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Create Beautiful Landing Pages with Canva

teacher avatar Ronny Hermosa, My goal is to make YOU a better designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. Introduction & What you'll Learn

    • 2. Build simple websites … with Canva!

    • 3. Create a landing page to grow a Facebook group

    • 4. Create a mini website to promote an event

    • 5. Insert multimedia content with Link Media (coming soon)

    • 6. Tips to create better websites with Canva

    • 7. Publishing different kinds of websites

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About This Class

It has never been easier to create websites! 

In this course, we are going to learn how to create simple websites and landing pages with Canva 2.0. We will be building 2 different projects together:

  1. a Landing Page to invite people to discover a Facebook group and
  2. a simple Website to promote an event with an e-mail opt-in.

 Everything will be designed with Canva!


not showing? Click this:

We could think of 50 different reasons why you would need a landing page: promoting an event, a new song you just produced, driving traffic to a social media account, selling a product, creating a portfolio, etc.

Before it was quite time-consuming to create such landing pages or sometimes expensive (via membership platforms and softwares). Now you can do all this directly from Canva, and this class will show you exactly how. 


Class Outline:

  1. Build simple websites … with Canva!
    I'll start by giving you an overview of the new Canva 2.0's feature: "Publish as a website". I'll go over everything you can do with it.

  2. Create a landing page to grow a Facebook group
    This will be our first project: together we will create a landing page to invite people to discover and then join a Facebook group. We will design all the pages in Canva and then publish as a scroll down website. This page can be reproduced for many other types of social media accounts.

  3. Create a mini website to promote an event
    I will then show you how to create a mini website to promote an event. Similarly, we will design everything in Canva, use third-party resources to fetch icons and create an email opt-in form and then publish as a website. You will then be able to re-create similar pages for other events you want to promote.

  4. Insert multimedia content with Link Media
    In this lesson, I'll tease a new feature that will be available in Canva 2.0 soon: the ability to add all sorts of media (video, GIFs, music, etc.) to your Canva websites & presentations. This will show you how powerful these mini-websites can be. 

  5. Tips to create better websites with Canva
    Next, I'll give you 10 tips to create better websites & landing pages with Canva. This should speed up your workflow and make you look more professional. Also, in this lesson, I'll share with you 15 different landing page ideas so you never run out of inspiration!

  6. Publishing different kinds of websites
    Finally, I'll talk about the 4 different styles of website Canva has in store for you. This should help you decide what's best for your projects.

As I was saying: it's never been easier to create a website! So what are you waiting for?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ronny Hermosa

My goal is to make YOU a better designer


Hi there, 

Thanks for visiting my profile! 

I teach about Canva and everything related to visual marketing. Indeed I believe that people still judge the book by its cover and in our age of content overload, if you want to get noticed, you'd better be on point with your visuals! 

Canva is a powerful option when it comes to creating graphics and visuals because it is free & easy to use. The heart of Canva is its template library (60.000 available to date) that will help even the most inexperienced designers come up with great visuals in no time! 


Originally I'm a video producer, I'm the founder and CEO of a Nonprofit which helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organizations communicate better, especially about the impact ... See full profile

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1. Introduction & What you'll Learn: Canada is known for a company that likes to push boundaries and always challenge the status quo. They like to be the destructive player, always inventing new ways to empower us to create better design. As a matter of fact, canvas Moto is designed anything published anywhere. And in this section we are going to focus on the second part of this Moto publish anywhere , indeed, one of the biggest surprises, if not their biggest surprise for me. Why discovering the new can by two point no was to discover that we can now publish our designs as a website. Now, I know some of you would argue you could do that before Ronnie. Yes, I would say yes. But it is true that we could already publish our designs as a website before or I wouldn't say website. But I would say publish our designs online. We would get a special Ural and why clicking this year and you would see the design. But that doesn't make it a website. What is different in Canada 2.0, is that now they have really put some thought into this feature and empowered us with a bunch of new tools to create simple website and landing pages. One of them is that these pages and websites now look good both on a desktop and on a mobile device. But don't get me wrong guys. The website and simple landing pages you will design with Can Va will not replace your main website. Indeed, there still missing some key features for website or landing page, like the ability to host it under your own domain, like your private Europe or, for example, the possibility toe Amber Orc sorts of media like video. And they're not ASIO friendly. So you're not going to ditch a WordPress and replace it by a candle made website? Not now, and I believe not ever. Indeed, I don't think this is what can vies aiming for with this new feature. They are not aiming at becoming the new WordPress. My intuition would lead me to believe that their arm or inclined to becoming some sort of dragon drop landing page builder, making it super easy for everyone to design beautiful landing pages. But let's not play the Nostradamus any longer and instead dive into this new section of the course dedicated to create its simple website and landing pages with camera. I always start by reviewing the new camera. 2.0 features publish as a website That should give you a pretty good overview of all the tools you have at your disposal within Canada to create simple websites. We will then get to work and create too simple websites together. That would be the core of this section. So the creation of these two many websites. Next there will be an entire lecture field with tips on how to create better website with Camba and then in the same lecture, I will go over a bunch of different website ideas or landing page ideas. In other words, answering the question. What is this new feature? Good for What can I do with it? And finally, in the last lecture of this section, we will look at the different publishing options and what kind of websites you can actually create with Camba 2. Build simple websites … with Canva!: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a website directly from Canada. So this is probably one of the most exciting new features about Canada. Two point. Oh, and not many people are talking about it right now, but it's going to make a lot of noise on. I'm talking about the publish as a website. So this feature is a feature available for all can by users free users and can before work users. And it's here directly under the publish button. So if you click on publish, scroll down and you will see websites. So if you click there, then you have a drop down menu and drop down list right here under Web style, and you have different options. You have classic navigation scrolling presentation that we have seen already in the previous lesson, and then we have standard, so these are or styles off website that you can export your designs into. So to show you how this work I have created the structure here of a very simple website, I have created a few pages that basically introduced the work we're doing in our Facebook group dedicated to Can Va learn to design with Canada, so there's a home page. Then there is another page, the second page that explains a few of the reason why you should use Can va. It's free. It is to use blah, blah, blah. Then there is a page that explains the different perks off being a member of our group. Then there's a testimonial call to action on about me about the admin section, one more testimonial and then the final call to action so you can export or publish any of your designs as a website. This new feature is very interesting because it opens many doors. Many organizations don't have the time or the knowledge or even the budget create a website , though they desperately need one. So this little feature right here might not seem much. But for many organization, it could be a game changer because they can create themselves very simple websites or very simple landing pages that will allow them to quickly get their website up and running. I mean, in less than an hour with this specific feature, you can design a very basic website with Canada and publish it. Of course, it does not have all the benefits off having your own website off hosting your own website , for example, You can not host this under your private domain name, so I cannot have, like Ronnie that come with this specific website. It will always be canvass dot com slash along your l. But there are ways around this you could use like you're in short, ners like bit Lee or Google Toe make this your ol, which is quite long to make it shorter. But what I'm what I'm saying is that this feature allows everybody to get a website up and running in a few hours. I would say if you if you really take the time to work on it. So let me show you how this design here, which is eight pages long, looks like when I publish This is a website. So let me try. I goto publish, scroll down to website and then I will try the second option right here that says crawling . So I want this to be kind of like a long landing page, so I just want people to get on the page and scroll down to access the different pages of these documents that goes crawling. So once you've chosen deception, you just go open website and then you see canvas opening. This is a website. So now if I copy this u r l and opened this in a new browser, See, this is a new browser case. This I just want to show you guys that this is not inside of Canada anymore. This is just a simple you're up with your design and you can see my website right here. So I'm just crawling down with my mouth and I can access the different pages of my design. And you can see here that I've made some of the elements clickable. So if I click here, it will open a new window and direct me directly to the Ural in my link. So this is pretty awesome. It's not just that you can publish your designs, but you can really create website with clickable links. So this is a very interesting feature and you see that the link here is my Facebook group, So this is very useful and a few things come to my mind immediately. For example, if you are organizing an event, you want to create a very simple website that basically terrace people where the event is going to take place, what time, what is the price or who is going to speak at your event? If you have a very small business, for example, you're just starting and you don't have much money to spend yet. But you need a website because everybody needs a website. Or maybe you run a non profit as a side project and you don't have much budget for your NGO for your nonprofit, but you still want to have a website. Or let's say you want to create a very quick landing page for a new product that you're selling, or even if you want to present your resume in a more attractive way, you could create a resume and export. This is a website, and that would allow you after having sent your resume by email. Like a simple PDF toe. Also have a link for people to check out your resume online. It could also work for students who need to create projects or presentations off course. They can create this simple basic website with Canada and have something to impress their classmate with, or even their teachers. I'm also thinking about artists who want to present their portfolio in a very simple way, so you could create very nice layout within Canada and export. Everything is a website. I believe this is a game changer, really. They still need to be some improvement on it, so it just a question of time. So overall, this is a great feature that can vies, bringing here in Canada to Pino. They decided to leave this in the free version, though it could very well be like a paid version because it is powerful. So let's be thankful for this feature and jump to the next lectures where we would start creating our very first websites with Canada. 3. Create a landing page to grow a Facebook group: Okay, guys, let's do this in this lecture, I'm going to show you how to create a simple landing page like this one toe. Invite people to join your Facebook group, so you may or may not already know that. But there is a companion Facebook group for all my students, and it is called Learn to Design with Can VA on the group has been growing steadily. We are now a little bit over 2000 and 200 members in the group, so it's I'm very happy about how it grows. And so the first project I wanted to create with this new publishes a website feature, is to create a landing page that invites people to join our group because I think you can get a lot of value from this group. So that's what we are going to do in this lecture. This time. I'm going to proceed a little bit differently, and I will not show you how to design this landing page from scratch, because I think by now we have, and you have already created enough projects to know a little bit your way around the program and how to build these pages but that doesn't mean I'm not going to hold your hand and show you how to do it. It's just that I'm going to start from an already created project. So this one, um but I'm going to reverse engineer every element in this project so you can recreate exactly the same if you wish. But I would suggest that you use these information to create whatever you need for your Facebook group. Or it could be something different than a Facebook group that you want to promote. It could be a Facebook page. It could be a linking profile could be a linking page, whatever of news to Graham account. But the logic is the same. You will create a landing page and giving a bunch of different information on different pages so the structure will be similar, and you can have as a call to action whatever suits your purposes. Right. So, um, I'm going to show you how I made mine and the structure that I used first, I created a page which is a like a welcome page giving, giving my visitors a good sense of what it is that they are looking at. Right. So I used the same titlist on my Facebook group learned to design with Canada, so learn to design with Canada. And then I also used the same sublime like subtitle as in my Facebook cover picture like video tutorials, project reviews and design courses. I think this is important that you say straight from the first page of your mini website of your landing page. What this group or whatever you're promoting is all about. Be clear about the value you're providing to your audience. So what's on this page? First, there is a wide background here in the background. You can see it. It looks like a frame. It's actually a background. If I move this one, you can see it. And then there is another rectangle, which is a Grady int. So in order to find this one, I just typed ingredient in the search bar. You have to make sure you're on the elements tab. Okay, I have to type it again ingredients and then can valued proposed me different types of great and so basically I used this one and I just scale it at the right side. So I'm going to delete this one only to see this there. Okay, so then I used the funds that I wanted sub fonts. I have two different funds in here. I have as wild and open south. So I would suggest to use two different funds for your whole landing page your whole website and don't go over two funds because otherwise it becomes a little bit too much on. That's not very good for your visual identity. Feel free to use your brand style guide to go and pick up the funds that you selected in there. If you want this to be very consistent with your branding or if you want to break away from this and create something a little bit mawr, um, not so aligned with your brand. Maybe it's a side project like me. It's not a fair trade connection project, this one. So I want to break away from my visual identity. And so that's why I'm selecting other funds. So basically my tighter subtitle, and then with canvas because we have the canvas logo directly in Canada, you can find it by typing Can va. And then there's a whole section called I Love Canvas, so I just used this can vary logo right here. And these Spencer's as well. The these are dispenser, actually that I just rotated around and this is a photo of me without a background. So by now you probably have noticed that I have a lot of these photos without a background that I use everywhere I use them in my courses. I use them on my Facebook group on my covers and etcetera. So these are very useful. And I have created a folder here in Canada with runny with no background. So I have a bunch of different photos of me here without background that I use all the time . This is very useful. The way to do this, you can. They have photographer to take some nice photos of you with the white background or with a green background. But I would recommend white because the green can sometimes reflect some kind of green glare on yourself, which is not so nice. So have a good photographer shoot your photos against a white background, and then you can use for a shop or other similar software to get rid of that background to cut off your photo. And then it is very useful. And you can use this on your source of different backgrounds like I'm doing here. Okay, so that's the first page. And I named this page welcome. I could have named it home or anything that's used. You just know that the title you will use here for your page you can rename your page. The title you will use here will be the title you have on your final website. So let me show you. I'm going to publish. This one is a website website. And then I'll have classic navigation open website there. And you can see that the first pages called Welcome. So the name you use for renaming your pages will be see Why can va If I go here, you can see why Canada So the names the titles you will give to each of the pages of your document in Canada will correspond to the menu items. So be mindful about this. This is one of the first trick I wanted to talk about, um, to really be clear about the structure off your landing page or your mini website. Right? Okay, so my second page is called Why can Va is your best option. So why can y to choose Canada? Eso I give here a bunch of different reasons because it's free because it's user friendly has a ton of awesome templates, fast learning curve and fast results. So I want people to understand the value. So I would suggest you do the same after you have your main like landing page. Like the visual that people will see first, focus on the value you bring them with this mealy website. Okay, You need to bring that value to your audience straightaway. They need to know why they are there, and why is good for them to be there. OK, so let's ah, reverse engineered this page. So this is my fund aswell that I use for my titles. This is my set front open sauce. And then I continue playing around with these pencils right here is kind of I want to insert this I want to use This is a branding elements. So I'm instead of creating a line, I'm just creating a line with the Spencers the way I did this, Um, let me show you. I just reduce their sizes and duplicated them. I copied and pasted them with the simple option of copy. So first you read you. So first you reduce the answer to the actual size you want to use, and then you copy it and then you just put them together. You can group them if you want. Just by selecting the three of them, you could group them. All right. Next is, um, another one of these Grady INTs. So it's basically the same Grady aunt as this one on my first page. I want toe to create a consistent visual identity using this color. So I'm I'm going to be using this great and this particular Grady int again and again in the document which will then become the website. So then I also use the arrow. So this little arrow, I use it as a bullet point, some kind of bullet to to state different ah, list of different elements. A list of different benefits of using Canada. So this one I found it typing arrow. So I row is something I search for regularly because I I used them in different designs. So if you go there, I think it's this one. Yes, it is this one. So I've been using this arrow right here, just changing the color and then make its very small so I can use it as a bullet. So that's pretty much it then. Ah, yes or so I'm using you. See? You can see that this front right here, Like this text right here. I use the same color as the canvas logo. Right here. So this is another one of the canvas logos. If you type can va, you will find it. Ah, yes. And I think this is this one. You can change the color to whatever you like, so I just switched it to a light color. And I believe this is even the canvas at the great color that I picked up from dispenser right here. So how you do this, you use your color picker, which is not yet a feature that Canada has incorporated in its app. So I'm using a necks tension like a chrome extension called the eyedropper, or color picker. So you will just click there and select the color you want. Then you can copy the hex code. He sticks a six a six. So that's pretty much what I did here. and then I You can basically create a new color and paste your new hex code. So that's page to a cold. It Why can Va moving on to page three? Page three is about the group itself. So why am I creating this landing page? Well, because I want people to join my Facebook group, So I need to talk about the Facebook group after I convinced people that can vies and it's a good fit for them. I want to introduce that we have a group, actually. So what's in this group? Um so what I did here? Ah, a couple of things. The background. First, you can see the dark color here. It's made of two different things. First, this, um this is a screen shut. I made a screenshot off my group. So the way I did this, I go here, I make a screenshot. You can do screenshots with different software or if you don't have any software. I think there is a key on your keyboard that says screenshots. So just have a screenshot, have a nice big resolution for your screenshot, then import this screenshot into Canada. And then when I did, I have a black solid or black background behind it. And I just gave some transparency to the screenshot A Z can see. It's like 23% transparency. So this gives this effect off my screen shut, and it looks dark because there is a black background behind it and the transparency creates that effect. Next, here in the middle, I do have a rectangle with the camera color. So this is the can va color. Um, I want to focus on this color because the group is about Canada. And then I have a few lines here that seem to have the same color as my great aunt. Right. So how did I create this? So this was probably the trickiest thing to design in this page right here. These lines here with my great insight. So the way I did this, let me show you I goto elements. And then I closed the search and I search for a grid. I'm going to create a new page so I don't mess everything up on this one, So create a new page at a new page. Okay, so I I take a grid, and when you click on it it will be full page right s. So I don't want full page, but I'm going to reduce it later. Or maybe I can reduce it already a little bit. And the nice thing about these great is that you can really give them the shapes that you want. So let's ah, let's have this foot for now. And then when I did, I re cold this Grady in background there and I just insert that into the great and now I can reduce it, make it very small. And basically what I did is to create a line so you create a line from agreed, and then you basically create a shape by copying this line and create a rectangle with it. And then you can compete again, and at some point for the size, you will have to wrote it to rotate it and make its exactly to the size of your rectangle right here so that this is how I created this shape or this, uh, this frame, I would say that has a Grady int inside of it. It's a little bit tricky because you have to play around with the size and you have to play around with the junction off. So I'm using my keyboard arrow right now to just create the connection. And you will have to zoom in on this because it's a little bit like you have to be very precise there. And then I just this something like this. So it looks okay. You could rotate this one so that yes, So that the darker color here, the purple matches with the other one and then I'll just select this one again, copy it and bring it to the other side. And again, I would have to rotate it so that the colors, the dark and the light colors match. So there we go. That's how I created this frame right here. Ah, simply by using grids, inserting my great aunt inside the grades and then creating this frame. Then once it's finished, you can go ahead and group this and use it around your blue frame right there. So this is just to show you I'm going to delete this page. Weathers is on this page. Well, I continued with my front identity, So I have Oswald and then I have opened south. I I used another little tick box here. So these ones, I found them also in Canada. I think if you put it in a tick, then you have different tickers and different things you can use for just ah creating bullet point. Let's lists. And I think this one is Let me see. It might be this one, actually. Yes, it is. This one I just changed a black color for. No, it's not. This one is this one, the red one. I just change the red color for white. And then I placed them here. I resize them to the exact size so that they fit with my lines here with my text. And then I group them, so it's easier to move next. I have a narrow another arrow searching for arrow a text, which is another. Yeah, this is my fantasy front. So I was mentioning You should have two funds. Actually, you can have three funds, but the third fund is going to be your fantasy. Phoned your accent front, the one that you will use very sparingly. Very little in your document. Ah, and you will use this as a chili paste, for example, to spice up your dish right eso use your accent front, too, to accentuate a few course toe actions or a few different things on your page on your website. But don't overuse it. Okay, so you should have two main funds and maybe one fantasy fun. So that's the one I chose. It's called Architects Daughter. Ah, and it's a very nice handwriting style kind of front. Okay, so I have start here and then I have the Facebook logo and one thing I want to accomplish with this website with this landing pages to have people come up to my, um to my Facebook group, right. I want people to join the Facebook group. So in most of my pages, I will insert a clickable link Ah, that people can use to get to the to the Facebook Group. And that will be the same your l that I'm using on different pages. See, you can you can see, click to join. So here there is a your well, you can see here down another call to action with Say, mural. And here it's again the same year, and I just want people to click, and if they click anywhere, they would go to the same link on that is my Facebook group. So next I'm going to show you how to insert a link. It's very easy. Just select on this, by the way, is just If you type in, it's just a Facebook icon that I found on Can vies Well, you can type it Facebook and you will find different Facebook logos and Facebook icons that you can use. So I found it from here. Next. Yes. Showing you how to insert a link in this logo. So you click on it, you select it and then you go This icon right here that says link and you can see there is a link of my Facebook page. You just go to your Facebook group. Ah, you copy and then you paste it here and you Bush apply. This is how you create a link here. You cannot really see it unless you click on this icon. You see the link? Um, but once we will be on the page. So let me show you the result. I think it's our group there. You can see now my mouse, it changes its form toe hand. That means there is a link inside of this so I could click and I would go to my Facebook group. All right, let's continue. The next page is a testimonial because I think you need some kind of social proof. If you want to drive people to your Facebook group or to any of your social media accounts , it is always nice to show that people are actually enjoying this Facebook group or this social media. Whatever account you want to drive traffic to eso. This is called social proof, and because the members of my group are very happy about, most of the members are very happy about what's going on in this group because I'm trying to provide as much value as possible. I review design projects, etcetera, and I try to answer people's questions. Some of them give me nice, be feedback, or sometimes they just write in the comment, all runny. Ah, this is really nice. We appreciate what you're doing for us, etcetera, etcetera. So sometimes when when this happens, what I do is that I asked them permission. A Marcia, Can I screenshot this and use this as a testimonial in ah, some of the other projects I I do or some of the other communication tours I create. And most of the time, people say Yeah, sure, we appreciate what you do, so go ahead and use our testimonial. So this is what I did. I just screen shot one off Marsha's comments in my group, and I reproduced it here on this page. So what I did I create a nice layout. This is my fund. I use the lighter version of its open south, And then I have a small photo off Marcia because I think social proof is always more powerful. When you can actually see the people who are giving this quote right, they can relate. They can see a human being right there, and it makes the whole thing seems more real. Eso I'm using a quotation mark. I think you can find some in Canada. Let me find some for you. Quote. Yes. So there are a couple of here in Canada. I think this one doesn't come from Canada, but from flat icon. If you're not happy with what you find in canvas Image library, you can use Flat icon, which is a companion website. I use all the time and you can search for quote the same thing. So I think I found this one here the advantage of Yeah, this is the one. The advantage of Flat Icon is that you can actually give these icons any color you want. You can customize them by choosing their colors. So this is pretty interesting. And that's what I did here for creating these quotation marks. All right, so I'm using this. I'm using the testimonial. And that's the main thing you can read from this page than the name. Just the first name. You don't need to go full on and give the whole name of the person, if not necessary. Uh, so, yeah, basically, that's a testimonial, A social proof. I'm using this right after the features that people will find in my group. And then I have the call to action like the proper obvious called to action Click to join. And then I have a button which records this is Grady int that have been using since the beginning. I have another photo of me without a background which add some elements off funny fun to the design, you know? And then I have an arrow that I found also in Canada. So again, I think I typed in click to find this arrow. Yes, and this is this arrow right here. Um, so that's it for this visual right here. The background that you might observe is kind of like a collection off people's Facebook profile. Ah, that kind of represent the people that are in my group. And this is actually the case. These are people from my group. So what I did to create a page like this, I'm going to show you Put it back where it waas. Um, yes. Let me show you. I'm gonna create another page at a page blank page. Okay, so what I did, I found First I found a grid, which has a lot of different placeholders. So let me show you. You go to grid or and then you have to scroll down and find some kind of grid with a lot of squared, um squared, placeholder, placeholders, but really like a lot of them. And if you scroll down to the bottom of this greed list, you will find Ah, this kind of grids. But you really have to go down a lot. So let's do this because I want to show you which one I used. So you can see that they are becoming more and more. And you have more and more placeholders. Yeah. So you see, I think I used something like that. Um, and actually make sure they look square squared like this. So by reducing the size of the grid, if you make it for screen and you have 16 by nine aspect ratio document, then every every place holder will look 16 by nine. But if you reduce this to a square, then they would start looking more like a square. And don't worry, if you're not covering the whole design, you can always cup. It is grid. And that's what I did, by the way. Ah, and then inserted here. Just make sure you respect this kind of white space, and then nobody will notice that Ah, there are actually two great in here. So that's what I did here. Actually, not that small, but you got the point. And then all you have to do is harvest. Every photo doesn't have to be the people in your Facebook group. You can be any photo, but basically let me show you from my uploads. I just harvested the photos, inserted them into Canada. And then you get kind of drag and drop them inside these greed. So that's all there is to it. You have. It takes time. I'm not gonna lie to you. It took me a long time to harvest all these photos, insert them into Canada and ah, and create this grid. But it does look kind of awesome. So that's how I did this end. On top of the grid, I have a solid you can see here. The white sided is just a white rectangle, basically with some transparency. So it has a 95% transparency. You see, if I go home or you can start seeing all these people in the background. But I wanted this to be very subtle, so I actually chose to go all the way to 95%. And then you have a nice kind of veil, some kind of like blurry effect that still you can recognize. These are people from the group, but you cannot really see their faces. You also respect there their intimacy by not showing their faces. So yeah, that's what I did here. Actually, I'm going to change this because it's not 1.4 k But we are now close to 2.3 case. So I'm just going to change this. Our community of 2.2 k can va lovers so great, I'm going to delete this page to the next page I have. Here is a page about the admin of the page A k A. Myself. So this is a page about me, and I suggest you do this as well, because people, maybe they okay, I'll join your group. But who are you? Right. You need to answer that question. You need to make people feel comfortable and give them a good reason why they should listen to you. They should follow you on social media. So I think it's always good to to have a little blurb about who you are and why people should listen to you. It's just makes sense. So this is actually one photo that I created with in a previous lesson of the camera, Mr Course, But to create this is relatively easy. You can go to the elements and you will find a shape, not a shape but ah, frame Sorry. Yes, you would find a frame which is round with the border. So this is this one, right? And then you just drop your photo inside of it. And I used a photo with a white background, so it looks white. Actually, this in this photo there is a background, but it's white. Ah, yeah. And then you can change the color of the outline of this frame. Right? So I did this. I use this on the left side of my screen. And then I have my text respecting the same font hierarchy aahs world open sounds and open songs for my body. Right here I use the same color toe accentuate different keywords as my friend. My outline right here. And I also have this line which is the same thing as I did with my great aunt. But this is just a rectangle that I shaped as I wished. I think the lines in Canada are not a great thing toe work with because they don't let you resize the lines Exactly how you wish. So I like to use with shapes instead of lines which basically I can I can get to the same result with a rectangle instead of, ah, line, for example. So that's what it is. Right here is just a pink rectangle that I made to the size of my wish on. Then that said that just try to find an interesting description of yourself. Eso my job as a video producer and digital storyteller led me to work closely with amazing entrepreneurs and companies around the world. One thing I've observed, though, is that many businesses underestimate the importance of having an attractive visual identity. Often, companies don't realize that a matter rich visuals can actually hurt their brand by conveying the wrong values and turning away potential customers. So I have created this Facebook group to introduce canvas to as many people as possible and teach them how to use it. Toe always make a positive first impression with their visuals. So you you can see that I kind of establish my authority, saying that I've worked with a lot of entrepreneurs around the world, cetera. But then I identify a pain. I observed that many of them underestimates the power of having a neat visual identity. And then I go deeper in the pain, saying this could actually hurt them and their businesses. So I then, um proposal, solution. And the solution is the Facebook Group. So I created the Facebook group to introduce canvas to as many people and help them create a positive first impression with their visuals. So I would suggest you you copied this structure. So who you are, like, established why people should listen to you. So that's your experience. Your authority then introduced the pain, go deep in the pain and then introduce a solution and how what you propose is actually good for them and shows them the way to the promised land toe the solution to a better future. All right, so I sandwiched this call to action and about me between two testimonials. So that's another testimonial are just copied. Um, the 1st 1 I copy the page and then I move it down and just replace it from, um Marcia toe edit. Uh, eso edit is another person from my group. She gave me a nice testimonial. Ah, so love, love, love this group. And I'm very picky. So I found this funny and it's short and sweet, So I wanted to include this on my landing page. So basically replace the photo replaced the quote, That's it. And then my last page, The last page of this document is the final call to action. I want people to join the group, so I just give them several opportunities to do. So s so This is just my text. Also a big one, like, big, bold text right here and then again this Grady int. So I used the same thing. It's just a great and resized it. And then I use the same front as world with high contrast white Join us now and then the Facebook logo again. The same, um, arrow right here that says click Like it suggested. Okay, this button is actually clickable. I wanted people to understand that this is clickable because maybe if you're not used to it , you see it. Let me show you, um, on the actual landing page. So that's the last one. Yes. You see this? Maybe you don't know. You can click, but the arrow here suggest that this is clickable. So I wanted to achieve this result again. The link is in there, so if you click on a link, you will see the link of the group. So that's about it. This is how you create a simple landing page. So a few things you need to remember to rename each of the pages that will create the structure of your website right here and depending on which style of website you will be using and we would cover this in the future lesson. Um, you will or will not see this menu right here on top of your website. So that's one thing. Respect everything we've learned before. That is like using funds, fund combinations, the same colors, the same style of visuals to make the whole thing look professional and consistent. So that's it. Guys, I hope you enjoy this first attempt of creating a landing page with Canada. You can see that it actually creates a pretty awesome result on a pretty awesome website. So you can copy from the first page. You can copy this and share this with anybody. You can share this with an email. You can share this. You can even put this in your email signature. There are different kinds of applications that you can do with this. So this is pretty awesome. you can. Also, as I was mentioning in the introduction, you can use a your own short, inner and paste this make this smaller. Eso There are so many different applications. You could use a cure code to drive people to this page. Ah, I think the possibilities are endless and I'm really happy that can va gives us this tool and this opportunity to create websites in, like, really no time. So I encourage you to try this technique that I just explained to You try to create a landing page that will drive people toe one of your social media accounts. I think it's worth it. And I think people will be impressed or so by what you can do. All right, so this finishes this lecture in the next one, we are going to create another mini website with Canada, but this time to invite people to join a workshop we are organizing 4. Create a mini website to promote an event: Welcome back to the course, guys. In this lecture, I'm going to show you how to create another type of landing pages or many website. But this time is going to be to promote an event that we will be organizing with a call to action to register at the end. All right, so let's do this. The first thing I want to show you is something you should be doing for every new can VA project you're starting, and that is to select and to choose the fundamentals. And so here, in this case, the fundamentals are two things. First, my color palette. I need to choose a color palette, and we'll be sticking to this color palette throughout the whole exercise of building this landing page. Right. So this will create a consistent feel and look for my landing page. So I went ahead and selected this color palette. It's called the Big Crunch on. I liked the lively green colors in here. I like the yellow green. I like this neon green on this olive green, which is kind of like a brown. So how did I find this color palette? Well, I will show you is very simple. You go to Canada and then you type in Canada that come slash colors. So this is how I initiated my search for some cool colors that I will I would be using from my website. Right. So you can go there and you will see a bunch of different colors. It's really it's really up to you what you prefer but me. I wanted a fresh look to I selected this yellow green option right here. So by clicking on it, you will get to a page that gives you more information about this specific color. So here you have a few suggested color palettes, and then you can also play with, like, different options, different filters. You have, like mono analogous, complementary and tree at. So these are already some interesting color options. Can va is really going deep into the color theories and the color palette options so used. This tool is very powerful, and if you don't find anything that you like right here, you can also click on Mawr color combinations. This is what I did to get to this page where you get basically a bunch off options off color palettes that use this, um, light green that I was that I selected at the beginning. So remember that was the first color I clicked on in the camera. Com slash colors Lending page eso because I selected this green color. Now can va proposes me a bunch of color palette, including this green. So me, I went ahead and select this one. So once you click on this one, you will get to this page So you have a photo that illustrates the color palette, which is pretty nice. And then you have all the hex codes, like the four hex codes to make your life simple. Canada also gave you the option to copy the color of code directly by clicking on the color . So this is stamped step number one. Select a cool color palette. Used tools that can be put at your disposal. Can weather come slash colors? When was the first thing? Second thing is the font combination. So this is also very important toe. Create your visual identity. You need to have this fund combo and you need to stick to it. So in my case here, I've selected to funds. The 1st 1 is as Well, so the big one. I'm going to be using this one for my titles. And the 2nd 1 is open source. So I selected the open sounds. In Canada, you have two types of open songs you have open source and open sounds light. So I like to use open sounds because then I have a two different wait for the same front, like the normal one and the light one. So I'm gonna be using both of these. Open sauce up in sounds and open sounds light throughout the document, So, yes, basically, I think it gives you more option if you can find a phone that has two different weight. All right, so let's do this. Just like in the previous Listen, I'm going to be deconstructing this can va document here that is already created. I'm not going to re create it from scratch, but I'm going to deconstructed reverse, engineer it together with you so that you can follow along and reproduce something similar . You don't need to recreate exactly the same thing, But you need to understand how I built it. And what's the logic behind every decision I made? All right, So the first page that you see here is basically like the home page. When people will land on this link on this year, well, they will see this again. I selected the 16 by nine aspect ratio presentation canvas. So this is the size off the document, like 1920 pixel by 10 80 pixel. So this is the presentation, the classic presentation mode. So that's for the format for the aspect ratio on DSO. The first light right here is what people are going to see when they land on your website. So it has my title. It has the background with my main dominant color, which is the color I found in canvas color palette. And then it has this element right here that, you see, it's kind of faded, but I did this on purpose. So this is an element that I found by searching for YouTube. I believe here in the search, the search box. And then I inserted this. I scaled it to decide I wanted, and then I decreased the transparency to only 10. So that is very subtle. It's in the background. It doesn't interfere with my text with my main title and of course. Well, I'm stating what this many website is all about. This first page needs to catch people's attention by addressing their pains, create better courses. So this is clearly aimed at getting people's attention. But not any people but online teachers, course creators, instructors. So this is my target audience, the public that I want to attract, that I want to convince with my offer. And then I specify. This is an intensive two day workshop for Ching, my based online teachers. So I give a little bit Mawr information about where this workshop is going to take place. It is an in person workshops, so it's important that I specify this is Fortune, my based online teachers. All right, the second page is the promise. So in this page I'm going to focus on the value, and I think it's very similar to the first project we did together in the previous lecture . But this one, I think it's very important to state the value that you're bringing to your audience straight from the beginning, so they need to understand. OK, what what what am I getting from this? What am I getting from this offer, which has not has been stated yet. Like the offer, the actual call to action has not yet come. But I'm stating, I'm getting people's interest with my tag line. And now I'm stating, This is the value you will be getting if you follow along with me. So the promise is produced faster. Impress your audience and attract more students. So the value you're bringing to your audience off course needs to highly be correlated to your target audience. Um, it really depends who you are trying to communicate with. In my case, it's online teachers and, more specifically, online teachers based inching my Thailand. So these people are people have had the chance to interact with have been to several meetups. I've talked to them, and I understood what their pain waas So mostly these online teachers, they're struggling with different things. It takes a long time to produce courses on, and the second pain that they're dealing with is mostly regarding the production off their courses. It takes a long time to produce a course, but also it's it's difficult to manage all the different aspects in creating good online courses. You need to shoot them, you need to find a quiet environment. You need to record your voice. Record your screen to shoot talking head videos. Eso All this is complex and also when once you have created your course with the level of quality that you can basically afford, depending on your skills and the time you have available, then you still have to promote that course and attract students. And I believe the quality of your courses will really influence the number of students you can get. It's not only the content, but also the delivery style, the way you put it out there, and this is the quality of production. So that's what we are trying to to solve the pains we are trying to address with this workshop and with this landing page, which is promoting the workshop. So this is for the content. But technically, how did I make this page? Where is very straightforward. We have a white background, then we have a photo of me with no background. So this is part of the photos that I have of myself with no background. What I did here, I adjusted the filter for grayscale, and I played around a little bit. I think with the settings? No, not even your Maybe I just boosted the brightness a little bit and the contrast. So it looks like this because sometimes when you choose the grayscale filter, it can look a little bit flat, so don't hesitate to adjust it to make it pop a bit more. Um, so that's for the photo. Then I have three icons here that seem to be customized exactly with the color of my color palette, So that's pretty cool. Let me show you how I did this. I used Flat Icon again. I told you, This is my favorite. Go to place for creating icons. So what I did first is to find three icons related to the pains I was trying toe express. So produce faster, impress your audience and attract more students. So attract more students is kind of like related to the key word growth. You know, growing. Impress your audiences more keyword quality and produce faster. It's related to time eso I used. You have to when you have to find icons on websites like flat icons, which are basically like huge search engines, you need to think in terms of keywords, so That's what I just did right here. The exercise with you guys, Time, quality and growth. So, uh, I found these icons by typing in time quality in growth. Right. So once you do this, you would have a bunch of different options. So the first thing you want to do is to try to find three icons that have the same visual style. So don't choose one, which is like black lines, thin black lines and another one which is thick purple lines. This wouldn't work. So you have to find three icons that could combine together on the same page on because you would have so many different options available that you need to find icons that are visually consistent. Sometimes you can also search instead of icons. You can search for packs, and these are some of the packs. But in my case, it was a little bit complicated because the three icons it's very unlikely that I will find the 33 icons that I'm looking for in the same pack. So I had to search individually for icons, and I had to do this extra work off, finding three icons that matched in terms of visual identity. So anyways, once you would find your economy type in chronometer, Yes, chronometer, Because time is the main keyword, I would say, but chronometer or fast could be another good keyword. So let's try to find this same icon. Is this one again so I can show you how I actually customized it? Where is it? There is this one, you see. So it was not exactly as used as you are seeing it here with my custom colors, right? It was pretty much black and white. So there is a way to customize your icons on flat icon. And for this you need to be logged in. So make sure you're logged in. If not, you have to log in. And then once you are on the icon, you can, um, select the color one and then click on edit icon And right here you have all the colors in this icon and you can use your colors. So let me let me show you. I will copy this color right here. Or actually will copy this here, which is the same thing. And then I would replace the blue here inside my chronometer for my green there and so like this, you can tweak your icons. I decided to stick with only two colors. What press white. So that three colors. So the green, the olive green and the white. Why to why limit my color as well? To make the icons mawr flat, I would say not as, um, complex as they would look like if we keep if we kept all these colors. So that's how you can customize your icons. Once it's done, you can just click on download and then you'll have a few different options for downloading . I always go for PNG and then 512 pixels. That's the highest resolution for P and G's. This will download. I will import this into Canada, and then I could align these three icons create my tight er's underneath them. This is what I did here with respecting the funds. So this is open sounds light. Ah, this one is as world, which is the text of this off this value proposition. And then the last thing I did, I added a shape right here to kind of create a background, and I centered the title right in the middle of it. right. So this is, Ah, simple shape that you can find under elements and then shape right here. Yes. This is this shape right here that you can make longer or smaller. I will delete it. And I think I gave it some transparency. Yes s Oh, this must be. Let me see. Yes, this is actually the olive green. So one of my color from my color palette, And then I gave it only 5% off transparency. It creates this gray right here. So even though you want to break away from your color palette, you can do so by playing, which, with transparency, you don't have to select a great. I could have achieved the same result here by selecting a light gray. But I started with the color from my color palette is just the tip that you can you can play around with. Let's jump to the next page. The page number three is going to be telling us, when does this workshop take place? So this life is more basic. Um so I'm calling it a slide right now, because in can fight, it looks like you are creating a presentation, right? But really once you will publish, it will be a page of your landing page or your meaning website. You will see that we re upped for the publishers of website and select the scrolling format . So that's why I'm calling it the landing page and not a mini website. Because then we won't have a menu. Is just going to be a scrolling like a long page that people can scroll, scroll, scroll and get to the bottom of it and find our court action. Anyways, this page I used the same technique. First I went to Flat Icon and I found, um, I found this icon right here, which is a calendar. So I think I typed in calendar, found this icon imported it and same thing I played around with the transparency. You see, only three. When you go the way, it's simply a black icon that I found on flat. I can important into Canada resized to the size I wanted to have on this page and then play with the transparency. This gives some kind of texture, some kind of interesting dimension toe basically a purely white background eso then again consistent with my front identity. Ah, This is Oz world for my text. And then I started to introduce lines as a separate design element. So here I am, using my olive green, um, color to accentuate. I just used these lines to give a little bit of accent to use some colors and to also make the page Not not so flat. Not so bland s Oh, this will come. I will be using these lines of spices on a dish, right to spice it up a little bit. Eso I delivered my information Saturday third, and send 1/4 of November. And then I use another icon that I found on flat icon as well, which is a pin icon. So I searched for pin I believe or location. I'm not sure exactly the keyword I would be using, but I'm pretty sure if you type in pin or location, you will find these kinds of icons in our video studio inching my I use the green color, the neon green color. This one I use very slightly overall on the document. I think that's the only way. The only time I used it, but I wanted this to stand out. I wanted this color to pop on the page, so it kind of gives this fun aspect to the page. So this page, nothing really special about it, is just ah, interesting information. Let's jump to the next page page for which is who we are. I believe that if people are going to buy something from you, they want to know who you are, right. And you need to build that authority that credibility in their eyes. So this page aims are doing just that. It will present who we are. Who are the two people giving this workshop and why you should listen to them. Why you should trust them, right? So I want to build our credibility with this page. So what did I do? First, people like to see who they are talking to. So find two photos and make this the central piece off this page. So that's what I did. So technically, these are two different things. There's a shape, a rectangular shape in the end group for you. Eso you see behind it kind of looks like a Polaroid photo, though it's not squared. But I wanted to use my rectangle photos so I don't have to crop the photos. I had these two photos. I thought they were nice. Ah, one with me and my computer and one with Deanna. Just looking smart on Da. Fresh here in the nature, but still professional, right? So I wanted to keep the photos and not have to crop them, put them in a in a shape or anything. Eso I decided to go for this format so you have a white rectangle And then I put my photo on top and I used the free extra space here underneath the photo to place my mind. My name with my front open sounds did the same here. And I respect the same filter that I applied on this photo right here. So that's another thing you need to pay close attention to when you create a project in Canada on top of your color palette on top of your font or typography, it is your imagery style. What kind of filters you will be applying to your photos and this needs to be consistent as well. So in this case, I opted for grayscale black and white. So I'm going to be using black and white for all the photos off this mini website. So this is what I did. So make sure you are consistent with your images. Die. And then I have a bunch of different icons right here. And each of these icons are clickable. I made them clickable. I inserted some links on each of these icons. Right. So these are going to be my social proof. I want to show people that I am good at producing online courses. Not only I, but also Deanna is very good at producing online courses. We want toe build that credibility among our potential students. So for this, we are going to be transparent and see OK, you can check us out. So this is my you Timmy profiled. This is my Facebook group. This is my YouTube channel in my LinkedIn profile. And I did the same. So I linked here. Everything is Deanna's social media, and everything here is running is social media, including, you know, me. So this is what I did. To do this. You can simply find all the logos you need in Canada. Except, I believe for the u Demi logo. They don't have any you DeMillo ago. I believe I just found it on. Yes, they don't. I just found it on Google. So you just type in Google, find the you Timmy logo and imported into Canada. That's how I did it. Then once you have your logos and you resize them to the appropriate size, you just click on them and click on this button right here that says link to insert your link. So nothing really special about this. We've done this before, but I believe this is one of the beauties of creating many websites with Canada Is that you can actually make the elements clickable. So that's nice, because people will just have this feeling okay, I can navigate through this website. This is a landing page. I can click on things, and I can redirect my viewers, my visitors to other pages. So do not hesitate to use this functionality in this case, in our case, to build and to show our different social media so that people can go check the south and see for themselves that Yes, indeed, these guys know what they're talking about. To this, I added a little bit of text experience. Video producers, online teachers, graphic designers, and community managers were both canvas certified creatives. So by adding this, I want to flex a little bit and to show that Okay, this is our experience. This is why you should trust us. We are the right people to show you how to create quality online courses. That's pretty much it for this page. For the background. I use my yellow green color. So that's the main dominant color. Yeah, this one little thing here, this arrow I found this on canvas by typing in click in the search box. And once you type click, you have all sorts of different graphics right here that you can use to indicate to people that they have to click. I believe it's important to not presume that the people we click because they might think, Oh, that's part of the background, you know, that's ah Oh, I didn't know we could click. I didn't know I could click on these canvas landing pages. So if you're not saying, click here to Barbara, then at least try to represented graphically like check us out and then we have this error with the little spark coming. So this implies that you can click on these links, so I would suggest you do this. Don't think that people know what to do, especially if you're creating a landing page. You need to be super explicit of what you want people to do. All right, let's jump to the next page. Page number five is our program, so this page is more like a visual page on also a statement. I wanted to introduce the meat of the document, the meat of the website, which is going to be three pages with our service what we offer. But before jumping into this, I wanted to have a page which is a little bit kind of like the reason why they should take on this program. They should jump on this workshop and learn with us. So we have put together a two day workshop for online teachers who wish to take their courses to the next level. We believe, as more and more entrepreneurs are turning to online teaching that creating high quality courses has become key to success. So this is the reason why people should take on online. Teachers should take on this workshop because there is more more competition and we believe that higher quality will bring them. We'll make them more successful as teachers. Basically. So that's just a little a little reminder, A little justification of why people should be interested in what we offer here. Ah, I make this very visual. So I'm playing around with my color palette here. This is still my open sounds light. So I I stay consistent with my front. I also respect the imagery style. So these photos are in grayscale the same color filter. So if you don't remember, you can copy, you can copy paste this color filter here on each of your, um on each of your photos to simply apply the same filter to them and then depending on the photo. Because one photo might be a little bit more exposed or less exposed or more saturated than another one, you might have to slightly adjust so that you have ah, a consistent looking style for your imagery style. All right, so this is what I did here. Off course we had these photos without background. This helps us a lot. And we just happened to have two photos off us doing having kind of like the same position where we have our hands like this. Just as if we were behind a war s o, I thought, Oh, I'm going to be using this. It's kind of funny. Um, there and then this that you see here this ah line that looks it looks like a line. It really is a rectangle. And then there is another one with my yellow green. So these are indeed rectangles, guys. So it's just a rectangle that I resized to look like a line. And then I copied it. I changed the color and made it even even narrower. So it's kind of shows is a line, but it really is a rectangle. So that's it for this page for the background I used White on then. Now we are in the meat off this website. This offer right, we are in a serious part, so there will be three pages that basically are the structure off the workshop that people are going to be following. So they will sign up for two day workshop and during this workshop will teach them different things. The first thing we will teach them is how to shoot better videos in our professional studio . So I hear I made a list with bullet points off What people we learn during this phase during the stage of the workshop. How to shoot your videos on the white or green screen, what gear you will need, how to use lighting and how to set it up, how to shoot You're talking head, how to record your screen and clean audio and and what are the classic mistakes and how to avoid them when you shoot your videos? So this is for the content Now for the style off this thing, this slide, this page I also opted for something relatively simple. I wanted a clean look, so basically white background with an accent color, which is a rectangle with my yellow green color and then I pasted agreed right here. So if you go to our elements and then grid, you can find grades similar to this one, and basically you can resize exactly to the shape that you want. So this is what I did here. I positioned the grid on both my white and the green and the yellow green color. Then again, I played with the lines to have this accent and The rest is just aligning my different elements on the page so that it looks like I respect the empty spaces. I group things together. I respect the hierarchy of my text subtext. And then my bullet points right here. So that's the first page. I would say the first main information on this website is the shooting your videos. Then I would have a second part like the workshop will unfold like this. We have a first phase where we teach people how to shoot better videos. And then the second phase of the workshop is when we teach people how to create graphics to make their courses look more professional. And for this we would be using Can Va. And then there will be 1/3 and last stage, which is teaching people how to edit this whole thing, like the graphics, videos and audio with Premiere Pro. So for this second slide right here, I decided, let's look into canvas template and see if I can find something kind of like this one. I started from scratch, but for this one, I thought okay would be nice to to vary to switch it up a little bit eso. What I did is I went into my templates and I started searching for Ah, presentation. Basically, these are presentation templates. I found this one. Yes. And you see this slide right here. So basically, I created a new page I can show you. I add a new page, and then I click on it, and then I click on this slide. So this will This gave me the baseline, and then I changed or the information for the appropriate one changed this toe. My yellow, yellow green. This is Well, I changed the front in the fund size to match my other slides. And yeah, basically, I I continue the same style, but with a different shell. And this shell is basically one off the slides from this template right here. So this could be useful sometimes to switch things up to mix them up a little bit, so it doesn't look the same. I could have created three of the same page right here, which is my page number six. Actually, page number six in page number eight are the same is the same structure if you pay close attention. But I didn't want to have three pages exactly the same because that's kind of monotonous. So I wanted to mix it up. So that's why I went ahead and found a different died for this one. Ah, this one page page number seven. So, uh, respecting the same logic, I have my grayscale photo. I have my lines and my accent colors right here I have might my main title in as World Sepp tighter in open sounds light and then my bullet point. Also, you will see that I added the canvas logo on this page because I'm mentioning that we will be using Can va to create these visuals. And also, I mentioned that we are both can va certified teachers, so adding the canvas logo with reinforce the visual aspect. Also, it gives some kind off accent tow the this page. It breaks the code if you want, like the yellow green and then the grayscale, but it breaks the CO. It jumps at you. So that's the first thing people will notice. They would see creating graphics, the main title and then the recent Kanbar logo. So this communicates very strongly very directly, that they would be using Can va. And if they know Canada, they might think, Oh, that's called I want to know how to use Can va to create better courses. So next the next page, which is very similar to Page number six, is just a different photo. And then I reproduce this technique of using the icon off the software we're going to be using this page represent the last phase off the training of the workshop, which is editing your videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. So, um, I used Adobe Premiere Pro logo the same logic as the canvas logo on this page. I want people to understand, OK, anything your videos. And then they see this because that's the first thing that they were noticed and read on this page. It communicates directly. So keep this in mind, guys, you have to. When you create any sorts of visuals, you really have to find what is the most optimum way of communicating my ideas, like the simplest way of communicating this concept, this idea to my target audience. You need to make it simple for them, and most of the time, less is more for graphic design, so make sure that you really shrink it down like the amount of information you give to the pure essential, like the essence off your message, basically make it easy for them to understand. All right. So I don't think I need to spend more time explaining the structure of composition of this slide because it's pretty much the same s page six. Then comes page nine, which is my price now that we have stated what this courses are about, what value it will bring you, why you should attend this workshop and then go into details of what you will be learning. Like stage 123 It's time to to talk about the price, right? Because at this stage, people are okay. There are other convinced or not convince. If they are convinced the next question that comes to their mind is how much so bringing this information right here. So price minimum two people maximum four people. So this shows me that we want to keep this intimate the price 10,000 but per person and then a reminder off the duration is going to be two days. This life is very simple, is just I divided the page into two with rectangle. It's a white background and it's Ah, yellow green rectangle. And then I used the same front that I've been using before. This icon right here also found on Flat Icon. I think I typed in time this time, so it's quite straightforward. I don't noted this icon. Um, this one, Actually, I don't noted this icon in black. Let me check. Or maybe the olive green. Yes, it does. This is the olive green color, um, to respect my color palette so that sit next page is kind of like a bonus when you state your price. And in this case, where it's it's a certain budget, Um, it's not cheap is not expensive, especially for the value it provides. But it's a certain amount of money is roughly what, $350. So we wanted to throw in an extra gift, and so that's the bonus page. After you stayed the price, you want to give them an extra incentive to say, OK, I add this on top, so bonus free had shot for your you Timmy profile photo or some days so because they would be in our studio, we might as well just take a good photo of them that they would be able to use for their personal branding. So I'm using the same visual identity, that imagery style for this photo, the grayscale. I'm using the same fun combination and I'm using the line with, of course, the same color palette. And then the last page right here is my call to action. Then I people will get to the to the bottom of the landing patient. This is usually where they have to take action. Otherwise, is just everything has been wasted. The time, the attention and everything. If they don't take an action and the just leave, then nothing happens neither for you or for them. So we need to take action and the call to action is click to register. We want to get people's email addresses so that we can get back to them with more information and try to close the deal. Try to have them come to our workshop, Right? So, the way I did this, I created a button eso in Canada. This is basically let me show you. This is basically ah, grid that I resized to decide. Let me show you how I did this. So I'm going to create a new page at a new page there. So I go to my elements. I select a grid, make this smaller, But this size I center it actually a bit wider. And then I went ahead and find a Grady int by typing ingredient. I think I used this one. I drop this into my grade right here. So this is what you see. And then you see slightly different colors. You can play around with this, you can zoom in, and then you can really move this around. So you have basically the Grady in that you that you'd like. Okay, pretty much like this. So this is how I created this button with the greater inside using a Great. Then I have this me and group. So this hand right here, I found it. Typing. Click, I believe. Same as before. We want to show people that there is something clickable here. So just imported this and can vies pretty cool with this, you can change the color of your hand. I think I went ahead and used white, so I'm consistent. I tilted it a little bit. So I have something like this, right? Pretty much. Then I use the same front and my information. So Saturday, Third and send 1/4 of November. I'm just reminding the date because people might have forgotten by then. Um, and then you will be redirected to a contact form. Leave us your details, and we'll get back to you shortly. So the only thing I did after this and I'm going to show you how I did this, basically is add a link to this. So the link is this one. So let's go ahead and see what this does. I'm going to taste this, and I'm going to show you how I made this. So this is a contact form, right? And you can see it's made with male chimp. So I'm using mail Chimp as my female manager. Basically, I run some email automation sequences, and I also create my list. This is where I store My email address is when people give me their email address via the can of a Facebook group or any other lending patient I might have. I'm collecting people's email, and this software mail chimp is what I used to manage these emails. So what is this? This is a male chip sign up form. So once you have a list created on your mentioned eso for for this landing page, I created a new list called People Interested in our two day workshop. And so you create your list, and then you can create a sign, a page to try to collect people's email address to go and feed this list. And the beauty of this is that mail chimp gives you quite high level off customization options so you can really customize the color of your background. You can customize the color of your funds. You can choose in between different funds. Unfortunately, they didn't have Oz world and open sounds and the funds that had been using on my landing page. But this is OK. Create better courses, workshop registration form. Be very explicit. Tell people what this is about okay on, because I'm using the same background like the same green in the background because I'm recalling one of the visuals that they had seen on my mini website on my landing page. They think they're still on the same website, and this is the power of a consistent visual identity it brings trust. It creates this consistency and people think, Oh, yeah, I'm still interacting with the same the same people here. The same thing is consistent. It doesn't break. It doesn't create a break in my visual flow sort of speak. And so this is very useful because the goal of this landing page that I have created with Can va is to get people's email right so I can get back to them and contact them to try to close the deal and sell them our workshop. Um, so the only way to do this, unfortunately you cannot do this directly with Canada would be awesome if that someday be the case. But right now, I need to use mention to do so. So use made shame to create this. 5. Insert multimedia content with Link Media (coming soon): in this lecture, I'm going to tease a brand new feature which is coming very soon to Canada, and that is the opportunity to embed all sorts of media to your presentations and websites . Thief First time I heard about this new feature coming soon was when Canada Two Pointer was actually announced because Canvas shared website, which waas telling a little bit more about each of the new features, right? And so this one was not yet there. But it appeared under the coming soon section and then recently in the Can Va in a circle group. Um, somebody from Canada asked a group of better users to test this new feature with a link. So when we clicked on that link, this is what we could see. So here we can see a Canada website and it says, add media, any media to your canvas design? As of today, I do not yet have access to this feature, but I'm going to use the website created by Canada to show you what this feature can do. And as soon as I will have access to the feature, I would create a new video update the course with the actual real deal, so you will be able to see how to use it and maybe some ideas on what to do with these features. So the promise, basically is that you can now embed or source of media on your camera websites and presentation. So let me show you First is the gift functionality, so you can now fetch gifts from different websites and just insert them on your presentation and you will have moving graphics, which is pretty cool. Ah, second And this is really powerful. In my opinion, you can embed Social Media Post. That means you can embed Instagram Post as as you can see here, this might look like a screenshot, but it's not. You can actually interact with the page. If I want to like this photo from Instagram, I can heart it. Then I will be redirected to the actual post and then I can double tap to like the photo s . So this is pretty powerful. You can embed Facebook videos and you can play them directly from your presentation or many website. So that means or so you can now drive traffic to York instagram page to your Facebook video . Um or to a Twitter post like this one. You can drive traffic with your camera website many websites, so this opens up a whole new area of possibilities to drive traffic to a specific post to a specific offer, or to a specific piece of content that you have created. Let's say you have a Facebook group like myself and you want to drive traffic to a specific post. You can now create a website with Canada and embed your post your video in the Canada website, so that's pretty cool. There is another example here with interest. Next thing you can do, you can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos straight to your website, all presentation. So this again is pretty cool and it's playing directly inside the candle website or presentation, so this is also very cool. Then you can insert music from Spotify, soundcloud or iTunes, so this, too, is very powerful start. So this is pretty cool. Same here with iTunes. This'll only shows you the beginning of what you can start doing with these website or presentation so again here emphasizing on the gifts because gifts are popular nowadays, so people like to use them to make make things a little bit funnier, a little bit more dynamic, so you can now embed these gifts. Keep your audience informed. You can fetch from basically any website, and you can. You can now create some updates. It's kind of like a newsletter. You can you can fetch some news from different websites. So this is pretty cool to show off your code. Um, with coat ban, get Hub and Mawr. So this could also be an interesting feature for coders developers, people into tech. Explain your data so you will now be able to import from usage chart mode, tableau, Google Data Studio and more. So this is also pretty cool on DSO. Yeah, so that's pretty much it. This is only the teaser, since I don't have access yet to the whole features. So this new feature is going to be an app which I believe is going to be part of the canvas for work offer. So if you click on the app button here on the left menu, you see all the APS that you have access to, right? So this one is going to be called link media, and I believe it will be coming here for Canada for work users. So, in my opinion, this is a very powerful add on to what can VA is already able to do? Um, especially with website and presentation. This will really open up the whole area off possibilities. And we will be coming back to this as soon as I get the feature in my camera for work profile, which I believe is a matter of weeks now. So I will be updating this lesson with really full lesson on showing you how to use these things, how to insert links, different kinds of content into a presentation and then publish as a website. So that's it for now, folks, In the next lecture, I'm going to show you a bunch of different tips on how to create better website and landing pages with Canada, as well as a few examples of things you can build with dysfunction. 6. Tips to create better websites with Canva: Welcome back to the course in this lecture, I'm going to show you 10 tips to create better website and landing pages with Canada. All right, so now that we have built two different many websites, simple websites and landing pages already, I think it is time for me to give you a couple of tips that I have put together by just by creating mawr websites more landing pages with Canada. These are very practical things that I have come across. And I thought I would share them with you so that you don't commit the same mistakes or you just use them to produce better and faster lending pages with Canada. So, without further ado, the 1st 1 is to have a clear goal for this mini website or for this landing page you're creating. It is crucial that you have a goal. Otherwise, you will just be all over the place and creating pages after pages without really knowing where you need to land where you need to lead your visitors. So that's my first tip. Have a very clear goal in mind. Off what? This website What this landing pages all about? Tip number two is to have an explicit call to action. Usually this will come at the end of the website if it's a scroll down page or throughout the website. If it's like many website like the 1st 1 we created, the one that invited people to join our Facebook group. Um but it doesn't really matter where you placed this call to action, but it's very important that you have a court action and that the court action be very clear. People need to understand what they have to do. Do not assume that they know what to do, but make it very simple for them. Don't make me think it's a valuable concept when you are designing websites, so use this concept. Don't make me think too much. Just tell me. Show me what to do with a very clear court action. The next step is for you to dro the structure of your website before you even start creating it with Canada, so that could be very useful. Just take a sheet of paper and drove kind of like an organic graham off the different pages that will be on your website. So that's basically drawing the structure also used the fact that Can VA lets you rename each and every page of your document when you when you're creating it and this will be the title of each of your pages on your mini website. So use this feature rename each page of your document that then we'll become each page of your mini websites. So that's my tip number three. The one before is to choose a color palette, fund combination and imagery style. In other words, choose your visual identity from the beginning and then stick to it throughout the whole website throughout the whole landing page. This is very important. It will create a visual consistency throughout your whole landing page or throughout throughout your old project website, or so it will make you look more professional. If each pages of your many websites have this consistent style consistent look, it will make your brand stronger. Basically, so use that defined this from the get go. You can summarize them in a very simple, like one page brand style guide, or you can just like me, start by browsing canvas, color palette, library, pick a color palette and then stick to it. Pick some funds that go well together and then stick to them. And same for your image filters that you will be using on your photos and on all the visuals off that landing page or many website. My next step is used canvas template for inspiration, but also for having your baseline. Like we have been doing this in the second website we've been building together there, one for the workshop. At some point I browsed through a canvas presentation templates, and I found a specific page that I wanted to use as a baseline for my webpage. Eso. I would recommend you do this especially if you're a beginner designer s O. That will give you some nice ideas. Come good inspiration to start your project with so use canvas templates. Next trip is to optimize your copy. This is very important. Um because at the end of the day, you are communicating with words off course Visual are super important. But your copy your words at the end of the day is what will make the difference. So you need to optimize that copy if you want to move people. If you want toe incentive ate them to take action to click on that call to action or to read through all the pages of your mini website. So a good copy is basically not only the quality of the words, but also the way you structure your copy. You need headlines because people don't like to read that much. They like to read. The big tighter is the big lines, right? Eso make sure you have headlines, make sure you have sub headlines. So that's or so something important the way you structure your hierarchy, the way you give more importance to like the H one and then h two and then maybe a small paragraph of text. But don't, um, provide, like, wars of text that people have to read, read, read, because this is not going to seduce people. This is going to turn people away from your page from your website. People don't like to be. Whoa, this is too much. I I don't want to read or this, so this is very important. Optimize your copies. My next point is to choose attractive images. So for this, you can browse through the photos that Canada has in its image library, or you can use secondary website like and Splash Xers or picks a B eso there are. I'm sure there are tons of other stuck images out there on the Internet, but those are the three the three websites that I used on a regular basis, combined with canvas image library as well. Because if you're a candidate for work user than you already have access to, I believe more than 400,000 photos that you can use for free. So that's pretty cool. But choosing quality images will make a difference. Try to avoid the cliches. Try to avoid cheesy stock images if you have good photos yourself, like if you're a photographer or if you have an abundance of good visuals and you can use your own. But the point here being the better your visuals, the more attention you will get with your meaning website, and the more you are to convince people to take action. Next is to delete all unnecessary information. This is very important, and this is something I have done myself building these too many websites that I have decided to show you and to build along with you. Um, what you were seeing was the already edited version off course. When I started this project, I had more pages and the information was not as on point, not as precise. So it is very important. Once you have developed or your pages for your website to ask yourself, It's this page really necessary. Is this really making my message stronger, or is it diluting? My idea? Is it diluting my concept? The point I'm trying to make. So if the answer is yes, this is necessary, then fine, keep it. If the answer is well, I'm not sure that's usually a good sign that you need to delete this information. You are creating a mini website or landing page, not an encyclopaedia. So keep that in mind. Delete everything, which basically is creating noise around your core message. My next step is to insert clickable elements so used that feature that Canada proposes to insert a link on any kind of element. Basically, on your design, you can insert links in in photos. You can insert links in icons you can incent Ling's in even in text. So use this feature that will create a nice bridge between what can VA can do and what can if I can not do meaning for example, you cannot build on email up tin with Canada. This is not possible but everything before I've been using mail Chimp to create this opting page design a page and then I use the clickable elements within can va by inserting a link on the button to link this sign up form created in male chimp to my can Va made many websites so be creative. Think about all the other resource is out there that you could be using and then think about okay, how can I create a bridge between this resource and my Canada website? Finally, my last tip eyes to keep them short and sweet. So keep these landing pages Keep these mini website short and sweet, sweet meaning visually impacting on point in terms off copy choose nice colors and in short meaning just delete everything that is the fluff around your message. You don't want to keep that. All right, so now that we have these 10 tips to create better website, I'm gonna quickly go over a few ideas off What kind of websites you can create with can va . So why should you use this new feature publishes a website for What can you do with this? So I have brainstorm for little why and put together a couple off things that you could do . So I called this ideas of websites and landing pages you could be creating with canvas, so the 1st 1 is project proposals. Let's say you are setting services and you are constantly looking for new clients. Then use canvas to create a nice project proposal and you might have already been doing so in the past, but then published this as a website and send this together with your pdf to your customer that will for sure impress them. And who knows, this might be the little extra that will convince them to work with you instead of somebody else. Next is events you can use publishes a website to invite people to come toe one of the events. Your organizing, like the mini website that we have created toe invite people to sign up for our create better courses workshop here in Chiang Mai, so creating lending pages for events are always a good idea that will show people that OK, these guys there are really tech oriented they know how to create many websites, and you can give them a taste of what is waiting for them at your event. And you can use a call to action at the end to redirect them toe a sign of form or even to a PayPal button where they can pay you directly, etcetera, etcetera. Just be creative. Think about all the other resource is out there and how to link them. Two Can va into your mini website. Next is a social media post Aziz we've seen in the previous lecture can vies cooking something really good for us and that is link media, so it is not available yet for everybody. This is, I believe, in better testing right now, but it will be coming very soon, and this will allow you to embed any social media post within your convo website within your can VA presentation, meaning you can create a mini website or even the one page website to invite people to discover your latest Facebook video or your latest amazing instagram post etcetera etcetera . So this could be very useful to drive traffic to a specific post that we have created on social media next is your resume or your CV. So off course, when you apply for a job, you will still have to print your resume or send your resume via email in pdf format. But it could also create a mini website with this same resume and send it along in the email you writing, for example, that will maybe be the little difference that will make you stand out from your fellow competitors who want the same job. Next is your port for you. Let's say you are an artist or a Web developer or graphic designer, etcetera, etcetera. You need a port for you. Maybe you didn't have the time to put together a nice website yet, but you need to send a proposal to a customer. And you'd like you would like this customer to click somewhere and see your three or four latest designs three or four latest customer project so use can VA and publishes a website to create that portfolio to make it look very good. And send that to your potential customers. Next is your services you can create very simply, in a couple of I would say ours very nice. Our services page Let's say you settle 45 different services, so create that page. Have a little bit of information about you and then present in detail each of your services and use one page per service so you can rename the page with the name of the service you're providing. That's just in idea. Next you could use publishes a website to invite students to log on to our webinar, or even to buy or two for one of your own line courses. Eso This is also something possible. Use a few pages toe vent what people will learn in your webinar or in your online course, and then have a call to action to actually purchase the course or register for the webinar . Next, you can use that feature for a promotion or a giveaway. Let's say you are running a special promotion this week, and you want to let your fans let your audience know. Okay, this is a special discount that we're giving only this week. Then you can create one or two pages, explain the promotion and explain what is going on and then shared this with your audience . Next, you could run a contest on social media or even in your brick and mortar store eso you can . You could use canvas to create basically the guidelines for this contest like, How do people participate? What are the rules? Also, what are the prizes and how you will pick the winners? For example, you could explain all this in a couple of pages, publishes a website and then share with your audience. Next is social proof. We always need good testimonials for the product we're settling for. The services were selling for the courses were selling anything, so I could think off already a couple of different ways to show these testimonials to your core audience to your potential customers. So you could really create a couple of pages with a couple of testimony. Er's created some nice design and then shared this with your audience. Next, if you are a song writer or musician, you could use publishes a website to feature your new song or your new creation. Basically, if you are a musician, so I believe this is a good idea. You could give a little bit of information about how you created this piece and why you decided to use this title And then you could embed the song using link media when it's going to be available for you. Or if not, maybe you could just have a link. And then when people click this link, they will be redirected to your soundcloud to your iTunes or wherever this music this song can be accessed. Next, you could create simple lead magnets, so these are the typical pages where you leave your email address in exchange for a freebie . So that could be a downloadable digital product like an e book. Or it could be a blueprint. Or it could be, um, anything, really. Or a few videos, a series of free videos, for example, that you are giving your audience in exchange for their contact information. So usually this is their email addresses. So as we've seen before, we cannot do this only with Canada. But if you combine une mail managing software like milk, him, for example, with can va, then you can simply generate lead magnet directly with publishes a website and finally, and this is my final idea for you guys, you could use these pages and landing pages to sell a product. Very simply, eso you could feature the product. Uh, explain what it is. Four. Maybe show some customer testimonials and then the last page would be the buying, like the add to cart page. Right? You could have, for example, a PayPal button. People could buy it directly from your page. Or you could simply redirect people to an actual shop that you have like a known line store could be an Amazon F B A store. It could be anything real Shopify store anything? Really? If you are into e commerce, you probably have one of these stories set up eso you could create for your best selling products or the product that you wish to become a best selling product. Separate pages with canvas. That's it, guys. That's my tips on how to create better pages and also my brainstorming ideas off how to use this feature This new feature presented by Canada 2.0, to basically be more successful with your business. I hope you like these ideas. I'm sure I forgot many other stuff that you could do. Eso if you If you do, please use our Facebook group to propose some other ideas, or you can also make a comment in the course description. All right, so in the next and final lesson off this section, we will be talking about the different ways that you can publishes a website, the different sorts of website that you can use with Canada. See you in the next lecture. 7. Publishing different kinds of websites: In this last lecture, I'm going to show you the different kinds of website that you can publish with Canada. In order to show you the different kinds of websites you can publish with Canada, we are going to use the first landing page we have designed together in this course, which is the landing page inviting people to become a member of our Facebook group. All right, so we will cover basically the different options under publish and publishes a website. So classical navigations, crawling, presentation and standard We would not spend much time on the presentation option because we are not creating presentations in this section. We are creating small websites, simple websites and landing pages. So we'll focus on option one, two and four Classic navigations crawling and standard. Okay, so let's jump right in. So let me show you how this design here, which is eight pages long, looks like when I published This is a website. So let me try. I goto publish, scroll down to website and then I will try the second option right here that says crawling . So I want this to be kind of like a long landing page, so I just want people to get on the page and scroll down to access the different pages of these documents that goes crawling. So once you've chosen deception, you just go open website and then you see canvas opening. This is a website. So now if I copy this u r l and opened this in a new browser, see, this is a new browser case. This I just want to show you guys that this is not inside of Canada anymore. This is just a simple you're up with your design and you can see my website right here. So I'm just crawling down with my mouth and I can access the different pages of my design. So I believe deception is very great. If you have a call to action, for example, something you want people to click on at the end of your scroll down page s. So that would be probably the best option for you. Now let me show you another option. Let's say I want to export the same design, but with a different kind of website, so I can go to publish website and then choose here instead of choosing scrolling like before I just choose classic navigation, an open Web site. And the first thing I want to show you is that the u. R L I's going to be different. So if you export your website as a scrolling website, or if you export your website is a classic navigation website, you will have to difference Urals. So that's very important to know, because if you want to go back to your design and tweak or at a page or but if I something you have to be conscious that each category, each style of website, will have its own Europe. So this is how the website looks like under the classic navigation style. You can see we now have a bunch of different menus right here. We have a main button right here. That kind of is the functionality of the home button. It brings me back home andan. I can browse. There's no scrolling anymore. But I can access the next pages with the buttons right here. So this is another kind of website and then there is a last option which is pretty similar to the one we just saw. But it has one functionality on top of it. So let me show you if I go to publish again website. We tried classic navigations crawling. There's presentation which we've seen in the previous video. If you design an interesting presentation than you can export that presentation into a website and then it will be slide by slide and then you have one last option, which is standard basic scrolling website with no effect in horizontal navigation. So this will be pretty similar to classic navigation, but you will have the scrolling feature on top of it. So let me show you. So this is what the standard Web style looks like you still have. The big title here that you can use is the home button. See, if I click here brings me home. The difference between standard and classical navigation is that with standard, you can scroll down as well. So these are four different Web styles. So you have classical navigations, crawling presentation and standard four different website that you can export your designs into