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Create Animated Pictures For FREE Without Using Any Software

teacher avatar John Dicen, To teach is to touch lives forever

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Main Training - Part 1

    • 3. Main Training - Part 2

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About This Class


Hello Everyone, my name is John Dicen and welcome to this class “ Create Animated Pictures for FREE without using any software". I made this class to share with you how to create animated pictures or GIFS for your projects. Plus, you don’t have to use any complicated softwares. I’m providing 2 sources for you to create animated pictures using online tools.  Animated pictures are really cool and can be used in any famous platforms like Forums, Facebooks or others. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn animated pictures. I’m inviting you all.

So if you are ready to get started, click the enroll button now and see you in the main training videos.


Meet Your Teacher

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John Dicen

To teach is to touch lives forever


Hi, I am John Dicen and I am Glad to be connected with you here on Skillshare.

I have been a Graphic Designer and an internet Marketer for almost 8 years now. I specialized in Creating Passive Income Strategies Online.

My goal is to share my knowledge by teaching people here on skillshare. I pride myself helping others creating simple, scalable and sustainable online income streams.


John Dicen

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is John Decent. And welcome to this class grade animated pictures for free without using any software. So these guys were going to create directly how the great animated picture scape without using any software that you know. And some of you may call this Jim's geyser, Chibs. Okay, So once you are here, here are some examples. Okay, so here's an example of the Jif. Okay, So these are animated pictures, and I'm going to show you gay. How great animated chips in less than five minutes, if you want to. Okay. It's really, really easy. So if you're ready to get started quick, General Bottle now and see in the main training videos by 2. Main Training - Part 1: Hello. My name is John Decent. And welcome back to discuss trade animated pictures for free without using and they software. So in this part of the costs, we will now demonstrate how to create animated features. Or some of us call it Jeff. Okay, so the first sight Okay, the first site or online tool that we're going to use is Jeff be that Kong case. It's GP G p. K. Once you click that you will be brought here. K, this is the one gp dot com g i p h y dot com. Okay, so all you have to do is click that one and you will be brought to this homepage. Okay, so this is the home page of GP That come. And the first thing you're going to do here is Goto create. Okay, go to create. And once you are here, Okay, you are going toe. Enter your YouTube venue vine or video. You are l gay. So, by the way, gp is a side where you can create Jeff Gay or Jif Jeff Pictures or animated pictures. Ok, so this is an online tool which is free to use. Anybody can use it So the next thing we're going to need here is we need our video. You are? L OK, so we're going to find it in YouTube Gay for for this example. We're going to use YouTube, but anyway can use Vigna, Levine ling or video. You are ill. So, for this example, we're going to use YouTube. Okay, so let's find something here. Gave funny something funny year in YouTube, so I like I like to use Ah. Animates animated pictures using funny videos. Okay. Yeah. How about this one on the me animals are idiots. Okay, so let's try gay. Let's try this one. Just an example. Okay. You can use enemies if you want to. You can use funny babies. Are any videos that you can use? Okay, so let's try to check if this is funny and we're goingto got some clips here once we have chosen all gain. So it's loading for a little. Well, let's just be patient here, okay? Or if this goes to, we're going to pick another video. Okay, So we're going to be another video. Ah, how about this one? Try not to love or green. Funny kids fails. Comm violation So this excuse my Internet Because the weather's affecting the Internet connection right now. So this may take a little while just a little while, Okay? This a advertisement? Supposedly There's something here where you can. Okay, So here's our video scan, if on the okay, So Okay. I like that one. OK, so let's just this What? All you have to do is highlight this one. You can go control, see, or you can rightly copy and go through your ah, gp that come and paste that you are. Okay. So once you pasty you Earl, it will load the video. Okay, It's below the video for you on this is the YouTube video that we used earlier. Okay, so you can go to the start time, Okay. Hey. Ah, this is I think this is a nice part. Okay, That one. Okay. So it this is the stop area. Okay? This is the duration. You couldn't go for three seconds or longer than that. Okay, Okay. So let's go for three seconds. So that's it. Gate. So that is our video right now. It's really, really cool. And you can also add some caption here like, Ah, you can add something like, Okay, something like this is just an account. Some book. A gun, right? Funny. Okay. She against he here. Ah, it has. Ah, the caption. Funny. You can drag around here up upper part, Lower part. Like this one. Let's see. Ah, I got you, bro. Is an example. Okay, so we can actually write something like that. Okay, I got you, bro. And you can change some. Calder's here if you want. Oh, like that one. It changed to yellow block. Ah, Violet. Okay, um, this one. Lavender gay. So once you have done that, all you have to do is to create your jib gate. Okay, By the way, you can also change. Um, the techs a completely false That's one Can blake click? Just click. Okay. So once you have done that, all you have to do is check this mark and create great Jif gain, so it will load a little while, but not too long. Okay? So just wait a little while, okay? So upload is complete. So we have here our video. Okay, So this is the one. Yeah, that is the one. Okay, so once you have done that, gay. All you had to do, toe don't know. This video only has to do is go toe advance. And once you're done, all you have to do is click download. Okay, so once you have clicked download it will download right away. Ah, for this example The case us. You can see here it it downloads. You just have to cancel that. My So that's it. That's how you create on animated video. Gay. So and the next video all she'll show you another source work where we can get animated pictures are added some animated pictures. OK, so thank you so much. This is Johnny's and again and bye for now. 3. Main Training - Part 2: Hello, guys. John, descend here and welcome back to this class. Great. An immediate pictures for free without using any software. So and this second part of our glass, we're going to talk about the second source. Okay, so the second sources Jeffs cage ifs that come. Okay, So once you are here case, all you have to do is type this one, Jeffs that come and click that one. Okay, so once you are ah, in gyms that come, it is the same thing in the first video. Okay, We had to choose another video. Okay? So you can search or pace your you. You are Eliot. You find instagram gay whatsoever. Gay. So the first thing of going to Lucas go back to YouTube gay so earlier when always browsing gay. I found some funny pictures here off cats. So we're going to use this and as an example. Okay, So all you have to do again is you can go control, see or copy. Okay. Once you have done that, I have to do is based. Okay, So it's loading. Okay, So it's the same as earlier. Gay. There is a start time, and there is also a duration. So in here there is Ah, big star time. And once you pick your start time Hey, just find the cat, Okay? This one. I like this part. Okay, Okay. So you can actually adjust the duration if you want to. Like in the previous video, you can click here in this one. Okay. He had make it longer. Or you can drag it. You can adjust it. Okay, so whatever you like. And you can also add a caption if you want to. Okay, so that say, you're the cat. Okay, so you can actually write something like that. Your dick up can drag around here somewhere. Here. Okay, You can change the phone if you want to. The color que red black like these. That one. So it's really, really cool. You can also add stickers you can play around here. Okay. So basically, you get the idea of how to create animated pictures. So the next thing you should do is to create Jif, like in the previous video create Jim, and it will load for a while. Okay, so there's our animated picture of a kept walking with his hands Get. It's really, really cool and funny. Okay, So you can also very should your Jif link back to Okay, You have the option, or you can close that one. Okay, so there is our Jeff gay animated picture. You can in bed air directly ince air. You can download it if you want to. And by the way, you need to register if you want to download it. Okay, so there you have it. The two sources, the 1st 1 is gp that come. That's, um g i b h y that calm. And this one is Jeff's dot com g I s OK. So there you have it. Thank you so much, guys. Thank you again for enrolling and discuss. Um, please don't forget to leave a review of this. Ah, class, think and thank you so much. This is Jonah Guest again. And by