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Create A Stylish Handlettering Poster For Instagram

Misti Hammers, Misti's Fonts

Create A Stylish Handlettering Poster For Instagram

Misti Hammers, Misti's Fonts

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6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Class Trailer

    • 2. Supplies Overview

    • 3. Making The Poster

    • 4. Posting To Instagram

    • 5. Final Thoughts

    • 6. Bonus Poster

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About This Class


Learn how to add your handlettering to a poster in Photoshop and post it on Instagram. Quick and simple ... no tracing needed!

Basic knowledge of Photoshop and handlettering needed.

This class will not teach you handlettering or photoshop, but if you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help you!

What You'll Need

  • Photoshop
  • Your Handlettering
  • Scanner
  • Stock Image (for your poster)
  • Instagram app installed on your phone

More supplies details, as well as links to everything used in the class can be found here:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Misti Hammers

Misti's Fonts


Hello, my name is Misti Hammers and I have been a font designer for 3 years. Letters are my passion and I want to share my passion with you!

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1. Class Trailer: Are you a hand lettering fanatic like me? Would you like to make a stylish hand lettering poster to show off on Instagram? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you have come to the right place. I'm Misty Hammers, the creator of Misty's fonts, and I want to share my lettering tips with you and this really simple and quick course. We will take her hand lettered pieces from paper to photo shop. You do need a basic knowledge of photo shop in head lettering, but don't worry about being an expert. This class is really easy to follow along, and I will always be happy to answer any questions that you have along the way. Ready to get started. Great click enroll and let's make our posters. 2. Supplies Overview: Let's go over the supplies you will need for the class. I provided a link in the project description to a post which lists everything I am using in the class. I am using photo shop CC, but you can use any version of Photoshopped to complete this class. If you want to try photo shop CC, I provided a link to try 30 day free trial. Of course, you will need to create some hand lettering. Here's a hand lettering that I created for this class. You will need a scanner if you don't have access to a scanner than I provided links to skinning APS that you can try on your phone. I am using a cannon scanner. I even included a screenshot to the settings that I used to scan my hand lettering. You will also need a stock image to go along with your hand lettering. I recommend using on splash dot com. They provide free, high quality stock images. I picked this coffee image which naturally fits with my hand lettering. Finally, you will need to have the instagram app installed on your phone. I won't be going over how to do that because I'm sure most of you have that already, or you could easily install it. Okay, Now that we have everything we need, let's get started on our poster. 3. Making The Poster: in photo shop. We need to create a new document. I'll go ahead and give the file a name. I recommend a document size of 800 by 800 pixels and set the resolution at 300 peopie i before we begin. Let's go ahead and save our document. I'm saving line to my desktop. Okay. We can drag our poster into photo shop, then resize and adjusted the way we want. I'm holding the AKI deism out and choosing the move tool. I'm pressing control A to select the whole image and then selecting the move tool. I'm centering the image. Both vertical and horizontal are impressing control s to save changes and clicking okay to the dialogue box. Now we need to drag are scanned hand lettering image into photo shop press enter to place the image, we want to remove the white background. So let's turn off the background layer and make sure the can lettering layer is selected. Go to select color range. And so, like the text. You can adjust the fuzziness lighter to your liking, but I have mine turned all the way up to 200. Now you can see that the Texas selected, and we can click this icon here to create a mask. The white background is now gone, and now we can turn on our background layer. There is a bit of the background still left, so we will select the brush tool in paint block over the mask. Be sure that the mass Claire is selected and not the image looks great. Now we can adjust the lettering until we are happy with the result. Now I would like to change the color of the letters. We can do this by clicking the FX icon and selecting color overlay and choose our color. I am going to sample color from the coffee cup. I'm actually going to add some text. I want the type. The word time with my phone called better together. I actually created this font based on some hand lettering. I did so I think it looks perfect. With this poster, I will add a color overlay and sample color from the coffee. I will group these layers together and add a drop shadow and an outer glow. I will over the opacity of the coffee image so it doesn't compete with the lettering. Finally, I will add my Instagram name. I often forget to do this, but it is a simple way to add your branding to the poster. You could even add your website if you prefer. I will lower the opacity of the text a bit. Now we can save her poster as a PNG. The poster is complete. In the next video, we will post it on Instagram. 4. Posting To Instagram: Now we need to move our poster to our phone so we can post it to Instagram. There are a few ways you can do this. You can attach your phone via USB and just copy or poster and paste it into your pictures holder. You can also email the picture to yourself and then download the image attachment to your phone. I personally use an online storage app called One Drive. I simply drag the poster to the desktop app, and it uploads it to my online storage. Then I use the one drive app on my phone to download the image. Okay, we're ready to post to instagram feel free to tag me in your photos so I can like them. 5. Final Thoughts: thanks so much for enrolling in the class. I hope you enjoyed it and learn some useful tips along the way. If you found the class helpful, please give it a thumbs up. These recommendations help my class reach more people. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will be happy to help you. You can find more of me on my website misty fonts dot com where I post new fonts regularly until next time. Bye. 6. Bonus Poster: Hello, everyone. I decided to create a bonus poster video. I will mostly be following the same steps as the coffee poster, but with a few extra tips along the way. So this time I will copy the hand lettering and paste it into Photoshopped. This will ensure the image gets brought in at its original size. In the previous poster video, I dragged it into photo shop, which scaled the image down to the size of the Photoshopped document. Before I resize it, I will right click it and convert it to a smart object. Therefore, we can scale it up and down without losing quality. I will select the whole document and align the image to the center. Then I will decent like the image and use the transform tool to scale it down. I will hide the background layer and go to select color range. So, like the text, make sure the fuzziness lighter is turned all the way up and then click. OK, I will click the mask icon in turn the background layer back on. I prefer the bottom version of the word rose, so I will select the mask icon on the hand lettering layer and paint black over the top of the hand lettering with the brush tool. With the move tool selected, I will move my hand lettering to a position of my liking. There is a bit of the white still left on the edge of the word rose. So I will change the lair mode to multiply to hide the rest of the white. I am using the transform tool to rotate the lettering and scaling it up. - Now , I will add a few layer styles to make it pop of it. - I also want to drop the opacity of the background layer so it doesn't take the focus away from the hand lettering. Okay, I think it looks good. Finally, I will add my Instagram name. Okay? The poster is complete.