Create An Awesome Augmented Reality App | Diego Herrera | Skillshare

Create An Awesome Augmented Reality App

Diego Herrera, Unity & Augmented Reality Developer

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7 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Software Download, Getting Unity, Vuforia & Creating Your Accounts

    • 3. We Configure Unity & Vuforia To Work On Out Prototype Application

    • 4. Setting Up the AR Stage & Configuring The Characters Inside Unity

    • 5. Animating The Characters 7 Adding Audio

    • 6. Exporting To Android For Testing

    • 7. IOS Build


About This Class

If you are interested in learning the basics on creating an augmented reality experience using Vuforia then this is for you.  This course has been created for absolute beginners who are looking to create their first AR mini app and are looking to learn a fun new skill or possibly prototype marketing ideas in a creative manner.

The course begins by introducing you to both the Unity 3D website and vuforia's augmented reality software development kit.  After installation I guide you through the basic configuration and we import the assets I provide to complete your first AR experience.

Assets Included : 

2 Character models
Dancing Animations
An audio track
The image target file and the unity package
A couple of bonus wallpapers I created

Who is the most suitable student for this course?

This is a crash course introduction on how vuforia works and how to use their image target asset to create your first app.  As this is a bitesize course it doesn't cover all aspects in vuforia's array of assets but it does give you a solid foundation from which you can build upon to create mini augmented reality experiences for marketing prototypes, 3d model spawning and covers the basic use of extended tracking.  

By the end of this introductory course you will be able to : 

Have the confidence to expand on the base knowledge taught in the course
Know how to import additional models, music, animations etc
Configure Unity 2018 and Vuforia 7 to generate Augmented reality experiences using an image target
Export the mini prototype app to an Android or IOS device for testing

Is this course for you and why should you take it with me?

I'm proud to say I'm currently one of the highest rated augmented reality instructors, I have over 16000 students in 152 countries.  In comparison to many other courses.  This course is aimed at absolute beginners who want to learn the basics in just a few hours.  The ideal candidate is a developer looking for high quality guided instruction who prefers a hands on approach rather than textbooks.  Maybe you've seen a few YouTube videos but were left confused.  You could possibly be looking for a creative way to market a proposal to a client and need a 3D AR mockup fast.  If this sounds like you, feel confident that you'll be able to get the base skills from this mini course after just a few hours.

Anything else?

Indeed, If you run into any problems I'm here to help both on Udemy and my student only facebook group, I have also recently created an additional forum for students to get in touch and showcase their work on my new website buildandrun (.tv). 

So what are you waiting for, get the course now and I'll see you on the inside :)

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginners looking to create their first AR experience
  • Marketers looking for an impressive method to show a product model in AR
  • Developers looking to expand into AR & need the basics
  • People short on time who need a quick course to learn the basics