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Create A Vision Board With A Twist! Go From Dreaming To Doing

teacher avatar Lulu Bea, Artist - Coach - Life Igniter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Vision Board Intro

    • 2. Vision Board - Front

    • 3. Vision Board - Back

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About This Class

Create a dream/vision board with a twist! 

Not only will you enjoy the intuitive process of assembling the images and words on your board, but you will go one step further by making tangible goals for those dreams to come true!

Class Outline:

1. Choosing your substrate

2. Finding your words and images

3. Arranging your collage papers

4. Decorating the back

5. Developing actionable goals


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lulu Bea

Artist - Coach - Life Igniter


Lulu Bea is an Intuitive Painter and a Life Igniter. She helps women to awaken to their true potential through the art of creative expression. She believes that we are all innate creators who hold the power to craft a life that we truly love and adore. Through the exploration of art, Lulu guides women to mindfully let go of limiting beliefs & behavior patterns in order to live a courageous, fun, and fulfilling IGNITED life.

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1. Vision Board Intro: Hi, My name's little B, and I'm excited to teach you my twist on the vision or dream board. A vision or a dream board is often used towards the beginning of the year to really hone in and what it is you want to accomplish that year or the aspirations that you want to attain . They can be elaborate. That can be as basic as you want them to be. They often use materials all around your house. You can make them on cardboard. You can just find pieces of boxes around your house, and you can also make them more elaborate by putting them back on a canvas board and hanging them up in this class, I'm going to teach you about my favorite techniques in putting together a vision board. Not my secret twist, though, is that it's all well and good to throw up their images here and your inspiration and the Ghozi one attain, but without creating the next step, the actionable goals. It's really just a dream or a vision. The key is to take action. And so I'm gonna teach you my little twist on how to create actionable steps out of what finds its way onto your board. It's a really powerful process, and I just love to work with my students and creating to create these vision boards because there's nothing more powerful than you actually setting your eyes on a goal and then taking the actions to attain it. So I hope you join me in this class and I'll see you on the flip side. 2. Vision Board - Front: Welcome to the vision board class. I have a couple examples here. Oh, vision boards that I have made in the past that these are also called dream boards. Either one really works the way I like to do. It might be a little bit different than other people. I don't not sure, but I'm excited to share my process with you. So I would like to obviously use magazines at color at writing if I can. Like, I hear it's ah, it's gonna be fun process. And I'm excited to, um, to get going so quick run through materials. I am a firm believer of using what you have usually what's already available Teoh and recycling up cycling that kind of stuff. So I am going to be using this pizza pizza box tap. I thought this was kind of neat because it had these tabs and I thought, If I want to hang it up like a punch a hole here and hang it Oh, are you know, even add some tassels or something over here in the side. It's just kind of wait and see where my imagination takes me. So I've got my board. Of course, I've got my magazines, my two favorite magazines ever. This is the only one that I actually subscribe to with the Experience Life magazine. It's mind body spirit. I just really love it, Um, and it's always full of really inspirational, um, inspirational sayings. And even at the end, there's always some kind of inspirational quote with this beautiful picture. So love experience, Life magazine and then the athletic catalogue that just gets delivered to my house. This I used every year. My boards always have a bunch of sayings. This the ad copy is usually really kind of inspirational, even just like up for anything, you know, it could add that. So those are my two favorites that I always use. And then, of course, some other magazines that I I asked a friend Kennedy they wanted to get rid of, and I got a lot of people donating. So if you don't have magazines, ask friends. There were more than willing to donate their stuff to someone else who can actually use them. No, for glue, I recommend a glue stick, not wet glue, although I do have tacky glue, and this will come in handy at the very end if you're using some of those some embellishment items that it needed a little bit of a firmer hold and I'll show you the ones that I'm planning to use. I like to have some code markers, pencils, anything. Toe adds little doodles and drawings. Here are some little elements of flattered. I wanted to say kalash matter, but yeah, I mean, these can be used for clash water. They're just kind of texture items I can add to my board if I want to make it more arty and more three dimensional. So I just grabbed a few items here. Some yarns and paper fabrics, threads, lace. We'll see what happens if I find appeasing the Internet pieces of colored paper. You can use regular paper. You can use index cards, anything to add writing and stuff on the back. No, if I were to add my collage on the front and then leave this blank on the back, I don't necessarily need to add this, but I like to section off different areas for writing, and so I like to add my colored papers, and I can show you quickly here an example. So this is the back of one of my vision boards. And then the last thing that I have here is Washington. And so sometimes washing tape doesn't stick down very well. And so that's why I'm gonna use the tacky go to make sure it stays. But I love to section off little parts of my board that speak to me and take it one step further instead of just having this on my board and, like, just kind of enjoying it. I like to take it one other stuff, like play. Okay, what does play mean to me? And over here I created a list. What sounds playful to me. And then I make a list of all these things that sound playful so that if I ever need inspiration to at my year, I can come back and do one of these things or add something else to my list. I really like to have my vision board grow with me. And so I left spaces open when I made this toe, add these inspirational T tags that I really like. So let's go ahead and get started making our anymore. The first step to do is to find what you want to put on your board. And so what I recommend is coming to this process with an open mind. Not with like a goal that you definitely want to. Um, make sure represented within your board, because often times you might say, OK, this is the year I'm really going to get healthy and exercise or whatever. And so I'm gonna look for everything that says exercise. But then you're not You're really not drawn to that. You're like John to like these pictures of nature or, you know, the the water, and you're finding yourself gravitating to something else versus what you originally had intended to do. And this is where your intuition starts speaking to you and you want Teoh be open to it. Whatever wants to be shown on your board in the end, So I usually will go through a magazine twice. I like to separate what I'm looking for, because if I'm looking for, like, images and words at the same time, it kind of slows me down. And so what I'll do first is go through an Asia goal with pictures first. I love visualizing, and so I'm looking for color images that might stick out like, Wow, that looks really fun. Maybe I'll save that. And so if I see something, I will just go ahead and rip out that page or put that section. Actually, I think I will. Were about that. That looks just really joyful. So our first collect images, and then when I'm done going through this, looking for images, I'll go back and then I start looking for words. So this, you know, we'll take as much time as you want it to. Don't rush the process. More likely, the natural goingto have more images and you're going to need on then that will, um the next step will be kind of editing here, selection and testing out what you want any aboard and seeing what makes the cut. So you could also look at these kind of images, and so I always kind of have in mind that I want to have larger background images that are going to kind of get covered up. So this one, I have this big thing of dancing. You know, I don't need this whole thing to be invisible back here. I have carpet samples that just were a lot of different textures and, um, designs colors. And so I took that out, knowing that that was just a background element into my piece. I liked the variety, and so I'm just going to use that to cover space and then put the things I want to really focus on overlaying that. So this was like, actually, a huge piece of it Looks like it covers most. The board was just this carpet sample. And so I look for larger pieces like that that I know provides a nice color and background . Same thing for this one. This is a nice big thing of trees, and so I'm not gonna leave this all just the only element. But I know I can see Pete trees peeking through because I do ultimately want to cover this board. I don't want to see any of the cardboard coming through, but I don't need to have the image be the main focus flowers beautiful of the color. And then I add little pieces on tapping. So that's just peeking through the end to add the color, the texture of the variety. So keep that in mind when you're looking. If you love windows. This would be nice to kind of put in the background. I think that sounds intriguing to me. So I'm going to pull that out and decide later if that is what I want. I'm really kind of just paying attention to this background stuff. Seen if I like it like, this is kind of really pretty. This blue color, we have that in the background. I also like this organically Good. I think that sounds cool. So that will be something for me to decide later. Right now, you don't need to worry about the editing process. It's just going to gut feeling. Go with what draws your attention. What catches your eye and take that out? Because that is your little intuition. Intuitive voice speaking to you. Oh! Oh, my gosh. Look at that. That is so cool to the side. New Year. More than Wortham Teoh. Um, you scissors to cut out images, Make it more precise. I like to just tear it out to begin with. Maybe as I put on my board, I have to trim it down to size, but I don't think I get all right. So that was just looking through images really quick. And so now I'm going to go back again and kind of pay attention to these words. Am I a friend? That's a good question. So I just love this camp ad copy, their strength, their limitations and their relationship to gravity. There are lots of surprises. Some false starts and failures were mostly a ton of inspiring moments like that would be really cool in itself. So I'm just gonna take out this whole page. I have a pile of words over here, and then the images em aside, don't overthink it. So I think the picture I'm just gonna go through all these magazines and plots up that I like, and then I'll see you when I've got my piles. Here are my edited pieces full tonight. Edited yet for what makes it on my board. But they're cut down and trimmed. So now comes the part where you need to decide what to put on my board. So I don't know if you can hear, but my dog is sleeping and he's barking and asleep. So you might hear that in the background. So my board not very big for how many pieces I have here, so I'm gonna have to start editing and kind of seeing what fits together. You know, one thing I thought was I sound this jump in and hold on. And then there's this lady here, so maybe go on together, Um, this one I found It's entrust your feet and I don't want it is a feat. And so what I did was I have, ah, heart punch. And then I found a, um, read. This is actually a sofa, a red background. And so I punched out the heart. And so I'm gonna put that together to trust your heart. So, um, yeah, I'm just gonna go try toe audition pieces and layouts, and what I found helps is when you places on your board testing out layout when you like it , take a picture of it and then start gluing it down, cause then you'll take everything off and start gluing, but then you'll have your picture to go back in. Reference off how you liked it all laid out on here. So I was going too fast for this while I figure out how I want to get this arranged. So I think this is how I'm gonna do the layout of my my background elements. You know, I got this foot foot sitting here. There's some text down here, but I'm going Teoh glue the background down first and then figure out the wording and I'll have it, you know, cover up pieces that I don't want. One good thing about working with the magazine pieces is that you don't have to line them up specifically with the edge. Maybe if it already has a straight edge, you can line it up, but I have the site hanging off. And then once I glue this down it king, trim off whatever is hanging off at the end or even leave some pieces hanging out off the board, maybe give it a frayed edge and just let it be kind of organic. So I'm gonna go ahead and glue these down and then work on my word pieces. I'm kind of working from the center, pushing it outward, trying to eliminate some creases. That's not gonna happen completely, But I can try to cut down at least, and the number that will be there not going to feel my way through the process of what pieces I definitely want on my board. This is where you really want to pay touch until, like, how it feels inside Because this is your intuition guiding you like what really feels exciting and fun. Maybe you include something just cause it it makes you laugh. And don't you know, put things on the board that you're like, Oh, I probably should do this like I meditate daily. If I'm not really in loving this and this feels like a chore to me, then I'm not gonna end this to my board because I wanted to be inspiring and something that excites me. And if it's something like, I'm telling myself, I should do this because I know it's good for me, but I don't really want to that I'm not gonna do it. But, um, I'm going to just see what feels good to me. Go with the flow like this feels really good because it down about, you know, just taking it easy. Like keep, uh, let life unfold for you. Don't try to play in everything. Chase the sun. I love the sun. Trust your heart. I like that because of the little heart guy. Yeah, so I'm just going to feel my way through and at it, what I want on this board. All right, So I think this is what is finally going to make it onto my board. These? I'm not really feeling it. I guess I could say and I don't really want them on this board. You know, I have plenty of space here, too. And too it throughout the year, especially those inspirational T tags. I love to discover those on the board and see how it goes. So let's see, trying to think of I want to add maybe some of these fun, little extra tidbits. Just a kind of break it up a little bit. That's in color and contrast. You might at that right there. I'm gonna put it underneath all my papers. Scalped end that cute there. Okay, so I'm just gonna add those first. I ripped it, but that's OK, because it's glue and paper, so just stick it back together. So this is hanging out the sign, but that's fine. I don't mind that. Not since I need something heavier than a glue stick to hold this fabric down. I'm going to use this tacky glue. - Trim that up later. - So I have everything glued onto my board now, and so the next step is to do the back. 3. Vision Board - Back: Everything is glued done on the front of this, and I'm pretty happy with it. I'm gonna let that dry while I flip it over and do the backside. So what I'm he doing on this side is creating spaces for me to write. So a lot of people do this vision board I and just kind of leave it at that and think about it. But I want to actually write more about it and write with these things mean to me what they bring to mind and kind of solidify the things may intuition wanted on this board and go one step further and, you know, consciously contemplate it and, um, bring the meshes messages home. So I've got some color peach pieces here that I'm going Teoh glue on the board when I glue . It's all in the back here. Just make different sections for writing colored index currents here. So I'm again just kind of playing around with the layout. Here. You had this daughter had pain in on this one. I thought it'd be pretty to add to add writing to you can find some, like cool vintage pieces like yours, like an old recipe card says Miscellaneous, that I kind of need something that down is an idea. We'll see if it makes the cuts. All right, so this is a good start to the layout that I'm going to do. And so I'm gonna go ahead and do these down with my glue stick and then add some washi tape embellishments. All right, so this is the final layout. It's funny how things change as you're going down in the process. So right now, I'm gonna go ahead and add a little bit of decoration with washi tape, and if it doesn't stick down on its own, then I'm gonna go ahead and just add a little techie goo behind it. But this is all just for fun. Just adds a little bit more creativity and color, which I love to the board. And it's just one of the steps that day I just love to incorporate. - So I'm just tearing office extra edge at sticking over the board and just sticking the little pieces kind of anywhere else. Just this thing, this one super cute, this little black and white one. So anywhere there's like an edge here. I'd like to add a little bit of decoration. I like to repeat that same design element. Other places. Now that this is all embellish, you know, I might add more some other time. I still have to add designs and decorations with my markers and pens. So this is all just just really fun for me. And I just like to incorporate design, and I kind of think about my board while I'm doodling And so what? We're gonna be writing on the back. So first of all, I want to write this year. I have my year here, and I might go back and add more stuff there later. So no one of my writing I am going to be writing more about what the front of this board is saying to me. You know, don't overthink. Trust your heart. What does that mean? That means that a need toe I just feel into my decisions. Trust my heart, My God, may intuition and let that move me forward. And so that is stuff I'll journal about. So in this car right here, we can get a pen and I want to get some markers because I like to split it up so I'll show you in the back of this one, for example. Let's see. I saw ticket outside. This was from my last year board, and so taking outside. What does that mean to me? Spend time in nature? It is healing. It is rejuvenating. I can go on walks, go to the beach and go hiking. So these air different ideas for integrating or doing what the front of my board is saying to me, Play what sounds playful. All these activities I love to do when they bring me joy, making me happy If I remember feeling down and they want something fun to do, all I could do you need to do is go to my board and I can pull from one of these suggestions, and I can keep adding to it throughout the year. Which is why I have that space here love the ending now that it's kind of obscure just sitting there in the corner of my board. And so I want to do more writing and more journaling about that. So I hear and put love the ending and then what that means to mean how Aiken motivate and inspire myself to be OK with whatever is unfolding. And if something ending is ending, they need to embrace that because then there's less suffering if I don't find against what is happening. So that's what I really want you guys to be doing in this back section. Take elements of your board and write down what that means to you. We have all these little sections that you can split into the different elements of your board so I can do, like, trust your heart on this card right here. What does that mean to me? And how can I show examples throughout thier of how I'm going to do that? Are you up for anything that I can put that in this whole other category here? I can pick any of these spots. So that's what I'm really encouraging you guys to dio mindful life. What does that mean to me? I congenital about that right that on the back craft, what does that mean? Visit? Crafting, as in being artistic and creative, is a craft like hone your craft, hone your skills doesn't mean craft a life of my choosing. It's really, um, it could mean all of those if I really wanted to be. And then I can even write craft and then break this down into all the different aspects of what that is meeting to me in this moment. So that's what I'm gonna be doing right now, and I'll show you an example of how I like to break it down. So I'm getting my markers. You don't overthink it. Trust your heart. I'll start with that. And at any point, you can come back here in decorate and embellish it just to make it more arty. It's like this one. I kind of drew lines within these Amarcord, writing at a little doodles, Earl around arrows pointing. Here's an example of you can always print out your own inspirational words or quotes and add that on chair board. You can write, you know, the general message. What it's a sport saying to you. What is the general sense that I'm getting from all of the things that have been on my board? So for trust your heart, get the black pen. And while I'm thinking about what this means to may often just doodle, I also want all right, don't overthink it because that was right here. I'm writing what's coming to my mind when I think about trust your heart and don't over think it. So I'm lean writing. Lean into your feelings, an intuition. You can never go wrong trusting yourself. This also makes me think of follow. It feels it's good and fun and joyful. So that's what I want to do this year. I want to really trust my heart and follow these things because life is so much more enjoyable when I'm having fun. I think I'd realize that by now. Um and then I can always add to this more throughout the year with that extra space. So here I just want to start doodling. But I won't because I can do this later. So the next part I want to journal about jump in and hold on. That sounds fun. So for me, I'm thinking, jump in. What does that mean to me? Jump in that C Try new things like what? Maybe like a weapon, are where a host of retreat These are things that I've been wanting to really do, but I just have haven't done it, so I just need to jump in trying to things. So what else do I want to jump in? I want Teoh create community. What does that mean to meet host events? Ask ask friends to go out. So these are things I want to jump into. I really like that idea of jumping in. You know, I might add that more later if I keep thinking about it. Let's see. Go with the flow. That's a good one. So I'm going to do that one. So I think you get the point of what do you could do in this step? Take words, messages, feelings from what has made it onto this front and put it on the back. You could even start thinking about the design elements that you put on in the back that aren't words. Had the succulent succulents here a flower here. Why did those make it onto my board? What is that telling me? Get out. I need to be in nature more. I should bring beauty into my home and started having a garden or, you know, succulent sexually. I have been thinking about creating a succulent garden, and so my intuitions telling me that's what I want. It's something I've been thinking about. I should do that so I can write about that in my born and make that one of my goals. I could even talk about this scalloped edge here about why is this here? This is pretty and dainty. And what is that? What is that message for me? So go ahead and embellish right journal and then start decorating. Add scalloped edges. You can go get stickers and put those on your board. Add little doodles and design elements like these little dashes from you assuming for you, just you can see all the fun things I have here. At least I think they're fun. So I have scalloped edges. First I went with my marker and created the yellow. And then I added on top of it and this concern just keep going and going and little Karros , pay attention. This message, little squiggle ease to outlying little dick tingling hearts. Really Just enjoying the process little dashes and circles just to make it more yourself. Contemplate what you're doing, what these things mean to you, how you can take the messages from this board and use them as guidance throughout your year . We ever feel lost. Go back to the board. What? What do you telling yourself to do this year to feel Teoh embodying encompass when it comes to hanging your board? You have a couple options. You can, uh, sleeve it as it is, This one. I did not end up a game last year. I just lead. Left it plain and propped up, like by my mirror. This one. I punched holes in it and hunger with a wire. Or you could do that with the ribbon in. Same thing with this one. I might, since it has this nice tap. Go ahead and use a hole puncher in string. A ribbon or a thread yarn, whatever it is that I want to use to hang it. So I hope you enjoyed it. And I'd love to see pictures of your board. So feel free to share them. You can email them to me. You can post them in the Facebook groups and, uh, have fun creating your year. Thank you.