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Create Apps in Matlab using Guide

Nouman AZam

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20 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Why take this course

    • Learning style and objectives f

    • Accessing Guide

    • Basic user interface controls

    • Positioning and allignment of controls

    • Tags and initial values

    • Functions in the .m file

    • The set and get functions

    • GUI for a simple product program

    • Including tables in GUI

    • Working with the slider

    • Changing the background

    • Changing the background of a button

    • Setting up the menu

    • Buttion group and radio buttons

    • Using checkboxes

    • Explaining togglebuttion

    • hObject and Handles

    • Popupmenu and menulist

    • Reading a file (text file) and displaying its contents


About This Class

This is a basic course on creating graphical user interfaces in Matlab with its utility called Guide. The course is designed so that a person with the basic knowledge of matlab is able to transform his code to a beautiful User Interface. 

The motivation for the course, i.e., why should take it, is my observation that students and people put alot of effort in writing the code but little on its appearance. By learning this course, you will easily transform your code into a beautiful and well understood piece of software that the users will find useful to interact with. All you need is motivation to learn and basic understanding of matlab such as variables, matrices and others. The course contains 2-3 hours of recorded lectures. Every lecture contains a demonstration of the concepts and the codes are included with the course.  

 What are the requirements?

 We will start from the very beginning in this course. Although i will try to focus on very basic constructs however, i will expect some now how of using matlab such as variables and matrices and some commonly used operations on the variables. Moreover, you should be familiar with the working environment of the matlab and should know what is command line and what is .m file etc.
I am also expecting that you should have already installed Matlab Software.
Please visit mathworks official website for a free trial of the software. Majority of the Universities offer a free student version of the software, so if you are a student, contact your university for availability. You can purchase the student version directly from Mathworks. Please note that i am using its 2016 version. However you can execute the same code on the older versions as well. It wont be an issue.

What am I going to get from this course?

At the end of the course you be a confident user of the matlab utility called guide for making GUI for your programs.

You should be able to work with graphical user interface controls such as text boxes, buttons, check boxes and others to make gui for your code.

What is the target audience?

    Instructors and Teachers
    College Students