Create Amazing Designs in 15 - Free Powerful newbie method exposed ! | Rohit Kainth | Skillshare

Create Amazing Designs in 15 - Free Powerful newbie method exposed !

Rohit Kainth, Let's Learn something new and interesting today!

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6 Videos (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create an account and understand different features

    • 3. Facebook Cover

    • 4. Business Card

    • 5. Outdoor Event Promotion Cover

    • 6 Quick Wrap Up


About This Class

Hello Everyone !

I am live with my new class and this is going to be a Goldmine.

In this course, you will learn "HOW TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS USING CANVA".

When it comes to creating designs or graphics like Facebook cover, Logo, Business Card, Poster, Kindle Cover etc., either people are confused or feel uncomfortable, as it looks pretty complicated and needs good amount of training, focus and hardwork.

But don't worry, it is actually very simple if you know the right tools, which I am going to teach you in this course.

You'll get to learn How Simple, Easy and Powerful it is to create designs or graphics by yourself that too Free without any technical knowledge or specific software training.






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Rohit Kainth

Let's Learn something new and interesting today!

Hello Skillshare Learners,

My name is Rohit Kainth and I am happy to connect with you here on Skillshare.

I am an Internet Marketer for 4 years now and have specialization in Sales, Marketing, Business Operations and Product Management.

I keep on exploring and learning new things and teach them to others. I am gonna do the same here at skillshare, share new skills that I am gonna learn - so "Stay Tuned".

I love music and meditation. I believe in a process of workin...

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