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Create An Ocean Scene in Cinema4D, Octane & Adobe Suite

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: Cinema4D Ocean Setup

    • 3. Step 2: Cinema4D Lighting Setup

    • 4. Step 3: Cinema4D Composition

    • 5. Step 4: Cinema4D Composition pt2

    • 6. Step 5: Adobe AfterEffects & Conclusion

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About This Class

Create An Ocean Scene in Cinema4D, Octane & Adobe Suite

In this class you will learn how to use Cinema4D, Octane and the Adobe Suite to create a super fluid ocean scene.

Please note due to copyright, I am unable to supply materials or models to this class.

Download source file

Link to Hot4D Plugin

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing you designs.
Tag me on Instagram. @madebystudiojq
Follow my latest designs on Instagram and tag when you post your designs :)



All Works Copyright © 2019 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆

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1. Class Introduction: a good morning. And what is John here from Studio J. K? Uh, yeah. It's been a while since my last class. Unfortunately, due to work, family life, um, on a bit of illness, But we're but we're gonna be doing in Austria, um, things class today. So what is gonna be including is cinema four D, um, obtain hot 40 for the Asian, and then we could be using a bit baby premier for TB Premier, take the after effects for tweaking. So what I'm gonna be doing? I just looked last night. My pace just said I will be doing this crisis. I'm a bit poorly, but I want to get up there because a lot of people are being requested it. So, um, I feel that's right, because all the support I get I need to put my hard work back into you guys. So that gives you an idea. Even have you even if you haven't got obtain, um, this will still have if you just give you an idea of composition on how you can create a scene yourself. So we're gonna gonna go for something similar. Teoh, are there? Good, cause it So this kind of thing. So unfortunately, due to copyright and license and I'm not allowed to give away any off the objects that I bought, it's obviously got credit. The original artists to hear on use asteroids, comets, Um, and then I use the Lamborghini and another one that we're just gonna be using shapes in this one so you could do it yourself. And there be no sort of copyright infringements. Um, and then would be funding like it tweet to put in to see if that works on, obviously using a bivouac team for, um, full background. But you're just too critical. A review off recent works with the Hot Hot Foods Keep one caught up with hot for D is really create a new scene for my renders causes added a different sort Surreal notes that rent cars in the in the middle of the sea of vaster alone on top of it. Is that ready? Quite fun on. I got so many more days today, but yeah, I just want to show you differently because you can't do the water with noise. But if you want to go into the animation, you cannot see animate. This is the objects will float up and down. Uh, see if I can find very got some. I should do that with the safer More naturally. Uh, you know, t don't do it here. Is says you can say with water, you can I'll show you after what you could put on the tag. And it taps itself to see the world's up. Not you. Just care. See, just take a ball to read and up It makes it really course so, yeah, that's just the review of the class. There's not gonna be a long class. Um, someone turned do so to a month. So And I've got Crest full people wanted some of my packaging design some logo work on some of the surreal soul. Um, Freedy work. So yeah, that's the overview on we jump straight into Cinnabon. Get going 2. Step 1: Cinema4D Ocean Setup: Welcome back, everyone. We are here. We're gonna create some magic. Just apologize in In when the future going on a little, uh, kitchen put Holly is check and advance Ubell around the house while run the flat. Said, Have you hear lots of buttons and noises? You know, it's Holly, so I apologize. Anyway, So we're now in cinema. Full day I've got are 21 with the description packets on Red Chef, but wouldn't bees and octane today. Um, because I want to create that folksy but first for Big Nick radiation. And that's used in the, uh, plug in hot 40 with Open Lincoln to the description. So yet, first we start with the plane. Uh, good. Just actually everywhere we're going to go to Ah. Oh, yeah. We're gonna go to put in outside whatever render you whether using standard physical up so much, then on for size. I do instrument size. This is what I personally is. Anyway, I d 1200 1400. Uh, and then it gives you the best sort of Ah, composition. So there, with the plane, we're gonna do 404 hundreds, 202 100 segments. We're going Teoh convert up. I just call the ocean. Then we're gonna bring in the plug in what Folded? Um, well, then guns a drug action. Now, we're not gonna, in case you change. Then we're gonna bring in there. The what? Folded that was. You got into that? I said sartorial done. Mm. Press play. There you go. There's the sea. That simple. But we're gonna make it better than that. Of course. Um, you can This is a resolution. So when it renders out, Obviously one wants to. It wants will be terrible. I have tried up to 2014 48. It just special my mouth. It just doesn't work. It might even crash when I was working, but it's it's working, but unworkable. So I think in my other ones, I did find 12 5 12 I think that's a good ah, Middle Brown's, um, play with seeds so you can change the shape you can change. A kiddie ocean side is saying you could do the wind speed, so not snow. Uh, 50. What is really coming in? Very nice chopping us. Try and bring it down a bit. I see. Well, that's like well at school. Well, it's not really shopping, so if you have the reservation up, that just gets so funny. So you got to try and find a middle ground. So you get 5 12 Ah, that's it. What? Uh, spit too fast. Nothing that down with about it and thing as you can stir on actually still learning as well. So we're learning together. That's nice. Radiation for the wind. Speed up. That doesn't to be a bit more with that, sir. Uh, so it's just playing around. So you're happy with us this shit. So thus for nice? Sure, that's like done that. Always. Kid Mine's apple earth with discrete presence. Say, just in case, That's quite nice. One of the ways. Uh, well, wow. Yeah, that's nice. It's a Somali. Very ancient, isn't it? That's quite nice. Um, there's followed here. Just broke someone else. Kitchen's while? No. Well, if it when their Children. But when they're not, shouldn't I have in my and then my tours? Probably more about the earth in my kids in what cool us one clock it that you can play forever. But for a nice is a bit common cause. The title for this, um, Brendan Corner happiness comes in waves. So is more. That is quite a nice common. So, um, the facts how to that what sense would bring instant shapes? Um, Brasilia shaped fiscal vicissitudes Copyright? Um, I can't use so things don't know every mission. Just two bulls. Just just, uh, bulls fears. Um, do one of these as well. Um, another spear. It's smaller now. Just so I'm just gonna t says because I think what we're gonna do, we gonna add some sort of mission toe. Why? This change of you just said you got to see whether we're gonna be We're not to quote somewhere around here. Said I want to make them a bit random. Also about my sense. So we got these, then this is where we add them to the ocean. So let them or weren't flick? Uh, other constraints. Then we are the clump goods. A clamp. I'm gonna Teoh surface on the axis along to that the merger reform normal and then use normals. Look position. And then we put in the plane to the target. This single who? No, that's pretty cool. So you can't control what you do in animation as well. With the render, it can stop anyone that really called. What was the moment that gets you high up? Said he was bring down there. Distance to they are from the water on the Asian. Then it ready? Let's like that floats in. You see that sort of cool? That's just the basis off heart works. The movie, the stage to which is looking at the quotes and then bring in the textures and lighting side is only gonna be a short one. But we'll give you something to play with, and then just do what you can put anything you can put a draft, maybe not dropped. Uh ah. Burger. Look, a little planet in that, you know that I can actually What? Uh, yeah, I put in a day next. His happiness comes in ways with dinner. Um uh, while dio So I give you the source half of this. There's just gonna have to be like this here because of copyright with materials and stop. You can just have tested When What? You can open this up and don't just play around, move the size and stuff on the object you want to Kareem but least from here you have this piece that you can play with and you are stopping here and then get back to the next Brit. We work on lighting colors, that something. 3. Step 2: Cinema4D Lighting Setup: hi guys. Working back. So, yes, I said, I give you that source file the complaint with on then you can sort of get any object zone where they're not Teoh to complicate in terms of geometry and stuff, you can put him in there. So we're going on using the cape for this one. Sort of like happiness comes in where it is like cake all the time. When it comes, it's nice. That's my kind of concept for this. Andi, I forgot to mention is where when you when you're happy with you, you're sort simulation. Obviously, this full still doesn't matter too much. But when you're doing the, um, when you're doing animation is always good. Just, um, Apple d told A, um, that's much going down the toilet scout. It's just a cash it so long as some taste because then it just, um, make it more at corrupt when you render cut. So, no, this is what we're using from now. Are not gonna, um, text to this too much. I just want to get in the text on the folk Jim suggest city now. You might already know that the way I do. So um I always use path tracing. Get the samples. Dance around 200 when you're viewing it. Otherwise, you that's heart problems that question the clamp having four Therefore, on the night on a doctor sampling such a noise. Um, also enabled to noise noise noise for years on. She deserve about 4000. Okay, first for open up. I hope it doesn't crush what was That's not always assistant. Haven't come up that become a role it up. And then here we are his will see coat, uh, number even bring in a daylight and then I then send the abs look to be this son, we can see how that's it's like, uh okay. And then just to get this water realistic, you can navigate to the 18 LGBT you got. It's just quite get to see the whether it works in mind. She rotary pull the sense I don't have on up here the ways thinking about So we get Teoh opened El live db good to secrets lead. Sometimes it doesn't so bear with me. But that call us later. That brings up bringing this year they see what would But the deep patient was a good its version of water that funding this, uh, shouldn't bump. So that's nice. So there's a lot you can start with. I have flown involved taking worker. Wow. Um, from this trip tunnels, some of it is just so see what looks like on then she's in the work. What's wrong with us kids? I think they're working with my art 21. I don't have to make mine, uh, get respect about the I don't know what to my card, As you can see already, that it's pretty cool. Tons of water. Um, that's why I'm 1 24 to 4. She was like on the Yeah, it's about this man. So it's nice when you consider the cape through the waltz up to speak. That's pretty cool. I just don't know whether something brothers ways or not change the seeds. Well, this is on the as it's still got the you've got the background, which doesn't it to great. That's why not bring in folk what I want sunshine, that I want to show the folks so I bring in a octane folk for you. You can see it that first of all, just take this up to like, 5/100 of oxen size editor if you haven't really low, will crash computer. Um, generating about what you got. And then I put the edge further up. So then it isn't like a a square. It's more like, um, flowing kind of shape. So then I may not have been a big up her stuff back. Yeah, And then again to me, Jim on. Then all you need them Scotch. And I used to get two white. Uh, yeah, absorbs and white and then set up. You got Chris that war. Look, one, um, it's going on that can't seem off. So what other annoying mouse? Good. 10 Great media. The world Instead, let does. The density of that and intense reticence is how much you can see fear the volume to bring that down. And we bring the dentist it down then is how much you seafood Well done. See, that actually makes so make a bit ago. And then what do you want to take you on that were saying about the tense too. If you want some other sons, what's or make this a bit big? Intense of 61 just 600. You want help? A bit slow election. Now, I can make this what? You know, string on there should know. Well, what does this? I don't mean that you thought so with all of this. Yeah. Just stay as you are. If anything, just make the savor. What's up? Mm. What's trending clef? It? Things that happen in the tutorial. Not what is it? But Milne, that's I don't four is enough. Um, should yes, so are internally. But to the north. Well, my goodness. What? What? Well done. My cake on just pulls it, and then we're gonna do the quit on the phone is gonna work this out. 4. Step 3: Cinema4D Composition : I always back unsure happened there, so I just had to do it again. Basically put on the tiger gun. Excuse me. Um but you have a back where we are never far from that, um its nose players in the lighter is my cake. Flu fluids in the water. We're in a get rid of some of those materials. Shot two shoulders. Father, That moment on, it's his dough green party. Uh, girl seeing right, I want to show up to the comments. What well done Good servic insides. What excuse may put the texture in it just so that it doesn't matter how much you believe about the compliment and you're happy that particular sort tips. Well, let's let's just play this volume a bit. Not too happy with what? A pink revulsion. It's not something anyone turn the center on that I don't want to On what To say. That title I just did the angle. That movie we're on this made the cake smaller. I don't drink this Roshan's it got a bit of roughness solution too much that you can't see no sign of it. What's this new? That you see how with the folk that you can. Instantly, you could instantly so cover one of the bottle on this on this period. Lots of us. Well, just get rid of it. So thanks changes that house. Silky like all self generation nuts. Very well. What could you? Well, what they're for filled munition. So that one of you God might not see the Barbara so that what's coming? Not a moment. The concert. Yeah, well, this is going to war. Most just know stuff. What's on the happy? How it sits out of the wall to the So that's changed. One of the How about when it system straight? Well, let's see what it's like. We have a few more That's hard. One of the neither on the way. Well, now the thinking another What's locked together? Was it almost two? Let's give it is a entire. So we do the same again that copy the one from before. So just recap. We're gonna get Teoh straight. Come surface surface is the plane fits axis for normal use normal law position and then push it to the wall. Sir, she shields and sent only to work or not person that helped what's notes but for now because she told all my lovin you sitting around Well, fashion. It's true. See what the son see the state, like just a game changer. Oh, wow. Foursome. Then it. Remember that. So you just got planning on. So you get the money, right? It's a lot of talking. What, uh 5. Step 4: Cinema4D Composition pt2: and the world. And I think what I'm gonna do is just aunt just for the greasy people. That said, one more cake. So that's not same again. We're again straight, huh? Surface first the plane into that exact sis. Normal opposition. These normals, the sense that what's burn it, people. It was too much off this no more point. Reflection of what? What's it doesn't seem or the water that in debt. So you can see it's been a little 12 months. I almost want to. We went through. I wasn't where the kid got so team. Okay, It was one of the code. Just today. I think they had to leave my cake with the shots. That How do you two Nets? That's cool. So, um well, this get this working in role, it might. Friends drawing just proponent animations. That's just petulance and tests on the shoe. Quite easy. Outposts in Texas and segregated. Um um, go to McGrath. My tax, your, uh, spin around for the cold air will be called that happiness. Happiness comes and was Say that in the middle. It's up juices stick. It is horrendous. On Aladdin's uh oh moment they just having consulted tremors. More, more amorous. Is there the, um still, uh, that that's it's just nice strikes. What? Um what is so I think like fun. So I will at this point, you can't have it. Could have the touch and violence is what? That's your other Slowed the text in the waters are just to drain this for drink drill. Bigger constraints from surface plane access. Very no one is more More position. I said this looks sort of it. Who? Yeah, there's no my usual starting a big thing with what fun. So we wanted in that learning. All right. I see the old carts is too aggressive for the I was okay. Good. Always. But into that I don't really see. Not sure I did want to share it Are the Turks? Sounded like a Neil admission in my instrument piece. But don't ever think taxes Virgin that that's how you detest anyone. Get out From now on, a typical weekend and then over the doesn't It's a massive find home that I want fun. Yeah, in the grounds when I sue Well, uh, something just isn't working. I'm taking out from I'll do it. Waas Stop it now! Morgan Tiuna Vendor out Do you see in color twigs? And that my basically There 6. Step 5: Adobe AfterEffects & Conclusion: we were walking back on the front part of the tutorial. Um, just Ricardo didn't explain my sessions to you. My ah, point up time octane satins. Um, just full out the single image. So I had it. I'm just rendering and animation for the instagram post, but but have it on current frame wherever you're happy with 1214 100. And I'm not saying you'd say God save Ah, Run the past of save the beauty. And then on the two noise are put Does noise of beauty does not would follow you. Um, and then on the octane Saturn's so that grownups remember I have it on a free area on 3000 samples for still and 300 samples for an animation on. There's still through. Still act three thousands. Um, Well, yeah, she's in a Yeah, two minutes. Circuit 3000. Because there's no focal value. Um, not that one. Yeah, that's from of it. Um, yeah, on a 300 samples on my G p A, uh 10. 80. Gee, force is doing 30 seconds proof. Right? Which is not bad because there's no there. There was FARC got time for me to take about 22 minutes to three minutes. Afraid the 30 seconds for friends be done in no time anyway. So this is the image that I saved out? Um, quite nice environment that so I might even come back stuff. Why? Usually did, or not too much of the king on the old after the fact. So I just bring in of exposure. Just have a look of the gamma bringing up a bit too much experience. Were you there that day? And I n I like to do a bit of shopping? Uh, yeah, I never got 50 so I got the death field on, but that is quite nice about anything. Maybe. And then I just bring in the color bonds and then truths myself of a little fast around until you're happy. You can make from the original image you can then make into It's actually weird. Me talking to myself thinks I do this to myself. You can make you can make the final image into anything I'm Then what you do when you bring in the important in the animation to say I'm happier? That input the animation always got to do is press apple C or copy said on, then was on the effects and then paste the effects onto the animation and you've got the exactly the same attributes. The edits that you've done to that still image suddenly got consistency, and it says, You're a lot So yeah, that's just that's basically it in a nutshell. In a cake tin. Just setting up my files here for the presentation, you can see how it looks quite call with the depth of field. If you're going to use the imagery in advertising or Web design, how you can put typography on top of the image, Just just That's pretty cool. Yeah, this is basically that the end of the tutorial was going that have been going up by four today. You wouldn't name that because you depressed the thing, possibly then, yeah, Just just hate you're happy with this One is being a quick one, for I want to get out there. Six people have been asking for it, and you've been claimed with all the support Dady support comments, Lot's I really g taking, taking on my poles and stuff in my stories. I do really appreciate it, so I want to Thank you. And bring this back to you. Hope this hardship. And please, please, please. When you can't some just do Just just tied me. Maybe I should do Jingqian your story or I'm DME and I paste it just cause honestly how your learning is where? On whether or on teaching your novelties in you, right? And then what you would like to see next time on. And also, any feedback on the skill share platform in terms of comments or postal work on that, But yeah, thanks a lot for listening. I hate you. Get something for Miss and I look forward to see what UK until next time. It should be a lot shorter. Um, have a lovely Thursday. And so just