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Create A Tearing Cloth Effect in Cinema 4D

teacher avatar Tarik Khabouiz, Visual Artist , Motion Designer , VFX

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Create The Tearing Cloth Effect

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About This Class

In this Class , you will learn how to apply cloth simulation effect on any model using cinema 4d .


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tarik Khabouiz

Visual Artist , Motion Designer , VFX


3D Generalist, 3D/2D motion designer, VFX

I am a 3D & 2D motion designer, 3D generalist with over 10 years of experience, recently nominated for Guilt award for my work in the movies industry.


I worked with some of the biggest names in the industry suck as Sky , HBO , BeinSports,Google,etc...


Specialties: Cinema ... See full profile

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1. Intro: way are creating this close to in effect, so let's go. 2. Create The Tearing Cloth Effect: Alright guys. So first think we import our model. So in this case, we will use this boat Will applies the effect to this Spartz. Here's the sale. So the first thing we need to make sure that the this part has enough Ah, subdivision to it. So if we go to the body go tomorrow you can see that this is a good one so we can apply. It is enough Subdivision, if not save your objects have like less subdivision units Apple toe play more So for example, if you have like, let's just take an example the year if you have like a plane um said that you have Let's change display to the world changing to see the party guns on its 97 BC a pro your your objects and it's invisible and you want toe other most of division You go to the polygon mode constantly to six everything on and you come here to subdivide and then you can have more cell division was he wants So this is just a quick streak for doesn't know So we disconnect our our model on Let's back to the group cheating so first thing because he said . So we say that the moderates want to apply the effect. Let's bring it here on blitz. Select all the other ones algae to group them Onda. We keep them here. So this is our model here. So first thing writes click. We goto simulation tugs and we need the clothes simulation. So I press play. It will just drop I think would happen. And ah, we will add a particle effects So we'll go toe simulate particles and we will apply a tractor affection here for this one. You can use any off this. It would work with any off this. So he was a truck, sir. Okay, it's tractor here on. Do we need to apply a fall off to control the Terrian? So, uh, this one will use linear on. We need to rotated 90 degree like this. Okay. All right, then, for press play, nothing would happen again. So, what we need to do, we need to select our close effect. So this is the substance you have. You can You need to come to the experts up and you need to drug your extractor here like this. Okay. No. If a press play this is what we have. But what we need to do is come to the cheery into the clothes it the thug and in the forces in the gravity we don't with don't want you to drop. So we'll give this gravity the value of zero presenter. Then a few polls play. This crazy thing would happen. You don't want to do this. So in the attractor Celtics, over a structure here in the objects in the strengths we need to do the reverse of it. So we will give it minus 10. There we click on this thing will happen. It's a cool effects, but it is not the one that we we need right now. Okay, so maybe we can bring it down, like minus eight or seven. Okay, so you have to cheat in effect, will be back to the clothes. Doug, become tooth out here. And then this is your used here that you need to You sewed tickets display and you will have this crazy effect to this is not what you need but are close. Then you need to play with the cheer before this. So if you need toe for you to have the effect work really good. You need to come back to stimulates growth surface and you need to drug under its in the regular objects under to the closer's. So if you back to it when you press play directly, you will have this. This is exactly what you want, but you need to play with this part. Here is the cheer with a tear value. So this is a little bit so strong. So what you need to do is come here and you need to play with the value you need to hit a spot, that you will love it. Let's bring in a tractor. So this droschak cities in the center right now. So we need the good spot, you know, to make it look like really natural. So we've picked Santerre off. It arrives here on a scale it down a little bit. It's he was would happen crisply. Yep, to research from there. But it's too much. I think I spoke to the edge. Okay, some oats. Let's press play it. Him? Yeah, it's too much. So we need to play with this to value. Let's try like, 100. Nope. We always need to play with this for you Till you you're satisfied with defect. No, this is too much. That's go, Max! CNN's watch. Okay, Okay. So often playing with it. Like 22nd that I found that 112. It works really good for me. So this is what happened when it did this for you and we go, It was much better. Do you? It's a little bit first I think we need to back to the attractor. That's right. Minus five or minus six and strength his play hip. I think so. Much better. Yeah. So this is his guys for here. If you want to clothe close toe, you know, Here you see, it's intersects with this part. So what you condone do it's come to your close surface on Go to simulation and you can Ah sorry. You need to come here to your Ah Jura, do with your objects and you need to apply your clothes. Kreider like this issue will sex. We did so if we hit play now, it will be a little bit slow, but we're not. This will be done on examination here. Well, look more Roger. Yes, There you go. Yep. So this is working good. So let's look okay. Looks good. And then it would collide with with this parts of the object. And this is exactly what we need. All right, so OK, guys. So this is the technique. And what's good about this is you can apply it to any objects you want, so forgive you. For example, if you bring sphere on the stratosphere here just on, let's give it its sea lions. And for this fears, let's give it, like, 120 Sigmund and the we need to give it the same cold glow thug. Don't we need to give it glo surface to It's making me disabled first. Okay. And if you come to assimilates clothes from surface which targets again and we bring our a tractor here, just he his play. Okay, So, to work from here from this, it will tear again from this one. And of course, you need to play with the tug with the cherry of teachers aren't here to create which exactly what she wants. For example, of changing to 100 in your back on your hits play. Okay, something queries will happen. Of course. Okay, so we try. You try a lot of sitting till you are happy with your but defects