Create Amazing 3D Letters with Light & Shadow in Procreate

Lisa Long, Lettering & Illustration

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11 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Brushes

    • 3. Customize a Brush

    • 4. Create a Colorful Background

    • 5. Lettering with Your Flat Brush

    • 6. Circle Stamp Brush

    • 7. Sphere Exercise

    • 8. Lighting Your Letters: Set-Up

    • 9. Add the Highlights

    • 10. Add the Shadows & Atmosphere

    • 11. Project


About This Class


Want to make your letters really stand out? Take this class! Inside it you will learn:

  • How to customize your very own Procreate Brush & Stamp Brush
  • How to render a flat circle into a 3D Sphere
  • How to use Masks, Layers, and Blend modes
  • How to create a realistic 3D effect using light & value on a 2D Surface
  • Lots of cool features of Procreate and how to use them to make your lettering or artwork amazing!

It’s fun to figure out how to create realistic forms on a flat surface. I will walk you through how to add depth to your work by showing you how to use light and shadows to create forms that look 3D.  I go beyond creating a drop shadow to working with lighting, the effects of light, how it hits the surface to create that 3D look, and how to take this approach to your other artworks to create this same effect.


First, you will learn how to customize your own textured flat brush. Then, I’ll walk you through how to create a circle stamp brush and a quick exercise using light and shadow on a circle to create a sphere. This will give you a basic understanding of the general rules in lighting and values in a work. Then we will use what we learned to add to our letters.


For your project, you’ll be customizing brushes, creating the sphere exercise, and creating a 3D word using your own unique texture flat brush & the lighting and shading techniques you'll learn in this class. The only brushes you will need are the ones you create and the stock brushes inside of Procreate. Of course, I am also including the brushes I made for this class in the Project Section.


I can’t wait to get started, so let’s begin!

A little about the Music in Intro Video: 
"Wake Up Jacob" Performed by: Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers from Dallas, Texas. Recording date: 6/26/1929. I thought that was cool as I'm also from there, so it was fun to include this song into my video! 

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