not a big deal. You really to find the big picture to have a good quality. This is really important. So click here, normally in English. It's tools, and here you have size and you have to choose large, all right, and I think this is the one here that I use before. But basically what's important here is to take a picture which has a size off at least 1000 920 pixels by 1080. This is extremely important. That's the minimum size of the screens today, so you have to have a good quality on your video on your power point video. So choose a picture that has really large size here. All right, so let's take this one and then click show image, and these takes you to the original website, apparently, here Aiken downloaded. So download this picture, and then you should put it in one folder, the same folder that we will use for the rest of your video project. So you have everything inside in one place and just on a side note. So every picture, every content on the Internet, is copyrighted. It belongs to someone. So before you use it for commercial purposes, you really need to check the license, whether we have to buy it or not, etcetera, etcetera. But I will talk about this more in details in the latest section off this course. For now, just pick any background that she won because it's only for you. It's for your educational and testing purposes. All right, so let's go back to power point now. And so here, Once you have this picture, you do a right click format background. You choose picture or texture. Phil, click on file here. So open your folder here with the chalkboard background and double click on it. So that's it. We have our background. It's all set. This is very good. This is the first step. 3. Importing transparent pictures: now in the video that we will do. We're talking about the company Zappos. So just to make the slight, more beautiful, let's download a logo off that company. So let's go back to Google and type here. Zap ALS logo. And let's also take a transparent one. So once again, you can click here on tools so again that it's in French color and choose transparent. Okay, you also don't need big images. So here go back to size because that was selected previously and click all sizes so transparent image as I selected here. This is very important. It means that there will be no White square around that picture. It will be just the local. So this is really cool. You actually prefer to try something? Let's type Zappos white here, and I need this really weird one. Okay, so that's because you'll see what happens afterwards. Click show image. And now you do again. Right? Click Save as and you put it inside your project safe. Okay, Now go back to power point. And here click on insert pictures. Zappos logo. So you see, this one is white and it's better to have it white in order to fit with everything else on this chalkboard background because if you have colors here, it will be fine. You can also edit it afterwards to make it only white. But for now, let's take this logo. So it's just white, and it fits perfectly with everything else. So in order to resize it, you have to use here, this dot at the corner and then you drag it with your mouth left. All right. However, as you will see later with some other objects, you also need to click on shift hold shift and then Rhys ice. But for images and things like this, as long as you just click here, it will keep the proportions. So do this and put this logo in the corner here. All right, so now we have our basic background 4. Finding icons: And as you've seen in the previous video, we now need icons to symbolize the different steps that the founders off Zappos took in order to start their business. So first of all, we need Aikens off the founders themselves. So we need icons off two guys. So for this there is a great website called Non Project. So go on Google and type non project and you will see this website here now on project icons for everything. And then you go here on search and let's type something like guy walking. That's what we need you tonight in off a guy was walking and personally I really like this one here because he is walking and he's texting. And in the case off Zappos founder He went to a shop and he made pictures of the items in the shop. So him having a phone in order to make this pictures is also very well representative. So I really like this. I can So then you have to click here, download P and G, and you will probably be prompted to create a profile on this website and it's totally free . So go ahead. You probably can also sign in with Facebook and it will be done like in matter of seconds. So that's very easy. So once you have an account here, you have two options either royalty free or creative Commons. So that's again something that I talked about before. So every image here belongs to someone. Someone created it. And normally you have to pay the people for this. And that's what is called royalty free. Once you pay for these, I can. You can use it wherever you want, no matter how many times you use it and for which projects, if it's commercial or not, eso If you click here, for example, you see that either you pay a $2 to have this Aiken or you pay a monthly subscription to this website in order to download as many as you want. But you don't need to do it for now. Actually, you can click on Creative Commons and here you're having this. I can completely for free. OK, so this is very important is that normally when you do this, you have to give credit to the order. That's the way off. Getting this I can for free, and this can be, for example, at the end of your video or in the description off your video. But the problem is that you have to credit the icons and the images off every single order . Who is okay with this procedure? So now, for the purpose of this exercise, once again it's for you. It's to learn, so it doesn't matter at this stage, so you go ahead. You download this, I can. You put it in the folder. That's it. We have one Aiken, and also in the case of Zappos, there were actually two founders. So let's find another Aiken, which is similar to this one, but still different that it looks like These are two people. Maybe. Let's try something different, like typing man walking. All right, you know what? I like this one. I liked it because it's transparent, and it kind of resembles the previous Aiken that we got. So download PNG Creative Commons. That's it. We have our Aiken. So now we have to insert these icons on this background. So click once again insert pictures. Let's take this one. And let's also insert at the same time the other one, so as you can see here It's written, created by Mark Brooks from now on Project. So that's the credit that you have to give to the order. Either you lived here, but obviously for the design it will not fit. Or you just copy this and you put it at the end of your video or somewhere else. Unless, of course, you buy this. I can, or you get a subscription, in which case you will not need to see this. But for now, for power point, you can take this out. So you click on the icon and you go here format crop and you take here. You drag this up here and then you click crop again. Now you don't see this anymore on the icon, and you can do the same for the 2nd 1 All right. Like this. Now we need to resize this icons to make them smaller. So do like we did before you drag it from the corner here. If ever you see that your proportions are not maintained, then click on shift and drag it while holding shift. Do the same for this. I can hear 5. Applying artistic effets to icons: Alright. The problem with this is that as you can see, they are black and they don't feed at all with this background. So we need to make some changes to this Aikens. So click on this one going format corrections, picture correction options. And here you see brightness right, And you can drag this to the maximum. But then again, white personally, totally white like this. I also don't find it very beautiful. So for now, let's actually keep it as it was. Or you can put it You will see what will happen but it like, let's say on 40. Okay. You see? No changes for now, but it doesn't matter now. Click on artistic effects and select one here, which is called lying Drawing. All right, seat line drawing. For some reason, this reminds me off chalk as well. So I think this is good. Now, you can still make it a bit brighter if you want by doing this. All right, so make it put it like maybe I don't know, at 60% right in a 60%. And here I think now this Aiken fits well with the background. You can do exactly the same for this. Right. One artistic colors. Line drawing corrections picture correction options. Brightness. 60%. Okay. Also, as you can see, they're not the same size. So better put it exactly the same size. No, this guy here seems to be in front of that guy, and I prefer if it was different. So in order to do this, when you select this object here, you make a right click and then you click consent to back. Right now you see that he's behind. They both have transparent hands here, so it's not very like, very beautiful, But it doesn't matter, really. You know, it is. These are just details. All right, let's put them like this. So it looks like they're walking next to each other. 6. Finding and installing new fonts: Okay. Now, as the story goes, these two founders went to a shoe shop to make pictures and put them online. So we need to find an Aiken for a shop. So for this, let's go back on non project and here type store, and you will see So you can take anyone off these that you like. But I want one which has this sort off window here. And I'll tell you later why so personal? Like this one? It's very simple. The door seems kind of open. And then there's the big score rectangle here. So let's take this one right download in G Creative Commons Right now. Let's do the same. Let's insert this Aiken. Let's resize it. Let's crop out the credits. So, yeah, let's put it somewhere here in the middle. Let's make it somewhat proportional to the founders like here. And let's apply exactly the same effects on it. Artistic effects, lying, drawing, corrections, picture correction options, brightness, 60%. So this looks very similar to this. Okay, now what I want to do is to write the word shoes here. So it seems like is the title of this shop, so click on insert text box and click here and tied the word shoes. So, as you can see, obviously this font and the color both are ugly. They don't fit. So we need a better fund and another color. So let's try with yellow. Right, So yellow fits here, but the fund definitely doesn't feed Arrow. So, Francis, something very important, and I will talk about it more in details in the specific part of this course. But for now, let me show you how you get other phones just one night. It There are several minutes. There is a website called Google Phones. And for the purpose off this exercise, I will go to dot front. So it's called Duffen. Yep, the font dot com. Here, you can make a research for your fund. And since we're doing all these chalk based design, let's try to see if there's a fund which looks like chalk, right? Right. So when you have these phones, some of them are free, completely free, and some of them are ads and you have to pay for them. I think it's yeah, when when this sign is here like this, it means that this fund a spade, and this one is probably free. So you can take the one that you like. But I know that the one I used is here. It's choke hand lettering shaded. So then you click on download all right, and save the file so very important. This is how you install a fund on PC. I don't know exactly how you do that on Mac, but I guess is the same procedure. Otherwise, in any case, it's probably something very easy, and you will be able to find it for yourself. But NBC, this is how you do it. You download this file, then you must have a software that unzips and compresses the file. And usually you have winter are. But if not, there are many others. And what you need to do is install this file here, which ends by TTF. You double click on it. So this is what opens and by the way, is you can see this phone doesn't have numbers and probably doesn't have specific characters either. But that's not a big deal. So then you click here on install, so I have it already. So that's why this window pops up. But in your case, you just click install, and in a matter off one or two seconds, you have this front on your computer and then whichever program you open, whether it's word, power point or absolutely any software, you will be able to choose this front. However, what you need to do is to restart the power point. If you don't restart the software, this fund will not appear in your phone choices. So go ahead, install any new front, preferably this one that I showed to you and then restart Power point. So once you did this, go here, select these title shoes and choose this fund here. So it was something like choke something, right, Child hand lettering shaded. Right. That's it. And I feel that it fits pretty well here with all this together. So this red line off course, it will not be seen. That's not the problem. For now, you can put it slightly bigger, so it fits exactly in the window. 7. Grouping objects and precise positioning: all right. And so, as you can see, if I move this, it moves around the front states in the same place. So what we need to do, we need to group these two objects. So in order to do this Glick on one object and then press on your keyboard control and click on the other object. Now you selected both of them. You can also select many others at the same time, then release control and do a right click here. Group group. Now that's it. This is one object, and you can move it around much more easily. You can do exactly the same way toe ungh. Group it if you want to make any changes. Also, what's important is that is you can see I'm right now. I can still move the world shoes inside here. And also when I move it with the mouse, sometimes it jumps a bit too much. I cannot position it precisely like I want. So when this happens, what you can do, the other way to do it is to do it with the arrows off the keyboard. And when you do this when you do the arrows, you can actually position it much more precisely like pixel by pixel. So you can position things from power point just like you want to. Except that you don't do it was the mouth. You do it with the keyboard. 8. Inserting and formatting a curve: right. So now what we need to do, according to our story, is to show somehow that these guys here are walking into this store because that's what they did when they started their company. So what's the best way to do it? Well, it's with some sort off line, but we will not use straight lines here because our design is not straight, so we'll use curves instead. So go here. Insert shapes and selective. It's This is a curve. So how it works is that you click the first time. Then you can drag this line here. You don't see it for now because it's, ah, default blue color. But when you click the second time, for example, here in the middle, when you keep dragging this line, see, it's curving exactly at that point where you previously clicked. So let's bring this line here to the entrance of the shop. And now, in order to stop doing this, you just click on escape on your keyboard. That's it. You have your curve. But now, of course, we have to make it more beautiful. So in order to do this right, click on the curve and click here for much shape. So first of all, we need to change the line color. So instead of the blue here, select white, that's better. And now let's make it more white like this. And also let's make some dashes so dash type, and I guess this one fits better. Also, what you can do. You can click your cap type and make it round so you can see here that the ages off the dashes are around. It's slightly more beautiful, but later, in this course we will do other types, off lines and many other effects. But for now, that's exactly what we need. We just need a very simple dash curve, which shows that the founders are walking into the shoe store. And, by the way, you see because it is dashed. There is a dot, which appeared here. This is just the beginning off another dash, so it's better to reduce it so we don't see it. It's more beautiful, so we're not doing animations for now. We will do animations totally at the end once we have everything correctly positioned on our slight. So for now we just need to fill it up with the content, just like we envisioned it in the beginning 9. Creating a photo effect: So in this story, what happens next is that these founders make pictures off different shoes, the items that they find inside this shop. So that's what we need to illustrate. So that's why before we do this, we need to find three random pictures off shoes on the Internet. So let's go on Google once again. And let's type shoe here or shoes images. And once again, don't forget to click here and to set the color too transparent. All right, so for the purpose off this exercise literally take three random images of shoes. So here, take the ones that you like. The most right is just for the exercise. So it doesn't matter right now. What we will do is we will create something that looks like a frame off a picture off a photo. But like an old one, something that resembles I don't know if you remember Polaroid stuff and things like this. So go to insert shapes and choose rectangle here. So great district angle. Make it something which looks like a photo, but vertical vertical size. Now click on shape Phil, make it white outline, make it black, and probably reduced the weight off the outline like this, it's it's slightly better now. We need another black rectangle in order to make the background off this picture. So click the same right Insert shapes, rectangle she feel, however, make it black and outline take on no outline. So keep the square proportions. This is extremely important. If you drag it here, you see, I can drag it and make it a rectangle so it doesn't work. This is exactly what I said in the beginning of this course. So click back here if you did it. This is a perfect square like you see here is the same size. So in order to keep it that way, hold shift and then dragged with their mouth here. So this keeps the proportions, try to do something which keeps the same borders here around, and not to think preferably. All right, I think like this it looks good. Yep. So now let's insert the pictures of the shoes like one picture off one shoe inside here. So when you have this, you have to resize this picture, right? Make it smaller and let's put it inside here. So this looks somewhat like a picture except that. I see that my rectangle here, This is not the same with up here compared to the sites. So let me just lower it. Little with the arrows of the keyboard. All right, Like this It looks good. So now off course, we have to group all these three objects so we don't create any problems like this. For example, in order to do that, you can either select them three of them separately by Kolding the control button. Or you can just click on your mouth and drag it around all of these objects. And then they're all selected. Then do a right click group group. So here we have one picture. Okay? Now what we need to do, we need to repeat exactly the same operation for the two other shoes. But you can do it much more easily by just coping this one. So you select control C control V orders even yet better shortcut. You just hold control and then drag it with your mouth like this. So you have a copy. Now click on the shoe and click on dilate on your keyboard. You see, everything else is still grouped together, but you're still dilated the shoe so you can actually select individual elements within a group. This is good. Now inserted two other pictures. Group this too. Group group. And let's do the same here. Let's group this together. All right? This is good. Now we have our three pictures. Of course, it doesn't look very beautiful like this, so let's make them slightly more beautiful. So select all three of them, or just one by one, and then go here and format picture effects shadow and take this 1st 1 So it gives some perspective. And now let's also turn them around a little bit not to keep them vertical like this. So when you click on them, you see this arrow here, you just hold it and you can rotate any object the same way like this, this one a little bit like this. And maybe this slightly more like this. Okay, It's really up to you how you feel about it. 10. Creating a screen effect: However, now we need to reposition things a little bit as we go, because what we need to do is have another curve, which goes from the shoes store to these pictures. But the shoe store is too close to them. So let's move it around here. For example. Let's move our founders a bit more on the left, and let's make this curve slightly bigger like this and push it more here inside the store . Yep. Like this. Oh, and maybe let's make it even more fancy by making the beginning off the curve fit exactly here at the shoe off this guy like this Leave some space, of course. Having twice It's not beautiful. Yeah, like this. This is good. So now what you need to do is recreate exactly the same curve here from this shop to these pictures. So I think you remember how I did it. But if not, just follow my steps. All right? Right. Click form a shape. White, More white, dash around dashes. That's it. Recover line. So in our story after this, the stoop founders, they publish the pictures of these items on sale on their website. So let's represent this with a knife in. So let's find a Nikon off a computer screen screen, and you should take anyone, which is very simple. Nothing fancy. Something like this will probably fit. Yeah, Let's take this. So download PNG Creative Commons. All right, so now we have it. Let's inserted. That's cropped this out. Make it smaller somewhere Here. You see this red line which appears here when I'm doing this. So that red line means that this monitor this icon is aligned exactly in the middle compared to this shoe store here. So this is nice. You can use it as a sort of a grid. Visually, it has to be coherent. So if you put this monitor under this shoe store, it's probably better. Now. Don't forget to apply the same effects to this monitor. So format, artistic colors, line drawing, corrections, picture correction options and brightness at 60%. All right, that's it. Maybe we can make it slightly bigger. And then we need to show that these items here, our own sale on that website. So that's very easy. Just copy all three of them and put it inside. So control, see or control V or just control and mouse drag, reposition it exactly vertically like this and then resize everything because all of this is his group together. Maybe what you can do is take out the effect the shadow effect from this one's. It will look better like let's do this for all three of them. I know this seems good. Now let's add some prices underneath, so people understand that this is for sale. So insert textbooks here and, let's say, $50. Let's make yellow phoned. Unfortunately, I cannot use this chalk phone because it doesn't have any numbers. So let's find another one here. Just avoid those which are the most common ones Calibri times, New Roman and things like this. So what can fit here? I know this one seems good to me, but honestly, take whichever you prefer and then make it bigger. So it fits right under the picture and copy it three times and then change the numbers, Of course, So it seems a bit different. Let's try to align. This one's perfectly, so the way you do it, you can select all three of them, go to format a line, distribute horizontally and then align. Distribute vertically now they're all perfectly aligned. What we should do now off course once again, is group all of these pictures and icons together like this. And now we can move this all around without any problem in case we need to. What? We shouldn't need to do this. 11. Rearranging the set: all right, and not to finish this process here. We need to add two more lines which symbolize the next steps from here to the screen and from the screen back to the founders. What you can also do to be faster is to insert the shapes two times like this, and then you conform it, both of them at the same time. So select both of them. Right? Click, former shape, sorted line white. You see, now I can do both of them at the same time. It's better. So maybe instead of doing this like I did here one by one, you can actually first alliance and then format all of them around like this. So this looks fine. And now seen that I did these lines here. They look rather horizontal here. I think this this looks coherent. The one here doesn't look coherent. So I would like to change this one. Let's try to see if this can be done like this. No, probably not. No. So I'll just redo it. I think this right now. I feel it looks better 12. Creating a custom 3D box: So after these founders go to the shoe store, take the pictures, upload them online on the website, and when they sell them, they go back to the shoe store. They buy the shoes, the package them and then they send them to the customer. So let's illustrate the fact off packaging these shoes So we need an icon for a box or package type package. Maybe he's better. And also, let's find something in three D like this. You will see what will make it slightly more beautiful in three D and maybe was some others think around it, which makes it a bit more beautiful. For example, this one was the heart right? Let's take this one with the heart. All right. So go ahead. Inserted here, Krupp. The water credits out, resize it and let's first of all, we will put it here in the middle because you will see we will animated in a beautiful way . But for now we need to create it first. So first of all, do this completely white. Don't do the artistic effects here because once you will resize it afterwards, it might not keep the effect. So just put the contrast maximum 200 to make this box white. And now let's fill up this empty space here to make it seem like it's a three d box. So here we need to be a bit creative. So going insert shapes and choose here free form shape. So now you can create a shape, whichever you want. So do like this. Stay with them. State basically exactly on the border off these books do this shape here. Don't worry about the fact that it's not very beautiful and do exactly the same for all the other sides like this. This one here can be a bit more complicated because you need to go around the heart. Yep. Like this. All right. And finally, the heart itself. Okay, so now we need to change the colors of these things, but I actually see that here it doesn't. You can see the transparency of it. So let me make it bigger like this. Okay, so first of all, select all of them and take out the outline. No outline. And now, in order for this to seem like a three d box, remember, we put a shadow to this pictures, so it seems as if the light was coming from here from the left. So this surface here has to be brighter than this to. So let's find a good color for this. Let's say this blue. Now, let's say this blue here and that's to ones here. A darker variation off this blue. Yeah, something like this. Slightly darker. And the heart here will obviously let's make it. I don't know pink. It doesn't fit. I slightly pale pink like this. Yeah, this is better. Okay, so now what we have to do is first of all, group all these objects together, including the box. Okay, Right Click group group. And now we need to send back all these shapes, so click on them once they're grouped. Right click sent to back. Send to back. Sent to bag sent to back. Okay, now we have our books here. And just for fun. Let's also add a picture off the shoes on this side here. So it's clearly understandable that these shoes are inside this box. Okay, So copied This here, put it here. Rotated, Obviously. So it fits the perspective and then make it smaller and even small, more small, like this. Okay, and group it together with everything else. All right, So we have our box with the shoes inside, and these books will be positioned here. But don't worry. We will do the animations later. Like I already explained. So that's the box. 13. Finalizing the end slide: And then finally, what I want to do is to symbolize that this box is sent to a customer. So let's say that it's put on the truck. So let's find a night for a truck and let's find something which is empty here because we will sort of position the package on the truck itself. So something like this. But I don't like this one. Yeah, this one looks looks OK, All right, so let's insert it, make it white. And let's add a line underneath it just the same as this one's. But align this time, not a curve, Right? So don't click here. Click here lying. Wait, where is it like Let's put the line under the truck and go at the end off the slight so you can even make it go slightly beyond. So you're sure that you don't see any space here between the line and the edge of the slide . Now let's formative exactly the same way as the others. All right. Okay, that's it. Basically, these are all the items that will be shown on our final video. Now all we need to do is to animate them. So once you have all these settled, let's do the animations 14. Entrance Animations: So now we will be doing the animations. But on second thought, I'd rather make this truck the same style as we did here. So artistic effects line. But because it's so bright, we don't see them. So let's put it at 60 all right? It probably looks better this way. Okay, From now on, we will do the animations. So if you're satisfied with all the position off the items on your slide, that's fine. You can also change them later, but it's preferable to finish sort of the end slide. How the video will look at the end first before doing the animations. So if everything is okay on your side, let's proceed with the animations. So, first of all, let's start with the founders. So they're walking right. They are arriving from somewhere and going somewhere, so let's make them appear from outside of the slide. So click on this founder animations fly in, but obviously not from the bottom. Click on effect Options here and from left now do the same for the other one. By the way, if you cannot click on the other one because there is another object in the front, that's what I'm not able to do right now. For now, you can just move this object and make this one first, and then you will replace the correctly. So flying from left. Now click here animation pain, and here you will see the list off all your animations. So let's make some more effects to them. So first of all, replace this founder here correctly, and let's make this one appear at the same time, but slightly afterwards. Let's leave both animations. It's not very interesting to see, So if we do this 2nd 1 click on the arrow here ethic, options, timing and delay. At 0.2 seconds now it will make slight change like this. It's a bit better. Okay, so we're good with the founders. Now let's animate this line also appear from the left side, so click on wipe, and here you can either do it also from left bottom, right or top, so you need to see which one fits better. But here it's either bottom or left, but I think it's more vertical rather than horizontal, So I'd say from bottom and now this shape has to appear. So what I like is this animation Zoom and let's play for now, see how it goes, right? So this one has to appear either afterwards this line like this. Or I think it's even better if it appears at the same time like this. It took. So if we tried the whole animation, it's doing something like this. It's okay. This steps are fine. Now let's only made this line exactly the same way White from left like this. Now we have the pictures, So forget about these books. For now, you can put it on the side. So later, for the purpose of this exercise, we will add sound effects when we will edit the final video in another software. But you will see the point here now is to make them appear normally without any specific effect, because it will look more like a picture because it will add to this photo sounds. So click on three of them. Select three of them and they just animation appear but a delayed. So now they appear all at the same time. That's not what we need. Click here. Timing DeLay 0.2, and here timing DeLay 0.4. So let's see which one appears first. Ah, yeah. I think that this one here should appear first. It would be better in order to do this, you change the order here. So you see, when you click on this, this is this picture here which is highlighted with number four. And we needed to appear first. So take it here and drag it on top. Now click here and select Start on click. And this one select with previous that. This one doesn't have this 0.2 seconds delayed. So you need to click here again. Timing. And at 0.2, let's see which ones appear when? All right, this is good. So now also lead. Let's make this one appear right after this free form shape, or maybe even at the same time. Let's see what happens. No, this is not very good. So, yeah, after after Pius after this line. All right? Actually, I think it's even too fast. So let's put 0.3 seconds for this one and 0.6 seconds for that one. Okay. All right. This is good. Now let's keep doing exactly the same thing. This line wipe from the right and let's make this Quran appear just like the shoe store with Zoom at the same time with the previous this. Like this. Like this. OK, this is good. 15. Exit Animations: So now what we need to illustrate is that this line here appears When the founders get some sales, they go back to the shoe store, they buy the shoes and they package them. So if we keep all these lines while we do that, it will not be very clear. So this line hasn't appeared yet. So while we make it appear, let's make these two lines here disappear. Okay, so click on this one. Wipe effect options from right, and now select this line and this line at the same time and click on add animation. This is very important because if you click here, you will basically just change this existing animation. But what we want to do we want to add an additional animation. So add animation, exit, wipe. And obviously the whitening also has to make sense. So this one, when it's wiped, it has to go from the left and this one that's to go from the right, and both of them have to start exactly at the same time. Is this one? So with previous Now let's try to see what it creates. Yeah, here, that's it. We just wanted this lines to disappear. Actually, you know what? Let's make this one also disappear at the same time because we need to show that they're going back to the store. So we will need to re show this line once again afterwards. So wipe from let and with previous Let's see. All right, So the story goes that, like I already said, they sell these shoes, they go back to the shoe store. So let's redo the animation for this line. And this lying here. Yep. Once again, click on add animation. This is extremely important. Wipe from button. Add animation White from left. If you don't do this, as I already told you, you will simply change the existing animation and it will make a mess. 16. Simultaneous Entrance and Exit: all right. And here comes the packaging part. So what we need to do is that we need to make this pictures disappear somehow nicely while we make this one here appear. So select all three of them and then go to add animation exit and click on more exit effects. So what I like for this one is to use Spinner. Okay. Like this. Wait, I don't know if you saw it. Not this one, but this one spinner. And to contrast with the fact that this one's spin and disappear somewhere, we will make this box appear at the same time, using our usual zoom like this. Put the box here right in the middle and click here and select. Start with previous. I don't know what will happen. Let's see. So the fathers come, they go to the shoe store, they make the pictures, they upload them on the website, they sell them, they go back to the shoe store and they package the three pictures. Yeah, I think it's good. Um, maybe we need to add a slight delay. Very little delay to this box. Here. Let's try 0.2 and see how it goes. all right. I think this effect symbolizes the fact that the shoes like it. Just one of them is packaged inside this box. It is good. 17. Morph Transition: So now, finally, for the last part off this animation, we need to take this box here. Okay? Position it on the truck and make both the truck and the box go away from this light somewhere on the right, which will symbolize the shipping, the transportation off these books. So there are several ways to do it off course the reason animation, which will allow you to shrink the size of this box and to move it here. But we don't need to make it that complicated, because since power 0.2017 there is an amazing new transition which will do all of these automatically. So let me show you. Go here where you have all your slides. Click right. Click duplicates light. Okay, so have exactly the same slight. Now take out all these animations here. So what you can do is that you can click control a once you select one animation, then you click control a or you select all of them and just click delete. So this slide has no animations at all. Okay, Now take this box here and position it exactly as you want. So positioned here. Change size up by the way again. You see, if I use this here, doesn't keep the proportions. So hold shift and Denver sizes. Oops. No, I didn't want to move the truck like this. Human. Smaller. You know what? If this happens to you all the time, just take this truck right click and send to back now. It will not happen anymore. Okay? So let's make something that makes sense. Which is this? Okay. Now you wonder how is it going to work? Right? So it's very simple. Click on transitions here. So transitions are not animations, transitions. It's between these two slides here. And I will talk about them or in detail at the end of the scores, of course. But the for the purpose of this exercise, just select transition called morph. As you can see, basically what it does is that when you copy everything from that slight, you copy the same slide. It remembers the objects as the war in the previous light, and it will just apply the changes that you made to them automatically. So this is really cool. So you have this light here. Everything appears we have our box. And now there's a transition to the slight. Yeah, OK, we just need to dilate these pictures on the second slight. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense. Of course, because they changed. They disappeared. Right? So, like this, we have our box transition. Okay? And I did the same mistake for the line for this line here. So on the second slide, let's also dilate this line. Oh, by the way, you know what? We can also delayed this line. As you will see, it will just disappear by itself. Thanks to this more transition books. Here we go. This is very simple. 18. No transition and line moving animation: finally lasting. What we need to do is to make this truck and this box go somewhere on the right so you can once again select both of them and add transition lines like animations which will push them somewhere. But it's better to group them and make it all happen at once. The problem is that if you group them now, this will be considered as a different object compared to here. And so the morph transition will not work anymore. So then you play with power point. You duplicate this light again. You make no transition here. Let's see if we have any animations. Now we have no animations, and here you group these objects together. So on this slightly are not grouped. But we only need this light to make the more transition from this box and position it here and then we need to group them. So we make this life. But no one will notice this transition. No one will notice that these are two different slides. So finally, we need to add the last animation here. So select this. Add animation and lines. Okay, so this land goes down. But that's not where we need it. So zoom. And so the green one is where it begins and the red one is where it ends. So put it somewhere further, away from the slight. Keep it horizontal. If it's further away, the acceleration off this truck will be more obvious. Let's see here it just goes. So also, what you can do is that you can click on animation pain and here select with previous It means that it will start right when they slide. Appears so you don't need to click endlessly. So let's see all of this from the beginning. So the founders rife goes to the shoe store, make the pictures, upload them on a website, sell them, go back to the shoe store, package the shoes and shape the shoes to the customer. That's it. We have our video. I mean, we don't have the video yet, but we have everything that we need on the power point to create this video. And from now on, this is very simple. You need to record the animation off this video. You need to time the animations. So this is something that we will do right afterwards 19. A Short Interruption: Hey there and sorry for this very brief, very short interruption. I really hope that you're enjoying this class. And if you do, go ahead and click on the follow button here, Right when you click here, you will be notified whenever I publish new classes. And they actually have many off them, most on the topics related to power point. So I loved creating new designs with Power Point and I have videos. I have transparent animations also something that is not very known, that you can do with Power Point and Adobe Premiere or another video editing software. So in order to find my projects, you can simply click here right on my teacher name, and then you will see all my other projects. So, as I said, I have full screen videos like this one. But also Polaroid effect posted effect lists lower thirds like your names and stuff like this. So do check it out. And also once again, if you enjoy these classes, please leave me review right. You can click here review and then here liver view. And you can rate this class and it will help all the new students who are thinking about starting one of these projects to decide whether it's a fit for them or not. And I will be really grateful to you if you leave me some of this reviews. So without further ado, I let you continue this class and hope that you'll enjoy it. Thanks. 20. Recording the times and Exporting the video: so to export all of this as a video, we first need to record the timings. So the exact timings off each of these animations and also the transition between the slides. So technically, there are two options to do this. But honestly, only one of them is a good one. It's a realistic one. So first of all, I'll just tell you so you know. But basically you can set the transitions here advanced slight after a certain number off seconds or animations. You can also time them in the animation pain and setting them one after another. But obviously this is absolutely crazy. And it doesn't work in practice, especially when you have a big, complex videos. Because what we did here is rather simple is just for the demonstration. So the actual way to do that is to record these animations by yourself by playing them. So go here on slide show. And first of all, unclip this on click play generations and then on click show media controls. And here you have two options rehearse timings and a record slideshow. So what we need to do is rehearse timings, so kick here and now you see the recording started. You can see the seconds going here. So this is basically the transition and animation timings recording themselves. And now I will start clicking on the arrow keys off my keyboard on the right. So advancing the animations and the slides, right? So I'm doing this, and every step here is recorded precisely as I press the keyboard key. That's it. So now I recorded this whole power point presentation and the total time for your slide show was 41 seconds. Do you want to save the new slight earnings? Yes. Now everything here is registered and you can actually see it. For example, when you click on transitions, it's written after 32 seconds after three seconds. So and the animations, everything has been recorded. But don't worry. It's actually extremely easy toe. Undo it and redo it if you make mistakes. So this is not a problem. So then what you do you save. Obviously I save all the time and then you go on file export. Create the video here, make sure that it's HD In the previous versions of Power Point, it could only go up to this resolution here and from 2017. I think you can do this one and yeah, leave this use recorded timings generations. That's exactly what you did. And then they got great video as simple as that. So let us name it just for the test save. And as you can see here, this is the progress bar for the video. So now I will accelerate my screen cast recording because it does take some time to ah, generate this video. All right, so let's see the result. So that's our video. I didn't start clicking until something like 10 seconds. Maybe, right here goes all right. As you can see, we have our video. It's very good quality. No problem with that. But I will talk more about it at the end of this course because sometimes there can be losses off quality if you have too many things on your slides. But generally speaking, it works very well. And obviously, for now, witches did a very simple video. And also it doesn't have audio, right? It doesn't have any sound. And so this is something that we will talk also at the end of this course is how do you do it with sound. So do we do it on Power point or not? Or do you record the audio first? And then you assemble the audio and the video file together? That's the option that I prefer. This is what I do. But basically, I will explain to you all of this in the later sections off this course because it's slightly different. Then we go into video editing What I wanted to start teaching to you. Waas. Exactly how do you do the best kind of videos on power point itself? So that's what we're going to keep doing with the next project. However, if you feel like you already master all of this, you can skip the next project and go directly to the section where I talk about the details , the video editing and stuff like this. But honestly, I advise you to do the second project as well, because every time I do one, I show some new interesting things to it. All right, So see you in the next lecture 21. Congrats! Now you can move on to Part 2: congratulations for having completed your first Power Point video project. If you enjoyed it, please let me know by rating it using Tom's up or thumbs down. As I've said before, there are several parts to this course. So this was part one. Now he can move on to Part two, and the link to it is in the description of this class. In the second part, we're going to create an animated infographic video about Ellen Mosque again. Everything was PowerPoint. Only then there will be Part three. The last video project in Part three will mainly play with animated three D models inside Power Point, which is really cool. And we're going to do it about astronomy after you complete Part three, you can move on to the technical part for where I will teach you how to use a video editing software to edit correct mistakes at music sound effects and more to your Power point video . Finally, Part five will be a recap off all the important theoretical aspect about the visual design off your video. So see you in Part two