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Create A Submarine In Blender

teacher avatar Zerina 3D, 3D Artist And Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Body Of The Submarine

    • 3. Modeling The Propeller

    • 4. Modeling Top Of The Submarine

    • 5. Modeling Side Windows And Details

    • 6. Modeling The Front Window And Top Details Part 1

    • 7. Modeling The Front Window And Top Details Part 2

    • 8. Modeling HDRI

    • 9. Adding Shader To Body Of The Submarine

    • 10. Adding Shader To Propeller Of The Submarine

    • 11. Making Glass Shader And Finishing The Details

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About This Class

Hey guys and welcome back to another Blender course. In this course, we are going to create a cartoon-like submarine with blender 2.82.

This course is for beginners and if you are an advanced 3D artist you can use it for exercise. Let me help you and show you that it is not as hard as you might think. We will create our submarine using the reference that I provided for you guys that you can use.

We will start by modeling with basic shapes then, later on, we will make more details. We will use basic modifiers as well. At the end of the modeling process we will put shaders on and we will create scratch metal material for our submarine and glass material for our windows.

Let's start creating awesome 3D art that you can use for animation, portfolios, artwork, and games. You can get a reference image for this course from

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zerina 3D

3D Artist And Animator


Hello, my name is Zerina, I am a co-founder of Render Craft Academy, graphic designer, and 3D artist. Creativity has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember even as a child, I've been interested in art and computers so I just followed my passion, and today I do what I love. Also, I have a lot of teachers in my family even my mother, so all my life I was trying to pick up their skills of teaching. 

I joined Awesome Tuts where I started my journey as a teacher and graphic designer. I have a lot of experience when it comes to teaching computer software for design and Computer Graphics. I preferably work in Blender and the type of work that I do is, sculpting and modeling low and high poly models.

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1. Class Introduction: Hey, what's up, you guys? Is it in a here? Welcome back to other blender course. In this course, I will show you how to make this cartoon like submarine. We will model it using the reference that I made for this course. It will have smooth polity. If I go in edit mode, you can see it here so it is smooth and you can use it for the images rendering images. Or you can use it for animation as well. This is a course for beginners, so everyone can do this. If you are, for example, advanced treaty artists. You can use this for practice at the end of this course. Once we finish muddling this submarine, we will play with shading and put shooters on this metallic shader with scratches. There's metallic want this glass. So, yeah, make sure to stay tuned for more courses that are coming soon. So what are we waiting for? Let's move on to the video 2. Body Of The Submarine: guys, welcome to first video in how to make this awesome looking submarine. So the first thing that we need to do is we need to open our blender here and go to general here. We can see our default, our default camera, our default cube and light. We're going to select everything and delete. Now, let's press three in our number. Bed. Let me just turn on my screen cast keys. So here you can see what I'm doing. We are going to press three on our number pad, and here we have right or geographic view. So the first thing is, we need to add our reference. So as a background, we're going to add our reference here so you can go here under image, preferences and properties, and here use all thought and make it look more transparent. And, yeah, I'm not going to use that. And also, what I'm going to do is I'm going to use this displayed perspective so I can see it in perspective, mood as well as the cartographic view. So yet now we want to add our circle, and we want to rotate it in X direction by 90 degrees. So it should be like this. But here we have a lot of burgesses and we don't want it. So I'm going to delete it, press tree again and add a circle. And here on the left left inner corner, you can see ad circle. We're going to select this, uh, this arrow and here we have vergis is I'm going to make ID 16 emergencies and radius is going to be eight. Okay, let's see. Okay. 16 emergencies, press three and rotated in X direction by 90 degrees. Now we want skillet and grab it in X direction in that direction Hague rabbits and said and move it to decide so g y and then pull it ride here, scale it So it aligns with these corners and grab it in that direction. So I'm just a lightning it now we want to extrude everything so extruding it in. Why direction up to here? That we want to go to transparent mode so you can go here under a toggle x ray, or you can simply If you're working on your PC, you can just press all set or if you're working on Mack options, that and then you switch off and on the X ray. Now I want to scale it down again. Extruded in what direction and scaling down. I'm going to move these Vergis ease right in the middle of this one. So all select everything, g. Why? Or press two Time J and scale. So it is going to be right here. Now let's select all of these Vergis ease and grabbed him, said direction a little bit and skilled them or like this. Now we want to add some loop cuts. So the defines our submarine here. So we should go to the line here. So I'm going to add first of all here Vergis is, and I'm going to scale them a bit like this. We don't need this one. So I'm just going to dissolve edges cell like this one and press two times J and scale it. Okay, now this big part. So let's do it three times and scaling. Let's see what these Vergis He's first killed them, Then select these largest. He's skilled them and now the last one way have something like this. Let's shapes mooted. And once we add our subdivision surface modifier, it's going to look much better. So you see here and now where we want to do. Let's disable the view there you from for the subdivision surface modifier. Let's elect this edge here. This edge extrude and scale it So e s then inside e y. So I want to extrude it in. Why direction And again E s Then I should have something like this. Okay. And let's do it one more time, this one. So let's disable in view Port Privacy E s. Then he Why, that's so you can use this submarine for I don't know. You can use it for your animation. You can use it for dessert. These awesome pictures that we will we will take at the end. So it depends on what you really want. So yeah, scaling a bit more, I'm going to select everything. Okay, let's elect one Verdecia and press Ellen, your keyboard and everything. Now go out of okay. Let's so like these for disease has killed him a little bit more. OK, so it should align thing submarine now. So we are done with this part. Let's do this part here. So we want to go out of transparent few here. We have this three circles. So let's just see if everything is OK. This is outside in. So we want to go in transparently, you select everything and press shift. And so we will flip normals. And as you can see here, once I go out of out of this face orientation and go to object mode Hey, it looks better. So because the normals world were flipped, it wasn't good. So yet now press tab to go to edit mode and let's elect this edge here. So how you can select everything is basically you press old or option if you're working on Mack and just press this edge and everything will be selected and we want to duplicate it. So let's let's see. So I want to skillet a bit more to this edge here, plus press tree and I want to duplicate it. So shifty Clay Cornet Okay, shifty life click and then P by selection. So I basically, once I click on it, it would be separated from this because once likely p And here we have separate by selection by material and by loose parts and we we separated by selection. Now I want to select this edge. Press three on my number pad. And then let's shoot it in in white directions up to here, scaling down extreme one more time and then go to this mode. So I want to pull it up to here and scale it down. Let's grab a little bit and why direction and skill it a bit more. Let's add one more look good here. Killed it, or we can just Yeah, So I want to select this part here climbing dress Paris one and then here on your face. We have a great feel, and we have this pattern here and I really don't like it. So this one is much better. Let's see. Okay. And now we will select these Vergis. He's here and grab them. Press three and grab them wide. One cycle out of edit mode way will flip. Normals is well worth this one shift. Okay, right. Smooth edit. Mom, you will see it here. Let's elect these And I really don't like this pattern. Okay, let's elect everything deleted. Let's do one more time. So shifty, separated by selection, selected. Select everything. Press three extruded in. Why axis extruded two more times. Okay, I'm going to make this by myself like Mullah, and add one more because we're going to add this when we will not use great film. So once I go out of I didn't know, you will see that we have this awesome thing. Shifty. And now let's select this edge and grab it and y axes and pull it inside Team one more time . Good. Yes, it is. And you can see here once I turn off my face orientation. It looks pretty good. So let's scale this a little bit. So set origin to three D mess. Okay. In the next video, we will make this propeller. 3. Modeling The Propeller: you guys will come back to the second video on how to make this awesome looking submarine. Next thing that we are going to do is this propeller. So I want to select things. Body go in edit mode, turn off subdivision surface modifier select ers select and then select this inner press three and we want to press shift e left, click on that position. So we're not going toe our mouth separated by selection and then go to object. Now we have this separate circle. You want to select it, go to like photographic few and extruded. And why'd that Russian? Now let's make this part here. So I'm just extruding it and scaling down extruding in my direction and scaling down. Okay, this Let's add one more loop. Goodhue extruded a little bit shapes, mood. Let's see if the normals are arrived. So shift and they are good and now turn on subdivision service murder. It looks good. We want to select this outer edge and grab it in weird directions. So it should go inside of our submarine here, as you can see. And now let's elected one more time. So, like this edge extruded in so, e why e s eat way and yeah, we are that with that part, let's scale it a big, more so set origin to the center of the mass came in press tree But it looks now let's turn off our subdivision surface modifier Go into edit moment and let's see. If so, this, um blue blue color is the outside. So it is the right right orientations, right Normals. Now let's select this here This edge here that's pressed state So I want to skillet a little bit down. So let's elect all these issues and scale them inside a little bit. Okay, so let's elect Onley this this edge and again duplicated and separated by selection. Now we will have one more. One more circle here, but 1st 3 go to edit mode, select the whole circle, go to transparent for you if you want and extruded in wind direction. So it's a little bit a little bit bigger, but never mind. It is good. So so like this edge. Grab it in my direction and we are done with this part. Now let's do this This sphere here So what I want to do I want to select this part here, These edges and by pressing shift as I'm going to set the cursor to select it. So it is going to be right in the center off this cylinder. Press three and then we want to add a UV sphere. Now this Unisphere here by default, is going to be Turkey to buy 16. And we want to change that. Just press here and tied down 16 segments and Kate rings. Then we want to select sphere and scale it. I'm going to bring it in. Why Directions? So press G. Why way are don't this one By pressing right quick, we want to shake smooth and then apply this'll subdivision surface modifier. That part is done. And now listen to this propeller. We want to select this, go to edit mode and just select this party It How can you do that? Just press select 11 edge and press L on your keyboard and we want to set the cursor to select, so it's going to be right in the middle here, Press three. And now let's go out of Gitmo to object. Now here we want to add the curve. They add a curve here, scaling down a little bit. Press three and rotate in. Why? Direction by 90 degrees. Here, press tab. And here we have our curve. Now let's just align it here with us going to scare down. Used this one. Grab it. Rotated craft. Thetis. Versi. So basically what I'm doing is I'm I lying. This one, let's extruded it's came down, rotated and grab it. Here we have are the first part of our propeller. Now rotate this part here so we should have some space between these two Vergis e Grab it in Mexico. Erection side this'll one. Thank you. We have our curve. Not what we want to do is we want to go here under curve properties and go to geometry and increase the depth to two and a resolution to six like this. Okay, now, let's press three. And then So, like this object convert to mesh from curve like this. Now we want to go to edit mode, select this middle one. So by pressing, halt or option, if you're working on a piece on your phone back, just press here. The middle one address f and let's elect face elect and separate this one by selections. By doing that, I am just going to add a subdivision surface modifier to the outside. So it should not look like this this wonky. So yet thistle and we are done with the 1st 1 not to make the 2nd 1 just select the holding . So this one press shift so that this one shifty left click and rotated by 90 degrees by 118 in Why access up and we'll up here we have our propeller. This'll way can. In what direction? I would just return it like this. Okay, we are not only are feller now, let's make our this top off this summary. 4. Modeling Top Of The Submarine: Welcome back to the third video on how to make this submarine. Now, we want to make this part here, so let's select our body angle to edit mode. Here we have it. Okay, The first thing that we need to do is we need to go to our next select select. These Vergis is. So I'm going to select this edge and grab it two times, so I'm going to pull it right here, okay? And I will do that. Is that the same thing here? Okay, so I'm going to select this part and grab it a little bit this side. And now I they were going to align. This wants as well so price to time change as well as this one. Okay, so let's like the fee select select these faces and press I So this Okay, wait, Ansari. And what's one more time? Do this. So, by President seven on my number pad, we're going to go to top photographic. Few selective Vertex select. Select the half off the Odyssey's and delete. So delete diverted sees once we d Once we do that, we want to select our body of our mash and then go to add modifier and at a mere modifier and unable clipping. So here we have our half a seer like this. Let's put it up. So just bring it up here. Yes. So, once we did that, press three and bang goes to edit. Now we want to, uh, select these Firdous. He's here in one more time. Skilled them a little bit like this. Okay, press three way. Want to go to face elect? So left these faces here and duplicate them and separate them by selection as we did with this one here. So I saw it should look something like this. Go to edit mode. Selected and extruded in said direction like this. Okay, drink it down. And once I add a substitution service modifier Now we want to select this this edge here. So go to select. So like this at a press three. And then we want to, uh, duplicated so and separated by selection. Here we have our our loop. So what I want to do is I want to add a mirror modifier and we will be left with subdivision surface miner fire Now, once I go to edit road, I'm going to select this, um, this edge and I'm going to extrude it in said direction. So here, skillet town and we want to add to Marlowe cuts here and kill them as well. Like this. Select everything and flip. Now, once we did that, I'm going to select this top top loop and go face great film like this and we have the top part done. So it's not going to look exactly like this. But you can still move thes for dis ease if you want. So fresh cheese, then why thes ones as well press three den g. Why? And move them a little bit. So here we will have a splatter effect one more time. I want to select cold teas as well. But not this part. Just bring it. Why Axis? I want to hear crappy y axes press rapid. And also you can see there we have a okay, not what we want to do because you want to. Okay, we are done with this part. Now let's elect day bottom Verdecia and just grab it in that direction. So it is going to go right down. Well, you want to apply. That may remind of Fire and Caroline C. We can also select the faces here. So the bottom on the inside ones I go to decide and select them. Let's go out of trance. Let's call in a transparent mode. Just killed inside selected stop once and grabbed it in that direction So it should look a thing like this. Okay, we can also select it and bring it up. So let's select the Onley top talk here, this one. Let's see if everything is Yes, it is and we want to grab it. Select this her hedge and bring it down. Headed out to get You can see right here. Okay, we have our top and now let's make this'll when go here. And also let's make these little these little details. 5. Modeling Side Windows And Details: Welcome back to the fourth video and now we want to make these little details thes and also make this window here. So let's begin now. We want to select our body here and way. Need one more good here. So what's that good? And let's move these a little bit. So by person to Tank J, we can move this, want to hear and let's go like this one as well and pull it right in the middle of heart window. So let's see if everything is okay. Yes, it is a press three and let's go one more time. So I'm going to do it on both sides. So the transparent view is going to be on Well, we didn't apply are mere modifier. So it is going to be married on the left side. So press three and let then let go. Now we want to select the these afford faces we want to inset. So by pressing, I this'll. And now we want to select the edge Select Select this edge here and and we want to make a circle, make a circle. Let's see if everything is OK. Way want to. Okay, now everything is So just once you selected ones, you create a little cut, want you create a a circle, You just go one step back. So controlled that. Okay, Once we did that, we want to select these four faces or just go here under face elect and select these four faces press three and nine number pat code to transparent moment. And Qin said so press I Okay, now select this of this circle here. Shifty, duplicated and separated by selection. Now here we have our our circle press one go to edit, moaned. And now we want to select this whole circle and extruded like this. And look here we have our second. Okay, well, more Tink that I want to do is now I want to select my circle. Go to edge, select. Select this edge here and we want to duplicated and separated by selection. Now select that circle that we just duplicated. Press one. Select everything and extruded in X direction. Scaling down extruded X actual So like everything flip normals. So shift end to normals. Okay, so like this one skillet inside and now grid read. Phil, we have it here, so the span is too Now I want to select this pervert asi here and grab it in X direction just a little bit. So once I go shapes, you will see that select piece edge debt is right next door summary and grab it in X axis, so it will go inside. Now, I want to select this this circle and grab it a little bit in life access. Okay. Like this. A little bit more. It is in the middle. And what we can do is we can't scale it down if we want to. Just a little bit and then way don't have it on this side, because this is not correct. But we can change this by pressing control. A and old transforms. So we sat looking sanitation scale too far circles here. Okay, we are done with that. Now let's go to transparent mode and let's create these thes details. So first thing that I want to do is I want to make the details. So let's select this edge and press shift. Command be so shift control. Be, But not so individual virgins for control. Be not ship, but control be selected and like this, make it two. Now Let's sell like this one and command fees one more time. Scale it up to here and now we want to extruded and scale it inside. So E s inside. And once I call out of edit mind, you will see that we have this really nice looking detail. That is what I want to do with this one as well. So command B or controlled if you're working on PC E s inside and well, we have here now let's do it here also press three. So let's see where we can do press she I want to do it here so we can press two times j And now we can't command be a little bit only like this and extremity and scale it inside looks It looks good. Now let's make that big detail here way. Want to go on transferring to you into the right photographic mood? Let's select D's. Okay, let's add a little good here. Select these courtesies and skilled on a little bit inside a likeness. Once we did that, we want to go here on face, select and select these faces on Lee. The outside one's way want to duplicate them so shifty right click and then select. Once we did that, we want to go to edit mode and we want to extrude them. So eat us. And we want to extruded outside once we did Death way have this looking detail here. Okay, the next step, guys, we are going to do this thing this big this pic we know here because I call it that Also, we're going to make these details here, so stay tuned for the next part. 6. Modeling The Front Window And Top Details Part 1: guys to the fifth part on how to make this submarine. Now we want to make this really big window. So the first thing that we need to do is we need to select this circle here, select the inner edges shifty, duplicate them and separate them by selection. Now let's select it, press three and let's extruded in my direction to here. Let's now go to they select, select this whole face and extruded E s and then outside. So, like this, we want to select everything. So press select one face press l and now shift and to recalculate the normals, we want to shake smooth and let's looks OK now by going to edit mode, I'm going to select these thes faces that are on the left side and I want to grab them in my direction so they should go inside off the submarine here. Now we want to select this thesis circle and select thes edges that are right on the outside off our circle. So as we did previously shifty, duplicated and separated by selection. Now let's press three, and here we have our circle. We want to select it and extruded in why direction. So let's turn off our subdivision surface modifier for a second. Like scaling down E Y escape down wise. You want to add two more loop cuts here and here Scales then as well. And here we want to select thes edges and go to grid feel. Now let's increase this number two. Okay, let's decrease this number and play with the offset. So I really like how this looks, so I'm going to scale it a little bit more inside. And now I'm selecting only this outer edge two times Jay. So, Jay Jay. So like these parts that are outside as well Now press two times j create too shades smooth . Select everything And don't forget to flip normals if these distortions, if you see these distortions so that we want to select a subdivision service modifier and let's bring this bit a little bit inside. So like this And here we have our window don. So let's see weekends do it one more time, so press two times change or we can get rid of this edge. Let's elect these edges here. So on Lee, please press two time j. I can't do that same thing here Grabbed him inside. Simply going to add a circle here. She wants to. We'll have that for as well is here. I had a okay. Least edges here. I killed him. Let's elect coal part here and grab it in right direction. Okay, Now everything is good. Later on, we will add the's. We will add more details. So I want to ask one more look good here. And I want to scale it off. Okay, Once we had our materials is going to look better. But for now, this looks good. So I want to grab it. And why direction? A little bit more. And now let's elect this this X and grab it and quite direction. You want to press three? I think I want to play with. So let's elect these edges scaled. So Theo Moore around it. Okay, so, like, this hatch skillet a little bit inside a zoo. Well, is this one okay? It looks good. Now, let's go to the top part. So we want to go to number pad seven, go transparent mode and delete These Vergis is okay. And but simply add mere modifier here. We have some distorted parts and we can fix that by just clicking on this, uh, arrow here to move opting modifiers. So it is going to be the first modifier. Then the subdivision will be the 2nd 1 Let's put three on our number pad. And let's add one more a loop cut here. Okay, so everything it's good. Now we want to select this edge and breaking down a bit. Okay, Now, let's elect this face here inserted. So my person, two times I you can inset it or once. Let's just make it to the individual origins. And here you have in said faces and you can play with these. So I'm going toe, apply the offset. So we have something like this because we have a mirror modifier. Open press two times j and bring this down. Press three were killed. Okay, No, let's let these two press two times J and bring it down. Pressed with time, Jake, and bring it down. So we have something. What is this? I will select everything. Okay, two Time J. Because we are going to be in setting the face. Let's just press two time here up to here to here case now, what's the like. The face in said it. Okay, let's elect this face in. Said it like this. Let's make this part. So let's extrude Let's select this part here and separated by selection. So we weren't duplicated and separated by selection. Now we have this part here, and I don't cock it because it is very more than egg shaped. So let's we will just go one more time here. So, like these to grab them inside, reckon more inside, grabbed east to pull them up and apply mirror modified. Now we can select these afford Vergis is and use the circle on agile. Oops. Okay, bring them down. Um, and now let's separate them by selection. But the first thing that we need to do is we need to infect the faces like this. Okay, So shifty and then separated by selection. Now I want to select it, go to edit mode, select beholding, and now extruded, extruded in said directions like this now because this is going on his separate way. I'm going to press s upset and zero have it down. I this you can also pose like the whole thing and scale it if you want Teoh to right now. Here, Press three, select the top face. Grab it in that direction. Now we want to get rid of these faces inside, select everything and add a face. So with simple things. Now let's inset it so I everything and make sure that almost are right. Okay. How? Let's elect this part. Fill it in. We want to scale and extruded in said direction like this. We want to instead it one more time, so this should be connected. So I'm going to get rid of this face here, Select this part here. Shift as then add a cursor to select it, shift a and add a sphere. So this fear is going to be exactly the same as this one. So 16 segments by age rings press three skillet and grab it to here. Shades, food it One psycho here. And I applied America, uh, separation surface modifier had knees, goods year here, here, and want to talk on site. Turn on my supposition surface, modify it. You will see that this looks good. So I will just make sure that this goes and hide. Kate, let's get rid of these courtesies will dissolve urgencies Let's lefties to grab it inside dissolves. I just here and add one. Okay, so we are done with this one? No, Let's just make sure that this part is okay. Let's like these in sad axis like this is What's the travertine in here? Now let's do this. 7. Modeling The Front Window And Top Details Part 2: so this big detail here, let's add a little good added here and by using command be will want to make bevel right here. Okay, Now let's select this'll edge here. Wait here. What's bad for one more? We did that So by pressing seven on my number path, I want to delete all of these burgesses. So I will be using near modifier from this one and I'm going to add to hear Once I did dead , I will add Okay, let's select these forward to seize. I think that I will add one more I will and one more year Good little skill Press two time g with dissolve piece badges here Waas dead I will be simply Thies too. He's to dissolve. I just select these two I cracked two times because here we have double Vergis ease Way will select piece too And press old m at center and merged them together. Center lost, we eat. Once we do that, we will not have any problems. Now let's make this one here. So we have this five way. We also like these are disease here. Select these two These two Vergis. He's grabbed them inside so like this way will select everything. And let's Admiral modifier okay, applied to mayor modifier. Select these fighters so only peace make a circle like this. And let's let's make a Let's elect these faces here and we want to separate them by selection so shifty, separated by selection, select everything and extruded in said direction. Okay, once week did that. We want to select edge select select only this edge at this inner edge shifty, duplicated and press people way. Want to select this edge, select everything and now extruded in sad Irish like this. Want to rotate it extruded rotated Gravitt Turn off subdivision service modifier for a second ex treated in said Direction Rotated. Grab it here and just shoot it, Kate. Now that I'm satisfied with shape, I'm going to select dese two and scaled them down. So let's elect to center off Mass was killed in spring down as well. Now let's just align these with the original, so I selected it. Get rid of the courtesies. So the lead them on election day to one more time extruded in that direction. Rotated. I want to Let's use the heart disease for this one, Carl here. Graph it. Final time e extrude it up to here and then I will rotate it and put it right down. Just bring it here. OK? Basically what I'm doing, I'm just killing and making sure it looks nice. And I want this to be a flat. So s ex and then zero or just press s y and then zero. Now we did all of this. So one cycle out of edit mode to object mode. What's sleep novels? And at this happy occasion service modifier, it should look something like this. I will skill this down. Grab it in my direction, see how it looks. It looks now we will play more with this watch. So let's foolish inside all these Let's select this edge here press three then E s we want shooted. You know why access? I had a little good here selected now e s inside. Want to concerted press three then e fly again? He s and e Why so h go inside like this And if you want to these just to be really could just add a loop here. Here. Well, so the next thing is our lens Here it is going to be a little bit smaller, so selected. Let's elect this edge here. We want to duplicate it and separated by selection. Now, once we do that, once we did that, we want to select it and extruded in Why access the more times like this. And let's add one more could here. Yeah, well, like this. Once we did all that way. Want to select this edge here and grid Phil, let's plate with ease. So this plan is to so like this privacy and grab it and why? So we had distortion shift and turn on our subdivision certain this modifier with these Well, because I want to bring these inside as well Is this one okay, let's get a freedom much here. Just grab it to tops and side way can add one more look good here and Dravid and way have our submarine It is done So the next step is shading it adding shade Er's so yeah, guys, I will select these at this edge and I will dissolve it because I don't need your good or not Plenty. If we can resolve this edge because we want he don't want complex topology here I just I'm just going to select this as X s Y zero and over these s zero. Well, uh, hoping this inside way can also go back here and on. Pull this up a little bit more. So it better. So the next step guys is shading. Stay tuned. 8. Modeling HDRI: come back to the seventh video on how to make this submarine. Now we will add some shade er's to our submarine. The first thing that we are need to do to me too. Way need to get rid of this. This a reference image. So we're just click X and deleted. Now let's move this up. So using this, I will add Okay, move this and add one more. Here, here, this down as well as this. And change this to TD report. Okay, Now we have two times to the view port and we will add 18 Grr! Here. So that is basically meaning The world here is not going to be like this. Great. It is going to be more more natural. So the first thing we need to do you need to. We opened this slide and we will change it to Shader editor because we're going to put some shading on our submarine and changed this object toe world. Here we This is by default here, and we are going to add our HDR i. But before we do that, we need one Asia right to have. So let's go to Google to go go. And here we will type down H d r. I haven't, uh I love this this site, because it has It has old age, er eyes it if you want to use. So let's go down there down and you will find it yourself. Wear just clean down thing that eighties here somewhere. Here it is here, a one down. So, yeah, I use this one so you can just click on it and downloaded if you want to have just like me . So I previously downloaded and it is in Marie. It is in my submarine file. So how can you apply that into here? So basically, press on this background, just click on it and press command t control t sorry or yeah. And here we have environment, texture. We will open a new file, go to submarine. And here we have Pierre of one down. So open image. And here we will just press control be and use this one Press Zet. So Z and then go to render We are waiting for it to So previously I received each file as I was going step by step because sometimes London can crash and that will make a lot of problems for you guys. If you, for example, did everything and just as it is, it's just turned down. So, Beecher, make sure to render to save your files as you go askew. Go. So here you can see that this thesis world changed. It is not It is not great. And you can see the lighter parts. You can see the darker bars. So yet here you can you have it. And what we know, what we're going to do now is we are going to change this rotation a little bit. So it is. You can change it as you want to, but because I'm doing, um, something because we're going to make some glass here. I want this parts to be right here because it is then going to going to because this is going to be transparent. You can see it like it is inside because this is going to be glass. And it will reflect this background image here. So, like this and you can see Okay, we are done with He's er I so we will keep it. And here underworld will just turn settings to object. And now let's start applying shade er's so the French shader that I want to to make. But before that, let's go here under. Just go off lunches. Let's go here and under Orender we will render it in 80 in E V and we will. First thing that we need to do is we need to add our ambient occlusion, add blue and add screens. Base reflection. So but let's ask a screen space reflection later on. Once I add my shader here. So, as you can see, it is blooming without with Okay, so the first thing that I'm going to make is this part here, So let's hop onto the video. 9. Adding Shader To Body Of The Submarine: Welcome back to the eight video on how to make this submarine. So now we are going to add our shading. We left it as it waas before in previous video and now we will add No, we will add our our shader to this submarine. So the first thing that we need to do is we need to add new material. So here put press new And here we have our principal PST PST f so shorter, be a principal BST um add foreign oy texture Here we want to change the scale to to just like this and change d this 12 minutes, Karofsky And yet so that is that. Now we are going to control the exponents here exponents with noise. So we're going to add a noise. Nice texture. And we want to set the scale to 6.9 and increase the detail to 16. Like this'll add, um color two exponents. Okay, so nothing is still happening because we are not adding anything to our toe here. So yeah, Now we want to ask Call a ramp in between these two. So we want to add collar ramp here, move them aside and uh, now we want to move black to zero point. Let me just click on the black here. We want to change it to 0.296 like this and add a control and to control. How deep does scratches are at one more color around? So we want to move thes and at one more ranch here. Now we want to believe Black 20 and we want to change their white to 0.8 zero. And in between these two we want to add, we want to add three more. Any more of these colors? So here we have the lightest. Okay, so we want to bring 1st 1 So this gray to 0.30 point 0680 0.68 The 2nd 1 the light grey. We want to bring it to 0.95 and this this great to zero point 0.298 like this and add. So now drag the fact to color or color to fact. Okay, so we are still in with that one. Now we want to add worn out. Look to the detail. To do that, we will need must. Great color. So you must. Musgrave. Here we will change it a little bit. So changed a scale to 1.3 and detailed 16. 16. Uh, I mentioned we're not going to change. Uh, yeah. Change to zero. And like, uh, like you Naret e to 1.6. Okay, these two together. So Colorado and Musgrave, we need mix shader. So shift a mix are a mixed rgb Use me. So we want t to connect color off the color I am to call her one and Musgrave to color to Here we will change the fact to 0.208 to 2 Sio eight. And yeah, so the last week to control old details, Add one more collar ramp So we will move these aside like this and one more call a ramp. Not this one collars Iran here and we want to change the white to 0.727 Okay, like this, add one race part here and moving to 0.2 for one so selected and movie to 0.2 for one. Okay, Like this add a mixture to the cholera like this now adding this to the base color. Here we will have black and white scratch marks and by adding this'll to metallic. So let's move it. And at this metallic here we have a metallic work. So we need we can add an invert universe added Connect the color ramp to color. Right, This added to metallic. Okay, on here you can see how it looks, and we want to add way. Want to add one more? So we need our bump map. Add it. Add d color to height. We want to change the, uh okay. Normal to normal. So normal to RV is the f Okay. And also, what you can do is you can decrease the shrank to 0.83 t. How it looks now. Okay, is a little bit better. Should look like this. So added to the base be SDF. And if you want to change the color of your Met metal here, you can just add this one so shifty. Duplicate this Colorado, change the whites to whatever color that you want. I wanted to be yellow. And also add with this gray one, we need to make it a slightly darker, darker yellow here and now, uh, just play with this. Now we want to add the color to our base color. Que That's how it looks. Looks good. And if you want to play with these, you can also make these the's scratches look bigger. So just play with this one. How thin, or how thick they are. You can play with these also. You can play just okay. You can just plate thes these ones too. How dark or heart? How white is this one? Okay, let me go back. So yeah, Highs. His finally let me just at this, okay? We need to add mixture, Kate. So makes makes rgb We want to add it to fact. And yes, So here we have our scratched scratches. You can play with these As I said before, if you wanted to the lighter. You can also play with these. And also, if you want your scratches to be different color, you just click on this on this black point here and just move it to whatever color you want . I will ghost likely higher. So they should be slightly greyish. Play with these. Okay. I like how they look. Okay. So, guys, we are done here is how your no bad will look like Thats one and yeah, So we are done with the first point here with the first part. And I will play a bit with these as well. So that's mean the white board here, please pack. That's more on this one. To your 10.7 to 7, these guys. So, yeah, we are done with the first part. So let's hop on next step. So now we will do the propeller. 10. Adding Shader To Propeller Of The Submarine: guys. Welcome back to the night video and previously we did this. So we did the body. And now let's add the's the propeller. So we need new material and this material. Okay, here we have our bia's pdf file. We need to change the base color. Let's go here. Let's select our body and add our whole material. So press ad now we will go here propeller, and let's go down. Okay, lets go up now. We need this to be this one to be black, so we will go here. Increase the metallic to here. Now change the color to black. It's not platinum Black put likely like here, Jane Doe roughness down someone we town And here we have our propeller. Now we will use this material on this action here. So just added press tap, select everything and ad material. A sign it this'll alone. Tom. Okay, Now let's elect this part here. We will also add this material press l and a sign. OK, those are the black parts off this submarine. Now we will add new material is here as well. Way will add material and this one will be Matal as this one so I will simply select the this propeller. Go here at this material duplicated on this and change the color too Tourette like this. And also change this color to red as well. Like this way will add that same car to the rest off the propeller. Here, Here. I, um, wanted to add this one as well, so we'll just see how it should look like this. But he scratches are a little bit too much, so I will change the scale. Okay, as well is with this one. I will change scale to here. I like it is much better. I was killed a little bit more like this was much, much better. Okay, so we will add the's materials also on top here. So let's elect everything. Select this part here. We will select these the's edges here on Lee. These edges okay. And these are just as well. So this one is this one and I'm pressing shift bolt to select all of these. We want to make this color to be exactly like this one. So let's have this material this Shader like this and we assign it so let's getting it up. Select now these caught these edges here inside as well. So let's go to here. So let these colors so like top. Okay, let's if everything is so these I don't So yeah, guys, I think that share it selected. And we will add that on the plus sign will add the red point part. And here you see looks She looks really good. So yeah, guys, we are done with this part And this part here that is dividing our submarine off the top of the submarine, we will use a different color. And also now, let's hop on to these windows and make the shader for our glass. Before we do that, let's just add a different material to these two. So we will add a new material. Here we have our bia's you have filed. We will make it look metallic like this. So just select metallic changed the roughness down a little bit so you can see what I'm doing here. And we will change the color to let so that is basically what we are going to do. You can change the speculator too. I don't know. Change it. You wish so I think I am going to leave it like it is right here. So yeah, right. Leave our This is what I'm going to do. And also lets you like this one at this cholera selected in edit moan and assign. We're going to do that same thing with this one. So selected Go to edit mode cell. OK, one more time and assigned his color. So here we will like this. Okay, lets see. Also, we have up here one point that I want to be think that it is here. Okay, this point is going to be in italics. But it was just going to edit mode and just this one a little bit so selected this loop and grab it and fly axes, so to pull it inside. Okay, everything is good. So now let's hop on to the windows 11. Making Glass Shader And Finishing The Details: Come back, guys. Dent Video. And now we are going to make our glass. So let's elect this of top here. So this big glass and let's add a new material So this material are will rename it to class as well. With these, we will rename them later on. We had to rename them, but I just forgot. So, yeah, let's change this one a bit. So here you can see how the render will look like we will change the transmission to one, so increase the transmission and here you can see the glass looking bull half full. So yeah, we will play with Alfa. So will we will decrease to 0.3 their 0.3. And let's change the roughness so it looks more like flats, not foggy glass. So let's decrease it to 0.0 20 and decrease the metallic. 20 Okay, so now here we have our glass and we will change the base color too bullish. And I have hacks, hacks, a triplet of colors. And I have it here what I love to use. So, um seven e seven e six. So I like this color because it gives me divided. The submarine is in the sea. And as I said before, with these trees and everything, so you can see that it is it is reflecting the truth. So too, we have our glass Shader, and we will go here. So left this window and it to the windows on the sides. So let's just select the window, go to edit mode, select everything and then press a sign So we will do that. It's like the same thing with this one. So l a sign glass. So we're done with that one. And now let's just add these feel details to be in different color as well is on the top. But before we do that, we just want to add this material glass material to the top here. So I just selected went to edit mode and assigned the glass material. And here in London moves. You can see it here. Yeah, I just go here. Okay, so let's make this metal metal parts way. We want to select this circle here had new material and we will make it one 100% metallic. So 1.0 and decreased the roughness to 0.16 0.168 And here we have our middle part here that is dividing our glass. You can see the reflection also. Now I will select the body. Go to edit mode, go to transparent you. I had a new material. I will select only this part here but without these two. So select these two and shift Ault the selective and I will assign this material. And here you have it. And also I'm going to add that same material to the top here. So let's go out of transparent view and add this material to the top. Here you can see it. And also we will add it onto here on this ring. So let's elect this part here. President If it is, it is easier for you. Press tab. We will select these. These edges just change the focal in. So it is going to like this And let's select these points here But all shift and then select these Okay, this'll one. Hey have one are here. Let's go to transparent road and selected. And also we have one more here. So by selecting them, we want to go here plus at a new material that is going to be sign. Go out of here. You see this crossing? Working range. So yeah, guys way are done. We are suffering. And make sure that you that you save these files because you never know when blunder can crash. So here you can see it, guys. Okay, we've forgot to Teoh give this circle a shady shader. So let's just go here, select this ring and had a new go to enigma selected and add this material. So here we're going to assign it as well. Way are done with our summering guys. Go out of edit here. You'll had you guys make sure to stay tuned for more still tutorials and more courses that are coming so that guys by