Create Amazing Digital Watercolor Backgrounds the Easy Free Sketchbook Way - No Experience Needed!

Sandra Hess, Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

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5 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction, Watercolor Bkgs

    • Video 1 Workspace Essentials

    • Video 2 Let's Get Creative

    • Video 3 FINAL Variation

    • Video 4 Final Variations


About This Class

N 3 SIMPLE STEPS AND 30 MINUTES you will create your very own watercolor backgrounds. Perfect for non-designers as well as designers, creatives and non-creatives! You don't need to know Photoshop or Illustrator! If you have a computer and can download a free program, then you can create amazing watercolor backgrounds! But becareful, it is very addictive. You will save them out as JPEGS and they will be ready to use for any project. I will show you the easy steps, and you show me what you create! 

AFTER TAKING THIS CLASS you will walk away with several amazing watercolor backgrounds that will work for so many projects! From blog headers, to personal stationary, from Pinterest pins backgrounds to greeting cards! 

DOWNLOAD the FREE SketchBook Express Program using the links below for Mac or PC and let's get started! 

-  Windows Free Download

-  Mac Free Download


  • Step 1. I will give you a quick tour of the set up and the few tools needed.
  • Step 2. Get creative and start playing with just a few tools - Variation 1
  • Step 3. Variation 2 - Select and paint in a different set of colors then brush on the magic! 
  • Step 4. Variation 3 - Change the size and shape of your color strokes.


Watercolor backgrounds are very popular and people can make them in many ways, from painting, to digital methods using Photoshop or Illustrator. But I am going to show you the easiest and most versatile and beautiful way to do this! You don’t need to buy a program. You don’t need to learn a  whole program. You don’t need to be a designer. You just need to learn 3 simple steps and 15 minutes and you can create amazing, trendy and beautiful backgrounds!

That's it!  3 simple steps to create amazing digital watercolor backgrounds. 


After researching a number of apps, I chose SketchBook to teach my grandchildren the art of digital watercolor painting. When I discovered the secret (by accident) I was so excited and enthralled by the great results, that I made over 15 different backgrounds one after the other - in under 15 minutes!

With those backgrounds, I created greeting cards, computer desktop wallpaper, iphone background wallpaper, my blog header, and so much more! Are you ready to get started?  Let's go!

My two other classes that may be of interest -

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Perfect for people without a lot of design experience -- to be able to create!
Sandra Hess

Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

Such a simple solution - perfect for me. I am familiar with Illustrator and Photoshop - but this makes it so fast & easy to create backgrounds!
Beginner class in Sketchpad - very basic, which is what I needed - got a few easy to learn tips that made it easy to remember so I can now move on to something more complicated.





Sandra Hess

Sandra Rose Designs, Graphic Designer

“Your 20 year old daughter MADE that card?” I asked my best friend. The card images and text were stamped and embellished with a well-placed rhinestone. A 3-D feel was created by layered focal points and a beautiful ribbon completed the look. She showed me several more cards that she received for her birthday and her recent wedding anniversary. I was in awe and felt so inspired as I saw card after card, each with its own unique charm! I couldn’t wait to learn to hand craft my own cards!

And so began my love affair with designing and creating greeting cards. That day was 16 years ago and my passion continues. I love good design. I love greeting cards. I love connecting with people and teaching what I have learned.

I started my career in the fine arts field of music as a registered music therapist. I switched to teaching private piano lessons while raising my 2 young children. Soon after they entered school, I taught general and choral music in grade school followed by high school. My music career spanned 20 years.

When my daughter was expecting her first child and my first grandchild, I closed the much loved chapter of my music career and turned my focus to a home based business of designing and selling greeting cards. The ongoing set schedule and external responsibilities of classes, student performances, concerts and music activities were replaced by flexible time, working from home, and being available for more consistent support to my growing family. 

My love of people and creativity now took a new outlet. Design classes at a local university fit nicely into my schedule. I developed my professional skills of design, typography, color theory, drawing, photography and so much more to help in my graphic design career. The sophisticated design software of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator became my tools of choice. As my design skills grew through the computer, my handcrafted cards turned digital and a new world of sales and marketing took hold.

My first sales outlets were small local shops where I sold my handcrafted cards. My sales grew to include larger regional stores, private label cards, and organization and industry specific collections. Online sales at Greeting Card Universe and my own online card shop, Cards by Sandra Rose, selling both wholesale to stores and retail to individuals, have allowed me to expand not only across the United States but in Europe as well. The online store Zazzle has allowed me to grow my business to include related collections of gift items featuring my designs. My line has now grown to more than 5,000 cards and I have sold well over 200,000 cards.

People share with me stories of how meaningful cards are in their lives. Stories of care and compassion and how a card has helped them touch a friend’s life who was diagnosed with cancer. Stories of the joy a card brings for just saying hello to a grandfather who lives in a nursing home. Stories of celebration as the “perfect” card scores a home run with a son or grandson on his birthday. Budding card designers reach out to me to learn how a home based career works, how to use the complicated design software, and how to make money online through graphic design.