Create Beautiful Jewelry From Scrap Silver - Petal Earrings

Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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11 Videos (40m)
    • Petal Earrings: welcome to the class

    • Petal Earrings: equipment

    • Petal Earrings: soldering equipment

    • Petal Earrings: materials

    • Petal Earrings: sawing

    • Petal Earrings: filing and sanding

    • Petal Earrings: hammering

    • Petal Earrings: preparing the earwires

    • Petal Earrings: soldering

    • Petal Earrings: finishing earwires

    • Petal Earrings: final thoughts


Project Description

The project for this class is a beautiful pair of earrings in a flattering teardrop shape - and if you already have the jewelry making tools and materials needed they should only take you 30 minutes to make!


I drew the design for the earrings using a couple of templates. I placed a simple leaf shape inside the teardrop to add interest, but this aspect of the design also reduces the weight of the earrings as well as practicing piercing (sawing inside another shape). I have attached the design to the class as a download, but I'd love to see the designs that you come up with!

I made the earrings in the video from a couple of pieces of 0.7mm silver sheet left over from other projects, the largest measuring Xmm by Xmm. The teardrops measure 17mm by 10mm. The earwires are made from two pieces of 0.8mm (20 gauge) silver wire, each measuring 55mm. I prefer to use 0.8mm for earwires as it is strong enough to hold it's shape but thin enough to fit comfortably in your ears.

Remember to upload your finished earringsĀ  - I always love to see other people's work! Also, remember that I am here to help so just leave a comment if you need some advice or anything clarified, and do leave feedback for your fellow classmates!