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Create A Professional Wordpress Blog Yourself- DIY

teacher avatar Somenath Sen, SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Enroll Now !

    • 2. Introduction To The Class

    • 3. Register Your Blog First

    • 4. Manage Your Stats

    • 5. Compare Different Plans

    • 6. Wordpress Post Part 1

    • 7. Wordpress Post Part 2

    • 8. Custom Website Pages

    • 9. Customize Your Blog Design Part 1

    • 10. Custom Navbar

    • 11. Customize Your Blog Design Part 2

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to create your professional wordpress blog for free of cost.  Yes you don't spend anything to create you own professional wordpress blog and in this class i show you how to do that in step by step. So enroll the class now !


Meet Your Teacher

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Somenath Sen

SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes


My courses are specialized in technology domains that are well aligned with market trends, geared towards enabling gainful careers and are affordable. My aim is to teach technology the way it is used in the industry and professional world. My up to date course library will give you the perfect way to jump start your career and dive into today's job market.

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1. Enroll Now !: 2. Introduction To The Class: Hi, guys. Welcome to your new course about Ward based. I'm from the chin and I'm your instructor for this course. And in this course I'm gonna teach you how to create your forced of what based website cost . What is blawg for? FY off cost. Well, what is the semen spread home? As we all know, he's a sinful street CMS spectacle. But what this also offer a free blogging platform for your businesses. You also then create your website for free, off cost and you don't have to worry about hosting or demand name or that type of thing. What first will handle all of the thing. So if your budget is tight and you want to create a website for your business, then the what bears is the righteous for you Because 25% off total Internet website are powered by what this and what is highly issue optimized. So forget about ranking or this tape off stop, because what based power with side are ranked highly on the searching And in this course, I'm gonna teach you stay Best opposes how to create your first wordpress website for free. Off course 3. Register Your Blog First: So we are in our workplace dot com website. The weather just for these website is what prayers dot com And when you go to this website , you can see a page look like this. This is the official What place with side homepage on. If you want to create your own offside, just click on this create website button over here. As you can see this titles, they create your new website for free. So you just click on this. Create with side burden over here and it will go to the next page rare. You have to choose some option before you want to create your website now, as you can see, First of all, you choose your team from here and I can tell you you can customize your team on later on as well. So if you choose any off the team from here for now, and you can also choose another one or you can customize thes team into your what presidents go directly. So choose any of them from here. Let's use this one now when you to your team the next step you want toe, create your slight address. Now, as I mentioned before. We're space with site for your cost and you don't have to worry about hosting or domain name on something like that. Now, as you can see here when you choose your side, Neil, let's say, Ah, dem aside the most site and now you can see whatever side name you choose. It will appear as what was dot com subcommittee on. Now, As you can see, our demo side name is already exist. So we want to choose another name or something like that. So let's say I'm a little demo 21 on now. Hopefully it will available. No, it will not available that they want to go something like that. Now it will available when that demo side name will ever level. You will see the green broader in this text area. Now, when you choose your side name this Click on this create my side burden in here and when you click on this, create my side button over here. Now what place will show you some plans? The force plan is free. Of course, as I mentioned before, what prince dot com is pre and this is free for life plan. So whatever you choose this plan, you have to pay nothing. You have to big, damn single penny for life. And you have to use what was not from for whole life for free of cost. I choose this plan on also what bears have some premium plan as well as you can see over here, what does have a premium plan which costs $99 party here on Also have a business plan which caused to $99 party and this plan will offer for some premium benefits like own custom dot com Domain name are more flexibility like you can install your own team used your own plugging into the your wordpress website But the plan does not include that. As we can see in our previous video, we can, uh, choose our domain name as what is dot com sub moment. So we have to be some see before we went to try our dot com domain name using waters. So for now I can choose this three plan from here on. Believe me, this pre plan include all of the creature is to help you to start your own business. Don't be worried about this premium plan And of course, if your chi tria is big, if your business is big and if you want a premium look and feel for your business off course, you go through this pinion plans. And also this premium plan is give you 14 this pre child. So if you want to try this premium plan, try the PAL version hosted, then goto this premium plant. All right, so we can see like this preplant click on the select Three plan from here and now when you select your free plan and what was axe your immune ad rates, password and user name to create your weapons or scope with side where you can manage your all back and deter So I already have a warp is not gonna gown on. I'm just going to long that account and show you how we can build our what was not coincide . But if you don't have you, what does not come with side? Just sign up by fill up this pond below, which is pretty easy, and then create my account. And when your account is created, you just automatically log into your account 4. Manage Your Stats: All right, guys, though, will come back. So when you sign up for workplace and long into your test board, when you forced them long into your dad's gore, your desk board, maybe look like this one and now on the left inside. As you can see, there is some couple of option over here, like Status plan block post BG's team's menu and some configuration options On On the top, you can see here to Ted like my sights on reader. I will go to this option in the later videos and also on the writings I talked. You also season couple of often like notification and user settings and also have often to create a new host. So the first option here is at a new world Affairs website, so when you click on this link, it will give you option toe. Add another war pairs block toe this account so you don't want to create any multiple accounts for your multiple blog's or sites. You just create one warplanes dot com account, and you can manage multiple sites in there, and below that you will see your site name and side. You are ill for our kids is demo side to double 1245 and Demos I to double 1245 dot What does dot com, And after that you will see option for status. When you click on the status option, it will redirect toe the streets, speeds on. Dhere is our state of space. In the speech, he will see the visitor count for our liver six delivery, six weekly month, even the year of physics. Our bloggers pretty much knew. So we don't have any village or tea now because we don't have any post still now. So there is nothing to display in here. But as soon as you get your closed visitor or this will straw in here on, you can feel Got those? Visitor. You can analyze the reader by using day, week, month years or even the hours cold and also as even see here. As I mentioned before, we don't have any post right now, so it will give you our option to write our coast bolster. So this is the status page for your what? Baseball, where you can see all the analytics staters like Google and Light is in your workman's does were directly 5. Compare Different Plans: Alright, guys, I will come back. And now, as even see after the status, you will see often for plan. And when you click on this plan, he will see the same plan that you can see in a previous video. Uh, for you, what place broke The host option is for free, which plan we just selected for this blow, neither going to see here. This plan is already selected, and it's the Your current plan is free and which will never explored. And after that he will see her Some two more plans, like premium and business. Now, as I mentioned before, Premium Plan is charged, $99 party year on business plan will charge to $99 for year on. Also, they can offer some premium features like you can upload your own team and upload your own plug in and customize your what with side as much as you can with the free dot com domain name and your own custom email address for your business. Now on the top. As you can see right after the plan, you will also saw some to time. I want to score two men. Another one is for email. And when you click on this domain tab, he will see Ah, our sub domain, which is demo side to double 1245 dot What does dot com, which is our primary sub domain for this? What pissed our site on? If you add your own dot com domain name, just click on this ad domain button over here, and it will ah give you option to restore your own dog condom and names. So what? This and then Mandel's domain name into your ah site directly. And when you restore your domain name from here, you will probably go to this e mail there. From here on Dhere, you can create your own custom email address that probably replace your domain and as, well, something like that. If my domain name is google dot com. So as it was this for my name, I can create here email address something like show I'm not. Add digital google dot com or something like that. So first of all, if you want to create your email address, remember this thing. You want to upgrade your plan horse toe. This true premium plans over here, either it will premium or businessman. Then goto this domain and razor your own domain name, which is free if you use this premium plan from here on, map those domain name into your wordpress dot com website, which will probably if you restart this domain name toe waters dot com. There will automatically matters. Domain name into your site so you don't have to worry about mapping anything else. They will do the rest for you. Just want to purchase the opinion plan and they're supporting will do the rest of work for you on whenever your domain is map to your business. Coincide. Then you goto this email tap. Come here and create your own custom images for your business, which will probably look more professional when you stand and email address Trio plant And they will probably much more impressed if you used a custom email address. But before these course, I don't have to choose any premium plan. Over here. Girls, as I mentioned before I can create, is what was dot com website for free, and I also so you guys, how to create your own WordPress website for free, Of course, so we obviously choose the free plan over here so we don't have any often toe create our own dot com domain name on Also create our own custom email Aries. If we have great our plan to premium plan, then we also have auction to choose our domain and email address. And when you create your cost, what was dot com block for free? What does not converse that call? Three. If you think that you want to upgrade your plan, please go ahead and upgrade your plan. Toe this premium plan they're pretty good and offer some premium preaches as 6. Wordpress Post Part 1: Alright, guys, so will come back on now. After this plan settings, you will probably see the publication option relevancy. Under the published stab, you will have to option publish a block post and published a peach. Ah, we'll go to the page in our next videos. But for now, let's take a look how to publish your force blocos into your workplace log. So click on these are blocked post link on the side. Work on when you click on this link. As you can see, we don't have any public sports right now because our walkways bloggers pretty much knew Andi. That's why it say you have not published any post yet. So whatever you want to publish your host, yes, click on this. Start a new post bird and over here and this burden will show up just because we don't have any posts right now on If you have any post here, this button will do ensure, probably Dale. The indifference will look like difference. So, whatever you want to publish your second post into your what best block, you probably click on this ad button after this block post links on the side. Well, it will redirect toe the create a new posed sitting and where you can create your new post . But for now, I can click on this start. A new coast wouldn't. From here it will go to the same page where you can create your new post. So this is the post radiator in work best where you can publish your first post are where you can publish your old post. So, first of all, we want to give a post title. So let's they this. He's my most Khost, which will look pretty nice. Some adjustments now it's look pretty good now after giving your title. Below that, you have a big Tex area where you can type your post content. So let's relentless Dyson content over here like this is my first coursed in my blawg and and hang for visit my website or something like that. Now, when you're spinning stichting, your post title and post content, you have a two button on the left hand side toe pretty your coast. When you click on this preview bottle, it will give up, preview your post how it will look like into the browser. Also, you have three auction over here to preview your post in deck stops King size preview recalls in Tablet skin, says, Right now we're in our tablets. Insides on preview your post in mobile skin size so you can adjust your post title and post content. As for this preview sitting on when you satisfy with the content that you can retail on this post there slick on this publish button and your post will publish immediately into your block and also in this public burden on the right hand side, even probably show a killing their ankle right into this. This will shed do your course for future use. So when you click on this calendar icon, it will show you the calendar and that dude is dead so you can see like the date from here , where you can publish your course on. Also select the time what time you want to publish your cost and click on publish button. Then this post will publish on that date. On that time, it's pretty more simple on right upto the public option. I don't put this to burden. As you can see, there is some couple of more optional warrior. The cross often is core category and tech. So when you open this category and tagged by clicking on this little at over here, as you can see, default category is already created and selected for this post. Just because what does dot com will create a category reaching name on Categorized. Andi thinks Post is my people selected court that category on If you want to change the category name, and if you want to create a new category, just click on this. Add new category. From here on, it will create a new category into your what is dot com block, and then you can choose that getting the for this post. So let's create our forced category over here, Um, my going or what? Your name. You want to give it in here on when you give the category name from here? Now there is option. You want to select it for this category, which is, if you own facility this category as top level category, they consider this option by tickle. It was selected, and if you don't want to make this category as your top level captivity, just uncheck this option. So I'm probably check this auction because I want this category as my top level category on . After that, I just click on this ad button over here on as a gun. See, when I click, add word And over here my story, which is a category that I just I want created, which is probably in the category list. And now I can uncheck the UN categorize category on only check this my caravan. Come here, Andi below the category. You also can choose the tag for the sports. They're probably working like our key ward into the coast. So whatever keyword you are targeting called disposed for if your purpose, you can put it in here. No, this type of tag over here that's in my tag. And remember one thing When you add my typical tag in your post, you can separate them by using comma. Now you can see when I give a comma, it will Sibert by each other. No, you can tie one more bag. We're here. Bag jewel on give a comma. And it was the birth from each other. So in this way you can add your category, Anna, your take home here on right after the category intact you'll see option for future image. Future image is an image that will feature in this post. That means it will appear right below the title. And after that, the post content will start. So if you have any post image, if you have any future image war your post, you can chew that. Come here. Just click on this set future image button. From here on, it will open the water based uploading option where you can upload your image toward is post. Now, as you can see here, you have to option toe upload media toe. What faced the cost? One is add new button. When you click on this auction, it will open a pop up window where you can select your computer traffics or computer image to upload them. Directed here what was wrong and right after that you have on auction toe ad by our world. So if you want toe, add any age by U R. L. Just copy and paste. The image will come here, then click on the upload wouldn't warrior and will upload that image rightly in here and also you ever stealing option over here when you uploaded your image you have to control that image Ju ming option into here on Right. After that, there's click on this big ah bloombergan, which will say, Say, future image and it will future those emitted into your post on right after the future. In misstating, you will see our option force sharing on in sharing option. As you can see, you have some couple of option over here. The cost often is connect new service. So when you click on this, connect new service. It will open the new window on where you can connect to your social media account from here on. If you want to connect, your social media can come here when you create a new post into your workplace. Blawg that will share those social media platform directly. You don't want to manually share them that what bears dot com will do the rest for you that will automatically sure your post into your Facebook are into your Twitter or Google, plus whatever you want. This is really cool features on right after that. You also have some saying buttons and like option, and you will see there is two options show sharing buttons and so light that. I also suggest you buy the call. Give them as checked. So when people visit into your post, they will share them directly to their followers and toe their friends so they can visit your post. And you also get the flow off traffic on. Right after that, you'll have to show some post often like standard is size image, video courts links that gallery. So in here you will selected what type of post this is. Eso bite If all the standard was selected on this is the standard poor, so we don't want to change that. But if you have an image post or if you have a video post or court post, then it wasa changed that by going this post former auction from you and also right after that you will have some more couple of options, like slug our export land location. Viatical. I don't do anything in here because I don't want to localize my post. Oh, I don't want to slap my post, so just I live it as it is and write up that that we also have some auction. If we want to display the comments into our post or not by tickle. It was checked. And also, if we want to allow in back and track back into our post or not medical, it also been selected on. I suggest you give them selected because it helped to rank on the issue. So this is how you can create your what? Press block post. 7. Wordpress Post Part 2: All right. So I will show you one more thing here into your forced idea. Right before your whole study will see a link icon toe, edit your post link or let their read your post formally. So when you click on this link, icon Dalla box will pop up with the post. You are ill. And if you want to change the post, you're in tow. Whatever keyword of whatever title you want. Yes, since this form hair. As you can see, this is completely changeable toe. Whatever. Title old well, he would you want? Let's say I want toe removed. His thesis is my first course toe. Oh, this He's just give a heart between boost Um, no. When you're done, just click on the outside of this dialog box on it Will Steve the formally And now one more team you want to do is click on the publish button over here. So when the posters get published, this formal ing will already get updated. Are if your post East published first, then you want to change the formal Ingle That's they post the world, really just to change the world by clicking on Lisa, I can't over here. Link Icon over here on Changed the title to whatever you want. Change the link to whatever you want, then click on the update button over here. Let's just probably this speech cost. Click on this publish button, and it will take some a couple of minutes a couple of seconds to publish your post. Now, as you can see a dollop box with the most populist on a visit, your slide to take the post. Now relevancy when the hostess publicist, the public's Burton are now gun because this post is already published so we don't need any publish button over here. Just we left with the preview and abdomen. So whenever you a bit disposed, whenever you update your title of most content or lets the formal ing or add a new category , change your future image or Syrian option or post format whatever you want. Whatever changes meaning one. In this post after you changed the post content, just click on this update. Burden on your post will update automatically, so in this way you can create your what we're supposed into the waters desperate Now when you go to them, my side again on go to the post again Now, As you can see, Thesis piers is now look different than the previous one. Now, as you can see, here is our coast that we just created. This is my cost. Post on here is the content and right after this we have some four options. 1st 1 excoriated When you click on the edit button, it will redirect toe the same place where you can create this post to update this post content. And right after this, you can see of you. But when you click on this view button, it will view the post into the browser. And right after that you have a status burden. When you click on the status Britain, you will see the status for this post that mean how many visitor will visit this post into your block on right up to this very zor option for trust, Trust are working like a recycled being that mean when you click on this trust button, it will trust your post. Andi. Now you can see also moved to trust on when you take a look at the top. As you can see right after the publicist, you will see a new tab call Trust on. When you click on this trust nowadays, even see here is our post that we just trust her right now on now, As you can see in this trust, you will see probably look like two buttons. One is for restore. That means if you click on this restore button, it will publish this page again on when you click on this Juliette former Halliburton. That means this post will militate formally into your block. As I mentioned before, Distress is working like a recycled being that mean when you are deal, it's something from your computer. It will strolling to the recycle bin, and when you remove that form, your recycled being that will deal it permanently on distress is working like that. When you are trust opposed, that means it will store into the trust is could not delete a permanently. But when you delete permanently from the trust, it's will remove the post from your worthless broke permanently. So let's restore this post again. When you click on this restore button, it will restoring the post again for you on DNA. Now, as you can see into the publish tab e real probably see your post again. So this is how you can control. You can create. You can eat it and you can view your caused into your what is dance board? 8. Custom Website Pages : all right, so now we know how to publish our low cost. Now let's see how to publish and how to create our website Egypt. So under this publish option, you will see optional link or peaches on when you click on this page is Link. It will redirect this big. And as you can see in this speech, one peach is already carried for us, which is about what best buy tickle created is about. A speech corners on Let's just entity speech. There's click on this tree dot com here, or you will just click on this title on the beach, and it will go to the editor directly. Now is it going to see here? He's our I am older speech on now. As you can see him, there is nothing content ing. This is just a little bit of title on religious Finished. The speech like this has changed the name toe about us. Andi. Also, if you want to change the formally, just click on this a link on gender pummeling toe. What about you want, let's say about us and also have some little bit of content over here that's there. You'll come to these beach in this beard. Hey, Well, more about us. This look pretty nice. Now, when you done finishing this click on this updated wouldn't over here on dabbed. It will probably immediately. And also, we have often to preview our page. When you click on this preview option, it will preview the age into your browser. As you can see, this is the P. And this is the content. And this really look something like this when you look into our browser and right after this preview and update button. Also, we have some couple of optional hair like future image as like the Post, we also can add our future remains in this speech is click on this state future image often over here on, uh, add your image formula computer, or add your image from the Ural directly. And when you've done added you image, you also can auction at just the June off your image home a June you want. And when you've done that, this click on this state feature image button over here on the image will add it to your is directly on right after the future image we have of each option now, as you can see, we have in one option who just called top level pitch. Now, if you want to market speech as top level, just check on this pop option. Might recall it was on on. If you don't want this page as your top level, it's just click on this option again. Toe off this option and also you have option toe authorize your page. Right now, we have only the one page which is about us. But when you have lots of pages, you can all of the speeches as you want. Like if you want to order the speech as oneness, stay here one or whatever order you want for the speeds just died. The order here on your beaches are standing on to that order. And right after that, we have a Syrian auction as like the, uh, post. We also have often do of shore searing buttons and show like button by the call. This both that check on. I suggest you leave them as it is because more searing means more traffic to your website on Right after that, we have some more auction dead where you can also have the same often like slug and locations on. Also, we have option toe allow Commons and alot being back and track back over pages by tickle this also, Waas checked. But right now I'm just uncheck that because we don't want anyone comment on our refuges. We want comments on our post, but we don't want any comments into our pages. Also, we don't allow anything back and track back, so Ah, after all the thing is done, this click on this update button over here on your beach will Ablett immediately. As you can see Page update it. If you want to check it, just click on this link below and it will see you just changes into your browser. Now, Liz, is goto my sight again on click on this tedious step And now, as you can see, we also have some four tap on the door Which 1st 1 is the least No in this published that you will see all the public species that you haven't you with side on Right after that we have a job tab where you can see the dark pages off your website and right after that you have a schedule tab where you can see all the schedule post for you with side. And right after that we have a trust ramp where you can see the trusted PGE's for your website. Now also Ah, on the beach ist ideal on the lift inside. Right after the title, we will see our Ed Burton. We knew our click on this ad button. Even directo is where you can add a new page for you West side. So this is how you can edit, create and men ease your west right pages into the what is dance? 9. Customize Your Blog Design Part 1: alright guys. So now we know how to create what their speeches to your WordPress website. And now let's take a look how to customise and how to change our team using team editor in WordPress Jasbir. So under the personalized tab even see probably here to Option one is called Team and other one is for many. So let's click on this team option from here and now, As you're going to see, there are hundreds off thousands of teams in here. Some of them are paid and some of them are free. And also, whatever team you using your side that team name was just lay on the top. As you can see, our current team name will display on the top and also right after that, we have some to option cost. One is called detail on the stage in one's for customized. When you click on this customized, it will open the customizer in a new tab to customize your current in settings. And now, in this video, let's choose another team from this team panel and customized those team auction into the next window. So let's choose one free team. Come here if you want to choose a premium. Tim, you also can do that. Just check out the price and features what they can offer you and to your team. The team in solution process at the steam for paid and free team, but poor pay team you want to be. The team sees cost. Then you want Oh, are used this team into your site. That's the only difference. So now, as you can see, there are lots of team were here. You also can search the team are using specific keyword like blogging or business or portfolio What they were type of team you want. You can search from the search box over here and right up to this surgical. You also have some to auction. One is for filter the team using three and paid and other Washington is a button, which they move. When you click on this more, it will see you some more option overhead. So Liz is choose a team. Come here and let's install those same into our current law and customize this option as well. So let's just calm down a little bit. Andi, let's just, uh, choose this one. This thing looked really nice in the Previa mitt. When you select your team, the cost option you have to do is preview your team for us. So when you wore on this Kumble's, you will see a preview Burton right after it. So when you click on this preview button, it will give a preview that how your site look like using this stream. You also have a three option over here toe resize this team for tablets. Skin size are Movil, King says are let their decks, Topkin says, to see how it looked like and when you satisfy with this option renew Think this team is a suitable for your site. Then click on this try and customized button over here. When you click on this, try and customize button. It will load the customizer and give you some more information to customize you Team Esper as your site Now, as you can see here he's Our customizer was loading. It's still loading on your team Review will display in here and your customizer sittings are on the left hand side. Now you can see this is our team. This is our current site. Look, this is how our current side look like now hair. As you can see, we have some couple of option toe customize This looks and feels using this option. So now as even see on the left and said, We have some couple of option and we have toe use this auction to customize our site look and feel No, the cost often is my title Tagline and logo When you click on this auction, as you can see Ah, the small stops on this course site title Lissa since this site, I will do my right now on the right inside. As you can see, when I change the sticks toe my side that text will immediately updated. That means this customizing option are really time. Whatever changes you made in the customizer, your side will add up those changes instantly and we know save and activate those team This changes are being stepped on your side. So this is pretty good now, right below that, we have a tagline for our site and right below that we have often to true the local. So first of all, let's just add a tagline So it's just started. Welcome to my world. Look nice. Andi, Now on the right hand side right after the title. As you can see, our dangling also was added, and in the local section you have an option to choose your own locals on hair. So when you choose your own image, a logo come here your site title. Maybe this takes will not appear on that will replace with your image local. So if you want to add your image lower, come here. Just click on this ad local button over here, and it will open the media library. Call you where you can upload your images lower as even see dropped. Filing our toe. Applaud so you can drag and drop the local image file. Come here, or you can click on this. Select while option and choose the logo image from your computer right of it. And when you done selecting your image, just click on this set as logo Burton on the bottom, and it will spread the image as your site law. Now let's just go back to our sittings again. And now, as you can see after the site title tagline and logo option, we have a color and background auction as well, and when you click on this color and beg conduction. As you can see, we also have a control to our color on bad gun doctrine as well. Now you're going to see you know, our backbone. A battle will apply as you concede this pattern already in here by default that mean this team will come with this pattern by the cold. And if you want to change this pattern toe, whatever you want, just click on this change button. When you over on this pattern, preview minutes in your sitting. This click on this change button over here and as a gun. See, we also have toe upload our own pattern image or own image. Or also choose the static Bagan color from hairs. So choose whatever you want. I personally like this background So I dont change this bag on from here. Just go back to the sitting again and ah, click on this color and background option as well. And now, after this background auction, we also have often to choose our plate. Now, as you can see, there is some four plates over here. And when you click on this place, as you can see, the Brits will apply directly onto your side. It will probably the combination of background and the text color off your site. Now, as you can see, when I choose displayed, the background white will play on the background and ah, blue color. The sky blue color is apply on the dix color, and when I click on this pink option here on, it will apply a light pink color on the background on dark pink color on the text. And husband, as we have these two options, will when it's called being and another one is for a little bit of darker. So this is the place on how the place will look like into your best side on. If you think this plate will not go to your website and you have to go back to the previous style, I mean to say that default style, which you're seeing a previously just click on this a new Burton over here, or click on this default button warrior. When you click on this default button, as you can see, the default texture will apply on your website and that the core color also are apply onto your text. So this is how you can choose color and that gun for you. What is blocked Now go back to the sitting again and click on the corn option from you. Now, as you can see, there is two options in the horn. Cost often is for hitting. That means you can control your heading point using this little dog down for me. When you click on this little dog down over here, there is lots soft formed over here to choose your teams want viatical? As you can see, default team corn will apply in your heading and into your base point as well. But you also have ah option toe shoes. You're hitting form. Come here. And also you have ah option to choose your best corn. This can't mean your team body count. You also have auction to choose the base corn off your website by clicking on this job over here. But I like that you call team corn so I don't choose anything from here. But if you want to change these ah, hitting and based on from your website, you also can do that by clicking on this job down over here. Now let's just go back to the front again and let's click on this header image over here. So if you want to add a header image here, you won't go ad right away. Just click on this. Add new image from here and it will open the media library where you can upload your image file. Come here and now click on the select and crop burden on the bottom and choose the header image for your website. And when you choose the header image off your website, the header image will apply into this area. And as you can see, war purse will also provide a hitter image size. Now, as you can see, this team will support 9 18 to 250 pixel off header image. So be careful when you create your header image. Your header image should be in this size. Either way, it will not feed into your header and that reason your Hitler image maybe cross on the sites. So be careful when you can create your header image 10. Custom Navbar: All right, get So now we know how to install team, how to customise it and how to use it into a website using team and team customizer. And now take a look at how the means will work in what place? So right after the team you will see your auction for menus So click on these meanings on your left hand side on it will pop up with the main new setting panel So here is the minute stating Now, as you can see, it's pretty simple and clean hostel call. We need to choose our 80 years off menu that we want to customize so in hair In this drop down you will probably see how many minions will support it in your team Mighty fall. This team waas supported two mins one it's got taught me new which will probably display on the talker right after your site title and hitting and one is for socially menu which is probably appear on the food are around us in the sidebar on If your team supported, maybe more men use this will appear on here. This is actually the location off your minerals. So first of all you want to select the location where you want to place this menu. Then after that, we want to choose the menu that we want to our display into this location. Viatical. There is that d called the menu, which is what bears will created for us. When you will create this site, you also can change this default menu name toe whatever you want. As you can see, body for default minute was selected. And right after these dog downs you will see that d called menu on right after the D called mint Titley will see up 10 I can over here and when you click on this icon that dick old men you name are now changeable. So if you want to change this do called menu to whatever name you want, you can change it on here. All you can create your own menu by clicking on this little button over here, which they add a new meaning and we'll click on this button over here and a new minnow. It will ask you for mental name and menu item over here. Now you can see it's the men who tree and when you click on this little pain I can overhead Mental three name are now change of also changes toe our custom. Melo. Let's a custom menu and when you done changing their names, this click on the outside of these areas and the name will said Now, one more thing we want to do is we want to add a menu item. Come here. So now, as you can see in here, we have a little plus icon over here. So when you click on this, plus I can it will displayed up beaches, the categories that tag post link, whatever your side have this will display on here and in this navigation bar, you will choose whatever item you wanted in this custom menu. So let's say I want my Fiji's such as this, too. We already have two pages. One is for home and advice well about that. So let's say I want this about us page into my minutes. So I just selected about a speech. Come here now, Elegant. See, this item name is also changeable. Toe aspires your need. So if you want to change this about us name, toe only about you also do that. And now Let's just click on this blue button, which they add item. And when you click on this ad, I didn't. But I'm here now. You're going to see this item are now added to your custom menu. And when you done editing with your men who just click on this, save Britain over here and it will save your menu to your website. Now, as you can see how this menu is no cept on, If you want to add more items to their menu, just click on this Ah, little add button over here. Now it will open the panel where you can add more items, as you can see, if you want to add. Are writing of evolved this item? You can click on this option, and if you want to add another item below this idea, you want to click on this auction. And if you want a Children, items that mean when someone were on this menu, drop down will appear and they can choose their auction com there. So if you want to add that type of options, you can choose a Children menu by clicking on this option. So in this way you can add your menus to your workplace block 11. Customize Your Blog Design Part 2: alright guys. So after the header image we have are often for all our minimum. So click on this menu, step on the little side and it will give you the men sittings for your teams. Now, as you can see, here is our menu cities. Now we don't have any minerals in our sights, so this will show nothing in hair. Also give you a button to add a new menu into the website. When you click on this button, it will add a new menu to your with that ah into our next videos will are discussed more about the minnows, but for now, keeping in your mind when you have the menus, this'll will available. Come here where you can choose your mellows toe just into your site. And now also you have often dread your meaningful directly in the customers as even see over here. When you click on this button, it will add a menu to your state and now on the top. As you can see, we have a menu location option. When you click on this option, it will give you to auction toe and your men. The first option is stopped level Melo, the stop level men who is actually working like a main navigation to your website. So whatever pitches to choose into the top level mental that will appear as the main navigation into your website on Right. After that you have obstruction link minutes or whatever link you choose in the social like mineral. This will apply as a social menu off your west side, so let's go back to the previous skin. And now let's go back to the main customizer again and right after the menu you have an option for your widget. Region is a very important part into your website. What this all for you. Hundreds of years to customize your Westside look and feel and also add some great functionality to your wife said, like recent common section, our recent forced or maybe some popular post options and made a later options Sarge box. Whatever you want, you just added directly using the rigid option. What best offer you 100 degrees. It's for free. So click on this ridge its motion on the left hand side. Now, as you can see, this team support only the sidebar rejects now to conceal what? Here you will see Probably a one option for cyber something. Maybe support the food or widget options. So in that thing, you will see two options side were and footer. But this team will only support One option is for cyber. So when you click on this side world and now as you can see, the side were rigid often panel are open in front of you, not even see we already have six wizard, indoor cyber. Now take a look. Heard your team or here, as you see on your right hand side are your sidebar widgets. Now, as you can see, we have Sarge box over here. As you can see over here on the top we have started books now, right after the surge walks a Z, you can see we have recent post and they look onto your team right after the search bloc. We have reason post on now Recent comments within comments, archives, archives, categories, categories Mitt Aerator meditated. Now you also have ah option two. Ah and a new issue to your cyber on also have ah option toe add or remove this widget from here by Dick All this team have this'll rigid read it. So this region are appearing when you activate his team into the website. So you have a call option to remove this rigid. Come here. So let's say I don't want archive days into my search sites. So when you don't want this region, just click on this little air over here and it will open this stab. And now on the bottom, you will see to auction. One is for clothes and one is score removed. Just click on this removed, but in our hair on it will remove going. You know what cyanosis gonna see? We don't have any archives into our sidebar. Now, in this way, you also can change this region title as well. So let's say I want to change the title from this category region. So let's just click on this little arrow from here on in the title tab at whatever Titley won't let the my site Ah, ghettoes And on the right inside, as you can see, her now categories title has been updated to myself. Category has gonna see how easy it is to change. Add Remove your regents into your website and this region it does really feel great into what's that? And it will apply. Some great concerns were visitor, so this will probably have great creatures by witness. Now let's say you want to act on new. Is it really? Side were. So just click on this ad of rigid button over here on. It will pop up that we should live very core you now. As you can see over here, there are hundreds of your toe wear. Whatever you want to act to your website, just click on this wizard from here and it will add the reject were with said. So let's say I want a calendar to my side. So pick on this calendar button over here and now, as you can see, that calendar widget are added into my list and also added into my side as well. Now, when it's called on a little bit, as you can see, here is the calendars. Well, now you also can rearrange this region toe up and down. So let's say I want this calendar right after the surgery, so I just click this calendar. We should come here and drag it right up to the surgical. Now, as we're going to see our calendar are now right upto the Suttles as I need it now, as you can see how easy it is to add remove even adding did you read it to you? What is low? So in this way you can add the move, even customize your region as far as you need into your workplace Law team customizing. Now click on this bag button. Come here and it will back you to the previous menu. And now, right after the rigid we have our last auction which called static horn page sitting. So when you click on this option, it will just give you two only option which is your latest course. Easier for on pitch. Now, As you can see on your site, you will probably see your latest post into your western that mean when visitor come to your with that, they will see your lettuce posed. Only you can also replace your latest post toe a static phone pitch like if you want to make a website for your Porat, you obviously display the port of digital to your visitor of class to then, ah you know Ah visitor wanted to your block place. Then he will play called up Log Ling and go to the poor space. Something like that. So you also gonna do that using this option? When you click on this a static page auction, it will give you toe. Option one is for whatever beat. You want to use it as your front page. When you click on this drop down over here, it will open your all pages From here on now you have to select that Peaches, is that you want to use it as your front page. Now everyone see over here we already have one pages, which is about us. That's why it will show us only one pitch when you have multiple pages over here. It was waas the multiple pages on form that Officer Naval Select your one page now Right after that war pits also, ox, you whatever pH you wanted toe as your post pitch that mean whatever posed you wanted to create into your blog's where does course can be display now as events You were here we have only wanted. As I mentioned, we go on leader about us. But whenever you have multiple pages, room display the multiple pages where you can select that option where you can want it to display your post. Let there, if you want to keep it a page, something called Blob on. Now select those pH. Come here. So, whatever your visitor will visit your website and conduct blockage Ling. They will redirect toe a page where they can see the all latest post that hosted into your block on deck, mixing right. So in this way, you can either select the latest pools as your phone page, all you going through the study corn page for your website. Now let's go back to the previous sittings. When you done editing your block settings, you have satisfied with the sitting. You also have ah auction to see those settings into three skin size like accepts insides tablet skin size on even the mobile skin size. And when you're happy with the preview, just click on this button, save and active it on. It will activate the team with the sittings to your website. As you can see, how is it is toe. Who's a team? How is it is to customize it, and how is it is too easily. Activate to your website to change. Your wife said look and feel completely