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Create Animated Explainer Videos with PowerPoint

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

61 Lessons (4h 9m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. 01-01. Introduction

    • 3. 01-02. Prepare your first scene transition

    • 4. 01-03. Prepare your first kinetic typography

    • 5. 02-01. Websites to get icons

    • 6. 02-02. Websites to get fonts

    • 7. 02-03. Websites to get characters

    • 8. 02-04. JPG, PNG or Vector - Hard PowerPoint question

    • 9. 02-05. Adding Vectors to PowerPoint on MAC

    • 10. 02-06. Adding Vectors to PowerPoint

    • 11. 03-01. Embedding fonts

    • 12. 03-02. Preparing a template

    • 13. 03-03. Importing Color Schemes

    • 14. 03-04. Remove background from JPG images

    • 15. 04-01. Building 2D scenes

    • 16. 04-02. Building 3D scenes

    • 17. 04-03. Rotating elements in 3D space

    • 18. 05-01. Effect Options

    • 19. 05-02. Animation smoothling

    • 20. 05-03. Multiple animations

    • 21. 05-04. MORPH is a game changer

    • 22. 06-01. Introduction to Product Promo Video

    • 23. 06-02. Opener Logo Animation Pt. 1

    • 24. 06-03. Opener Logo Animation Pt. 2

    • 25. 06-04. Design the introduction slide

    • 26. 06-05. Introduction slide animation

    • 27. 06-06. Amazing highlight effect

    • 28. 06-07. Create and design the text copy

    • 29. 06-08. Design and subtract custom elements

    • 30. 06-09. Animate all elements Pt. 1

    • 31. 06-10. Animate all elements Pt. 2

    • 32. 06-11. Duplicating existing elements

    • 33. 06-12. Custom Transition

    • 34. 06-13. Implementing custom transitions

    • 35. 06-14. Add custom music to round it up

    • 36. 07-01. Introduction to Character Explainer Video

    • 37. 07-02. Design the first slide

    • 38. 07-03. Animate the first slide

    • 39. 07-04. Custom Motion Paths

    • 40. 07-05. Handling transitions like a boss

    • 41. 07-06. Animating entire scene

    • 42. 07-07. Follow up slides

    • 43. 07-08. Consecituve slides made fast

    • 44. 07-09. Add motion elements to spice it up

    • 45. 07-10. Final slide!

    • 46. 07-11. Adjust timing and add music. Done

    • 47. 08-01. Explainer video with MORPH introduction

    • 48. 08-02. Building the scene

    • 49. 08-03. Create custom icons

    • 50. 08-04. Adding elements

    • 51. 08-05. Morph entire scene

    • 52. 08-06. What if you don't have morph

    • 53. 08-07. Have some fun and add text

    • 54. 08-08. Change the pace with different slides

    • 55. 08-09. Animate the added slide

    • 56. 08-10. Duplicate existing elements

    • 57. 08-11. Outro animation - Fly through

    • 58. 08-12. Outro animation - Adding text

    • 59. 08-13. Prepare for exporting

    • 60. 08-14. Conclusion

    • 61. Thank You

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About This Class

Are you envious when you see those professional explainer videos certain companies have? 


Did you ever watched an animated YouTube video and wondered, if you just could do something that good and engaging?



With help of this course I will go with you step-by-step and teach you how you can create outstanding animated explainer videos using only PowerPoint!

You surely heard that more than 70% of the current web traffic is consumed via Video so it's obviously one of the most preferred and well recieved ways of promoting any product, material or content. This is why you should be able to make good quality content that people will want to watch.

You can also use the skills to create videos for oyur clients.



This course focuses on creating Explainer Videos with PowerPoint. I want to teach you advanced animation techniques and make sure that I explain you everything you need to know during that process. We will learn:

  • How to gather resources for our work

  • How to prepare templates

  • How to properly build scenes

  • Usage of typography and kinetic typography in your work

  • Export high quality and ready, animated videos


We will create 3 types of animated videos in this course:

  1. An animated Product Promo video with multiple products shuffling around on the screen

  2. An animated Character Explainer Video in powerpoint with a custom downloaded character

  3. An explainer video with the use of Morph transitions - the newest powerpoint 2019 function


With help of this course you will get better at PowerPoint and become very confident working with any type of animation. We will also explore new features that PowerPoint offers by utilizing it's newest Morph transition function.

I highly encourage you to take this course and have some fun inside PowerPoint with me, see you inside! Enroll now! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Promo Video: - Hello and welcome to this Power Point animation masterclass where we will learn how to create explainer videos within Power Point. This course is supposed to reach two goals for you want to make you a master at using animations in Power Point. Learn what is necessary to create good animations. And the second thing will be to create awesome explainer videos right here in Power Point. So a a lot of great content boat about animation, about creating presentation, about creating explainer videos and working with this type of materials, I'll share with you older the animation so you can preview them and empty template files so you can work on them right away. So if you want to learn this for yourself or work with clients, I believe this will be a great animation experience journey. If you're up for it, join me within this course and we will start right away without wasting any time. There will be one lesson off introduction and then we go, Go, go with the content, See you inside and I can't wait to start working with you. 2. 01-01. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this Power Point animation masterclass where we will learn how to create explainer videos within Power Point. This course is supposed to reach two goals for you want to make you a master at using animations in Power Point. Learn what is necessary to create good animations. And the second thing will be to create awesome explain their videos right here in power point a few very important things before we start. So we start the animation around here at section 678 This might change in the future, but I had to start by showing you how to gather. Resource is use Resource is how to build scenes how to do some advanced animation options. Although this might be not completely necessary for everyone, I need to make sure that every participant off this course will be able to do each animation from a blank presentation file towards the end. This is why I need to introduce those sections. I'm also thinking about making a very basic information section, but most of you understand a little bit about animations. This is one and two. We will use very simple techniques. We will, for example, create some boxes. Then we'll click on those boxes and I'll move you through each animation separately by hand . I will show you the animation pain and what is happening here. Once you are starting this course in the next lecture, we are going straight away into PowerPoint and we will start the work. But before we do this, you might want to download. The resource is you can don't know the resource is by clicking here on course content and in the Donald Resources election, just click on the Zip folder, which will be there. You'll download the Zip folder and you need any unzipping software. For example. I have winner. Are I just right? Click. I unpack it and I have all the resources here within the folder again, The resource is might change in the future, but the newest version of the resources will be always available in this course. This is it. When it comes to the introduction, you can view Electra's one by one, and if you decide to work on my template, you can just double click on the template and you'll have basically a ready power point file with all necessary resources to complete the animation that I'm doing in this course. So I really am glad that we were able to put this all together. I want you to become great at animation, grated power point and confident making explainer videos. So see you within the next lesson when we will open power point and start our first simple animation. 3. 01-02. Prepare your first scene transition: Hello there. I'm so excited for this course. I wanted you to start to work right away. So here we are going to start to build a example. Transition for our scene. So you have this plane slide in PowerPoint? I just deleted the two boxes in the middle. And what can I do here to start? Make it interesting. Okay. I want you to right click select former background. And we were work with two callers here. We want to prepare a scene, that transition. So I'll just hit color. I goto more colors. I usually use custom because I have more freedom with the coloristic. And I would like you to select a really nice blue go here somewhere in the middle and dropped it down until you see a really strong and juicy blue. Okay. I want something like this. This is perfect. Then I go a bit back, selecting my left control key and using musk Rocchi on my mouth. I go to insert shapes and I'll insert a simple oval. Okay, I'm hitting the oval. I'm pressing shift to make it a perfect circle. And I'm making a circle to about this size now. I can click on the circle, and I can make it perfectly in the middle. You see those red lines? Power Point is helping me to place it in the middle. Okay, I have it in the middle. Once it is in the middle, you want to click on it. You want to press shift, so you will stay in the vertical line when you move it and you want to place it outside of this slight just slightly under bottom side. Are you Daria to do you have the same in your power point. You can pass the video and create it. I will wait a little bit for you. Okay, so let's assume that you are ready to continue. Click on this circle you can in the format section Select shaped outline. No old line. And for the shape, Phil, I have tinkered with the l color so you can go to shape Phil. You can again go toe more feel colors, and I want a very strong, like orangy radical or somewhere here. An orange would be OK. OK, a bit lighter, maybe a bit up. Okay. Perfect. A really beautiful yellow color. Now, this is the first part of that design part that we did. But how do I want to make a scene out of it? Don't worry. Please want you have something like this. Goto Animations Open up the animation pain so we see what is happening. Click on the circle because you need to have an object selected to apply animations to it. And from the animations I would like you to find they grow shrink animation. You can press on this down button, you can press on, grow shrink, and you will have this slow and boring animation you can see on the right side on the animation pain. It starts with a mouse click. It's called Over 20 tree because this is the circle and we have these two seconds yellow animation. But right now, if I select play from to preview it well, the grow isn't really giving me anything. So I want to double click here on the animation itself. I want to go to effect and I want to change the size off the grow shrink. This is very advanced when it comes to animation. Sorry that you are doing such an advanced thing right at the beginning. But it will make you so much better in designing and power point. I'll just click on the size. I changed the custom. I press here 500% and right now you need to press enter on your keyboard because if I click away, it will not save. So you need to press the 500 enter. And as you can see, it will automatically change the 500%. Do you see what's happening? Our select once again, play from this is an absolutely beautiful transition from one background, one background scene to another background scene. If you want this quicker, you change the duration toe one second 15 for example. And if you want to tinker with the animation with, I'll talk about this a little bit later. You can double click here. You can go to effect, and you can smooth to start a little bit. It starts slower, and then it goes a bit smoother. This is what I wanted you to prepare in the very first lesson. This is your very first scene. Let me preview this. I'll go to slideshow for myself. I'm setting this up because I have a big amount or browse on window El Presidente five. So I would explain you the first scene. And as I click my mouse or as your video progresses Boom. We have this absolutely beautiful transition. And this is all I wanted to prepare with you in the first hands on lecture. Sorry. We are diving right into the content. I hope you will enjoy this end in the next lecture, we will try to add some text here, and you'll already know so much more about power point. 4. 01-03. Prepare your first kinetic typography: Okay, Right back into the design. We have this first transition, and if you have your animation pane opened, you can notice that we to put something between the transition. If you want to add text here. All right, let's start right away. Go to insert. Find the textbooks. Can enter some text in the middle like I'll sell you. I'll say just simply. Hello. I just put the text in the middle, and obviously, I need to make the text bigger. Okay. We will have to put it in the middle again. I want to make the text white, and I would like this to be at least a bit bigger. Please take a fund. Perhaps you have it on your PC any bigger or I have Arial Black installed. I wanted just to be a big and bulky fund. Okay, it's hello in the middle. You want to go into the animations once you have this text prepared and he wants to use, like any animation you feel will be right. In my case, I believe the fly and should be okay, but let it fly in from the top side. So I'm clicking on the fly in animation on this text box and I'll hit effect options and select from top. Now what is happening here? Look on the first mouse click. This transition happens, and on the second mouse click this text happens. I wanted the tax to be instantly visible, so you need to go here to the right side and you want to text to be first. I'll also right click on the text, and I will select with previous So it starts automatically because there's no previous animation. So the text appears. Then the transition happens, and then I want another text. They appear, so I'll just take this hello box into click on it. I press control C Control V and in my head I need to count everything true. So I believe this is properly said, because we have text one transition text two. But as you can see, the text to should be delayed a little bit, or you can right click on the text and select after previous. This way, you make sure that this second text animation happens after the previous one. If you are not getting this right now, don't worry. Watch the screen. You will see in a moment. What happens? So let me take the second. Hello text. You didn't expect that? Control? A. I want to go home. I want to center it. I want to make it smaller. I want to check if this works with white text. Okay. The yellow works fine and look at that. We have to overlap in text. It seems like this on the surface. But on the right side you have all the information you need. You have to first text, you have to transition. And then the next text. Maybe Since the tradition comes from the bottom, you want the text to come also from the bottom. So you go to the animations. We already have the flying selected because we copied the previous text effect options from bottom. All right, let me preview of the animation and walk you through. What's happening at first? Look at the right side animation. Zero will happen, Estep. Slight stars. Then once I click my mouth and the traditional happen. And since this is set to after previous this little time, I can The second text will fly in. Once the transition finishes, let me play the presentation. Hello, mouse click Ho! Right. And as you can see, this is normal. My mistake is that I didn't hide the text. Police try to click on the hello text and it's sometimes difficult. You need to right click and sent it to back. So it's under lowest lowest layer. Okay, once again, five. Hello. And this would be your first explainer seen. Not only did you do a transition, you did a text animation, a transition animation. You could say kinetic typography. And this is what this course is all about. I want to teach you some interesting ways off inserting text, inserting transition building scenes. And I sincerely congratulate you if you were able to do this. If not, you can either download this material and preview what I did here and just tinker with it around it. You can, for example, place the text on the bottom place. The hello on the left. You can change the animations. It really doesn't matter what you want to do. You are king here. Hello. As long existence transition is here, it can be so cool. Okay. Thank you so much for listening to dis lecture. I hope you were able to follow along with me and do the same. And later on we'll do again some great stuff. But we need to learn a lot first beforehand, so we come prepared. 5. 02-01. Websites to get icons: okay. I promised this section will go right to the merit. And in this lecture, I would like to talk about Aiken's. You can off course, make a search in Google for best Aiken websites. You can, of course, make a search for best Aiken websites, and there are some articles which list a allowed off, absolutely great and amazing website. In my case, I most often used to websites which is fled. I can dot com and I can find their dot com. I really like them because not only do we have great icons here, but we can added them before downloading. What do I mean by that? For example, on flat Aiken, we can search by packs, search by families off Aikens or, for example, just search for Aikens. Let's say that I want an EC Aiken, and you can see how many amazing icons on half here. Those with the crown, Our premium Aikens with those with the S, which is selection or the normal ones can be downloaded and used as they are. For example, if you select this boiled egg and you can download not only vac terrified, but you can download a straight to use PNG file What's even more amazing before you download? Let's, for example, say that my presentation has a already a set color scheme. You can change the color off the Eiken before downloading it. And look how how amazing is that? You can then change the size, for example, 512 pixels, which is a really big and the big enough. I can just imagine if you have a full HD screen for a normal age. The screen so it 500 pixels. Aiken is pretty large, so it's completely enough when it comes to its quality. You just select free download and you just put this link. Would you have here to credit the altar once you are finished with the entire work you have . Also, Resource is with icons for completely free, and one off those resources would be, for example, on graphic burger that come slash by consent. There is a set Mage Aikens. If I read this correctly with almost 3000 icons and everything you can find on graphic border can be used both for free and for your appliance, for your personal project on your for your commercial project without a kneeling back. So I have, for example, Donald those icons and you can either work on the flight and download each icon once you work or you just Donald and find such a free set like this and you have licence here, I have read it. And inside of this folder you have PNG icons which are completely ready to use. Let's say that I would take those folders. I would, of course, put them somewhere closer here. And those folders are absolutely stunning and beautiful icons slipping, making bigger. Look at that. They will be straight and ready to use categorized icons. So if you have a presentation or explainer video about some technology, he just go into the appropriate folder like here. And you have here, like batteries, cameras, computers, USB drives, some screens and plenty off very useful icons. So this is it. When it comes to Aikens, you have to find a few off your own website, and you need to you will learn want to work. But I usually go with flat Aiken. I believe Flat Aiken is one off the best, if not the best, because it has a absolutely huge portfolio off great Aiken's 6. 02-02. Websites to get fonts: funds on getting funds of Power Point and then myself a bit difficult, especially because we have so many types of funds and types off licences. I could explain all that, but it will take ages What you really need to know. Power Point basically works both with the O. T. F, which is a bit newer for months, and the TTF True Type Fund, which is the bit older format. So you potentially should tend to use the ODIHR funds, but you can use both. Once you download a found on your PC, you just open the fund you double click under found itself in you click Install. It will install in your system, then want to open and close PowerPoint. It potentially should be here, but sometimes Power Point doesn't read funds properly, so they may be some difficulties, especially when embedding different into presentation. But this doesn't concern you now. You can either try to those most popular funds like open sense like Baba's knew those work perfectly fine inside of Power Point. How do you find funds and how do you work with the licenses? Well, you, of course, you can search by funds by its categories. For example, on fund Squirtle don't come. You have categories here on the right. I, for example, like those who had displayed there was a big funds. And as you can see, I've selected this tag and I have all those big phones here. Let's say that this would be the one I'm interested in. Before downloading, I would quickly check the license. The this will be often you will run into this very often. Ofl is the open fund license, and basically this license allows you to create content with the front you downloaded vote for private and commercial use. So this is a preferred fund. Older websites, which I very like, like deafened dot com. Or you also have 1001 free funds dot com. I really like that. They displayed the license right away, free for personal use, free for personal use. Demo. So this is a paid fund demo. From what we have here, most of them are free for personal use, which means that you probably what needs to buy this fund if you are making something for your client. But if it's just for you for, for example, for your little products then you could be very well using the fonts you you see here underfunded. Come. You also have free for personal use and occasionally which you really prefer. You have 100% free. If there is a front you are really interested in, you always need to click and check what the designer has to say about it. For example, here I have like lemon milk. I really like this one. It's everybody cool phoned and we see here the nation were What does that mean? Well, there are so many types of licenses and we can quickly read through here that it means that if you want to use this fund commercially, then you should donate the author. If you want to use it for just private projects, you can download and use it as is. You can very quickly from the information's here. If you have questions regarding fund usage, kindly check out my frequently asked questions page. So I went to this page and he has this very nice written out. Can I use your phone's commercially? After donating, you can use my phone's commercially. This is for this one fund, OK, so as you can see, there are many types off licences, many websites for funds, and basically for the project you will be doing in for explainer videos. You just need a few phones, and in reality it looks like that that you will find a couple, maybe 56 really strong, very useful funds, and you'll use them very often. Once you you find those golden nuggets, I'll show you a few off them, which are, like secure 100% good funds to use. But it is new funds are coming up like daily people create phones. People just play with design, play with typography. So there always something new on the market and you should they stay in the game and sometimes watch those websites because they also have listed here that most popular funds. And it's really a pleasure to see what we can find here. For example, personally, I really like those big vote and robust funds, so I often go for for funds like that. For example, in this lemon milk, I immediately like this one. This is this big and bold one, but that's not important. This is all I wanted to say you about funds. There is a lot more what comes into it. And sometimes Power Point really doesn't want to work properly and some funds cannot be imported. You just go straight past that, You you select another fund and you work with those. Thank you very much for listening out to this tutorial and let's proceed and see what we have next. 7. 02-03. Websites to get characters: vector characters. Vector characters is a bit more tricky topic, because everything that vector will be a bit more difficult to import to power point. But we can try to find resources which are, for example, bit maps. In Huron Graphic Mama, they wrote an article about some websites with great graphics and great factors, and they listed on place number 23 and four. My absolute top favorite websites, which are Free peak and the fact easy Here you could either type in like, builder or something like this, or you can open the menu and, for example, goingto cartoon. This would probably return you some some really nice. Just look at that. This would be absolutely, stunningly perfect. You would have a character here, but you can freely modify by changing the design off and those heads. But the problem is, it would be a factor. But let me just download it. And the license here's also free if you credit them. If you would like to buy a premium license, you won't even have to credit this work. The same goes from for fact, easy have so many great elements here cartoon like for example, builder, let me select a builder and, well, I do not have the perfect results. But look at that. Wouldn't this be perfect for just let's say that you have a construction site explained in video to make or just to use one or two characters from this perfect character. Perfect Aikens. Everything is well laid out really nice to use, and you would only need some vector software. It would be best if you have Adobe Illustrator, which could open and safe all those files. But there's also a free tool called in Escape in the Escape. You can now load it from in Xscape dot com, which will also be able to open all those vector files so you can use free software to open those files and eventually safe them to PNG and import to Power Point or just transformed them into E M f. Or which is the former. That power point reads. Power Point isn't the perfect tool for vectors, but we will talk about this in the moment. I just wanted to show you a few off the absolute best websites I know for that Free pick vexed Easy. 1233 vectors, Of course, This would be also a very strong candidate and vector characters. This is a website with big packs off characters especially, and only with that which is even more amazing and you have some off. Those icons are free. For example, this dude, it's also possible that he is available in the paid version with, like many versions off him. But here you can download three poses for free. And look at that. This will be completely enough. We have, like, three poses off him. And for an explainer video, this would be absolutely perfect. You can go to the free download page. You go here and you can simply download and use it. This is this is absolutely great. And I really am glad that websites like this exist. 8. 02-04. JPG, PNG or Vector - Hard PowerPoint question: Okay, now we will talk PNG or J Pick versus Vector Vector files are really best in in usage, but it's difficult to bring them into power point. Why is it difficult? Because Power point on Leigh read E M F Format, which is enhanced meta file, and this is a very unpopular vector format. The newest iteration off Power Point, which currently is Power 0.0.2019 and Power Point for the Office 3 65 subscribers, which always gives you the news update, which is currently PowerPoint 2019. This version also allows you to use S V G vectors as VG vectors. But since some of you use power 0.2013 16 PowerPoint 2016 for Mac even Power 20160.2011 for Mac and for Mac, it's even worse. Why is that? I will show you in the next lessons. I recorded this type of lessons for my other courses and I will import those lessons. But first I want to talk p injury or effective. All right, so I don't know that this and I get a folder with the E. P s file, which is the vector format but for the preview poor process. I also get in Jay Peak and the J pickers have white background so potentially well, the tape. It is an absolutely great quality. So potentially I could take this J pic. And in this case, I would be fine with this tape because I could put this into power Point. Let me expand Power Point. I could go toe format. I could go to crop. I could crop, for example to to this jacket I would put crop and boom. I have to jacket. Maybe not the best quality with good enough. Then I control c control V I go to crop and the problem is that I'm working on one big image and it will get a bit Laghi, depending on what we see. Do you have but potentially I could use this j pick to both my character. You see, it's not perfect, but I just right click sent to back. And now you see the problems here. The problems here are that you have those white overlays because this is not in PNG. This is a J Beck. What I would need to do now is to remove the background I would keep changes because it removed perfectly. Power Point is getting better and better. And this and in the way like this, I could build my character. It would be far more easy if I would just have Adobe Illustrator. I would select file export because I already have the layers released in the next lecture. You will learn what this means and I can select. E. M f mm file can be imported into PowerPoint and used within Power Point, and even the colors can be trained. You will learn a little bit more about vectors in the next lecture. I just wanted to say that if you get the opportunity, you can work with J Pick or PNG images because vectors, as of now, I cannot say with confidence. Yes, work with vectors because I know by myself that power point is not the perfect tool when it comes to vectors. I wish I would say you that just used factors important and into power point. But I know from experience, and I have so many students that it's difficult for people and not everyone has adobe illustrator. But this MF could be right now imported. I could select group on group once again Group on group. And as you can see, I would have to have this perfect. Well, maybe again, group on group. Well, because this is so many items on one. But if I would select and you slight so even imported this vector, it's not simple to use because we have so many elements here and I would still need to group on group and look at that. How many elements is that one head? And I'm clicking and selecting somewhere something else again. So it's it's really difficult to work with. Vectors apartment. Finally, I could separate the head. I could put the head on a new slide out press control G. And it turns out that I selected a little bit off another head. So, power point and vectors, Why would you want to use factors? Because factors can be scaled infinitely. No matter how big this is, this will have perfect quality. But when you re size this Jay Peak, the bigger it gets. As you can see, the quality gets worse because it's made out of pixels, not out of shapes like we have here. This little object is a simple shape. I can right click. I can edit its point. And as you can see the mother how big this shape gets, it will be always a perfect little shape. So, as I told a complicated topic, I would prefer if you use day pick and PNG icons items. But if you are able and if you know a little bit about it'll be illustrator or you downloaded in six in Escape, which you should, No matter what we do, we will try to work with vectors. Windows version is OK. Windows version has an easier time to import vector files, but the Mac version is very difficult. I'll show you in the next lectures what I mean by that continued er and then we can finally proceed. 9. 02-05. Adding Vectors to PowerPoint on MAC: all right, Mac users. I have a good information in about information. They got information. It's somewhat possible to import vectors into your Mac PowerPoint software, but it's farmer difficult, and it doesn't always work. Students have troubles with that, and we I wouldn't say that we came up with a solution, but I was ableto track down a few solutions from the Adobe forums and from discussion with other students. How toe eventually import vector files into your Mac version of PowerPoint. Basically, if you watched the previous lesson, you do everything the same until the exporting point from illustrator Again. You need a vector program like illustrator or like sketch to export it to the IMF or at least two PdF. But there's another step necessary. I have here three work around, which I'll off course also share with you here using illustrator and library office free software, open office and adobe across it. This is possible with some pdf exporting and I have everything explained here how to do this step by step, and I will simply require you to read all three off those solutions. Maybe also, you will come up with your own solution because Basically it's doing the same. Exporting your vector s svg or e m f. Then going to another software, inserting this image here and then select picture erratic and break the picture once the picture is broke like broken up in pieces. You can open this file in Power Point and it will be easier to import. The same goes for those options. They are very similar. You again have to use this office and then break this picture. The TERT option seems the most reasonable for me because you can go into Illustrator. You can export your file s adobe pdf, which is a very normal former and then going into adobe a crow. But you can goto file open you open the pdf you created and you go to file export to Microsoft Power Point. This should eventually work, but I cannot guarantee that the vector you used will be perfectly imported into power Point . Just look at that. We have one vector file we exported as a PdF or another former. Then we need to break it somehow and then were imported into PowerPoint. So many converting steps that something might go wrong with layers with colors with the actual vector so I can carry into your results. But from what I know, it's possible people are doing it. So please try to do the same on your Mac version, I would know ask you, please watch the previous lesson. Do know how to download your example vectors, download them and try to replicate the steps to get your vector image into power point. For the sake of this course, we will not necessarily need to use vector objects. This is just for you, for your future projects. And if you'd like to use vectors within Power, Point is difficult, but it should somehow work. And I'm also confident that the Microsoft developers will make it a bit easier and future versions and implement the vector features even better into power point. 10. 02-06. Adding Vectors to PowerPoint: all right, importing vector files into Power Point. I want to show you how it's done. It won't always work 100% perfect. But let me show you. I'm, for example, using free peak and backed easy to get a few vectors And let's maybe make an example off two vectors. I wrote school and I would just select any design. For example. This looks quite complicated, so let's try to import it into Power point. I was like, free download and I don't load the vector onto my PC. I do the same with those icons from free pick. It requires me to attribute this and I'll do this right now and overall. But we will delete those icons. I just want to show you how to use them, how to import them. And I'll check if you will be able to do this. Okay. I did unzipped both files and perfect one this E p. S. So we can check this out and wellness ai, Let's first select the AI. I'll select okay, and I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS six for dead. That's the downside that you will need some vector softer. You could eventually export those files with some cloud converting software. But this may not work, and I have reports from students that it wasn't working always for them. This is because we need toe export this file this designed to e. M. F. Let me just quickly check the layers off this design. I can see it's on one layer and and before I export this file, what I like to do is to release the layers so the file is easier to read. You can click here on the layers, click here and to select released two layers. Now each off those is a separate layer. I'll also select them and make them equal with the very first group because the 1st 1 was just a group. So now it's an empty layer. I can even delete this, and I have 24 layers because I deleted one. It's a very simple vector, Fiallo. I go to file, I'll go to export, and I will save it simply as an enhanced meta file e M f. Because this is the file which Power Point is able to read, and this is the most crucial moment. We can't get a 100% sure that they will work because this is only a converted file. I'll open the next file and I'll do the same. Let's maybe this time not release the layers and see if that will work. File straightaway. Export enhancing meta file 2nd 1 and safe. Okay, I'm arriving at Power Point. I will select the 1st 2nd 1 I'll click a new slide and I will select the 1st 1 So this is basically my vector file. What do you need to do? In order to work with this vector file, you need to right Click Select Group and select on Group PowerPoint is asking if you want to convert it to a Microsoft office drawing object and it is the moment where it turns creditable in apartment. Yes, I want to do this once again. I will select group on the group and this text is really making. And you see, first problems arise. This was so much text that it couldn't be released properly once again on group. Finally, I got all the object and this is a really crazy file because so many items air here. And for example, I wanted only the buses, so I would need to somehow click and select him. Okay? The background. You can see it's not perfect, but I would need to select control G. OK, select the bus. Select this bus control G. Take it away. Okay? Nothing else is important for me and I was somehow able to use this vector. It was a bit tricky, but we were able to do this. Let's no go over the Aiken's. Is this working right? Click group on group? Yes. I want a drawing object. Right Click once again on group and boom there we have it. So everything worked perfectly. Even I didn't release the layers here. But I just like to do this to make the conversion to MF a bit easier. Okay, so this is it. The last step I would like to take is because now I have so many objects here. I would just select this icon control G boom. I have this unnecessary background. You always need to remember that sometimes the background is another layer control G control G control G. You need to do this step. But right now look beautiful vector icons within Power point Former shaped Phil and their color can be changed. They are vector. Everything is working great 11. 03-01. Embedding fonts: Okay, welcome in this section. We already know how difficult it is to insert vectors into PowerPoint, but like, say that we inserted them, and if you are doing those, actually, it's possible to answer them and you are using custom funds. For example, here I'm using the Baba's fund, and this is a fun that it's not available on your system unless you install it. But it looks really cool for those explainer videos, because this is a big, bold fund. If you will share this presentation or even if you reinstall your your system and you will no longer have to fund you would like to be able to work with the file you created. You can m but this fund in sight off this presentation file. You can do this by clicking on file here on the bottom. In my case, I go to the options, and I have to save that. I click on safe and on the bottom here. I have the possibility to em, but the fund I'm using or multiple funds into Power Point I can m bit on Lee the characters , which will be only the letters that you see here if you would like to make their presentation as small as possible. Or you can remember all characters. If you want the entire fund to be available for usage within this presentation, let's select em. But all and note if the fund will have some restrictions, For example, you installed a dem a phone, and it has just a demo purpose usage. You will not be able to embed it. I can guarantee that this will work 100%. In each case with most of the funds, it works pretty fluently. You just had em, but okay, that's it. Now, the next time you save your presentation and I'll do this here Mexican on safe. Okay, I'm saving it here. It's called off his 3 65 Okay, let it be hyper safe. And it takes a little bit longer to save because PowerPoint not only needs to save the contact, it also needs to remember the phone. The size of the presentation file will be a bit bigger. So it is up to you if you want the front inside of the presentation or not. If you are working on Lee on your PC, it's no problem. Just don't impotent, and you can what I usually do, because I do not like to make my presentations really big. Let's say this presentation with only those few files. Well, the vector elements here wait a lot in this front already is five megabytes. That's still no problem compared to like Photoshopped files, but it starts to get a little bit heavier. So I usually have the fund here in my folder and in the future, if I need to use this presentation again, I just installed a fund. If I don't have it on my PC, and then I open the presentation and everything looks perfect. So this is it when it comes to embedding fund into PowerPoint presentations. 12. 03-02. Preparing a template: Let's take a step back preparing a template if you want to download icons and prepare elements before you work off course. When you create an explainer video, then occasionally you download new icons. But it's absolutely amazing if you have a power of point file with a properly prepared template. Now I've tried to import those a little bit better. What I could do here. I could make this even better by separating those to be properly grouped. I'm clicking. Control. G control, G control G. Okay, I was able to separate them. Control G. Okay, now everything looks good. I would press shift and I'll make them bigger. I like this. I would of course, try to spread them a little bit. And here on the bottom, on the left slide, I could even right click and select hide slide So this light wouldn't be like visible to the presentation. And now, each time I create a new slide, I create some content and they need a new character. I can go to my template file. I can select for a simple this post boom and I have a perfectly prepared template. And this is the vector and those. I didn't prepare those properly, but let's assume that also, those are perfect. And now I would have a really great filed or slight to go to, and with a few mouse clicks, everything would be perfectly ready. I want to show you a private example. I was working on fight. I still work on fiber, of course, but I had the gate before the Utah Ultras changed and I prepared over 1000 off YouTube. Paltrow's for clients in powerful Can you imagine? And I had a few templates like this, and I was creative and created multiple ways off their multiple like outlets for people. I have this animated hand held. Maybe the animation is still here. Yeah, so it looked like that. That the hand Well, I'm the animation is now overlapping. Maybe let's put it was the first. It's in not properly done. The animation was the hand goes and it clicks. And as I was working, I just select the subscribe button on the next design I did. I selected the subscribe button and the hand always flu and clicked on this on this little image, and look how much easier it was for me because I set up a proper template for me. The same goes for your explainer video or any video you want to create. You want to have some reference files which you can use from the top off your slight. In this ultra, for example, my kinds told me I have a Facebook Twitter and INSTAGRAM account. I would like my name's and a subscribe button in one one box of videos. No problem. Delete this. Leave. This boom is deleted. A three remain. 123 I had different sets off Aikens. I made him smaller. I had animations off those and I have really plenty on plenty of innovations. I deleted those now I had to get like that and look at that here. 600 here in about 300 on the second gig and I had so many fires prepared. Also, here I have an ultra pack like, for example, just a subscribe button and next and basically the animations which I had here a Z you can see I did pretty much of animations. It looked like that and normal pretty simple. You took ultra the clicking hand. Then additional elements were appearing This was pointing to the subscribe button on YouTube. And sometimes it's funny because I watched some videos on YouTube and I see my own ultras by people inserted into their videos. But currently it has changed. So you do has another has the ultra function already built in into the video editor, so it's no longer relevant. But I just wanted to see how I was preparing my templates for real life work, and you potentially can to, because everything you put into Power Point, it's really like to wait, and it's super simple to bring into the screen later on. 13. 03-03. Importing Color Schemes: Okay, this will be one of the last things probably already saw this if you took my courses one off the best sources for color schemes is, of course, cord that it'll become callers dot ceo. You can click on Explorer and Color Hunt Daddio. They're off course, many other websites. Let's say that you want to download one off those color schemes and bring it into your power point. You'll click on this color scheme and either have here some options to download this and as an image. But I'm usually too lazy. I just select, for example, that I want this or I wish to ah, used this purples I go to view, and what I usually do is ages. Press print screen on my keyboard. I just press print screen on my keyboard boom print screen. It's safe. I go into power point and I just press control V a screenshot off my entire screen comes in . I just go to former Crop. He quickly cropped the image a little bit to this size. On Fire isn't like that. I click on crop. I make this smaller and boom. I have a perfectly working color scheme inside of power point. Now, when I add some shapes, for example, I enter shaped like this. I right click, and I want to change the Phil. I can use the eyedropper since power 0.2000 I believe. 13. 16 Of course, the newest version. They all have the eyedropper. You just click, and I can select those beautiful colors and look how easy it would be to build a and it would be so easy to build a scene. Using those colors, I would select shape old line Now hotline. I would control C and control Vidas object boom, and you could just right click again changed the fill boom toe another color from his color scheme, and it's nearly 100%. Those colors will look well together because this is a prepper seem because this is a prepared scheme. So this is one way off using coloristic, working coloristic in your presentations and videos 14. 03-04. Remove background from JPG images: soon I will show you how to build a scene. But one last thing. I don't know that a few Aiken's to build my scene and also a example. Vector character. I could go into Adobe Illustrator and try to import the vector into PowerPoint. But before I do this, hell, once again, try to import this dude straight in tow. Power point. Now I'll use a function in the picture tools. Won't you have a picture like that selected? It's NJ pick, which is called Removed Back row Definitely conduct and the power point automatically tries to remove the background. And luckily enough, he also removed is this weird shadow under his boots, which I didn't like. So I want to mark areas to keep and I can mark them in book because if I mark a part of this guy, PowerPoint will try to find, like everything there is to safe. And this character is in the background is so, so well laid out its one color that power find knows well, this different and whatever Spink will be deleted. Maybe pink, not Violet. So I also want this his hair now and you can see there are some troubles with that. But basically, Farpoint does this really well, Okay, Perfect. In this case, I could select keep changes and I would have this character perfectly ready for usage. What I would do now to separate them out, of course, control C and control freedom six times. And on each of those pictures, I would select crop. I would crop him out, just be one instance of him and perfect. And I would have my character ready without even using the vectors. So even if you don't have Adobe Illustrator or or you didn't download in Escape, but you can do it since it's free. There are certain ways to get those characters into power point if we have those J picks available, and you can remember about that because very often, if you download something from free pick, for example, like this type of character, not only the vector files are there, but there's most likely always a preview Jay Peak would you can use. So this is it. When it comes to this little quick regarding removing the background off images 15. 04-01. Building 2D scenes: finally comes the fun part. Let me show you how I will do a two D Seen first. I'll prepare everything over the desk small. I'll precise everything to be a bit smaller and I will make a like resource layer for me. OK, perfect. I have it like that. And how do you build? I'll control she in control video slide because I wanted this color scheme. How do you build to the scenes? Well, two D scenes can be very simple because we can use to colorist ICS. Normally you would goto former background and select a color for the floor. I'm usually making the floor the background and let me select eyedropper and select one of those colors. Perhaps this or the orange one cannot decide. Maybe the orange will be better for the walls. Okay, so let this be the floor. In order to make this a room, go to insert shapes and I'll insert a normal big rectangle. And you would like the rectangle Toby, like 2/3 off this image. Off course you will go to shape outlined. Select no outline because you don't want the blue outline here around. And now we want to select one off those colors for the walls. Color shape. Phil Eyedropper. And do we want this orange? Let's try. In my opinion, this is a very in my face. But it doesn't matter. I will just try to work with it. A to D seen can be very easily build. Let me grab a few items here. Maybe one clock. I'll set my control, people, one desk, one window like that and one off these characters. Okay, I just control C and Control V. And usually a good idea apart from this guy is to put something on the wall, maybe aboard, maybe oclock. And if it's to the, it can be front facing like this. So putting up a clock on the window really makes like the scene a normal pretty room, and this would be basically it when it comes to decorating the wall. You could, of course, make for example, a book here, a painting or an image. But for the core off this off this design, I'll just use the desk and used this character. You can see how perfectly everything fits in here. Maybe do Elizabeth empty here s so we could do additional elements. I just wanted to show you how to build a normal regular two D scene. And in the next lecture, I would like to give you a great example. An idea how I build three D scenes. So is this enough here? Eventually, I could take this and change the color if I really feel like this color doesn't work. So I would select maybe this color. And yes, this looks more like an office. And also this this window looks a bit better now with it. This is how I would build a to the scene. 16. 04-02. Building 3D scenes: now comes such a fun part, building three D scenes. And of course, later on we will create this explainer video. But I just wanted to show you some concept right now so you won't be lost, and we'll not lose any time because this is a very valuable knowledge. I'll give you one great idea how you can build any three d seen. Let me show you. I will again use the same color as previously for my floor because you want the floor and how to make a three d scene. Take the same color. You can even take the same rectangle, press control V and make the rectangle smaller, impressing my control key. So it grows in both ways and that's a little error by power point because here is invisible . But once it's smaller and I press control. Now you see it. Okay, but this doesn't matter. Okay? You have erecting like that. You want to control C control v dis rectangle and you want to place it here on the right edge, make it smaller. And now comes the important part. Power point allows you to edit shapes If they are vector shapes. This is a vector shape natively added from the power point that are so I can right click. I can select edit points and I can take this point and I can drag it to the bottom right corner. You see what's happening now? Take this press control C control V to have a duplicate of it or command. See if you're on Mac and put it here to the left edge. You don't have to make any rotation because if you selected here and put it like that, this becomes the left wall in order to give it depth. The last adjustment you need to make is to change the color off this back wall. You click on this back wall, you go to former. It's Phil. We just need to change the color and what I always do. I just make more feel colors and having the same color selected. Just make it a tiny bit darker. That's it. Boom. Okay, we have a pretty deep three d Whoa. Maybe I made it a bits too dark. Let me make this less Okay. Perfect. In the next lecture, I would like to show you the next important trick. How to make, for example, the clocks and the Windows three D. So this will be very important. So head on to the next lecture. And after that, we will only need to go over a few maybe animation, specific items in order for you to work fluently and maybe creating a few transitions, and you will be completely prepared. So see you in the next lecture, because this will be a very interesting one. 17. 04-03. Rotating elements in 3D space: finally lecture I was waiting for. So how to turn this scene into this scene? Let me take the same icons the same elements and try to work with it. Okay, We have it here. Maybe this dude and this computer could be a bit smaller just for now. And yes, you could have the clock and window on the back wall, but this would look very weird. So the first trick is, if you want a to two d clocked in to be positions here, you can try to make it smaller from this site. If you press your old key, it will not snap to anything. And look at that. If we skew it like this, we can make it look like like it would be on this war. But what will? For the window, I would like the window Toby treaty as well. And with the window, it's not so easy, because if I make it smaller, it just gets, like, totally weirdly shaped. This is why Power Point has three D tools, and you might not imagine it, but it has. It has those functions you can right click and select former shape to open this format picture options and in the former picture options thing is not the place to explain everything here. But basically you have to fill and line options, which would just fill this picture artifically with ingredient and to have to affect options and under those affect options. As you can see, we have three D former three D rotation. So let me select the three D rotation, and there's nothing difficult. You don't need to be a master. What I usually do. I just click around until I found the sweet spot. So I need to turn the picture first. So I select the 1st 1 I see. Oh, it turns that way. Okay, Go back and let me turn it this way. Okay, The window is kind of turned, but now let's go to the wire rotation in the UAE rotation will be very helpful here because we can make the rotation to seem like this window would be on this wall. So I just take the y rotation a few not just down 20 even off course, manually make it like 20. Treat 22. I'm looking at this edge, this bottom edge. And in this one, if I would be super precise. I could make it like this, but I'm a bit too lazy and this seems perfect. Boom. And remember, this doesn't have to be, like super perfect. It just has to seem right. And of course, we would need to put something on this wall. Maybe not this clock. We would need a few more seen elements to build this properly, but you can see how quickly you can turn a to D seen into a three D scene. So it's a very interesting technique, especially with having fun with the perspective. This is such a simple image that only thing we have to do is just to make it smaller, like more flat. And it looked like it would be turned, but with the window, it was a bit more difficult. We need to use the three D effect options. Those options could be also find on the former picture effect and this three D rotation effects. You have some presets here, but for this kind of task, it seems that this presets called off access to works even better than what I did. So I would click on it and basically we have like the preset, preset element here. And look at that boom. The windows is perfectly. I hope this was very informative to you. And later on, if we work, we can remember about what we did and how we did this. 18. 05-01. Effect Options: Hey, a few things about animations I like toe explain. Before we start the serious work, I assume that you know about the animations tab that you can add animations to like any object you select and that there is something like the animation pain. When it's open, you see the timeline off the actual animation. The oldest first animation happens on mouse click, but we also have options by right clicking on it to select, start with previous and to start after a previous. If there are more animations in this lecture, I would only like to underline to you that certain animations and when it comes to explain their videos, we are mostly working with flying, perhaps with the spit and wives, because they can be also very useful. Faith is always good, and some of those effects have their effect options. And when it comes to the flying and I watched this guy right now, by default, he flies in from bottom, But you can off course change the direction from which he enters the scene, for example, from left. In this case, I would maybe go from right because here's the desk and, like here are the walls and maybe from from bottom right would also be Yep, This also looks very interesting because it creates, like this three d effect in which this person enters the room. Now I would make the duration a bit longer, and he slowly enters the scene in the same way it's built. So this looks very natural. Of course, explaining videos have total freedom and you can make them as you want, so you can remember later about that when we create the animations that the flying has its effect options, for example, the Faden has no off these because a fading is just a faded. 19. 05-02. Animation smoothling: Okay, I did Get this out of my way. Now let me create a new new slide. Let me maybe again take this dude and I want to fly in effect. Let's make it from bottom. And I want this dude to be three times here because I want to show you the three possible effect options we have in power point for this kind of fly in animation. Here on the animation timeline wants you double click on the actual effect those effects options appear And the first the timing section is basically the same which we have here. Or if we're Actiq on it, we have to with previous after previous conflict. But here on the effects step we have a smooth start smooth end and balance and which I want you to remember about. Normally the animation flies in If we smoothed to start, it will look go slower at the beginning. Let's take a look And I'll maybe take all three animations with my shift. I will extended aeration and I will select with previous so they all start at once. So you see those two? I had no options, so they are the same and This is smooth Start, Let me make here smooth end and you can cannot have it both ways. You either have half in the health or let me make smooth and Onley on this one. You see, it enters quick and then it smooths at the end. This is connected to the interpolation off the animation where if we would have better animations, The third animation now is a normal animation. But the second animation with the smooth end is quicker at the beginning. And then it smooths out for the last. You also have this effect, bounce and option. You can make a tiny amount or stronger bounds which I want to show you. Here. Okay, this bounce went totally crazy. Can you see? So you cannot use such strong of a bounce. It also depends on the animation itself. But if we make a small bounds, it will really look natural. I even make it two tiny. Okay, so I want you to remember for this lecture. There are certain ways off adjusting intimations and surely later in the explainer video that made the last one without anything. Okay, Anything smooth Start smooth and bounds. Let me preview all of those animations. You see, everything appears completely different. I understand that some of you are totally familiar with this, and some of you might not be. This is why I put is here in this part of the course, because I would call this course when it comes to animation at a tiny bit more intermediate and beginner because we are like making more interesting intimations than just normal transitions and normal fates. Okay, this is what I wanted to explain you in this lecturer. Let's stick to the topic. Let's move forward. A last quick info about animations and we are well on our way to create the explainer video finally. 20. 05-03. Multiple animations: one less information before we proceed is to any given object. I have the first animation on it. If I click on any other animation, for example, I would like him to polls like this, like make him grow a bit. And once I click it on this, it deleted the previous animation I had. If you want toe overlap multiple animations over each other for the flying, you need to select at animation. So my concept here let me delete or like me, just control C Control V. Alito's my concept years. I want him to enter, and I found him toe pulls two times how to do this. Look at this animation. We have the first animation and I want to add animation pulls, maybe at animation teacher just for fun. So right now the animations happen after a mouse click. But I want to happen after this previous one ends and this one also after its previous ones . So you see this little layer? Aiken, like zero, means it will start without any mouse click, and the second layer behind it means there are multiple animations at light. It is one object. Okay, We had here the polls, I'll double click on it. I'll just quickly check. We do not have any options. We only have the options to dim the object to a color. So polls works like a poles either. Also, we have no option here, and in my opinion, Power Point and the Microsoft developers should make it that the teacher is stronger or less strong. But they didn't. So I cannot do anything about this right now. Let us preview. He pulls us, he teat. And maybe I want him to turn. This would be also a very advanced technique which I want to teach you. Control C control Vidas Dude, And let me turn him like this. Okay, He's not visible until this animation ends. So I would now come to the animation and make him at Pier and at the same moment, this one has to disappear. So I'll at another animation to him, which would be disappear So the disappearing will happen. A mouse click and this one with previous. So now let me quickly sex light show. So it's happening in my screen. I want toe overlap them and I will tell you the purpose of this. So I have this animation. He flies in and I'm explaining you the concept. Meet Tim. Tim is working hard in entire week and I autumn antis sentence. And then I would start my next sentence sentence with him turning. Tim has new shoes. See, It gives this animation. I understand that it seems like nothing, but it gives this animation a little bit more off interactivity. So look, because with my mouse click or with the video itself, I can introduce you to the first part. And then I can make something happen on the screen by talking further. So a little trick and you wouldn't think off this as anything advanced. But you have to imagine how to do this. So make him disappear. Turn him, make him appear. And I would like you to train this because perhaps we will use this in the explainer video . I believe you are equipped with plenty of skills, pointy of animation information that will be very useful not only offers explainer videos, but overall when working in Power point and overall, when working with certain things like this. Okay, I really like what we did here. I make him a bigger okay and I will remember what we did. So see you in the next lectures, where we continue our work 21. 05-04. MORPH is a game changer: the last element before I proceed, which I want to show you, is the more of transition. And this is very important because normally we will be using the push transition to push from one scene to another, or we create a custom transition eventually the white transition. But since Power 0.2016 and who purchased PowerPoint 2016 doesn't have dysfunction, but office 3 65 subscribers got the update with the more function. And also Office 2019 which is now released, has the more of transition as standard function. And I understand that some of you work on power from 10 13 6016. But I need to show you the more function because this is the future Off explainer videos and PowerPoint. There is no denying it that dysfunction when it comes to explainer video is a game changer . I will show you why. The more function let me create very new slight quickly at a rectangle. Anything, the more function, the more transition when they have a shape, a shape layer like this cure and create a new slide, or I just copy this life and I changed the shape to be, for example, here and I on the transitions. Click on the more transition. You see what happens. The more transition tries to more of this object into this object, and we get a fluent animation. Between that can you see in the effects options We can transform objects we can transform like words Depends if you have text here or characters. If we select words like nothing will change, most likely you will be using objects. Why is this important for explainer videos? It's a very important look at that. For example, this scene I press control C control V I, of course, keep this or for money. Let's say that you want a close shot at this guy here. Now you want only this to be the scene. I like this part. What I would do, I would delete everything. Even this even this I would make this bigger to the entire screen. Oh, sorry. I went too far. I just needed to be the face of the slight. And now I make this guy bigger. In this picture, it was above him also bigger like this. And look at that and a picture like this. Look at this scene and look at this scene. And if I press a push animation, it would look like that. I'm sorry. I want do not want to have to fight on this guy. Okay? The white for it, Nothing special. But if we use the morph, the problem is we have the green background. I would just use the background eyedropper and select the and great one. Look what the more of transition does. No, and, for example, then again to the scene going back. Okay, so we have the scene a close up on this guy and again the scene with a more of transition. Let us preview how this looks like so I don't have the scene. I have this animation. I shouldn't have this animation on this guy. Sorry, I delete the fighting on this guy and let me preview what happens when I use the morph transition. So I have the scene with this guy. Now, when I click, I get a very nice closer, very much fading into that. And after I click again, I have my scene back again. The only problem is here, like the green and gray background. But again, this looks so amazing, so interesting. And Power point could never do this. Until now. There is somewhat a copy off what presidents, but because President had those big mind maps and President close up on certain elements of the presentation, and power Point tries to mimic that now by allowing us to morph between one slight and another slight. So you could say I shouldn't use the more because you have an older version of PowerPoint. But if you want to create explainer video to the highest standards and you want to keep up with what is available on the market, you will probably sooner or later need to get power 0.2019 or the Office 3 65 subscription . This is a disclaimer. I wanted to show you the more because it's very important, especially when it comes to animations. And so many awesome features are possible with that, it's like really disclose up. This is so perfect, and I could make this desk bigger. This would be so much better if you more to it. See if I would have an explanation that the team is working blah, blah, blah. He's doing something in their next life. I would just get a close up. I could explain another concept here and he receded. The quality is not good enough. We should use vectors. But it doesn't matter right now. Then I would go back to my scene. Such a nice close up. I really like this animation. So the more of transition is kind off game changer. It's only one function added, but it allows us to do so much more. Especially that the other transitions are pretty much useless. And we only use push. Why? Like fade for for those explainer videos? Because we will most likely not use something like that. Okay, this is what I wanted to share with you here. 22. 06-01. Introduction to Product Promo Video: hello. And it is such a pleasure to welcome you in this section. What will we do here? We will do this kind of product Promo animation for an example. Company. Let me start by showing you the animation itself. It is music in it. So let's review it for 20 or 30 seconds. - Okay ? Yeah. And this is it. So many nice and interesting features which we will learn here. Let's say that we have an example brief to prepare a product promo video for a company that sells mountain gear are like outdoor gear. I used an example of a few vectors a lamp, a backpack and what did I do to prefer defies for me? I downloaded a few vectors and I went into the victor. I double click to open it in Adobe Illustrator, but it can be open also in the end escape, which is the free software. I did go into the program. I separated the elements I would like to show in this case in Adobe Illustrator. I'm pressing F seven to open up the layers. For example, I wanted the backpack, so I de selected everything about the backpack I could eventually make it a bit bigger. It depends on what I want. I just want to file export. And instead of using a vector file, which I don't really need it here. I just used a normal P and G file. Like calling it BP. Like backpack. You can see it has a transparent background, very high quality, which is 300 five points per inch. Okay, this is perfect even for printing. And I just took those files. This BP took them into Power point, and I made a little template for myself here. You will also get this file available if you would like to work on the same files on the same examples and to make it easier for you. But we learned everything in the previous section, So you can just as well go onto the vector websites and image websites. And I can websites and download a few example. Aikens, this is it. When it comes to the introduction, I made also a credit slide to show you where I took the music from. It should be credited like this where I took the vectors from which I am very grateful. I yes, I usually do I used backed Easy and free Peak. And as you can see, we have hurt a super nice animation with it. Let's hope and now a new Power Point presentation. Let's greet this promo video at first and you will learn a ton off interesting tricks here , so let's start right away. 23. 06-02. Opener Logo Animation Pt. 1: Okay, welcome to the first lesson. And let's not waste any time and start with the introduction slide. I want to wipe the slate clean, and I want to go back to the presentation because I'll just take the template final, which I prepared for myself because this would be what I would do at the beginning. Off my work. I'd go to this. And this is also an awesome feature in PowerPoint that you can just control C and control the slides between presentations. You can keep the source former thing if you have some different backgrounds and the company . Let's say that the company did give me their logos and I especially like this purple. So I just went ahead and I took this one. Okay, the first slide. Let me put it on the side. How do we do this? We right click on the slide. We go toe former background and we want to change the background. We want to use the eyedropper. I'll click here and I'll select the purple background to be consistent with the coloristic off this company. All right. Once I did create the background, I can no take the logo and make the first example. Animation The logo happens to be a factor. It is awesome quality, so I can make it bigger without any issues. And now how do we want to make the logo to fly in? As I told, I would like a logo to really fight in. So I'm going to hit the logo, goto animations and select the flying. The flying from bottom is very interesting, but in order like to make the flying start from here because the floating is totally different. If it's like floating, it also has this fading in and I don't like it. I like the flying because the opacity is at 100%. A little trick you can always use, and we will use this on the 1st 2 slides is insert shapes and insert a rectangle like a mask and masking shape here with the same color as the background. This so you just go to shape full. I dropped her. You used to call her from the background and you go to the shape outline and you select no outline to get rid off the basic ugly power point. Blue outline. Okay, now I can open my animation pain. Just a private animation one more time. You see? Now it happens. Like from here. Without this, it flies in all the way. But with this, it has happens. All right. At the end, it's a bit boring. So I want to double click on the animation. I want to go to its effect. And now you see how important the previous sections were. Mm. Do we want to smooth? I want a bounce. So it's not so boring. Let's make it maybe 0.3 seconds. Very quick, bones. Okay, I will extend the duration of this animation right click and select with previous. So it starts automatically when the slight start. Okay. Perfect. Really nice, clean, very friendly animation. 24. 06-03. Opener Logo Animation Pt. 2: Okay. Perfect. Really nice, clean, very friendly animation. Now, I would only need to insert textbooks and insert. Oh, sorry. I clicked on the rectangle accidentally. I want to answer the textbooks, and I called it. Did I do this? I called it Mountain Gear or something like this. Let's say that our company's mountain here and here I used the phone, which is called Burn the Debt Rough. Okay, let's do the same. Where in the earn that rough. All right. I selected the color for this fund to be exactly the same as the logo. Okay, I put it here. I went back to home center. Make it bigger. I want I first tried to make it onto lines, but it looks kind of better when it's on. And this is the problem. In powerful new, sometimes accidentally click on element and beautiful. This would be our first initial slight. Let's decide upon the animation off this dis text. Maybe it will fly in from the right side. Why not still be interesting and the nations flight in and to use it from left Do we want to use our trick again? Why not control C control v It's a bit difficult to put it here. Okay, Like this. Just make it smaller. No, use the text. And if you are lazy like me instead of like double clicking on the animation going toe effects, changing the bounds, changing the duration. I want the same animation that this has. I just click on this. I click on the animation painter and I click on the text. Now the animation is painted over with the same features. Now, I only need to do one mouse click effect options from left. Perfect. If, in any case, you entered this quicker and this is, for example, from back and it isn't working, and it isn't covering up to text, then you need to go to home. Select opening this election pain and the selection pain shows you exactly what is first or the second or the third. I want, um, this We'll even DoubleClick logo text needs to be behind this, which is which would be logo text called her. Okay, so I just take the logo. Luckily, and this rectangle didn't cover the logo itself because the local texas So I want to take the cover I want to place it here and the logo tex beneath it. What's the problem here? That you need to be very careful because we did a rectangle here and this rectangle would be local cover. If this logo cover would be higher, it would cover up our text. So we need to be worry off what is first or the second. And it's far more easy if, for the editing part you change the shape field because how it's better visible. Okay, But since I already know what I'm doing here, I have everything set up and maybe the text going to animation. And this is just your invention. Now I would like to extended aeration. I would like to delay it So the text comes in later. We are now already with our first initial slide. Police try to do the same yourself. If not, you can always open the project file. You can always click on the first light, which I did Here you can open up the animation pain and the selection pain by going toe home, Select selection pain or to the animation stop animation pain. Here you just cover your mouth. Okay. He did a with previous entrance animation, which is float in. And he did it for one second. The second animation delay 25 duration 1 50 0 So this is how, how how to make this And this is usually how you get the best ideas and then you can replicate them yourself. As you can see, I just made the small delay. In my opinion, this balance is too quick, so I'll just extended aeration. This is like nitty gritty. Think a ring With the invasion itself, the balance is too strong. The federation was too quick. Okay, now it's like more natural, absolutely beautiful animation. And let's continue in a debt fashion on the next slide. 25. 06-04. Design the introduction slide: okay. The previous animation took long because we had toe start everything from the beginning. The second animation, which we would like to do, is like the introduction to what is coming. I used, for example, like Black Friday sale, but this could be in the sale or any text used. The main part here is three text boxes. Okay, The animation wooded here is very similar because we want to go into the like, same convention as we did in the first animation. And it's like that it's revealing three boxes. So what I did, I thought to myself that going purple all the way down will be a bit boring. So I try to use a second color. I used the red one from here first, but it was like two pinkish to bright. So I just went ahead and right click. Former background. I selected the color from more colors. I went to custom and I tried are at I believe it was somewhat darkest red, and this kind of goes well together with purple. All right, so we have our red color scheme set now for the text we need to establish three tax boxes and three rectangles surrounding it. I went to insert shapes and I inserted three shapes like this. Or let's just make the one and then we copy it. Shape old line now outline shape, Phil. And this is where our color scheme comes into play. You can click and you can even use the what you see here on the left side. You could even do this like this. I used off course the purple, which we already have. Did we do this? Okay, then I used to text by going to insert text books. And you would like to answer this. Let's start with this black. And I wanted a big and bold fund to, like, introduce what we're doing here. So I used the fund, which I downloaded, which is a den pro. You can off course, use different phones, country like I like then throw. It's a really cool phoned. I already used it in the past. I make it bigger, I make it centered, and the little trick I use here I used the color from this background to make it look transparent. I use the eye dropper boom, and you can see the text. But if you hovered over this block on the black tax becomes like transparent since the it's like, hardly visible. And we need to distinguish here. What I also suggest you to do click on this text, go to form it shape, effect or not shape, effect text effect. Because I would like the effect to be applied to this black text text effects shadow. And let's use one off the simple shadows we have here I will go for the very first shadow because this is a very clean, normal shadow. And there we have it. So we have the first box. I will control g it to make it the group I'll control C control V Put it in the middle like this. Control C control V and put it on the bottom. Like to make at least a little distinction between the boxes. I will take this box now, since this is a group Sorry, I need to click once to select a group and click another time and you can see here on the right. I selected the textbooks here. I would like the text to be text ful purple So we make a negative like and I will click here. The rectangle and direct angle shape Phil make it threat. This is simple design, but it may cause some trouble. If you want the animation to be a bit simpler for you a bit easier, you can rename the group's properly like text three. Text two, and the upper text will be text one. You can use this as a template. Um, I wrote their black Friday sale like Friday sale, all right, and we have that initial design with three boxes ready. 26. 06-05. Introduction slide animation: okay. I made there. Read a little lighter and let's go straight to animation. We will use the same rectangle tricks which we used before because we want a consistent information pattern. Let's take the first part. And what school? Here. Look at that. Those are blocks also filled with color, so they might be helpful. I'll insert shapes. Insert a rectangle at the bottom off this animation to about this size. Okay, shape, old line. No old line shape. Phil Samos background. I will take the black animations and make the flying. Okay. Looks pretty OK until the Friday is visible. All right, click with previous to start duration half a second, maybe 0 75 Tweak waters off a second and at least a smooth. And here. Okay, we don't need to bounce. We'll do it like that. Then for the Friday You see, this rectangle is already covering something up, so we will need to, but this above Text one. Okay, Control C control Vidas rectangle and put it on the top off black because this will cover the Friday text. The Friday text will come from the top side. All right. Click on the Friday text just text to or just click on the black text animation painter and paint the animation over instead of coming from the bottom. This time you want to be counterclockwise and just go from top. Okay? And you see little problem. There's this text to needs to be behind text one. Will this work? Okay, The problem is that text number two should be delayed. You see a some mole. Small error here. This is because I didn't make this rectangle perfectly to this. Okay, let me preview this now. Totally awesome. Now we just have to work on the last text. Now, only the sale animation it can go from from bottom because from top would be a bit difficult because we already have distractible here sale. Let me just duplicate this animation, because why waste time on it? It already flies in from bottom. Let me delay it. 123 123 And do you want to cover it up here? Well, we can duplicate this rectangle. We could put it here and we could make this smaller. This wouldn't come in the way of anything. And it's above the sale. So in the end, you have this animation. Absolutely beautiful. Very clean em. If you want to change the animation itself, you just work with the durations and what I did on the previous on this presentation. I just did one rectangle on the left side, just like that one rectangle on the right side. It doesn't even have to be super proper. I took the 1st 1 I selected at animation because I want another animation on top of it. And I went for a fly out to the left or to the right boom, and it disappears. Just take this at animation. Fly out two left and this at animation fly out again to write. If you want everything to happen automatically, you select those three animations one could control to a tree right click with previous and delay it, for example to like four seconds because you want to have time to read this and then just small delay and boom. And this slight animation is ready. This is a pretty advanced animation, and you need to spend a little time on it. But it is so rewarding at it worth the time. I have no relay here, and if I would like to be a bit more fancy, I would make it a smooth start all around 27. 06-06. Amazing highlight effect: Now comes the amazing part where we will create the product. This will take a few lessons because I want to go very slow and show you everything you need to know in order to make this kind of animation. Look at that. Basically, we only need to select and create two slides like this one on the right side, on the left side. And then we just copy everything over. So the first light is essential one. Look what I did here. I make this cool like lighting effect, and I want to show you this in the first lesson. All right, so let's create this right click in new slight Delete everything. I really hate this. Right click. Former background. As usual, Andy, I want to go with the purple Hi dropper click Boom. I want to start promoting a product which my client wanted me to. Let's maybe we take the tent or the blue tent. It doesn't matter. Control C control video element you would like to put here. Maybe I make it a tiny bit bigger. And it's, like, very uneventful. Very boring that it's just here on the right side. Very flat. What I found out it's possible in Power Point you can insert a shape, for example, direct angle and at direct angle with shift. So it's very even shape. Okay, now I would like to use a advent. Let me for a brief moment, close all the panels and watch over to the format shape options. You can open them by right clicking and selecting former shape. I would like a Grady infield to be present here. I want only two colors. The first corps will be the highlight, and the second color will be the fate off. So select the first color. Go here and you can try selecting the same color that you have in your presentation. And the first problem is I would like disc radiant to go out from the middle. In order to do this, you need to select the type off the Grady int to radio instead of linear radio and the direction you have several options here. Off course from the middle. Do Okay, we are close. So this is the first color. You want to take the car? The exact color that you used for the background. You want to click on more calls and just make it lighter like this. Okay, A very nice highlight. Then you take the second corps, and this circle somehow has to fate perfectly between the slide and this. How to do this? Very simple. The second late color has to be off the color off the background. I mean, we might think this doesn't even look close. So what do you want to achieve? Also? Interesting. This is on a side note. At first, you want to get rid off the blue line by clicking on shape. All I forgot this. Okay, now the entire trick here, we're just very amazing is that if you have a circle or a great in color on it, you have the transparency options. Depending on which color you select, you'll work with its transparency. So select the last color and make it completely transparent. Look what happens. This collar starts to like fate off. It isn't present anymore, but this still looks like a normal circle. The trick here is to put the color wider up the range. See, if you put it like, far up, it will create this perfect little lighting effect. And I really like how we can use this. So I have is lighting. If you need this to be brighter, you just click on the color number one. You go to more cores and you make it even lighter. But I you want I do not want to overdo this. We can even make this a bit transparent. I wanted to be bigger like to cover the tent, OK? And I don't toe right quick and send it to back. And look, we have this absolutely amazing and beautiful lighting effect on the object that we want here and that this can be used with any color with any type of presentation Later on, we just go the animations, we just fight that in and boom. And we have it. Okay, this will be for the first lesson which I would like you to replicate. This is the core off what we need. So I hope you'll be having no troubles with that 28. 06-07. Create and design the text copy: Oh, and on a side note, we're looking ideas. I just search the web for this type off like posters and videos. And I saw that people designed it in that way that you have a product. You have some kind off sale going on. You have text, you have the price in the big tech like this is the very obvious stuff. So you can google that and you can, like, search for inspiration. So let me go in that direction. We already have a few slides. So why waste time? Take the text. If the information isn't working, we will change this later. I want Oh, sorry. I want the text to be the first item. I'll go to its former and change the text white. Okay, I have my first object. Then I wanted, like a secondary text, which will be like explaining that this is the tend explanation. And this main fund isn't working for like, a second very item. So I'm just going to home and I am changing the farmed. Since I already used Din Pro in this presentation, I want to stay consistent and like use one fund family and I'm lucky enough that then Pro has a few off those funds. Medium light, regular light, like light Looks awesome. I'll make this smaller with my control and left bracket key. And what I also did here. I write ticket on this to enter the format shape options. And we have the fill options off this shape, which is this. But you also have the text options inside of the text options off this textbooks, I will raise the transparency. Maybe not super much, but just to distinguish between the main text and that this one and you may ask, why didn't I just make it great? Great is not transparent. Transparent is transparent. Look at that. You see, s o. I want to use a bit of transparency here. Hmm. 30% is okay. And for the last part, I would like to put the price tag here. You can see we already designed this. So why waste and the time we already have some cool colors. Maybe this red color will be better control C control V And then on the every other slight , we can use the use, the secondary color. So, as you can see, I basically have only two cars for this entire presentation and like dollar 1 99 and I make this smaller. I made me. They make adult here 199 90 and you can stay with this car. You can go to form it and do the text, Phil, depending on what your for example client needs. You could give him two versions. This would be our main main text design for this frame. The last thing I would like to add because now it's it's lacking like the fine touch. And the fine touch in my case was the little sales letter. And we could put a star here like top product. Or, in my case, I want to use the sale will again used elements we have. So let me show you quickly in the next lesson how to design something like this. And this will also make you a better designer and power point for the sake Off this lesson , I would like you to create those tree text boxes, no matter what fun to use 29. 06-08. Design and subtract custom elements: so I wanted the quick sale. Aiken and I want to design it from scratch. Little site noticed that in power point for office 3 65 subscribers. And since version 2019 I believe you have some implemented icons inside of Power Point, which you can also potentially use. But here I just made a very quick Google search sales. How does something like this looked like? And look how simple this would be to design just making a shape adding a triangle and subtracting a circle or something like this. So this is no problem. I do not have to search for vectors. Ill designed this myself how to do this. You go to insert two shapes and you search for possible elements which would help you with that. You very often you want to use the rectangles available. And, of course, the basic shapes. Here. I decided to maybe use this rounded one maybe from the flow chart or simply selecting this rectangle doom something like this and making it more circular. Okay. And not on the bottom. So this would be my first shape. The second shape insert shapes a second shape could be more off a rectangle or eight rounded rectangle like this. So this would be the body for it. And the colors, since I have white and red. So I'll just stick to it. And either this red or or this red. Maybe. Let's make this. I will use eyedropper because I'm not sure if I select the right color. So I created two rectangles. One white, one red. Hell, no. Select both. And of course, select No outline. This is really annoying. And I don't like that we have Sorry that I'm designing this. Ah, really? Power point. I don't like this curve here. So what I do, I just take this rectangle right click, bring to front. And now this would be the front off it. I would also like this little cut out here in order to do this. And this is very important. And I'll show you eagled. Insert shades Are you selecting Oval? A little circle. You make their little circle, you place it in the appropriate place. Here, you press shift, you click on the second object and now you have to vector objects within Power point Selected 100 former time. You have the merge shape options. Merch shapes is available since Power 0.2013 but I believe that power 0.2010 did also have dysfunction. But I'm not sure. But in PowerPoint 2010 you had to go to either the quick access toolbar to edit or go to file options. Um, fans customize ribbon and you need you didn't need to, like, select documents. You need to find this and then inserted, so it was pretty annoying. But going back here once again, you select a circle, you select this shape and you click under merge shape Options Union combined A so I can see both combined. Subtract with work here. That's really not Subtract, subtract wasn't working because I would need to select them the other way around. I would need to say this first and dentist circle now subtract would be perfect. Okay, subtract so the color states as it is. And I can select this control G. I'll make it smaller and I place it here. We would of course, need to play some text here, but this would be like super simple control. C control V. I'm like sale. Make this smaller. Of course, this box should be also smaller. I put this here maybe like this, and I take the other fund that I was using. Control C Control V. And you can see I'm only using the elements. I already have, like 20% less. And the problem here is that text isn't scaling like objects. So text needs to be no to home and make it smaller. This is why it's very convenient to use the control and left right bracket key. The text isn't visible, so you want to go to the format and he wants to change the text color to black on. And I have the shadow here from previously text effects Shadow no show. You can see what we achieved. We have the negative 20. Um, the fund is a bit too heavy for my my taste. I would select the light front. It's a bit too light. So this is also very useful to have an entire fund family medium, bold, maybe a normal, bold boom like this. And we have this little sale already. This could be a tiny bit bigger like this. And now again, I need to select all of them and group them we need to be careful. Do not select this background. You want to pick it like that. Control G. And now you have it ready. Somehow I didn't select a 20% because it's so big. Let's make it smaller. And I pressed my control key to make it smaller from both sides. This again control G. You can do control. Gee, infinite times and boom. Now we have it. Now I can rotate. It can have fun with it and I can use it on multiple, slight and look, The composition now not only has the red color on the left side with also the composition that's closed because it has some red text on the right side, kids to peak and make it smaller. The problem is, I need to manually make the text smaller, but this is not as much work. I will do this once properly and that I have it prepared. All right, this is it. When it comes to designing custom elements within power point 30. 06-09. Animate all elements Pt. 1: okay, we have all the elements. Let's power this up with cool animation. And this is like my favorite part. And I hope this is not boring for you. And you want to work on this because you do this once and I have here some animations. But you know what? I'll just delete everything because I'm not certain that this is what I wanted. So at first I want a producto pop into the screen. I want to use the colorful background, and I want to make a quick fate on it, right? Like with previous. Make it longer because I will transition between slides and I need that background. Toby, always this color. So this is like an additional element, and I want to fade it in. Then they won the tent to, like, drop down and bounce. It is kind of obvious because you want the product to be visible. Flight in off course from top Pretty cool s usually with previous, but this time the duration 1.75 seconds. Double click on it, go to effect and give it a slight bounce. Bounced A little animation too slow. If it's too slow, reduce the duration the book click again Effect and maybe a little bit stronger Bounce pretty OK, 0.8 seconds bounce. And so the first is this tent and this over. Now, when this all happens, also the text could be animated in. So you want to select the first text, make your gonna fly in and make it find from left so we will not have to do anything more. Besides, of course, making it with previous delaying it a bit. But the delaying Once you have old animations, you will preview them like 10 times and you'll see Yeah, this is it. You want generation to maybe take one second double click on it, affect options And again, I want to be consistent. I give it at slide the bounds. Now, on the next text animation, let me give you an awesome idea. 31. 06-10. Animate all elements Pt. 2: Now on the next text animation, let me give you an awesome idea. You can use fate because I don't want like the animations to be all the same for this entire presentation. I will show you in a second wife. I want to use the fate. But this is super boring. Right click with previous duration. Make it the same as the previous animation. Maybe a slight delay. Double click on it go to effect. And this time, since we used the fight animation, you want to change the animate text option two by word or by letter? 10% is very slow. I'll make it like 6%. Super awesome. Maybe this also takes a bit longer, so I'll reduce the duration. You can see here on the right side. Let me preview what we until now have pretty awesome. Just This is too slow. So you see, when I preview everything, I I see if this works together or not, I'll double click to the effect and I reduce it to 4%. I want this to be a very swift quick animation. Reduce the duration on the custom among 206 a 0.6 seconds. This should be okay. Now, the last part would be this little box make It may be flying from bottom. This looks pretty cool with previous extended aeration. Maybe give it a slight delay because it looks cool when one animation have happens, like after another. But they overlap each other. Double click. I know it's a bit tedious, but once you have those animations, you only will copy everything and just change the positions. Nothing else. You have all animations prepared. We want the bounds or smooth as we want to bounce because we are bouncing so much. And this would be basically the animation, only the sale later. Totally awesome. Had this comes into slow reduced to delay or a reduced generation. Yeah, because I want kind of this text to be the second focus. And then the last focus of you. I would like to come back to the sale. So sale from the sale can have the same animation at the tent. Click on the tent. Do not waste any time. Boom. Nice bounce. And this should be the last one. So I'll delay this and look when um look on what we have. We have this really cool animation on this light. I hope you were able to follow it. If not, go one after another. It doesn't have to be everything. Here you can delete the health of the slight and work just on that. It will be a bit simpler. Okay, I want to preview the entire the entire animation sequence. And if it's not boring, if it's OK, like everything is happening on the screen and high really like this, I really enjoy how simple it can be with those flying effects. And especially, I believe we did good work here because this text flies in from the left. This flies in from the bottom and this fate in during all this happens. So it creates a really very fluent animation to and very nice to watch. And also, this is the little touch on the end. Now it's your turn to create a slight like that to create an animation like that, and I will patiently wait until you do this. Then we can and duplicate this. But this is not the end. I would like to give you a great idea off making custom transitions and how to implement them. And also how to add background music, how to find music and all those little stuff. So see you in the next lecture. I cannot wait until you finish this one. 32. 06-11. Duplicating existing elements: since you created all the animations necessary Now you could duplicate this infinite amount of times. I should make the transition first, but let's make one element after another. If you will use a second item, I'll just place control C control V on the slide. Empress Contra. Okay. To keep the source for mating. And maybe we want to use the red color here to make this a bit more interesting. Right? Click. Former background. Sorry, it's a big and we had the previous red color. Now, how to change the coloristic off that off course I would take the box. If I will be able to select it, I would go to format shape. Phil and I would try to use the purple call. Okay. Looks pretty OK now off course at this needs to be changed. Also very simple. Take the collar off off the red. And do you want a lighting here and more course Or do we want a darkening here? Since this color is pretty bright, let me select a darkening. And this the same as the background Transparency 100%. And instead of making a lighting effect, I make a darkening effect Maybe the darkening should be not so big. Okay, not like this. Okay, In order to make it like, Ah, go be more extended. I would make this bigger. Okay, so we did change this. All this element to a red one and you can see this product is on the right side. So this product should be on the left side. No problem. You would select everything with my shift key. Oh, and selecting and power point here. This can be a trick. Everything to left also you please. And also this Maybe turn it like that and make the sale here. Now I would take the text and I would put it here. As you can remember, the first text did when you when we go to the animations, the text let fly from left side. So now I wanted to fly from right side. This would be no problem. I would just preview this entire animation if everything works super totally amazing New color scheme. And you could do infinite colors with that. If you had a color scheme, I'll show you a small, small, small trick. If you have a product here, let's say a PNG image you can always right click and select change picture. You just change it from a file. And for example, in in my case, I had the files here prepared, I would just select large icons. And if I would like the backpack to be here or the compass or the lab, it really doesn't matter. I would just change it like that, and I wouldn't even need this file. But it's always useful to have it like this. I would I wouldn't even need this file because I could work straight from my product. Vice. Awesome backpack. Everything is prepared. You just make it a bit bigger. You change the price appropriately, and this is how you can duplicate the existing animation. Now, in orderto around everything up, I want to show you how to prepare transitions, how to make it totally custom and how to round everything up with cool music. 33. 06-12. Custom Transition: in case you want more off those slides, click on those two shift shift control C Control V. You need to make sure that you keep the source for mating and boom, You have four elements. I would just swap out those images and we would be perfectly ready. Okay, Now I would like to talk about transition. I want a custom transition in them. In this cope off those cars. How do I do this? Maybe for the very first transition, we will use a powerful in transition. I knew. You want to start from the beginning. Go to the transitions tab on may be the 1st 1 conf eight Because you want toe Start out the presentation then here on the right side you have timing. I want this entire video toe happen automatically. I do not want to click my mouse in order for this video to play. So you need to select after instead of on mouse click And for example, this first the animation takes like two or three seconds so this slight can happen 45 seconds After five seconds, the slide will advance. Let me go to the second slight here. I would also like, for example, to use something simple, like push. And afterwards I want custom transitions. So here I selected push between slight number one on site number two. And this light, it takes a bit more to play. It takes about five seconds. You can always go to the invasions. You can click on it here. And when you when you have your mouth here, start five seconds and 5.5 seconds. So this slide should advance after approximately six seconds because the animation will be finished. If I do three seconds, it will end away, play out the animations and then events. Okay, so I have the six seconds now on the next slide here. I would like to teach you discussed, um, tradition press insert shape. I have this on my quick access toolbar. And I only press old too, because I placed it here. And you want to create a rectangle to the size of the screen into the size of the entire slight? Okay, shape outline Nordling, Of course. And the colors should be the cause we use. Um, put it Put this rectangle above the slide Eso you have some spacing here and the last color you see needs to be the color from the next slight. So this is why this is animated. Because I will show you how to make a seamless transition. You have this rectangle number one shape filled and you can use, for example, disparate or just for fun and lighter purple. Okay, then control C control vidas rectangle. Try to put this perfectly in the space and we're in a previous rectangle is I know it's a big pain and make this color the color from the next slide shaped Phil. I dropped her click here. Boom. So what we want here, I want you to create two rectangles to the exact size of the slide. One should be any color you like, but the second needs to be exactly the color as you have on your next slight. Let me place him a bit closer on the next lecture. I would like to show you how to animate this to make this absolutely amazing and explain you what you need to do here in order to make this work 34. 06-13. Implementing custom transitions: you did prepare all elements which are necessary to create this transition. Please open up your select close to select selection pain. So we see where direct angles are perfectly there on the top and let me name them like the main. And the second will be, ah, DoubleClick secondary. Maybe de select the main on the secondary. You want to go to animations, you want to open the animations and you want to select lines. Lines is a animation like you see here. So you want to take the line, you want to click on the red one, and Power Point will automatically snap. Just pointed here. Perfect. So this is now a perfect cover off this entire slight and you can see with the mouse click , but I didn't want a mouse click. Right click with previous Federation should be like one second not longer. And the delay should be depending on how long you want slight to stay. This is just an example, So I'll make it delay off five seconds or maybe four seconds to make everything quicker. It also a one time freak here. I'll also click on this information go to effect, and I'll Samoud, Only the end. How it will take this five seconds until I can preview it. Okay. Very nice animation. Now you can open up a back the main by having the secondary selected click on animation painter and painted over to the main. Okay, I know this is working, and this needs to be delight at least a little bit. So I'll late by quarter a second. Okay, we have our transition ready. And in order for this to work now, why does this work This worked like that? That this rectangle covers the screen Power point goes to the next slide. And so the screen is red. Power point in that time goes to the next light. You don't see it, but when you are on the same red background as the next light, and then everything starts to animate in this creates a custom transition effect. In order for this to work, you need to click on each of those slides, transitions, no, no transition. And just make it after zero seconds. This will make sure that after all animations happen, it will proceed to the next flight. Now the only thing you would have to do is to take this transition control. See, just go to the next light control V controls be control V. You can remember that You need to see the next the color of the next light here. So I would take this color and I would just need to go to form it, shape Phil and make that next slight color. Here I see it probably here. Well, here the animation ends, but I will make this shape for the purple one. And what I forgot about I forgot to go to transitions after a zero transitions. After a zero transitions after a zero and I have the portable solution, I should have the purple transition also here on delay it a bit a little bit off delay so I can transition onto the slide. How does this look? Shift of five transition should happen about now. See? Absolutely beautiful. And oh, my little mistake is that I didn't delay this animations. Eso they happened like simultaneously. But let me show you now. I delayed this a bit. Let me see if in the right order. Now it's perfect. So this is my little mistake. But basically you get the idea this'd is very advanced animation in Power Point. I would say this is why you need to open the presentation file, which I am attaching. You can always open this file. You can click on each object. You can even take this object control. See, bring it to your presentation, control V and see what happens here. Try to replicate the steps. Try to replicate it until you have it. Mm. I hope you were able to follow this transition. This is one off the most difficult part here. But once you do it once, and it will be simpler if I deleted those lights and I would be working only on those two or three slides so you would like have more understanding off what's happening with each on animation. I am holding both my thumbs. Now it's your turn to create these transitions. And I would love to see what you come up with. 35. 06-14. Add custom music to round it up: I cannot believe. But we are nearly done with this animation, and if you would have the transition first now it would be so simple to duplicate, I would duplicate had control K, and we already have those transitions implemented. Not only that, Power Point also knows, because who on the transition step we clicked after zero seconds. If you copy the slide with all those options, it's also already copied with all those options. So now you see why it is so simple to replicate slight when it comes to music, I made a very quick search about free background music, toe search for some royalty music and, for example, a great website, which is called Ben Sound. Again, we have licensing here and on the licensing. I read about it that you just need to attribute them. I previewed a few tracks, and when I click the black downal button it downloaded and let me show you how simple it is to put this inside of Power Point. You just take the music track. You put it here and on the all your tools in the playback, you just play in background. This creates this sound animation, which is looked until stopped playing across slides and hidden during show. Which means that this little, like a sound icon is invisible. But you could just put it outside of the screen and problem solved. If you want to start from a different moment in this song, you trim the audio, you come forward. You listen to it. Okay, Pretty good. This would be a good start you had Okay. And if it's if you don't want toe be so boring You faded a little bit in so the music doesn't start like abruptly instantly. You can also not click here. You can just make it start automatically. It will become this animation. And if I press f five now, we are done with our animation. Hold your ears because this can be a bit loud. I try to not it down. But this is the animation we created right now it proceeds. It has custom transitions. May be the text could be right here. Look are so beautiful. And no one would expect that this was created with power point. This is this transition, really is what separates like beginning on a power point. Designers, wit, prose that understand what's done, how it's done and what is possible. I am so glad that we are doing this animation together because I really like the result. And this is the first explainer video we did here. We will try approach second animation with a completely different spin on it because I promised you explainer videos in discourse and I wanted to start with that because we have so many essential things. And look how beautiful this looks and you can make this a smaller, bigger. And if this looks OK to you and you can be fine, then you can be really fine and satisfied with what you did. Of course, I would need to change the text changed elements, but in the end it was just a local. The different superb. I am very happy about this first animation that last proceed. Let's take a little break, maybe, and then we will continue our work 36. 07-01. Introduction to Character Explainer Video: hello and welcome. In the next explainer video, we will create together. This is a pretty simple one. I just used this vector character and I would like to show you a little preview off what we will be doing here. And also I have all the vectors on the additional slides available here, so everything will be available. I also set up a template so you can work on the template if you would like to use the same characters, the same elements in the same office, like vector objects, which we have here. But you can, of course, go and download your own character just to make your own video. But without any further I do. Let me quickly show you what we prefer. This is a very simple and normal explainer video, but with the techniques taught here, you will be able to do anything. And this is with text, which means we even wouldn't need to have any voice over. But voiceover would be preferred. But that's, like more advanced. You need a good microphone. You need to be able to edit your your voice recordings. So here we'll do this without okay , as you can see a pretty simple one. But a lot of cool elements are implemented here and knowing this, knowing how to do such videos, you will surely be able to do the different videos on different topics, depending on what your needs are, so let's head right into it. 37. 07-02. Design the first slide: Okay, welcome in the first lecture. So I went over to the characters and I wanted to somehow introduced the character which we will use in afford this explainer video like Meet Tim or this is someone he will explain this and this. So I watched this and I kind of like in this post for a introduction. So I just made control. C and I control V this dude into the screen. Let me move this color scheme to the right side. So I made this dude bigger because it's important that you you one time you make a close up . The next time you make a small person look at the original Que his smaller. Here. Here's against Muller here. Here's bigger what on the left side? And this creates, like different camera angles in which should be used. And why did I put the text in a box like that? I put the text in the box like this because the original character also had this box on the back side of him. So you basically can control see in control view this box by clicking on this object and then clicking on him behind. I just didn't like the green color. And if this box isn't suitable for you, you can always right click headed points and try to work with the points. It was It is difficult because it's power point. Mm. As you can see, Power Point doesn't make this super right. You will have many off those, like, little problems with once you get a hang of it and you often click away. I just wanted to make this, like, smaller. I'll just have to do this a few times because I wanted around it corner here. So I take this closer, I put this further away, and Okay, I believe we have this first books ready. Maybe turning it a little bit. And you can see we have a small belly here. I didn't want that at that point. Click on the point. Try to make them like study line. Okay, now, this is a bit better. The second thing I wanted to add here will be insert textbooks and meet. I was calling him dude, and I used a really a really big fund. Which is something off with the letter and Oh, nor'wester. Okay, let me go back. Let me select the same phone because I really nor Wes. Okay? And I'm making this bigger. So this would be the design part off the first slide. And what problems may we face? Who? I didn't like the colorist. ICS. So I made this guy smaller and I wanted to use the scholars what I did. First I took the box shape. Phil Eyedropper and I selected a dark color for it because I wanted the text to be white. This makes the text stand out and be very easily readable. So as I did that the green religion work. So if you have a vector, you can click. You can click again, former and use the same shape ful. This is the bonus views vectors. Because if this would be a J pic, then we would have more problems. If this would be a J pic, I would just use one of those guys like this, and I was copied is over. I would turn this mike smaller. I would send this to back and I would have a similar effect with and Che pick image and this copied object, correct. As we see the round this year is also too small, but these are just small details. Let me edit the point. It's really problematic. Okay, now the roundness is a little better. So this would be the design off the first slide on the next light. I would like to show you how to animate this, and then we can move quicker forward because we already will have this box. The last thing I wanted to adjust here is right clicking former background. And I was searching like I was trying different colors. And in the end, I believe a red one works. Worry. Well, okay. And this will be the initial design for slight number one. 38. 07-03. Animate the first slide: Let's go over to the animation and under left side. We have a great preview off the end result off the slide. And this is great because I know this person is so big it stands out of the slide with here in the preview window, we see exactly how this looks. Okay, I will take this box and the text and press control G orders, right Click group Group it because I would like this to be one animation I goto animations . I opened my animation pain instead of the form and shape and I take both pictures with my shift Click this shift Click this because both will be flying in so we can do both animations at once Both in the mission's fly in both animations with previous both intimations of course, a longer And I want to get inside of them goatee effects and let us give a small bounce and maybe a smooth start. When you use a bounce, you off course cannot use a smooth end because the end it's already the bounce. But you can use this mood start so splitting the start bouncing the end Really beautiful. This looks really okay. So I'll take that text frying from left and I'll take this dude effect options from bottom as default. I want to delay them because I do not want them toe like enter the screen. Exactly. Very beautiful. Maybe in the spacing between those boxes us a bit too small. So I either make him of it smaller like or I take this inside box and make the box a tiny bit smaller. These are just small adjustments. You can make them any time, all right. I think now the spacing here is a bit bigger. And visually, this looks a bit better, but it depends on your taste. Okay, let's create the exit animations once again, select both select at animation, and let's simply make a fly out. This is cool because we will have objects with already to animations on them. I'll right click, of course, select with previous, and I will delay this because the slight should take no more than three seconds. This will be completely fine. Maybe I will extended duration. And, of course, as the last adjustment, let's make a maybe smooth start. A fly out doesn't have the bounds, of course, because the idea is that it flies out of the screen. So why would it bounce at the end if you do not see it? Smooth start. Yeah. I want a pretty smooth start and a small delay, and I'll preview this entire slide. So I have four animations like in Fly out, Fly in, fly out. These on the second animation has to fly out to left. And this on the second animation has to fly to bottom. Okay, Perfect. Really beautiful. I even believe this takes a bit too long. 2.5 seconds to 75. And this is completely enough for the first initial slightly. And let me put this here play from meet Dude, and you do not need more time for that, okay? And why I used to fly out. I use it because I will duplicate this light, her press control K, and I'll use the same background on the next light. So I'll have a one color elements lying in flying out and then again flying in and this would look like one continues animation. Let's proceed to this in the next lecture and that this will be really interesting. So I cannot wait until we meet there 39. 07-04. Custom Motion Paths: okay. It's amazing that we already have this animation here already. Those elements are animated. So the second slight was supposed to be Hey, works like a hero. He works like a hero. Let's say that I am working with the script and I have a script and to create a story like this. So initially, the box from I could make it like this bigger. But the roundness is a bit weird. No. So I can right click Added the point just a little bit to make it or curvy. Okay. I made it too much. You see, PowerPoint is giving me some troubles with that, but I will try to hold on. Yeah. Three. Horrible. I will even remove this point on the lead point because I only need two points here. Boom. Yeah. This should be like, Why are you giving me such troubles? Power point re likely, don't you? Okay, I adjusted the points and I see here on the right side again. It goes reset. That's a little problem. Okay, I think this is completely fine. Now we have to box a little bit customized, so that doesn't look so static. Okay, When it comes to the animations. We have this books flying in, but I wanted to showcased him as a hero. And luckily enough, I have some kind of here oppose here, so I'll just use it. Let's maybe put this year somewhere else. And I used this hero player. I want to make a nice motion. So I'm turning him around. I'm putting him outside of the off the entire slide. I'll make this a bit bigger. And let me give him a simple motion because I would like him, like, bring this object into the screen. Okay, I want to click on this Superman. I want to open the animation pain and from the motion paths. You would like a custom pat, I'll do. I will start here, and basically I could draw a line like this, but let's maybe make it just a tiny bit, so he will really fly. Okay, I'll double click here. Perfect. He looks like a superhero. So the animation is not long. Let's make it the first animation. And my idea is that he brings this box into the screen. So I will right click with previous. I will take this group, which is this green animation, and I'll just delayed by a tiny bit. Okay, maybe this group in the delay even more. Yeah, this looks fine. I will extend the duration of the blue on. This should be like, correct? No, maybe a bit higher. Okay. Really nice. Maybe a bit lower. This looks now. Nice. And then once he finds out off the screen, I would like him to take a turn and come inside off the screen. How to do this? Since we already have this animation here are preferred. I'll just take it control. See Control V like the end post off him. The and post would be about that. And without any further ado, I click on the previous information animation painter and I paint the animation over. Now I just have to delete this old guy, and we have basically are animations ready? Just let's preview if he doesn't enter too quick. Yes, I can see the green should be after those initial to animations. I mean, after the flying. So you need to take the second animation. You need to delay it much more and also direct animations. Let's place them together. The red animations need to be delayed a little more so they do not like fate out off the screen right away. All right, this would be it. Let's preview the animation to slow this guy. Let's DeLay. Perfect. He flies, he comes. They always run out of the screen. Everything looks perfect. Maybe those red ones, I'll lower the duration lowered. Ah, duration to delay. Okay. Play from beautiful. And they go to out off the screen and we can now put a transition on it. This is how you can make a custom slide with motion, Pat. 40. 07-05. Handling transitions like a boss: the next light is changing the topic. And here I used a classic to the scene and I also used transitions. You already know how to make this traditions, but let's replay this. I'll create a new slide. I'll delete everything, and I want this to be my background. So I right click former background and I with my eyedropper select this background since I wanted to establish a scene. I also need a floor and like a floor divider, So I can, for example, use a Graeme gray insert shapes a great shape here. Both my scene before the colors. Former shape Phil. Let's use a gray. I wanted a lighter gray a little bit. A sandy great would be the best, So I was like the same color shape, old line, no old line shape filled. I'll go to more fun. Colors will slowly shift towards gray, but still having like this yellow we've selected. So this will be a yellowish grey, which will go well along with this scene. Control C Control V. Let's maybe make a small panel here to, like distinguish between the wall and the floor and also your shape. Phil. More fool colors just make it slightly darker. This is how I would build this seat. Let me show you a cool trick. I wanted to do the transition in this in this section Control. See Control V and and make it to the entire slight. As we already learned, this would be number transition number one. Former shaped Phil. I dropped her. I also like the same color shape, Phil. Powerful colors. I'll make it maybe darker, maybe light. Maybe a bit lighter. So it's a different color animations. And as previously we had to this lines information. But here we will do something different. Okay, We have the line animation perfectly overlaying this now. Rectangle with previous duration. Not so long, delay. Just right after those red ones. Maybe less. Okay. Control C control V to make it the primary core. And as I told you, as I taught you, this has to be the same color as the previous as the next scene. So for mitt shape Phil, I drop her click and click on the next scene. And look at that. We have a scene with seen as a floor. What do we do here? I'll show you an amazing trick. Ah, quick animation and just delay it a bit. Let's preview what happens. We have all those animations and then we have the transition. But transition makes me this yellow screen. But here we have this floor. So if I play it right now, I get this and then I immediately see the floor. You see the problem. So in order to like to dress this, I'll go to transitions on this yellow slide and I'll select push. Now the yellow color comes in and it pushes out this floor. Let let me give you a preview. We have this animation. It comes, the transition comes and then the push makes a nice animation going up, showing us the floor. This is how I would transition into a new scene. So to recap, we will make a normal transition. With two objects falling down, this object would have the same background. And then on the next light, we use a push animation upwards. I hope this is understandable. Now it's your turn. Let's try and make something like this 41. 07-06. Animating entire scene: okay for the next scene. I wanted to highlight that he is working hard. So I built a scene and I placed many elements. And each off those elements is animating into the screen, which creates a really, really nice effect. Then use the transition because we do not want to push everything out of the screen. You could see all comes from site and we have the text like this. How would you go about doing this? At first, you would need to build the scene. This is the most important for building the scene. Having such great and like elements prepared. This is why I prepared everything. Because I knew I will, like, need elements like this. So I'm making a very, very quick scene. I also downloaded scenes with a desk because I wanted to put this guy behind the desk and imagine that he is not sitting how to put him behind the desk. Well, I would just put him here, and I would extend this so you don't see his legs and well, so I took some elements like this. This may be this thes control. See, I lamp a clock. It doesn't matter. I placed everything here and I just moved him around toe appropriate places. I made something bigger or something smaller. Um, this may be on the wall. It also looks OK on those documents. Bigger. Those documents may be on the left side because he's so busy. And you see, he he is happy here. You can work with emotions Very simple. You could even make him blink by creating circles with the color. He has the skin. I just took him. I right click edit points and you do not have to be a vector master here. Look at that. I take the point. Boom. I take the point. Boom. And if there's any problem, right click at point and maybe extend his face when I was doing something like this. So he clearly isn't satisfied, but he's not quite unhappy. He's just like seeming unsatisfied. You see so quickly we change the emotion Now. We also had a place for text, so I took the maybe the first textbooks. I believe I placed it here, and I knew that on some slight I'll need plenty of text. So I extended this box. I made it smaller. I also did right click edit points because I wanted to make the corners a tiny bit better. But this isn't mandatory. The coroner's basically could stay as they are. I'm just a tiny bit his department, Really. He also takes and resets this point, so this is inconvenient, but Okay, I changed this object just a little bit, so it's a bit more unique, a bit more custom. And you see the problems. Now, if you change one element, you need to change the rest. Okay, let's assume that I'm already done. And the dark color wasn't working for me here, so I took it. I went to former shape Phil, and I used, for example, the call us we already have here this great. Like the background it is. Sandy Grey looks very nice, and I use a text copy. I don't remember what script I wrote, but no one recognized that. Okay, I put this here as well. Maybe smaller, Beautiful. So we have all elements in our seen. Our scene is built, the text is also visible. So now we also have this over the animated. But I wanted this animation to co from top and basically all elements we'll have the same animation, allergist Animation Paint this over but without the exit animation. So I painted the animation over I would delete to the exit animation I place this year. I just double click effect. Yeah, smooth start pounds and And everything will be from left from left And that those from right. So I'll just copy those innovations over Click on this intimation painter boom intimation painter, boo information painter, even him. Animation painter, move, animation, painter, boot. What we need to do now is just a click on the animation. This from right, this dude from bottom and maybe those books. If I manage to click on them from right, you see my problem? My problem is yet all those admissions happened at once. In some cases, this is a really cool animation. Let me preview this. Mm. No, This, uh, this has to be delayed or even deleted This exit information. Okay, Pretty nice. So I eventually want those books to be, like, delayed by 0.2. Maybe this by 0.3. And the rest looks pretty fine to me, right? I don't stick with it. Okay? This is how I would create this animation, I would also delete the exit animation. I would take the transitions from before controls because I want my the rest off my explainer video to be on this sandy background. And I just control V everything so it would look like this. The initial animation and then there Nice transition. All right. It's so useful toe. Have this transition already prepared. See on the next light when we will build a new type of scenes. 42. 07-07. Follow up slides: okay. And for the next light, Since we have this transition, I thought to myself that we we can also make great animations with one type of background. This is why I just control C control V this slide. I'll control K to keep this horse for meeting, but I delete everything I have here, including the floor and transitions. So I just wanted to copy this background over and now I want to work with the text primarily. So I want to, like, use my script, and I will need a bit more space. And depending on what I right here, I'll use appropriate Aikens to supplement that. So we already have the animation and maybe the texts this time from top and the additional icons from left from right. And this is why I used icons and like that, this is actually a vector. But later on, I went toe flat. I can and I just downloaded icons straight. Which work, like for the text that I wrote here. Okay. At first I want to adjust the color. Mm shaped Phil eyedropper. We used this. Sandy, I do not entirely like it, So I'll go a different approach I'll take the background again, shaped feel more for the colors. And maybe I just used the background just a little darker, so it stands a bit out. Okay. My text here was he needs some time off off course, putting it on like separate places, extending the box a little bit. So I had an animation like that. And how to make this into an explainer video. Well, you need a few Aikens. You need anything. So I just went toe flat icon. I downloaded those toe Aikens. Control C Control V. I'll copy them this time. I placed one here one here and the screen waas filled out. I want to be thorough. So I'll, of course, delete all animations to show you how I did them. So we have this flying animation from top and I see a problem. There is the delay animations. This has to happen without any delay. I want a slight to start and immediately the animation going off so you can take this box animation painter painted over animation painter painted over. You see, it's somehow repetitive, but also it's so nice that we are able to do this. This dude from left this one on this green animation from bottom. Okay, Really nice. Fade in, fade off. And those could be a bit delayed. So they stay on the screen for half a second later than the text play from OK, this takes too long. Text read. You need to go up, because else this looks very boring. Delay A little delay, less delay. I just want this for a brief second on my screen, and I want to proceed to the next information needs some time off. I wouldn't basically just to read it. And this this red to bottom. Okay, so everything pops into the screen and goes off, and this is how you will make our consecutive slides. 43. 07-08. Consecituve slides made fast: as you can notice, this light would be the story telling part. So I will go very similar over the next few slights. I would just control C control V this light with control k two to bring also the screen. And I would just change the icons pertain to the element. I wrote something like to be lazy to be lazy than an android life. Okay, great. So this control C control V and enjoy life. So this is the story telling part off this explainer video. Sometimes you have a longer script, but explain their videos usually take one minute to two minutes. Of course, they can take as long as you want, but if this needs to be like everything animated, it's a lot of work. So I would suggest you work in a fashion that speeds up your work. So here to be lazy and this could be eventually bigger, and I would just have just the box just to make it more suitable. Well, the books doesn't look perfect now, but this doesn't matter and how to animate this and those scenes. Let's just imagine that we have only the text heat some time off to be lazy and enjoy life . So I would just use different different elements here and fly them in from different and different angles. This is why I don't know that this lot, maybe 12 tree. I used the three bottom ones because they kind of fit the design of my slight. You can see I do not even have to do anything. And basically I used the same animations on them. I'll make one, but you will get the idea how to make the next ones take again. This I just want to make sure that we have no delay and delay to two seconds. Okay, click on this animation painter boom. Since the branches from left site, you take the green animation and your changes from left and you take the red animation and select two left. So this is how I would animate one off those dudes. Let me play this from okay. The bounce makes year like the branch isn't connected, so I'll put him outside of the screen. Absolutely beautiful. And I just duplicate the animations onto those others too. And, boom, we have this type of slight. It ends very clearly very, very quickly since this like it's a bit too quick. I'll just delays by quarter a second, not more. Absolutely beautiful. And since I also have have those animations like Ready, I come here the next one like avoid more joyful person. This one is joyful and here he smiles so he looks like you would and enjoy life. This time you can use either Aikens or the elements that you prepared for yourself This time. I want him to go from bottom and they like going to the opposite direction as the text. So the text animation painter and mission painter. But instead of going from the top side, I will make him from bottom from bottom and let me preview what happens and enjoy life. Okay, It also looks very fine. If they all like, run out of the screen towards the top in the next light, we will slowly finalize this information because this was supposed only to be a small character explainer video one example of how to utilize text and utilize a few scenes to explain a simple concept. Let me show you in the next, like slight what I would do to, like, change the pace a little bit and then we can move forward with our course 44. 07-09. Add motion elements to spice it up: Okay, Please tell me if something is going to quick here. Or but I believe at this point you are able to open power point and create such a such slight without any help. This is just to show you another approach. Now, let me show you how toe like at least a little bit change the pace off because you don't not want to be like the same for the entire presentation. So I had control C Control V. And maybe I will use the same background. But this time ID lead the box. Problem is, I'm losing the animations. So one trick to do this would be to go to form it, shape Phil, and just use the same color as the background. Then maybe the text Morville colors custom. Let's make a brown text. Not yellow, like more brownish reddish, this brown text like and instead of text field, I selected shape. Phil. Yeah, I am Great text. Feel nice. I quit. I quit. And this is what I wanted to write here. I quit. Okay. And this changes the pace off this light, so I'll delete this Dude. I put the text on the right side I select a more appropriate post since I have so many iterations off this dude. Maybe the one with the phone and like this immediately comes to my mind. I'll place this one with the phone, put him aside and make him huge, like, literally huge to the entire screen. Okay, Like this. Now watch on the left side. What do we have? You see, three similar slight. And then this little pace changer. So this could be a really cool animation. And I'll copy over off course animation. Animation painter. I will copy the animations over to him. Maybe not from bottom. He's so huge. He's problematic. Maybe from left. Sorry. Did you are too big? Okay, A tiny bit bigger. Ah, Smaller. Of course. Okay. You will know, like, fit more, more appropriately, this screen. Get the I quit Texas. Okay. And how to make, like, at least a little animation on him before he goes up to the sky. Maybe not to the sky. I'll take the red two left. This one should be deleted. One little trick. Curious. You could go to insert shapes, insert a shape to make him blink. I would just insert the shape. I like this to cover his eye shape. Old line, no outline. And for the shape Phil Eyedropper and his skin color control C control V to cover up the left, the right eye just to make a tiny, like a tiny little effect element here. Okay, because this is also important to, like, do this additional element. And I'll show you in a moment. Another one. Okay, we have the ice animations appear at animation disappear. OK, so this would be the first element. Right? Click Start with previous and I want to put him between the animations with less delay. And look at that. The green ones have one second off delay with the red ones. I need to have 1.1 2nd because you need him, them to appear and disappear. So let me preview if the blinking works. Okay? The blinking is pretty OK. If he would be like, super precise, you could control C Control V and put another blinking. But it's a bit difficult now and just change the delay from one second to 1 25 and here to one 35. And this this time around, you would have to blinks. Okay. Perfect. A very simple innovation which changed the pace off this entire me item. If then you feel that the text is too boring and he's too interesting. You can also insert shapes, insert a normal shape, for example, Like this shape, old line. No old line shape, Phil. Eyedropper days. Okay. And this line could get an information. For example. Animations wipe effect options from left. Okay, let me select with previous and at animation. Also wipe. And from from left, this would create with previous You just need to delay them. For example, this has 1 35 and takes half a second, maybe quarter a second. Um, this also quarter a second. 45 1 60 Okay, so this line would animate after the blinking. So this is how I would finalize this slide? Nothing more. You see a few like those blanking additional elements give it a fine tuning fine touch, which is also very well received when it comes to animated videos. Think about that. What you can do You can, for example, at this line Just look at that. If this light would be too boring, you could make animated lines along those legs off this off this desk, just no matter where you put them, this will always look cool, because this is a little motion element that makes something come a bit more alive. 45. 07-10. Final slide!: all right. Since we have that let us make the last light control C control V Control K and I used by because he is quitting his job. Since we have the line animated, I will just leave the line here. A I think it's really cool but let me make the text on the left side. Sorry. And this person with his eyes on the right side I'm not sure that the eyes will work now just by And I want to select a more appropriate guy. For example, this one is holding his hand in the high eso he like tells us by so I could use him. Maybe not the ice this time I'll just animation paint is over Held lead the previous guy Although he looks really cool And I wanted him like, go to the sky to top the text to maybe to bottom and let me preview what happens on the screen. Okay. He should enter the screen. Maybe from bottom it will be a bit more like normalized. Okay, absolutely beautiful. How to around everything up how to wrap this? How to make this an automated video which you can export and like this will be a ready videophile to use. I'll show you in the next collector 46. 07-11. Adjust timing and add music. Done: Okay, let me finalized this presentation. I will go to the very first slide and again I downloaded some background music. I'll just dropped it into Power point. I will select play in the background So it becomes the first intimation of the presentation . And I dont like a couple of seconds. Maybe three seconds. Fate in and a couple of seconds fade out. Once I previewed the presentation, you do not hear the fade out. But once you export it to video, it all works. How to work with the timings of the video and make this an automated video. This time we'll work very closely with the animation, pain and transitions. Animations always play until the end. No matter how much seconds do you pick here. But I want everything to happen automatically so on. Most likely all off the slides you will select after instead off on mouse. Click after zero seconds because once this flies out yes, I want that. And the presentation to proceed right after two. The next next light. Here here. We also have animations, transitions after zero seconds. Just go slight after slight after zero seconds. Now what if you would like this and this slight to stay for the longer you would need to check how long this light is. It ends at second number five and you would need to put a greater amount than the animations are right now. This light would stay here for 10 seconds. But what does this bring me? You do not want to watch this yellow screen for five seconds. So I want after a zero seconds here again. And this will continue, I believe, for the entire presentation. Sometimes there are differences. But here we've put entrance animation and exit animations. So everything happens automatically after a zero after a zero. So basically, I did after zero on all of the slight, but I'll do a small adjustment at the end, which I want to show you. Normally, when you play the presentation like this, it ends here under on the yellow empty screen. So what I often do when working with videos in Power Point, I add an additional slide. I make this an empty slide. I just right click former background and I give it a black background. Why do I do this? Because I want to give it a fade or a wipe transition most like your fate. So this is a faith off because if you export a video, the video would end exactly here. And so it would be a bit abruptly. It would be like cut out at the end. But if you put another slide, you make it black, and you give it a faith transition than this. Light fates to the last light and then the video ends. It's just a more convenient and them. You could also do this for the first light. It's no problem. I'll just show you an example. Mm Fate from black. And on the next flight, I would select fate and here none. And look at that. So this would be that opening slight at the beginning. It's not so important. I will delete it. But now I believe we already all those slight are hidden right click Hi, Slight, because these are Onley template files and we are ready with our video. I'm so happy we can go to file export, create a video and just click here to export with our timing's generations, which are our animations. By clicking on export video, ready video file would export congratulations. You are able to finish another explainer video in Power Point and just look on the left side. I'm really proud of what we did. I hope you were able to follow and we will work together on more off such animations because it's such a pleasure and it looks so good. 47. 08-01. Explainer video with MORPH introduction: I'm really excited to finally reach the point where we are working with the more of transition within power point. At first, it was a bit difficult to understand for me because we never had something like this in Power Point. But I want to show you the power off more and the example I did here and in the more you work from the order site around. What do you mean, other side around? This is an example, Infographic. I don't know that it from the weapon. I do not think credit for it. It's from mind a graph. I will delete it in the moment. I just want to show you the concept off the more of transition and why do we work from the from From the other way around with the morph transition, you want to work with a ready bigger concept. Let me show you why I look at that. So let's say that this would be my finalized project in Power Point and I would use the morph to explain it. So I have this light I would control C control Vida slide and I want to explain, for example, this pop I will just make it bigger. I'll place it here in the middle of the slight. Okay? And this will be my first slight. Then I copied this slight again. So it goes back and the next I want to explain this This fly Are this mosquito? What? This is controversy Contrave. And now I extended to the mosquito. Okay, this is about in the middle of the slight. Okay, now what? I select all those lights, I go into transitions and I just hit more boom, Nothing else. I start the presentation. So you would. Here you see the entire concept. And when I click my mouth or I proceed with my video, it beautifully zooms in transitions into this pop. Then again, it goes back. Then when I take my next, it zooms into the mosquito. So if you use the same elements on consecutive slide and use, the more it morphs the same element. It creates a fluent transition, every smooth transition into it. And this was never available in power point only now for office 3 65 subscribers for office 2019. And, of course, for the newest version that will come in the future. All this will work because we already have the morph transition. If you do not have the morph transition off course, you can practice this because sooner or later you will upgrade your your office software. And until now, you could, for example, use the wipe. The wipe would be not bad, but not as good. Look with a wipe. It would look like that. Okay, kind of zoom effect, but it not entirely the same. But it also looks very interesting the more if it's so great, so much greater. But I also believe that the wipe is pretty OK and it's important that you learned the concept. I'm giving you a template toe work on and to end this lesson let me show you what we are doing. What kind of explainer videos are possible with power point if we use more Look at that. So we have something like this. The music place intimations are coming in and this looks like an animated video like like a normal scene. I like it so much it's so simple to create. And this is just an additional scene to give you more ideas about explainer videos and how this could look like this is my example. Video for the most wins from usage, at least for the first part. A transition. Outro Loga innovation. So many useful elements come into play. I really enjoy it making this and it's so much fun. And I would like to teach you how to prefer such an explainer video using the more of transition. 48. 08-02. Building the scene: okay. Hey, we are past the introduction. If we want to do an animation or an explainer video with the more function, we should start by building out the entire scene and then to using the transition it using the more transition to showcase the smaller elements. At first, I would like to build the background for my seen. This shouldn't be a problem. I have my color scheme prepared, and I'll use that to create a road, create some some blue background and perhaps eventually, later on, we'll also make some clouds. Okay, so let's right click former background. Select the color for my entire background because this will be the main core. And in this in this information, all right now, I would like to create a bottom like road or something like this. On this portion of this light, I have the great colors. So let's start. We're going to insert shapes and inserting a rectangle shape off this size. I don't want this to like be too big, because this will just be a part off the road shaped outline off course. Know what line to get Rid off the blue line shape. Phil Eyedropper and I will use the dark gray. Okay, control C control V Put this on top and to make a little boardwalk, I'll distinguish with another color. This color can be either lighter or or darker. More feel colors. I'll make in this case darker. Okay, beautiful. So this would be the road. Then they control C Control V again, another object. And this will be in the place where all the shops will stand. So I will use a lighter grey eso This time this will be the boardwalk and this will be the street. I hope I got the colors right shape fill high dropper, click and used the great. And it seems the great I used is exactly the same as the power point Grey, here I have all right and perfect. So this would be how our background our main scene is built In the next lecture, I would like to show you how to create custom icons, how to create, for example, the clouds. And you will be amazed how simple it is to do something in power Point with the right approach. And you can basically replicate any object on the weapon you would like to create 49. 08-03. Create custom icons: let me show you the simplest technique to do any type of ICANN and power Point If you like to design it straightaway. Off course, we could go to toe flat icon and download some cloud icons. But you can write, for example, cloud or cloud. I can here, Right within Google. And, for example, if you like one of those clouds. Actually, I did like the 1st 1 graphics without the Aiken. I like this one. So what I do if I want to design something at least very similar to this. I present Prince Green. I go to Power Point and they control C Control V This object here. Then they go to form it crop. I crop it only to the object. I would like to recreate crop. Now, I could try to replicate something like this. I'll insert shapes and I would start with my circles, so I would like to circle. It doesn't have to be exactly the same. I just would like something similar in style. Okay. It looks like this Policy control V this one smaller because myself, I would make some mistake quarrel while creating this. Okay, beautiful. And if I use like a template for it. Like I do here. Okay. Perfect. Now this insert and not literally shape. In my case, this will be a rounded rectangle just to cover the bottom side. And somehow I created it. Okay, remove this. Take this. We can select all of them goto former murdered shapes, and I'll union this into an object. I see. I made a tiny little mistake here. I can either right click at eight points and may be removed this point. Delete lead. This was just a small error, so I was able to correct it. All right. And we have a ready designed cloud shape. Old line, no outline. Shape Phil White. And this is how you potentially could create some clouds. I'll set it on a side. Now. I just wanted to show you that you can potentially bring any I can from the web into Power Point and used to recreate it. One last super advanced trick. I would like to show you here if you would like this to be transparent. The problem is you cannot make pictures transparent, but there is work around. I invented ones. What I do if I need items transparent. I do erect angle exactly to the size of the picture. I would like to have transparent. Okay, Like this, and I Right. Click safe s picture. Let me save this as example. Example. I ok. Example. Be injuries. So we cannot make this transparent. But I can make this in the shape options. I could make a picture or text, or Phil, I can now select the example I saved. And look at that. This this shape, which is filled out with a picture, can be made transparent. So it would be much easier for me to work because right now I made the icons above it. But sometimes it's difficult. So I could send this to back, and I could have a transparent file and try to recreate it in Power point. This is a little trick off making any picture and the picture you see transparent because we are making a shape transparent. So power Point doesn't recognize this is a picture. This is a shape. Does the picture is inside of it. Okay, this is a little site trick. Police Remember about that when you work in power point 50. 08-04. Adding elements: Okay, let me start by building my entire and seen and in the file I created, as you can see, my unseen. My end goal was to put several shops onto one big screen. Okay, let's do it right now. So you are starting from the end. From the final piece, I'll take all the shops I prepared. Control, C control freedom. I want to make them smaller because this is the end result. 12 So all four of them should be and should be placed in this image. Okay, then. The coffee shop in the burger shop or the food truck, as you want to call it. Okay. Smaller. Make sure everything fits well. It's difficult birds. We can select all of them. You can take control and the select select select. I'll just direct your mouth like that. All right. Perfect. We have all the shops here at on screen. So now let's take the cooks from 1 to 3. Control, See? Nice rhyme. Okay. I'll make them smaller as well. So ok, in comparison with the shops, they are pretty big. No, let's make it like that on this site on this side, it doesn't really matter Doom He here or let's put them on the boardwalk. Why would they stand on the street like this? And one more for the burger. Maybe this person. Okay, Not so huge. Okay, so this would be my final scene. What would I like to add here? It would be very nice if I made the cloud, because this is a little bit empty. I don't have to, but let me control C control V on bigger one control C control V. There's above the shops. Kind of randomized. Something like this, Like this. And like this. Beautiful. So I'll take the clouds now and I'll control Jeda or you know what? Yes, This is the final piece enters also ill control G. So this will be one big object. Beautiful. So this is my ending scene. This is my end result. And this is what I would like you to create in this lecture. I will wait patiently until you build your scene. If you want. For example, just three shops. No problem. Delete one there. Delete clouds. Just make three. It's completely up to you. Or if you want, like another design with another Aikens. I'm just giving you this template. So you have some set up to work with because it's a really simple If we have everything here in Power Point and this is an example, and if you will be able to create this example, you will be do able to create any type of video which is similar to that. Okay, build a scene and we see each other in the next lecture when we will start the animated. 51. 08-05. Morph entire scene: Okay, Since we have our ending scene, I would like to start with one shop and, like, entered the next, the next the next to introduce each person separately. This will be trial and error. Let's go to the transitions. Let's click on more because I'm sure that I will more between this light and I'll just control C and control Vida slide by pressing control K, I upload Put this light I just copied on top. And on this screen you want only three off the shops. So how do you make the perspective? At first I want to select the cloud. And I want to look in that those three shops they have about this amount of clouds, so I will resize it to about the same amount. Okay, this is somewhat somehow the clouds should look like on this screen, maybe like toe. Make them. I'm a bit down, so they are a bit more visible. Okay. And now how to make just three shops? Well, you could do this with really a simple mouse click. You could select everything. I look like my control besides this road, and let's make the shops bigger to approximately this size. You can see they are overlapping each other, so I need to shift click shift. You can click with shift. You can click it with control boat buttons. Work like that the same. Okay, the coffee shop on the right side and you see it's a bit too big. Coffee shops, smaller pizza place smaller and this French rice also bit smaller. Now watch. We have this light and it morphs into the next light. You can always go to the next light and see how the animation progresses. This is starting to become a really beautiful animation, and the most important thing is the most important. Really, that this burger is here on the right side because just imagine morphing takes all the elements it has. If if they elements replicate, they will be morphed into this position. But if the food truck would be deleted here and I would click a more, he would just simply faded. See? Absolutely uneventful, boring and bed. Why is that? Because as you have your mouse over there more function, you can read how morphing works move things on the previous slide to their new locations. On the current slide, every perfect explanation to get the best result. Duplicate a slight move things around. Apply the morph transition. Anything you add or delete will be fading or fade out. So I did not have the burger here and it appears here. So it's simply fates in them. That's really awful. So I need to make sure that on each light a copy, I will have the previous element. All right. The same analogy comes Control C Control V. Let's go to the first light now and now You only want to items and here I can delete the burger and I can have without the streets again. And I can have two items here, but I must make sure that coffee shop will be available on this side. This coffee it could be, could be smaller. It can stay them as the same size. The most important thing is that it is on this screen because it will appear on this screen . See? Okay, So here I would also take the clouds. Clouds are not so important, and more I'll send them to back. Make them would be big, bigger. So at least two of those clouds are visible on the screen. Maybe I also put this here because I really like the clouds And you can see this is how we more between slide and the next. Like Okay, the last slight control C Control V. Sorry, I'm making everything on one lecture. But once you get this, you will become a real master in that. Okay, Here I delete the coffee shop. I take pizza boy, and I put it on the right and I just take the main item. I make it bigger and I put it in the middle of the screen. Basically, I do not want the clouds, but I made a group, maybe one or two clouds on the left side, just barely visible on the screen. And you might ask, Why do I not bleed the cloud? Because it's, like, quicker and more convenient toe work on the same group object you see, each time I click on it. Boom, boom, boom. It gets just bigger. And this is very simple to work with because I'm staying relevant and the same. Okay, let's preview results. Now, this is like most of the completed animation and watch the clouds. I moved the cloud and it is fading up, but that's not really a problem. You still barely noticed the clouds. And the most important thing is that at least here, Okay, they're not the same. Okay? It seems that I'm not satisfied with the clout. Let me control See and control Vihd. Um, once again, I want to see Okay, Something was messed up with the clouds because I was moving them around. So it seems that I cannot move him around, so I just and they take the same object, will see control v, make it bigger. Just the exact same object without changing anything on the clouds. And this is it. This is how I would build up my entire animation until this scene, please. Now try to replicate the steps and may fully finally seen and for more of transitions. 52. 08-06. What if you don't have morph: one quick disclaimer. What do you do if you work on an older version of PowerPoint and you do not have the more function? If you want to make the same kind of animation, it would be very difficult because you would need to take each object. If you would like to really replicate this, you would need to goto animations and you would need to make grow shrink. See, it's no shrinking. I would open the animation pane. You can double click effect and undersized you can make, like maybe 30%. So the house would be made smaller and you see it so difficult. Okay, now I see that 30% is is too little. So I make 50% and it's trial and error. And then if I would like to move the house where, for example, this left side, I would need to at animation at a line. And just make sure that the line goes somewhat here. That look at that. The line shows me the normal size of this house, and it doesn't show me. Okay, I would need to make both animations with previous So now they both animation start. See how difficult this is it's very difficult to achieve the same result. What I would do instead of doing those wacky animations. I would do the same the same thing that we did here. I would make the scenes like this. But instead of a more transition, I would use the wipe transition. Why wipe? Because it seems, and the wife and the, for example, fly True seems like the closest to the effect we wanted to achieve. Look at the white so the wipe would be pretty off course. It's not the same quality of more because it was completely like a different approach. Different functions, So a wipe animation, it kind of gets a similar result. You can tell a story with the wipe animation, but you cannot get the custom movement. So what to do if you do not have to morph? Well, I would just watch what I'm doing. Learn from what I'm doing this time used to wipe and maybe in the future, want to update a power point because our point for 3 65 subscribers and power 650.2019 already have this built in as a standard function. So each future version of power point will, of course, polity have the more implemented and perhaps some new cool functions which will really work well with explainer videos. So this is a little like additional elector for those who used older versions of Power Point because I wouldn't want to let you down. I just want to teach you as much as possible within this this class within those lectures and you can soak the knowledge. And remember, once you have the more function, you will already know. Kind of what is it for? And that's also very useful. Thank you for listening to this. It's an additional lecture. I hope you don't mind. 53. 08-07. Have some fun and add text: Okay now, since we already have the morph and I'll select all slight have the more Now you can have a little bit of fun Take this light control C control G contra Okay. To use the same background and do any movement you'd like. For example, moving those closer together on this could be the next light and control C control V The next light, for example, this text will pop up so I'll move all of them closer And you can always go a few slides back and preview what happens on those slides. So they talk and then on the next, like they come together and on this light where they come together, I would like to fade in the text for that we could use a cloud or we can insert shapes. I did insert at rounded rectangle shape. I made this rounded shave, Old ling Now old line, shape filled. Um, I was using the background shape, Phil. And maybe the background is okay. Just giving it a little transparency. So this would be kind of an interesting effect or if you really want you can more colors and make it slightly darker, so it stands a little bit out. Okay, beautiful. So we have this text and we have to somehow point to those people what we can do. We can still to insert shapes. Um, and we can use circles. We could use, for example, this floater element. But it is a little bit difficult to use, so I'll use a normal circle. Let's start control C control V. Make it smaller. There's control C control v even smaller. Okay, I believe this is it. Shave old line. No old line shape filled. I could make the same color control g to make a group, and I'll put it above each person. What is my problem here? Before my group it I would like to give it transparency so they look alike to this original object. Okay, Transparency. I would just make this by hand like these. And now I would like to group it, and this looks a little bit better. You can see maybe I made transparency too strong. Control. C control V Control. C Control V. Put it on the other side. Control C control view. But that's enough. I just wanted it to be visible that this comes from those persons. And here I could insert any text I like. Insert text box. I'll write it here I write. I wrote something like, Food is maybe a bit overeager, but let's tell that food is love and our restaurants are our lives. I'm making this bigger with this button. I'll select another. Found another color. Let's make it. Let's simply take the color and make it white. Let's take the front end. Use something really big. Since we have some kind of cartoon style, I have a fund installed on my PC. Which kind are fits. This fits this design. Okay, besides the smiley face, Andi, something like this would be very okay. Now, how would this look with the more for animation? So let me go on the back so you can see the person's like float around here they come together and under next light they move together, and this text appears a very beautiful transition between between the restaurants and the text I wanted to show here, and then we will proceed with the explainer video in an under fashion. This is why I wanted to start with the morph on, because this creates such a cool introduction. And we basically made a cartoon animation with a few mouse clicks. I hope you are on the same page. Please. Now design your own. Just take this final slight. Make a little fun of it. Um maybe move the characters around. Maybe put the text here on the top. It isn't mandatory, but I would like you to train those items. Even if you do not use more, just do something like that. Used transitions, wipe. Because we will not use more anymore in this presentation. Now we will go back to normal. Just toe change the pace of this entire explainer video. 54. 08-08. Change the pace with different slides: Okay. How to change the pace off this entire presentation and make it like, personalized to those persons Because we not always use cartoon persons. So Okay, let me hit a new slide, and I kind of maneuvered myself into using this phone. So I want to take the first restaurant and the first chef. Okay, I'm taking them control. C control v and really, really perfect. So I want to close up off her and under this shop in Mitt in her background. So I'll make this shop here. I was imagining here some text and here a close up off this person. So if I make the person bigger even like this Mm. The shop is overlapping too much, and it's like distracting myself from the person. So what you always can do in power point is used custom shapes. Let me go to the first slide because I wanted my color scheme control see and control viewed here. Okay, so I'll have it close around so overlays how to make them. I will just use a shape like this. I can even take this shape Control C control V. If I'm lazy and just place it here and see how that works. Okay, I can make a rectangle out of it, and I'm okay. It's kind of difficult, really. Power point. You are making me troubles here. Okay, let me overlay this this object over his shop and now it's so much better. Look at that. I can click on this object if I am not satisfied with the amount of transparency I can always use a Grady int. I can use a Grady int, but not with those ugly colors. Just select the first color eyedropper and select this blue select The second caller, I drop her and maybe, for example, this blue much better. And here I can use transparency for each color separately. I really like the result. Maybe this color is a bit too white. And I would likely grading to go from left to right. So I linear is okay with the direction Maybe from the left side to right. Okay, now it's much better because I can take the person I can make this person bigger and they can right click, bring her to front. So now she is visible but not disturbed by the background. Okay, let's go to the second part of the design. Since I'm lazy itis copy disorder Control C Control V And I want this object to be about or perfectly to this middle of the slight. When do you know when When is the middle of the slight one? PowerPoint is snapping. And to You have zero here on the rulers. If you don't see rulers go to view and you can always open the rulers or great lines if you want more perfection. Okay, I have this, but this one, I'll make it a solid Phil. And with my eye dropper, I select one color from my color scheme. Okay? Perfect. Going back to form it. No shape, old line. And okay, this would be the initial design for my a person close up. Now, I would just around everything up by adding additional shapes. Additional text, this shape writing on the shape, Phil, I dropped her. And which color we won't. I believe the blue because I want to stick with the color scheme. And now I would just insert textbooks is here, like fill up this entire slide. So I go to insert mm textbooks. Name one. I was centered This calibri It's pretty OK. White fund cultural be and maybe let's give her a name. Okay, Now it is a matter off. Just adding text boxes. I added text, which is a normal calibri text. Normal textbooks. So I just go to insert textbooks, something like this. And for example, I made it like that. I went to the home, I selected this blue collar and I made them bigger. Big enough. Okay, Perfect. With my control and right left bracket key, I can make them bigger or just getting this button. So I made one like this. Control C control V, the other one like this boom. And I put it here, This one here on the left side. This simply has transparency. If you go to the text options, this is a normal white fund. I just gave it a little bit of transparency, so it's, like, not so boring and a little bit washed out. Looks cool. The same for this one. It's the normal blue color that we used. But if you go to the text options, we have 45% off transparency. So it gives it this cool, little additional effect. This is how you popular this light. I'm not sure about this fund, but Okay, we used it. So let's stick to it. And this is how I would design this additional slight. 55. 08-09. Animate the added slide: Okay, let me animate this light. And let me tell you why will I not use the more transition here? Because here, the slightest, completely different and it would make no sense to use a more. Just look at this transitions. More like this element is morphing. I could eventually eventually take those two control C and controlled freedom on this light and put them here on the side. So in that case, when I go here, they would kind of morph into the screen. But that's still thinks is to see if those lights are two different. Just look at that. Yes, those toe faded nicely. But in order for all this to work, I would like, nearly have to take everything I would have to take like and put everything here on the screen. And now this would somewhat look OK, but why go through such much trouble and why toe additionally and why do additionally crowd this light when I can just use, for example, this beautiful wipe animation and do the effect option from top? Right. Okay. This is how I would go to this slight. But then I would at least want to animate this text part, I would go to animations. I would select the first box and I want to make sure that this is grouped control aji. So it's together. One object and I also like fly in. Instead of flying from bottom, I'll fly in from top. As you know, I always like to open the animation pain I write to click with Previous. I like the animation toe have for example, one second and I'll double click on the animation, go to its effects and make a bounce and and a little bit of a smooth start. This is beautiful. Now those text animations this and this can simply fate. With this main textbooks. I would like it to fade, but in a different way. I'll select all tree animations that I created with my shift key right click with Grievous . I will delay them because I want them to happen after the Stacy Texas here. Then I'll click on the main text. Okay, this is the last one. I'll double click on it. Effect animate text by letter by letter. Not 10% maybe 6%. Okay, A very nice, pleasant, slow animation. It takes a bit long to play. Maybe I love look like and make it 5%. So it's a bit shorter in the largest click on animation painter and paint this over to the last text. This last text is smaller. I'll be late. It is small, so it will fade in quick. So let me preview enough the animations which I did for this slide. You see this this fate into quick and this should fate after the text is completed. So I'll click on the 2nd 1 Delay, delay, delay, delay until it past this long animation That's previous. Yeah, and I like that This text stars to faith in as this one ends so we would be essentially done with animations. Eventually, we can animate this person by clicking on this animation painter and just painting the animation over and instead off coming from the top, it would come from bottom. Beautiful. So now this is how the entire animated slight would look like she enters too quick. I'll extended aeration toe 1.5 seconds. Okay, this is fine by me. Everything works for me. And this is how I would animate this light for a simple now, as we duplicate this light, we will not have to do any more information. I'll show you in a moment how to change everything here. 56. 08-10. Duplicate existing elements: what I like about power point is if you click on a slight interest press control C control V it duplicated the existing slight with its options. So we already have the white transition. We could just for fun change the for example this time from left because I would like this slight to be different than the previous one. How different. Just take the next person. So I don't this time the peace of place and this pizza guy. Okay, in order to, like, make it a bit different, I'll place them on the right side and the text under left. How to change everything here. If you do not have the selection pain, you have a very old version of Power Point, which is, for example, power 0.0.2011 for Mac, where the selection pain was not available. You have to, like, move the objects and manually moved him. But here, if you have trouble selecting something, you can open the selection pain and you can de select each object one before a simple You have troubles selecting this french fries. You just need to search who which of the objects this is? And then you could select it here. It's most likely picture number tree? Yep. And now I could simply click on it and move it around. Okay? I owned the picture out. She will stay because I want to copy the animations and this will be here in the background , so I'll take everything. I'll put everything on the left. Help it this time. This guy on the right, I'll put his pizza place here. I just need to make sure it's bigger and I'll right click sent to back. You see, a made it a bit to make. Okay, you just need to see that it's the peace of place. It can stand out here. It's no problem because this light ends here. And when it comes to the animations I click on her. I go to animations, animation painter and painted the animation to him. So I have changed her to come from left, so I just pick on him. I take this animation and I select from right because on this slide this will be the more appropriate way. Let me delete her so she doesn't come in the way. Stacy, Let's call him John. Very simple. I'll pick the innovation is the 1st 1 And look, if everything is OK. All right? The text. Fate in perfect. Ready? Ready, Ready. Ready. So now no wonder how much off those lights you would like. You would just take both of them. Control C control V and you can just change. This person copied the innovations over. Then you picked this. Put another one here, placed his back, place her back or the other person, and you would be ready. I'll delete those slights for the sake off this tutorial because we do not need more. I just need to template and let me let me even out the transition because you need to visually see this. I looked like on wipe. Okay? Affect options. You can change. All right, so it seems that I don't like the middle, the middle part overlapping, but yeah, kind off. I like the from bottom than the most. We could eventually used the push animation from sites. Maybe from right. Okay. You see this? Little blue? I'll just extend this. Yeah, Yes, we still have a little little problem. And this is just power Point related, Okay? No, it's not power. Point related. I had this one pixel too small. So right now it seems that the push animation is the best. So here we have wipe. And now we are pushing the screen from the right side. This looks amazing. I'll stick with it. This is how you can multiply this slide by creating another template. And now it would be ready to use just change the text, change their name and change the person. 57. 08-11. Outro animation - Fly through: Okay. We are slowly ending this animation. Sooner or later, you need a closing flight. Perhaps also an opening slight. But I'll show you on an example. This closing slight. Okay, let me close the selection. Pain. Let me delete everything. I would also like to bring this color scheme once again into my slide. Right click, Former background. And I want to use the dark background for the ending off this presentation. Doom. Close it. Okay, so we have the initial element here. Now I want to insert shapes, and I know that I will have text in the middle. So I want to insert two shapes on the right and left side, which will mask me a portion off this slide. So it will appear as this would be invisible shape. Old line. No old line shape, Phil. The same call Control C Control V. Put it on the left. It's a bit difficult because we don't see the color. Okay, so we have those two masking options now, when it comes to the animations, you can be really creative, and I'll show you a few ways what we can do. Control C control V make this smaller and I want a little bit lighter color in the back to change the color. Just go to former shape Phil. More for the colors and a little bit lighter. Just so it's every visible. I would like them to fly behind this. So right click sense to back. Okay, they are now barely visible. Or I could say they're invisible. I'll make this a bit bigger and what I want to do. I want an animation which will fly to the screen like this. See? See how nice this masking is because under left and on the right, we don't see it, OK, I'll put it above the middle. With my shift key. I place it outside of the screen and I make the first flight through animation. Goto animations. Open it, Go through lines. Okay. It seems as nothing would happen because this is outside of the screen and it just flies bottom. I want to take the red and I want to put it here on the right side of the screen. I'll make sure it it has this red snapping line, okay? And disposition, it has this perfect snapping line. Perfect. So I'll right. Click on this rectangle start with previous. I'll just make sure that the innovation isn't as boring by going toe effect. Oh, it has smooth start and smooth. And so this is perfectly fine. And other presses. Okay, beautiful. This line flies true. Okay, Nice. Now I want this line. Control C Control V. I want to put the line here. You see this line? It automatically helps me because this was the middle. And instead off flying there. I want to take the red part and put it under this. Okay, Power, bring this automatically snapping me to this other object. I need to press my left. Yeah, this is funny. You can turn this off, but I don't need this for this lesson. I just want to make sure that I have a very even fly. True. So this will be my first initial. Okay. You see this error because we copied a new object and new objects are always on top off everything. Right? Click sent to back. Absolutely amazing. And this would be a perfect start toe. Reveal some text in the next lecture. I want to show you how to animate text, how to do a custom transition out and how toe eventually duplicate slight to put their anything you want 58. 08-12. Outro animation - Adding text: So I have created those masks and I would like to text follow on it. The good thing here is that I can take any textbooks from a previous light control. See, control of it is here, but that here and on the text, I want a fly in animation from left and again. I want to make sure that this text is behind everything. Now, I can go to the invasion pain, come to the first innovation, select with previous extended aeration and maybe give it a delay. So they are kind of close together. And let's see if this works. Okay, this is too slow. Reduce the delay. Very close. Just animation is too boring. So I can double click on the animation, go to its effect, give it this a little bounce as usual and maybe a little smooch start. But let's move. Start isn't necessary. Are you wanted the bounce? Okay, let's preview the animation from start play from okay? And now it's too quick. So I want him to give it more delay again. Less 0.3. I'll do this. Okay. The Texas here too quick. It appears that I need to extend the duration. Okay, Very close May be extended even more. And now the late More Because the result I want to get is that this block perfect. This block was supposed to reveal the text and I can now control C control video text. Put it on the bottom, make sure that it it is sent to back and make it from right. I want to give the text another color home or former text. Well, maybe this blue. And let's preview this information kind of beautiful. Maybe those two. I'll go to the animation pain delayed by half a second delay by half a second more. And let's see this now. Absolutely amazing. Absolutely. And no matter what we right here, I'll show you the coolest trick ever know. So we have day school animation and we can control C control V this life control K to remain on the same background done by me. And no matter how much do you copy this slight like Thanks for watching. You could even make 1/3 1 with another block. Take care. OK, so this would be my three exits light. They have no transition. Or do they? None. None. None okay. And this is if I select after a zero seconds on the transition step after a zero seconds. OK, on the transition step I selected after a zero second and instead off on mouse click. And it's pretty. This absolutely amazing. It goes to the next slight done by me, and this would be a cool way to go to the next light. Maybe their transition between them could be at the least fade or something like this. So this fate might help a bit so the text would fade off. This is a little bit better, but no matter how we do this, we can duplicate its multiple times and you have a beautiful ultra animation. In this next last very last lecture. I want to show you just a very quick trick, making a custom and animation, and we are completely done 59. 08-13. Prepare for exporting: if you would like to have a custom out transition, not just a normal fate. You could, for example, insert shaves. Insert a circle, one of the left side, gorgeous. Let's work on one. We have this animation or this object shape. Old line. No old line shape, Phil. Make it black. No, on the animations tab, the simplest way to do this would be to open the animations and to give it a grow shrink. So now it's growing and shrinking very slowly. But you can take this oval select with previous, make it less in duration and delight after you have done everything. So after you have read, thank you. Take our double click on the animation itself, go to its effects instead of size. 150% Make it maybe 500% with a smooth end. Okay, let me preview that. Okay. Let me put you all animations. Thank you. Take her. And though Okay, it grows toe approximately this this part of the screen. So I just control c control V it on the right corner. And we are done with this animation. Let me preview the slide itself and this is it. Okay, we have a custom closing transition. Now, I would take all slides clicking on the last one, clicking on the 1st 1 with shift transitions after zero seconds because I want each slide to advance immediately after the animation ends, They're morph morph. Tradition normally takes two seconds. So you need to remember if you will make a video. So going from this to this will take two seconds. Two seconds, two seconds. Two seconds. And then this Those animations. Okay. And here we have a problem. I want to de select a mouse cliff. So I would like to take all slides and d select on mouth click. And now this slide. This light will advance immediately after the animations, and But I will check out the animation ends at 3.6 seconds. I'll make this slide to take about six seconds because I would like to have some time viewing the text. So this will take now about three seconds to enemy in. And then I have three seconds to read all this. Okay, this is perfectly fine. You can proceed like that and the rest can proceed after it has been displayed here. We have fade here. We have a fade here. We can have as well a fate. And this is it. Our presentation is prepared. We can export it straight to video. Before I do this, I want to make sure that all those light are right. Click height slides so they will not be rendered out in my video because these are just template files. This is it. This is a ready file. I click safe, and I am ready to export these to video. Thank you very much for coming. Do this last lesson. I hope you'll able to do the same kind of animated explainer video. And you had plenty of fun doing. So We have so many from techniques. Your I really like to work with those animations. And I hope you did not only enjoy the class, but you did learn a lot off interesting stuff. 60. 08-14. Conclusion: So if you want to export this to a video, you just goto file export, create a video and you click on Create a video. You will use the recorder timing generations because we did change the seconds each slight should play. We did change that. It should advance without mouse clicking. So is a ready prepared video. The quality here in Power Point and the full Lady is available, but the problem here is that it has 25 FPs, which is a little bit slow for a video. But the normal playback is 30 or even 60 FBS if I just get a five. So a little work around is if you use third party screen recording software, for example, me personally. I'm using Cam Tasia to record my screen, but you have other screen recording programs, and I could make my screen According start. I would hit a five to play this presentation. It was play, and it would automatically also record my screen. This is how I could capture this powerful in presentation in its full speed and quality. Okay, in case he decides to put also music in the background, you can select the music track which you downloaded, you can have some. For example, I used a Web site called Men Sound, but you could use other royalty free websites. I just put the track inside of power Point here on the top. I click playing background, and that's it. My problem is I should place it on the first slide. Okay, now it plays correctly. Let me go once again to the playback and give it a little faith in Fade out. And now you can listen that it will be much better. Because once I start the presentation also, that sound will started like and it really works well with video. Really? Thank you again. So much for your patients and watching more degrees here on I hope you enjoy how we make 61. Thank You: I'm giving you the praise you deserve for arriving at the very end Off the course, I'm really happy we were able to create those animations together. Power Point and Animation. I believe it's not the top software for animation, but it's the perfect software toe. Enter into the animation world to be able to create such explainer videos, and there's no other tool, which combines everything you need in one place off course. If you want more advanced animations, you goto after effects if you want, Like better script writing, you have some tools for that. But Power Point allows you to work with text work with simple animation. Create these videos, and I also like the development off power point that we now have the more of transition we have, like the effect options. It could be, of course, a bit more advanced, but for beginners. And if you would like to publish your first explainer of years to YouTube or do simple elements for for your appliance, this will be the perfect software, and I really am glad that we were able to create this together. This is also great work for me because I really enjoyed creating those those videos. It was a pleasure to experiment with the different features. And I hope you didn't learn at ton off animation the goal of this course Waas to not only teach you explainer videos and teach you how to create videos. It was also to teach you advanced animation techniques and how to work with any type of animation within Power Point. I know in the Mac version, instead of the animation pain, we just have the animations listed here. And then you have on the bottom the effect options or something like this. But the workflow is similar and you have to imagine everything in your head. Thank you once again for being with me here in Power Point. I hope you can continue, for example, in my other courses if you will be interested taking any off my other courses also supports me directly. I do not tell that you have to buy other courses. I would like you to at least check them out. And perhaps some of them might be helpful for you. And you can save them for the future or just purchased another one and continue working with me in power Flint. Thank you. Once again, my name is Andrew Park, and I did enjoy working with you underst innovations CIA in a Nextel essence.