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Create A Professional Website From Scratch With SquareSpace (No Coding Needed)

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting Up

    • 3. Navigation

    • 4. Design

    • 5. Homepage

    • 6. Newsletter

    • 7. Contact Us

    • 8. Blog

    • 9. Sales Page

    • 10. Premium

    • 11. Your Next Steps

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About This Class

This is a simple step by step comprehensive course to create your own website with Squarespace.

No coding experience necessary, This process is perfect for a newbie. 

Below is our affiliated link with SquareSpace that will give you a free trial to see if it is right for you!
SquareSpace free trial.

Squarespace is the all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a beautiful website. You will be shocked at what you can create and I hold your hand the whole way.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: awesome. So in the old days, if I take you back about 10 to 20 years, you either had to learn to code yourself to build your own really basic, very rudimentary website. Or you had to shell out 20 or $30,000 to this big agency who really didn't care about you. And they gave you any old website. That was an expression of your creativity or anything that you really wanted. Nowadays, things like squarespace existed, powerful tools that empower me and you to be able to build websites from absolute scratch with no coding. So that's why, in this course I want to show you exactly how you can do it and walk me through step by step from not knowing anything about creating a website all the way through the hiring the finished, polished product that you're proud of. It doesn't out of what uni she is. I'm gonna show you how to avoid all the beginning mistakes that people make, how to get rid of any confusion any overwhelming might be feeling. We're gonna go slow and easy to make sure you're getting every single step and acquiring the skills for you. So that sounds good to you. I'm ready to jump in. I'm excited and I hope you are too. So I'll see you in the next lecture. 2. Setting Up: awesome. So now that you're on that page, you can click, get started anywhere may look different to this one, which is a good theme to bring up the start things they're going to change very quickly on squarespace. But I'm gonna give you the overview that you need. When drills down to specifics, you're gonna have the understanding behind the specifics so you can make your own decisions for your own website. But for now, I'm gonna follow alone here as I've seen it. And you may see, for example, the get started button up in the top left in the middle. But you can click any of the get started or let's begin or similar buttons to get started yourself. Now, this is where squarespace are amazing. They want to find out some background information about you and whatever your site is going to be about, so that collecting this information to help you what's gonna happen is the more information you can tell them, the more they can help set up your site in a way that's gonna be useful for your specific business in your specific niche. So together we're gonna be building a personal training website. So if I just have a look here, concede consulting that big A good one. But we're consulting the health and fitness. So I probably click on the health and fitness myself. If you don't see what you're looking for, it doesn't come up in these categories. Simply just come in and describe it down here and then click. Next. What are your top goals? Remember, these questions might be a little bit different, but that's okay. Just answer them as honestly as possible in order. Help squarespace help you. So our top goals are to sell services and it looks like we could take more than one. So you conclude, get appointments if you wanted to do a personal training or life coaching whatever need assuring that needs people to schedule appointments. So I'm gonna click those two and click next. Were you in your process? So at the moment, we're probably formalizing the idea or a personal project. Oh, actually, probably more in the turning project, A hobby into a business. We actually want to start to try and get clients out there in the real world together, which is very exciting. So you could see this black button now says Finish, which means where the last question. So what is she gonna click that finish button? And that's gonna bring us into one of the most important decisions that we can be making together? That is the template off our squarespace website, so everybody is going to have a different preference. I have a different preference to what you probably will, and so will everybody else who's out there in the world. That's why they have some categories down him. I always like to browse by popular designs because you can see what's popular. You've seen what's working while out there in the world already. You can just come in and you can see. Don't pay attention to any of the imagery. Don't pay attention to any of the words in here Off course. All of that is inevitable by us, and we're gonna go through that one by one to make sure your website is perfect for you. But you could just see that there's lots of different themes and lots of different ways to set up the layout off the website from here, having a menu that goes down the page or you can have a giant image with a button and a little bit of text There. Here, there's just a image with no text. You can see. That's the sort of layout that we're comparing here now. It's very important for you to actually come on the left hand side and see if any of these fit your theme or any of these fit your niche that you're in. If you're a restaurant, you're probably gonna want to choose from on the restaurant. Seems even though you could make anything work for you, it's already set up. It's already doing everything that a restaurant wants to do. If you just select one of the themes self for an online store, you can click on online still, and you can go and you can search and find whatever theme really tickles your fancy for me . I quite like this L Martine. So I'm gonna click. Start with Omar. If you just want a preview it this will show you a full screen. Um oh, a tablet or a mobile, a shot off exactly what your website will look like when your customer is looking at it. So it's a really cool way to come and demonstrate what the theme does, whether they're on a tablet, phone or computer. You can get inside. Basically, your customers journey and your clients journey. And if it's right for you and if it looks like a good fit, you can go and click get started with this design. So if you're building alongside, click on the Elma being yourself now, this is gonna prompt you to sign up with your email. So I'm just going to continue with my Google account here on assignment, that email or Facebook, Whatever it is you want to sign up for, just simply click the button and this will create an account for you as soon as we have account. We have a theme and we've given them the background information. Now we just need to title outside. So the title of my website is gonna be the title of my brand on my business, which is a mock business that we're making together. And it's going to be called, uh, my dream buddy is we're gonna help people achieve their dream body will help them get healthy. Using this Mark brand. Now it's gonna give you a little bit of tutorial. If you want to go through and have a look of that territory can. But we're gonna be going through everything together one by one to make sure that you know exactly what it is you need to do. In order to build your website, close down this assistant, We're gonna go in much finer detail. We're gonna make sure it's right for you, so you can see he on the right hand side is the preview of what I websites going to look like. We can edit all of this together. We can make it look pretty. I'm gonna show you where they get the right photos for you had to get the right text for you. How to make sure there's right called actions, right? Amount of pages with you on a blogger or a shop or a shopping cart. All of that we're gonna jump into now, going through these options one by one here to make sure you are as confident as possible. 3. Navigation: awesome. So the next thing that we need to focus on its setting up the underlying structure off our website so that we can place all of the decorations and all of the ornaments on top, think this almost like your Christmas tree. You need to put the tree up before you decorate it, how you want to decorate it, and all trees sort of look the same. So it's going to be pretty much just eight, a casual structure off your website based on how you need to set it up and then all the personalization on all the specifics that you need for your business and your niche. I'm going to come as you started decorated. So just to show you what this looks like on any other website, you can see the navigation bar is this thing at the top here where you know that you can go and you can never get anywhere on to the website that you're on. So this is Microsoft, for example, if you want to go to their office, if you go that windows that surface Xbox, you can see that set them up product by product for us. We're going to be having a little bit of a different structure. And actually, the default in this template is very similar to how actually going to want it. So to actually come in and edit this and edit the underlying structure, we simply click that pages button. Now. The first thing I like to do is I like to have a home button here, so the home page is the default page when people go to your website, which is this one we're looking at right now, we want to go to another page, such as the blood you could click on the blood page, but it's a lot of people get confused at how to get back to the home page because they don't know they need to click on that logo and to make sure people are getting lost on their website. There's a home page down here. There's not you can make one. I like to come up and actually had to make one of just a second Don't like. I'm going to come up and make sure the home page is actually up here in the navigation bob navigation menu. You can call it now, the U I don't actually need for that This this website Now you can click on that settings to you. Consider this that where will be changing everything. You can simply click in the settings and come down to delete page when you don't want a page. And then, of course, like we did at home, we can reorder things. So I do wanna blawg on this one, but I'm gonna drag it toe lost because I like the blood to be over in the end about we want a contact we wanna blawg and we want to get started that these are all the elements we now have off our website. Now, before I leave this because you may want different elements in order to create a new element, you can click on this plus button up here on the navigation bar. Now it's gonna bring up a few different options and depending on your website, you may want to have some of these options on your website. The blood is the mom of God, and this gives you extra capabilities. You can see these are just normal, informative pages. This is where you just display information or you can link somewhere else. But they're basically like a document, and they're just gonna display pretty static, uh, information. The collections here are more specific. Now you can have an event calendar. You can have a portfolio where you present, say, artwork or whatever works that it is that you're working on a store where people can come and buy and sell things. Now show you were going to set one of those up together and then the blood, which we're also gonna set up together where you can come and share articles. And that's really critical in getting your name out there, because just having a website isn't, um, very ideal for bringing people in the good home base tohave. But I'm gonna also show you how you can start to bring people in traffic traffic being people who are browsing Internet back to visit your website and then CEO blawg and see your story and potentially buy your products and services. We're gonna make sure we're optimizing for that now. The other thing you can have up here in the navigation bump is a link, and a link will just be an external link, or you can link to a page of these are old links. If I click on the about, it's going to link me to take me to the about page. But I can also link to external websites. If I added a link, Eah, I could just come in and copy the URL off Microsoft. Copy that on and I'm gonna click type Microsoft here. And if now, for some reason people on my website wanting to get a Microsoft using the navigation bar, they can simply click that link which we don't want on. I'm gonna delete that, but that's just to show you on. You can come and just click that little been button here to get rid of that, and that'll disappear here. This is the amazing thing at this is older, real time. It's all live, and it shows you step by step exactly what you need to do. So now that we have the navigation bar set up over here, we also have our head up. It's called a header. This top bit here. But this over here, of course, is the title or the logo. You can pop up here now in order to do that, you simple quick edit while you're on this home page and it's gonna bring up an editing window. Now, we're gonna get deeper into this, but for now, I just want to show you if you had your logo in the wrong spot or if you wanted to upload a a different site logo or different changes your title. You can come into this option. Yeah. Now you can see they have the layout at the moment. Is this one with the button on the right? The three menu items or however many, many right, What you got? And you look on the left. If you wanted for any reason to change this, it's very easy to come in and pick the template that you prefer. I quite like the one that it set us up for. So I'm going to stay with that. And then, of course, you can upload your logo here, make sure you pay attention to the dimensions that it's gonna play. If you bought a big square is gonna push everything down. I want to keep everything looking good on for me. I'm not gonna have a logo because this is more than enough. But if you want to change your title up here. Just simply come into this spot. Yeah. No, When you click done, don't click this God, obviously that unless you want to discard the changes, use make you wanna click saves that all that updates and saves the back end. Now, the other thing we have done here than lasting in this lecture is a potential store. So if we drag this up here, you can see that this is going to the link to an actual store. If you click on this, what people can actually start to come and buy things for you from you. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm gonna actually be using this button instead of this text over here because this button stands out more, it's more likely get people quick. So for the get started page, we don't want it to be in the navigation, but we do want to exist. So that's why it's dragged down here because we need the page who actually exist. But we just don't want to see it up there. Instead, we're gonna link this button to this page later on. So that's it. You've got your page, every website all set up now where we've got a home page where people can come and browse their own page, which we will feel out together. We got an about page where people can find out more about you. You got a contact page where people can contact. You were gonna put out on details in there and the blood where we can create content and articles and really connect with that target audience. And then, of course, we gotta get started page, which will take people to the actual product or service that will be selling together. 4. Design: awesome. So now I've got a lay out. What we're gonna do is we're gonna actually go through the design off your website. Now, once again, your finished product is going to be 100% personalized to you, but at the moment was doing on designing the photos were not designed the text, what we're actually doing as we're doing the site wide design. Meaning any changes that were going to be making in this design tab right here will take effect across the entire website. Once we've done that, then we can jump into a page by page or look and layout and start at Iowa and content. But we need to do the underlying design for the entire site first. So this is some fun. If you're a little bit artistic, a little bit creative, you can definitely come in here, especially because you're making something that belongs to your website. You're gonna enjoy coming and designing it to make it how you want. And once again, if this is not for you, Squarespace have done an incredible job off already having incredible looking websites that it just template it there for you to use. So there's no stress and coming and changing anything, but only change the things that you think are going to be good for you and your annual traffic or your customers. So the first thing you can see that we can change our your fun so you can see they have suggested funds here, and it's done in three different tabs to make sure you're going through all the temps. When you're choosing on, if you click it, you'll see what happens. His site wide. Once it loads, it takes a couple of seconds site wide. The text will change. So it doesn't matter what page you're on. Doesn't matter what heading your on, all of it will be changed for you when you click it here. So I'm just gonna cancel to get back to where it was here. And the default on this one is called Poppins. You can also increase the the font size of site wide as well, basically has a base size. And if you want things to be a little bit smaller a little bit bigger, you could do that for me. I'm gonna make him a little bit smaller because I think that looks good And then once again , you can just click on these. And if you don't like it, obviously just click back on the ones you you have now. We're doing a fitness themed website, so choose your font based on what your team is. If, for example, I'll selling jewelry or selling artwork, I might try and put something a little bit more, um, less a little bit more creative, a little bit more arty, but because I am doing a work out and I lose weight sort off website that were mocking up together. I am going to stick with the Poppins front here now, once you've chosen your font and once that loads back because I like the way it looks. Click on this settings tool, and it's gonna give you even more customize ability. Now, remember, none of this is necessary if it's little bit confusing. Don't worry. We're going slow here to get up because there's gonna be lots of options. But the one thing that you need to know is that each element on your page over here has a different classification. So if heading ones, something like this would be heading one. So if you click it. It's only gonna adjust anything that's classified as a heading one on your website. Now heading ones are just the biggest sized headings. Now you can make thes a small as you want or as big as you want, and adding to the second biggest headings hitting threes and then heading for so you can see, uh, basically, if you're on a certain page and you can see some text e like this one, you can customize how big or small we want the actual heading one otherwise referred to as hate one. If we scroll down, we could make sure we're seeing it in in all of its, uh, occurrences on your page. Now, once again, we had just in heading t and I'm gonna cancel this and go back to, um, all of it funds. We click on the little settings tool paragraphs of the other texts. If it's not a heading, it's going to be a paragraph. So this down here will be a paragraph, and you can see if we change this. Besides, that's in paragraph form NC. It's a paragraph two. So if we change this one that's going to be affecting that one to come in and have a tweet off the A paragraph one of paragraph two, depending on how big you want the side this year. And this is why it's really helpful because you have this thing over here on the right hand side that shows you exactly what it's gonna look like now. A couple things I like to change. Not much. I quite like the default, um, themes that have all been created for us. I like to increase. Let us facing some time just to space out those letters. Um, and I think it looks a little bit better. So I'm going to come back, make sure that the uh size is where I wanted as well. Well, but smaller is nicer and then click that safe button. Now. It might take a little bit to save because it's living that across your entire website gets it's got global settings and then on headings as well. I'm also going to try and increase the letter spacing just to make it space out a little bit more. Not too much, but just a little bit. It might be a little bit too much. I like you, but like that. Ondas. Very easy to read and a little bit more, uh, to my personal preference book And everyone is different. And you can make this because Joe site however you want it do you think might might just be a little bit much. There may be a I've been down to stop, plus one looks good for me. Hit. That's a button. Remember, you want to keep saving all of your preferences and we're gonna go back now, Button So you can see over here. This is a button down the page. These a role buttons, anything that obviously it looks like button is a button. You don't need me to explain what a button is. Now what you can do is you can have customized global setting. So all buttons on your website will follow these rules now, thinking where the color settings, I'm going to get to that in just a minute. But for now, what I want to show you is just a couple of sittings here. One of them is text transformed. Um, if you want old buttons to be, for example, in upper case, you can just cook the upper case. I don't know the difference between capitalizing capitalizes the start of the woods. Um up case is the entire would you can see that all off the text will be transformed into upper case here, a style is only normal. Wait, This is the density off the actual writing in there. So if you want to stand out in the buttons and once again I can scroll down, you can see that's boating. We might pop it up just a little bit from where it got started, because this is where we want people click on their finished product. So we're gonna click safe, remember to save all those all those changes, and I employ you to come in and basically have ah have a trial with things. Now. You can always click that cancel button, and you can always restore the default if you mess it up. But just have a look to see if you can get a little bit creative and designed something that you like. Now I'm gonna click on this and advanced things. If you need any of this events, things that in here, but as it is, the site's gonna be pretty good as has It's already set up because it is done by designers . Now the next things this is Funt is colors, so you can change the color theme off your website. You can see squarespace to this really cool thing where they do what's called a color palette so you can come in and you could change the individual tones of appellate. You can see this is changing with it, but what I actually highly recommend is you click edit. Here you click on this drop down and you click designer pellets because they have recommended certain pellets that you can use that will look good with the colors going together now, depending on what your style is, you can come and click around and see what they look like. You can see that one works very well together. Thisun looks good. A little bit of a minty green down here, and this basically will allow you to create, um, a cull appellate across your whole website that looks really good. Instead of trying to hand pick the colors and trying to make sure they go together together . But if you are really good with colors going hand, pick your colors as well you don't need to have the set of three that they recommend. If you know what you're doing, definitely feel free to go and pick each individual color. So I'm going to say that I'm gonna go with this minty green that really highlights this button at the top has a really nice fresh book to it. So we're gonna go back to design, and then you can see the next one is animations. Now the animations will be three elements on your website. As someone scrolls down, how did they pop in? Do they fade in? Do they fading fast, medium or slow? Do they scale in that? I slide in that you just click on this sliding, I'm gonna make him sliding fast. That's my personal preference. And also, you don't have to have inside it at all. They could just be already on the page. So that's basically once again how the elements when someone scrolls through the page and that you'll go to Squarespace to show you what that looks like when I scroll down here, you can see these animations being brought into the page, um, by different animated effects. They're not already there in the conjure themselves as we scroll down that page. So the next thing is spacing site spacing. You could basically change the size of your website contents. That how much with does this take up on the page? I don't like to touch any of this stuff, especially because, um they're gonna look different on everyone's different browser on a lack it to be very much responsive to people's browse. And I like to keep it so it doesn't break if you know what you're doing, however eaten going there, you can then come in and you can customize your buttons a little bit further. Um, So, for example, this is that button. What customizing? We could have an outline instead of a, um, a full block. And then we could also change the shape. So this is a pill shape. This is a rounded shape on. This is a square square shape. I do quite like the square shape of it. And I actually quite like the fact that it stood out with that solid, so I'm gonna keep it there. The padding is just how much space is between the text and the actual outside of the box. on DSO. If you want to increase that, you can slide this up down is gonna slide it. They're much off. That's where it wasn't up. But that's where we're gonna keep it. You can come and you can change the design of your buttons in there now product items. This is where if you are actually selling a product, you can change them all in here. What I employees to do because we're not actually have this set up yet, is make sure when you're changing these. Make sure you're on the page off the actual products that you're selling there. We'll get more into that in this course, but not at the moment. Image books image books of things like this, this block of an image here you can come and you can change the layout there. But this, once again is getting quite specific. Some of the more general rules and the more general designs that you can make down here, such as the browser icon now Browns icon, you can see squarespace. This is their browser icon appears the browser is Google Chrome that I'm using in the icon that they use on Google. Chrome is this little s s sort of creative shape. Microsoft. You can see this Marks off logo. You can see my dream body doesn't actually have one. So these are called fabric owns, and you can add one by simply uploading an image as I'm gonna get my desktop. Have this photo dumbbells I'm gonna upload, and that's going to be able to convert it into the fabric. Khan former on. Then it will upload it into way you want it to be. So what's gonna save that? And that might take a little bit to come to actually appear. I'm gonna have a refresh of the browser, and you can see it's not in yet, but we'll keep a state up. It is up there now. I could see the black little dumbbells are up there. Now, if you want him to pop a little bit more opinion that the color of people's browsers they're using you could make him into a white or colored. But you can see that actually went up a lot quicker than it normally does. So I'm excited that we've got a little fabric on up there. Now. These ones lock screen, check out page you can come in and have a look around if you need it, and they may be more options. As you're looking at this, just go in and have a poke around and all reversible cause none of this is actual content. It's just your global settings, and you can always restore the default settings at the 44 page. Now what? A 44 pages. Basically, if someone goes to a euro on your website that doesn't exist, What Eriko do they see and you can see you could actually have them see your about page. You guys have been redirected to your about page, or you can have the system default page, which basically the page you looking for doesn't exist. And we actually had to come back and edit that if you need to. Now that's it. That's outside design. It's all the small things. It's all the colors. It's all the buttons and the funds. Um, and once you've got that set up, were basically ready to start going in and actually making changes to the content to make it tailored to you 5. Homepage: awesome. So it finally into actually putting out own content up here. And the exciting thing is, we're gonna do this together, and we're not going to need to have any photo shop skills, any photo making any rendering skills. Nothing fancy like that, because squarespace helps us out with all of it. So to start, actually editing on this side off the page, you simply click the edit button up here. Now, that's gonna bring us into this editing window and you can see our left panel has disappeared, which is fine, because we want to focus on actually changing what we want the website toe look like which , less than 5 to 10 years ago, this was all coding at again. And he had to know the coach of the No, the alignment. But squarespace makes it so, so easy for us. And obviously, to get out of this, you simply just click done. Once you're done, make sure you save the changes and you'll be back to your actual dashboard. So to start, what we want to do is want to make sure that this this is the most important part of your website. This is where people land the landing page when they come to your website, which I assure you had set up the domain and everything as well. But when they come to your website, this is the first thing they're gonna look at. So we're gonna click that little edit button just so you could see that again. That little pen tool. And you can see that you can customize quite a bit in here. So with the orange customized the size or you want to customize the with again, be careful with the with because it's going to change computer to computer or laptop or tablet to tablet. And just basically, be careful of changing any with. I like to keep the width as default and then you can change the alignment off the text, denser on and so forth for me. Once again, I like most of the defaults that squarespace actually provide. So I'm gonna maybe change the height just a little bit more to fill up more of the page. We're gonna put a really nice, relevant photo in that and you do that by clicking on background. Now you can see if we can just delete that there it was just put a color and not for just like a color. Um, it's totally farm, just public color in there and then change your color in this sitting here. But one of the really cool things about, um, using squarespace as an option is you can actually put in images from something that's called unspool ash, which are images that you can have the rights to use, and you can simply search them inside off. Squarespace is actual website while we're building it. So we're doing fitness now. I understand, too. If you have specific, uh, specifically branded images old, specifically branded products and stuff you're gonna want upload your images. But just for us today and maybe for some of your pages that helpful, you may just be able to find things like this just things that are relevant to your niche and will really help your website pop. And there's no need to go anywhere and see if you only you can own the image rights or anything. You can simply get him here within the squarespace editor, which is one of the best things about squarespace because you don't really need anything to stop. But justice. Walk through that we're going Teoh, that we're doing together and all of a sudden you've got a fully functional website with all your stuff on it, using their content as well. You can also put a video in there if you'd like. And you can toggle with these options depending on what you'd like for yourself. I like to have it nice and full screen. So at this text you simply just hover over and you can see you can see it says text here Now, these little gray things that pop up as you hover over things. These air basically components on your websites of us to click on this grey bar they called content blocks. We can think of has components that make up your whole websites all the way down the page. You can see that this here is a component and you can put in anything you want at any point in your website. This is the options menu in here. So if I wanted to insert more text at simplistic text and you can see that it would pop up the top here, not good right in it. And then off course, you could change the size of it and what you want to look like at any of spot on your website. So it is how you add new pieces of content, but the moment we're just going to come and added the ones that squarespace is actually given us already. So it's gonna highlight this text, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna replace it without actual words. Now, I don't have anything pre prepared here, but I actually want to talk to you about some of the marketing side of things. So with the head up and with this simple call to action we got So we're calling someone to take action and we want them to actually either get on the phone with this or we wanted to buy our products or services. And these are the cold actions. So when they land on our home page, they all of a sudden have one up here on one up here called actions and basically everywhere on our website will always be pointing back to our products and services page or a blood or whatever it is that you want people to go to. You'll have numerous numerous links and ways for people get back. This were basically funneling people to a certain goal and they're called call to action. So if you want on if you know the problems off your actual target market, you can actually write to them. So train with, uh, training will keep capitalist with accountability to keep the weight off forever. A lot of people in the weight loss in each have a lot of what's called yo yo dieting and they lose weight and they put it back on, lose weight and put it back on. And my dream body, we're going to solve their problems and you can see with copyrighting or marketing. You really want to make sure that you're solving your customers problems. We're not gonna make this website even though it is that website about us specifically. But we're making about a customer, so when they find it, they're going to actually be excited by and take action. So I'm gonna have, um, get way. Want to keep it in green? I believe that's because it's linked up. So that's what you have. Look, get started now. So this is the cold action. We won't make it bigger So you make a bold Let's see if we make it paragraph one, it's, ah, a little bit too big. So keep it will keep it small like that. I quite like the sickness, especially because we have one up here. Now we're gonna link that up, sweating out first link. So we click this link button this little chain linking thing here, which means we're gonna link the page off, get started now, which we're gonna go and create together as well. So you can link in actual address in here because we're linking a page on our website already went click page and then you can search which page you actually going to link. So I'm gonna search, get it started, and then it doesn't look like it's created yet, but we will go and created. So what's gonna keep to get started page here and we're gonna say that off the top here, and that's gonna link to the get started page. We're gonna apply that now. We can actually test that by opening a new tab and probably go to know it does. So this page does exist. It didn't for some reason pull it up when we searched it before. When you adding a link, it should pull up to get started, option or whatever pages. Remember, we out of the pages up here, whatever pages you want to be funneling people towards, once you've created that page, that should come up in the search. I'm not hunt percent. Sure White didn't for us, but for you either. Just look at the euro, that it was like I didn't puppet it or just give maybe to give the pager refresh and pop it in. So you can see now when you click this when you cook this, it takes us to the takes the customer to the page that they want. Now we get a photo appear, we'll get out texting here, we can stop the scroll down the page. Now he's a big mistake that a lot of people make they For some reason, when they put a template in, they like the look of the template and they're scared to remove things. What I highly recommend that we do is that we actually start to remove a lot of things by calling and by cutting off lots of stuff. You're not feel you feel stretched, but you start from the ground up and you build only what you need on your website because you want to keep it simple. We wanna make sure people can come in here and go straight to where you want them to go on . Go straight to where they need to go. And things like this, if you are, for example, featured on Forbes or something. You can pop these logos in here for us, though, when I'll actually featured on Forbes yet So we're gonna remove that now. Quote might be handy, so we'll keep that one. Try a session for free newsletter. Sign up. I'm actually just going to delete that. Try a session for free, go straight to the newsletter, sign up. So I've only got four elements now. The landing at the top. Now we've got a couple things will come in here and l A. Just to give some people some more inside all background information into our company. Then we've got a quote which I always like testimonial, a court and a newsletter sign up, which will Sam together. And then this is the bottom. This is called the Footer on the bottom, the tops called the header. We can just delete the stuff we don't want in here. And you can keep this on the lead here, so make it whatever you want. You can edit the links, inhale your social links. You can add very easily in hand. Just add in whatever your social pages up. Um, and anyone who clicks on those will go straight to your social pages, such as your Instagram and Pinterest Facebook. Um and so we got rid of the Squarespace things and then newsletter sign up. We'll do that together because that's a little bit more tricky. But for now, we've got our first thing done. Our 2nd 1 is we're gonna come in here and we're going to edit this second textbooks in here . So we're gonna click on the edit button, and you can see this is the image by default that they give us. What we actually want to do is we want to get rid of that image because it's got nothing to do with that weight loss or our fitness journey. Once again, you can pop any image in here from your own computer by simply clicking, upload or lack will do. We cannot yet once again, such on unspool ash, and they'll give us really, really high quality roti for images for us. Eso I'm going to type in fitness and just happened. Simple keywords don't go too complex on and you can just more manually browse than actually . So we're looking for targeting women. So we're looking for ah, woman working out on Di quite like the grungy a Dhaka vibe. I think it stands out well with green. So this is a little bit too weightlifting, especially if we're going for sort of a wait last thing. We want to be a little bit more approachable, which is something bad, just a weird we had shape, so you could just brutalities yourself and see if you find anything you like. I am potentially being a little bit too picky because any of the wood work I don't mind this one well outside with Bob L. It's not overly intimidating, so let's let's try this one. I'm going to the website that's uploading you concede over here and you can just keep trying things, you know, if if you don't like this on like I'm being a little bit tricky over here. You can just keep searching. There's no pressure. Everything you do here is undoable. And, um, anything you don't like, you can always come in and update or change. You just need to know exactly how to do it. You can see that's it. It's a very big image. So we're gonna click on image editor that's gonna learn up with this little squares flipping. And once it does, you can see up here. This is a corrupt or make can change any of the dark. And I saw that you could make a darker or grandeur or or sharper on, and you can come in here and edit all those yourself. This is up here is the crop tool, and this one appears a filter. If you want to apply filter on it Now, if you want a crop, it you can click custom, and then you can just drag these to where you want them to go. So don't ask to be a little more square because that's the shape of the box that we haven't been sums Gonna pull in the top on the bottom, leave a little room, Bubba head that and then I'm gonna click safe and then you'll see once that once we cut the top and bottom, it's gonna fit much nicer into this box so you can see that fits a lot better. So it's going quick. Apply here and then I'm gonna jump in here and very quickly insert out titles. Remember keeping a copy writing in mind, We are going to be talking to someone who's who's inspiring, who's motivating themselves to lose weight. So we're gonna that happens. Just make sure you highlighting right bit motivate yourself to take action. We know that staying consistent and working hot isn't easy when you to it alone. That's why way here to help join us and our amazingly supportive community get started now . Now remember, everything we're doing is funneling people into that product or service that we're offering , which this is going to be personal training sessions. So to funnel people that we want to edit this button simple quick thistle at a button up here, this pen then come across to design and you can see the button is down. Yes, image link is a button. Learn more. We're always push. Get started now you can see the Capitals because we had that text transform and then once again, going to try and search this page. So let's have a little weed Delete these. It's got the home and about and well, let me scroll down. But we do know it is get started for us gonna save that and that once again will be another cold action that's linking straight back to where we want. So everything we're linking will be linking back there. Now it's you even come in at a second blocking their about whatever it is that you I would like to teach him about talking to them. About what? Going get through this a little bit. Quicken now, because you understand the basic. So in here you can pop a testament early and now remember, you always want to be honest. Don't put testimony was in that you don't have, But if you have a testimonial, pop it in. Wow, I have never seen such amazing and supportive community. Um, this is all mock up, so that's just one that I'm pretending that someone said about this, but obviously put in the real stuff. If you've got real stuff yet 6. Newsletter: now on important, important aspect off your company. Your brand offer that you're making is actually gathering people's information because, for example, if someone comes and visits your website and then they click around, they have a look and then they have a cold come up. Or maybe they run out of the house or anything happens that can't get stuck somewhere. And they got to go. You know, people get distracted all the time, and if they just closed the Tabal, they click off this. You're never going to see him. You never gonna hear from again. But if we can convince people to actually give us that email, then we can reach out to them as many times as we want. As many times as you think is his socially acceptable, maybe once every two days, once every five days. And we can constantly be updating them with what's going on in your business of with what's going on with the office they can have with any groups or meet ups. You haven't anything that you're offering, you can reconnect with them. That's why this is so, so important. So to edit the newsletter, of course, we're gonna click the Edit. Now what I'm gonna do here is a little bit different than the default because we want to convince people if they can give us the email. They're giving us a lot of value because we can then connect with them at any time. We need to offer them value more than just saying newsletter. Sign up. How many people want to sign up for a newsletter? But people do want to sign up for a freebie or a discount. If you said get 50% off you first session would be great if you said get the top 10. Um, beginning mistakes for losing way. People are going to sign up. People want that sort of stuff. So we're gonna go with, um, get 50 percent off your first session. Um, 50% discount I want do this a 50% discount when you and your email below and stuck them on what they want to do. Uh, size the full name. I'm a little bit of a goose is gonna put that down in the description on the full name is 50% now. Anything that you want to be required, you just click this on that. Yeah, if you required the name field eso You see, First name last name, which is when you're writing the emails. If you have their first name, last name, you cannot you write to them, but less people are going to be wanting to fill it out because it's three times it's hard because this three boxes. So I'm gonna take that off and just have the email address. Yeah, we respect your privacy is always good to help people know that that you're gonna be sending him selling their email address to some random companies, going to send him random office for crazy crazy products that they don't actually want. So on the submit button here itself, sign up. It seems like too much of an ask. I'm gonna say claim. I'm gonna get clean now, which means I can claim that 50% off the alignment center flow field, old good storage. Okay, So where you going To keep the information that goes in here. I'm gonna apply this to make sure that works. That we do need that started before it play. So where we're gonna keep their emails. Squarespace offers. Um, they are in the premium squarespace, which we will be going premium if we want our website to be live and functioning enough to be a full real business. So for now, they're gonna have a default list. But you can come and you can create specific mailing lists that you can go on and write to any time. So this all might be new customers. 50% off could be the list. And you know that everyone who signed up has signed up through this form here, where you may have other forms we can put Papa Reform on may have a form on the sales page may before anywhere we want to know where they're coming from. But for now, what's gonna keep it as the default when you click? Apply that, and you can see that that fills it out. So when someone puts in the email address pushes claim. Now they're just going to see a success, and we can actually redirect them to a page where they can claim 50% off or concerned them . Our first email to their email. Address it with a coda coupon code that gives them 50% off upon check out which might be the best way to do it, and we are going to have the email address stored in out back and that we could email any time and I'll be showing you exactly how to do that. So that's it for the home page. We have it all set up how we want to. You can see it's very easy to add any elements or anything in here that you think is missing, but I want to make sure that you keeping it simple and you make sure your funneling everything back to the actual get started and to the actual page where people can sign up to your products and services. 7. Contact Us: now on the contact us page. I'm gonna give you two options so we know that we can come in and edit all this. What we're gonna first do is come down here. We're going to change this image to suit our website. Remember, you can upload any of the any images that you have that personally branded by itself by simply looking at an image button. All weaken. Such this ridiculous seeing amazing unspool ash gallery right here and get another one. So I'm gonna go weight loss and just hit enter and see what comes up. So this one is pretty good, aren't you quite like this one as well for down there, but someone with measuring some of the gym, I'm not gonna take too long on this one again. But you can see there's very good options here for you to come and select Whichever one suits your needs. I'm sure select this one. You add that to website, it's gonna bring it in once again, it's gonna bring it in at its normal size and even going and chop that down like we did the 1st 1 Otherwise, it might actually be a good fit and it's a pretty good fit. The one thing you get it a little bit too bright. So once again we can come in here would be turned down because we have text over the top of this Texas actually really important. We're gonna come in here, we're going to turn down the contrast on it. So we're gonna load this up here. You can see we want Teoh. Lower the brightness. Pull that down. You can load up the contrast just a little bit, but not too much. Pull up brightness. Maybe right down there. And let's see what happens. If you can play with shadows yourself, you pull the shutters down just a little bit, too Hit. That's a button. And then the white text will be much easier to see. Once that lows through, you'll see the exact difference between those two. As this little lootings goes, an agency, it's a lot darker on. You can read this text now, this Texas important because once again, on every single one about pages like I keep reminding us, we want to make sure that we're pushing them towards out called the action. So, um, stop your journey towards your goal today. I quite like that. Stop there, that period. Uh, and, um truth, Jenny, once again, to get started is is exactly what we want to link them to. Was gonna make that bold so they can see a little bit bigger, a little better, but it's bigger on, and I can actually make that much bigger. But once again, it probably looks a little bit better. Small, awesome. So that's done in there. Now we're gonna come up now. I'm gonna give you two options here. The first is to use as the default layout is You can just simply come in here, edit and put in your email address and put in your phone number that you want people to contact you with. But there is another option here which could work really well for you. And that's to click this great books. You could get any way you want the the actual form to appear that we're gonna create when I could get across on this one. Because you can see the spends the entire screen. And it didn't come down and click form. Now, when you click form, you can see you can actually integrate a form into the page that people can right there in time message without having to open the email and email you so you can see here, it's gonna call this the contact US form and all this is pretty good. You know, First name, last name, email, subject message. We don't really need a subject. We just need them to write their email and their message that put whatever they're talking about inside that message and you can change any of these boxes. You can add a description to it and, you know, make it required. I'm not required to consider little Asterix comes in and out here or you can add your own field. Now the storage once again is going to be stored. It needs to be stored. You know, when someone sends you this info, it has to be stored somewhere. So at the moment a default just sends to my email address, which works. But as we move on and I'm gonna teach you this stuff, how to actually integrate something like an email provider where it gets sent to and a hub and you can reply from a hub, it's much more business centric and business alike change any of this stuff down here and submit button. But that just works well for me. What do the people see after they pushed, submit and then just hit that apply button once you've got hold that done. Um, and you can see that that form box, actually, just go straight in there. Now. What we're gonna do is I am actually going to delete the stuff down here below it and delete that space up and then delete that. Work with me. Just have that phone box here. Now, you can also come in and you can add a text above it back on. Attacked us below. Contact us is just fine. And we can make that big a heading to Looks like that works well, and that is great. You know, you don't need to money things that a complex we want just the ability to contact us at any time with any questions because these people who are submitting questions of the ones who are actually interested in your products and services, they're interested in finding out about Mom. And then, of course, a chance to actually go and choose the journey or chews up a service or product that you offer, which all gonna get redirected here, which we're gonna be working through together in just a second. Remember, make sure you click that save button before you finish. 8. Blog: awesome. So this is a very important one and a fun one. It's gonna be specific to you if you are going to be running a blawg or not. If you're publishing articles or any sort of content that gets updated frequently, it's a very good idea. I'm gonna explain to you why, as we go in and edit this together so uptown, this thing again actually click on the page, you want to read it first, and then you come back over to this edit button wants that loads up, and you can get actually edit it now. Ah, blood, of course, is where people are publishing articles. You can publish them on a schedule, I say once a week, or you can publish them once a year or you could just not have a schedule. Whenever you're excited. All have something to write about. You can come in and write about it now. This year is the blawg display paid. So this is where all of your blood post all of your articles will be stored. Now the fun thing about blog's as they're very good for actually creating traffic. So a lot of people put their website up and then leave it up. And no one ever finds them because they don't appearance. Search. They're not appearing on any social media's. They're not on YouTube. That just undiscovered herbal is no way that people can actually find your address. It's like setting up a supermarket in the middle of a desert. There's no one already trafficking, but instead we have to identify really were like the train lines are where the cities are, where people already hanging out, what they're searching for and therefore we can find out how they can actually find your store or find your website. And this is the first move in actually getting traffic back to your website, getting people back to your website, and the great thing about it is you can do it very easily. You can simply just write articles on, then publish them to your website. What happens is Google crawl your website, read your articles or the robot of Google reader articles, and now actually start indexing it and then therefore you can not you start to show up when people type in things. So, for example, we're talking about my dream body is that website we've wrote about the weight loss properties off papaya, for example on I'm just making this on up, but something very specific that would be Googled. So if I was to open Google in a new tab another type in papaya weight loss, you can see other people are typing in papaya weight loss. And what happens is all of these websites come up. So Philomena dot i n true. Wait. I end, for example, is a website that someone's created and put a blood post on. You can see this is a blood post and then just go number Ah, blow close. And all of a sudden I'm on this true weight that I own website and here they are trying to get my information like we've taught you had to do. Um uh, you can actually start getting people back to your website by riding the specific blood posts. Now, what we're gonna do is we're just going to delete this thing at the top here. Of course, you can come in at a tax we'd proficient in that. Now we know what to do. But we're just gonna have for this website just a linked to each of blood purse of the most recent ones and then off course down here. What we want to do is we wanna link them back to once again, they get started. Pages is where we're funneling everybody to. This is where we're gonna actually have people see our products and services and potentially purchase those So you can come in here and you can write anything you want here , which I'm just gonna make this one nice and quick. Get rid of the text. Start your journey. Once again, the get started button is already linked up to the get started page. But you like your button up to that. We need to start at once again. You can change the background to an image, a picture, a different color. Whatever you want. It's all customizable. Remember now, this year is the blawg. Lay out up here so you can see that you can choose different layouts that you want your blood to be displayed in. You can see on top of each other, side by side, alternating side by side. Blawg. It can just come and have a look and see which one you like. The best for me. I'm just gonna keep the A basic grid blood going on insect just means they don't go away to the side. And with remember, careful when you're doing the with, because sometimes sometimes you can get a little bit messed up on different computers and tablets since everything like that. So what we then conduce is we can also show what is shown and or not. So, for example, you can not show the little except a little example off. What is a preview of what is actually in your blood personal? She had to create these. You can change a spy spy Spicing change The spacing between the content that you're putting appear bigger may get smaller The read more spacing Make it bigger Make it smaller Just basically Do you make it look however you want And that's the beautiful thing about Squarespace is they make it so easy once again, I quite like the default. What we now need to do is we now need to make what they call posts that post short for blood posts. So each one of these is a blood post. Now I'm gonna click on that manage post button. It's gonna take me to the blob page. And if you want to get to this in a way, once again you can just go to the pages menu without going to the edit function and click on pages and then click on the blood. And then we'll open these extra options because it's a special sort of page, which the blood page. Now, um, we can go through. And we could delete any of these that you don't want a little ones that come custom in here . And we can start to put in our own, um, person thing. Maybe if they have to do it one by one here. Or maybe I just clicked on the wrong thing. Um, you can come in and put in your own content. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually create a new one, and once again you could have them in your drops that you're working on them and then only publish him to website when they're ready. So we're gonna create a new one here and then click edit it, actually edit the bloke first, and you can see it's very, very easy. Similar, just like a Microsoft would. You can be like papaya, the weight Los Miracle. And then down here, it could be like five weight loss properties off papaya. Uh, incredibly powerful. Read about them. Yeah, And then you go through and you just write your blood post on. You could make it as long as you want. As in depth as you want, You can add images. You can add links, you can add anything you want in here. You got your little name at the bottom. That that's the writer off the actual posts of Once you've written your blood person, you can come in and you could edit any off the actual aesthetics of over here, such as what it shows the information. It doesn't show how it's laid out. You know the drill there and then simply income. And you can save it to be a saved post. That's just in the drop mode. You can publish it live to your website now, or you can schedule when it's gonna be published. If you want to come under it, right, 10 of these in a row and then schedule him out once a week. Very easy to what's going to go live without right Now. Now, the last thing that we want to do without blow purse is you can treat it like any Web page that you're actually putting up, so you can put any list of images in here. You can see you can have them displayed in different ways. Putting tech box audios videos. All of it can just go straight into your blawg post. Now, we may want to put, for example, on image so we can just do an image post up. We can search for an image we might want to just put a papaya in. It's gonna search for papaya, and then we're gonna pick one that we like, one that looks fun and easy and intriguing for people so that they can see it and want to read more. Um, so we got some odd ones coming up. You find, uh, that sounds pretty good that we get up, I get other fruits, and here you get a book. Sunglasses. So it's sort of like a healthy lifestyle that they're promoting in here. So I went to that uploads, and it's uploading as a post of style, so it's gonna be nice and big. Top of all the images. Once again, you can add a new image anywhere down the page by just doing that same thing again. So that is a very, very big image here. So once again will pop over to our image editor, wait for this square to flip about 6 to 12 times. And then what we're gonna do is we're just going to use that crop tool that I've showed you already. We go up to the capital and then we just pull it up. We don't need these legs in here as much as we need up. We've got to push crust custom crop here so we could drag. We can pump it all the way up to there, and then click save on the top left. Hit that safe button and that load and remove those legs first. And keep the important things such as the fruit and papaya. That's a nice selection of fruit here. Snake fruit, watermelon. Don't know what this one is, but it looks very interesting. Jagan food. Um and by that time network named four out of five fruits, the image should pop back in there. You can see just a beginning, so It does take quite a while to load those things, it that apply button and then click safe. Awesome. So there's that bloke post dump, and you can see it pumps in there with that blood purse below it. And this is a really, really good way for you to start content, marketing and content marketing, just creating any pieces of content that people could discover your brand through on. This is your first look into this area, which is very, very awesome because it's an area that you'll need to be become more more proficient in, as you want to get more and more traffic back to your website. 9. Sales Page: awesome. So what finally made it now to the actual get started page? This is the transition that takes people from basically being a fan of your brand, being a fan of you, being a browser on your website, to actually being a client or customer. And this is the most important page on your entire website, and I'm gonna show you how to set up in a way that's right for you and right for your business. Whether you're an e commerce store yourself, services or you sell coaching, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you're just trying to create lead generation as well. If you're just trying to get people's information, all of that can be done right here on the on the page that get started Page and I like to call it a get started page because it technically is a sales page. But we don't want to, um, really pressure anyone into actually buying things that it's not right for them, and we also we want to approach them in a way that's very non committal and very much if we're a good fit. This is what you get started. If you like. What I Do you like the value of giving you so far? This is what you get started. That's not come over here and you can't leave in to you by the public. So it's a very, um, casual sort of page, which is the opposite of perch A lot of people take, but you don't want to scare anyone away. You just want to attract the right people in the know pressure environment and make sure you're signing at people who you actually do want to work with, and they actually want to work with you. So how did we do this? Once again, make sure you're on the page that we want to be editing and click the edit. Now here's a start. Your journey, Um, and the membership options below. So I'm gonna insert membership options below. Just turn that down a little bit and said, Join al family. We are here to help. I remember. We always want to make it very customer centric. Remember, we don't want to be making it about us. We don't want to be making about how weather hero the journey, but the actual client is the one that we're trying to to encourage to change their life in which is here to help them achieve their goals. So you can eyes a little bit tricky here a little bit of a round by squarespace. If this happens to you, you can see that the edit button off the actual background that we want and it may be stuck in the header. You can see if we just scroll down the page a little bit, you can click on the edit button and then we're able to change the background and the format. So to me, this header is a little bit hot, a little bit big. We don't need that. It's a lot of wasted space in there because we have nothing in here. It's gonna pop it at the top here and the background image we're gonna remove. Ah, now we could just keep it black, which actually looks good. Or you can come in and once again choose any photo you want that you think suits it or upload your own photos from your computer that maybe already branded on ready for you. So you can also come over here and you could you can choose any of the colors that are selected in that theme. And that's why we chose that theme on your website already. So we might just keep with that mint green there. I'm gonna head is just today to show people that we are ready to start today and then just make a little bit smaller civil fits on one spot and not so overwhelming for them. So, um, we don't need this bit because we already have that up here. It's just a double duplication. Never medieval this bit and see what else down handed we can remove. It looks good. So we have a scheduling session where someone could schedule a service or one on one call or coaching session, and we have one where they can actually buy items natural on available at the moment. But I'm gonna show you exactly how we can make this work. So we're gonna edit this and once again in here, you can see that this will change based on what we make it over here. This is just the S that canny columns Do you want me having products? Can people see across the page here? Have big is the actual images house the alignment going. Do you want to hide the price? You want to show the price? You mostly wanna show the price. You never really want to hide that. And that's all those basic aesthetic looking options to manage our actual products and put the products that we offering him gun managed items. Now we can save that. Always say that before you leave the page unless will lose out work. And you can see I'm gonna close this down. Will get to that upgrades and how much squarespace cost to maintain your website. What sort of plans they have will go through those together to see if that's right for you . And you can see here. However, of the three products that are in this get started page already. Now there's a few things you can do you can add if you click that plus and you can add a physical product, a digital product service or a gift card. Now, these are the three things that really gonna be using. This is going to be shipped by you. Off course. Squarespace don't offer a fulfillment services at the moment. But basically, if you have something you want to send them something that's digital on something that that's a service. Now you want to click on the one that's right for you. We're gonna click on digital together and you can see this is where you're going. Toe, upload your images. This is where you're going to give your product name. You're gonna give you product price. Um, how much it costs so we could do one of these together. So digital product name. Let's go 10 times 30 minute personal training sessions. It's of a 10 of them. Get back S O, that opens up pricing here. So the 10 of them it's going to be $699 and 99 cents on. You can see this true boxes here. So one is the actual price that we're charging, and one is the normal price off. Now, if it's on sale, you can charge this and you can say it's have has a regular price off $1199 off course. Don't need to mislead people if it If you've never sold for that, you don't need to put it in this that But if it is on a sale you could do something like this, um, additional info. Anything you want to write about it, what's in the product, what's in the service? All the above. So when they actually click on this, it will go to the product page and they'll be able to see the additional information. This is where, um, you can collect people's information, whether you're shipping it to them, where you need the email address on the check out when they actually purchased this, you can create a new form, and you can see that any form field that you asked for, you can see. Do you require a female trainer or mail train? Choose that. You can ask him a survey to get started. You can have a make an account and a password. You can ask them for the website if you're doing some Web services. Austin The specified that currency so convinced for him, come in and make it custom page. If you need a custom page for us that we actually don't need a custom page movement, they just simply check out with any credit card or PayPal or any of those payments, um, methods on. And then these are our only if you needed the advanced options on you basically just need to be the item and the actual train. Now, one thing that is really important is your image, because it's not only going to display on me get started page, but it's also going to be displayed on the product page. So we've got a couple of images that I just wrap your head really quickly for us that we can upload here. And of course, you can upload multiple images per product. The main one is going to be displayed on this page here, and the rest of them will be displayed when they click through to that actual page to purchase something. So we get a photo of our personal training session was gonna click that save and that publish button you can see that we actually missing. So this is because of selected digital products, Yet you have to upload the digital product that's going to be delivered to them. The moment was going to send in a photo upon purchase, but of course you need to actually upload the files. The folders that the documents that they get when they purchase this digital products. So it's gonna hit that save and publish now and you can see it pops in there. That was gonna go ahead and drag that to be first so that on the get started page, you can see here we are with our first product. So we'll add a second part together now and this time will actually add a service on, and it's going to be a nutritional service. We're gonna help him with that diet to get on track on DSO. It's gonna be, um, three months diet plan. Pricing here is going to be, ah, lot cheaper on, and you can see because it's actually a service product. You can go in and add the actual service in here as well. So it's gonna re upload that diet images because you can sort of see it as this is a way to display a product that is in your invent tree or product that is in your back end so stuck . We have unlimited amount of stock because it is a digital thing. Um, and we've been basically at any school. This is just an identification number on what your product is, so we could just right diet one. Just any number or or characters that can identify what it is that is in your invent. Torreon. The back end now, pricing. How much is it going to be? It's going to be, uh, $199 it's gonna be not on sale so we could get back here. You can see we got an image we can see here. A subscription products. Really cool because you can basically charge people ongoing payments If they want to get on a year long diet plan, you can charge him one eye on a month or whatever it is A month simply just click on that here and then, uh, work with us over a 90 minute zoom, or Skype called to perfect your diet. Now people can purchase these blocks together if they want the personal training and the diet plans. That works really well and all the same things out there, we're just We're gonna click that save and publish button, and what we should start to see is you can see we've got out to products that now come upon that sales page, gonna get back into the edit because because we've only got two of them. We can actually go back down here and make only two columns available so you can see there are the ones that they can go in and then they can purchase. Now, Andi, it's a very simple, very easy way to be able to add products that used to be such a headache on. You want to make sure? Of course I'm going through these very quickly, and this is just a mock up website. But you wanna make sure you're going through the adding yours very, very succinctly and pursuing a little bit more time on it. Now the last thing that we need a book in is something like this. If it's a three month diet plan and they need to get on a coal, you can actually just even charge vehicles to get on and do coaching sessions. Or you can just make a free call that you turn into something like a consultation and and a pitch to see if you guys a good fit to each other. At the end, you can use an inbuilt service called scheduling on the actual squarespace to do this. Now there are other options if you want, but scheduling is all in building. That's all for you. Simply just need to click, edit and click. Get started with scheduling to set that up and integrate into your calendar. And it'll make sure that every you'll be able to set the times that people schedule ahead of time or method you all the information of the person who is scheduled to make sure it puts it into your calendar So you don't double book it, and you can then jump on the call with people as they scheduling. You can just have 2 to 3 hours a day free for people to go in there and actually scheduled . It is an additional amount per month, depending on where you are. I'm in Australia $20 a month. The other way. You can do this if you want to do it for free and integrate to your website. Not so much free, but a little bit cheaper Eyes called Calendar early on, and that's another option for you. Death. And that's basically how you can set up any coaching services or anything that needs to be digitally scheduled on and all right here inside the Squarespace interface and it keeps it very easy. And you can see when you click scheduling over here, that's where you'll be able to see all of your people who have set scheduled calls with you on your calendar. Of course, they're gonna make you actually sign up before we get to see that. But it's gonna keep it all here in one spot. But I have given you the alternative. If you don't want that now, the other thing you want to do is go to our analytics. Now, we have products in places which have actually created together. This is where you can see how many people are viewing your website. This is how many people have actually purchased your products. This is where they're actually viewing from. And this is once you get traffic into your website, this is essentially how you're going to see what's going well, what? You should do more of what you should do less of if something's not going so well. Uh, what products are getting purchased, which ones are not? You have to decrease the price. You have to do a little bit more of a promotion. Maybe your email your list that you built on your newsletter to push him towards it. But traffic is key. If you want to do anything with your website, a lot of people get stuck with very, very little visitors. You want to get this up to 102 100,000 visitors a day, and how you do that is content marketing. Now, if you want long content marketing, we do have a number, training or content marketing out which you can go on access. But all you need to know is you need to stop putting content out. There will be blood posts, YouTube videos, Social media post. You don't make sure people get aware of your products and services because they deserve to be aware, especially if you're offering a very good offer that can help people achieve their goals. You want to make sure you monitoring those analytics for all of the efforts see putting out there. But don't be building a shop in the middle of a desert. Make sure that you're building it where people already are in a niche that people are already in demand for, and basically, once they get to your website, make sure your funneling and towards the actual purchase page in order for them to commit to it and be able to actually purchase one your products. 10. Premium: Now, if you've decided that squarespace is right for you and you want to go premium and get your side out their life, you can simply there will be a lot off cold actions to go premium. But you can come down and actually start to get a membership plant. Now they're gonna have lots of different options, depending on where you are. They gonna have different price points, but they're gonna all equal roughly the same based on the exchange rate at the moment. Now, the most popular plan is the one that I do recommend its $18 a month, which is incredible when you pay annually. Most people were paying monthly, which is $26 a month now. This has come a long, long way from having a website design like this used to be like $30,000 in the late nineties. It used to be $10,000 in the early two thousands. Even now, there's still so many companies and brands that are really over paying for this, and this is a very, very low commitment up front costs that if you cannot afford, you need to really factor the sin or try and work around it because it's an incredible, incredible plan and offer that's Crest Base have. And the only reason that could do this is because they do it in a bulk fashions that a select your plan. They obviously make it very easy for you to do it. Simply click, select and then go through the check out process. And that will open all off the promotional features that only come with the premium plant. And this is where you can actually start to get a free custom domain when you purchase on the annual plant, if you want to get your domain for free. Otherwise you'll have to pay about another $20 per year to have your domain name. Now that the main name is basically the website address, you can see my website address up here is not, um, it's not actually a PM and get back to the home page. It's not actually a publicly accessible website, so people can't go and get to this by copying this page in. They have to be logged in, and this is just the editing screen. So to go life, you have to come back all the way down here, you can go down to settings Judge of Domains, and then you can say Get a domain here because of the moment using this temporary domain. Now you can see that they suggest domains foi, um and you can basically just type in. So it's like my dream buddy project. Come and pull up here. You can see this is in Australian dollars. We can pop that over to U. S. Dollars, and we can simply just add this here. You can check out this and this is the easiest way to do it, because if you try and do it through the back and you're gonna save a few dollars, which is totally reasonable if this is a lot of money to. But it's gonna take a couple of days to set up and redirect to the right spot. And also, it's going to be How did it change the name service and all the technical stuff on the back end? If you know how to do that, you want to save about 5 to 10 bucks, go and do that. Otherwise, I do recommend just getting a domain name in here on having no headache and already be able to start on the marketing and the content creation the stock getting traffic back to your website. So once you do that, once you do go premium. Based on the plan that suits your needs the most just simply go premium Hit the publish button, Get your domain and then your your website will be publicly available for everyone to get to. So I hope this has really helped you get a handle on building a website. I hope you say a lot of time and a lot of hours having to go through yourself. And I've really enjoyed making this for you. I really want people have access to this website and be able to get their own website up in order to get us much traffic back as possible. Get started in the new digital marketing world, which is just the way the world is trending. So you're doing really well to get educated on this stuff. If you need anything from me, feel free to send me a message and in the meantime, see if you can jump onto some of my other training to start learning about content, marketing and digital marketing to stop driving traffic back to your page 11. Your Next Steps: awesome. Well done. A big congratulations for making it to the end of this and creating a website for yourself . With squarespace that is a massive accomplishments. Before you go, we have three things here to do. Three action steps. The first is a favor for me. If you enjoyed this course, I would love. If you could leave me a quick review will take about 20 seconds of your time. Just tell me what you enjoyed about this course. Thank you very much for helping me out there. And in return, I've got two things for you. The first. If you haven't already go over to YouTube type in Entrepreneur Academy and subscribe to our channel Post videos every two days designed to help you any entrepreneurial ventures, whether it's get traffic to your website or whether it's boot Another website off Lonesome Photo shop. We have all the free videos available over there on YouTube for you to learn in bite sized pieces. The third and the last thing is, if you want some more comprehensive courses like this rehearsed in here on school, she s You have complete access to a full library. Of course. Is that we're adding one every week. So whether you wanna learn an in depth training on instagram and get traffic back to this website you've created or if you wanna learn click funnels how to set up a funnel page for your website Now head over there, click on the profile name on my profile photo and go and see my other courses and choose the best one that tickles your fancy. Thank you so much once again, and I'm looking forward to working with you in the next course.