Create Beautiful MANDALA DESIGNS | Aerie North | Skillshare
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14 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview + Class Project

    • 3. Adobe Illustrator Set Up

    • 4. Creating a Grid with Circles + Lines

    • 5. Math (just a little bit of math)

    • 6. Purple Artwork

    • 7. Indigo Artwork

    • 8. Blue Artwork

    • 9. Green Artwork

    • 10. Orange Artwork (Should be Yellow Artwork. Corrected in the next lesson.)

    • 11. Orange Artwork

    • 12. Red Artwork

    • 13. Tidy up + Black Background

    • 14. Final Thoughts


About This Class

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I have been wanting to create an Art + Design Class Series for adults + school aged children with ADHD + ASD for a very long time.  But as someone with ADHD, it took me a very long time to organise my thoughts and design the class in a format that teaches people with ADHD + high functioning ASD.  

Through detailed examination of the teaching methods that help me to learn, and my years teaching art to people with ADHD + ASD, I developed an online class structure that is designed for the ADHD + ASD creative mind.  

The classes in this series offer high quality, brief lessons that help one to focus, learn, and enjoy the process or learning by doing.

In this Mandala Design class, I go straight into teaching how-to create a mandala like the one in the image below, without a long, boring tutorial of how-to learn every minute detail of Adobe Illustrator. Instead, students learn Adobe Illustrator by doing the class project.  

The lessons are brief allowing students absorb the content without being overwhelmed.

People with ADHD + ASD often face discrimination in the workplace.  I design these classes in a way for students to learn a marketable skill that can help them gain employment or start a creative business as an artist or graphic designer.  

The content in this class is:


Overview + Class Project

Adobe Illustrator Set Up

Creating a Grid with Circles + Lines

Math about the Grid

Purple Artwork

Indigo Artwork

Blue Artwork

Green Artwork

Yellow Artwork (Or Orange, hmmmm, you'll have to watch the lesson)

Orange Artwork

Red Artwork

Tidy Up + Black Background

Final Thoughts

If you do not have Adobe Illustrator, you can download a free trail on

or watch this 4 minute YouTube video explaining how to get Adobe Illustrator CS2 for free.  

Click HERE for the YouTube video.  

For updates about classes please join the email list on

I look forward to seeing your mandalas in the Project Gallery.