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Create A Social Media Marketing Plan For Beginners

teacher avatar Ali Mirza, Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction to SMM plan class

    • 2. SMM plan basics

    • 3. The WHAT of your SMM plan

    • 4. The WHO of your SMM plan

    • 5. The WHERE of your SMM plan

    • 6. The HOW of your SMM plan

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About This Class

Do you know why most people fail at social media marketing?

Well.. it's because they are trying to do "stuff" without creating a proper plan first. 

Nothing works without a PLAN and it's true for your social media marketing as well. 

In this short class, I will show you 

  1. How to create a simple but effective social media marketing plan
  2. What are different components of this plan
  3. Real life example and case study (we will create a plan together inside the class)
  4. A fun class project

Class Project - Your class project is to create a social media plan for your own business. Download the business and start working on the plan as you watch the lecture. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ali Mirza

Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur


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My name is Ali Mirza and I am the CEO & Founder of iSocialYou. I have been in social marketing industry for 10+ years and started iSocialYou in 2014. At iSocialYou I have worked with several mega brands and startups. I help our clients in creating an engaging social brand and then generating leads from their social media presence.

I am also an entrepreneur at heart and have launched some products along the way (FiveOH is the most recent mobile app that I launched in 2015).

While working with key mega brands (Chevy, Lexmark, Papa Murphy) and 100s of SMB, I learned a lot and now I want to help YOU get results from your marketing efforts. My mission is to help 1,000,000 students get... See full profile

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1. Introduction to SMM plan class: Hello and welcome to this amazing class on how to create a simple and effective social media marketing plan for your business. My name is Ali Mirza. I'm to see you and founder of Ice Social Use, a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas. And now let me tell you more about this class. Let me ask you this question. Why do you think most people fail on social media? Well, it's because they don't have a plan. And guess what? In life, nothing works without a plan. And same is true for social media. If you do not have a plan, your social media efforts most likely are going to fail. So here is my goal for you in this class. By the end of this class, you will have a simple and effective social media marketing plan for your business. And it doesn't matter what type of business you have. Maybe technology company and started an app a SAS company. Maybe you have a local furniture store, electronic store. By the end of this class, you will have an effective and very powerful social media monitoring player. And here are the topics covered inside the score. So First of all, we're going to start with the basics off Social media plan. What are different pieces if components in different questions you need to answer in order to create an effective plan. We're gonna talk all about that. Number two is I will take you through the process off, creating a plant step by step so we will see how to create an effective plan every single step of the way. So I'll share the process with you. Number three years. I'll share my tips and tactics I have in my agency. I have worked with small companies. Mega companies start up so all shared by tips and tactics with you inside the scores. November 4, we will do an example together, meaning we will create a plan together for one of our clients in my agency, a furniture store. We will create a plan for them together. So after you've done that, would me inside the scores creating your own plan for your business is gonna be super easy for you. And yes, there is a class project to make sure you download that and complete that project. And it's this is it's gonna look like something like this. You will have a social media parking plan for your business at the end of this class. And don't worry about all of these. We're gonna cover all the details inside this class. Now. I'm sure you're thinking who should take this class. Obviously, if you want to grow your business using social media, this class is for you. And maybe you're doing some stuff on social media, but not getting the results. Guess what, baby. You don't have a solid effective, a simple plan. So you should take this class. And also you want to be more effective. Your social media marketing efforts. This class is for us. What so think about if you're a business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, marketing consultant, social media agency owner this is the class for you. Thank you so much for watching. Let's go and roll right now. And I will see you on the inside five. Enough 2. SMM plan basics : Hey, welcome back. And this, would you? We're gonna talk about the basics and the foundation off a simple and effective social media marketing plan. So when it comes to creating a plan for social media marketing, there are four question that you need to answer. You can call these questions aspect component, but this is what you need to answer inner in order to create an effective social media plan . So the question number one is what number two is who number three is where and number four is. How. And I'm sure you're thinking, What are those? So these questions are right here. So let's touch these very quickly. Number one is what? So this is where you want to think about. What is your business about? How do people work with you? How do people pay you? Is it a website or an app? Or maybe both? So those are the thing you want to think about when you think of what number two is who who is your target audience. And again, you want to be very specific. The gender, the age range, Are they local in your city or in your country, or are you targeting in the target audience all over the world. So you want to think about all of those things and number. T is very important. I believe this is where a lot of people, a lot of marketers of business or make the mistake Where where is your target audience at its Not enough to say my audiences on Google, my audiences on Facebook, my audiences on Instagram because that information is not complete, you cannot use that information to create effective social media plan and inside the scores . Yes, we will answer those questions. I'll show you with an example how to find where your audience is at and the question before is how. How are you gonna attract the audience, your target art. It's a piece kind of step back. Once you know what your business says, Who is it for specifically? Where are these people? You can easily think off different creative strategies to go after these people to do different tasks and tactics to attract these people to your business. And yes, we are going to cover all of the's. All of these four components are aspect of social media plan in detail inside this course and before we jump into it, Here's my quick recommendations. So Number one is Do download the temper if you haven't already downloaded. A template is a template inside the scores, and it looks like something like this. Let me resized this right here. There you go. So here is the template to social media marketing plan. And you can do this. You can download this and use it if you want. You can create your own in exile Google Sheet. Pdf or maybe on a piece of paper. It's really up to you. But make sure you do download or work off a similar template. All right, let's go back. Number two is Do this. Exercise the planning with your team. Why? Because when you do it with the team, you get all kinds of ideas somewhere. Go to migrate somewhat crazy, but, you know, capture everything. That's the purpose off doing it with the team. Yeah, Number three is you capture all those ideas from your team on the number four me resize. There's there you go when you're doing this exercise. Just capture all the ideas in your Excel sheet or on your plan. Don't worry about the privatisation until you are at the end. So capture all the ideas and then think about the privatisation and the budget and what you can do, what you can do based on the restriction, the budget restrictions you may have. And I thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions, leave those questions. Comments. I'll just reach out to me and I will tell you in the next lecture by for now. 3. The WHAT of your SMM plan: All right. Now, in this video, we're gonna talk about the first company off social media Marketing plan. Which is what? What is your business about? And here are different things you want to remember when you are working on this aspect off your marketing plan? Sochi's some key states key things to remember. So 1st 1 is when you think of what so think about anything and everything about your business, Uh, do you have Ah. Is it a website or mobile app or both? Or maybe it's l local business. Maybe you have an address because a lot of furniture store a dentist office. They have addresses, right? Worse is an e commerce store on Shopify, very different bases, and they're very people. Find those businesses the way people work with those businesses is totally different. And you want to write down everything about your business, and the before is very important. How can people pay you? How do people do business with you? For example, for an e commerce store, people go to the website, they enter the credit card information and to buy that product, whatever the product may be for a furniture store or like a dentist. People that go to their office to a physical location and the service is done. And then people pay. Right. So you wanna make sure you write down everything about your business And number five is also very important. What do you want people to do when they land on your website? Do you want them to purchase something? Do you want them to call you or do you want them to email you? So think about all those things. And now, yes, let's look at an example, because I am going to create walking through a really life example of one of our clients that I social you on there will do it together. So you get to practice with me, and then you can do it. Your own yourself re own business. All right. Now. So this example. So it's a local furniture and electronics store here in Dallas. So I live in Dallas, Texas, my agencies based here, and this is actually for one of our clients. Let's do it together. So here are different things. I wrote town in the what column off this business. So obviously it's a furniture electronics store. We saw new furniture. New Elektronik. It's important to know that because some stores they sell used stuff, right? So that's why inside what column you wanna write down or think about anything and everything about your business and then number? Next is website. So this business of the website no mobile app. So that's important to know, because we don't have to create the marketing ad campaigns to promote the mobile. If you have a mobile app in your how you can think about creating different, less. A Facebook ad campaigns to get more downloads. Right. Number eight is people. It's another important thing people cannot order online. It's not an e commerce business for e commerce business. You know people when they go to the website, the add to the card and buy that product. But this business is different. It's a local business, which means people look at the products on the Web site, but then they actually go to the store to actually purchase it right on. The next one is yeah, obviously. So they have to come into the store to do business with us, to pay us and to buy the product. And then what do you want people to do when they go on the website, we want them to call us or email us. So that's how we can, you know, maybe schedule the them coming in or answer the question. But sometimes people may look at a new TV and they have a question. Maybe they want to know, Hey, is it in stock? But you can call us or email us, and then we can answer the question and also have them come in and then purchase that from us. So this is the what off this business. And obviously, no, make sure you do. After you watch this video, download the free template or the blank template, and you can create your own, too. But make sure you work on the what for your business so that you can apply some of these learnings. If you have any questions, leave those questions, comments or reach out to me, and I'm going to see you in the next video and yes, next video. We're gonna talk about the who called Who is your target audience. See you in the next lecture by 4. The WHO of your SMM plan: Ari, Welcome back. And now let's talk about the second component off your social media marketing plan, which is who? Who is your target audience. And here are a couple of things you want to remember when you are working on your own. Who for your business. So number one is be very specific. So think about. Are you targeting men or women or both? Or, and what's the aging? Is the teenagers the midlife or, you know, the the boomers in the senior? So you, when I think about all of those, number two is, Where do they live? Do they live in your city in sudden zip courts and your stayed in your country? Or maybe all over the world? Number three years? What did they like and dislike? So do you know there's baby certain things that the like? For example, if I am the example that we're doing this took course furniture store. So people who are into furniture they're likely to be interested in like home improvement or home decoration. So you want to think about everything that your target audience likes or dislikes, potentially and then before, obviously you want to write down as much as you know about your target audience. And now let's jump into our example plan. And let's work on this, that Bashir best with you right here. So in our example, we've been creating a plan for a local furniture electric electronics store in Dallas. And here is the definition off or who? So first of all, obviously said it's in Dallas, Texas store. So our target audience lives in Dallas, Texas, and specifically deal live, and this is a game. This is what we spoke with the business. Or he told us that most of the target audience is actually the address in the five Mild. Really, it's very important to know this because later on when we are specifically doing, that's a targeting. Options may be curing Facebook at Weaken Target five Mile radius. A new is coming back to this, so the audience is five miles from the address and also for a furniture store. Their prime audience is women because in like 20 to 25 to 60 year old, because if you think about this mostly when it comes to making decisions about you know which appliances in a rich fridge or store or maybe our furniture. Women are the decision maker, even though the men likely to pay. But women end up making the decision. Uh, so they were the prime target audience for this business. Really good to know, right? So when we create campaigns, we can specifically target women. So this is why you want to be very specific, as specific as possible in your who, and also they're likely to be homeowner. So think about patients with kids, you know, they have new houses and, you know, maybe their newly moved into a house and they need furniture. So those that's our who that's our target audience. And also they like delivery option. So this is something that this store provides the free delivery so we can use that to our advantage in our copy in our campaigns and alter our Italian audiences into home decor, home decoration, home improvements and also the light to save money. They're looking for new deals. They look for new coupon, so it's not a high end luxury furniture electric store. It's more discount, affordable. That's the type of furniture store this one is. So I hope this is helpful, and obviously, after you're done this exercise with me. Go back to your blank template and work on who for your own business. And if you have any questions, reach out to me. Thank you so much for watching. I'll see in the next with you by phone. 5. The WHERE of your SMM plan: all right. Now let's talk about the third component or the third question off our social media market plant, which is where? Where is your target audience at? We know what our business is. You know who our target audiences. Let's brainstorm and think about where these people are at online and offline and hear different things you want to remember. So what I like to do is Number one is. Think about where your audience is offline and also online. So when it comes to number two off Line to think about different events, meetups and conferences, and this can be very powerful guys because imagine if you are into little B two b business . You're selling like technology products, and you identify a conference that happens in your city. Or maybe in any other city. That's very powerful, because you can call that conference. Maybe you can rent a boot, but you will be right in front of your target audience, or your marketing tactic will become very powerful. So yeah, number two. Very important. Think about offline. There you audiences at two different meet up events, local events Ah, conference as industry get together. So think about all off those number three years Online toe. Think off now. Think of Google, Facebook and Instagram. Where is your audience at? But this is very important. Number four. It's not enough to say my audiences on Google or my audiences on Instagram because we cannot use that information effectively to create marketing campaigns. So what I like to tell my students is, so think about can you see touch and feel your audience So you have to kind of drill it down to that level. And here's an example. If I see my audiences Facebook, that's bad example, cause I cannot even like Target that. But you have to go to this level of detail. My audience is inside. Facebook Group called after, You know ABC, whatever that may be or my audiences on Facebook page off Latapy The Heart. If I'm opening a pizza shop in my city, the local peace of heart Facebook page, they have the audience that I want. I would say my audiences on Facebook Page Page called Pizza Hurt in Dallas, right? Very specific. I can go to that, Pete. I can see different people. I could feel them. I can see their names. So you want to go into that specific level? Those that type of details, when it comes to where is your audience, act or line? All right, Now let's jump to our example that we have been working on and here you go. But we re size there's Here you go. So now we're gonna talk about We're so offline again. You know, this is where, What? We We've been working on a plan for a local furniture source of offline so forth. This business, we can think of different since, you know, we talked about the audience and they're into, like, maybe they bought a new house. So maybe we can There are different meet up groups for riel state or on that topic, home improvement home decor or their different media groups. For parents in our city, right? That's in pity. It's right. And how do you find these? Indicated a site called meet up dot com right here. And this is very powerful. You can find a lot off local events on meat of dot com, so make sure you enter your city and then when you come here, look at you can find all of these different types off events happen. So for that, by forming a search for real estate that probably tons of events happening. Look at that. Right. And also, you can if you're not sure, you can also kind of look at these arts book clubs. If you are, let's say, for creating a plan for a gym or maybe including a plan for a fitness app. Then looking at the health and wellness event in your city can be very powerful. Right, S So this is very this is a side meet up dot com. This is where you can go right here. Meet up dot com. This is where you can go to find local events. Let's go back right here. And I'm sure you're thinking right now. So once you know these events, what do we do? So hold on to that, cause we're gonna cover that in the next lecture. When we discuss the how right now we're just catching all the ideas. Once we have these ideas and how we're gonna discuss, how are we gonna How can we use thes effectively? All right, so that's offline. Coming back to online. So first think about Google So our audience right here, this audience right here they are on Google and they probably searching for things like furniture store near me or T furniture near me furniture store in my city. So they're searching for things like that on Google, and actually, you can validate that example. I'll go to google dot com and lets him get a type furniture look. That's a Google is already recommending Off Furniture Store in Dallas. A Google is already recommending. That means people are searching for that term. And here's what I like to look for one what I search for that keyword if they're people running at the company dining at that told me it's very value. A lot of people are searching for that. There's a high volume because that's why brands are spending money to get in front of them . They're running at. So this is a way you can validate if your audience is asserting for your business on Google and then Facebook groups so very powerful again, I went to you can go to Facebook and search for in this example. I just searched for home decor Dallas and look at let me go back my Internet has been acting up, but let's see if I'm gonna search for home decor. Dallas. What's it? Enter and then go inside groups and you'll find there tons of gropes. Look at that Dallas furniture interior design D I. Y. Product. Perfect cause people inside those they're likely to buy furniture or electron ICS, the birds and the so far on the couches and love seats. These are my people. These are my target audience for this business and also their own Facebook pages. Fans of like i Kia pants off low. So you want to think about maybe, you know, your competition to be a competition has a really big audience and Facebook. So that's what you want to write down here. And same thing with Instagram. So this speed these people, right here they are the followers off Kia and Nose in Dallas, not like corporate brands, because our audiences specifically in Dallas and specifically in a five mile from our address. So this is what you think about when it comes to where where are your people? Where is your target audience are offline? What advance conferences, meetings get together that attending and also all night to think of very specifically. What are they searching on Google? What Facebook groups do they hang out? In what pages do they like? What Instagram pages do? The light? That's that's what you want to think about at this stage off your social media marketing plan. If you have any questions, you know where to find comments or just reach out to me. Thank you so much for watching. I'm going to see in the next one bye for now. 6. The HOW of your SMM plan: Hey, welcome back. And now let's bring everything together that we have discussed in this plan so far and talk about the fourth aspect, the component off your marketing plan, which is how how to capture their attention, how to get in front, off your target audience. And here are a couple of things you want to remember when you are working on your half. So, first of all, obviously, we did the who Where did the active before? Who did the what the Who the where. So create your how your strategies based on lost three steps and number two If you step back and think about this. Once you know what your business is, who is your audience specifically, and also where exactly your audiences at our men and offline. Your marketing becomes very easy because you're not doing random things anymore. It's very specific. It's very intentional. It's ready, targeted, and it's because off a plant, so there is no random marketing effort, no raced, and Number three is be very specific on how you will implement sort and strategy will look at an example in few minutes, a few seconds and then before is obviously you want a brainstorm with your team, and I love that because you're able to want to do it with the team. Obviously, you get some good idea, great ideas and crazy ideas. But the thing is, sometimes you get an idea form an intern or a team member that you were not thinking it was not in the front of your mind to. This is why I love doing these exercises. The's brainstorm sessions, the planning meetings in, in my team setting. All right now let's jump to our example that we have been working on and you re size this for you. So this is a social media marketing plan for the furniture store. So we have done. We have done what to wear. Let's talk about the how all right now. So in our were we identify this audiences in different meet up groups. So once you know that, how do we get in front of them? What do you do? So here's something that I like to do is a couple of things. One is you can attend. These events weren't you know he X Y Z event or meet up is where my audience is going to You can attend those events, exchanged business cards, shake hands and then follow up with those people one on one. So in this case, you can attend the event and exchanged business cards and tell people he come check out our furniture store. But more powerful could be right here. You can sponsor some of these events cause once your sponsor an event, guess what. Now you get a chance to get in front of everyone if they're. Some of these events are huge. They have hundreds of people and imagine this was for furniture store. But imagine you are working on a new technology start of poor college kids, right? If you identify advance where a lot of college kids hang out, maybe a hackathon and you go to that event you attend, or maybe you even like pitch your idea picture. Start up. By participating in that event, you can attract a lot off your target audience to your business area to your startup idea. So that's what I would do with the events. Attend those events or better find a way to sponsor the event. You can easily reach out to the organizer and ask them Hey, how can we work together? But the cool thing is, once you if you've done Step 12 and three, you will not be wasting your money because that event attendees is your target audience. Those are the people you want in your furniture store, right? I know. Let's look at all light now. So we talked about our audiences all light searching for T furniture near me or furniture stores near me. So once you know that a couple things you can do, which is right here these tactics or how the 1st 1 is, you can start creating blawg and do the CEO search and optimization so you can create content. The idea is, you create content, own your blogged based on the key word that your audience is already searching for. And again, if you've done your homework, you will not be resting your effort because you're creating content. You're answering questions that your audience is already asking on Google, right? So that our technique number one take number two is obviously, if you have the budget $10.20 dollars, depending on your budget, you could also run Google ads and get in front of your target audience. And again, you know we're doing this not randomly, but we know we have validated you. Check that. Our audiences on Google doing these things right. And the next one is Facebook groups off. You identified a Facebook group that your audience is hanging out in. What you can do is you conjoined those groups, but do not span. Absolutely. Don't spend your business inside the Facebook group. What you can do is a couple of things. One is look at the rules of the group and some of these groups allow self promotion on certain days. If that's the case, you can, you know, promote your business. Everything. What I like to do is reach out to the admin off the group and ask them here. How can we work together? And maybe he we wanna you create a poor since idea group, Do you allow sponsored post or how much can you pay you? Or how can we work together and a lot of time they will ask you. Hey, we're gonna charge you $10.20 dollars, $50 for you to promote your business on, you know, once a week or once a month, So that's a type of far collaboration I would like to do in the groups. Next is if you have identified for pages. Your fans are our pages, where your target audiences act for them. For fans of ikey and lows, what you can do is you can create Facebook ad campaigns and target those pages. Yes, so you can target paid days off on Facebook ads. If you identify your competition, maybe you're one of the competitors. Multiple off your competitors have Facebook pages and huge audience. You can target them and steal their audience. It's very easy and effective strategy and again $5 Friday. That's just an example. Budget. You Obviously you can set any budget that that's fit for you and the for instagram. You know, if you identified your audience is on pages, you can create content of the right hashtag food. Hashtag research would like to do is if you identified pages where you always is that you can actually look at those pages and see, you know, whatever hash that beer using another tool I like to use for hash that research. It's called display porpoises don't cup. It's right here when you re SISE this for you, display purposes dot com and basically what the tool does is you'll go. Input matter. One keyword of one hashtag and the tool will make a lot of suggestions. So, for example, let's see furniture and look at this here, or all the suggestions that the tour polite I did. I input one hashtag, one keyword, and now this tool is suggesting 30 different hashtag that I could use. Right. Let's go back and wrap this up. There you go. So that's what you can do on Instagram. And then, obviously for your own Facebook page, you can you identify that your audience is on Facebook on different groups and also different pages, So you should definitely have your own pitch and create content maybe 3 to 5 times per week and create your own community. Create your own target audience. Get them to like your Facebook page So you build your own community on Facebook, which is full off your target audience. Now, if you have any questions, we reach out to me. Leave those questions to me on. I would be more than happy to help you out now, obviously after you done this exercise with me. Make sure the plan that you have already downloaded of that you have already been working on. So complete this plan for your business. And if you want my feedback absolutely just attached that plan to leave a comment and attached that plan with it. Or leave me a question. I will be more than happy to look at your plan. And if you have any specific questions, let me know I will be more than happy to provide my insights. Thank you so much for watching this video and also this class. I want to congratulate you for completing this, but this is how you create a simple and effective social media marketing plan. But an singles for important question. What is your business about? Who is your target audience? Where are these people that your target audience and also how do you get in front off them ? Very powerful. And as you can see, it only took us about 2025 minutes to create a very simple and effective social media marketing plan for a furniture store. And you can do the same for your own business. Absolutely. Do it Finish your homework and then reach out to me if you get stuck. Thank you for watching. And I'll see you next time. Bye for now.