Create AJAX Voting System In PHP Codeigniter

Ahmed Fakhr, knowledge is nothing without sharing

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6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Inroduction

    • 2. Project Installation

    • 3. Test admin list

    • 4. Test admin Create

    • 5. Edit,Remove,Active,Deactive

    • 6. Voting Front-end Page


Project Description

Script features

1- voting choices is dynamic :

You can add or remove vote choices as you want, range between 1 to 10 choices for a single vote, all stores in the database

2-all votes dynamically managed:

you can add unlimited votes, edit or remove.

3-votes restricted by IP address:

To avoid votes duplicating and prevent fake voters this script uses IP address to identify voters, save their IP's in a separate table.

4- Jquery AJAX supported:

The voting process sends by AJAX, results displayed immediately, also in the backend you have the ability to add or remove choices without reloading the page by using Jquery.

5-easy to install, simple to reuse:

Code designed to be clean as possible, separated to simplify reusing and for customization purposes.

6- integrated with the bootstrap framework.

7- free to use for non-commercial or commercial projects.


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