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Create Awesome Text & Words - Part Two

Robert Joyner, Making Art Fun

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5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. What You Will Learn

    • 2. Impatient Wet-In-Wet Version

    • 3. Layers Part 1

    • 4. Layers Part 2

    • 5. Layers Part 3


About This Class

Creating Awesome Text & Words Part Two

In this class you will learn about layers & why it's important for creating crisp text and words. When you are finished with these lessons you will have some fabulous tips for adding text to your artwork.

Have You Taken Part One?

This is Part Two of an ongoing series so I encourage you to watch Part One before you take this class. This will help you keep up with what's going on in addition to building a solid foundation for painting awesome text & words.

I've added the links to all the other classes in this series below:

Part One

Part Two - This is Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Who Is This Class For?

This is an easy class that is well suited for any level artist & you can use whatever painting medium you prefer.

What's Next?

This is Part Two of an ongoing series. In the next lessons (Part Three) I will cover using mixed media when painting text & words. This will give the art a loose feel & allow for more personal interpretations.

Here is the demo image: