Create Abstract Art on Adobe Illustrator Using the Twirl Tool

Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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5 Videos (12m)
    • Intro to the class

    • Lesson 1: Set up work space and art board

    • Lesson 2: Introduction to the twirl tool

    • Lesson 3: Gradient Coloring

    • Lesson 3: Create an abstract coloring page


About This Class

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The twirl tool in Adobe Illustrator is a creative versatile method to achieve whimsical and abstract effects.
This class is an introduction to the twirl tool.
You will learn the basics and be given opportunity to practice your new skill.

We see the twirl effect everyday in

  • Graphic arts
  • Logos
  • Commercial art
  • Abstract art
  • Special effects

The twirl tool is an easy and fun instrument to learn and use.
Please join me in class and begin your journey into the magical effect of the twirl tool. has a free trial of Adobe Illustrator.


Intro to the class

Lesson 1:  Set up the work space and art board

Lesson 2:  Introduction to the twirl tool

Lesson 3:  Gradient coloring

Lesson 4:  Create an abstract coloring page






Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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