Create A Nice Social Media Image Post In Minutes

Tikyda Couassi Ble, Let's learn something new to become better

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3 Videos (13m)
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About This Class


My name is Tikyda and in this course, I would like to share with you tips I have used to create nice Social Media image posts quickly. I will tell you about a resource I have started using recently. I will tell you how you too may use this resource to get image posts created without having to be dependent on a graphic designer. I am not a graphic designer and this class is also for people who are not versed into graphic design. If you want to know how to create nice image posts without spending and waiting for someone else, check this course out. You may employ these tips for your own benefit or you may decide to make it a service to offer other people.

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It was a nice class .. thanks





Tikyda Couassi Ble

Let's learn something new to become better

Hey Awesome fellow,

I am Tikyda Couassi-Ble and it is cool that we are now connected here on Skillshare.

I have started employing internet marketing maybe 9 years ago. Over time, I have developed my understanding of social media, product creation, website creation, copyrighting and paid advertising.

Other than that, I have also helped digital product owners fight piracy. I started my antipiracy activities years ago and I got to the point of having technology created to help me provide antipiracy services. I would be interested in teaching you everything I have learned about finding instances of piracy, getting piracy disabled, getting clients, and automating processes to help you add this business venture to your arsenal.

I also manage social media campaigns. I look forwards to teach you how to drive traffic and build a list of subscribers from social media. There is so much traffic that seemed to be available that you may be able to siphon some of it back to web properties for your own benefit

I look forward to help you with what you need to learn about. I am also open to learn whatever awesome knowledge you want to share with me.