Create Amazing Whiteboard Animation Videos with VideoScribe! | Melissa Taylor | Skillshare

Create Amazing Whiteboard Animation Videos with VideoScribe!

Melissa Taylor, ✨Web & Graphic Designer 20+ Years✨

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8 Videos (57m)
    • Class Introduction - What is Videoscribe?

    • Overview of the VideoScribe Dashboard

    • How to Set the Camera Position

    • Using the Image Library

    • Adding Text and Fonts to Your Scribe

    • Creating a New Scene

    • Adding a Voiceover and Music

    • Saving and Publishing Your Scribe


About This Class


In this class you will learn the basics of how Videoscribe Animations work.

You’ll learn how to:

  • place or import images and text
  • use the timeline and set the camera
  • use drawing options and filters
  • use the hand effect
  • add music and voiceovers
  • save and publish your scribe

Once you've finished this class and have learned how to build your own scribe, be sure to watch my other class on how to create custom animated vector images for VideoScribe!

I hope you enjoy the class and would welcome any feedback on the lessons!





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Melissa Taylor

✨Web & Graphic Designer 20+ Years✨

I'm Melissa, a native Texan, Great Dane owner, and a beekeeper! My day job is running a freelance design business where I focus on WordPress website design and print design. My side projects include hand-illustrated maps and designing funny greeting cards (I have four cards published with Hallmark...woohoo!!).

In my Skillshare classes, I hope to teach you all about building websites, VideoScribe, and creating beautiful graphics via Illustrator and Photoshop. Maybe I'll even b...

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