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Create Amazing Designs with Pablo in 60 seconds

teacher avatar Giorgio Barillà, Blogger | Internet Marketer | LifeLearner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction to pablo

    • 2. Overview of the editor

    • 3. How to share a design

    • 4. Some samples of Pablo made designs

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About This Class

Do you want to know how to create amazing designs for your Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook profile quickly and easily? 

Then Pablo may be the tool you've been searching for. It allows you to create and share awesome designs easily. It's 100% free and its bigger brother, Buffer, will allow you to semi-automatically post on Instagram too.

When you're tired or you don't have time to design something professionally, this is the perfect solution.

Get started right now with this course and start creating your first design in the Class Project!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Giorgio Barillà

Blogger | Internet Marketer | LifeLearner


I like to teach and share everything I do online. 

In the last 4 years, I've created and analyzed hundreds of digital contents. These will be my topics here. We're going to discover how to create amazing contents, share them, make them effective and so on!

Also, remember my profile may be business-orientated since I'm a lifelearner in internet marketing too.

That said, let's begin this adventure together!

I'm also a Steemian and you can check out my latest posts here:

Get insipired by some good quotes: 


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1. Introduction to pablo: So let's discover how you can create as some instagram designs in 60 seconds. Introducing Pablo about for dot com tool. With Pablo, you can build images for Instagram in 60 seconds. Great Awesome quoted images in 40 seconds. Share your images directly on Instagram, True Buffer and directly download your creation. I can guarantee this is the simplest design tool you've ever used. The only things you need to do our one shows a background, Chiu decided style and the phone off your tax free publisher. That's it. If you're not amazed by Pablo, you should. With Pablo, you'll spare thousands of dollars in designers time, time, time And maybe I forgot to say time. Look, it's not the most compressive tool out there, and we're going to look at other tools as well. But Pablo is the final solution When you're tired, overwhelmed or just a little stressed out fended morph along the course hope to see only and said, I'm sure you'll be amazed by the possibilities you have with Pablo. It's extremely simple, and I'm sure you'll love it. See you 2. Overview of the editor: this. It's Pablo the tool. You're going to use the feed your insulin without worrying about graphic designers, illustrators and professionals off this sector. So the first thing you need to do when you open up Pablo he's to go over here and choose a size. So you have to choose whatever your image is for Ping to rest for Instagram or for Facebook and Twitter. So, for example, if I click on Pinterest on this size, the system automatically resize my design to fit on pain Trust. In this case, let's just stick with Instagram. The second thing you need to do is to choose whatever you want a blank template, so you want to do all the things by yourself. You want a quart template, so you wanted template specifically designed for quotes, announcement, promotion, love or outreach. That's your choice, but I prefer to stick with the blank one. Now let's see what you have to do to have your design up and running. The first thing has said in the presentation off this course is to choose a background. Here. You can find all the backgrounds you you can choose from, and you can search for topic. For example, if I want a dog, I'll search for dog here and the system will automatically display all the images related to dogs. Those images are from unspool EHSH so you don't need to credit the outer. Those are free to use and to know more. You just have to click on the little italic high there. You can also see the number off likes views and downloads off that particular image. Okay, Now, the second thing you need to do is actually the first thing here to Dio is to select whatever you want. Ah, handler attacks a body text or a caption text. The other text is the bigger one. The body attacks is the middle eyes me, though sized, and the caption one is the lowest in size. So headers are specifically designed to stay at the top body to stay in the middle and capture to stay at the hand. Now, this is pretty about you. You don't need to stick with those rules in mind. You can just do whatever you want with those styles when you're down. So when you add it edited, you're taxed which bold different phones, different size caller and position, and you're happy with your results. Then we can go over to the next part. Remember, you can change your image, your background image simply by clicking another image you're taxed will remain untouched. You can add it all off your tax by double clicking and editing it manually. You can bold it, make it italic, make it bigger, center it or the center it and cholera. It also you can change his funds to insert Ah, logo orographic. You just couldn't need to click here and select the thing you want to add from your computer. And if you want to actually change this little darker finger, you see there this is called a filter. You can change the filter clicking on filters and select the one you like, for example, a grayscale. The last thing I want to show you is that you can actually just put in some random quote in your design. So, for example, if I click on body and and they don't want to type all the things myself, I can just click on these hours and the system. Pablo will automatically show me some good cause I can use right now. I can later change the form of them, the caller, everything. But you know, it's an easy way to get your insulin up and running with quotes, without even worrying about finding them searching for now. But if you don't want to use this tool and you want to do it yourself, just search the Web for websites that allow you to find new quotes and to search them by topic so you can search the quotes related to your niche to your business, to your profile. I hope you got it. It's really simple. And in the next video, we're going to see how you can share your image and how the implementation with Instagram works. Remember, the finger going to see in the next video will be for Instagram in particular, but we're also going to see how to share up interest and on Facebook and Twitter. So don't worry, for the course I'm sure you're gonna find is easy as it ISS 3. How to share a design: Okay, here we are again. I've made a little design. As you can see it, there is, um, Caden laughing and a sentence saying, Be happy every day. It's a really simple sentence, you know, and it's Ah, it is to imagine this sentence, but the design itself looks really cool. Also, when you're designing for instagram or Pinterest or pretty much any social network, remember, people and kids are better for getting the attention okay to you. Let's head over to discover how you can share and down with your image, clicking on the button, share and download, you'll be asked. If you want to send these image to Twitter to Facebook instagram to Pinterest to buffer your image or to download your image, you should decide to download your image. Then you can do whatever you want with it in your own peace and your own ways. You know you the sign. It's your image. You have the full rights to it. You can discover more about it under here and license, and that's your choice. But if you want to AL automatically share your image on social networks on the measure, Social Natal's then follow these simple steps. If you click, for example, on shared to Facebook, the system will render your image your design. And when Where they finished, you're going to see the pope up off Facebook, telling you you can share your image as you can see right now, my image is ah, file. Okay, I'm sharing. I file on my INSTAGRAM profile. Same thing happened with other social networks. Except for Instagram. Instagram does not allow external sources to use on I p. I code to automatically share on the platform so public can't technically post your images on Instagram because APP doesn't allow this, it's not possible. It's not alleged, so what you can do is click on Shorter Instagram, and the system will then be linked to your buffer profile. Buffer is the big Roger off Pablo, and it's a sharing tool so you can manage your social media activities all in one place. By selecting went the publisher posts, adding them to a que or scheduled them and where to publish them. So, for example, on instagram on Facebook or on both, the service is free and you can find it at buffer. Dots come and you can find it at buffer dot com When you click Artak you share now? Sure. Next schedule post. Whatever this system, Pablo will not automatically share your image. But at the time you selected here, it will send you a pope up. Actually an notification. Okay, we'll send you a notification on your phone. The thing is that you can search for this article or maybe a link to it. And here there is a god of you compose your design. You receive a passionate ification to the buffer app at the scheduled time you select open any so graham and your post is automatically shared. Okay, Not excessively dramatic. Let you You have the post. Ok, Pablo, send you the post. Actually. Buffer sent to the post. You pick Look like open on. Instagram and instagram are recognizes the post and you can thank like share. But you, as a human have to click share the system will not automatically post the design for you. Please let me remind this to you You have to share it. The only thing public does when you click on share to instagram is it adds your design to the schedule times okay to the schedule calendar, and then it will send you a notification on your phone when it will be ready to share on the actual date and time you choose when you're when you decided to share it in these exact page, you can do that with Been to Rest and Facebook. Of course, it's the same process. And remember, if you want to keep through all of this, you can just download the image and then do whatever you do. You normally do it. If you buffer your image, your image will be inserted in your buffer account, and you can then choose where to share it. That's a for the sharing and unloading part. I hope you find this video useful. I covered all the basic stuff you need to know to share and download your images with Pablo , and this is a really helpful way to make your images of social media's to create the designs you need and then to share them with no problems whatsoever. Pablo designed is amazing features, and you need to take care of them. It's real important. It's really easy, and you can do your designs in minutes. Please remember, Instagram is a bit of a hassle when it comes to publishing on it by your computer. But Pablo found this amazing way off passion notification on your phone to actually see me semi automate. Okay, Don't know. Correct term in English. The car pronunciation Samie automatically send the post to Instagram so everything is semi . I was a medical on instagram too. While it's actually automatic all automatic on the other socials Let's see you in the next video which will be the last video and high hope. This design is great for you that said See you in the next video. 4. Some samples of Pablo made designs: twenties courses later. Later, little course, I'd like to show you some of the things I achieved using Pablo, this is one off my main instagram accounts. Okay, I'm not really an influential, as you can see, but those are the images they published every day and most of them almost like 90% off. Those images are made with Pablo. In fact, you can see the ah header there. The caption. I used it without the body style tax. Those are just images. This is not made with problem. But this is made with problem. This is maybe Pablo, Pablo, Pablo, Pablo, Pablo, Pablo, Pablo. As you can see, I use Pablo a lot. And while we're scrolling, you can see the results I got for this. So even if I am not an influencer, this image got over. Ah 100 likes. So it can be that bad, right? Andi? I think some designs really came out well. And that's all Thanks to Pablo, his resources is designed Templates on his simplicity really are the best thing you want for your instagram fit. If you need to fuel your instagram to create images that stands out, Pablo is the easiest way to do so. It's not complete. It's not. It's really far to become a complete sweet for your designs. We're going to see in other courses how you can find free tools for that, too. But in this very moment, if you just need images like quick images for your socials than Pablo, maybe the best solution for you. Overall, I suggest you to take a picture there. It's free. It's completely free on even buffer. Its biggest brother is completed. It's completely free to try and to use. Okay, it's fully functional. It allows you to, and all your social media accounts in one place and to the side where and when to publish your contents, including Pablo made contents. I hope this course helped you learn a little more about Pablo or a lot more month. Pablo, that's that's really not so much to know about power. It's a really easy and simple tool, and I hope this course will help you to fuel hearing Segre profile to have a better feed, a cool looking fed without worrying too much about father shop or illustrators or designers or whatever professionals you were working with. Now I'm not saying I would be crazy to say that Pablo can replace a designer. Okay, Total impossible problems and other professional sweets. But if you if you just need a quick images, try it. Trust me. Try it. You'll be amazed by it. Might simplicity and bites. Ah, visibility. Okay, his user into place. I hope to see you in my next courses. And I wish you are very wonderful day.