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Create Awesome Social Media Images for Instagram with PowerPoint

teacher avatar Steven O'Sullivan, Teacher, Marketer, Photographer, Coffee Snob

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Download Course Materials

    • 3. Explore the Course Materials and Create an Image

    • 4. Finding Free Photos

    • 5. Formatting Your Images

    • 6. Finding Quotes and Sayings

    • 7. Fonts and Font Pairings

    • 8. Adding overlays, Icons and other Visuals

    • 9. Branding

    • 10. Let's Play with Some Images

    • 11. Save and Exporting your Graphics

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Pretty much everyone knows that images get the most attention on social media. Things like infographics, picture quotes, and photos get more likes, shares, and engagement. So of course, you want to post images on your social media accounts to build your business or cause, but you're not a graphic artist and you don't have (or want) Photoshop. What can the average person do?

The simple answer is PowerPoint. Almost everyone with a PC has Powerpoint and it's actually an amazing tool for creating images...if you know how to use it. In this class, we'll learn how to create awesome quote images for Instagram. And it only takes a few minutes!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Steven O'Sullivan

Teacher, Marketer, Photographer, Coffee Snob


Hi, I'm Steven O'Sullivan, but my friends call me SteveO. Go figure. ;-)

I've worked for myself for over 30 years and have owned a bizarre variety of companies from Landscape Construction to Business Coach to Web Development and Inbound Marketing. As long as there is some creative element to the work, I love to do it and teach it.

I also teach SEO for WordPress on Udemy and used to teach live business education classes at Keller Williams and Coldwell Bank in Brentwood, California.

Strange Facts About Me:

I'm an introvert who loves social media. I do a mean Julia Child impression. Spam, egg, sausage and Spam. That's not got much Spam in it. I was run over by a car when I was 18 months old. I'm very tall.

For fun, I like photography, gardening and rocking out ... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction : Hello and welcome to the class. How to create awesome social media images for Instagram with power points. I'm Steve O Sullivan, and I'll be showing you how to make cool images only using Power Point that you can then share on your personal or business instagram account. Here's the outline of the class. You learn how to use power point to make stunning quote images like these in just a few minutes for free. Then you can share them with your instagram audience to inspire and build your following. In just a few quick steps, you'll learn to find free photos online for Met the photo For Instagram Dad, you're quote or text at overlays, icons and other embellishments. Have your personal or company branding and export and save your new graphics to share on Instagram. Plus I'll throw in a few fund tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your project . At the end of the course, you'll have a week's worth of fantastic images to share online and in the Project gallery, it's fast, fun and maybe a little addictive here. The requirements. You'll need just a few things before you get started. with Project, you'll need Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. You'll need to download the course materials, and, of course, you'll need an INSTAGRAM account. A word of caution with Microsoft. There are 40 11 ways to do anything, so I'm going to show you my work flow. But you may want to do some things differently if your experience with PowerPoint I'm also going to show you a few tools that you may want to use to crop your images or do other formatting before you bring photos into power Point these air totally optional, and they're either free or very inexpensive. If you don't already have power 0.2016 you can download a free trial for Microsoft. So who am I? I am not a professional designer, and you don't need to be one, either. I'm not an expert of power Point, and you don't need to be one, either. I am a professional marketer and amateur photographer, a graphics nut and a font free. I love to learn new skills, and I love to teach them to others. Okay, if you're ready, let's dive in and create a first image 2. Download Course Materials: okay, before we get started, do you want to download the free templates and design assets? So what's in the downloads? It pile? Well, first gonna find some blank PowerPoint templates pre size for Instagram. Then you find a practice template with images, text and overlay, aves and some practice images. Along with that, you find some additional graphics and photo frames. And just to make it easy for you, I'm including a pdf with information and links to the sites I mentioned in the course. So go ahead and download that zip file, and I'll see in the next video. 3. Explore the Course Materials and Create an Image: Okay, let's go ahead and explore what's in the folders, and then we'll create our first image. Folders contain frames, overlays and decorations. PowerPoint templates practice images in a pdf with links and notes. So first in the Frames folder you'll find a number of frames, and they look kind of funny here. But they'll look fine once we bring them into Power Point. Next, we have decorations and overlays again. They look really funny in the folder, but they're gonna look great once we bring them into power Point. Then we have our PowerPoint templates. The first PowerPoint template has seven blank slides pre formatted for instagram, and you'll be using that for your class project. The second template is a single blank slide that's read only, so you'll always have a pre formatted template to use just in case. And the third template is the practice template that already has pre formatted images and text. That you can play with. The next folder is our practice images. The practice images are royalty free, copyright free and could be used in any project you want, even commercial projects, and we'll talk about usage rights a little bit later. Then you also find the pdf with the notes and links to the class. Okay, Now we're gonna create our first image. You could just watch, or you can follow along with me. I'm gonna go through that pretty quick just to show you how easy it is. And then we'll go through each step in greater detail. So you fully understand the process. Let's go. Now, the first thing I'm going to do is just dragon image right into the PowerPoint template. Okay, Now I'm going to drag it up to the left corner, and I'm gonna resize the image so it fits perfectly in the template. The next thing I'm going to do is add text, go to insert text box, and then just draw a box where you want to put your text. Now this box is gonna automatically resize itself based on the text you put in the box. Okay. As you can see, the text that I've typed in is black and small, so we need to reform at the text. It's very simple. Gonna go ahead and highlight that I going to go up and I'm actually going to choose a different font. Let's see what we were like. I like actor. That's a nice font. You may or may not have that. That's OK. I'm gonna choose white, and then I go ahead and increase the size of the text, and then we can play around with this later. But I just wanted to show you how easy that waas. Okay, that's it. We brought in our image and we've added text were essentially done, so two things we can do. We can save this as the PowerPoint template, which I usually like to dio. And then we can save the image by itself. So I'm gonna go ahead and save that. I'm going to go back to file, save abs on a drop down, and I'm gonna select PNG. And I'll tell you about that later. Why? We want to use a PNG file at this point, I could rename this, but I'm just gonna leave it the way it is right now and click Save PowerPoint asks. Which slides do you want to export all the slides of just this one Since the other slides are all blank. I just want to save this one. Okay, so the slide was saved individually. in the folder that I started with the Power Point presentation. So let's take a look at that. Okay, that's it. Easy as pie are images created? Let's head to the next lesson. 4. Finding Free Photos: besides the practice photos I provided you, you'll want to use some other images in the future. Or maybe you don't even want to use the ones I've given you. So let's learn about where we confined free photos to use and how to not get into trouble using them. So first, we're going to cover image usage rights. I'm gonna go over this briefly because it could be a little mind boggling. They're free photos, Creative Commons, public domain and royalty free. There are many kinds of creative Commons licenses, as you can see on the image here. There's attribution attribution share like attribution. No derivatives, etcetera. As I said, it could be a little mind boggling. But attribution is is that you have to give credit to the photographer or the designer of the image. Usually their names, sometimes their website and you can only use the image for certain purposes gets very convoluted, and we want to avoid that as much as possible. If you're really interested, you can go to creative commons dot organ read up all about it. What we're really looking for Our royalty free images or creative Commons zero license, which means no attribution and we can use the photo however we want. So, of course, you can use your own photos. If you're a photographer, we can go to free photo and graphic sites weaken by stock photos and graphics regardless of where you're getting them. You want to search for the right image for the purpose, and that usually means the photo or image is going to evoke emotion. So where do we find those photos? Here are my favorite free stock photo sites. There's picks, obey pixels, pick Jumbo and the creative Common Search. Now there are dozens of other free photo sites online, and you can do a search for them. The problem with some of these is you're not really sure what the licenses and how you're allowed to use the photo. It can be very time consuming and mind boggling. Let's skip that. So first, let's take a look at pics. Obey. Now all the photos on picks obey are free and their user generated. There are currently over 640,000 free stock photos he can use, and you can use them any way you want. However, in reality, that's a pretty small amount I do like this site. They have some really great photos and go ahead and explore this, or you can choose another site. The next site is pixels again. You can use these images, however you want. In any project, you can even sell the pictures. Another one is picked. Jumbo. This is a pretty good sight. I, like picks obey better, but you can explore some pretty good photos here. You can also use the creative common search. You can find lots of different not only images, music and videos and various other media that you might want to use in your projects. But again, you have to be careful about attribution. I like to avoid this completely, because again, it's very time consuming and I want to make my images get them posted on Instagram, and I want to interact with my followers. There are also paid stock photo sites. These air some of my favorites. Of course, there are many more cozy and photo. Leah are the top of my list because they're the least expensive. Let's take a look. Here's cozy. It's fairly new on the scene, and they don't have millions and millions of images but the price is right at a dollar each . Then there's photo Leah. This is owned by Adobe, and they do have millions of photos and images to choose from. The price is also very good at about 1 to $3 an image, depending on the plan you choose or the subscription you choose. Then there's Adobe Stock. Also, they have millions of images. They're a little more expensive at around $3 each, depending on the subscription you choose. Another site I recommend is deposit photos. They're a little more expensive, but sometimes you can get hundreds of images for pennies apiece. And then there's shutter stock. They've been around for a long, long time. They're a great resource for photos, but considerably more expensive and around 5 to $10 an image. You got to be really picky. You're going to shop here with all these paid stock photo sites. You are paying for a licence to use the image. It's called a royalty free photo, which means you can use it over and over and only pay once. However, you may not use them in certain commercial projects, so make sure you read the licenses before you sell the photos as part of another project? Okay, Now you know where to get photos. Let's go to the next step. 5. Formatting Your Images: Let's talk about formatting your images. Hear my thoughts on image, size, dimensions and cropping. First, I recommend the square 10 80 by 10 80 at 72 pp. I So your image is gonna be square. It's going to be 10 80 pixels by 10 80 pixels, and I'll show you more about that in just a second Now on Instagram, you're also allowed to post landscape or portrait orientation images. I don't recommend that, and I'll show you why in a minute. However, if you choose to do so, you want to make sure that your images are at least 1920 by 10 80 or 10 80 by 1920 depending on the orientation. Also, you can crop in Power point or adjust in Power Point. I'm going to demonstrate that later, but you might want to crop your images in advance because it's a little bit easier. It's hip to be square. Here's why. You can see the image on the left where this young lady has tried to promote her coaching program, and she's used in image that's in the landscape layout. You can tell that part of the image has been cut off on the sides, and unfortunately, it's easy to do this when posting your image. If you're not careful. The same is true for images that are in the portrait orientation, which is why I suggest you create your images square. And since most people on instagram or on their phone, you want to make sure that the image looks good on the phone and your text is readable when it's that small. And finally, when someone looks at your profile, all your images will look great and nothing is cut off. If you use the square dimension, there's a number of cropping tools. While there's a ton of cropping tools online, here's the ones I want to tell you about. First, there's pic Monkey. This is the one I recommend the most. It's super easy free and very flexible. The second tool I like is pixel er. Make sure you go to pixel er dot com for slash editor. If you want to try this one out, they've also got some other cool tools. Go to pick slur dot com board slash o Matic and check out that tool. It's really fun. And finally photoshopped dot com, which works fine. It does shrink the images, but it does keep them big enough for our purposes and then a V ery, which is another photo shop company. I don't recommend this tool because it shrinks. The image is too small for what we're looking for. And then, of course, you may have some tools on your PC or your Mac that you can already use to crop images. Most computers have a built in image editor, and if you don't you can always download gimp for free. It's a photo shop substitute. You can also download pixel er desktop subscription. It's like $2 a month if you have Photoshopped or Photoshopped elements, you can always use that, and we can also crop them in Power Point. And I'll demonstrate that in a future video. So let's go ahead and do a quick demo. I'm on picks. Obey and I have chosen image I want to download. Now you need to sign up for an account before you download images, but it's free and simple, so I've selected the image. Go to the free download button, click the button, and we can either choose the large at 1920 by 12 40 because that's larger than the 10 80 minimum that I recommend or weaken download the original size. I like to download the largest image I can for the maximum flexibility. So go ahead and download that image. The next thing I'm going to do is go to pic Monkey. Now, you don't even need to log in or sign up for anything to use this tool. So go to edit. I'm gonna upload it from my computer. I'm going to select the image I just downloaded. Open that file. I'm gonna go to the left and click crop. I'm going to select square and then I'm gonna drive the corners so it's full sized. Then I can drag this back and forth until I'm happy with it. Now, I want to have enough room to put text, so I'm gonna go ahead and crop it just like that. I'll select, apply, and the image has been cropped. Then we click save, and it gives us the opportunity to rename the file. We can also choose whether we download in J. Peg or P and G again. I recommend PNG. We're gonna go ahead and leave it at the dimensions shown here. Click Save to my computer. Okay, we are done. Now, inside my download folder, you can see the original photo and the crop photo. It's a simple is that now we're ready to bring this image into power point. 6. Finding Quotes and Sayings: all right, we've got our picture now. We need to find a quote to put on it. Of course, it doesn't necessarily need to be a quote. It could be a saying a proverb or just about anything else. So I like to go to Brainy Quote. That's my favorite quote site at brainy quote dot com. There's also good reads at good reads dot com for slash quotes, and you can just Google the type of court you're looking for. Other resource is I get a number of weekly emails that have quotes in them, and I like to use those. There's also family sayings, proverbs, cultural sayings. You can write your own tips and tricks hints, life hacks, business hacks. You could do a checklist, a bulleted list numbered. List your top 10 for whatever you like. Recipes, jokes. It doesn't have to just be a quote. If it's text, you can use it. Let's take a quick look at brainy quote These air free You concert by topic author. Search anything you want to in the search box. You can pick someone's birthday and find a quote from them. Authors in the news. You have a lot of different ways to search for quotes. Then there's good reads. They have a number of listed quotes right on the home page. Or you can type in keyword, author or any other search you want. Of course, then you can just go to Google, type in quotes and scroll down and look at the results. Of course, there's offline material like books and magazines. I've even found quotes on bumper stickers and billboards. Do you need permission to use the quote? You just found fair use? In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and transformative purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize or parody a copyrighted work? Such uses could be done without permission from the copyright owner, so basically everyone does it, and it's totally okay. However, I always recommend attribution when you can. So if you have a quote by Dr Seuss, say it's by Dr Seuss. If you don't know, put unknown. If you made it up yourself, give yourself credit. Okay, now you have your quotes and your quote. Resource is 7. Fonts and Font Pairings: Let's spend a few minutes talking about fonts and font pairings. This is not a primer on typography, just a view. Hansen Suggestions about using different fonts in your images. Take it from me to many fonts. Spoiled the pick. In the past, I might have used five or 10 different fonts or decorations. I tend to overdo things, and they always look terrible. So use one or 23 at the most different fonts, particularly if you're attributing the author. And, of course, you have built in fonts to your system. But where do you get other phones if you want something a little different? Well, there's Google Fonts, which are free to font again. Free creative market, our premium. In other words, you have to pay for them. There's Deal Jumbo that has both free and premium and mighty deals, both free and premium. I get funds from these different sites all the time. I absolutely love them. So let's take a quick look at Google fonts. They have over 708 want family, so you ought to be able to find something you like. Then Def aren't they have. I don't know how many a huge assortment of all kinds of different fonts. I especially liked the look of the dingbats. Go to ding bats, and these funds come in all kinds of varieties. There's anything from banners, two ornaments, TV's if you're into that sort of thing. There's all kinds of squid Glee's, and you can even put a dinosaur. There's more decorations, social media items, trees, flowers, splatter marks, just about anything you could think of. And then a creative market. They're a little bit expensive, but they have lots of really very interesting, different fonts. You go ahead and explore that deal. Jumbo has a lot of different display fonts on a lot of free fonts as well. You can go to the freebies, quick fonts and explore those. Then it mighty deals again. Lots of free fonts you can pay for funds to, but there are so many fun things you can get here. There's also icons, free download vector icons, all kinds of different things that you could add to your images for interest. So fun pairings now font pairings are already built into Power point. Let's take a look. So if you go to the top and go to design. Go over to the variance section, click the drop down, go to fonts, and you can see all the built in font pairings that are already here in Power Point. You can choose one of those. You can also choose customize fonts, or you could just edit them as you go. You may want to use different fonts so you can emphasize certain words or add contrast and interest to your quote or text so they should go together like wine and cheese or baron pizza. They should complement each other but not overwhelm each other. Also, keep in mind you can use bold and italic. You can use all caps or all lower case. Or you can use colors like blue and gold to add emphasis or complement each other A couple of things to keep in mind. Your fund should be easy to read on a small screen like we talked about before, and especially some scripts are really hard to read. Then you can use pairings of serif and sans serif. My definition of serif is they've got the little doodads on the ends. The correct definition is a slight projection, finishing off of a stroke of a letter in certain type faces. I like doo dads, but you know you get the point. Then here are a few font combinations, and I'm pretty sure these air all Google fonts there's bitter and latte. Oh, quicksand goes with Roboto Cardo and Open Sands and Creek Round with the BZ. Also, I'll have some links in the hand out for a couple of resource is on fought pairings. Okay, so these aren't built into Power point. But there are a couple of really cool typography APS for either Android or IOS words. Wagon type Obama I use on my iPad and I often create my quote there and then bring it in to Power Point. There are also android APS words Wagon text, swag. I don't use Android because I don't have an android device. Thes APs run anywhere from free to about three bucks with the in APP purchases. Let's look at a couple of examples. This one. I made inward swag, the one in the middle and the one on the right I made in type O rama. They're all the exact same quote that they've been created differently in the APs. It's a simple as entering your text and clicking a button to get these awesome results. That's it for fonts and font pairings, see in the next video. 8. Adding overlays, Icons and other Visuals: All right, let's add some possessed or images with overlays, icons and embellishments. I'm going to start by using that image. We cropped a few videos ago, so I'm gonna drag that right into the blank PowerPoint template. Gonna insert text box, draw my text box and type in my text. As you can see, the text is black. And so I need to make that another color so I can see it. And then I'm gonna increase the font size, make a real big. The next thing I'm going to do is go to my overlays and decorations folder and I'm going to grab a banner and drag it in. So that's way too big. I'm gonna grab the corner and make that a little smaller. Design wise, I wouldn't use this banner for this image. This is just a demonstration. So now I want to add text on top of that banner again. I go to insert text box, I draw textbooks right on top of the hat, and I'm gonna go ahead and type in my text. I'm going to highlight that, and I'm going to use this nice, interesting font. Go ahead and increase the size of that and reposition that. And I think I'll make that white also. All right, so you get the idea. You can add different things. There's ribbons and hearts and paperclips and all kinds of other shapes and sizes. I've just used this overlay from the folder of overlays that I've created, but you can actually create them directly into power point. So let me show you how to do that. So you go up here and choose any shape you want. There's lots of them. How about a smiley face? Now let's not do that. How about just a rectangle? I can greet this rectangle, just draw the shape, and then I'm going to right click and click format shape that brings up the format shape options. Aiken, change the fill color to any color I want. I'm gonna choose White. You can also choose a Grady int a picture patterns just about anything you want, and then the line. I want no line. So now I have this shape that's opaque, and I want it to be somewhat transparent. So I'll go to the little slider right here, and I could make that much lighter in color. Okay, so I might want to use this as an overlay and put my text on top of that so I could drag that right on top of that, going to grab that resize the corner. It's not really beautiful, but you get the idea. And then there's all kinds of things we can do with this shape to make it a little bit nicer for whatever image we're working on, We have shaped fill, which we've done. You got outline. We've also done that. But there's also a fax. We could add a shadow, a reflection glow. But what I like to do with ease is at a little soft edge. I'm going to go down and pick the 10 point soft edge, and you can see how that's changed. As I made that selection, we've now got a much softer, smoother edge. Kind of fades into the background a little better, so every shape you can do that with any of these shapes. You've got stars and call outs and banners and everything you can think of, really, so you can create thes directly in power point as you go. Here's a hot tip after you've created one of these, you can actually save it. So if I right click and I can go to save his picture and Aiken save that asset so I can use it over and over again in different images. These kind of overlays are very handy. When you're working on an image with a complex background and you want the text to pop, you can add any other icon or embellishment that you want at interest or break up the text . I'll show you more of those in a future video. A couple things you need to know These files need to be a transparent PNG. They could also be a transparent Jeff, but PNG is the preferred type. Remember, in the last video, I showed you the dingbat fonts. You can also use those as decorations in your images. Then finally, we can add a frame to this if we want. So I'm going to go to my frame folder and choose a frame and go ahead and drag it right into the image. And now course got to resize that just dragged the corners. And there we go. We have a nice frame. Now, again, I'm just doing this for demonstration purposes. I wouldn't actually create this image this way, but I wanted you to understand all the different possibilities could do. Besides just adding plane tax, of course, often just plain tax is just what you want. That's it for overlays, icons and embellishments I'll see in the next video. 9. Branding: Now we're gonna talk about branding. You always want to add branding to your image to make sure that people can identify you as the creator. You may want to use either personal or business branding for your image. Depending on who you're sharing it with, you might want to use a logo. And again, you want to use a transparent PNG is your logo you could use text, a watermark, your website, your Twitter handle your instagram handle. Or you could add a call to action or really any other text. Let's take a look in the image we just worked on. I've gone ahead and dragged in a logo. I've also brought in a watermark I put in my website. My instagram handle have also put a called action down at the bottom. Now. You wouldn't necessarily want to do all of these, but typically you want to do at least one. It's pretty straightforward. Add some identifying mark on the image so people know who created it. 10. Let's Play with Some Images: Okay, now we come to the fun part. Let's play. We're gonna open the practice template. I'll show you how to crop in a Justin image inside a power point. I'll show you the finished examples how to use an eye dropper to choose text color, adding effects to the text and how to create and use images without even using a photo. Let's jump in. All right. So what I've got here is the practice template, and I've added a blank slide of the beginning. First thing I'm going to do is bring in the UN cropped version of the flower that we were working with before. So now I'm going to drag the corner up until the top edge of the photo matches the top edge of the slide. Then I'll do the same for the bottom corner the other way. You can do it as you go up here toe height. Actually, I want the height to be exactly 15 inches. So now we've got it adjusted. What I want you to do is pay attention to the slide preview on the left. So now what I'm gonna do is grab the photo and I'm going to slide it back and forth. Now, do you see how it moved in the preview? This previews how the actual image will look once it's exported, so I can continue to manipulate it just by dragging it left and right until I have that the way I wanted. Okay, Say I was gonna crop like that. Now, two things Aiken Dio I can either leave it just like this. Add my text, any other decorations I want and simply export it. And it'll come out looking just like this preview. Or I could go ahead and crop it directly inside of power Point. Here's how you do that. Click the crop button up at the top right crop. You see these little handles on each edge and corner, So I'm gonna drag the left corner in. You have to go slow a little bit until you see where the edge meets, OK, It kind of snaps into place. So it's pretty easy to dio do it on the left side. Now I've gone past the point there, so it snaps into place and then hit crop and it's done. So either way, you want to do it. And there's a good reason why you might not always wanna crop every image inside of power point. Okay, let's take a look of the next image. I'm going to shrink this down a little bit. This image is pre cropped square. I've dragged it in. I've added the rectangle for the overlay, have softened the edges like we did in the last video and added the text. Now I've also added a little drop shadow and there's two ways you can add drop shadows to the text. First, highlight the text, go up into the front section and you'll see this little text shadow button. So I've already added that. So I'm gonna remove it now you can see how doesn't quite pop is much. Let me add the tech shadow to part of the words and leave the other words without the shadows so you can see the difference. See how much that pops no pun intended. The poppy pops with a little text shadow. So this image is ready to go. You would just want to add whatever branding you want and then move on. So let's go to the 2nd 1 I've left this image un cropped again, so you can practice with just moving that image while looking at the preview in the side pain. And later on, I'll show you how to export this photo just the way it is. If you're a rebel and you want something that isn't square and it's okay to do that, let's take a look at this one again. We have this beautiful photo. We have the overlay and I've softened the edges. Now you don't always have to do that, but you can. And then for the text here have actually in order to choose that color. I've used the eyedropper. So let's go up here to the color selector. Go down the eyedropper. I've selected one of these colors right in the waves. You can see how nicely that blends in with the rest of the image. Let's go to the next one now. This is really beautiful. I love it the way it is, but I wanted add a little emphasis on the do not delay. So here's what I did. Highlight the text, right click on the text and click format text effects. In this case, go to the text filling outline. You can see I've used a Grady in Phil. All I've done is selected a preset Grady int from what's available here. If you're super creative, you can go ahead and create your own Grady INTs. I've also added the text shadow on the first word. Meditate this photo. I didn't crop in advance because I wanted to see the entire photo as I adjusted it again. We have text the drop shadow. We have her image, and I've added the logo here. As I edited this, I enlarged the preview pane on the left so I could really see what I was doing. Here's another example. I added an overlay over the water to add even more interest and pop to the text. Here's one where I only used to shape and added text on top of the shape. Okay, let's use this image, and I'll show you the other way to add a drop shadow to the text. Select the text. You want to add the drop shadow, too, right click format text effects come up to shadow. You can choose a preset. We'll choose that one. You can decide on the color. I'll just stick with black. Then you can adjust the transparency, size, blur, angle. You can spend a lot of time doing this, so play with it a couple times, find some settings you like, and then use those from now on. You could spend hours on one photo if you wanted to, but I don't suggest it. Let's take a look at how that looks. We have a nice, subtle drop shadow. It doesn't stand out quite as much as the text shadow, but it does add some nice pop to those words. Here's a photo where I manipulated the justification of the text so it more or less followed the lines of the road. I really love this. I think it came out great. Here's another example of an image where I use the eye dropper to capture colors in the photo to color my text. I think it looks wonderful. Here's an example of what not to dio now, I said at the beginning, I am not a graphic artist, so when I try and add all these different elements that comes out looking really clunky. But there's lines. There's ah, heart. There's a box, different tax. Different text colors doesn't come out really looking good, which is one of the reasons I like to use those APS I showed you before to create the text and then bring it right into power point to create my image. Let me show you what I've done. This is simply one of the images where I formatted the background to be black. I just dragged the image in, and it's perfect the way it ISS. Sometimes less is more. Here's another one just on a plain white background where I've dragged in the tax. Now you can still manipulate these. If you want, you could add a drop shadow. Let's go ahead and do that. I could add a little color if I wanted to. That looks pretty good. What do you think? Then, of course, I would want to add my branding to this one. Here's another example. You could have it in the middle. You could move it around. You could make it bigger. Meken manipulate the's just about any way you want to to make a look the way you want to look OK, here's another example. Just using some various assets built in to Power Point. I've used a texture background. I've created a star and a banner and added text again. This is not beautiful. I'm just showing you some of the things that you can do within Power Point. Be sure to make your reservation at 1 800 basket weave. Here's an example of some of the shapes and banners that I've created within Power Point. These are the actual shapes I used to create the images that are part of your practice folder. At this point, I'm going to add a new blank slide and show you how to format the background. Click New Slide. I'm going to right click on the slide click format background. Then I can choose from a solid Phil any color. I want a Grady Int Phil again. You can use a preset Grady int or you can create your own that can choose a picture or texture. Phil. I could use a file I already have. I can copy something from the clipboard or Aiken. Search online that I could look at the available textures and choose the one I like. This one seems a little fishy. Then there's also pattern Phil. You can select any pattern, and you can color the pattern as you like so I could make that dark blue can make the background light yellow again. There's almost unlimited ways you can create a blank background without a photo to create really fun images for Instagram. So here's what I want you to dio. Go ahead, open your practice template. Play with all the images, the backgrounds, the text effects, explore all the possibilities. So you confined the way that you like to do it the best. In the next video, we'll show you how to save and export your photos in several different ways. See there. 11. Save and Exporting your Graphics: Congratulations. It's time to save and export our images. Let's go see how to do it. So the first option I showed you before how you can save an individual image. So let's do that again just for a review, we goto file save as you can change the name if you want, or you can leave it the way it is. We're going to choose PNG format and click save. Then it asks, Which slides do you want to export all slides or just this one? We're gonna choose just this one. So here's the image we just saved. The second way is batch save. We'll go to file save as in this case, I definitely want to rename this. If I'm doing regular weekly batches of images that I'm gonna share on Instagram, I want to keep track of the folder separately, so I'm gonna call this June 1. Then again, I'll select the PNG format click save, Select All Slides and then Power Point lets me know that each slide in the presentation has been saved as a separate file in the folder that I've designated Click. OK, let's take a look. So here's the folder called June 1, just like I named it. Let's open the folder will find all our images that were created in the PowerPoint template have been exported to this folder. Let's take a look. There we are. Slide. One, 234 etcetera. These look great, don't they? Now there's 1/3 way. You can export images, particularly if you have one that you didn't crop and you want to export it full sized. Here's how you do it with your mouse. Click outside of the image and then drag so you highlight the entire image and all the text . Right. Click on the image and click save as picture and again, we want to save it as a PNG. In this case, it's going to save it as picture. You can also rename it if you want, but I'll just leave it that way. Click Save and let's go take a look at that. So here we are. The picture we just saved is the full size that we created it uncross opt this way. If you have some images he really love, and maybe you want to share them on Facebook or Twitter. Or maybe you want to create a desktop background for yourself. You can do it right out of power point and briefly, I wanted to touch on image type. The reason we're choosing PNG is because it is a lossless type of compression, which means that the image is saved without losing any of the quality. When we save his J. Peg. That is a lossy file format, which means that we lose some of the quality of the image when we save it as a JPEG. Once we upload our image to Instagram, they will compress it and then converted to a J peg, so there will be some loss of quality on their end, which is the reason we want to make sure our images the best it can be before we uploaded to Instagram for your class project should create seven images in the blank seven slides template and then share one your favorites or all seven of your creations in the Project gallery. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with and please share your insights, your experience, and what inspired you to create these images. After you've completed your project, I'll see you in the last video with some final thoughts 12. Final Thoughts: Now that you've created your images, what do we do next? Well, first of all, you'll need to get your images from your desktop to your device. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can use iTunes to sync your pictures. You can use Dropbox or Google photos. If you have an android device, you can also use Dropbox or Google photos. Remember, you can't post images from your desktop. You have to do it from a mobile device. Here's a few instagram tips. Create a great profile. Make sure your followers know who you are and what you're about post consistently. I like to do it daily at about the same time every day. Definitely use Hashtags. That way. People confined your images and find you. You can use Icona Square, Graham Feed or Webster to decide on what Hashtags are best for you. You can also search directly on instagram. Also, you want to engage and interact with your followers and those you follow. Be sure to like and comment on their images and they'll like and comment on yours. And finally be sure to have fun. I hope you enjoyed this course. Be sure to leave your comments and questions below. I'm Steve O Sullivan and thanks for spending this time with me.