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Create A High Converting Funnel Website With ClickFunnels

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Groundwork

    • 3. Tools Tour

    • 4. Page Setup

    • 5. Funnel Settings

    • 6. Confirmation Page

    • 7. Final Product

    • 8. Sales Pages

    • 9. Adding Products

    • 10. Upsells and Downsells

    • 11. Your next Steps

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About This Class

This is a simple step by step comprehensive course to create your own ClickFunnels Website.

No coding experience necessary, This process is perfect for a newbie. Together we will create the Funnels to convert your audience into loyal paying customers

ClickFunnels Enables You to Grow your company through sales funnels.  We cover everything you need to market, sell and create a beautiful website

You will be shocked at what you can create and I hold your hand the whole way.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: awesome. So welcome to this. Click funnels beginner tutorial. I'm gonna teach you by walking through two projects Exactly how to master click funnels for your business or your brand. The first project Rennes up together is called a squeeze page. This is how you can set up a page on click funnels that's gonna be live on the web. And when people navigate there, it can give you that email addresses so you can contact them at any time. The second project we're gonna walk together is how to set up a sales page and the check out page and then had a work. You're up cells and you're down steps. I'm gonna make sure this is not confusing at all. I'm gonna talk me through the entire lingo and give you a full tour off the platform as well as helping you build your 1st 2 pages on quick funnels without being overwhelmed or confused. So that's exciting to you. Let's jump in 2. Groundwork: awesome said, once we're into our account, it's actually time that we can start to build our first funnel. So let's all celebrate. And then let's get to work on actually building these funnels so that we can get some traffic in here and make some sales or just get some more clients for your business or your service. So how do we stop? You can see the quick links up here. You can click that, build a funnel, or you can always come over to the click Finals in the menu bar and then click on funnels here, and this will take you to the funnels that already exist on your account. Once they load up, you can see that I have some funnels in here already. But what we're gonna do is we're gonna start from scratch together. So we get every single step of the way for you was gonna click on the add new funnel here. Now that gives you two options to stop the cookbook, build a process and a cookbook is basically you even go through. And depending on your niche, you can choose which funnel is best suited for you. The classic funnel is the older one. They're probably going to face this out, but this is the old way to actually do it. So we're gonna do the cookbook and walk through that process together so you can see down him. When we scroll down, you can see that a lot of different types of funnels and they'll have fun names that here our final sales. Let a final product launch funnel bridge funnel. If you don't know what they are, there's a little description under their foy. And then, of course, you can actually click on that. I slick funnel and you'll see a little video here that are walking through exactly what it does. You push play on that I won't have that sound coming in, but will cause this, you can see it uses. Let go to show you exactly the steps and orders of the pages in that funnel now doubling back, you can see on the left hand side here you can see you can choose your industry. So if you do retail for do e commerce, if you do, if you're a speaker on author or coach or consultant, you can literally click on that and it will get rid of the fund was on are relevant to your business type Now. On top of that, if you know what type of funnel you want already, whether it's generate leads or sell a product or create an event, you can come and simply click on that, and it will show you the exact funnels that match that. So our goal together for this first project we're working. It's just a generate leads. We want to generate leads and leads A like email addresses or messenger Facebook messenger accounts, someone giving you their Facebook messenger so you could message them. Or maybe a phone number and address where you want to send something. We're generating leads and potential clients for our business or our service so you can see the funnels that populate over here. You gotta serve a funnel of you on a survey your customer application funnel. This is if someone is trying to apply for a job or something, and you want to put your application appear quick funnels for them to go through lead magnet. Funnel is a big one. This is the one we're going to be using, and basically it's giving people on ethical bribe in exchange for the email address. So the valley that they give us is that email address so we can message them at any time. And the valley that we give them is has to be more than the very that they give us in order for them to want to give us their email. So you can see this some other ones down here, which I'll let you go through at your own time. But we're going to jump straight into the lead magnet, funnel together so you can see if we scroll down him. The templates are based on the the type of funnel that we just selected so we can come in here and you can see what it's actually going toe look like. Now remember, this is the raw version of what it's gonna look like. You can edit anything on any page, and you can make your own template. You can see from scratch by using a blankly magnet. Now they do have paid, and they have free ones. If for some reason you wanted to do one of the paid finals, go ahead and do it otherwise. Way here to make sure we can do this as cost effective as possible while still being as effective as possible. And we're gonna head over to the free funnel so you can choose a template of your own. The one that I really like Is this one appear to conquer lead magnet free. I'm just gonna quick on this and then it's gonna get funneled. Now, what this is going to do is it's going to actually import this into our click funnels account, and then we can go in there and we can add all of our own information in. That's really amazing. We don't have the toad without the build anything from scratch. It's set up for us. You can see thes here, the steps of the funnel which are walking through in a second. But for now, if I'm just going to open this in a new tab so you can see the preview. All of this isn't how set up for us. We don't have the coding of it's all in here. All the email integration, everything is in here. All we have to do is come and change the colors coming, change the styles come and change what we're offering in exchange for the email address on . We can do that together in the edit page options. But before we go that this is the current order off. What's what are funnel this up in? So the first page is people go here. So whether you're linking them on YouTube, you're linking them on Instagram. It will have a blood post that you have a link in the bottom. Somehow you have to get people toothy actual squeeze page. And so this is the page it they'll see first the lead magnet. And then, of course, you need a second page. Once they fill that out, I thank you, which is either going to deliver the thing that you said that you would give them in exchange for the email, or you can email that to them. I'll show you how to do both and then direct them where they want to, where you want them to actually go so you can direct him to an upset. We conduct him to really good free content that's helpful for them, and basically, the more value give them or they're gonna value the emails that you're sending out to them . So this is how we have set up our first final. Now we have to dive in and actually make it your own. 3. Tools Tour: awesome. So now we're gonna actually jump into the page edited together, we have to make this our own. And I'm just gonna click on the edit page button to do that Really simple to bring up this page editor, You can see when I hover over things that gives me the little boxes and the little squares that giving me the opportunity to actually go in and edit thing. So what we're gonna do together is what it's going. Take a quick tour of the features and I'm gonna show you exactly what each thing does. So when we're explaining it and making this your own that you know, you're very familiar with the lay of the land and you know what you're doing so you can see at the top. There is an option. So the 1st 1 ever hear the left will let you see what your website looks like on a move out device and member, probably 40. The 70% of people are going to be using their mobile phones in order to actually browse your website. So you want to make sure it looks good on that mobile phone. This year is apt. We don't actually have to worry about absent the moment because they're quite advanced. But at the moment, if you need to know where they are, you just click on the APS button. Here are your settings. So basically, these are site wide setting, So anything that is very high level, you can come in and you can change any of these sittings in here. We're gonna change a couple together, but the moment these air going to stay basically as they are, I'm gonna put some integrations in there and some ECM metadata, meaning you can come up on Google search. But these you have to see as like, the underlying settings to your site on. Then other settings will get stacked on top of those, and I'll show you those now you can have a pop up. Now what is a pop up? It is basically when someone tries to leave the page or when someone's on the page for certain amount time, you can have this pop up and actually catch their email one more time. This won't make sense for us here because this is just a email catcher page. But if you wanted to put this on any other page, maybe a sales page or anything else. The building. Feel free to use that pop up in here. You can edit cities. If you wanna undo anything, I'll redo anything There your tools up here, over here on the right. Now these are the tools that we use more often. If you want to add a section, I'm gonna show you what I section is so you can click add section and we'll go full with And then what you can do You can click on it and you can drag it into the page somewhere. So if I want to drag it down the bottom here under the foot of which that little black thing it's gonna build out the section they can see When I hover over the section inside the section you build rose So you can then choose exit 123 rows inside this blue section Here How many verbs you want in your section? So what we're gonna do just a mock up just to show that still true So now you can see you've got a section inside the sectioning up to rubes that inside each row you can add what's called and element. So, uh, the the sections a green. When you hover over it like this, you can see the green box, the Teeley green books. The actual arose inside the section a blue. So when you hover over that, you'll get the blue box and then the orange ones the elements are going to be orange. So when you click on that, you can actually add whatever it is that you're trying to add into your webs, Web page or website here. So, for example, if we're trying to add just a headline, you can click headline and it pops up here and then over here If we were trying to add, for example, let's go down here a countdown timer. You're gonna add that there so you can see that's how we're gonna be adding content and editing content to the actual site. And but we're gonna be deleting that because we don't want that on the page. The one more thing that I want to show you, actually, after we go through these so you can add rose directly inside existing sections up here any time you want to manage sections that ruse, you can just go in there three elements of your page. If you want to click at Element, you can add those directly into rows that already exist like that. You have to create new ones. Um, and then preview will just open them in a new browser that doesn't have the actual editing function on it. So you can see what it looked like to anyone who's visiting the page. And then, of course, you want to just keep saving as we make out it. The last thing is, there's this little contact us button. If you have any trouble, you can message click full on support, and they'll get back to you with any technical issues that you may have. So now that we know the navigation menu and we know how to edit and had had the layout, sort of the nesting of the layout works here. I want to show you how you can edit each of these elements on the page. So when you hover over, any of these boxes will do this section first in the deal, you can see that you can clone it, which basically just means there's now two of them on the page. Oh, you can hit on that settings tool here. Now these settings to wear these at the top of more global settings. These ones are more specific settings to the actual tool that to the actual box or to the actual road that you actually editing. And you can see you can go through here, and you've got a lot of different options that literally update live as you are editing your website so you can see can change the text color for the whole section, the background color, the moment we have an actual background image in there. But if you want to change that, you can come into the actual backgrounds, and you could just click on the one that you actually want and then click on the add image . You can see that update for you. You can change the width of the image. And then, of course, there's going to be advanced advanced settings for each section as well. But basically, if you want to edit any of this stuff, say this text box now doesn't stand there on that blue background. You just hold her over to the settings, comes up and then you look over here in the settings, and these are the the minute settings for the for the specific element that you have clicked up, you can just see text color would be there. You just make that into white, and then you can see didn't actually change because it's actually a bold. So this is means that the bold color is different to the non bolted color. So you come in here and click on the bold color. The other thing you could do. You could just unbolt the text to get the L'ECOLE aside. To do that, you double quick on the actual textbooks. Highlight the text and you'll see this new settings coming up here, and you just click on that on that beef. A bold button. This is just like any marks off word of Google drive. If you wanna make a link in here, these air your settings here. So that's it. Any element you wanna edit so say we want to change the build your kingdom. We have a river, I mean quick settings, and then you can change anything to do with the build your kingdom specifically, And if you want to add anything that's new, you can simply just click on the plus. This adds a new section. This plus adds a new road, the blue and the orange on what does it add? A new element within the road. So that's it. Let's jump into actually making this a side of your own. 4. Page Setup: awesome. So now comes the fun part of actually editing this template now that you have the tools to , uh, under your belt into making something that's relevant for you. Now I'm gonna give you an example. But remember that all of this clip funnels is an incredible tool that's relevant to every single knee. So whether you're in real estate, Drewery your influence I yourself digital marketing products if you sell physical products , If you're author of podcaster, doesn't matter what you do. You could be an artist and selling your own work. This is one of the best tools to do it with. So I'm gonna walk through my specific example together. But just make sure that in your head you always bring it back to what you do and how you can take what I'm showing you and apply it to your own business and brand and get excited to actually take that page that you're creating and the lead magnet that you're creating out into the world. So the first thing I like to always point out is a lot of things that miss up people is when they have a template like this is they think they have to fill every single spot on the template. And one of the best things that I like to do is actually just delete all the things that I don't want and stop from the ground up instead of trying to move into a house that's got way too many bedrooms and you just spreading your stuff out between them. So you have a look for yourself, See what you need. I quite like this three little things down here that help people make the choice whether they want to put in their email or not. I don't need a logo at the top. Someone's gonna delete that. That's just gonna bump everything up. You can see it hasn't deleted the actual road there. So I'm just going to like that on my time, and that's gonna bump everything up to and move this into more of a view, which is good. And then this is very wordy for me. So I'm actually going to delete this one. Everyone knows how in putting email what, except I'm just gonna delete that to make it a little bit easier. And then, of course, I think this spacing is now a little bit off. Some gonna click on the settings here and bring the top margin of that box down a little bit. So we get equal spacing between the top of here and the bottom off there. Now, anything else you want to delete going Delete it. Now, It's just a really cool tip that I think a lot of people fall into the trap of is not deleting anything when this templates here to make your job easier and not harder. Now, the first thing the main image on this site on this template has over here to the left. Now, this is the image, of course, off what you are giving away. So in order to change it over over, click on the settings and you can see over here where it has the image. This is the code where it's currently pulling theme image from. So the change that we're gonna click on the image button and then simply select and pulling the image that you want to upload of your own that's going to go in that spot. So for us, we've got a top 100 cake recipes. Just a quick little bookmark up that I've done to do this. I did a photo shop. But if you want to use something like canvas C. A N V eight makes it really, really easy to do these things. If you don't have the photo shop skills now, that's gonna sit over here in the box and alignment looks pretty good. Otherwise, if it didn't even clicking settings, hearing change, that width and the height of it, you can also make it a link if you want, if someone to click on that and go somewhere which we don't. Because we want a directive run into this into giving us their email s so we can reach me any time just to explain that if you unaware at the moment when someone visits your website , so you run a bakery website on your cell recipes, always online classes or something like that, and someone visits your site because they hear about you. They think you look cool, but they don't actually sign up, will give you the email address. It's very, very hard to contact them again. You need to, you know, have a Facebook pixel installed and re target them with ads, which you have to pay for. But if you can capture some form of information or communication details, email being one of the best wants to do, you can simply contact them at any time. So that's why you set up something like a squeeze page like this. Now, of course, this blue background doesn't. I'll go without new design here. So this is where we can jump into the actual section settings appear on the green and click on that settings. And once again you can see the background image is marked here. Now, if you want to get rid of the background image, you can just delete the euro and then can come down here to the background. Color Ninja can actually start to choose your colors. Of which one do you think work the best? Of course, the slider. Here. It's very easy to choose whatever color you want. I'm just going to go for this nice pink that pops a little bit. Wouldn't come back and out of this at any time. But this is how we're going to stop now. The next thing is, of course, this button. We want that to be in a car that pops on the pink and doesn't look too green like that. So we'll go yellow and then it's gonna fade it out a little bit. Just toe blend that color in with the book, but not too much, because otherwise it gets loses its attention. So we're gonna get some in the middle like that is great. And then while we're in here, we can change this text or anything you want, so claim my free chapter. So my lead magnet, the thing I'm giving away by getting someone's email address, is a free chapter of my top 100 cake recipes. Book on that can obviously lead into some form of an up sell or something cross sell, meaning that they like the free chapter. They like the recipe. They could sign up for the full top 100 recipes that could sign up for a class like a time for anything. Remember, I said, they just a very generic example that created to show you bring this back, make this relevant to any of the niches that you are in. Now I get this Free is a little bit generic appear, of course, but it's just a template. So, um we're gonna type in free cake recipes and it's gonna drop down a line. Now we're gonna see if we like that or not. It's not bad, but we can not. You see what it looks like on, um, on just one line. So we'd come down in here and change this fun. If you want a bigger you can actually just input the fun size there, even if the sliders all the way up, if you want smaller, we can just drag that down like that and then you can see once again it's bumped a little bit too far up. So we're gonna bring it down by pulling that top margin in. And that's gonna bump the top margin between here and the top of the section down and pushed down everything below it. Now, there's one bit left here because we got rid of the other text that was unnecessary. Eso We're gonna delete this bidding here. We're gonna pop in our a little subheading. So claim a free chapter off Al Top 100 cake recipes. Bello that below just obviously indicates the box below. That's how they claim it. Get rid of the blue because it doesn't stand out Well, we know it's a bold color. We're gonna go and pop it into a yellow as well and then come back to that yellow. And of course, you can see if something else looks better. Why toe a black? Or you can you can scroll around the pink backgrounds a little bit strong one out. So we need something that's going to title together. So a nice yellow screwed. And then, of course, I'm gonna actually bring that font size down a little bit. They're not overwhelm people when they get to this. We don't want to seem spanning just just to see, just to seem really simple. I like eso. We're gonna get back into this top one here, free cake recipes and that Bring that down just a little bit more to being the center off the page, that back up there like that. Um, Now, I'm not loving this background here. So what you gonna do? Don't click on that. Settings were gonna click on the image, Orel, and then we're gonna click on the background up here. We're gonna come across and see if there is a default radiant. That might look a little bit better. This is a little bit of a nice fund, cakey colisee. Just add image and you can see what that looks like. You see that? A little bit of texture to it, which is actually probably a little bit nicer than that, that bright pink. So we're gonna keep it like that, they concede. Very simple. It's very easy, because all we want people to do when they get this page is enter their email. We don't need them to do anything else you can see. You can also add if you want something else to be submitted, you can add anything that you want people to actually input so you can say email address. Or you can put in any off the information that you need and that will be submitted with the button. We just want email address because we want to be as little friction as possible. But that is, hey, add more things to the form such a someone's name or or anything like that, then to click the settings on the button again. However, this time we're going to actually set the action, so she consider action when this button is clicked. The quick set action. You can see there's a lot of different options in here that you can actually activate when they fill out the form and, um, hits it hits to claim my free chapter. Whatever the button is that you have done there, so submit, order or submit forms. So this is a form that they're feeling out. That's what we want to happen. But of course, if you want to be redirected to a different page, you want to go to the next step in the funnel like we showed you the order of the funnel earlier. That is how you do it here. Now, down below. Here we have this blue little line here that is basically people are going to glance it, they're going to see Ah, yes, because, you know, if it was, just if this was the only part of the website would look kind of blink. So I do like having this down here ever. We're going to be changing the background color off it now that is not looking good at all , but we might want to match that Read appear. It's probably coming across to read, So you can just have a play around and nothing. You know, this is your creative time. It doesn't have to be anything. There's nothing that that's right or wrong here. But it's just what you think Looks good. So the yellow also looks bad, so maybe I'm gonna get for a darker sort of theme here. The black doesn't look too bad that maybe we could round it out with a little bit of a Dhaka teal instead of a black, which is a little bit less hotch, uh, which I quite like that. And it gives it a little bit more of a, um, professional serious vibe in serving too cakey and to pink s. Oh, it's just a just a little bit darker there. Just add a little bit of a seriousness. Now you can see that we have icons in these one. So we're gonna cook on the settings here, and when you come over to the advancement, you now inside this advance for new, there's a lot of options. But if you come down to the actual icon picker, you can see this is where you can pick what icon is already uploaded in into click funnels and you can actually search of him based on the key Would eso I'm gonna type in food to see what sort of food comes up. And then we have a cookie so I could change the 1st 1 to a cookie. You can go across and you confined. Just pick the top three elements off the thing that you're giving away. Um, in order to get the email address and just make each one of these about one of those three elements so I come down, you can see I can pick. It is currently university, which we don't need. We're gonna go for a book because it is a book on. Let's have a look. Uh, it sounds kind of cool, but to bookie Utkan even click and you can see what they look like. That's coffee. Not very appropriate for the top of book that we are giving away that I love the book ones , but that's sort of good. Like a little book marketing. That and then the last one, I could be anything I'm just making will ease up on the spot. Of course, this business brand doesn't actually exist. Something topping yummy. Nothing comes up. I'm gonna type in food again and see what comes up the knife fork, which is pretty good. I'm gonna try one more thing. You know, just just brown going down here. And you can see if you have any affiliation to, like, big brands of businesses Google pay. Amazon pays in here. And Amazon logo's or and hear all those big company logo should be in here for you. And you can also create your own. I can if you want. As you can see, the checklist is actually pretty good here, so we'll see. What? Yeah, it looks pretty good. Comes to be like, Yes, this is Derek free gluten free or whatever it is. And then the last one will change to that, um, little book chapter. So we're gonna go back the events menu, gonna come back down to the icon, picket here, and we're gonna go back to our Allah book, and then I'm just gonna actually, But we swap these two over, so that's what I'm just gonna drag him on the need for now and then drag this guy here. You can see where Stockton over. Just have the solid one in the middle, and then you can see we can put dairy free options. Cook your delicious. Remember, you could delete these descriptions as well. Along the thing is along the lines of we don't need every single option in here, but I just put a little bit here just to give this page a little bit of content. Cook your delicious cakes free from any dairy that may cause stomach upsets. We should just write may cause upset stomachs. It's probably better way to order it. Um, a little exclamation missed a fair ball. Well, fun field to it. Delicious tasting. Delicious, Just delicious. It's fine home off al cakes and recipes verified to be extremely delicious. You can see that none of this is hard to do, and none of this is permanent. You can come in at any time and change all these things if you having a little bit off the what most people get when they creating either their first website or a new offer on this, all the second guessing everything. Just put something in there, just go live to see how it goes, and you can always come back and change it within seconds you know, it's not 1995. We have the email, your Web master and the Web Mosque is gonna charge you $1000 to change a couple of bits of text on your website. You can come in here and it can be changed in literally seconds. So, um, complete favorite favor felt the American way. Favorite chapped up. We are giving away. Oh, they were you chapter off our best selling book now our best selling book. Don't my best selling book it unless you've got a best selling book. I honestly I am very honest in my marketing. This is obviously just an example attending this is being the best selling book. But we got to be very honest because that's how you build trust with the audience. Gonna make sure everything is above board and honest and direct, and has the customers best interest in mind. Now, the last thing we want to do is just change this down the bottom copyright. You can change it to whatever year it is. Will say it's 2030 copyright 2030. Um, And then what is that brand? Why don't you have a brand so cakes? Uh, us, and then we go. We have, after a squeeze page set up and done, made it really simple, made it easy and was gonna hit that safe button there. 5. Funnel Settings: then it was set that up, and we've made it your own and customize it for you and your niche. Now, what we want to do is want to go over the actual settings in the entire funnel. So remember, inside the editor, this is where we already were. And this is where we edited out page against it says looting editor. Now, if you could preview, of course, you can see the preview of it. Not in the editor. What it looks like when someone else watch you land on that page and can actually use the functionality of that page. And we're going to come back. You hit that exit button to come back to that the whole finals, actual setting. So first thing we want to do is come over here to the publishing sending here, and you can see this is where we can actually name the funnel step. Someone show you how to name the actual funding on a second in the settings menu. But we stopped by naming the actual funnel in here. So the final step name will be, um, free recipe sign up form and then the pop of just be the girl that it takes. So you can just say you can do something That's s e optimized. Free cake rest. Peas like that Just update the final step. There. You can see free recipes out form appears over here. And of course, the girl that the page because we're inside this page is actually at will be the free cake recipes. Now, this thing here, you may be asking What is the split test? What you can basically do is you contest Protest is where you're gonna test two different what's called landing pages. So when someone gets this page, what percentage of people that you feel him, the email address here and click submit so that we get the email. We can create a whole new, different looking different style different theme to page over here through this variation tab. And we can actually run this 1 to 50% of visitors and this one of 50% of visitors see which one gets more people actually feel their name out here, and then we obviously will stick with the actual one that that is converting better because that's getting us more leads for our business. The other thing you can also do is you contest what's on the page so you could give away a different sort of lead magnet, different sort of freebie. And see, it could be the exact same design, but just the different giveaway s so you can see which one is more powerful is a lot of really fun and cool things you can do with that. So then we're going to come up here to this menu and what I want to show you is this stats column right here. Now, this is a really nifty little column, and basically, it shows you the traffic of the people who actually went to your page. You can see you can change the dates up here to see you can filter the last week for drug A last year confirmed of old time. You can see how many people went to your page. Him total people in total unique people. So if someone went twice, it's gonna count and all but not in unique. And then how many people opted in any people actually filled out your form? I tell you that as a percentage is called, your opt in rate your contacts this is where people who feel at the formal actually go with their emails. You can download that here and then the setting. So this is a settings page for the overall funding for every single step involved. And you can see we can rename it here. So we got that free, uh, cake recipe funnel. Uncle, you can put any tags in there you want. If you have a domain in, this is where you can come and you can add it on to actual domain names. That doesn't say click funnels. It actually just says your domain name and then ford slash free cake recipes to be very easy to do. And then, of course, the path is just the overall final path, which will essentially lead back to the same path as your first step. So free, okay, Comes can use the capital C s. That's not the exact same. And then if you have any codes or anything that you need, such as a pixel tracking, that's what you popular in here in the tracking code stripe. So we're going to get into this in the next project together if we're taking a payment, this is where we actually integrate all of the maps that we need for the payment such as pay pal, Then here, stripe up here. All of those are going to be integrated s so that they could be checked out on the same page that we're gonna create together. But in this one, there is no actual, um, payment. That needs to be done because it's all a free recipe. So had done the bottom saving update sending stuff to get to save an update at all times. So we don't lose that work. This path is being used. That doesn't take capitals, um, so funnel at the back of that to save an update once again and that would get everything updated. Now we have the name of our final A final here and all the settings done. So now it's time. What we have to do before we move onto the next project is just to get the people directed . Once they fill in this form, where do they actually go? And that's where we can actually come in and edit the thank you page to make sure we're directly into the right spot. 6. Confirmation Page: awesome. So now we have to perfect this Thank you page when people sign up to your free giveaway to your lead magnet, whatever it is, whatever Valuev decided on for your niche, they need to get directed somewhere. And this is very, very valuable if we can control where their attention goes next. So at the moment, people and you can see by this little thing here, once they go through this page and they submit the form, they get pushed to this thank you page. This is where they'll get redirected after they submit that form with their email, he concedes the very simple theme that we've got here. It's a big YouTube video in hand, which is important. I'll get to that as we're editing it. Think that logo that welcome aboard. And then there. What's next? Where do you want your customer declined your fan to go next very, very important stuff. So once again, we click on the edit page, jump inside the editor, and the first things first, you know what to do. The lead, everything that's not relevant. We don't want to be forced into trying to become the exact template of this for our own sake. But basically, the logo is the only one that we really got to get rid of coming in and put in whatever the date is and your your foot in there, Everything else I like, everything else can stay. So first thing is, we're gonna get a color theme going. So I'm gonna come in here, click on this image, Shia, come over the backgrounds and then once they load up, we're gonna pop in background, which I believe this one. So you can see the background actually didn't extend the full length off this section against the green is goes down to here, but the background and he goes down to here. So what we want to do is well, under actually having it. One stretch background, we go into the settings and we can come into image position here. We can just click on repeat should do the trick. And that'll just mean that photo repeats over and over again for the entire duration off the actual background. So you can see that's pulled it all the way down now, which is great. So the next thing we want to get rid of this blue because it's not within our color feeling we're gonna come and quick in here and that we're gonna come over to the themes and you can see we've got this blue one selected. You can scroll down to see if any of these match you actual theme. Why is the closest we've got all we can do? Just the embedded video with no border. Uh oh. There is a black It's well, which is a little bit duck. I think it was gonna go for the raw, non background and one here. And of course, you can see that this is being pushed up, and any time it's being pushed up, you can always increase the margin or the padding on that exact element. And what I mean by that is make sure that you've quick the settings on the actual orange box in order to move to the orange box and everything underneath it. Because you could click something like this Blue books and you trying to bump that down. That'll bump everything down. Um, and you can see this one actually wants based a little bit more too. So we'll do this one together. We're just gonna pop that patting down a little bit more and that's a one click too much. So it about 20 was right there. And that looks good to me now What we're gonna do is I've got to actually set up where we want these people to go. So have a think about your page after someone submits their email to you, they have. You have the ability to contact them at any time. They're like a business because they gave you the email for the actual lead magnet that you're offered, whether it's cake recipes, whether it's free coaching session, whether it's anything you then want to start to indoctrinate them to your brand to your business and give them even more value to make them like you even more so, I'm gonna put welcome to the take family heal. Watch the five biggest cake making mistakes. But look, now they didn't ask for this, but what I'm doing is I'm gonna put a video on him like actually gonna make this, But you couldn't imagine the five biggest cake making mistakes when someone submits the form for their recipe and it's getting delivered to their emails can deliver to their inbox as we speak. Their attention is gonna be drawn away and they're going to actually start toe consumer more bowel contents. I'm going to embed the YouTube video here. Gonna change the color of this writing. I believe it's the bowl color. There it is. And what's gonna happen is they're going to start to learn more ballots are going to start the like. It's more because we keep offering and more more value. And then they're gonna go to their inbox. They're gonna take the free recipe. And then any time in the future that we email them, telling them that something is important time that we're having a sale telling him that we're having free online cooking classes for cakes. They're going to want to actually show up because we're built a brand value. We're not pushing sales down their throat. I will show you exactly how to set up a sales page. If you do want to redirect to it, what's called an up sell where you then be like it? The whole book. For just $9. 95 I will be showing you that in the second project for this one. I really want to emphasize how incredible giving, giving, giving value is in order, build a long term relationship. So what's next is we could actually we could use this bit down here to advertise the full cake recipe books. We're gonna add that image down here. This text box here want the full 100 cake recipes, but we can always adjust that size of the texts and no stress. They're all gonna put that down at the bold color coming to get that yellow. That really pops on that background, uh, head across to amazon dot com where you can buy a best selling member bestselling only for his best selling. This is just a mock up in, um, anticipating this book would go best selling, um, top 100 cake recipe books to take your baking to the next level on. You can obviously fill that out a little bit more just to make it look a little bit more rounded out. And then the last thing to do it's just add a link. So to amazon dot com, it doesn't have to be amazon dot com. You could waken do this some, for example, upon a cake Recipes book books is fine. We're gonna link that up here and you can see that we can link it a delete that hashtag it , but w w dot amazon dot com Just copy and paste the link that you want in here and change the color of your link to, say, white or something like them. And then that will be linked up. You could see it. You can click on this. And if we open this incognita window, this will. I have made a mistake. I haven't put at ht Teepees in here. So in him on http uh, Colin, vaccinates like that. And then when we click on it like this opinion incognito window, that'll open Amazon force. Now, that's very simple. Very easy. Now we know how to design and have some consistency throughout funnel. But the biggest thing is, we're adding value. We're building on this relationship with every single client, customer and fan that comes through this funneled taken like it's even more. Then we'll also directing them to actually get the top 100 cake recipe books from Amazon, which will boost our best seller ranking over there and help us get more clients over there . But basically, how do you want to direct your customers? Attention, once they give you their email address is one of the most important questions you can answer. And there's a lot of different ways to do this. One of the best ways to get ideas is to go through your competitors pages and see what they're promoting and what's working for them, and then pull it into your business or your brand. 7. Final Product: awesome. So I've completed my top free cake recipe funnel, and alongside me A really hurt. We took action and built your first funnel as well. This is a lead page funnel. So you can start to actually get leads for your business. You brand or your service. So what we knew the now is we just need to test it out. This is the fun part. So we're gonna click on that preview button here. You can see that landing pages is this, and it looks good. We don't want them to be able to scroll anywhere. We just want them to have one thing to click. Nothing else is clickable. Except for this right yet. Now, the first thing I can see which I'd like to change is this little badge down here made that click funnels. We don't need everyone knowing that it's being made a quick finals, which is gonna click on the edit page button here. Really gonna make this outside our own by clicking on setting some top down to general and then the affiliate badge over here. Hide that save. I was so we don't need to say that. It's just to say that as a template. But we, to me that save button appear and then has become back across. When we hit that refresh button, that badge should disappear. Awesome bananas pages fully out weaken type in an email claimed my free chapter. See, that submits, it goes green. Everything's good taken to the actual thank you page here. And you can see this is where you put your value adding YouTube video in. And then, of course, a subtle but direct link to whatever is that you want the up sell to be. You can put anything you want here. This is just the template, the one that I'm I think is a good value out of here. Once again, it has a little made it click funnels here. So what we have to do is we have to go back to our final steps down to our second step of the funnel back into the edit page and make this a little bit hard to actually remove that , make a few extra steps in here, and they name it. I feel it bad. So it's really hard to actually, um, identified how to remove that badge because I wouldn't have called it an affiliate badge, but it's because it makes cook funnels a lot of money by people browsing all those websites out there with a little quick from most badge on, then coming back and signing up for a click funnels account themselves. So for some reason, that didn't actually goes. We're gonna get general really badge, hide, save. Make sure, actually saves data appear in one minute. I see. So sometimes it takes a couple of minutes actually update the page. But when that does update this page, we fully complete as well. So now we're ready to actually start and build a sales page, and they check out page where people can actually pay for the products that you're selling . 8. Sales Pages: awesome. So we're under the second project together, and I'm excited to take this one with you because it's a lot different than the first project, where in the first project, we actually we focused on at the design and learning the click funnels lay out. Now we're gonna focus more on integrating things. So we're gonna build a sales page together where you can sell your product, your service, whatever it is, whether it's digital or physical together. And then we're gonna build a check out page where people can actually insert their credit card information and make a purchase from you. And you can get them set up with an account or with the product in any way that you see fit . So what we're gonna do, you gonna pop back over to our final stage and I'm gonna walk you through this. You can see this is the free cake recipe funneled that we just did together on. It was a good time, and we now have that as a finished product and we know how to get people's email addresses . This, however, is a sales paid. So we're gonna open this up together, and this sales page will help you sell your product. Now, this is a sales page template in the really, really cool thing about click phones is I'm going to give this to you for you to come in and edit into your own sales page so you can see what it is just to give you some context. Is we me and my friend on business partner Evan. We sell e commerce products online, So I have a lot of physical products on Amazon selling to customers, and I sell them on eBay as well. And I saw a little bit of on Shopify as well. So I do e commerce, and basically I make very good money doing this. And this sales page was to show people I sold a training to show them exactly how I got into e commerce and how I scaled it to the point where I did scale it to, and this helped them start their own brand and get there. So that is the context. If you're looking at the content on this page, be conceited. Very nice. Long form sales paints a long form sales page. You can see a small this little thing is over here that helps us scroll through The page, you can see is a lot off bonuses and additions that went into this bundle that I sold to help people build their own brand, help people make up their mind to see if this was the right product for them. Lot of testimonials down here and then a lot more testimonial stand here as well Screenshots from our Facebook Group from all the successes that we've had from people going through this product. Now you can get this template, and it will be in the resource is section off this course out on off this lecture to make sure it's easy feat against possible but essentially click funnels. What they do is they make it very, very easy to import someone else's template. So this is the funnel euro that you'll be clicking on, and when you click on that, you can literally have pushed the button that says, Add this to your click funnels account. And then this would be set as a template and the theme that you can then come in and we've been coming together and actually change the content in here as it simply obviously click that at a page wants. This is pulled in as a team learned of that system. And then you can obviously put in whatever it is that yourself. If you sell real estate Australia or whatever it is, uh, real estate training or whether you sell, um, beauty products or whether you sell influence the training, it doesn't matter. Digital marketing, physical products. This is how you can do a long form sales page. And once again, the top tip from the first project that we did together delete everything that's not relevant to you. If you don't want to have the photos here, come in dealing that section. If you don't want this, I walked through what's inside the product or service that you're offering. Deleted, coming, delete everything. If you don't have all these testimonials, totally fine. Common deleted. Make sure the sales page is right for you. But this is very easy to do. Very easy to set up your own information in here, given the training that we learned together in the first project. So the fun thing about this project is we're not gonna be learning how to edit that again, because you already know what I'm going to show you. Basically, how to do is when they're actually on this sales page that they have to and someone wants to buy. So say you like you know what? I would like to launch a brand and a business on Amazon and tap into the massive amount of customers. This is the right product that teach me how to do it. I'm gonna claim my spot now, and they're gonna go to this. Check out page. Now, this check out page is where you can get your customers and your clients to enter the information here. They're card number and then actually complete their order and check out and get into the program, the service or whatever product it is that you selling their. Remember once again, I have to keep mentioning this. This is was my niece selling Amazon training? Whatever your niche is, it doesn't matter. You can have this check out page adapted to you, and that's what your job is is to come in here and use the skills that we're learning to adapt this to your niche. And the beautiful thing about this funnel is is then you can add on up cells and cross cells and down cells on the back. But what we're gonna be focusing on is how to integrate our products and our services into this actual check out page first. 9. Adding Products: Okay, so you can see once you've imported this into your own account, using the resource is in this course using that link that I will have supplied for you. You'll see you have the sales page, which we just went through, which is how you can convince people that the your product or training a service is right for the customer. And then once they clicked the buttons on that page and make the decision, they can actually sign up for it on their check out page. Now, the question is, how do they actually, how do you integrate the product into this page? Had integrate the payments into this page direction to get paid and deliver your product to your client or your customer. Now what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be going to the back end sittings here to make sure that it's all set up perfectly so that one someone enters their information that payment goes through and then get their product. So on the check out page, you can see we get with sales page. You lose what's called products because of sales page you don't have products on. It's just the text and the images and videos that's gonna convince someone to buy your product or service on the check out page, you can see products adhere. So you need to make sure that you have a check out page template if you haven't used this temple and using one of urine, and you can do that by adding a new step and then just getting the templates that on the actual check out pages these air cold. So we're gonna click Edit Page to go to the the actual page editor and pull that up and you can see all the design aspects very easy. These are just images in here and just text another image. This is a list of what they get in their actual when they sign up. You can put your list over there. I think this is just an image that we put in here so you can delete anything that's not right for you. Anything you don't like you could make it simpler. You can delete their actual address if you don't need their addresses here. But you can see this is the tricky apart here. All this is pretty intuitive, and actually, I'm gonna show you just in case you do have any questions you can see. You can add any element if you go down to form to these are the four. This is a form that your building and what happens when they hit that submit button. The form gets submitted so you can put in any important into the form or a select box, so select box would be something that they had to choose a drop down for on you get to put in what you want to drop down to. B. Delete that and any other information that you may need for your knee. Show your specific business you can put in here on then. They also have advanced forms here if you need them to add a survey for you, Madam, a billing address. If you need them to add the phone number for an SMS sign up. That's what you do it all in here. So all very easy or very simple to do that toughest pot is definitely the adding the item integration. So to do this, it says dynamically updated because if you have different items or different payment plans , it's gonna be pulling from a product that we're in putting into the back end. So we need to go first to the back end, input and create your product or your service. And once again, we do that by clicking on products up here in the menu. Now you can see this is the product it's called the AM said Amazon Secrets three Pointer bundle was the product in the train that we were selling using this template. Now it's very simple. You can add as many products as you want him now is something that confused me. The stock. When you add a product, it's not gonna directly be displayed here quickly. It may take up to 2 to 3 hours. For some reason, these products quite slow in updating and loading, and you may be confused and think you've done something wrong when really just have to wait and never tells you have the weight. That was one thing I was a little bit confused about. So when you add a product, for example, which we can do together, it might not show up straight away, so you can see what added a product and what we're going to go through is thes specific, um, sections that we need to fill out in order to make sure click funnels. Know what they have to do when someone puts their information in. So integration is stripes of stripe is a payment process. If you don't have stripe, it's very easy to set up. Let's just get a stripe dot com. They're very massive, very trustworthy, and they just got an update here. Payment processor That'll process your payments. Now, if your payments look like this, you're doing extremely well. But even if they look like 1/100 of that, are you still doing that? You can see a lot of big companies use stripe, and it's very simple. It's very low cost. It's just a way to receive credit card payments. Click Funnels doesn't actually support receiving credit card payments, and that's why you signed up for stripe and then you integrate your stripe account. Now where do you do that? You can do that in the settings over here, you can see your striped account could be here all you can integrate it in your actual account settings where you can set up your integrations over here integrations. It's very easy to actually set up your integrations and your payment gateways. Sorry is where you would put your strap account so you can add a new payment gateway here in any other integration. That's not payments you'll be integrating into here. And once you've got your stripe account set up here, you will see that goto stripe sign up and an integrated very easy to integrate. He's gonna put up on the right code. Over there. You follow the process that click funnels gives you and then it'll pop up here and this is where you can actually receive payments for. So then you have to choose. Is your product a subscription, a payment plan or a one time payment? Alice is gonna be a one time payment, so it's gonna hit next there, and it's gonna pull us across. You can see we're just going cross here. So there's a lot of information, but you just do it one at a time and you do really well. So this is going to be the example. Product. Um, example. Product training said that's all we're gonna call it. You obviously put your product name in here What you want to be called Now, the beautiful thing about this is normal. It's a lot more complex, but this will actually set this product and everything up in your stripe account for you normally used to have toe make sure they're matched up and do it and strap it and pull it across here. But because click funnels knows how to make things simple for us. Once we put all this in here, all this money is gonna be automatically processed in stripe. So are product price. Could be anything was gonna put in $99 here. And then what? This price display override is is on the actual form here. This'll number can be different too. This number in here now, Obviously, you don't want to charge someone $1000 but say you're charging 100. But say you wanted it to be something like one payment off $99. That's how you can emphasize all you could put like only $99 a limited time $99 for example , in their $25 per three months. Just to specify how often you're charging them, if it is a scheduled payment the shipping origin address. I don't think you actually have to need to put this in. Um, but the next thing s so we're gonna put the override as 99. Just $99. It's fine. You can add in here your product description off what it is, and you can add this shipping origin address, which is basically it's a physical product where you shipping it from, And I should this product be the bump on the order page if present Now, this is very, very interesting little tool. So it's called on order bump. And what we can do is we can do order bump. I'm just gonna show you what this is going to look like. Now. It looks kind of older and outdated, but this is what the order bump actually looks like is at the bottom off. After they fill their card details in you can have an order bump, which means it's just a check box, and basically you can put a little bit text in hand. Say yes. I want the example training product for just an extra $99 and when they process their order , you will get the extra bump from this product to say for us, for example, the training is $297. Plus. They want the call of the advanced coaching session for $99. What will happen is they'll get charge $396 when they check out, just because off the little order bump that you can pop down the bottom and we'll pop that in so we can show you exactly what that does look like. Maxim Venturi. If you have a max adventurous, you can pop that in there. Gonna click next and safe. You have variations, Papa Moon here. But if you've got this as your order bump, there can't be any variations because it's just going to be a check box. And this is something that click Finals actually created was the order bump just to increase what's called your cart value. So when someone's checking out and you're normally going to receive $297 from, how can you actually deliver more for them and get an extra $99 for you? That's what the order bump is designed for on a lot of people, as they're checking out, will just simply throw that in a sort of like buying expensive suit. And at the county, you see, there's some nice cuffs and a nice tie that matching the get you know what, I'll for those in a swell now, fulfillment emails. You need to set up this if you want to actually send them an automated email that either fulfills the order for you or if if you want to send something that is confirming their order This is where you can us enable a fulfillment email, which basically, you can put all the messages in here with, like, your training. I don't mind the capital o in their your training and then the message bodies like click here to access your training. Obviously, you put more effort and visibly congratulations from taking the step into your training. And then you put the link on how they get the training. Or you can actually put pop in here and integration that you already have that will take him to a thank you page or a membership page where they can create their account. So we're gonna just click, save, and next on this one, follow up action. We're not gonna have any of these But if you have any integrations or anything that you want to actually follow up and start emailing them or start promoting things to them, you can pop a follow up, up option in and then you've got the shipping for a physical product, and for us, it's not a physical product. If it is for you, pop that in there. No, do it. The summary. What's going to sum up everything? And then you can just simply go back and you can see now we have AL product at the top that's already set up. And then our order bumped down here so it won't be there yet because it going to take a couple of hours. And I might just put a screenshot here off what it does look like with this order bump in place. 10. Upsells and Downsells: awesome. So you're almost there. You almost putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. The last thing we're gonna go do Together we have appear house sales page, where we indoctrinate the people and the clients on what our products and services are. We give him a chance to actually subscribe to it and enrolling it by putting their card information here and paying for the value that we're giving them. Now you can see the whole purpose of these funnels and whole purpose off wife funnels of superior toe website is because you can do things that we just in, which is the order bump where we could get extra value from out kat. Now, when people click order, people click submit. They are your prime customers. They're the people who are in your final people who are interested in your business and people who actually paying you for the information in the value that you're offering. That is the perfect step for an up sell across cell or a down sell now up sell means we just sold something for $297. If we're going to say get six months of coaching for $1997. That would be an up sell that that's an upwards, the trend in price. If it was a down cell, we just selling for $297 to be like, Oh, plus, get these Top 20 mistakes e book for $9. 99 big down. So because it prices a lot cheaper and then across cell is just something that is the same price as, well, well, something that's not directly in the niche that you're selling it, but something maybe that's in a separate needs that they might be interested in. Now. How we do any of these up sandals down across cells is through a one time offer, and the most beautiful thing about these one time offers is when they actually click through to the complete my order. All it is is one button, and they add that next product to their order, the same as the order bump that all after you check the box and it's next to $99. All I have to do is click the button on the next page, and it's going to be charging the same credit card that they just put in to the actual form here that we created together. So at a new step, I'm gonna call it the one time offer. Uh, the O T o path we go of where he got it in here showing. Finally, guess showed over here on the funnel, and you can see that this will add the step after check out paid. So after they click submit, they will be pushed into the one time off a page. Now what we want to do up here, you can see these rolled the template to apps. We don't want to do a membership access, but if you did, I want to do a membership access area, which means give them a digital product. This is where you do it up here. It's gonna stop on that loading screen here. If you're doing a weapon on this is what you do appear. This is a This is a pop up, which we don't want to do either. We want to do sales because we're selling. So we got our sales page. We got an order form. The next one is You can see one click up, sell one click down cell and the one click is the key. And then, of course, you order order confirmation when you deliver that product or you just say congratulations were email, do your membership or your details. So the one click up cell is what? Well, into the O. T. O. And you can see these are old the pre defined templates in here for it. Now, we want something to be very, very simple. And, um, I'm gonna have a quick look. I don't have one in mind that we're gonna choose. We're not gonna edit it, because once again, you know, um, exactly how to edit these things based on the first product we did. But have a look at this that some looks really good, really clean and easy. We're gonna be using this template in here, and you can see that big button. That's all we really need to worry about is making sure that more people quick that big button, you know, to get the up sell. Now, the big thing I want to stress here before we go into the details is please make your products and your services really, really valuable. Try to over deliver so that you're not trying to short term make a lot of money until people go through. Approximate That really wasn't worth it over. Deliver on your promises over delivered to your clients. And it'll really be a symbiotic relationship between you and then where they'll be happy to pay $47 because they know whatever product you come out with is going to be incredible. So please make sure that all your products and services are really, really amazing. So you can see this is a very simple thing. And what this does is basically, as soon as they click this button, you could see the button is linked up for guests link for one time offer. So you have a yesterday link and you'll have a new link. This, uh, no link is down here. So whether they enroll in the one time offer, not will be based on. Do they say yes to the offer you're proposing here, or do they say no? And you can see you want to give a big discount on a product. You may want to have a video over here of you showing him what the product can do and when they click this on. You wanted to go and change his Texas just so it's not too confusing. Um, ad six months off, coaching on, then for 1997. So get Kurt Chine package just 1997. So you may do one coaching session a month with them. You wanna be, wanna be transparent, show everything that they need to know about what they're up selling here. And the beautiful thing about this, why we use quick phones and why this is so simple is because everybody who collects on that complete my order will be directed to your up self. And all they have to do is click on this button and they their card will be charged. However much you put in in the back end, remember, had it create products. Just if you don't just quickly say this, I'm gonna show you to make sure you have everything you need to get started. That's all fine for now. We're gonna come back and you can go through your one time offer here to add the product here. So this would be you'd add, The coaching product that you're creating, whatever it is that you're upset, is now if you're in an e commerce space or you're in a, um, physical products base, one of the best up cells is just literally more of the thing they purchased. So there's a case study of someone buying a lot off hand house like a paper hand towels. And what they did is they bought one hand to paper hand towel for about $15 and then the up sell is, Do you want three times more of these hands up hand towels for just $29? You may give a big discount, and basically, instead of them paying you $15 they're now going to be paying you $44 with the up sell and you've sold four units, not just one unit. Obviously, keep your profit margins in check you because the next thing you can do if they say no to that is you can add down. Sell. Now you're down cell one time offer down. It's gonna be the exact same thing again. If they like. You know what? I don't need coaching. You know what I don't need full hand towels or whatever it is for your niche. You can click. You can look down Sell template. You can also use the Upsell template on them. Probably gonna be very similar. I wouldn't use the same thing again because they think that the page hasn't changed or moved unless it's significantly designed differently that you want to, uh, pick another template that's gonna work well for you. And this one's a little bit spammy looking, but I know they convert really highly there. Um, maybe we will go with Let's have a look with this book one looks like, Yeah, this one looks good. Nice and clean and easy. I like the clean ones gonna select that template and then we just do exactly what we did with the up sell. But now it's a down cell, which means the products that we're gonna add a cheaper. And he had the products the same way. He added the main products here, and you can see what building at the back end of this funnel. And then you get literally going to as many of these as you want. People are gonna be annoyed if you just add 20 ups and down cells could like What did I even buying? If none of this is included. It's a limited. Make sure you're giving as much value as possible. Make sure building as much trust is possible. But when people will go through this process and we can do this really quickly together, they'll see that the all these link ups so really quickly we're gonna edit this, that down Selcan be our You know what? They bought the training program that didn't want the coaching. I said the last thing that they could want is this guy's books James Holmes Book. Now, this obviously is not relevant to our training was gonna add a headline in here here. And then we're gonna make this white text so we could see it. Jokela what? And then second say add al book bundle to your order, and we're gonna drag this up above the photo and then obviously make your photo what it is , and then the down sell This will be we're gonna put a subheading. And here I like to always be transparent about how much they being charged, especially because it's a one click one clicking. It's already charges, themes that we need to make sure they know what what? They're being judged this could be $9. 99 um, plus say $7.95 shipping. Okay, so we're gonna pretend that this isn't an issue, But pretend that this is, uh, all within the continuity. Of course, you want to come in and change the design, but I just don't want to waste your time and walk through every single page being designed when you're more than capable of doing it. And you can do that in your own time when spend more time on it. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go over here, but open this in a new tab. You can see this is the sales page which will edit you can end it into your own niche once you've downloaded this into your quick funnels account. When a claim out spot, which means we're gonna get to the check out page, we've got this. You can see the order bumps. Still not in here, but I will include a screenshot s so you can see exactly what that looked like when that came through on. But you can click to complete my order. Now, it's not gonna complete their order because we haven't filled this out don't actually want to put credit card information in, but once they click complete my order, they will be led directly to as soon as I click that we will be processing them for 2 97 plus the nine Angela on a bump for the people who selected, and then you can see the first thing before you go. This little alert thing gets everyone's attention. Jonah had six months of coaching for 1997 to fast track your results. Maybe one in 10 people do this, and you made an extra $200 per order because you make $2000 for one person, which means you divide that by the 10 people have gone through. Everyone who goes through makes don't have made next to $200 there's a lot of different office you can add. It doesn't have to be coaching, but they say No, thank you. That's no problem at all, because this is not for them. Then that's what you want. The people who it's not for them. You want them to not click it, and then this will go. If it's linked up, probably, which will make sure it is. So once this is linked up here, you simply need to save that. We'll go back to this thing that just got frozen and awesome. So that is saved here. We're gonna now refresher on my time to make sure it's yeah. Gonna hover over this so we can see the link in the bottom left of the screen down here. It'll pop up. What? I hope wherever you can see that ceiling we just popped in. So we're gonna say no things. I don't want this. And that's gonna take us sweet to the down, selling once again. Your order is not complete yet. People are still here. You're almost there. Do you want the book on? Our title didn't save because we, uh maybe it's just not updated yet because it does sometimes take a couple of minutes, But click here to add this to your order. If they do Great. This is no things. I'm not interested. Do you want to make this white? You don't wanna hide these buttons because other people, as people click this by accident saying I thank you and then we'll take you to the actual products that they purchased inside that funnel. Now the big thing here is you can see that you can add any of these themes any of these templates. You now have the skills to go and build the euro. Make them relevant for your niche, and you're ready to go out and start testing your funnel. Start getting traffic back through them. Make sure you check out all mine that these remarketing courses so that you know how to get traffic through these funnels to test it so you can look at the stats. You can see it. How many people bought, how many people didn't buy, hang people upgraded, having people got the down sell how much money you're making, basically, per person who you send to these funnels and you tweaking from that. You come back in the edit design, you split test. Um, and that's how you build a incredibly powerful funnel with click funnels 11. Your next Steps: awesome. You've done incredibly well to make it to the end and to set up your own funnel. That is a massive accomplishment. So lots of confetti and applause for you. Now there's three action steps to take from here. The first I would really love it if you could leave me a review on this course telling me what you'd like about. It really helps me get my work out there. And it is a massive favour that I will be forever thankful for. So thank you very much for doing that. The second thing. Go to YouTube and type in Entrepreneur Academy. This is our YouTube channel, where we put out free bite sized pieces of content to help you further your entrepreneurial journey for whatever it is that your brand or your business does, the third and the last thing you want to get even more out of your learning here on school ship, we have an entire course suite where we put out a course every single week designed to help you take the next steps on your journey. So whether you now want to fill up your funnel with instagram bleeds, you can go and take the course for that or whether you want to build another side. Maybe on Squarespace. You can go and take out course for that as well. So click on our name on a profile and go over and browse our entire suite and pick the course that most tickles your fancy. Thank you so much. Once again, I really appreciate your time. And I really appreciate your view and I'm going to see you in the next one, and I look forward to it.