Create Beautiful Product Mockups with Adobe Photoshop | Casey Sibley | Skillshare

Create Beautiful Product Mockups with Adobe Photoshop

Casey Sibley, Artist, Pattern Designer, Maker

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11 Videos (1h 17m)
    • Introduction + Class Overview

    • Photography Tips: Creating Your Own Mockups

    • Starting a New Project in Photoshop

    • Editing + Cleaning Your Photo Background

    • Changing Color of Objects in Your Photo

    • Adding Pattern Masks

    • Adjusting Pattern Details

    • Saving Images From Photoshop

    • Styled Mockup Examples

    • Online Mockup Example: Paper Bags

    • Online Mockup Example: Wine Bottle

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About This Class

Click here and here for the product mockup files I found online for the last two lessons of this class!

When it comes to launching a new product line, one of the most daunting tasks is making and photographing products for your website and catalogs...especially if you have multiple colorways, patterns, or styles for one product. It's expensive and time consuming, and you just want to start selling your awesome work already!

Now you can master the art of the lean collection launch with this crash course in building product mockups in Adobe Photoshop. 

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Create your own product mockups from scratch
  • Photograph your product mockups on an inexpensive homemade backdrop
  • Color correct and clean photographs
  • Superimpose your custom patterns and artwork onto products to create beautiful product photos
  • Prepare your photos for your website, catalogs, linesheets, and portfolio

I've been selling my handmade products online and to stores for years and have used product mockups for everything from making scale and color decisions with my original textile designs (check out my Pattern Design Class!), to building catalogs for the wholesale market.

Learning to create product mockups has saved me days (weeks?) of work by enabling me to make and photograph a product once for multiple styles.

Creating product mockups also comes in handy if you are a pattern designer who wants to build a portfolio of work to present to licensing clients. Show them how amazing your work looks on an endless array of products with the skills you'll learn in this class!

Prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is helpful, but certainly not required to take this class. While this is not a comprehensive lesson in all the capabilities of Photoshop, I'll demonstrate each step and how to use my favorite tools so you can jump right in and start building your product mockup files with confidence. 

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Casey Sibley

Artist, Pattern Designer, Maker

Hi! My name is Casey Sibley, and I'm an artist and pattern designer in Lansing, MI. I have a line of handmade homegoods and accessories adorned in my original pattern designs. In addition to selling my work online, I also wholesale my products to retailers all over the U.S. and Canada, and license my art for other companies' products.

Over the years, I've taught myself to grow a business from scratch by practicing my craft and learning from others who came before me. I'm here to sh...

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