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Create And Sell Coffee Mugs On Etsy And Other Marketplaces

teacher avatar Flavio Nelson, Master Side Hustler And Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 48m)
    • 1. Introduction Video

    • 2. Opportunity With Mugs

    • 3. Getting Started On Etsy

    • 4. Researching With Marketplaces

    • 5. Researching Tools

    • 6. What To Put On Mugs

    • 7. Designing With Canva

    • 8. Designing With Merch Informer

    • 9. Personalization Mugs

    • 10. Finding Designs And Fonts

    • 11. Reliable Provider

    • 12. Great Personalization Provider

    • 13. Secret Weapon Fast Shipping Provider

    • 14. Optimizing Etsy Listings

    • 15. Multiple Product Types One Listing

    • 16. Branching Out To Other Platforms

    • 17. Selling POD On Mercari

    • 18. Ads On Etsy And Ebay

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to make some money from the comfort of your own home without doing network marketing and having high upfront costs? The truth is that you can design coffee mugs and sell on marketplaces, such as Etsy and eBay with no experience, or design skills.

I've been doing Print on Demand (POD) without being a designer, and you can too. Sometimes, it's easier to just use a road map that someone else has already had experience with. Why spend hours re-creating something that is already out there? That's what I do here, share with you the tools, resources, research, and knowledge to get you selling mugs and other similar products in no time.

What will you be able to do after taking this course?

  • Open an Etsy account and optimize it
  • Learn What other channels you can sell on
  • Learn which types of mugs sell the most
  • Learn how to create selling designs for mugs, which topics work best
  • Start an eCommerce empire through a simple, yet robust business model of mugs


This course includes:

  • Text information, Video screen-shares, and downloads
  • Tools that are FREE and some paid that I use personally
  • A teacher that is always available to help! Just send me a message!

If you're ready to start this side hustle, enroll now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Flavio Nelson

Master Side Hustler And Digital Marketer


I am very passionate about side hustles, or more importantly, a Side Business. For me, the difference between the two is that a hustle is something you just do for extra money, even if it's a business you can't scale or you don't own. A Side Business is something you own, and can scale. As an example, doing rideshare is a side hustle, you don't own it and you can't scale.

I am a 9 year veteran of the Navy, and while I enjoyed my time there, I was made to be an entrepreneur. These days I am a Social Media Manager, sell online via ecommerce stores and channels; Amazon, and Etsy. I also have a thriving community of other business enthusiasts.

Visit my Facebook group Here

Visit my site at

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1. Introduction Video: Hello and welcome to my course all about creating and selling mugs on marketplaces with an emphasis on etc. And my name is Flavio, and I'm going to be helping you get all set up with knowing a little bit about the market all about Mudd's. Where to find them. Ah, we're to sell them how to create them, even if you don't have design experience. I've been doing a print on demand for last 2.5 years, started with merch by Amazon, expanded out into other types of products in other markets. And coffee muds are such a great great addition to anything you might already be doing with P. O. D. So whether you are designing a mug with someone's pet on there, or perhaps some sort of, you know, catchy design on there as well among do very well the great gifts. They're typically under $20 which means it's a nice impulse buy for people, and you don't have to worry about sizing unlike apparel. So it's been a very good addition to my print on the man business, and I know it's going to be a great addition for you, whether you're already doing print on demand or not. Um, people do love to show off their what's on their mugs. And just remember that people do love what's on their mugs just as much as they like. What's in their mugs, that nice hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. So I think you're really gonna love this in class here. All about Mudd's. Any questions throughout this course? As always, I'm always available and let me know. Thank you so much for checking this out. 2. Opportunity With Mugs: all right, So let's start this course with talking about the opportunity for, um, doing mugs as a business. So again, many people might know about doing T shirts. It's kind of, you know, the entry or gateway, as I mentioned there in the intro and coffee mugs. I think it's obviously on people to right our, but I don't think enough people think to just specialize or do just coffee mugs. I think a lot of people do it as an extra. So I want to kind of get into it here, um, and just talk a little bit about the opportunity with coffee mugs. So this is on etc. And I just did a nice general search of coffee mugs. Obviously, it's not very, you know, niche down a filter down. But you can see we have over half 1,000,000 results just on coffee mugs alone. So there's certainly a market out there for people are buying them. Um, out there there's all kinds of different coffee mugs that you don't come up. Um, now, this is where you can begin to do some your research that kind of see what's out there and see the opportunity with them. But thanks to print on demands, the opportunity with them is very minimal, You know, kind of like no need tohave inventory for shirts or other put on demand products, mugs or the same thing. You can actually get started by putting some random designs on some coffee mugs, See? And if they sell, ah, whether its on Etsy or Amazon or anywhere else. And then from there, um, if they sell, you can doom or other kind of scale and go from there and continue your research. And do you know different mugs and different designs? If they don't, then no worries. You didn't pay anything for the coffee mugs. You know, it's not like you have a ah, basement or garage full of, ah, coffee mug inventory. So begin with doing your research kind of see what's selling as I'm recording this at September. So that means that fall is kind of in the air and it's pretty popular. So that means this one here probably does pretty well. Um, and then you have all you know, other types. Evergreen. You have all kinds of different mugs, kind of like lots of mugs. You can have a love, announced mugs that are smaller 15 ounce mugs. You can have camper mugs. Um, the camper mugs kind of look like this have, like a little bit of 10 at the top and everything. So you have all kinds of difference coffee mugs that you can do, so that's where your research can lead you. And then, of course, with etc. They have other, um, options. Appears I can look at, you know? Well, let me look at funny coffee mugs or something like that. Now another got good opportunity. That I did not want to fail to mention is the fact that you can do personalized coffee mugs , and especially in the etc. Platform personalization is key. That's kind of how etc began its roots. To begin with was handmade and like, personalized. That's where you went to get a, um, you know, seventh anniversary gift just because everything else is five or 10 out there, So just as an example, so you could notice we filtered it down to 91,000 results. Still a lot, but then, you know this is how you do research. You would continue to filter it down. So if you wanted to do a bunch of birthday personalized ones. Then I would filter that down, putting birthday. Then I'm sure that 91,000 will jump to like 30,000. And then if I wanted to do kids personalized coffee mugs because maybe they want to use it for hot chocolate or something. Then maybe I can get that down to a couple 1000 to where it's going to be something that I want to potentially participate in. So that's kind of how you do your research. We'll have more on research later on. But that's kind of how you can do your initial. You know, look around yourself to see what the opportunity is. So with personalization, it's very big, and there, with many providers, you can definitely do this. We'll get into that when I talk more about creating the mugs with various print providers. But that's something to keep in mind that you can do, Ah, fuel to Amazon Utkan kind of look at the opportunity there as well. Um, if I type in mug and again I have this expander extension, I'll put the link, um, in the research area in case you have, and it's also in the module that has all the tips, tools and resource is also so you will see that here as well. And when I type in mug mug under $20 pops up. So these are all good keywords that I can use on my listings whether it's etc or here because, you know, if somebody is searching for on Amazon, chances are this searching for it. You know, other places. Well, so this gives me ideas of either what to create or keywords to use. So, for instance, if you check Google search volumes about 60,000 month and it gives me s CEO difficulty of 80 means it is pretty competitive. Um, however, that also tells me that there's a market for it, um, as well, which is nice. So when I look at coffee mugs here, this kind of gives me some ideas that I can do here. But again, eso mug for coffee tells me him you know what the competition score is and all that. Obviously, I want to be a little more specific. This probably should have been coffee mugs and getting things like mug shots and all that. And that's not what I'm looking for, um, so yeah. So, coffee mug. This is definitely better. Um, so custom coffee mugs. So about 22,000 searches a month on Google for it. So this is where you can start to see, you know, kind of the demand for different products out there and what not. So if you're just kind of getting started with mugs and you haven't done a whole lot with it, then I would recommend to start doing this. Ah, the other thing to do. If you are someone who has done se merch merch by Amazon, we've done shirts and things like that. Um, I can't stress enough. It's very, very difference in terms of, you know, how you designed for each and I'll cover this more throughout the course. But here's an example. So there's a personalized mug with, like, a name in some and some flowers Now, on a coffee mug, that looks very good, but I don't know too many people that would wear a shirt that looks like that. Um, you know, so there's certainly a lot of different things that you can do with this that you know, that you don't necessarily do in shirt. Same thing with this one. This is Ashley like that. You know, Name, mug again. I don't know too many people who walk around with the T shirt that has their name on the front chest or something like that. Unless maybe you're hurt your celebrity or something. But for the most part, no one's going to do that. But with, ah, coffee mug, you know, they have coffee out of every morning. People like to see their own name on the coffee mug there, um, and all that. So there's, you know, there's definitely a big difference in my opinion as to what goes on coffee mugs or what sells pretty well and coffee mugs versus T shirts and other products like that. You know, I can't stress enough that there is a difference. And I know that in the merch communities, a lot of people will just want to take all their existing graphics from shirts and put it on mugs. And first, you know, that may work for some designs that transfer over. But as you can see, I think if you're gonna have the most success with coffee mugs, that means you're designing specifically for the coffee mugs. Um, and I think that's how you'll see the most success with it. So hopefully that helps you with kind of understanding what the opportunity is. As you can see by Etsy, Amazon and Google, the search results are there the listings air there? Ah, there's obviously an opportunity. And because this is print on, demand of the opportunity is certainly there as a low barrier to entry. To get into this sort of business, you can start your own mug Etsy shop just like that, and you're good to go and we're gonna go over, etc. Ah, lot in this course because I think that's certainly one of the best platforms to start selling on A because there is no up front cost, like there is an Amazon where you have to pay $39 a month right off to get go, Um, and then also it's just I mean, you do have to pay your listening fees, but that's, you know, very small, and it goes per listening. But also etc. Is the most kind of, you know, shop friendly type. One will get into that when we get to the etc set up. So for this module, just want to kind of show you guys the market out there in the opportunity with the mugs. I'll see you in the next lecture. 3. Getting Started On Etsy: okay. So like I talked about so far in the course, you can sell muds on multiple platforms, including your own website, which will get into afterwards. You can sell it on anything from eBay and Amazon and of course, etc. So if we're talking about selling mugs, we definitely cannot, um, leave etc. Outs. It's very powerful platform for something such as muds, because it's very gift from Lee Platform that people go to Teoh buy gifts. So goto etc dot com. If you haven't yet, and creating accounts and go ahead and join us after that. And once you log into your account, um, I want you to first go here to your settings and then click on info in appearance, which is where I'm at already. So if you click there, this is where you can begin to customize your shop. So we're gonna go through these and you want to make sure you have a shop title. Okay, so that could be like your company tagline. It can be what you offer. It's just something it's going to appear like right next to your logo and shop name on etc . So it's something that you want to make, um, you know, either fun or it really depends on your brand. Really? You want to make it fun? You want to make it, um, again? Show what you're selling. So for mugs, maybe you want to put, um, you know, funny and sarcastic. Mud's and gifts or other drink wear something like that. It's just what people can kind of expect from your shop below that obviously have your logo . So you want to go ahead and upload your shop icon and even gives you the measurements there , so I normally go 500 by 500. You can create a logo nice and quick on. Can va. I'll have that link here. You're gonna hear probably a lot about Canada during this course, but, um, can va dot com perfect place to, um, make a quick logo if you do not have one. Um, and you can put it on here now again. I do recommend for branding purposes the half you know, very nice branding and logo and palate colors and all that. But you don't need all that to get started. You just need a very good looking, you know, image that's going to kind of be your logo to start on, etc. And this is where you would put it the 500 by 500. Um, so you're going to do all of this? You can have your shop announcement there that appears. You can have a message to the buyers as soon as they buy something, they're going to get on the receipt page. So you have all that good stuff that you can do. You also have your policies. We'll get into that afterwards. It's now in the shop area. Begin to your policies. You can change your shop name, although Etc. Does not like people doing this. So typically you can change your shop name one time as soon as you start on, etc. But anything after that, typically you're going to need to get approved. And as time goes on and you have been around longer, it gets a little bit more difficult for them to approve, because again, that's he wants a very good customer experience. And what's not a good customer experiences for someone to be a fan of your shop, go back and look it up, and then they can't find it because there's a new name now with it. So that's and only something they don't want from, you know, sellers on That's your Etsy shops. All right, so next we're going to continue in the settings and right below in phone appearance is about your shop. And this is where you would put a photo and owner profile of who owns the shop. This is a this etc. By the way, my name is not Carrie. Of course, this is a side project that I was doing, um, with someone else in the P o. D community and we were just simply both too busy that we did not continue with shoppin and all that. So we thought, rather than putting our own names and there would be much better to have a made up name, um, in there and what not you can put in whatever you'd like in there. Um, you know, that's not your account. That's just what is customer facing what they see. And then you also have shops, stories that you could do on etc. You can put in a story headline along with a story. How did you start? Your shop would inspire to you that sort of thing, even put a video. They show you plenty of examples. So that's really one of the things I love about, etc. Is that there's so much customization involved with it that you really make it like your own actual brick and mortar store front. Ongoing differences online and it's just pretty phenomenal. Toe have all these different options, and then you click on options is next, and this is where you can do all kinds of more. You know, custom is ations and what not so you can put whether or not you want custom orders. Um, you know, you can have, you know, right here customer requests. So on your listing will be something that will say click here for custom orders So maybe someone sees a coffee mug that they like, But they want kind of, ah, a little bit of a different design. Or maybe they want, um, you know, I don't know. Maybe they want a different name put in there. If you're doing muds, it's a good idea to put enabled, as long as you're doing your own designs and you can quickly, you know, customize a design. So that's something that I do tonight, and I get very good mileage with that. People asking me for customizing, you know, an existing design of mind that they that they have gift wrapping because it's p o d. And you're not going to do your own. It probably would not do that. So I would put disabled on that gift message that you can do depending on the print provider you're working with. If you work with a print provider and we're going to get into some of them a print provider that does not allow, I shouldn't say allow, they don't have that feature. Then you may want to put disabled because the last thing you want to happen is for someone to purchase a coffee mug and put a message on their like, you know, Hey, Uncle Charlie, Happy birthday. And I'm sure you're gonna love this mug. Um, and then you can't do that. So then when they receive the mug, they're going toe, ask them, you know? Hey, did you get the little message? Wasn't that cool? And they're going to say there was no message. So again, personally, I don't want that because the Macon be bad for reviews. and whatnot. So if you go with a provider that does not allow for gift messages and definitely put that on disabled, so that way you don't get in trouble with that. They can allow it as a gift. You know where there they can put it as a gift, but they don't have Teoh. You know that the message on and then, um, sold listings. So this is also important. Not important. But on your shop, they on Etsy. For some reason, they were very, very transparent that they even show how many sales every shop has. So, for instance, once you have five sales, someone can see that they can actually click it, and it will show which five items have sold. Now you can either show that or not. So if you don't want that that it's not clickable, they can still see how many sales. So it will say five sales. But it's not going to be clickable, so I cannot click it and see what five items those works I'm gonna hit, save on that one. And now no one can see which ones if you want to go into vacation mode or anything like that this is where this option is that your shop? You could, you know, maybe for a week or two. You're not gonna tend your shop. You can do that. You want to use this sparingly? What? You really legit should be on vacation because, um, you know, it doesn't mess up the algorithm a little bit, because now, if you turn it off for two weeks, you're not gonna be in search results and all that, and then it takes a little bit of juice to kind of get back in the flow when you put the vacation mode on. Etsy has absolutely admitted that it does affected afterwards. But again, the feature is still there, because if you're not able to be attending to your shop, you don't want to be getting orders in that you cannot fulfill. But again, the good thing about P o. D. As you'll learn and maybe already know from doing P o. D. Currently is that it's pretty hands off and you don't have to worry about that. Um, the other thing you can do with etc. Is you can actually also put in your Google analytics, so it explains to you right here if you're not sure how to do it. But basically, if you go to Google Analytics website and just enter a new property you had put in this website the link to your Etsy shop and all that it would guide you through it and it gives you a Web property, I d It's going to be, ah, number that starts with you. A. You're going to put that in here, and then you can track the stats and all that of this website over on Google. Now, I will also say that it's not really a huge motivator for me to have this, um on the Etsy shop anyway, because Etc does give you a lot of stats. They show you a lot of used for listings. They show you the conversions on them, even show you the search terms. So in my opinion, I probably wouldn't waste too much time with this unless you already know how to set up Google analytics. And, you know, maybe you want to do that. But I would not worry too much about that, Um, again, because it's he gives you a lot of analytics and data are ready and then when you go to the shipping settings, which is the next one we're doing, this is where you can enter different shipping profiles and everything like that. And then right now, etc. Is very big on offering free shipping, if not free shipping. Pretty close to freak shipping, like for items that are $35 over, Um, in the future. If you're watching this in the future past 2019 I am sure they're gonna be even more aggressive with shipping. Um, so you can build your business how you want, but a lot of times a good ways to build free shipping into your pricing. And no, Sometimes people don't get that, and they say that, you know, maybe they know that they want to charge shipping because there was a shipping cost. But you can kind of build it in if your price can still be pretty competitive. We'll get into that afterwards when we talk about uploading, you know, putting actual listings on etc. But for right now, just know that this is where you do all your shipping, um, settings and all that, but again, you're not gonna have to do too much of this because your prints provider is going to have a lot of this built in, whether it's print for t launch that you're using and again, we'll be getting into that as the course goes on to go over these production partners. This is where you can put in your production partner information, um, as well, right here. So you can put all this and all right, so now let's move on, um, to another area. And this is right here on, um, your sales channel. So you're gonna click this little pencil next to the name of your shop, and when you click that this is where you can do all kinds of edits. So if I wanted to edit this cover photo, I would hit the pencil and go ahead and edit after one edit this, I can do all of that from here. I can set a location so I can do all of this right from here. And then I can scroll down, and I can edit this announcement. So rather than go into the settings, you can even jump over here into a lot of those edits right here. Now the other thing too is you want to add some photos and videos if you can, Um, you know about your of your products and whatnot. So when you're getting started, you may not have as many images, but definitely, you know, add them as time goes on so that you have some credibility and some different nice pictures and all that and personality. When someone clicks on your website and takes a look or on your shop Ah, the other thing you can do is your shipping and all that is gonna be on here returns and exchanges your policy. All that is going to be on here. So you want to make sure you fill this out as much as possible. You can do frequently asked questions, you know all of that. So basically, when you view the shop, you you want to make sure that it looks incredible. All right, So you have you know, these difference, Um, you know, pictures and everything like that. So, in our case, we have some pictures there print thing. You want to make sure you do all of this because again it looks like a credible shop that has policies and things like that. And again, this one is not a super great job. Um, right here. But this is certainly, um, you know, more filled in the many shops that I see on s. And so you want to make sure that they're all filled in and all that, and we'll go over some other good examples of, you know, storefronts and and whatnot as soon as we get into, um, a little bit later on doing some of the research on at sea. So that is it for right now and then, of course. Is the dashboard actually before we Oh, so this is what I was talking about. You can get a lot of different stats information here, you know, for certain amount of time. And then you can even get some more detailed stats and everything like that. So, again, I just want to go over the basics of setting it up. I want to keep it short. Um, you know, at the end of the day, etc. Is it platform on itself? And if we wanted to go over everything about etc. That itself is already a whole separate course. Um and what? Not just to really maximize that. See? So, um, this is just the basics of setting it up, making sure that you have a good looking etc. Shop right off the gate. Eso that way. As soon as you start listing your mugs on there, they can actually begin to sell. All right. So I would see in the next lecture any questions about setting up an Etsy shop? Um, let me know in the comments or message me and I can help you up. 4. Researching With Marketplaces: All right, So now let's do some research when looking for some mug ideas, and I want to make it clear that we're not looking to steal anything and just kind of copy it. We're just looking for inspiration, ideas, anything like that. Because if you've never really designed mugs to sell them, you probably haven't really paid attention to what's on them and what you should be doing. So this is just some ideas. And again, much like Amazon does, they also do kind of the predictive guessing here. So I typed in mug and it gives me some different ideas here. I'm gonna start with this one mug with saying so Let's see what this brings us, and we'll take a look at some ideas. So a couple things to know about the results here, number one where your see ads, they're in the top left. That means that somebody paid for that space. So it doesn't necessarily mean that that, you know, is converting very well. You know, in terms of s CEO, and that it's turning up very high. So you want to look at thes so this one, You know, this whole road right here did very well because those air not add same thing with this one . So you want to look at some ideas as to what's working on this platform or mugs in general ? So, um, you know, this one obviously is geared towards a mother mayor. Coffee Always be stronger than your toddler. So some sort of, you know, funny saying like that. Now, one thing that you can do as well, um, I'm gonna do it. Weaken. Right. Click this on when I open it, because I want to check out the rest of the shop. So while I'm doing my research and I take a look and I see that the reviews in this particular example there's almost 8000 reviews that tells me that that shop probably does pretty well so we can kind of look there for some inspiration as well. Um, now we'll talk about personalization in a specific lecture just for that. But as you can see, personalization is very big on Etsy, more so than pretty much all the other platforms out there. So basically, this right here, nice and easy to create your custom text here, and they basically sell it. And when someone purchases it. They're the ones that going to put which text they want their. So it's very easy to do and in fact what to click it and show you Because, um, if this person did it right, that I did so right here. The nice thing about this listing is that etc now has the ability for you to add personalization right there. So they are given instructions. Enter the custom tax that you like on your mug. All right, so basically, somebody would enter. So if I was going to buy this, I can go ahead and put, you know, my custom text there. So, of course I'm gonna put Flavio is awesome. So you can do that. So that's very, very big with these aren't pick White and I would go ahead and pick that. And then if I buy this, the person that gets this order in, they're going to go ahead and see that text, and then all they have to do is apply that to the mug and God and ship it out. So it's pretty easy to do that kind of personalization, especially if it's just a, you know, just texts. Nothing complex, you know, in the image or anything like that. So all these different things give you some ideas. You get something funny here. Um, And then again, this is a row of ads right here. And then these are regular ones that came up in search. So, yeah, if you notice, I want you to notice something that you know, Even if you have not done a lot of design in the past or anything, look how simple some of them are in terms of the texts that, you know, it's just mainly text based. It's kind like T shirts that, you know, you don't have to be to, um, you know, you don't need designs that are too intricate and everything like that. I mean, this one is just text there. This one is just taxed mainly. Um, you know, you have many on here. They're just text. So that's what we do. Our It starts it get an idea here of difference ones that I like. Um, as far as you know, what they've done with it or the type of things. So this one. Look how simple it is. It is what it is, So that one is very easy to do as well. Now the way you can also check and see if that mug has sold. I'm gonna click this one and we're going to take a look at it is what it is and we're going to do is if I scroll down and look at the reviews. So this shop itself has a lot of reviews. But if you don't see this mug here, this one that says it is what it is, If you don't see that one here, then that means that it hasn't really sold, etc. By default shows all your other reviews, which is actually pretty cool because it hasn't sold yet. Person still going to see reviews and consumers sometimes don't pay attention or read these . They just scroll down and see a bunch of reviews. And it's there now, in this case, had this one has sold because you can see right there it is what it is. It is what it is. So you can see that you know, this one definitely has sold, and then I think the rest of them are other mugs, so but the first few of them, um definitely are this month, so that's how you can tell. So if you like a mug, you click it and you don't see any reviews. There you see other ones, then chances are probably has not sold. Or at least it has not received the review, which could be a good indication that has not sold. So that's what you can do there. So again, you just want to take a look. Look at this. One votes for women. Very, very simple. As far as Texas concerns, um, you know, and again, if you're using Can Va and Merchant former of those quick ones, you can do a lot of these text one's pretty quickly or even add something like this pretty quickly as well, like a little arrow, flowers or things like that. So we'll get into that when we do the design. This is just more in the research. So if you remember, I right clicked this one here so I can check outs the rest of it. And will you do when you get to the listing you can, Um, it also tells you this, too. This is very important, etc. It also tells you that other people have this in their car. So now this tells me that people actually do like this. If they're, you know, putting it in their carts, I'm going to click through and check out how the shop looks so I can see a nice cover photo there. Um, I can also see that, you know, everything is they've been here since 2014 on etc. With 38,000 sales. That's not too shabby. Um, a lot of reviews and things like that. So basically, you can scroll down and you can kind of take a look at overall vibe of the shop and take a look at some of the easy designs again. I'm not copy anything. Just want to take a look at some ideas and inspiration. So there's a lot of these air, definitely very family oriented. A lot of flowers, watercolor looking things like that looked very nice. Very sharp. Um, and it looks like it's not just mugs. There's some other things as well, like ornaments and and other stuff. And, um, yeah, so there's a lot of good stuff here going on in this shop. And then if you scroll down that's written, see all the reviews and all that information. And that's and then, of course, you every categories here. So if you take a look at this and then you said maybe you want to look at some mother ones , you can take a look at all these here as well. So, um so this is pretty cool. And this gives you definitely again a lot of information as far as what is selling what's not selling and, you know, kind of the overall design vibe of this particular shop. So I definitely recommend doing this on etc. It's kind of see the other thing you can do is if you go to the reviews. You can also scour the reviews because obviously this tells me that if the's have a bunch of reviews, this is what selling so in Romania. Take a look at the reviews and I take a look and see, you know, Did they like it? What? Where? That if all short or just maybe even just looking for ideas. So I do highly recommend doing that on the Etsy platform. If we move over to Amazon again using that extension, I can do this and it gives me all kinds of ideas to do so. Some of them are kind of more physical products. I'm not worried about that. But let's do a mug for Let's just do it. Look for boyfriends about that. Let's see what we come up with there. So, um, as we get here and again, um, I'm just looking for ideas on here and with Amazon. Same thing. I can see all the reviews going on, and that right there can tell me you know how much it's really selling a swell. So a lot of them, you know, a lot of them are just like a lot of little quick sayings are, you know, I guess I'll call him Dad jokes. Her funny puns. Some of them are not very difficult, like this one world's best boyfriend, although on the other side has Dunder Mifflin kind of like the office. So there's a lot of different things. Best period boyfriend period ever again. If you can't put that on a mug, um, you know, I'm sure you can. And this one is definitely selling as well. Um, you know, best boyfriend ever has yet it reviews almost five as 141,000 Bs are rank. If you're not familiar with that, Bs are ranked. Basically, the lower the rank, the better that it's doing. Obviously, Number one would be the best selling product on Amazon. And then as you go up from there, it just, you know, ranks from there. So not show average boyfriends and just a little Mexican hat there. Sombrero. So a lot of these air very, very easy that you can be doing. And you can crank out a bunch of these designs quickly and again doing some of this research. You can see a lot of these different options here. So very, very easy to come up with some ideas, Um, by just checking out at sea and Amazon and, um, you know, making note of all thes and coming up with your ideas so that you can do your months. 5. Researching Tools: all right. So when it comes to researching with other tools again, as I already covered, you can search right on, etc. And the platforms themselves, which I think is always a good starting point just to kind of see demands. You know, how many results are there, What kind of interaction? Especially urine, etc. What kind of interaction people are having with it? Um, you know, a lot of favorites and things like that likes and sales reviews, so you can see all of that there. But if you want to take it a step further, this program called the Rank, um, is something I recommend. I will put the link below, but it's just simply e rank dot com. They used to be called etc Rank, and they changed their name, and I believe it's because they are now trying to expand into keyword research and product research For other platforms. You'll see more than a second, but when you first log in to the rank, we'll cover your rank first. When you first log into the rank, there's a few things up here. Keyword explorer and keyword tool are the two that I'm gonna focus on. There's a whole lot of other features here. But in terms of research itself and looking for keywords and different types of specific listings toe what you plan on doing then I recommend doing this. So we're going to do just to make it easy. We're gonna say, funny mug, and we're gonna go ahead and search that and using the keyword tool, um, and the keyword explorers pretty similar in the way they work. But the keyword tool also brings you up results. So here's what we can see on the keyword tool. So I put in Funny Mug and it's very broad. It's not specific. Obviously, you want to be a little bit more specific with your niche, choose ings and whatnot. But this tells me a bunch of information and the rank, by the ways, is free to use. It just gives you a little bit more limited information. Um, and then it gives you some expanded information if you're a pro member, which is only like $9 a month or 9 99 whatever it is, So this gives you some ideas here of the trends, the search trends going on in the last year, so that way, you can see there's a really big spike in October and certainly in November December. And that's across the board for, you know, Google for Etc. And Google shopping as it shows you right here. But especially for Google, you can see is a really big increase going on there as well as etc. Which is this orange line. So it also tells you a lot about the results of the 1st 100 listings that comes back and search. So in other words, if you were to go toe, etc. And put in funny mug the 1st 100 listings that come up, that's what they're analyzing. So they're saying the average price of all those are $15 each. So this is key because if you look in the price your mug, you know you want to take this into account. That shouldn't be the only thing you take into account. Um, you know, but you certainly want to take a look at that. You wouldn't want to price it at $30 it's two times the average price of those 1st 100 listings, and then it tells you the average of use that they're getting, um you know, the average hearts that people are, you know, again to see that interaction. So that's very big. This gives you award cloud style. Like most popular tags, you can kind of get some ideas for keywords at a higher level. And then you can get a little bit more specific here when you can take a look at these different tags. So etc calls their keywords tag. So you can take a look here and you can go by there sorting it by how maney tag occurrences in those top one hundreds. In other words, those top 100 listings, Um, 58 times and those 100 listings, There's the tag funding a mug. So, um, and then 37 times coffee mug. So that tells you the most common tags or keywords for those listings. So it also tells you the Google searches in case you want to see overall popularity, you know, which I'd like to check out over there. And then also the one that I look at the most is I take a look at the, um, average searches. All right, so I want to see you know, what is being searched the most. Then, of course, I take a look at the rest of the picture. The average click through rate is 20%. And also, its housing competition is pretty heavy at 50,000. Um, so you know, again, do you just want to take a look at that? And, you know, does that tell you the whole picture? Not really. I mean, at the same time, if there's competition somewhere, it also means that there's demands. But, you know, maybe you want to look at something, um, in a little bit lower competition. So you would just look at these different keywords and, you know, maybe, for instance, this camping mug. So the search is much less, but the competition is also much less two or something for a nurse mug, you know, so you can take a look. They're so funny. Nurse mug might be, You know, Then your next search to be ableto you know, do you research? Hot chocolate mug doesn't get as much as many searches, but the competition, certainly less. And it's kind of like the idea of long tail keywords, you know, less searches. But it's OK, because if you can own those searches. Um, you know, it's going to be hard toe own. The coffee mugs search by own. I mean, like being on the first page and all that and getting really good results there. But if you can probably own something, I mean, even like custom mug and personalized mug. Yes, there's a lot of competition. Um, and there's last searches. So that tells you right there that you know, if you're choosing between the two of them, coffee mug is giving you 20,000 searches. 50,000. This one's only 3000. So you want to look at all of this, But again, I look at it to a certain to Greek is at the same time, I'm just looking for popular tags that maybe I didn't think of. I'm looking for popular keywords that I can put in my listings because hopefully I've done the research, said niche down a little bit and have something a little bit more specific than just a funny mug. Um, you know, so yeah, so definitely niche down. And this gives you just a lot of ideas of different keywords that you can use because you can use up to 13 in your listing and etc. Then when you come down, I like this because it also gives you the on the top 100 also gives you their actual information. So this right here is ranked number one for funny mug. You know, right now, when we pulled it up, it tells me how long it's been up, so a couple of years, and, um, you know, but this one doesn't have a whole lot of interaction. I don't know why I came up number one, but it did, and you know, but you consort thes as well. It's I consort by total views. So this one has a whole lot of use. Been up for a little over a year, gets 24 daily views. 522 people have favored it. So this one is a good one. Um, this has something to with Kanye West. So again, with all these, check your trademarks copyrights, You know, that really needs to be, um, something you're doing with these now, if I click this and give me more information about it, or I can click that and get more information about the shop so it gives you a lot of information here. So I'm gonna click that listing, um, to get the Kanye one. So even gives me more information. It gives them a C on That's your grade, gives any other as CEO suggestions, but it gives me all of this. So you get a lot A lot of data on gives me their 13 tags that they're using, Um, and it gives me, you know, information on those. And this is what you can do for your own list. Things analyzed them and, you know, take a look at the tags you're using and make sure that it, you know, kind of checks off some of these boxes for you. This is a whole lot of information here. I suggest just really signing up for e rank. Um, and even if it's the free version signed up forward initially, and you can get all this information the majority of this information you can get, which surprises me. But about 70 to 80% of the information you've been seeing so far would still be there with the free, um, option. So with that being said, that is one tool you can use obviously we already know you can utilize. Um, you know, going to Amazon and doing your research there. And you can also do your research on Etsy itself, which I know. We've talked about the because of the predictive search and gives you plenty of ideas there . But honestly, that's where I do. Most of my work is I just mainly go to the rank and while first, I gotta etc here so I can get an idea of kind of demand that's out there. And then I go to the ranks. I can take a closer look and be able to take that, you know, deeper. Dive in to find out the key words I want to use and things like that. Um, And then I will sometimes also come to Amazon and do the same thing here and do the, um, expander so I can take a look at maybe some other ideas that I didn't think of. These are the initial things that I do. So in other words, maybe I look at this and, um, you know, see? Okay, So after all these funny mugs for coworkers, maybe I want to do that. Um, so that's what I do. Then after that, I will go over to the rank, and then I will take a look at all that. All right, so that's the keyword tool. Now let's take a look at the keyword Explorer. So the key word Explorer, I'm gonna do the same thing, and I'm gonna put in Funny mug and let's take a look at what we get here. All right, so for this it's pretty similar, but it doesn't return the 100 results. It's more or less. Just give me more on like the trends. Um, it gives me the etc. Summary there gives me the search trends. And again, we know there's a big spike and November time frame. Even cells mean market share for other markets. That is a pro feature, however, So it tells me that on Amazon, funny mugs is getting 8700 searches a month at C 13 79 and 2 22 for Google and even has E Bay on here of 62. Um, I don't know how you know, accurate. That is, um I don't know if that's like specifically thousands or some sort of score, but it would be surprising to me. If Etc. Is only getting 1300 funny mugs surges per month. But the difficulty with some of these platforms is nobody knows for sure. Um, they can only estimate so. Either way gives you an idea of words most popular. So if I'm looking at this, Amazon is the most popular for funny mugs and then followed by etc. So more or less, it gives you that idea. And then again, market trends here they're big on giving you the trends and then even regional searches telling you different countries. But then also, this is where you can get related searches So funny. Coffee mug. Um, could be a better idea for you if you take a look at the stats because a little bit more specific, you know, maybe funny mugs for women. That's a little bit more niche down. Funny mugs for friends. So you get the idea. This could give you some other ideas that maybe you didn't think of so that you could either a get into that or use some of these related keywords. So those are the main two areas that you want to do, and, um, with marketplaces, I don't know if this is accurate now, but I can click on E Bay, I believe. And I could get specific information toe eBay. Yeah, but not a whole lot, not as much as etc. I know they're expanding that, um, later on. So So it's kind of how that works, but yeah, with the rank, I highly suggest that tool. It's easy to use. And again, that's mainly what I use to deep dive into the mugs. Once I decide what I want to do from going toe, etc. I come over to the rank and I get some more ideas for keywords. And then I go ahead and plug him into my, uh, listing and him ready to go. Ah, helium 10. Now, this is mainly for Amazon, but I also use it for other for just keyword ideas in case I'm kind of stuck. So we're going to say the same thing. Wouldn't say new whom mug. And we're gonna see what kind of key words we can get for this. So helium 10 does have a free version. I'm not paying for this tool. Um, it is a very robust tool, and there's just some limitations. If you use the free version, which again, if you're just kind of, um, you know, using casually you can You can easily do that if you're If you decide you want to sell mugs over to Amazon using Seller Central, Um, then this will certainly be a great tool for you. But again, even if you're selling on Etsy and other places, um, it's still going to give you ideas, mainly because it's giving you kind of a top products. Um, you know, area there. Also, this is where I like the best is the word frequency. So this tells me of the top products. This thes keywords kind of turn up the most housewarming. So in case you didn't think about that keyword, I'm sure you did would for this, But just in case there you go, you can say, OK, housewarming. That's perfect. Um, you know, and you can think of some of these other things as well. So wine, so that tends to be a popular one. So if you're designing a new homeowner one, maybe you want some sort of wine design on, even though it's a coffee mug or something like that. Um, since you know people are searching for it, but mainly because they're probably looking for wine type gift for it. But there's all kinds of different things you can do here. Um, toe, look at all these keywords and whatnot, and then you come down here, gives us some or, um, stats on it again. This is just some ideas, is what I use it for. I don't really look too much at the volume and all that, because again, this is specific to Amazon. And at this time, I'm not selling mugs on Amazon. I'm selling them mainly on Etsy and eBay and on my own website. So this is just going to give me ideas, you know, because my belief is that if if they're typing this in the Amazon, chances are this is the same keywords being entered into other platforms and also into Google. So, you know, here's the housewarming mug one right here. And it gives you the magnet score, which I believe they identify, that the larger the number that easier to qualify for If I'm not mistaken. Um, yeah, you're right here. But again, I don't pay attention to that too much, so Yeah. Good ratio of low competition to search is the higher the number. So obviously this is very specific, and that's why that's a pretty high number. So be I. Take a look at ideas from on here purely and go recording these keywords and then that we can utilize some of these and especially if I check on Etsy une rank first to see what kind of competition dough I have there. And then, of course, you can also take it at sea. Like we've said before, we're doing research right on the platform itself. If that's where you're selling and again, even if you're not selling on Etsy, you still can do some research. Here is well, so there's all kinds of, you know, funny ones on here again, like we've said before with mugs. A lot of them are even just text based on, you know, pretty easy and whatnot. Um, home sweet home with some cool looking graphics, but you know, things like that. So if let's say you like the idea of, um, that seem we're just gonna pick one, do this. One new home, new adventures, That looks pretty cool. So I'm gonna pick this one and when it take a look and obviously the markup is pretty good and I'm going toe Also take a look at As I scroll down I can actually see the tags. So this tells me that tags right here and also tells me it's 87 favorites. So that tells me its popularity a swell. So the first few of them are just basically category attributes so that they're just going to be there. But basically starting right here is their key words the housewarming gift. Housewarming mug, new home mug. So again, this gives me ideas. I can use a few of these on my own, you know, design and then also come up with some new ones based on these other tools that we've been looking at. So that is the nice thing about etc. Is that unlike Amazon or eBay, I only bathe isn't half tags or keywords like that. But unlike Amazon, I can actually see which tags or keywords that this listing each listing is using. So, um, yeah, so then there is that so you can definitely take a look at some options and utilize that and then you can even get some ideas. So basically, um, yeah, so that this even comes in some other types of, um, you know, products and everything like that. So there's a pretty good listing and everything like that, and then when you can do is you can also take it a step further, take a look at the shop just to get an overall idea of what they're doing again. I'm not promoting any copying of any kind. This is just to get ideas. So they have very good branding going on. Very consistent. Um, their various products, mainly mugs, were looks like they have other things to. So if I click on maybe family Muggs, take a look at that. You can get some ideas here, so definitely have a lot of like, um, flowery and, you know, watercolor type colors going on and all that. But again, it's their brand, and, you know, it looks pretty good, but they've been on Etsy for a few years, 20 over 21,000 sales. So they do pretty well with this. So again, just kind of shown you There's a lot of great potential with with doing coffee mugs and especially here on etc. So um, that kind of wraps up the research with tools. And again, there's a lot of other tools you can use. Um, I know you answered. The public is a good one that asks questions. That's a free tool to use, uber suggest, is a Google tool you can use, and I'll link to those below. But you know, again, I just think it's better to stay a little bit simple when it comes to the keywords. Don't over think it. You can utilize these tools and you can also utilize. Um, you know, basically, you know, I like to call a common sense, but basically just put yourself in the shoes of the customer just thinking if I was a customer looking for this type of mug, what would I type into the search bar when looking for it? So whether it's new home mug or housewarming gift or anything like that, 6. What To Put On Mugs: All right, so I want to go over some different places. You can find inspiration for things to put on your mugs. Now, I went over where to find actual fonts or graphics and all that, and that's fine. But before we get to that point to know what we're looking for, we really need to know. What should we be putting on the mugs to begin with? You know what types of sayings and things like that. So one thing that I do is start off with Google. Really? And, you know, in this case, we're gonna do nurse as an example that say what? Targeting that. I would just put funny nursing's. And yes, I can click on images and I can see a lot of these things, but those were kind of being the top. Everyone kind of sees those. I'd like to dig in a little bit more with these results here, search results instead. So if I type or if I click on this, I can see some examples here. Nursing's and like Number two is probably a good one. Don't mess with me. I get paid to put people with sharp objects, so that's something you can easily do with the nice, cool fonts. And you can have, you know, perhaps a needle in there or something like that. So that could be very easy to dio, um, number 18. I'm a nurse. I'm here to save your but not kiss it, you know? So there's a lot of cool things on here. Some of them are longer than others on all that. But, you know, there's certainly some cool ones. And you would just go through that and go through some of these other results and, you know, take a look. This 1 20 quotes looks like by a medical place. That's what I like about this because I'm digging a little bit deeper. I'm finding probably some good, um, credible websites that, you know, those types of people would go into and see. Um, so, yeah, so I would definitely take a look at all these. And then I came across a couple of these as well. This is funny exercise ones. This is from cool. Funny quotes dot com. They have a lot of different topics, but you know, a lot of these air cool too. And I've said it before but with mugs, I just feel like you know any little things like this. Cool puns work very well on mugs, and because of the price point, it's a very nice impulse. Buy where someone can purchase for under $20 typically, and it's not as big of a commitment. What I mean by that is that T shirt I see online on Facebook. You know, they get shared a lot, but I don't know that a lot of people are buying them. They just like to share it because it resonates with them. They like to tag their friend and say, Hey, this is us, you know, But it doesn't mean they buy it and that's been my experience. But when my mugs get shared more, I do get a bigger click through and purchase rate than I do with with shirts, you know, and for everybody else, too. So there's some shirts I've seen on Facebook that a viral, you know, there's tons, and I'm like, Well, I really wonder how many sales they got from it. Really. More or less, T shirts have become like a mean, basically, and, um, with mugs, I think that's it's a little bit easier because it's not as much of a commitment. You have to wear that shirt out and show everybody, whereas a mug. It's just it's yours. You get to see it every morning when you have in your cup of coffee and you show it to whomever you're drinking with. So I think it's a little bit of a different commitment. Um, like this one. I love my six pack so much I protected with the layer of fat. That could be a good one, you know. So there's a lot of cool little things. Um, you can do a little 20 day diet, so five lost 10 days, you know. So there's a lot of cool things you can do. Funny Wife quotes So again, all kinds of them that you can play with, Um, another website I like is Buzz Sumo. So I'm going to type in coffee mug. And speaking of social media, that's what this says it's. It's a research tool mainly for social media, but if I put in coffee mug, it's going to give me some information, um, across articles, blog's and you know things like that that are getting shares on face. So this one personalized best friends. Coffee mugs for girls. Okay, so definitely very specific engagement. It shows me right there. Over 15,000 likes 3000 shares. 4400 comments. So this has high engagement, this listing here, and then you have all these other ones? Um, let's see those airmen, the articles, and then there's some more. So this is a tool that you can pay for and get some more data. But that's Web. Um, Facebook We'd have to pay for. But, you know, this is something you can do. You can pay for it. I'm not promoting it or anything like that. I'm not an affiliate. Um, I only use it occasionally for some different things. But bus sumo might be something you can do. Um, take a look at. They also have, you know, trending where you can take a look at what's trending across Facebook and things like that . So this can also give you ideas and inspiration. You can go by, um, you know, categories here. So if you click done science, if that's something that you wanted to do in this kind of tells you different articles that are trending because if something is really trending very high on Facebook, then that means that perhaps it's going to give you some S e o juice when you get listings out on your marketplaces. Now, kind of along with the same thing is Google trends. So I'm gonna put in coffee mug Very generic. I'm not going with a kind yet, but let's just say coffee mug in case I don't have any ideas. So this has kind of shown me in the United States past 12 months of coffee mug searches, even tells me different regions, but I'm more interested in this. So this is where I can get some ideas related query. So a mother in law coffee mug. Okay, mother of dragons, The mountain holding a coffee mug. Game of Thrones. Gucci. So again, do your own, you know, copyright and trademark research. But when you do the mother in law coffee mug and then I can now see some more information on that over time. How that's, you know, going You can see it's trending upwards, obviously, because it is, um, holiday right now and what not? And that's about the only information I'm getting there. We get the idea. You can play around Google trends and you can take a look and get some ideas that way of what's trending. Another thing that I do is I searched design trends and I take a look at water, some design trends going on. Um, you know, So there's some ideas that you can get here and again. You're gonna click through the through the articles I click through to this one recently. Let's take a look at this 18 new graphic design trends for 2020 and beyond, you know. And again, this is all just to get your different ideas of what's selling out there. Um, you know what? You can incorporate into your mugs or other products. So, um, colored radiance, muted color palettes and that gives you kind of, you know, ideas of all this abstract, um, heavy but simple fonts that I like. I do like heavier fonts that contrast, well, stand out, but they're very simple. It's not, like, difficult to read or anything like that, Um, so there's there's a lot of different things going on. Minimalist is a really big trends going on and Web design, which means it's also translates well for marketplaces as well. So there's a lot of good things that you can do there now. Lastly, to get some other ideas. If you go into your Etsy shop, this is a very good area, you know etc. Is really a place. It began, really, for a couple things. Personalization like a lot of handmade, personalized things. That's what etc. Was initially really known for. Probably still is for most people and um and then also occasions. So whenever anyone had any sort of, you know, eighth wedding Anniversary and everything else out there is either five or 10 you went toe , etc. So you can find something that and custom do that for you. So that is why we if you just go tits, create a new listing and just click on choose occasion. This can also help guide you on to what people are searching on, etc. So the reason why etc has this on their they know this is the most popular topics that people search on etc. And furthermore, they can you know they can filter down using attributes this way. So that's why anything that pertains to your listing and we'll go through this in the etc. Listening. But you know, you want to make sure it's there, but occasion. This can give you ideas for what to do for your mug so you can take a look at this and say OK, so birthdays must be pretty big on Etsy. Let me do a few birthday ones, you know, Perhaps I want to do some engagement ones, obviously are very big or retirement so always, you know, take a look at these occasions there. Very, very useful because it's telling you what's on, etc seemed, goes for the holidays as well. All right, so this wraps up were to find inspiration, ideas of what you can put on your mugs. Um, in terms of actual sayings or designs and things like that and any questions wouldn't post them below and see in the next lecture 7. Designing With Canva: All right, So let's talk about some canvas, one of my favorite tools that I use basically for, like, everything. So when you get to Canada, you're going to hit, create a design, and you're going to custom dimensions, and we're going to do it 1000 by 1000 for right now if you're using T launch. Basically, they're a love announce. Mugs are 8 88 by 88. We'll get more into that when we get there, and I'll put this also in the notes. So 88 by 8 88 pixels if you're using T launch for their love announce mugs, and they're 15 ounce muds or 11 25 by 11 25 now, some of the other providers have their own dimensions to use, including Prince. If I they're very specific and when it comes to print ful, there's is not as specific. Utkan do kind of whatever they put in there. As long as the DP I ends up being good. So for now, I just want to get a canvas here for us so we'll just go with 1000 by 8000. But in those specific modules and we upload to those you know with those print providers or platforms, then we'll get specific on what you need tohave. But if you're following along for right now, you can do a 1000 by 1000. But a nice thing about can of a pro that they've released with their latest release of canvas is that you can do a resize. So if I do this 1000 by 1000 it could come back. Wait Iran. And then I could just resize this to 88 by 8 88 hit resize. And now it just resize itself. So you have all kinds of different options that you can do. But again, for right now, not a big deal really could be anything. We'll just start with 1000. All right, So, um, first of all when you get on here, so this is kind of my canvas for my mug. And let's start with the text text gives you all kinds of different options here. A TSA basic level. You can add a heading, and then you can go ahead and make that a different, you know, color that you want. You can go ahead and obviously change the fonts. You can search a, you can pick it. And again, also, the canvass pro gives you plenty more fonts to use. Everywhere you see a crown that means that's from pro. So if you did not use pro, you would not be able to have all those. But again to make a transparent image, you do have to have it. So what I was talking about what? The transparency is that when I click on download and I want to click here on transparent, that means that the background would not go through now if I don't have the pro, I cannot do that. So that's where back comes into play. So, yes, so I can go ahead and I can pick a, um you know, difference fonts for it. Let's say Okay, I can make this bigger just by stretching this or changing it up there. And if I'm putting this on a white mug, then you know, maybe I want the print to be black. And, um, you know, we were looking at some different ideas, and again it could be anything silly that you can do, but okay, so that right there can already be on a mug. You know that simple? Um, just a simple as that issue can use different fonts for that, if you wish. Instead. But just like that, you could be putting text right here in the middle of our canvas, and we're ready to go. So really, if I wanted the role that out, that could be a design right there. So just to kind of give you on idea there, So that was just add a heading. Go ahead and change the funds and the size and all that, and I've got it. All right, so I'm gonna delete that. But also, if I wanted to do, like, kind of cans pre done templates, I guess you can call it. I can also use this so I can click on this and welcome little once. Maybe There you go. There's one. So maybe for a mom that's going to get a new, um, BT and we can put established 2019. And there you go. So that right there can also be among. So I just did two of them in the matter of a minute. So welcome, little one established 2019 and then I can even make this established back and be the personalization where I can put in the in the description of somebody wants to change that . You know, maybe it's for a, you know, celebrating a five year old's birthday and somebody's getting this. Or maybe it would be 2014 or depending on your view in this 2015 and on, baby, that's a gift. So you can do all kinds of little templates, Or maybe instead of welcome, little one. I don't even want that. But I still want response that they used in all that. I can, you know, utilize, um, this, you know, something like that. You know, whatever. So you get the point. You can just play around with this however you want, all right. And you know that right there. Convinced. So you have a lot of different things you can do. Maybe you don't like the funds. You can go up here and you can go and change that. Change that funds or whatever. Um, yeah. So that's basically how that works. You can look around that more options right here and again. This just kind of gives you an idea. You know, even this texture here. I kind of like, you know, there's a lot you can do with this one right here, and that's it. So, um all right, so I guess that's the font. That one is. Okay, So, yeah. So there's a lot you can do with this, Um, you know, on muds. Okay, so that's a little bit about the text going on. And let's go a little bit about some of the images, so if you gotta elements All right, this is where you can search for something. So let's say, um we want to look for an arrow. Kingston maybe wants some sort of arrow on there is something, something like that. Maybe we want this church for Let's see what we want to look for us for a home. Um, if you click on free, this will show you only all the images that are already included in your subscription on your pro subscription. If you don't, then there's going to be some images that you can get, but it will cost money. All right, so this is what we can do. I can maybe do something like, uh, this on a mug and I can go ahead and put down. Um, you know that I can put some sort of texts. Maybe not this one, but maybe that will be a bad example, but we'll do it anyway. You know, um, we can put, like, congrats on the home, but I'm going to need this to be smaller and stretch that out. So maybe I'm doing something like that, which is going to go on a mug, and that's going to be, you know, for a new homeowner gift for a mug, you know, just like that. So now there's my mug right there that I can do. I can download that and there's my sign. So you have a lot of different options that you can do here on canvas. Nice and quickly. I personally like using Can't. I can do a lot pretty quickly on there, whether it's text based or some images, and you can also bring in your own images by going toe uploads right there. And you can just upload them right here. So if you have images that you're you, you know, download from other websites royalty free websites that you can use commercial free or other fonts you can bring all that into here to canvas so that you can use it here. So any questions on camera, let me know That's really a lot of the basics and weaken really dio really deep into can va But that's the majority of it. You can also do this and play around with the transparency. Obviously, it'll you know, I should be in 100% for images. For the most part, Onda Geun. Obviously, when you highlight the text, you can play around with the color of the text. You can play around with spacing off that text like so So you can do all of that a swell so you can kind of play around with all those different options that you have on go. When you're ready, you go ahead and published download. You're gonna hit transparent and then hit down. So, yeah, so can Va gives you a very, very good suite of tools. Very easy to use for non designers like myself. If you're a full fledged designer than you probably shouldn't even watched this video, you can just utilize photo shop or whatever it is that you're using. But for people like myself, can va ends up being a very good option. And also we'll talk about another option. A swell before right now. Any questions on canvas? Let me know. 8. Designing With Merch Informer: all right. So previously I went over using Can va to do mugs, which you know honestly, that's why do the majority of my mug designs is right on Can va. Ah, but another option you do have is here on merchant former, and I do like doing it here because there are some features that are not found over on canvas now. Merchant former. Any of you who do merch by Amazon have definitely heard of this tool. It's a great tool that Neil Lassen put out years ago, and it's been pretty much a staple in the merch community. Um, and any of you do in journals also know about book bolts. That's the same creator, same company. So with Merchant former, However, when you get in and do the research, there's a link of the top you click merch designer, and it will bring you here. Now, once you get here to the screen, that's recon designed T shirts and other things. But if you notice there's also one here for coffee mugs, So now this coffee mug is set to download at 8 88 by 8 88 and that is because it's a T launch mug. So T launches my preferred provider to use will get into providers pretty soon here once we're done with designing. But she launches my favorite to use because of the pricing and kind of how easy it is to to ah, upload on there and everything like that. So ah, with that being said, this is ready to go for utilizing this type of product. And so a couple things you want to do Number one, the auto snap. You can turn that on so we can tell me when I'm in the middle and this right here the coffee mug design area that just stays there. This is telling you this is the optimal area to design on, because when you uploaded the t launch, you can't move the design around. It's kind of like mirc where you can't, you know, change once you put it up there and they do have a templates area. I haven't messed with this too much, but certainly you can utilize this as well. So here's another one teacher, because superhero is not an official thing. So I can play around with these. I can, you know, edit them, change the text around, but just kind of gives you some ideas and templates already going to get rid of these. That 1st 1 he used is an image, which is why I was not able to edit. But this one, you can add it, Um, so you can play around with these, See if there's anything that you, you know, want to use the same thing with this one. So it's just kind of some fancy fonts. Canada has something similar with those preset funds the way they are, so you can play around with this, but they have a lot of templates. I would like to see some more templates here. Then what? They have this heartbeat. One has been a pretty popular one. And then you put some sort of image there, but I would definitely like to see some more things on. Here is Well, all right now, I got rid of everything so you can use that you can use clip ports as well. They do have that here also, and you know you can take a look at what's available to you. You can take a look at the various text available and kind of like can va. You can upload fonds to here and use more. Um, and they have plenty more. If you click on load more, you'll get plenty. As I remember, they have. You know, thousands of them on here that you can to s Oh, you can definitely get more fonts on here. Also, images. This is where you can put in your images. So if you want, you can grab an image, put it in here so that you can utilize it. So maybe an image you got from somewhere else and then this is pretty hand. You got all these various shapes as well. If you want to put a crown as part of your design, you know, and then so there's the middle auto snap tells me that, and then I can go ahead and put, you know, some sort of design there and whatnot or text. I should say below that crown so you can do all that free drawing. Um, you got layers as well, much like you do in Canada. And then you also have these different effects where you can kind of make the text look a little more grungy looking and stuff like that. Um So with that being said, let's go over to the text An And I like that they have these also, you know, they have that. So maybe if you did something like that's and then up here, just so you know how to do some of these things, this gives it some color. By doing this, we'll do the blue and so that gives me some color going on there. The other thing that I can do is I can also make it more transparent. We're all the way and a second play around all those things. Uh, the other thing that you can do as well as you can play around with the skew and rotate it and things like that. They have all these different tools that you can do, and I would definitely recommend you check it all out. Um, don't think I can do is I can change this toe curve text instead Like that. So, yeah, I'll put it like that instead. And with the curve, you can you can do, like, how much of a curved you want it to be, You know, so you can do all that. Also, we're gonna go back to that one. I want the height to be bigger. It says a lot of little things that you can play around with on here. So can vote. Doesn't give you this much freedom to play a round of the text. That is why I do like this better from if I really want to get some pretty cool text designs going on. So here is where Aiken change, you know, font size, the letter spacing, you know, and all that good stuff so you can play around with all this there, and then the other thing, you can do text masks. So if I want to like to have a picture, go through it kind of like it's showing their, you know, whether it's flags or something like that, that's always a good idea to do. But I'm going to do so. We have that and it's do something like this. And then I want to change this because I no longer and I'm just mess around here. This is by no means gonna be a great design. I just want to show you some of the things you can do here, you know, But you can get a little creative like this and have these cool, different, you know, things like this going on with it. So now you know that right? There can be Let's say that's going to be our mug. I'm gonna go ahead and hit. Download on that. Downloads it right away for me. Let's take a look at it. There it is. So that right there is ready to be uploaded onto a T launch. 11 ounce mug, um, all white mug black or the accents one. And again. We'll go over those when we get to the T launch areas. Ah, but right now we need some designs in order to be able to upload over there. So So this. If this is going to be my design, I would be able to upload that it's already ready to go in the correct dimensions and everything like that. If you're using a different platform, you might have to resize or many of them. You actually can use that because you can just kind of play around with the design once it's on there. So you could definitely do all that. And again, you can add different shapes and jazz. It up lines or anything like that. But I'm just being very basic there with this one, just to show you, um, you know, again, we can just kind of play around with this, make it totally different. More like that. And this one, we can have it be more of a normal 2020 like that, You know, just play around with that so you could do all that. And again, I can do that a different color, you know, whatever I want to do. So, um, and again, I can have more colors other than this by clicking here and now I got all this to my at my disposal that I can play around with. So keep that in mind as well. You do have a lot of other colors that you can do. And I could even add a stroke to it as well, Straight like that. Now, that's a great combination. But I've added an outline to that or stroke, and I could make it as think is I want, like that or just a little bit around it and whatnot. So maybe that looks better. So we get some of that blue and pink going on like that. So that's one of things that I do like about this tool. I do like the ability to do stroke like that. You cannot do that over on Canada, and you can do it here and then also, the other thing that I cannot do in Canada is also curve text and play around with it, manipulate it like this. Kind of like a design software program. So over here, I can do all those different things. Second kind of jazz up the, you know, text a little bit and whatnot. So, um, that is a little bit on using this program merchant former. Ah, I do recommend it. If you're not a designer at all. Um, you know, by trade, kind of like I'm not. I find it very easy to design on this tool. And again, when I don't use this one than I use can vie, use him interchangeably. Depends what kind of design I'm looking to do. Or if I have different features that I need on here that I don't get over on canvas or vice versa. So with that being said, that is all for designing with merchant former. So any questions go ahead and post them below, and we're going to continue on 9. Personalization Mugs: All right, so now we're going to talk about customer personalization. And if you're selling on Etsy, you especially needs incorporate this since your business. In my opinion, if you're doing mugs, even if you're not doing etc. If you're you know, selling mainly on your own website or you want to sell another marketplaces, you're probably gonna drive some traffic via Facebook ads and other platforms, which means people like personalization, so I would certainly still incorporate it into your business. So I did a simple search here for personalized mug. As you can see, there's a lot of results and a lot of different things out there. Some of them are simple where you can say your text here. So how easy is that? You can actually create a listing that doesn't have a design. You don't have to come up with anything you can just have. It's a custom design or your text here, your words here and make it somebody else purchase, and they will tell you what to put there. Um, especially if it's any sort of, you know, just putting in attacks there. That's very easy. This one, your image or text here so you can do those, and then you can take it a step further. And, for example, you can look at this one where it's going to be customized with names, which is very popular. People love hearing and seeing their own names. So this one, this daddy belongs to Mrs Jessica and Jake. So obviously, they would be able to customize this and be ableto ad, you know, the names they want their Although I paused because I'm surprised that they don't have a personalization tab here. But yeah, I'm not sure why that is, but they should have that. So at any rate, may be a different one, has it? But at any rate at sea does give you the option to do that. Um, here we go. So this one is there, So your text goes here, which is pretty cool, and then also, they give you the choice of either mugged. They also give you the choice of some different fonts, which is pretty cool. That keeps it, you know, they're getting exactly what they want. So that's a pretty nice idea. And even, you know, little instructions about how to do it. So basically I picked a fun. I want some picking Sunday and I'm doing a mug design love announce. And then right here, I'm going to go ahead and put in what I want. And it gives you description there. So etc was kind of founded at first of being a personalization, handmade place and everything. So this is still a very big thing. When a lot of people think about shopping on Etsy, that's what they think of is getting something custom. So you definitely want to jump in on that and be able to utilize custom things. Now, another thing. Also, we, uh, you know, we're talking about designing and everything like that. This could give you some idea for some cool fun. So you probably think noted that So these are some cool fonts that obviously this shop uses on their mugs and that they know they like I do like that. Sunday one. I've never used that Slim Tony, but these other ones, you know, I have used them at one time or another. They do, um, look good on mugs. So this is a very good thing to take note of and take a look at. So, um, with that being said, This is a very good idea. Toe do that. Some of them are strictly pictures. Some of them, you know, kind of asked for text as well and all that. But again, some of them are like this one, Mike. Demand the myth, the legend. So obviously, if my name is Dan, I can purchase that. I can put then on it. So, you know, or somebody purchasing it for someone else. So keep that in mind. Um, you know, Lloris cup of ambitions. So, in other words, the customization is whatever name you want goes at the top. So just to see what that might look like for designed for yourself over here on canvas, Um, this is Monday, put together quickly. So this here, if you notice, um, also is very customizable. And what I do is I save this as a template in Canada. I don't download at save it as a template. So that way I can always go back to it and just change this real quick uploaded. And I've got my design really quickly and easily to fulfill. So, um, Mrs Johnson So this is this now could become Mrs Smith I download it and I'm ready to go. Ah, that's all you have to do is when you had published you would hit, um, download. You still had downloaded. Think. No, you don't. Um, see, did you show more? And there's somewhere on templates here. Template. And then I would save it as a template. All right, so it's exactly what you would do. So you can save your templates for any personalized mugs like this. So this one might be for a newlywed, you know, for somebody new. Or I can even make this very customer making established May 2020. All right. So, um and then that's two things that can customize the dates on. You can customize the last name on it as well. So just to give you some ideas, But yes, the personalization is very, very key, especially on etc. And then also on your own Web sites and everything, because it's going to help you drive traffic to it and get custom orders. When we talk about Thiel on sharing a couple of lectures, we will be I will be showing you how. If you have your own website and you're utilizing sea launch they actually have the ability to have someone upload their, you know, texture, image automatically and fulfill it without you having to do it. So they do have a whole suite of products that can do that that you know, the personalization products. I do like that feature. So that is it for right now. Just wanted to make you very aware of this personalization on Etsy, especially that you should be utilizing if you are going to have coffee mugs as part of your business. Any questions as usual, posting blow. 10. Finding Designs And Fonts: All right. Welcome to the next lecture we're gonna talk about. Were to get some, um, actual designs and funds and things like that to kind of bring all this together when you are designing and putting your listings up. And I am in no way recommending anyone tool over the other, just giving you some ideas of what's out there. I have used ah collection of these and I've used even others just like, you know, googling different similar websites. And, um, you know, I just don't feel that anyone is better than the other. Just depends on what you're looking for that day and look for different things. But this one is called vex ALS. This one has a lot of images here. They have subscriptions, or you can purchase, you know, separately. But they have anything from patterns which can work on mugs to actual graphics. And I do recommend if you buy one of their graphics to come up with something other than just the graphics Or in other words, if I get this one this unicorn and wring their kind of hanging out there. The graphical loan, in my opinion, just doesn't do as much and remember, anybody else could have access to this website as well and get these graphics. So instead, if you come up with some words above and below, it are above or below it. And, um, you know, make kind of bring it to life then and making your own Then I think that's where it's at something with this unicorn here. You know, this pie just come up with some sort of saying or something to making your own. Otherwise, you know, you you stand the chance of, you know, seeing this, um, same exact design in other places. That goes for all of these. Um, the other place that I like is designed bundles dot net. They have a lot of graphics here that you can see. You can kind of search by backgrounds, icons, illustrations, things like that. So there's a whole lot of things that you can get here a lot of P and G. So this one, these family quotes those air good for for mugs. There's, you know, a whole lot of things that you can do here on again. They also have a subscription, or you can purchase one off a sort of thing, this one, we aren't to fonts there. This is also by designed by those, but it's fun bundles so you can get these various fonts. And remember, this is a very good investment in your business. So for this one is $24 to get various fonts in this one, and there's a whole bunch of them, Um, you know, But, um, some people only want the free ones. But if you have to pay for some of these premium ones, it's really not a bad thing at all. It's very inexpensive, especially if you're going to do a bunch of mugs and you know, you feel it fits with your brands, then it's definitely worth the investment to do a bunch of them in that same type style. And I try to stick with about 3 to 5 funds that I consistently use just because it kind of fits that overall brand. Another one is free. Pick this kind of like a graphic design type website. That's a lot of graphics as well and all that. So this is another good place to come to that you can grab and, um, again just take a look around see what's there, and this one is refunds. It's one of my favorite ones de fonts dot com And again, there's so many out there. But I like that. This kind of gives me a preview and shows me, um, exactly what it is. I can look in different categories like fancy techno, um, you know, script. You know, a lot of different things. Reckon search for something that you know, some sort of elements. So there's a whole lot of good stuff to look at here that I would take a look at. So, in other words, this golden hills that looks pretty cool. Um, anytime you're looking at thes and when you search them, you can also make sure that their commercial, um, you know, license ready. And in other words, you have the right to use these commercially. So make sure of that when you're when you're doing this. So in other words, if I click this when I believe it gives me more information on it, and it will, um, tell me so, Yes, so this one, no commercial use allowed on that Golden Hills one. So this is not one that I would download and use since I don't have the ability to use it commercially. So that's what you would want to do. Um, but with some of these, let's just click on this one on animals. Um, cause there is a way that you can sort are Yeah. So right here. So, basically, Aiken do more options, and I can do the 100% free. Yeah, 100% free public domains That tells me that I can do it if I did. Free for personal use that I don't want, Um I want 100% free public domain use that, You know that I can use it. So that's exactly what I would do. So these are the ones that Aiken dio definitely not going to use any of these. They're just animals. Um, but you get the idea when you search for something, you have the ability to do that and then kind of sort or filter. You know what you want it to be? Create a fabric owes another popular one. I don't know. A lot of people have gone to the same thing. They have a subscription program, or they have, you know, you know, just kind of one off buying it. And they have anything from fonts to graphics and bundles and things like that. So a whole lot there and again. There's probably hundreds of other websites as well that you can go to, so just want to give you some quick resource is of places you can go to in case you didn't know any of these and and what not? But, um, any questions, let me know below. 11. Reliable Provider: all right, so one of the print providers that I want to cover is print full. If anyone is around the merch communities or has done merch before, chances are, you probably know about print folds pretty popular in the space, and it's a very good platform to start off with. Four for a few reasons. Number one. It's very user friendly and very easy to use. They have a good variety of products, although I feel like most providers today due to try to stay competitive with each other. But more importantly, I think that their quality and their customer service is bar none, you know. So if you need right off to get go, you need some help or something like that. They have a live chat. You can see part of it right there that you can get help with any time. Some other providers do have a chat. That's been my experience that is very slow. Most times will get back to you like hours later, and this chat, you literally wait a few minutes for your turn, be able to talk to them. So I definitely think that the support is very important when somebody's brand new, and you can add a lot of multiple stores, and they have so many different platforms that you can sell to write off of here. So if you decide to use print fold for your mugs, just keep in mind that you have so many different options of where you can sell your products to, obviously a Shopify platform, etc. Which were going to talk about Ah woo commerce if you wanted to utilise award press. Ah, big commerce. I mean, some of these I haven't even heard of or definitely haven't used, but there's so many of them that you can use Amazon eBay. But basically all the big ones are definitely here that you could be selling on. So, um, again, for our purposes right now, I'm going to show you an etc. But definitely you can connect all these other different platforms and toy around these different marketplaces and see what works for you, including eBay, a swell which is covered in this, of course also, so when it comes to print, fall very easy. Everybody sinks this door, but if you haven't, you would go here to choose platform, you choose, etc. And go ahead and sink it, and it's just one button. It sinks it right to your, um etc platform. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit ad for new products, and this is for listing a coffee mug. And here's where you see all their various products. Now, when it comes to um, and it's under the home in living category, I do believe yes. So when it comes to their coffee mugs again, they're good quality. Have a lot of options, but they are a little bit on the price. Your side, you know, when compared to a few other platforms. But again, you're getting that customer service. You're getting the quality and, you know, the ease of used in everything like that. So this certainly is something to say about their all that and another important point for print Fela's. They are full white label, including, um, giving you the ability to have a customized packing slip. You can have a little message on there, so that way you can tell him Hey, thanks for shopping on my Etsy shop or eBay shop or whatever shop happens to be, um, you know, in the future, you can utilize this coupon to get some, you know, 10% off, 15% off. This way you can get some repeat business and you could be your logo. You but all kinds of things like that. So from that aspect, I do like it. There's another provider called T Launch. They do have white label ability as well, and they do have the insert. They've actually added some more options to there that you can do as well. So those two are kind of the ones that I know of, that air players in the game that can offer you good white labeling. So print full is one of those as well, So they have thes various mugs. Now the nice thing about print ful as well is that I can have this 11 and 15 ounce mug askew can see here they're checked off. I can have him in the same listing, so that's a nice plus. Let's go ahead and we're gonna add a designed to this. Okay, so there's our design that we uploaded logo. So now we have a couple of options that weaken Dio. I can put them the center of the mug, which I don't really want to dio. The other thing that I can do is Aiken duplicated for both sides. So now it gives me to files at Multiplied. And wherever I put it on this side on the right side, it also copies that to the left side. I'm gonna make this a little bit smaller. However, there we go and all right, so for the 50 announced, they're suggesting a larger sighs, I might have to shrink this. It's still a bad size for there. So I don't exactly use the most optimized size for this, Um, for here. But you typically would want to use a little bit bigger. Um, d p i and everything you would want to use, like, 1000 by 1000 but yes. Saying still not good. That's all right for now. But you would hit your mock up view, and you can see what the mug looks like. So it shows it like that and shows it in kind of lifestyle, different ways in front of things and all that good stuff. So you can kind of see what it looks like. 15 ounce. In the 11 months I'm gonna go back to the file view and the other thing you can do is well , I uploaded the file, but you can also add clip are you can add text as well to it. So there's all kinds of different things you can technically design, you know, a mug right on here without even uploading something if you wanted to. So I'm gonna do 11 15 ounce and I'm gonna proceed to mock ups. You get to choose your markup style if you want the default. If you want a lifestyle, I'm gonna choose environments. So, like on top of a cutting board, there we go. You can even do office environment cookies. You have all kinds of things that you can do, and you're going to go ahead and put in your title that you want. All right, just like that. And then again, as the description here, explain a little bit about the specs of the coffee mug. The tags. Now, this is where you can put in tags for this, um, muck. So basically, if you see there's some past ones here that I can use a swell um so I can dio I'm just just a safe time. I'm gonna click thes Obviously I put in a new mom one and here in the past. So we're just gonna go with those, even though I know it doesn't pertain. Toe my side hustle logo there. But you can put your tags here because that's going to also go directly to your Etsy shop as well. And then here I can choose my pricing. So for the 11 ounce mug, maybe a one in charge, $18 for the 50 announce mug, maybe want to charge $22. So then that gives me the profit margin right there. But of course, I do have to pay for shipping as well, Which does show me right there 6 99 and, um, in the US Thanks. So now I'm going to go ahead and I'm gonna make that free shipping. And I'm gonna submit this to the storm, and I can see it right here that it's kind of generating itself and going over to that shop . All right, so it's done loading, and it also is asking me are giving me the option. Add my latest designed to more products. So maybe it thinks I might want to also put that on the magic mugs. So it's, you know, tell me to go ahead and do that. So now that it's gone over toe, etc. I can click on the edit and etc. And that brings me to the back end listing. So if I didn't like any of these pictures, I can just delete it. I can adjust the thumb now, which I am, because it should not be that one. Uh, let's put on this one over there instead. There we go. I could make this a little bit closer up if I wants. Actually, go make that a little bit closer up like that. I'm gonna save that. And then if I want to optimize anything else on here, I can I'm gonna go ahead and make sure that I put that somebody else, uh, did this product or is going to do it. And it's already set to mugs. I want to put that it's ceramic as well. I do offer more than one. It is a handle. So you want to make sure all these things are, um, you know, put their If it's true, this is gonna be a whites. All right, so now I'm gonna go ahead and keep that going. Print full is the partner and and and then again on your etc. Listings. You do want to add a new production partner there so you would add a production partner. I can add print full, and then I can put down whether or not I wanted to show to the public that it's print ful or if it's just, I can name a print shop or whatever I want. So you want to do that? And then, of course, you have different sections that you can create and more on that in the actual etc. Listing module, by the way. But this is just to show you from print ful Teoh here that it did everything for you automatically. Now it just hit publish and I would published this and that's it. So basically brought me to the listing with Basically, everything was just done for me because I already did it in print ful, and all I had to do was go ahead and publish once I get over here. So that is mainly it for print ful. Now, if you also do need to, um, take a look at orders as they come in, you would click on orders of here. You can even add more files to your final library. So you have it here. Your billing section is where you can put the card that you want to have here in print fold . So that way, when order goes through, this mug right here will be set to be fulfilled automatically. So again, that's a little bit of our print ful. Again, my opinion on print folds very good quality, very good customer service. The pretty innovative to come out some decent products as well. They are on the price, your side. But again, if you are building a brands and now I have a store and get a following have an audience, they are willing to pay more. Just think kind of like, you know, Apple. They do sell their phones and laptops and desktops for a lot of money, but people pay it. Why? Because they're attached to that brands. They know there's quality involved on all that. So unless you're not a fan of Mac, then maybe you don't see you know why people would pay the extra, but again, their fans, they do see that in there products just like any other person that likes a certain brand. So keep that in mind as well. So don't be too afraid of the prices. But just do you know that they are higher priced here on print full. But with that, you're getting good quality. So any other questions on print full. Go ahead and post them below, and we'll see you in the next lecture talking about more providers. 12. Great Personalization Provider: All right, So another print provider that I want to talk about is T Launch, and this is one of my favorite providers for a really two reasons. Number one. Their prices are very good. And number two, they have a lot of personalization options, just kind of a print on demand in general, including mugs. So let's take a little bit of a dive here and just a reminder that toe have t launch. You do have tohave a Shopify account or plan, and as I discussed another place in this course, you can utilize just the lights Shopify plan. You do not need the full on $30 per month plan, and you can have it for just $9 a month, which I think is more than worth it. To have access to Shopify is basics, including the apse and channels you can sell on, including eBay. So it makes it a no brainer, in my opinion, to pay $9 a month to have a Shopify light plan and have access to these different channels as well as platforms. But like I said that that is totally up to you. If nothing, there are other providers that you can use that are outside of the Shopify platform. So let's assume you are going to get into Shopify, at least for the purposes of getting access to these providers. There are two of them. This is the 1st 1 we're going over that is on Shopify eso. When you get into t launched, the first thing you would do is click on APS. All right, so I just don't want to skip that part. You click the visit Shopify App store and go ahead and add is he launch would just search for it in the app store and add, and it simply adds it automatically to your shop. Now, when you get to to launch, you want to go to accounts first and you want to put in your settings that you want so you can select. You know what the maximum amount is for them to charge per day because again, this is supposed to be automatic fulfillment. So if a product gets sold, they automatically purchased that product and then that full purchase price. You subtract those two and that becomes your profit. So that's where you can do all this. Here you can put in your company. Name your payment method for when something you know does get purchased. You can put your packing slip details. You know what the website is. Customer service email came put in the logos. They have all this so that way they have that. So set all this up to how you want it. It's going to be different for everybody. And then also, if you are selling on Etsy, obviously in this course I do talk a great deal about etc. Since it is a great platform to sell coffee mugs on as well as other people D products. But with t lunch, if you come up and click on integrations and then click at sea now, it brings you to a screen where you can connect your Etsy account. So what I, um, recommend doing is making sure in a different tab you are signed into the shop that you want to integrate with the lunch and then you go ahead and click that button and it should bring you to a window where you have this basically just asking you, Is it okay to have access sheer Etsy account? Just say yes and I'm gonna copy that. Good. All right. And that's it's, um Now I have copied that code. I'm gonna enter that here, and thats so just like that, my Etsy account is now sink to this program. It's not gonna hit, create product. And now you can see it's the launch has many products available. So if you did want to venture often do with other types of products. You can do that. You can go by category here. One thing to mention is that you know, if you're going to specialize in coffee mugs, you can still kind of have some similar type products to that kind of like when people offer T shirts and they offer hoodies and tank tops, you can sort of do the same thing with coffee mugs. So you have the beer Stein. There you have other coffee mugs. You have the tumblers, you have a wine tumblers. They have a lot of different options that you can do now. Taking a look at some coffee mugs, they have the accent mug. This one sells very popular because it shows very well everyone loves that accents color there instead of just a plain white and you can see the price. It's only 4 50 for that one. That's before shipping will get to the shipping in a little bit. Um, de Love announces only 5 50 They have the magic mug where it's black, and then, you know you can't really see the design and then reveals it. Once you fill something hot in there, you have the 11 ounce white mug, which, by the way, is the most popular mug that sells in my shop by far, probably because it's just the lowest price. But this one is only 3 50 each, and it still commands a price of, you know, 16 to $18 even $19 for the smug S O. You're making a, you know, pretty good profit or margin on that as well. He had the regular white 15 ounce among, which is bigger. And then, of course, all these other ones we talked about. So you have a lot of options there, But let's do the accent mug first so we can take a look at that one. And when it start designing and now in this next page, what you can do is there giving you the information about this product. Um, so you could even copy this and utilize this on your etc listing because you know and make it your own, but a little something else in there. But it gives you at least the specs and all that that you will need so that your customers can know what they're getting. And then it gives you the print area. So it's houses 88 by 80 eights is the specs here? And if you remember from the, um, other module, we were doing the designing of mugs and merchant former. That's the specs that were in there by default for coffee mug. And then shipping costs us $5 for this one. So $5 on top of the 4 50 So it's really 9 50 toe, have the product shipped in the US on and created. So that's about it's a few charged, Let's say, $18. You had about a $9 profit on it. So very, very cool on this, since it's good prices. So now let's upload an image to this so we can see what that looks like and then continue on arts, and I've got my image here that I've done. It's just my logo, and you want to make sure that it's either centered or like a little bit above center so that we have shows well on the muck. So now I've got that good to go, and I'm gonna go ahead and continue on now. This is where you can put in your title, Um, and which is going to do this? And then it already puts that description in there for me. But if I want the ads, what I could and then I can put in my selling price. So its $18 let's say. And then it's still creating the, um, preview images. There we go. So as you can see, they have a lot of different colors. So they have the black. They have this, you know, very light blue. They have green, orange and pink and red and yellow. They have a lot of different options with your design. So if you if you have a design or fonts that has, like, kind of a red element, this red really pops and looks very well with it are black is a common one because most you know, text or images, you put on it are gonna be black, so that looks very well, Very good. So there's a lot of different things you can do with it, but this one is a very popular one on Etc. And other platforms because of the accent there. So we're gonna go ahead and review and publish. All right, so just like that is showing me all the different mugs there. All right, so now that's done loading, and then you continue on to the product and when you arrive, you'll see the product images. Everything came over the price is how it looks in Google search engine. So you can customize that. And now what you want to do when you get to the product Here, you can click on more actions and you're going to dio create an etc t launch listing. So now this is how I'm going to be able to push it over to etc. All right, so just like that, it's got it up there has the title as my variance that I wanna push over there, all right, so sometimes it creates difference listings because remember, it's 20 cents per listing on etc. So they like tohave multiple listings, as opposed to having one listing with, ah, whole bunch of, um, variants on it. So I'm going to just pick any old shipping templates, Uh, and then I would go ahead and just published this. And then this goes directly to, um, etc. And when I get when I get over there, I can see it. And if anyone purchases this product because it's perfectly sync with t launch, they will get that notification from etc. Because we gave them permission of able to read the website and then they go ahead and um and then at that point, the etc listing will talk to t launch and the order gets fulfilled automatically for me. Okay, so now it's done loading when you go ahead and click on the etc listing so I can check it out. And there is this too. So now when a customer comes on here, they have all the different options to select whichever color they want and go ahead and at the cart and check out. All right, so just like that, Ah, and of course, I can edit this if I need to, um, to make it better or anything like that. Eso That's how that works Pretty easy. And then the other thing that I wanted to show you with T Launch is the ability to do a lot of personalization. And, you know, people love to put either their own text on. There may be a picture of their dog or spouse or kids or anything like that. And there is a lot of options here on t launch, obviously a lot of other products, but we're talking about mugs here. But what you can do is that same logo that I put up of mine. You'd be able to, um, instead on any of these you can just either, um, they have a canned one that says your image here so you can do no design and just continue . Or you can upload an image that just says, you know, something you create on can for whatever use for designing. And it could just say your text or image here, and then you would go ahead and continue on and post that, um so that way, somebody can customize to what they want. Now, please note that on etc. That would not be available if somebody purchases it that orders and go through right away . This is more if you were selling right here on Shopify, Um it would create a field for somebody to upload their image. So this way they're doing it themselves. But on etc. You would be able to do it, and then you would just go ahead and unsinkable the product, and then you would manually put in in order. But more about that when we get to the multiple variants or multiple products in one listing. Ah, but just know that sea launch does have some options here to have personalised products. But you can do that really, with any coffee mug. Any provider, just by not sinking it to your Etsy shop can still be available. There is just not sink. You would have to put in Emmanuel order with the correct image that they provide you on at sea. So that's it on sea. Launch any questions? Let me know. It's ah, very nice. Little ah ap or platform to use on Shopify Prices are good personalization options options and should you decide to expand beyond coffee mugs? Plenty of other options as well. So many questions being posted below. Thanks 13. Secret Weapon Fast Shipping Provider: all right, So now we're talking about another print provider, and this one is called Spot Print on Demand. And that's because it's by spread shirt, which is a popular, um, website that has basically, you know, all kinds of people do products. And they branched off onto Shopify to have their own, um, you know, Independence print on demand platform. So they have a nice little dashboard where shows your order stats and all that as you get orders and sales and things like that. Um, also what one thing that they have here don't have here is they don't have the ability to customize your white label on all that like print ful and t Launch, but it is white label. However, it's not going to say that it's coming from spread shirt. It will show your company name on there. Um, is what it will show. So basically right here is we put that information eso it does show that, and then, um, let's go into the products area. So if I click, click on add products now, this is where I go into the area where I can upload my designs and see what else is over here now, there's a reason why this platform has been getting a little more attention for me, and my business is because they have a I guess it's a guarantee that, um 95% of their orders go out within two days. So within 48 hours, orders will be processed and go out, which is phenomenal and a really big deal, because now your customers don't have to wait around for it, because some P o D platforms can take 345 even six business days for it to ship out, sometimes depending on volume. So if they're going to ship out within two days, that's great. And with my experience so far, doing a bunch of mugs before recording this course, they've been going out within a day, typically so put in an order in the next day. It's typically out when I've got a tracking number. So, um, kudos to them, and that's why I'm certainly a big fan and including it here in this program. Now, I have not used that as much as T launch or print ful, Um, but for coffee mugs I have I have not used it for apparel quite yet, but for coffee mugs out, hit on products there, hit accessories and then would hit mugs and drink where? So they have the regular plain coffee mug. They have a mason jar, which is pretty cool. They have a camper mug. They have that famous nice looking contrast coffee mug, a travel mug and then a black one. Actually, this black and become other colors. You could make that a red coffee mug or even a blue one, which is pretty cool. So you can do all that you have, what a bottle you have a panoramic mug with, you know, larger image or pattern that goes across the whole thing. So there's really a lot of options here. So, you know, if you really take a liking to this program, this could be a very good option for you, um, to do now the best part about spot and I'll put a screenshot, um, of their shipping. But they're shipping is like price based, so anything under $15 is on Li like 3 50 shipping in the US or so 3 57 So I'll go ahead and put a screenshot there, but that's very inexpensive so figure the this mug is 5 21 plus another 3 50 shipping. So for about nine bucks, I'm getting it out the door, which is, you know, pretty amazing. So I'm going to go ahead and hit, upload, And actually, before you do that, if I click on designs, it's important to note that they have a bunch of designs that you can use, as you know, either a full design. I mean, I wouldn't recommend these air meant to, You know, these air MENSA kind of augment your designs they're putting up. That's why there's, like, lines and things like that. Obviously, some of them I could put up there, as you know, a, um you know, um, design on its own. I mean, I wouldn't recommend it, cause that means other people are gonna have it out there as well. But I could put like this circle, um, onto the mug if I wanted to, and then go ahead and upload. You know, a design of mine on there as well. All right, So here's my design. I'm going to click it, and I'm going to select it. And then now I've got that, you know, perhaps in the in the circle, right there. So again, it all depends how you want to do it. Um, you know that I would go ahead and center it there, so maybe that's something I want to do. You know, um, I wouldn't want to do it. I would delete the circle. There we go. But that's exactly what you can do. You can play around with it, but just like that, I've got it. Now. If I wanted to be on the other side, it doesn't put it there by default. I have to go ahead and do that. Um, I can do this. But you know what? Not putting it on both sides by default is actually a good thing. As I've done more and more mugs, I do get some people to request that request. Like they like to design on the mug. But maybe on the other side, they want, like, a personalized name or place or something like that. So, um, most providers, like print full and see, not print full. Excuse me, but sea launch. It does it automatically on both sides as well as some other providers. But prideful, you can customize either side, Um, and then also right here. You can do it on spot as well, Where it can decide. You know what? I want each side. If it's just the same image, that's fine. Or if you want to customize onto the other side, that's fine, too. So I've I've gone ahead and put my logo there. I'm gonna hit, create product. And then, like all the other ones, I'm gonna go ahead and put my title. I'm gonna put a description and there if I want, or I can click this toggle here to include the default one. I can even include size, chart and everything. My tags If I want to do that, I'm not going to do that right now. But you would put in your tag so it can, you know, go to Shopify that way, and then you can put in your costs, and then it tells you your mark margins are going to say it's $18 gives giving me a $12.79 margin. I can even pick the image that I wanted to be on a publisher for sale, and I'm going to sink to shop and that's it. um, now know what spot as well is this at this moment is not integrated with etc. So that means that this right here, I am not able to take this and send it over toe, etc. Now, because it isn't Shopify, I am, however, able to put its other channels. E bay is one of them as well as Amazon. More about that when we get to that module ongoing over, You know, basically how to put in a design into your shop if I and then be able to put it out to multiple platforms. But you can, however, because we just treated this product. What I can do is I can go ahead and grab this product and view it so I can take this one, and I can go ahead and view it. And riel, you know, kind of the actual product page of this. And then I can download these images and I can use this and again. So it's not, like, set up perfectly, um, Russians a perfectly, but it's not set up to be sinks, but I can go ahead and download this image of this mug, all right. And this description and everything, and I can put this over two, etc. When somebody puts in an order, I would go ahead and come here to orders and put an Emanuel order for this mug. A zall I would have to do so. That's something easy enough. I can just hit, create order and then I would go ahead and search for it. Um, put in a new customer just like that, and then I would go ahead and put markets paid because it means I was paid over on Etsy so I can do that as well. That's not a problem. So you can utilize spot to do all that and then you can get him over, to etc. And then also to eBay via the sales channels there. Because if you have the sales channels, this is where you can add E Babel again. We'll get into that, um and also you can sell on Amazon with it as well, because you already in Shopify. But as far a spot as concerns any questions on it, let me know again. It's a nice little platform that has all those little extra designs for you. They have the 48 hour turnaround time that they basically almost guarantee that they will do. And, of course, very good prices. They can have good margins for your shop and the ability to print on either side. And I think if I had to come up with another thing, they have a good variety of muds and drink where they don't see everywhere else, like those regular water bottles, the camper mug and the Mason jar and things like that. So there's a lot of good things going on with spot. Um, I'm in the beginning stages of using this platform, so I definitely feel free to, you know, check it out and also share your experiences with me as well and also with the community, but definitely would like to hear more about this platform going forward. So any questions do you let me know and see you in the next lecture? 14. Optimizing Etsy Listings: All right. So next I want to talk about optimizing your listings on etc. And this really pertains to almost any platform because many platforms are pretty similar. Where they have images, they have a title. They have some of them will have keywords description. So, you know, the majority of this applies really to any platform that you are on. Um, but, you know, definitely going to be going over specifics on etc. So, first of all, they give you a lot of space for images, as you can see. So you definitely want to get those images in there. Now. What I normally do is if I have, um, not if I do, I have, like, a white 11 ounce mug, a black mug. And then, like the contrast mug, what I'll do is I have images of each of those. So basically will have Ah, nice mock up image of an 11 ounce mug and then I'll have the love announced black mock up. And then I have, um, also the contrast I'll pick like I mean, there's so many contrast colors, so I'll just pick a couple that it looks very good in, and then I will put those colors in there so that we have, like, 45 difference. 45 difference pictures of the, um, the coffee mugs. All right, so then the other thing that you want to do is the title needs to stand out, and he said keywords in it, but, you know, without being spammy. All right. So basically, um, you know, if you're doing a let's say you're doing some sort of, um, you know, I don't know. Ah, unicorn. Uh, mug. So you would do, you know, maybe you could do with cute, um, unicorn. And, um, you know, maybe it's because it's for kids. So now you can do something like that where I'm definitely trying to get a bunch of keywords. And Mary. Now, you know, if anyone searches for unicorn coffee mugs are cute. Unicorn actually come through in gift there at the end. Cute unicorn gift. Or they throw, um, appreciative of girls here instead of Children. But, you know, But for something like that, that's kind of how I do my titles. I make sure I have some key words in there that I think people might be searching for. The title does carry a good amount of weight, so make sure you put a little bit of thought on that and you don't keyword spam, but you do want your main a few key words in that title, Um, in just natural sentence form. Um, the other thing is about this listing. This is where you need to make sure because we are doing prints on demand you cannot do. I did. You want to make sure you did another company or person and then you want to do They're doing a finished product and it's made to order. So make sure that you do that because then it shows that this item is handmade with production assistance, which is okay. There's nothing wrong with that. You want people to know that, um, you know, So it's fine and you want etc to know that. So that's how you should have it for each of your listings. And then, of course, we're in the mugs category and then material you want to select whatever it is you know, ceramic mug. Now these are important to do because etc. When you go on etc. Itself and search people can filter down on the left hand side. So, basically, if they search for a unicorn mug, what if they only want a love announce or 15 ounce or they want, um, ceramic or something like that? They can filter down. So you want to be included in some of those attributes if it applies. So if there's a graphic that pertains to this, you can pick it. So let's say, um, you know, fantasy SciFi. Maybe we can go with that for the Unicorn. Maybe there's a better one. I'm not sure, but, you know, basically get the idea. If it fits one of those graphics, you can do that. Um, if it's in 11 ounce, I can do a love announce mug. So that way, if they filter down that way, that they can get that and then doesn't have a handle. Yes, you know, because what if somebody searches Unicorn mug? But they only want one with the handle, so he want to make sure. Or they filter down with making sure they want Onley dishwasher safe or microwave safe. So if it applies to your product, make sure that you're doing it. Ah, primary color. You know, maybe it's primary colors white, but I do have a black one of album, so I'm going to go ahead and hit those two up, um, holiday. If it pertains to one of these holidays, pick it. If it doesn't, then don't. Don't do like everything pertains to Christmas or birthday because of, um, you know, gifts don't do it that way. It's for if it's Pacific for the holiday, then you can put it in the same goes for occasion like we've talked about with good. These are good ideas for mugs to do because they represent things that people use. Teoh niche down, You know, topics that people niche down with or filter down with when they get results on, you know the search results. So definitely pick one of these as well. If it pertains renewal options, you could do manual or automatic. That just means that at the end of the four months, it will either renew automatically and charge 20 cents. Or you can manually do it. Basically, yule log in, and it's going to show that it's expired. And then you either renew your listing or you don't. That's up to you. This is not a digital product it's a physical products are going to do that. And then, of course, we want to make sure that our description is good. Um, I probably would add more to this description if I had other products. I would describe the contrast mug in the black mug and making a little bit bigger, But But that's a good basic one from the print provider. And then you gotta add a partner for this. Someone add a print provider. Um, so we have print fel on there, But again, you can add new production partners just by simply doing this. So we're going to say this is done with t launch, but saying we don't want to show the name. We're just going to say that it's a printing shop. They don't need to know where it's from, and I believe they're in sync. Lewis. No, I'm not sure where they are. I would look that up wherever they are. Um, I would go ahead and make sure you put that in there. I don't need to do about it. I don't think, um, why am I working with this partner? Um, I need help. Yeah, let's go with that one this really doesn't matter. This is just four etc. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and Oh, I do have to put that in. They print the marks, we're going to go ahead. And then now I can select that. I want to launch to be my partner for this. And then section you could put in a section. If it doesn't pertain, you can add a section if you don't have one already. All right, so we're going to say cool mugs as the section. There we go and then for tags. You want to use a lot of these 13 if you can. Now, as he has said that, you do not need to use any attributes that you've ever used. So in other words, I don't need to use handle dishwasher safe, microwave safe, white, black. If I had put a holiday, I don't need a holiday in there. Um, I don't need to put mugs because mugs is already there. It's an attributes. I don't need to put ceramic, so all of that is already going to be basically by default, a tag for it. So instead, I can put things like unicorn gift. You're in the corn mug and so on. So now all this I'm not gonna have to worry about, because from get Vela, I've already done my variations on here, and it's all good to go. What I can do is I can link photos if I want. So the white 11 ounce in this case, it's different. I didn't put all the various colors, but let's say this was the white glove announce. I can click that the white 15 ounce. Let's say it was this one. I can click that So you could do that If you wish and link the photos that way in the drop down. When someone select sit, it brings you automatically to that image. Personalization. So this one I do use, um, because, um, the if someone select the contrast one, then I have a message on there saying for them, you know something like if accents mug is picked, um, you know, list color here, something like that. So this way, this is what they see on the right hand side. It's telling you what the buyer will see. So that way, if accent bugs picked list color here, you know, so you can just something like that, Um, that we don't notice to do it. Sometimes people don't do it, but that's what I do with the personalization. Or if you are doing a mug the, you know, add text here at image here, you can do add text here for your muck, you know, something like that. So, um, you can also put these shirts to use exact, you know, spelling or whatever. All right, so it's exactly what you would do their shipping profile. You coulda picked whatever shipping profile you want, and then you would hit publish. And that's really and that really maximizes your profile to make sure everything is done properly. So any questions on having a good listing? Let me know. Go ahead and common below, and that's about all for maximizing your etc. Listing 15. Multiple Product Types One Listing: all right. So now that we know how to go to a print provider, whomever you choose any of them that we went over or even countless other ones out there, we know how to create a design, were not upload it to that print provider and then push that to a marketplace, whether it's etc. EBay, Amazon doesn't matter, maybe even your own website. And at that point, any sales that are made gets, uh, fulfilled automatically because it's sinks to that print provider. So the only dilemma with that, especially platforms like etc. Who don't allow for missions they allow. But it's not easily, um native toe have a lot of different products or variants and one listing so even in etc. You can certainly create it there each time, but it's it's a little time time consuming, so I'm gonna show you a couple of ways that you can do it. The first way is with using this tool, which is where I'm at right now. It's called Get vela dot com, and it's G et vela v e l a dot com. So it's get to vela dot com, and it is absolutely free to use which boggles my mind and they even have support. You can see the shot there on their normally very fast. But basically what you want to do is you signed up for a free account. You go to get vela dot com and once you're in, you get Teoh, you just come up here and you're gonna click. Add new shop in the settings and I don't have a shop to add. Otherwise, I would I'm kind of maxed out a Have so many Etsy shop 30. But this is with Etc and Shopify that you can add a shop so I already have one in here. But you would just hit in this top left it's going to say add shop, you just click in at shop and much like the print providers, you just kind of click at one time. It brings you to your Etsy shop. You know, I recommend being logged in in a different tab, and then at that point is just gonna have that window pop up that you know the A P I permission once and allow access, just click OK, and then when you come back here, you'll find it that it's all sink to your Etsy shop, um, and again or or your Shopify site. So we want to do in this case, this is listings in this shop. So what? I can dio. I'll show you a couple of quick basics first, if I wantedto at it, All of these, I can do a lot of different things some of this you can do from within, etc. Now. But let's say I wanted to add something before after to the title. I can do that. So let's say one ad after I want to put in gift. Maybe I forgot to put that, you know, titling There was a gift and you can see it in real time showing gift to being put in. This one already had it. You can see it going there. So that's one thing you can do. I can edit the description, so if I want to add something before after, or I need to find them replaced and delete things, I can do that. So let's say I wanted to replace um details. Let's I want it to replace or delete. I should say, um, that's a one delete and I want to delete the word colors. You can see it shows me exactly what instances air found so it could delete it. So there's a nice, eaten neat way. So basically to batch at it, certain things I can batch edit the category that it's in. Um, now, these were shorts. I quickly converted them the mugs for the purposes of this course. Because, like I said, this is a test Etsy shop a base. But basically, I can change all that right here all at once. Um, I can even change the photos or add photos in a nice you know, batch editing type way. Um, I can replace or delete them. I can do all kinds of things like that. I can even batch at my tags. Um, you know a lot of different things that can batch at my sections. Just in case I've gotten those wrong, um, you know, basically all the attributes that are in, um, the etc listing. I can edit right here. So that's one thing that I could do with this powerful tool. The other thing that I can do, which is pretty new for them, they added it this year in 2019 I believe is their profiles. So I can edit thes three and I'm going to hit profiles. And we're going to say this is my default mug listing just so that I can keep track of what it iss. I'm gonna pick the category that it's in, and I'm going to say This is home and living. I believe kitchen and dining. You go drink and barware and then drink wear, and we're going to monks. All right, so now that I've done that, I can do variations pretty quickly again, I can do some of this and etc. But here I can do it for multiple listings and is just a whole lot easier. Um, so here in under variations, I can pick capacity if I want. If you're going to offer just one type of mugs, say, Just love announce mugs or that accent mugger just camper mugs, you could do it this way, capacity and you can do ounces. And then now it can add 11 for instance, and I can have 15. And now that's good. Now, the only problem with that, however, is that if I offer other types of mugs, um, you know, I might need to show something else other than just, you know, 11. And what nots or just other than ounces so you can do is you can create your own variant down here, and I can make it so instead we can say type and, um, size. Let's say our style and size. I don't know if a mud would be style, but you didn't say it like that will just say, typing in size. So then I can add the type I can say white I love announced and there we go and I can do white again and I could do 50 an ounce. And then now Aiken dio White contrast mug can't do 11 ounce weight contrast will just say all right, And then if I want to get into the black mug, you know, so it really depends So black, A love announced. And then now I have I'll have that dropped down on etc. Of all these different options that someone can pick. Um, so because the thing is, I can do just ounces undecided on this side to type, but then etc. Is not smart enough to know my products to know that if someone picks, um, the you know, Black, for instance, to know that I only have that available in the love announce. I don't have 50 announce available for that. So I wouldn't want someone the pic on the n on one of the drop downs A you know, 15 ounces the size and then pick black. So that's why you combine them. So that way you're directing people to what it is they can select. All right. So I'm gonna put those back and is gonna put a couple options for now. White, 11 ounce whites, 15 ounce and we'll say black 11. So let's say that's what I want to offer my shop. Now I'm gonna go to Price, and I'm gonna click individual pricing, and I'm going to put down what I wanted to be. So for a white 11 ounce, if you recall for most platforms, that was the cheapest one out there will say that we're gonna charge $15 for that for the White 50 announced. We're gonna charge 20 events of a black 11 ounce. That one is typically a little bit more will charge 17. So that's how we're going to do that. and then quantity. Um, we don't have to pick quantity if you don't want. I sometimes do. I don't like the 999 by default makes it seem like it's not very special at all. And remember, etc. Is a handmade platform. People like the field special like it's being done for them. So, you know, maybe you put this at, like, 23 or something. That's your default number to start with. You know, I I put it a little bit lower. I'll tell you, and I got burned a little bit recently because I have I shouldn't say burns, but I have a mug that somebody ordered, like nine or 10 and I think that's what I was setting out was 10 and then this show because it was showing the person the customer that there's only 10 available. But what if that person wanted 15 and they only purchase tent for me? Because that's all I had available, so I wouldn't go too low on that. But I also wouldn't have 999 showing on there as well. So that's all I need. And then for visibility. If I wanted to create another profile. So some of my designs are going to look on Lee Good on black mugs. I can have, um, wait, taken away. So now there's an X there, and they won't show that one. I don't do that. I just do that per listing. When I do it, I'll show you how I do it. But you can do that. So there's gonna be my default mug listing for black, and then I can have those two turned off. Or it could be my defaults mug listening for White, and I can have black turned off, so just gonna leave him all on for now. And then when I click on create new profile since we're good with this and then next we are going to, um So there's our default mug listening, and we're good. So I've named it, um, we're good to go. Um, now I'm going to go to variations, and now I'm gonna choose that profile the default mug listing that I just did. And now there's check marks right there. If you notice next these these mugs and it's showing that it's going to go ahead and put everything under this. So now all I have to do is hit, apply. I'm gonna sink the updates. And now the updates are being sinks And these listings air now going to have these variants on Etc. In just literally a few seconds. There we go. It's done. So I'm going to go to the shop. I'm gonna go ahead and refresh this. All right, I'm going, Teoh, click on one of these and actually them with that's viewer on etc. Instead. Alright. And just like that, you can see the type size drop down is now. They're white. 15 ounce white, 11 ounce. And the black love announced All right there. And I've got them all right there. Just like that. I was able to do that. Um, I did not put anything customized a description, but if I did, it would also bulk, you know, edit all those as well and put that in. All right, so now the good thing about this program Now, now all those air sink, um Teoh, get Vela. Um, and now you're good. So now, going forward, you can do one of two things. You can either lists something from your print provider and then just come over here and then you would check it off. You would hit, edit, and then you would hit on. Um, profiles are actually variations. And then you would dude pick the one you want to do. I would apply and sink this. And then now that one that you just did, um is going to be like all the rest of your listening so you can do it this way. And that's what I call it's kind of kind of like semi sink meaning. If an order goes through, your print provider is going to typically now see that because you did upload it on the print platform. They have the design, so they are going to see that order. But they're just not gonna know what you've Aryanto listed, too, because they only have one variant. So let's say on the spot or T launch or any of those places. I enlisted this black mug with the two wine glasses. Um, they're going to have that design, and they're going to know that I did a black mug. But if somebody purchases the white 11 ounce mugs, they're not going toe. I know where that is because it doesn't exist on their ends. So then all you have to do is go ahead and apply that designed to that mug and then put that water through in your you're all set. Ah, the other thing you can do as well is, um, go back over here. The listings. The other thing. You also can do when listing mawr items. And you want to keep the same template. Because if you go to get Vela and you do a nice description, the images that you want, um, you know the pricing and the variants and everything, everything is just the way you want it. If I'm going to list something new right now, all I have to do is come here and I can hit on copy. This becomes my template listing. And then I would just simply delete these photos, add photos of the new mock ups of the new mug that I'm doing. I go ahead and I change the title. Everything else is going to remain the same, does it? Still a mug, right? Everything is still the same, and I'm going to go ahead. And then I would put a little custom description for that mug. Select which section put in tags for that one, and some of them might end up being the same, depending when it chairman. But everything else would be the same. Parents will already be the same. And this is where I can manually, um, toggle this off. So if I did a black mug is my new listing. I can just toggle these often keep just black or vice versa. I can remove the black if it's a dark design. So then I can go down and I can hit, published and I'm done and then now prints a new one. So that's what I personally do. And with that, that means that the listings air not sink. Any time I get a new order, I do have to go to that print provider, upload that design real quick and put in the manual order. But me personally, I'm fine with that because, um, you know the average Etsy seller when they get an order, the actual have to create something and then go to the post office and put it out and everything for me. If it takes me literally about 3 to 4 minutes, toe log in and manually put in that order. I'm fine with that. It takes me 3 to 4 minutes toe, you know, create a mug basically and ship it out to someone. So to me, that's that's easy. And that's fine. When he gets to the point, they don't have enough time of the day to put in all those orders. Then I'll be more than glad to get a via Or, um, simply start doing a little bit differently and getting in and getting them sink, so hopefully that helps. But that's how I add, um, multiple, um, product types or variants toe one listing hands. That's what you can do as well. Um, and then just make sure you have nice mock ups. Of course, these are just basic that I used from the print providers, but this is exactly what you do. Get Vela create that print, um, that profile and then variations. And then you are often running. And then when you add new listings, since you already know these air set up correctly from get Vela, all you have to do is hit here and then copy and then put up your new listing or again. If you do want it to be semi sinks to your print provider. Uh, listed fingerprint provider. Come over here to get Vella. Select your new one that you just did. You know who did it, and then you need variations. You know, choose that profile default mug listening when it apply, and I'm gonna head sink over here, and then I'm done. So either way gets you there. But you can certainly list multiple products on one listing multiple mugs on one listing. But this is how you would do it either using get Vela or just hitting copy every time you do a new listing in your Etsy shop. So, um, I know there's a little bit of a longer module because it is important in case you do want to get your shop correct with these various mug types and everything like that. So any questions definitely let me know. Post um, blow. And that's about all four multiple, um, mugs in one listening 16. Branching Out To Other Platforms: All right, so now it's time to talk about utilizing Shopper fights a list to multiple platforms. So what you're going to do when you first log in your Shopify, you'll see your the sales channels. You're gonna click on that plus sign, and this is where you going? Toe ad sales channels. So the Facebook shop you definitely want to do if you're going to build a brand and have a Facebook page and you want to have your mugs on that shop because with Shopify makes it very easy, it just sinks it automatically, basically. So you just a couple of steps to pick, which paid you want to sink, and it sinks it for you, your products that are here in your Shopify. So that is another advantage to using a Shopify app such as T launch or spot. Because if you're going through your Shopify and you keep adding all your products to here , then that means that they can sink to Facebook. If you use an independent website or Web based website, I should say, um, then that's a little bit different. Is gonna be a little bit tougher to sink automatically to your Facebook So, um, print full. And some of those Web based providers, they do have an app here is well, so that way you can make it here as part of your shop. If I store and go through here so you can get that in the absolute. But for these purposes, just know that you can add your facebook shop right here. Um, and then you would go ahead and sink it to the appropriate one. Now, instagram shopping is becoming bigger and bigger of Isabella stories for products. So you can also add instagram channel. Now, if your facebook feed is, um, up to date in other words, all your products from shop a fire going to Facebook, they will automatically also go to Instagram as well, so it will feed off of the same thing. Um, and then your Amazon, um, that's where you can sell your muds on Amazon Sellers Central. Now Amazon is very complex. Amazon seller central certainly. Um, can be if you're listening products like this, If you're doing retail arbitrage and going by zapping using their app, it's a lot easier. But if you're listening products with this, then you create him in the print providers and you would push him to Amazon same way as you would list them to, etc. Um, you know pretty much the provider can help you get a, um, you PC exemption. It's it's called the GT n Exemption. They all help out with that and basically just means that you have products that do not have you PC codes. Which means, um, you know, you get a letter from the provider stating, met, and then you can sell on Amazon because otherwise Amazon wants everyone to sell things that have a U. P. C. Code. So you would add your Amazon Channel right here and then you sign up for Amazon Sellers Central. That does cost $39 per month again, not a hi fi. If you're, you know, selling on the really the biggest market place on the planet. Um, you know, which is the Amazon? So that's a very good deal. If you choose to take that route and then eBay right here, you can add eBay a swell. So you basically, once you add eBay assistance, that is one of the things to cover in the course you would click on at eBay in the same sort of thing. When adding channels toe various e commerce platforms, you're just going to ad sales generally given permission for them to manage product and customers and orders and other data and everything like that. So that way they can. You know, the toucan talk to each other. In other words, if you get a note on eBay than it kind of comes through over here as well. So as soon as you add the eBay account, you'll go ahead and click on Connects right here, and then you would go ahead and connect your eBay account. So once you do that, I only have one eBay account, which is already connected to my main shops. I don't have the ability to connect another one here, but, um, if you connect it, it's very simple. And, um, same thing on one screen. It's going to show up just to have you, um, click OK or authorized to give permissions for um or to eBay. Um, in order to be able to utilize Shopify and then that's it. And then any products that you have here in your shop, you'll be able to simply always click on E Bay, you would hit you gonna hit, refresh. And then you just had pushed Teoh eBay. So that is it. I'm gonna try to show some screenshots of that so that you will see that below. But in the video is gonna be a little bit tougher for me to do. But I will show you a couple of screenshots of what that looks like once you do get, um, eBay installed. But go ahead and connect, and then you can have eBay there. But then your products that you're listening here on these platforms you then consented to Amazon. You can send it to eBay and jeer. Facebook shop is well so and of course, etc. Which we've already talked about. So just like that, you can send it to all these various channels just by having all your products right here on Shopify. So that's why when I say Shopify is worth at $9 a month for the light plan, it certainly is, you know, because now you have your hub here that has all your products, your orders and the ability to also go out to all these other platforms very easily. A swell so rather than logging into all of them separately and uploading products, all of them separately, you can do it right here. So that's that, um on, you know, uploading to all these various platforms at the same time, I'm gonna have a couple of screenshots showing you how it looks after you have the 17. Selling POD On Mercari: All right. So another platformer app I want to talk to you about now. This was not on Shopify that I know of. So you do have to go to it individually and list your muds. Um, but I know not a lot of people are talking about McCurry, Not when it comes to peel de eso. Um, you know, that's a good things. That means that competition will not be as high. Ah, but there certainly demands. I have sold some products on Macario have enlisted much at this point, but I intend on doubling down and doing more of it because mercury is becoming a very, very big platform, much like eBay. Although in my opinion is a little bit easier to manage than eBay or list, I should say eso, you know, definitely want to show you a little bit about that. All right, So go ahead and create an account on, um McCurry and it's absolutely free. Once you get in, it's going to look like this and you're gonna click this little guy here your profile, and then click on cell. Now you are ready. And here at the, uh, screen where you're just going to list your products. Now, one thing you can do to make things easy is you can have your etc Uh, tab up. All right, so this is one that we were doing earlier. All right, this is our example mug that I was doing has my logo on it and way in the Qana unicorn mug , but whatever. But this one is, um, something that you can do. I would go ahead and take the picture and put it there and then your title. So let's say this was really a cool unicorn one. You could just take this good copy, paste it your description. You could even copy paste this one as well. Obviously, I was I would take a little bit of time to put in also a little bit more beyond this one. In the beginning, I would probably put a little blurb about, you know, you know, quarter or anything like that. So go ahead and do that. Um, and then you can put up a few tags. Were here also again. You want to put a few of them. You want to pick your category that you must do. I'm gonna put it on mugs. Alright. Ah, brands. There is no brand. This is brand new ships. And then you can go ahead and put in your zip code. Um, and there. So I will put in 9021 No. All right, Set price. We're going to go ahead and set our price. Let's say we're putting it at $18 all right? And then it's very up front. That's what I like about, it tells me, and my selling fee of 10% is a dollar 80. It's telling me shipping costs of 9 62 That's because of the not update the shipping over here, um, I can just put at it shipping and offer free shipping was gonna put yes, and I'm gonna ship it on my own because since it's p o. D, I'm just dealing with it on my own. So if I'm going with the provider that I really know that shipping is 3 to $4 then what? They're saying that I earned 16 20 then I can just deduct that along with the cost of my mugs as an example. Spot we already went over is about $9 to ship out the door So under that example, then that means that I'm earning about $7 or so on the on the mug. So as my royalty after costs. And if I used another provider, maybe it's 10 bucks, you know, 11 12 whatever it is, then you have subtracted there. Or it can raise my price a little bit more if I'd rather a little bit more royalty. So, um, I would go ahead and put in a my photo there is. So let's go ahead and give it a photo. So we have a photo there, we can put some other photos as well. I'm gonna put just that one. We have our, um Yeah. So we have our hash tag here, our tags, and I want to put a little bit more. So now if I want to put something else, I would I'm just gonna leave it that way for now. We're gonna list it, all right. And here we go. Just like that. We've got the mug live, and if you can check out the interface, it's pretty cool. I really like it. Very clean. Shows the free shipping. It shows your tags right there. Which means somebody can click this hashtag if they're looking at other unicorns, and they might come across mine, which is pretty cool. So there's a lot of cool things about that. Um, the only thing is, um, you know, again, you don't have variants with this. So, um, I recommend specialising in one type of mug, maybe a travel mug, maybe in 11 ounce. Maybe this one, with contrast, is gonna look nice. Um, but there is no variance. So if somebody clicks by, they're gonna purchase this one. They're not able to click on drop down, kind of like, etc. Or even eBay, where they can select different types of mugs. So that that is the only drawback to listen McCurry But that I think that also makes it easier to just list some mugs over here that you decide on, um and then just keep it fluid. Keep that same type of product throughout Macari. So that is pretty cool thing about here. And it's free to list and you're not gonna pay anything unless he got himself. So there you have it more. Qari is a great place to sell an item like this that doesn't have to have a lot of variance doesn't have to have sizes, because if you're selling clothing, you know ah, shirt for P o D. You'd have to have, you know, medium large, extra large and all that. And you can't really do that on here. So, um, that would not work. So, um, that is about it. Any questions of McCurry? Let me know. It's very simple to list. As you can see, you can copy paste the listing within a couple of minutes from your etc. Listing or wherever it is you're selling your website or eBay or wherever, and you can have it over here within a couple of minutes. Um, per listening. So that is all Any questions, let me know, and that is McCurry. 18. Ads On Etsy And Ebay: All right, let's talk a little bit about Adds we're gonna start off with etc. And Etc recently overhauled and recently meaning in about the fall of 2019. So if you're watching this in the future, it's probably the norm for you unless they've changed it again. But in the fall of 2019 they made some. You know what I think? Drastic changes to their advertising. Some people love it. Some people, maybe not. But for me, I I'm not crazy about it because I don't have as much control since it is cost per click when you tell you what I'm talking about. So to get to it, you're gonna click on marketing, which is what we just did. And you can click on advertising now when you get here, toe, um adds where you're going to do is they want you to select a, um you know, a budget minimum of a dollar a day and maximum 100. So I'm gonna put a dollar right now so we can get to the next screen and show you everything else. So now it's telling me, Okay, I'm advertising, um, a dollar a day and I can foresee some stats and all that. But the only problem with this well, first thing to go through the dashboard so I can change my budget by clicking there. That's pretty simple. I could make that something else. $2. $5. 10. Um, I can change the listings that are being advertised and just check them off and then hit Update. Alright, Right now I want to do any of these religious test products. I don't care about them. Um, and these are, um, more options to turn off ads right here. That's mainly what's there. So the nice thing is, they do give you information about your ads. Once you run them, you'll see how many views and click throughs and purchases and things like that right there . But the only problem with this is because this is supposed to be cost per click. Not supposed to. It is, um, basically, normally and cost per click. You get to choose what your bid is. In other words, if I really want this month to do while I'm willing to pay, let's say 40 cents per click and if everyone else in a similar niches only paying 30 cents . Then I am going to wind up getting many more clicks and hopefully sales. If my product is good because of that, it's a bidding war. I'm bidding on that now. The same is true that if I'm the one bidding 30 40 cents and everyone else is bidding close to a dollar, then I'm not really going to see any views. So it becomes a little bit of a I don't see a challenge, but you know, a little bit of are in science where you do have to take a look at your listing, see what's working, see what kind of clicks you're getting and be able to make changes. But at least I can stay as competitive as I want on what? Whichever products I want now doing it this way. If you notice there's nowhere that I can click on CPC, you know, budget on cost per click, so that means that they control it. So they're just making it super easy where all you do is put in how much you want to spend per day, and they take care of the rest. They do some kind of auto magic behind the scene to get you some clicks, but that can become at a much lower or higher price than what I'm willing to pay. So that's the only thing. However, if you are starting a shop from scratch, I will say you're you do need some ads in the beginning because it's brand new. The search algorithm has not picked it up yet. It's your shop, doesn't have enough credibility, doesn't have reviews it doesn't have, um, you know, favorites and things like that. So I do recommend the beginning to get more eyeballs to spend at least 2 to $3 a day. And you know, again, my view on the businesses. If you're spending, let's say $2 a day. Yes, it's not much, but it's enough that you can probably get a few sales a week from it. And if that's the case in near time, once you get more reviews and you get more people to favorite your shop and all that, now you have more credibility, and then you you know you can either scale up and that you have more money to invest or be . You may not need ads. You can go all organic at some point, but in the beginning to go all organic, um, thinks a little unrealistic. Um, you can certainly do it by making up with a lot of products. If you start listing a lot right off the get go, that gives you more and more potential quote unquote lottery tickets products out there to be seen. But if you start off and you have only 23456 even 10 to 15 products, that's really not enough to get enough exposure on etc. So you will need a little bit of advertising. But again, if you're spending a couple bucks a day, that's $60 in a month. It's really not a really. It's not a big investment in your business, but it's certainly a you know, like I said, a pretty good one to do in your business. So that's advertising on, etc. Just click on marketing and then you going to click over to advertising, turn it on and put in your budget that you want to spend per day. All right, so let's talk about at sea now. All right, So let's talk about eBay now and adds over there. So basically, um, when you get into eBay, just go over to your listings and you'll see a list like this, and all you want to do is you'll see here that under promoted listings even give you a little bit of information, basically. But under promoted listings, you can, um, see if your product is eligible to promote, and then you can go and promote it. So, um, this one, I'm just gonna click on promote, and it tells me what the going rate is. So this one has kindly cost per click. It's tell me that the trending rate is 5.3% in that 5.3%. That means if the product sells, I'm willing to pay that 5.3%. So if that's the going rate, maybe I want to do this and pay over on above that and pay 8%. But if it sells, then that means that I will, um, be paying an additional 56 cents on top of the regular. Um, you know, eBay fees and everything like that so I can do that if I want, and then I would just hit promote, So that's all you have to do to it to do that, and then you can see once it's promoted, this is promoted. And it says what? Your rate isn't everything you could always edit thes and do a little bit more on it. Um, as well, basically, that's what you would do would be Teoh. Promote your listings so it's very quick, very easy. So if you want to toy around with that, um, you can do that. But you can see by some of the rates on here that some of the rates they do get pretty high . Um, on here. So you want toy around with that and see how worth it is? It's you. But again, it depends on the price point of product. Maybe it is worth it to give up an additional 10%. Um, you know, to try to be found or whatever. So that's all you have to do with the bay. Very simple. And to the point, just go to your listings of you. Well, first, go to selling and then go to your listings. And then once you do, you'll see this listing of your products and you can click, promote Teoh, promote any of them and then Of course they do give you analytics where you can see the views and everything like that. So that's about all any questions on it, Let me know.