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Create A Unique Christmas Video To Share: Make A Timelapse Of You Decorating Your Christmas Tree

teacher avatar Stephen Bezant, Photographer & Photomixer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project

    • 3. The Gear You Will Need

    • 4. Setting Up Your Scene

    • 5. Camera Settings

    • 6. Intervalometer Settings

    • 7. Getting Soundtrack

    • 8. Lightworks Intro

    • 9. Setting Up Lightworks Interface

    • 10. Importing Photos & Soundtrack

    • 11. Making Video From Photos

    • 12. Adding The Titles

    • 13. Adding The Soundtrack

    • 14. Completing The Edit

    • 15. Getting Your Video On YouTube

    • 16. Congratulations

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About This Class

Family and friends love to know what's happening with you, so why not create a personalised video that you can easily share with everyone?

In this course I will show you how to make a unique timelapse of your family decorating your Christmas tree.  Plus, how to add a festive soundtrack, greetings and the years updates on your family''s achievements.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stephen Bezant

Photographer & Photomixer


Hi! I'm Steve and I am a  self taught photographer who gets a kick out of using photography and mobile apps to be creative. Basically anything that gives me a chance to create fun and interesting images is really exciting to me. I enjoy using my camera and iPad as the tools to unleash my creativity to the best of my ability. Once I find an interesting creative technique I love to share it and Skillshare is a fantastic way to do this.


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1. Introduction: Hi there. My name's Steve. On last year, I created a time lapse video of my daughter building and decorating a Christmas tree. This became pretty popular amongst my friends and family, so I thought this would be an interesting predict for somebody else to do. - That was what we did, and even though it was fairly basic, it was pretty popular. So what I'd like to do is create a project for you to give you the skills to build the same kind of video they had to create time lapse, all the skills and all of the software and equipment you will need. It's pretty easy. So if you wanna have something unique this Christmas that you consented family and friends , then then please and role in this course and we'll have a bit of fun. 2. Project: thank you for signing up for this course. By the end of this course, you have a time lapse video of you decorating your kiss Christmas tree, and I have a place to distribute it to order off our family and friends. Now, during this course, you will learn how to set up your seen and all things you need to consider when setting your scene up. Also, learn how to sit this do the same things on your camera. We'll also learn Watson Interval Ometer is and how to choose the best sittings For that. You'll also learn an easy way of getting your soundtrack. How to take your time lapse photos and create a video using light words, which is a very powerful video editing software but actually has a really good free version , which is quite adequate from purpose. Well, he gets, and finally you learn how to get your time lapse video onto YouTube so that all of family and friends can view it. So good luck and let's get started 3. The Gear You Will Need: Now let's talk about the equipment. You're gonna need to take your time. Let's you will need a camera. That's a first you need. Obviously. But you need a camera that has an interval. Ometer. Now an interval. Ometer will let you take a series of pictures at specified intervals for a specified time. Now that you can buy separate into kilometer, but plug into your camera particularly good Interval ometer system is the trigger trap system. If you go on their website and I'll go on the website, I'll show you where they are. They have a fantastic system there, but you can buy very cheap ones on eBay also. But I'm lucky because the camera that I use, which was actually this one, right, he, uh uh huh. Nick on V one that has a built in into kilometer. So and and there's a state of muralist camera that one another mirrors camera I use is the Fuji XY to end another one you can use of the action cameras. I've got a Sony here that also will take series of pictures such as you go pro. So all of these are good for taking the other piece of equipment you need really is but my part not necessarily a tribal, just some firm surface that will hold your camera still for a period of time, obviously a tripod, even if it's a cheap tripod, will will do so good ideas to do that. Otherwise, that's about it for equipment, which is which is really good. And hopefully you got a camera that will do that sort of thing. So next I'll show you where to get. And it's a kilometer from If you haven't got want for your camera, Okay, just do that right now. Okay? Here's a quick look at interval. Ah, mater's we have I've tapped into into real ometer up here, and this is what I get where I they description of it. I've picked this one for E Bay, and this is what I get. So $20 for a Nikon, but you can get them for all brands. Face and cooperation now talked about trigger trap. Here is trigger trap Trigger trip dot com. There are more expensive option. They essentially plugged in between your mobile phone and your camera, and they do a lot of different things. Time lapse, distance slaps that's where it will only take a photo every so many kilometers or meters. Lots of do things I've never needed to use one. But they have alive looked into them. And I thought, I will buy one because they looked very good now to get when you just go to their trap Mobile kids. And it's simply pick your brand if you don't. If it's got it, do it is about doing minor up with Fuji Film my camera model. Go for my next one and then, yeah, they tell you how your cameras supported and then what you need. Just click. Buy that. By now. It will take you straight there and tells me how. So It's about 50 52 dollars for an Australian me to buy, but it will tell you also if they don't have one. So that's ridiculous. So those just quick options you've got for for getting into the long it on a camera that doesn't have one. I will see you in the next video 4. Setting Up Your Scene: already. Then you know it here we're going to be using pretty close to. But now, with a look at how we set it up now, I thought I'd show you how mine was set up when I when I did it. And here it is, right? Yeah. So you see, it's on the table. You need to make sure you've got a solid foundation. So that's pretty good. And also in a place that people aren't gonna come along and touch and you knock and to move during the time. So it's important we've got which is what I've got here. Over here is where a tree was built at the time. And so it was pretty safe, secure area. Nobody's going to come out on touch it now. One thing to think about is in this instance, what sort of lends you guys use now, up here. I had recently wide angle lends to be able to get my picture in. And now that's pretty right now. Also, another thing I'd like to show you is if you are going to use a mobile phone one clever way off. Securing it is just get a little match bolts top will matchbox in it here like this. Cuts, cuts, um, cut some things. Asking it and sit is quite for it's It's on there it was on the table or if it was on some books on the table shooting across you. That's a nice firm thing. And one thing I probably did it mentions. You can use my profile. Some of the problems with my bar finds that they don't heaven. Ah, manual exposure sits the morning about that, but at at the whole thing is you can get APS that you can use that will do time lapse photography on mobile phones. So if you see anything you've got, there's nothing wrong with matter. Track so well with that now, the other thing I'll mention at the moment is make sure you could. A fully charged battery, um, that can take the number of photos you have taken will be talking about that a little later and also a memory card that will hold all of your photos so easy to forget. And upon this well, she'll talk about with the use J pick or raw. Now I recommend you JP, if you set everything up correctly you should have any need to use the rule toughing and to manipulate raw photos in a time lapse. They're very large files. When you think about the number of photos, you'll be taking its massive and you'd have to have a massive, uh, memory card. So JP, preferably her for used J pic. Now, the other important effect is I just get this in my sample lighting. You need to have a constant amount of light If you look at the the time lapse I did, The mistake I made was during a part of the day and the sun was coming around. I was using natural light. If you look up here again, you'll see that on the left hand side this where the light was basically coming from. And during the course of a couple of hours that this was taken, the sun change class came over and he got bit dark. I could adjusted for that, but it didn't bother. Then so be aware. You want constant light Castlight very handy. You can use simple lighting like this just fights near home. You just have to expose to get a correct exposure. But if you've got nothing is gonna change the lighting. You're going to get a much better result. Okay, that's pretty much it for setting up the are. The next thing you want to do and you must be aware off, is that camera will taking an aspect ratio that isn't 16 by line, which is what, 10 80 p video. It's that's in 2020 paper. So in order script, I'll show you on here on the screen. I have basically a frame from or the photo take one of the photos taken for my time lapse. Now this is in I three by two ratio. If I go to my crop here at the top here, sit three by two. So it fits perfectly, But we want to be 16 tonight. So if I change this crop factor by nine, this is what we get and it's chopping the bottom and the top off the photo course. Moving up and down was to create for which way I would like to go. There is a problem in whatever pro you, and so that is pretty much what you've got to be thinking about is that when you do it, you will lose something that if you are taking the three body ratio, if you're camera takes and say for by three or something again, it'll do. It will be different. And you just have to adjust your thinking to make sure you're allowing For that, Um, you'll notice that I didn't really allow for this because I have either. You know, I wasn't I wasn't happy either way on this particular instance. But if I had been more aware or adjusted Maura accordingly, I am then it all it would be better. So we will now go on to looking at the camera on the settings we managed to for the camera , so I'll see you in the next video. 5. Camera Settings: right now it's time to talk about camera settings. The most important thing you're gonna have with a camera in this instance is for it to be have manual able to be using manual. I mean, you don't sit aperture manually. Just speak manually your eyes so sitting and or not so much what balance and your focus. So you need to get your manual focus. Now, once you got a camera like that is pretty easy. I'm going to actually suggest some things to you to make life a little bit easier for you. First off, we gotta sit. We will start by sitting and Aperture City. Now you can sit any opportunity one but I suggest on eight or 11 their fate. Or if 11 this is so you can get a decent depth of field because you got somebody moving around people moving around, you know, um, near the the Christmas tree, you wanted to be in focus all the time without auto focusing. Because if your auto focus is it will you give us between its shuttle change and your notice? These changes and it will be pretty bad. So dipped. The field is important. So Once you've set that your sexual, we'll shutter speed. Now again, I suggest Teoh to save your shutter speed. Dissident, About 30 of a second. This will give you. Was you a pretty reasonable chance? It'll be l'etape photos inside. After you've done that. Just sit your eyes, Soto. Whatever it needs to be together. Decent explosion of words. Point the camera. So I take a photo. See what the photo tenors is it to top to light if it's too dark? Increase your eyes, sir, until you have decent exposure, this will give you or your exposures. So you've set your appetite. You've set your shutter speed. They are locked in. And you're I said, stop Now the next you need to Mr Sexual Focus. This weight of focus is to use your autofocus. Um, focus. It focused. Like what? A focus in the city is focused. Another ad suggest facing about a midpoint, saying get somebody just to stand in front of the tree or point just in front of the tree. Focus there that your dip feel recover battles where people are and to treat itself focus on a point there, then switched to manual focuses should be either a button somewhere on the camera on this camera. For ministers, there's little thing I could switch to manual, um, so be somewhere that sits sexual camera to manual. Once that's in, everything's in mainland. That means that as light changes, it's not gonna keep on adjusting because this if, like, changes and it will try a little bit and your cameras adjusting as each photo is taken, it will be either slightly. It'll change, and your notice sort of flickered come into it this way. Everything remain, uh, smooth. Okay, you've done all of that. You got that sort of set up you then one of most other important things you've got to do is to sit image stabilization on your lens or your camera. Which of what you've got to off there is a problem. When cameras on tripods they try Teoh, they think so. They they want to see something moving to correct. So because it's not actually moving, the camera is not moving. It's sort of sometimes forces movement, and you'll get so little problems there, so switch it off. Simple white balance. You leave on the water. That's fine, and pretty much that's it orders settings. Not really. With the camera. The next thing you're gonna have to do this is a big one is to do the interferometer, and I'll do that in the next video was a few adjustments, not show you how to easily do that. But just remember, the best idea is to take a test photo before you start trying to make sure it's coming out , So I'll see you in the next video. 6. Intervalometer Settings: Okay, now that we have always all the bodies set up, ready to go with good everything, Rachel type. We need to determine how many photos were going to take to bring out a decent time lapse video. Now it's you think it be hard, but it's right. Very easy now, because now you can get APS on your phone that iPhone or Android, that which will help you. You can also say Go on the web and get help and the one I'm going to show you is on the web . So coming over here, we can see that I have gone to this. All I did was type in time lapse calculator, and this was top of so straight here. There's never a plethora off. Um, and we here photo pills dot com calculators. Time lapse. Okay, right. We can now look at the actual calculator, and here it is. A simple thing to do would be to its got to hear the calculate shooting interval or could, or eventually when we want to know what the shooting intervals going to be. How many, how often we need to take a photo click links. I'd go for it about 20 seconds. Seems quite reasonable. One I got is about 20 seconds. 16 seconds. Something like that Event duration. Roughly how long it's gonna take to do a job I don't have to be to Exactly, because we just really wanted a rough calculation. France. Per second. That is the number and amount. You better when you export the the time at toe a video. What friends actually going to use this 30 is usual. That's fine. Image size is how much spatial you're. This is why we're talking about before whether J pick or rule Jay Peak files for the for the photos I used in my time that's was around about six megabytes. They very but Cevennes. It's made. So that will give me an idea of the end of how much down here total memory will use on my card. Also the number of photos and then it tells me it will need to take one every 12 seconds. So this is gives your good, rough idea of how many photos and how much space. It's great. It's fantastic. So is that everything is taken out of the hands now. What you'll find is if you have, you know is telling you. Take 600 photos now. Most ones built into cameras like my one. He, uh we'll do 999 photos in a rod, so I know I should keep going, so I think attendance he would be. My suggestion would be to take more than the 600 photos, just in case you go with the two out in it. You may also want to change how often you take the interval. You might say all Taiwan every 10 seconds, because if you take one every 10 seconds is going to increase the number of photos that you take. So, you know, make sure you don't go to stage. We can't take that number of photos to get short. Clit length finished 20 seconds. If he choose Teoh, you don't say I I only wanted to be a 15 2nd video. Then you'll see on his 400 you know need only taking every 16 seconds. Much is due out. Put it at 24 frames per second. Now you can do it every 20 seconds that it takes around six photos while in this sense and so simply go I take every 10 seconds so that I can easily take 720 photos. That space is eligible was cards. I carry a 16 kicker lights so you can keep adjusting each one of these settings here till it fits what you want. I I like taking every five seconds. But if you take them every five seconds, you're going to really wreck up the It will be four times this here as long as you only take a two hour time to build thing that's gonna be over over the amount of photos Aiken taking around. Of course, you can always go to the end of the language. And I said I did go back if you know that's used up and just started again. That the amount you missed a couple of photos, Frank, that you miss is not going to be that no school, so you can adjust. Well, this this just gives you a good idea off what she should do, and that's it. Very simple. Same thing with teaching. You're fine. Same sort of thing. So now that we have that, you'll be able to calculate how much how many photos Intervals will sit into your time into your interval. Amit. We can go hit and start taking photos. So go ahead and take those photos and then warm. It's we're looking at how to put those photos into software package. I'll see you in the next one. 7. Getting Soundtrack: Okay, Now that you've sorted out your photos, we need to get your music. We'll pick Jingle Bells. That's what I put on mine And we'll go straight to the place I'll get I got music from and that's you choose. Here we are in YouTube and I typed in Jingle Bells Instrumental piano here and this is the one I've eventually found that I that I actually like. So, uh, what we have to do here is now convert this to an audio track. Now, the best place do this is to go to a place I like just called clip converter dot cc. When she get, he can pick the language of steps for languages to choose from and and we go straight up back to jingle bills to the YouTube. Copy the link here. Good back here, paste the Lincoln. Then we just continue little check that the link exists. You choose this sort of thing. He wants to do it. Wants to video to start with, as you'll see by MP four written here. But we was an MP three so quick, every three changed b three. Most people that we could start. This would be the take on the conversion process once it's finished doing that recently. Quick download and it picks a spot. I've already saved this particular one into my into my folders, so I simply I won't save it now. But all you'll do now is just quit safe. Say that and we're going to die this time. The audio on my on the right, That is your soundtrack sorted out. So now let's go to the next step and put your audio and you're pictures together in the next piece of software. Okay, I'll see you there. 8. Lightworks Intro: Okay, now that we've got the raw materials that's in the audio and the pictures, we need a piece of software to put it all together and piece of software I am using, and I think you should use for this particular job. His light works. Lightweights is at www dot l dot UK is dot com. When you go here, simply have to go to it like what's comes in Windows Line. It's Mac all sorts of things, which is great into down lines. Download the London Windows version. City forbids bids. Then you can. It's immediately wanted to download on my one. I don't need to off really got it. See to simply download that to every wanted to. Then that DoubleClick was set up and just go to set up Cedric procedure as well. Pretty sure have starts off. The difference you won't find is you have to register. All you gotta do is pretty used name and password in It's free. You only have to pay for the version if you want to do extra things with it on die. Honestly, I've never He would never use those extra things. This is good enough to do a YouTube style video on. That's all you need. You get all the functions pretty near were functions of software pretty right, So that it gets you software after this, I'll take you through, actually sitting up interface as I use it. So we can you can see as we go together. Okay. I'll see you in the next one. 9. Setting Up Lightworks Interface: right now that we've got our goodies into light works, let's see how to take it a bit further. So back onto the screen here were before. Now, over here, we've got a thing which is create dishes to create a new edit button. So we create that you'll have a slightly different thing pop up here. We'll worry about that in the 2nd 1st thing we want to do is to get the video into he had it. And you just grab hold of the video up here down to the V one trend, which is a video track they've got. Great. We now have the photos. The next thing we want to do is to actually create thing here that I've got to set up. I've got so that we all look like we're on the same page. The first thing you might notice when you've done this is that you got I will go here. You've got actually buttons on here and not buttons down here. First you'll go to is into this spot here. Editor preferences go to the playback controls global, which is why goods on each fiercely you will have possibly this situation here I would like you to change to Global. You may have preference to use the viewer, but for sake of teaching you all this stuff I would like to go to Global. There were all the same page we have now got this set up. The next thing I would like you to do is go to the effects button down here. Quick on that and you're a fixed window will come up now What I would like you to. This is going to be on a different spot. You know that It could have come up over here, there. Same with all of these. And everything is movable. So what your task is is to set yourself up so that everything is in the same position. So we'll go put that in the wraps that has that you can resize these. You can resize that. Set them all up. The other thing I'd like you to do is to go to when you got your head effects up. Get down to titles. Grab hold of the titles area here, drag it onto no peaches. You'll have another box come up, which is the effect spots, which is how your control. So this is how I'd like your interface to look and and just spend a little bit of time setting up the interface to look as it is on the screen here. Once you've done that, we'll go to the next video and talk a bit further. All this Okay, I'll see you in the next video. A white. There's two important notes I forgot to. To make one is that when you're screen came up with when you dragged down here for your pictures, you may have had a very small showing here. Not a nice large piece like you got here that you can see. What you need to do is to go back to the import busting up here, click that go to the little cog in the middle. Oh, up on the right hand side and you'll see still situation seekers after they set it 60 seconds. You may have had it set quite differently up here. Eso go back, see what it set out. I think you'll find that if you might be in minutes and then you have to see it, too, to back to one minute and then becomes sick or whatever the case. That's why use May. Yours may be set up to 30 minutes. So the small man chores is taking up his so small in that that area So that's the first thing go back set that will find them. The next thing is the Once you have a sit up your whole area go down here to the preferences, Batten down the bottom and once you've set this all up, click sets default position. But you're quick. That will say, have message, default or positions have been stored. They just in a couple on that will get you what she wants. That whenever you put it up again and start in your project, this is little Come up. I think that's it now, so I'll see you in the next video. 10. Importing Photos & Soundtrack: right. The first thing we're gonna do is to get your soundtrack and your time outs photos into light works. So well, just quickly go through that right now. Okay, here we are. So crazy. New project. I will call it Christmas Tree 35 to second. Fired for YouTube. Now we'll create, uh, document. Who is it? Says here, select files to import. We'll go to places here, go down to my desktop. And the first thing a branch import is this folder now alleges here that that it's listing all of the pictures in the folder away. Brandis, disc up here to the cause. Eggs as, say, detect image sequence. We want that to be Yes. So if you get the list this rule group of all together as a sequence as a time lapse, it would have been a sequence. So as long as there's secrets, there will detect a whole sequence. Then we'll just go down, click or click on it. Oh, yes. You want to import it? Import. There it is. In an imported area there. The next thing we want to go back and import begin. Why? Just stop one of you have it is my MP three. Import that and there's a soundtrack and our videos. I think we'll go to the next section, so I will see you in the next video take. 11. Making Video From Photos: right Now that we've got this interface it up, there's a few things we need to do with light works to make things work. Well, because we're using a time, lex. So if you go back to where we were in this problem, hopefully this is where you are. Now, the tight we put on there, let's get rid of that. So if you go onto the picture here and right click, you can remove and it'll just remove whatever you've got on there. So we removed that it removes the effect. That's the first thing you need today. The next you're probably noticed. If you try to play this as it is, it doesn't really. I'll stop it now. It doesn't like it. It doesn't like trying to play the time lapse. So the first thing we're gonna have to do is to save this as a video first, other considered, then start manipulating it. Before we do that, you'll notice that the the pictures taken we're not for video because it was that, you know, I wasn't take over taking the standard form it photos and possibly you were too. If you're lucky enough, I do have a cameras that will take in the 16 by nine ratio, and that's fine. But this camera didn't so I have to adjust something to do that. We do need to go to the effects here and now I'll have to pick up a D V e effects. So if you go to the D. V E effect and you simply go to the D VE, it says, just image, size, position and capacity, Craig that onto my my video and we have something to adjust before doing that, that something might be interested. You'll see. We've got a lot of black space after our video sequence here to make this go across the whole thing just to make a look. Peter. One of things you can do is take take down here to your little bottom area, click on the go to the end section once we're going to the in section. We can then clicked what we call an in point. We'll see blue tapes of here pushed this again. They will take you to the end there, simply click on the delete and that will delete all that black section and fill it up their secrets, because how much How much preferred? It fills up the whole area. Now we've done that. We've got us a house. We'll click on that will go back track the specter being so actually, in the video, we've got a D V E position. So what we need to do is to scale this so it fills our 16 by nine ratio. Here we go, grabbing the master scale. You're just dragging along in the seat, just shots a bit too far there. So basically, she put it up to the It feels it feels the camera area. You can you can also just the It's a why positions simply by going are down my sleaze. It's when you first take these photos, it's being or if you're aware, that yours doesn't take the ratio that you want for the 10 80 peels in 23 video is to be aware of that when you take it, so you know you're gonna lose. Say something on the bottom on the top, as it turns out, quite like where this is at the moment. So I'll go with that once you've done that simple matter off. We will now export this as a video. Do that with Click on the cog here. Go to export. Now, the free version that we're using will only exporters a YouTube style hates 20 sage, two seats for and people just fine Click one. That little sigh. Yeah, where it's going to what is exporting at so 7 20 p Pick that down. You'll see that you won't go beyond 7 20 piece and then I'm going to put it into where I want to put it into, actually years I'm pretty straight on my desktop, sir. A que For destination. I will call it. Just use worse train Start starting to export up here in the background. Pretty reasonable speed of export E and oh, Bitlis porcelain show you the exported video. Okay, my Christmas tree has been exported, and if you look at the screen, it actually comes up with a with a log and it shows you where they've exported to. You can click on that. It will take you straight to we've exported it to yeah, double click on its toe watches. Then there it is. Nice. I'm playing back. Right. Sigh will now go to the next section which will be on manipulating it. The actual video putting titles and any other adjustments been putting this sound trickle, so they will see in the next week. 12. Adding The Titles: right now to the real fun bit. We we start with the screen here. We've just opened up like looks and I want to import now the new video we just made which you'll see it here on your life if you you go to the places, found it where you stored it. No. 7 20 p file now and pull that one. It was sharp. Ones were imported before, but this is what we want. Now it's the actual movie or video. So you start. I read it. Crab Akerson Street media like it down. Of course, Now it's a video. It wants to put two audio tracks some, but we really I don't know. There's no warrior. So well, you want to get rid of these audio tracks. Say if we can I And to didn't It's a quick 100 tract. Yes, on Go back here, delete. But I'm like clicking until 18 the audio trace. So we now have the video track. Now we will be adding the audio track that we have, but we won't worry about it that at the moment let's just talk about video again. I have important got the full thing here so I'm gonna do what I did before I go to the end . Click in, go to the further end and click. So you click Delete, right? Yeah. I'll take back to the beginning His took and then it's pretty ties along. We'll go to fix, Go back to drop down our title quickly Titles, drag the title Oh, yeah, The effect and we want the task to be I would just call it the great Christmas tree The old You may not actually building a Christmas tree You may just be decorating it with Great Still a great time Great Christmas tree built. Okey dokey. Now we can change the size here, which is bigger. I'll even go into the state off. I'll put great mystery and are hell too late that space there with entry inside small square Sean, I could grab hold of it and drag it around. Or Aiken, use the positioning here on position. Also regular around. Sometimes you can't get you can't click on the particular eyes to me once moved. So going to position using that the the back drugs and he is also a good idea. Okay, now that's fun. So front gives you sizing opacity face means you can then change it to a different color she wants. I wanted to change Change took blue If I like the blue there but still will go blue there on Then I could go into one of the one of the things I'm going to do is going to effects here. It has no effect. At the moment I'm gonna typewriter effected. That means that when I start playing, it's time you don't like that. Okay, that's good. It will actually go to the end and that he fade out when I was like, fade out quite small to second fight. So that means when we get to the end, let's see what the end I'm letting on their fighting. It best. Yeah, so that's got the titling done. And basically, you could just keep Andre on new titles you want anywhere you want and put a title down here and talk about something and put it in the position you want and just keep putting new titles on at the moment, saying I've got two types on it. I don't want this light. What's title on there? So I just click up here removed. And that gives me choice to take out one or second title. The first title together to get the wrong wanted. My go up here. Return. It's obviously the first listed title. So that one now the interesting thing here is you can rename the title so I could just school that, um, tria well, something. And then on if I do something like this, it, at the moment you are listed resembled a couple, the two there. But I could easily have another one and rename it, and we know which which which effect. We're talking about them. So that's that's a quick how to add titles. Okay, I think we'll finish that video there and go on to the next one, where we'll be talking about adding a soundtrack to the time lapse. Receiving that video 13. Adding The Soundtrack: okay, It's time to finish everything. Editing our time lacks video. First thing we would do back in here to think the first thing we'll do is add our sound track cake up to the import button. Garrity, this soundtrack where you put it in the places up here and import now for importing. We also noticed that we're going to get a video track down here and not an audio traits. So click on the clogs in this corner. Right click. Go to add tracks here, we'll see the video. The moment, one video tractor. We don't want a video trick. We want an audio trips quickly. Then we have number tried one video or one audio track. Thank you is only need. So then add that down here. We have an audio track space drag our sound here onto there on, and we have now you notice how is increased a little black spaces simply because the audio track is a lot longer than the video train that we've got. So we'll be short in this ship in a moment. First off, we need to figure out where we want the audio to start. Now. Where is at the moment of silence. There's a little bit of audio here just now. I don't want that you might I wanted a bit further on. So go whenever I. One thing I have probably haven't mentioned is when I do to start and stop these tracks, I'm using the space by space to go space to stop. So it's just a little bit easier rather than going down to play button down here. Just hitting the space bar and it's a lot easier. So we want it to start now, and nothing can do. Is this, um, magnifying Cymbals here? Plus, that'll zoom in on the timeline for us. Just makes a little bit easy to pick the spot. I want to start, which I think about here. It's pretty. That's right. So it's here is where I want to start. That was your back ass again. Now the idea is that's where one started. I will move the video track. Now I've got to get these two. If you look at the where the arrow is, you'll see two little arrows. Next, Teoh it if I moved to one side. It has different symbol on the outside, and these air clipping symbols. We're not doing this moment, so we're only interest in moving it. Which is when you get the very middle of the track. Like, move that to the side on a moving it to bunch up against my little red mark here, which is great. Now, if I just play from there, I like that. Thank you. So I will use a little jump back, Harry to go to the beginning of that track. Now, l mark the in point, jump back to the beginning. So I've got space up there and use the good old delete down here to bring it back to the beginning. So now if I play it, it's where I want to start. The next thing I wanted to like this to be a little faster than the slow doing. So I want to speed up the soundtrack, which is another feature we can do now go back to the beginning. I click on the advanced button down here on the right, and I've got a choice for clips Speed here. But if I look down again, I can go down and actually select. I'm gonna slip twice speed 200% you'll notice how The central squash Right up. Squeeze Now it's gonna fight. Don't take up this space. Therefore, plant now. Yeah, it's just good People pipped to it. I like it now. Too much sand trick. So if we use the jump button, jump up, jump to the end of their my car in point and then there's the jump up to the very end of the check and then use the corrupt elite. We now have just filled that space up nicely. We don't need the advanced bus anymore, so I'll click that. Okay, so now we have the soundtrack at it, too. The video. And I think we'll finish that it there and do our final edits in the next video. See there. 14. Completing The Edit: Okay. Now it's tired with few final touches to your time lapse video by adding perhaps another title to see how to do that and by fading out the audio and the video of the end. So let's get to it. Okay, we're back here, and the first thing I want to do now is to ad on the face. You're going to add a nother title so that titles now before adding the title I want This time I want the ties between at a certain point, not at the very beginning. So in order to do that, I need to market arrange that I wanted to apprise home. So the first thing I was little there's little counts down here. I know that if you go on to the end of here, you see that the the length of the video is going to be at 16.25 Several 16. Yes, 16 seconds. 25 frames. So I would like it to come in in about 10 seconds, almost Just click on the six there, type in the euro on and in tow, and takes boats. The point here. So never put that Alma in point how close to the end. And then I'll drink my title on into this space. You'll see the green box here If I come here. So it'll be take the whole thing, but in the mark area, it will just add another cool effects line to this. So this is where my title we begin for me. Now, I've got up here. I've got my we're light works. I'm going to push in here. And what your score have I very by that? And then we have it Has a very merry Christmas. I'll probably that's just strike it down. Little there up in its fine. Okay. Oh, actually, rename that too. Very again. I know what it's called. Okay, so I've got that sit up there. Now I'm going to set that up to in the effects area to perhaps we'll get this one too gentle failure and ill fated in over a two second period. Actually, now, okay. I'll also go for an indifferent while faded over Casey, period. Okay, so if I was to drag along here, x fight again and it fades out, the next thing I want to do is to now do the same thing to the video. I want that to fade out in so me to get that to fade out at the end. I'm going to. As I said before I go to the end of combat, one frame said. Actually registers that it comes up on screen here. Now you'll see this got FX one here at my wits. I don't if I want the video one track click on there it comes to whatever is being affected on the video. One. The video won. First thing you need to is we need a D V e so into clear, so clear that clear these markers that we don't have any confused with that an alleged drug D V E 10 onto the track. This now gives me the opportunity to affect his capacity, position size, and I just want affect the capacity here. So the very end of my video here I wanted to be at zero capacity, so I quickly it Sure it's on the DVD up here because they're pesty marker drug. You're pesty down to zero. Yeah, gone. Okay, so now I want this a pest. Is that cutting it two seconds before the ankle and that's just take Take 16 down to 14 down here and it jumps in two seconds. So that's fine. So at that to second mark, I still want to be 100%. This is slowly dropped it down here, but we don't want it. They have built what you're pesty to be. 100 said at that point. So now if we go here, we see that the whole thing fades out very Christmas, every fading out. So if we were just Heidi Aden, we see a very, very merry Christmas came in in two seconds before the end. Everything is demean. Good. Now the only other thing left to do is to get the audio to start me at that point. So again, are I'll just click on here. Said it, bet you the two seconds before looking to cut at same time. Now with the audio, we have to just write mascot. You see this yellow bar go across here? These three audio and out of this make it easier to say the when you guys left inside on garbine down the if it's one V one audio, is it a point on he get a double arrow click the fast, quick have been dragged. You don't even stretch that up just to make it easier to see. Now, this is where I come back over here. I write because that's what this is, right? A point I want to right click right where they're basically They cross when I do that. Now that I've done that, how many thistle accidentally? This anymore you see? A yet little yellow dot has appear Now that's Ah, that's kind of hold that in position. Now all we have to come to the very end basically click at the end to get ourselves another yellow dot uses Mr So clicked open area the yellow dot Here I didn't have to go quite to the anchors. Once I get my double arrow cross here and click on it I could drag the point to the end then just trying pound till Yes, but down 20 So now what should happen? I'll just resize these, but it waas beautiful. No, come along. There's a poll so we have everything going out at the time Now I could choose to do the same at the beginning. I don't think it's necessary to show you how to do it. Just do exactly the same things you click to set your audio point, Break this one down and you do the same thing. He can sit rapacity. Where If you wanted to be ondas many other things. But this is that's not there. What? Recovering with this? Just just to make this simple, great thing to share with friends and family. Okay, this is now ready to be exported and to be shared, so we'll go to the cause here. Right Click Ex scores. Is that you choose, Inspector. Here goes. See it clearer and 35 seconds and 20 p. It's gonna guard to my desktop and I call it Chris. Why should I just call it tree Final since a final edit for the tree savings. The background again? Going well. So now that we saved that everything sweet. So in the next video, I'll be showing you how to get this online so you can show Present will choose will use YouTube. I'm gonna do a special video on how to open a YouTube account. I'll see you in the next year. 15. Getting Your Video On YouTube: Okay, We have created your video, and it's time to share it with the world and regained. Here's YouTube. I'll show you how just a straight look in if you have a Gmail account and then if you haven't, I'll show you what happens. Come to YouTube and simply click on the upload button. No matter where you are, it will be there. We immediately get a chance to sign. And if you have a Gmail account, wish I have a Gmail account. So I'm going to put Jean out of here, Okay? Necks. Then I will sign in and straight there to slip files to upload. Now, if you don't have a Gmail account, Angie, first, get your sign in option here, you've got a chance. They're here to create an account. So once you trick on creating account, we'll go to you. Look at your end out here. This form here simply fill out form what what Gmail address you like and and then go to next step. Once you click next step you end up at okay. Oh, a new email address is there. And then from there, look to set up your child have been getting uploading to YouTube. Now, when you click, continue here. You will essentially end up here. Okay, so then once you've got to hear from here, it's the same. So slipped files upload. It's find a little file, which we called tree final Double click on that and we're uploading. So I will. Who was the video for a second and come back to you once it's finished. Uploading. Okay, right. Processing has been done and the video is ready. So simply look on way. You've got to hear you chooses some thumbnails free down down here. That's besides the point. You can write as it's downloading a little. I just put a little Christmas tree built by my daughter. But you can put a whole message on here to people that you want to say something to, and then we'll go to publish with Publish. It comes up with the link. So now all you need. If you click on the email here, you can actually send directly e mails ready to anybody you know, otherwise you can just go to the share button here, copy this link, and then just paste it into an e mails you sent out and if they receive it on anything, even a mobile, find that. So that's it. You're now up and running now. I'd love to see what you come up with again. It does not have to be the Christmas street build. It could be just decorating a Christmas tree. Just remember to keep its fairly short so that it does fit on people's. So it doesn't use too much bandwidth on people's about fans because a lot of people probably will watch it on a mobile. But please upload to the thing. Let me see what you do and we'll have a great Christmas and you have a great Christmas. Thank you. So you 16. Congratulations: Hey, congratulations. You've now learned how to make a time. That's video and you've got it on you tube ready to distribute. This is great, but I do encourage you to upload your video into the project gallery so that other people can see what should have created if you've been. I'd love to see a creative European, and it's a great place to ask questions, too, about what's going on. But it's a great place to get feedback. If you want to go further with time, lapse and learn a bit more. So I look forward to seeing your created masterpiece in a project gallery. Thanks.