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Create Awesome Animated Videos using Powtoon

Rachna Ghiya, Made 600+ Animated Videos using Powtoon

Create Awesome Animated Videos using Powtoon

Rachna Ghiya, Made 600+ Animated Videos using Powtoon

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21 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Powtoon Training Intro

    • 2. Introduction to Powtoon

    • 3. Slide Panel

    • 4. Adding Scenes

    • 5. Setting Background

    • 6. Adding Text

    • 7. Adding Characters

    • 8. Adding Props Shapes and Specials

    • 9. Adding Music and Voiceover

    • 10. Adding Media

    • 11. Timeline

    • 12. Transitions

    • 13. Using Templates

    • 14. Previewing and Exporting the Powtoon

    • 15. Making a Powtoon from scratch

    • 16. Powtoon Dashboard

    • 17. Hack 1

    • 18. Hack 2

    • 19. Hack 3

    • 20. Script Template - See Projects & Resources for template

    • 21. Ending

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About This Class

Videos, without doubt, have evolved into a communication tool. It’s predicted that by 2021, video content will account for almost 82% of Internet traffic. From consumers to learners, everyone is looking for a quick video rather than long text and boring presentations. Video is a great tool for learning and super easy to consume, but sadly we believe that it’s super tough and a costly affair to make an animated video.

Well, not anymore with the introduction of do-it-yourself tools such as Powtoon. I am Rachna from India. I am a master Powtoonist and have made 600+ animated videos for trainers, businesses, educators, and consultants in the past three years using Powtoon. In this course, you will learn

  • How to easily create awesome animated videos using Powtoon;

  • How to explain the complex concepts, product, or service in a visually engaging way;

  • How to create classroom content that’s more engaging than presentations;

  • How to write an interesting script using a script template that I personally use;

  • And three Useful Powtoon Hacks to make your Powtoon stand out.

I started just like you with no knowledge of animation, and I still don’t know how to use complex animation tools. So don’t worry if you don’t know anything about animation or never made an animated video before. Rather, smile because we gonna have fun with this simple drag-and-drop video animation tool.

In order to start, all you need is a computer with Chrome or Firefox installed, a working Internet connection, and a free or paid Powtoon account.

Who this course is for:

  • Solopreneurs/Small Business Owners
  • Marketers
  • Content Makers
  • Educators
  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Beginner-Level Video Animators
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Anyone who wants to make animated videos

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rachna Ghiya

Made 600+ Animated Videos using Powtoon


Hey! Rachna this side from India. I am excited to share my learnings with you. I am a self-learned video maker who has designed 600+ animated videos using a DIY tool such as Powtoon. I love what I am doing & that's what makes me a great teacher. I love storytelling and tried making a career out of it by telling brand stories using videos. I love simplicity in professional and personal life and that's what made me fall in love with this simple video animation tool - Powtoon. And yes, I haven't studied animation and have no idea about complex animation tools. I am proud to say that a POWTOON ROCKSTAR! When I am not working, I love reading books, watching rom-coms, exploring new softwares and learning new art forms. 

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1. Powtoon Training Intro: reduce the doctor heavy board into a communications. It's predicted that by 2021 redo contents will account for almost 82. From Candu. Move to Loughner. Everyone is looking for a quicker do rather than long. Exit is a treat to Poland and to piracy to country. For sadly, we believe that super tough and a costly affair to make. Not anymore with the introduction off door years and such. I'm I'm a mosque, a populist innovate 600 plus animated videos for training businesses, educators and concert in the past, deals using in this school's human learn how to instantly create awesome animated video. Explain the concept product also vis in a visually engaging how to create class home content that's more engaging their presentations. How to heighten interesting script using us. Captain, please report use and three useful problem tax to make your problems stand out. I started just like you with no knowledge of animations, and I still don't know how to use the complex animation. So don't worry. You don't know anything about animation never made in any rather spine because we're gonna have some fun with simple black and in order to stop All you need is a computer bit school or five boxes, starts, a walking Internet connection and a three page. 2. Introduction to Powtoon: Baron is a simple drag and drop browser pace for you. Any mission? Do with a growing invalid? Stop correcting on Drops library that allows anybody to create engaging videos easily. But what was really surprising plants Starting with a free plan, you can select a plan. As for your need, like a simple stop or pre plan and later upgrade of needed, I be using agency license for the schools, which will allow you to see all greener regions. So let's start. Go to about dot com and click on Start. Now you can sign up with Google. They spoke office 3 65 linguine or you can under your details and click on Sign Me Up. Click on the verification link in the email sent to you after ratification, you will see this cream. My problems show you all your about Living on template let you you pre made templates and everything I'll discuss about the same in later videos have been also in Poor Park on presentation. This function can be very handy for Green knows what currently using PowerPoint and one walk great to reduce album has just released in exchange for Our People show, which I will not discuss in this big in our schools. Let's check out department into place. Click on the plus I can about the explain about Bob. Off was different looks to deuce room, so we want to create a white forced time video. You can do bite. You can always choose another style later, so don't worry if you to one here but later want to change to another state? This is the power to enter, please. On the top right side, you can see the current style that you have chosen. Click on it and you could easily choose another stain. Scene's background, correct owes and drops change according to the selected time. Simple, doesn't it? There is a slight panel on the left inside would sit on the right inside, with different options seem in the middle timeline and some kind of abandoned below. Dizzy and Darkman 3. Slide Panel: slight band. The left side shows the slaves like now it is just showing up Blanks line. You can add a new slight by prima toads. The first way is by clicking acts light at the end of this light family list. The second way is toe are only Plea Dart shown in the bottom right corner off the slight company and click on the bust. I can't, he told me, is to simply like click on this link family and click. Add new slide. You can use the last two metres toe duplicate globe problem was light. Replicating us like will make an exact copy of this light. Where else cloning decide will continue. Show any previous same for one second before showing the objects of the current slight. Remove any slide. You can simply click the best I can, appearing in the bottom left corner off this light company. I used the about methods. If you have made a custom scene and want to use it again in your bottom, you can save the scene. You say we'll see our own decree dart shown in the bottom right corner office like tumbling and click on the fourth Aiken As you can see, the scene has now saved in my scenes. You can also say the same by selecting slide that you want to see click scenes and then save garden Seen. This can be very useful if you wish to use the same Andrew an out group for all your partners and don't want to invest time in recreating them again and again. 4. Adding Scenes: Let's start with the past option and it towards our themes. These are pre made templates. There are scenes for different industries in bro. Specifics made great specific situations, concepts called to action and out goes quickly. Triangle Aiken. To see the scenes, the insult a seed. Just click on the scene. Look a close any section by clicking on the grass I can. You can also search one any specific type of saying by using the search option. Let's tied. Why not an off the scene? As you can see, it shows all office stated that scenes. It also gives you the option to excess or Christine's from other looks. Scroll down and you will get the options to browse all of the types of objects matching the soldier for office, who seems like you can now become a very rough started fountain. So let's do a small assignment right of insert fights. If scenes from different looks 5. Setting Background: setting background with mountain, you can add a solid color. Bagram a blue. I choose an image over your background, adding a sort of background click background and then click pickup Outcome color. Choose from basic colors are used color sampler to pick up custom color or simply enter the hate scored up that color. You can also choose from the color pattern and use the slider to see different shades. If you want to use the chosen color again and again, it would be a good idea to addict my colors by clicking on the plus icon. The other way to to change the background is back. Taking on the care I can located on the top left corner of this line, you can see that some options are inactive your as they mainly poor image over your background to truly learn about in the upcoming videos. Image background. If you want to use an image background, I upload an image by user readymade image. Background options available LA Plume Click on Gloria background and choose from the ability collection. The accepted image formats are deputy B E G B engine, and do you can also choose a lady my background from light green between. Just click on the triangle. To see the options in, you can find all your uploaded images selector, redeeming, committing and edited images inside my media. You can start the background by simply choosing another background off clicking on this button. You could also blow your image. Decrease capacity as needed. Will you back home just like image back home? You could also argue over your background. I used the lady made videos from the country like really top. You gonna blow your background? The septic body form actors in people with run tying up. Up to 92nd are Max 100 you can also choose a raid even back from options that just videos by storey blocks, marketing videos, open and nature videos. You can preview any very background by hovering over the smart Rangel, located on the top left corner in sort of video. Simply click on it. You must have more. Does that an additional slide? Gordon sorted automatically. As for the duration of the video, you can simply delete it. So slide back late Monday night, appearing in the bottom left corner of the slide. This like you can new deputy over clicking Sal Khan grew button in the lower left corner of this leg and also and justice start with do your particular time by taking on the baby back . Just like image you can pull from other actions. These options are quite use when you want to highlight a text. Oh, what an image of the back room. So let's do a small activity at a solid background color, uploading amid background and choose over your background from the about likely. 6. Adding Text: they didn't next. Depending only take size. You want you can act title Subtitle and body checks. Click Anak Title to add title. Next, Where did a double take on the placeholder text and time to added Sponsor things I could quickly takes and click the settings Aiken off publicly text and settings will open you. Can JC want I by clicking on trying the likely search by Point me off one. Make me style off one language in the search box, or just go up or down and toothy oneness by your requirement. Black Pompeo, peeled grapes, however, were any phone thank like the start. I could block loden you want. Select any text on this life and collect the garden bond. Click upload. I could make sure you have the right to use the form and check monkey box, according click upload of one and two to play. One would be odd if tee off your braces within. Upload Aiken. Don't please want signs collected, plus cycle into degrees. Click T minus Aiken. You can also click on the gun consigns and chose from the drop down or simply diaper number to conform. Anti Texas bold italic on underlying and said the alignment as left, center or right JC Connor, Click color and Jews percent capacity the capacity and with decider. As for your comment after reading takes, you can define how you want it takes to indulge in exit from the slain one we produce the indolent acceptable is back clicking on a face. Select an effect but angry and then click Exacto. Select except effect. You can select no effect if you don't want any effect created. Impact off a human hand moving the text Oneto The slight didn't select at hand in the later part of the video. Do you also see how quick like the clips from the timeline? I will talk about a tipping on a range of options in the upcoming video link. Text to an external link. Click on the link and Tighty website you are and collect a plant. Don't know the type of links. Only walk inside about one player and not in the end. People planes. I talk about this kind of explored options in the later part of because, just like scenes and background about poppers, regiment mix like a lady overlays elements, tidal's infographics and badges simply browser, like, really in selective on. You want to add your slain? You can edit text objects of the ready. Me thinks element is needed to let to a small activity at next and changes born color and science. Do you? 7. Adding Characters: and then get it goes Al. Come across a wide selection of Garrett girls in a wide range of stains. Also, Mourners, families, You can see different types of characters as, but they look chosen by you. If you're using a free plan, you may see character Martha's Pro or Pro plus, which basically represent the plants upstream plants you need to buy to get the exes the hopeless. You can access all characters, so let's insert a correct and now go to characters You can either. Socially, correct does by putting results from in the search box. Or you can simply browse and select from different families of characters under each look, literally crying, liken to see the characters I click on character to insert it on the side. All characters camp asserting. Poses James depots Select the correct um, click pose I could about the selected character and select the 11 Or you can simply trouble treaty character and then collect bulls and selective on one. The new characters non step out incumbent addition parts options as compared to previous funds. You can increase or decrease size of a character by hovering and dragging any of the circles, appearing on report condoms to rotate a character or whatever any corner of the object. And then they rotate at does the state. And while pressing the mouth so they think director, as needed, you can simply slap awful Apocalypto back clicking the options, appearing about the character. Explore more options. Look on the settings I could critical animation who said they knew about the corrected to no animation such a poor picks number or just play in Luke. You can set the opacity and manage the end. Italy's it depicts. You can also work correct up from one location to another by using a to B. We can also change the size or angle of elevation while moving it. Let's move this corrected towards another collector and make him a bit smaller in size. Click on a Toby option on duplicate off. The character will be added on top of the artistic director. Practice duplicate character to the desire location and make needed changes in size by the for the duration of the movement is 1.5 seconds. But you can increase or decrease it by writing the right hand a lot of dark blue area as needed. So let's play this. Do you cancel the moment, selecting character either location, and then click. Cancel a Toby. You can move objects as well. A stakes in a similar manner. Just remember, you can't grow. It detects my moving. So let's do a small activity such for the net lead character insulted on this life changing schools and move it from the start of this scheme to the end of this cane. 8. Adding Props Shapes and Specials: and it drops chips and spacious major challenge when designing an animated video is to find different crops or objects, Babu makes it on simpler with extended objects. Lately, you can insert crops are shapes to sleeping, started the characters. All that the options are quite similar to work were discussed in the characters were do some objects and shape come with an option to change colors. You can use animated shapes, light overlays, john elements and design elements to add some extra picks to about, um, special section, where you can find objects, relate to do specific evens festivals and so on. 9. Adding Music and Voiceover: ending music and voice over Alexander Action from the U Insecto Add music to your bottom. You can either use the van from the power of music like reading, but upload a music. Find scar down to choose one from the limit. Music like living to preview any soundtrack, just click the play button to the left of the soundtrack name. Please use on the light of the soundtrack name to serve our change. Just choose another song. Crack and click. Use a click on the sound control panel, located just about the time line. Click on the syrup icon and then click on Use Totally. Just click on Been I Can about the music by in this arm Control Bannon. After all. Music file. Take on some on add music. Deceptive. Palmer's, our MP three, A, C and 40 G. You can add a music fired by uploading the music file from your computer or putting it from Dropbox or Google braved. If she rich to create exclusive music, you could also hire a composer from fiber, which is an online marketplace for freelances. You can find your uploaded music by in my music once a week. Why is it. What is that? According on the innovation, you can either record the voice over in about Oh, upload a voiceover by forgetting recorded from a probation. Boys were artist. It's always a better idea to add the voice work before creating the scenes so that you can sink your objects with the voiceover record your boys were in about Oh Goto sound. Click. Add boys over and click the microphone I can above record. Now comes the tools. Whether you want to record for the entire power or just for the cotton slide and click start record, start recording after the condom, followed by the word pool. To stop the recording like Stop record, listen to the preview of recording Electrically button. You can delete the recording and really guard. And if you're happy with Alexei and tightening recording, the boys over will be added to your bottom and will be displayed in the sound control panel . All your boys were buying sketch store in my voice for better quality because your boys were in a quiet room with a good quality microphone. If you wish to add the voice, what are done? Ordered? It's always a better idea recorded using an external rooms that its audacity and father upload. The file in mountain process of uploading avoids over a similar to approving the music. The only difference is that you can upload the war's over for the current slight as compared to the music file, which is uploaded only for the entire problem. To hire a professional artists, click the Bunny iPhone and you will be directed towards bunny dot com. 10. Adding Media: adding media top many media to power toe klik media and upload media. You can browse out uploaded media, edited the majors and video backgrounds in my media folded. 11. Timeline: 99 The lights, Your digital preservation called the diving off bowling optics. In this life, the numbers on the diamond showed the situation in what time that back you can buy dragged off clicking against the speculation of intent. Something on thickness for speculation, just blanketly evacuation. So dying and simply exact division. Where is the timing green shoes mobilisation by the whole duration? Planes like dancing. You could easily agrees on the glue solution. Right click plus and minus. I could look a levy and looking diamond next manipulation. Newsnight can go three seconds to play this line clicking three. Play better about it because I like it. But lately and I help place the placeholder actually start people plate, it's us. For that reason I like with segments, I did not have to be seeking a second with Internet factor than on alert in case your typical 14 2nd exactly that exact product 12. Transitions: transitions. Transitions are effect that day, please between proves links. To add a transitional pain, go to this light panel and lived and click the add transition I can below this light company. It's going to see the transition options to see a preview of our ability, transition, quickly transition that you want to add. You can see that this light transition I can has done dark greatly shows that transition is applied to the slight. You can, however, the ICANN to see the clownish name to remove any transition. Click on this slight transition, Aiken and Click Remove Transition and the Dog. Let's do a small activity, act over intimate scenes and apply different types of transition to see how each transition looks. With this, we're done with the basics about yea before you proceed to the next section, but I will tell you how to make reducing welcome. I recommend that you quickly go through the frequency completely. Activity mentioned. If you just listen 13. Using Templates: making your first part using templates, lovely apartment account and collected beads. Select a template category. As for your requirement who saved and takes under that category, the surgeon is specific, and it's simply enter the search term in the search box. You can please you anytime. Pick my hovering over the template and clicking. Treating plant uses. Stamp lately openly template in the apartment studio by the FARC. Comparable open and quite credit for sure, only the selected rooms ready in such to four story award. Joe's full story from the drop down located a top new meaning. Let's search too quickly more than you do. Remember that even only addict ex answer properties. But you can't add a new objecting good and get more. Let's see if the color of the text mine clicking takes on people. Color Option. Appearing of a pretext. Josie Color and click anywhere outside the Kalabane musical. Abanet problem automatically saved your worker really, but it's always got to manual easy like taking seat button, and they talked over any possible Let's cheese. The big stub it is. You can see the excess coming over good rock. Let's adjust this a bit, but what's let's stand on the grip to help us in aligning the text in a better We'd now like Apex and Bradley Small so because it appear able, sign and move it exports Lex strictly people in size a bit. Christensen any cliques e and changed the title. Double click on the title are, however, the title and quickly pencil like the Site C title to change the title and be accepted. Alright, A successful year, you did it and be. 14. Previewing and Exporting the Powtoon: bravery and exporting the bathroom to preview. You can either use the play button, clicked you and exported the tac toe preview. Using the play button, click on the first slide and click the play button. What usually review and export button and dog? Let's see the breed by the fort. The preview more will be said to me. You can change. It looks like Show more gambling the slider to see about one and full screen more quickly. Two sided Adam. You can click the cross button in the upper right corner to return to the studio. Update. Export in the bottom right corner. To continue with the export Falcon offers multiple export option. As per your subscription plan, you can create your own personal about them. Player page are uploaded. Dedicated Facebook You do content comedy. Such a slight share and review platforms such as Vesti and half spot. Our Facebook ex manager. You can also don't with Britta Pine as an M People Media or PPT. For this video legs. Publish it using fountain Clear click Great. You can change the partner in title descriptions attacks that needed select the category, said the Privacy for privacy settings you will see options for your subscription. Blood Malcolm publish. Under the free plan will have the privacy is public, which means your problem with with searchable and search engines. Click next the final quality settings and click Export Problem. You will see a confirmation message on the top confirming that your partner has been published to share your partner with others. Copy the urine from the address bar and she added, as needed. You can also share Veliky on Twitter or Google, plus Langdon get a cool to embed it or email it. 15. Making a Powtoon from scratch: making about one from scratch. In this video, I will tell you how to make a scene in Balcombe from scratch. Longingly about gonna come. He planned about Button Joe's a look by about and you will be redirected to pardon studio with objects. As for the selected look, let's create an opera scene from scratch Good crops and such. When a baby, let's choose this one click to insult. You could position any object on the screen by selecting it on driving. Now not so much. What did you This one looks good click to insert as you can see that chairs coming over the able to send it to the back of the table. Pay picture plenty settings icon and then click Arrange. You will see two options back on backward. Build back to send the jail behind the Didn't you can also right click and click. Send back Let's endangered a moot now lesson sort of blacked out. Let's search for some other articulated When I was an insult. A few this looks got to do. Let's insert a character, go to collectors and insert point. Jason wasn't flip the corrected. As you can see, we need to move the corrective behind the table, but in front of the two. We can do it either by taking and send to backwards all the clicking, setting iPhones and click arrange. We have brought in a suspect of viol you so rather than using the back option, you have to pick backward. Keep clicking backward till you see the character on the right. Lou. You can see that as you select the object out posters. Theological on time from green to blue. There's no school Europa scene is ready, you contestant, Try all the functions that we have learned in the schools. You can also save the same and use it again and again. 16. Powtoon Dashboard: Baboon National. My Heart Will shows you All your Bug. You can search for you about using the search box. You can 100 a album title by clicking Depends Elikann besides Falcon Title. For just by clicking on title to see if the new park indicted and click the right I can modify date shows the last word of modification. Click on more to see the other options. I believe the bathroom afflicted to make a copy of the power conflict duplicate to send your problem to another part of your clique, collaborate and enter the lighting's The little problem. Blake ended Click Export Export the album. If you already exported the Belton, the Expo adoption will be replaced by view option to see other details and manage export. Click the triangle I could. You can see the info, sharing the embed options and manage the export option. 17. Hack 1: Loudoun hacks Magnum, a one change a corrective posed in one slight next you theocracy that we created on you. To insert the safety Goto scenes my scenes and insert the scene. Now let's see the course of the corrector from walking wearing Hello. So the character is already walking halls, not selected director and copied by pressing control policy. Just likely Gun Collector and Click Copy based the character on the port Second by pressing control plus week and sign it backwards, said the entry back. There's no quick and easy get supposed to help Now, certainly believe is character at exhibit at the fort seeking and said the exact perfect There's no perfect ladies light and you can see that the collectibles has changed from working to bury hello without any glitches. 18. Hack 2: our food hacks back number do how to make it Any meeting graph such rhetoric tingled and inserted on the screen. Select a rectangle increase of science and rotated 90 degrees. Friendship. Kate Geraghty Implement off 45 Cigarettes Got Me and duplicate Directing Girl 3 to 4 times Repressing control Policy and Conduct Bless me, the Crease on a case. Dylan to depart now Select all the rectangles, repressing condo policy rightly and click Pioline. Burden on district them marginally connection that electing girls are equally spaced. You can use great Place your graphs entry. You can cheese girls. I use a simple metal probation in color peach by selecting a base color and then using side of things. Explain this. 19. Hack 3: no one hacks had number three introducing global but side effects. Let's insert a global now insert a rectangle, drag it to increase its I in such a way that it covers the whole slide. J D color if needed, and make it under at the start of the slide. With Inter factors no effect, click on Seconds and Jews A to B shift the rectangle outside the slight ending a low at the end of the movie effect with in perfected and diagram. Right, let's play this. 20. Script Template - See Projects & Resources for template: script and lead. I understand that working on the force for Duke and the overwhelming in the fourth step is citing a script. I generally use the stem picked right script. This is a self discriminatory and easy to use simply please free to download it. 21. Ending: I hope you enjoy learning about June and all set to amaze your audience with awesome videos made on a shoestring budget. Gola feeding to reach me for any queries. I'd be happy to him. Thank you.