Create Awesome Photo Compositions from Video Footage

Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Intro to the course

    • 2. Get frames from your video

    • 3. Photomerge your frames into aligned layers

    • 4. Blend your layers together using layers masks and brushes

    • 5. Blend your layers together using layers masks and brushes

    • 6. Retouching your layers

    • 7. Color correction and adjustment

    • 8. Add a star with an outline and gradient to your design

    • 9. Crop & export your design


Project Description

Fashion Show Challenge

1. Shoot a video of yourself or a willing volunteer in 3 or more different outfits and poses.

2. As described in the tutorial grab 3, or more, frames from the video.

3. Combine these images using Photomerge.

4. Using Layer Masks composite your layers together.

5. Post your images to the Project Assignment page .

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me message on the courses Discussions page.

Have fun!

Don't have your own footage?

If you don't have your own footage you can follow along using same file used in the video lessons.

Download the class file - cirque-nova-circus.mp4 .


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