Create Amazing Whiteboard Animation With Sparkol Videoscribe

Masuk Sarker Batista, Best Selling Instructor

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22 Videos (1h 7m)
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    • What Is VideoScribe?

    • Get 7 Days Free Trial Of VideoScribe

    • Setting Up

    • Software Layout Overview

    • Add Images In Project

    • How To Change Image Properties

    • Add Text In Project

    • How To Change Text Properties

    • How The Camera Works In VideoScribe (In-Depth)

    • How To Remove/Erase Particular Element

    • Move In An Element In Different Ways

    • Changing Hands & Backgrounds

    • Add GIF In Scribe

    • Create And Add Your Own GIF In Scribe

    • How To Add Music In Your Whiteboard Animation

    • How To Add Voiceover In VideoScribe

    • Create A Simple Whiteboard Animation

    • Import & Syncing Pre-Recorded Voiceover

    • Export Your Animation To A Video File

    • More 5 Helpful Resources

    • Conclusion + BONUS


About This Class

If you are want to learn how to make your own Whiteboard Animations, rather than pay someone else to do it. If your answer is 'YES' then you are in the right place!

This online course will teach you how to create PROFESSIONAL WHITEBOARD ANIMATION with Sparkol VideoScribe Software. No need any previous experience!


Videoscribe is one of the best and easy to use whiteboard animation program. It's widely used by Business/Website owners, Marketers and Sales people to spread their products/services and drive sales without needing to have any previous experience with animation coding or graphic design. Also, used by online instructors who want to create high-quality explainer and engaging videos to their students.

These videos are great for small businesses, startups, and even teachers.

The goal is to learn the basics of how to use VideoScribe, advanced techniques within the program, and finally to approach the designing of whiteboard animations with a more artistic eye.

I hope you are enjoying the course. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm always here to help you to achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.

It's time to create some amazing whiteboard videos, so let's get started!

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Best Selling Instructor

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