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Create A Hello Kitty Cartoon Character In Blender

teacher avatar Zerina 3D, 3D Artist And Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Importing Reference And Modeling The Body And The Head

    • 3. Modeling The Skirt And Limbs

    • 4. Modeling The Hair Bow And Buttons

    • 5. Making The Face And The Whiskers

    • 6. Creating A Mini Bear

    • 7. Modeling The Bird

    • 8. Modeling The Clouds And Final Details

    • 9. Adding The Materials And Finish The Final Render

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About This Class

Hey, guys welcome back to another course. In this course I will show you how to make this cute and famous cartoon character named Hello Kitty with her little bear and a little bird in Blender 2.82.

We will model it by using the reference that you can download to your computer. We will start modeling by using basic shapes and modifiers.

Then we will go to the shader editor and add our materials to our model. This course is good for beginners who are learning to model characters using basic shapes and also for those who want to practice blender skills.

So what are you waiting for? Let's make 2d art come alive.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zerina 3D

3D Artist And Animator


Hello, my name is Zerina, I am a co-founder of Render Craft Academy, graphic designer, and 3D artist. Creativity has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember even as a child, I've been interested in art and computers so I just followed my passion, and today I do what I love. Also, I have a lot of teachers in my family even my mother, so all my life I was trying to pick up their skills of teaching. 

I joined Awesome Tuts where I started my journey as a teacher and graphic designer. I have a lot of experience when it comes to teaching computer software for design and Computer Graphics. I preferably work in Blender and the type of work that I do is, sculpting and modeling low and high poly models.

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1. Class Introduction: Hey, what's up, you guys? It did in a here. Welcome to another course in this cars I will show you how to create this hello kitty cartoon character in Blender 2.82 1st we will import the reference that I found on Google. Then we can start modeling. You can use a reference from Google. You can find a different one and make your own project. We will model these characters using basic shapes and modifiers as you can see here than once we finish modeling it. We will go to the Shader editor and make some materials. But before we start with the materials, we will import this A g r I that you can download on side 80 are heaven or any side that have a g r i. After we finished the material legal set this plane and this camera. If I go in camera view, you will see this and we will change. We will set the camera for our final render changed properties for our render And last of all, we will render this photograph. You can use this model for your portfolios, animation and so on. If you're advanced three D artists. You can use this for exercise. And if you are a beginner, let me show you how easy it is to create a scene like this. Let's go to the first video and let's create. 2. Importing Reference And Modeling The Body And The Head: Hey, guys, Welcome back to the first video on how to make this hello kitty cartoon character. First thing that we have to do is we need to go. When we opened our blender, go to General. And here we see are developed Cube, our default light and default camera. We're going to press one on our number pet breast X to delete it. First thing I want to do is turn on my screen test keys. Adam. So here on the left corner, you will see what I'm doing way. Need a reference for this one? I found a reference on Google. Just type down. Hello, Kitty. What pop stars I can choose. You can choose that e. You could choose that as well. Or for your project. You can use another character from hello Kitty cartoon and you can make it. So let's begin shift. Ailey will add our image as the background and I chose this one because way have a lot of details and it will look off so I will load this image. And now let's start modeling it. So the first thing we will use basic shapes Let me just here on this on this filter. Here, you can select this selected selectable Aargh and de select so you can't. You can't select this plane and you cannot move it. God, let me just before that turn it on and this play in perspective mode as well as the autographed. Now let's begin. So first thing we need to do we need to add are cute. Here, grab it. Put it here, go to modifiers and add a subdivision surface modifier and increase the number of subdivisions to report and lender to three. Then press tab, too. Extra mood shift old set on your keyboard or options that if you're working with Mac and here or here, you can click on it and go to husband to now skillet in X axis skillet inset axes against kill it in X axis A little bit like this. Now we will select only the bottom Vergis ease and grabbed him in set axes like this. So, like the top once and wrap him up. So now I want to scale them. But let's add okay, we don't need this look, but let the like the bottom ones one more time, select everything and scale it in set X in X axis Rabbit down. So we're going to pull it down so that these two and grabbed it was as well like this. So this will be our face, but we will need the keys to be a little bit thicker on the Y axis, So select the bottom mercies and scale them in. Why accidents suppressed? Three. You will see here. Let's scale these. So now let's start reading years. Let's select this this'll face and apply subdivision surface modifier. Now we'll vote into edit mode, go to transparent mode and select these burgesses here It's here and extrude them to hear scale them inside and add to Luke. It's then you will skill that those loop cuts and we made in the year. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to select the half of the face and delete diverted sees so 1/2 is left here. Go to modifier and add a mirror modifier at allow clipping. So once I'm done with that, you can see here we have to send a symmetric two symmetric sides and now I want to add a subdivision surface, modify it and increase the number over subdivisions You toward to two. Okay, now she smoothed. And here we have a face. You can also go back if you want this this to be a secret. All right? For now, I don't want it to be like I couldn't found decide view all the hello, Kitty. So I am just trying to make it as my own, So yeah. Now, let's, uh let's make the body so shift a at a cute skillet, Don grab it and put it here. Now we want to add something smarter. Fire. So we are just using the basic modifiers. So these are distended erred modifiers that we use while modeling. Now we want to select this Q Go to transparent mode Press tab to go to edit mode. Grab it and pull it out Way will add one more. Look at here. Scale that up. This this scale This one Here, grab it in that access press I Now let's press one more time. I and ex treated instead axes like this way have the body, but we will adjust now. Let's elect a go to number three. Decide you select the top of the top first skillet in y axis now, so let the bottom one skillet in y axes as killed. The way What's all of this front and make make body? Do whatever you want. Todo let's let's go to number 3 to 5. You let's like these Stuber to see these poor largest cities and grab them in y axes. Okay, so now, guys, let's make the skirt and head and likes CIA in the next video. 3. Modeling The Skirt And Limbs: and and welcome back their second video. Now let's continue on where we were. We last finished, so we want to goto select discourage edges subdivision surface modifier. And now let's go and select Onley This bottom bottom half of our skirt. Only this stuff part shift D duplicated and separated by selection. Now here we have a separate object, Little selected and skill homosexual out of edit mode. You can see that I have to. Okay, so, elect First of all, make sure that this is Kurt and this is a body leaning. Here is head Okay, so so skirt to edit mode start. So I want to select the bottom half off, discouraged and pull it down a bit. So we don't see this collapsing here as well. I will skill in why axes inside a little bit and skillet in X axis could have done that. Or we could just select the body and killing down. Okay, then also, like, this skirt goes to edit mode. Now, let's make that a neckline here. So we're just going to select these He's Let's move these a little bit here. No, not not on the back. Just go back for a minute. Press three selected this half as hided press h Now it's thank the next line so selectees to scale those crackdown in X axis. But individual origins pivot point individual origins killed X axis for Let's now meet. So here we have this this part we're going to delete those of urgencies. So, like east to press two times j pulled him down. Pulled these as well. Way we're just going to model out this part. Let's make you to hear. And now let's select this half of this curve. Make sure that the that you unhygienic that you what? You hide it. Now we want to delete these Vergis ease. Select this Kurt at a mirror modifier like this along a low clipping. Here we are. Skirt way. Want to select thes Verdecia that are inside, extrude them and scale them This'll way have something like this. Now we want to add a subdivision service modifier and increase the number in view Port two hearts. Kurt is done. So now alleged. Continue on with the hands way Want to select to discourage or the body it It doesn't matter because they are in the same position shift s and cursor to selected. So now, as he said, it are cursor to desperate point. Here, we want to add a cute Now, that cube, I want to move to the left. All right. Never mind. So you can truth. Whatever side you want. I'm going to add a subdivision surface modifier and increase the number of subdivisions to three in view port and in render go to transparent moan and edit mode. How I'm going to rotate this. Add a loop. Good. Here, select these Burgess ease. Always the's four. Press three, press one and extruded those now as we did that, we want to move this up. This is well and add one more loop could here. So now it is going to be easier for us to model this hand like this. Now, here we want to select these two and extrude those. What's more, this? Okay, now, let's like these four Vergis ease and grabbed him up. So once I go out of transparent mode, you can see the hand here. It's good here. I see some information, so I will select the body and skillet and y axes just a little bit. So Now let's select the hand control. A full transforms. But let's before we do that, just move this. Okay? All right. I think Let's smooth. Okay, Command a old transforms and add a mayor modifier. So we are done with the hands. Now let's make the legs as a sui did with has we will just married. But we will not married because here on this photograph, it is on this picture. It is leg in front of the leg, so we will create that. And if you were working off with another reference, you can make it parallel. So right, one next to each other. So let's select. Our cursor is here. Now let's only so is this one. Okay, now let's create a legs. Let's add a cube, as we did with the hands. Grab it, pull it down. Read it on the X axis. And now let's start modeling it. So address subdivision surface modifier increased it to three subdivisions. And now way Moving down. Adult cut. Here, wrap this in the X axis breath does in the y axis and just morally muddled this. So I'm following the shape off dislike only following nothing more. Okay, I will add one more loop Good here because I need this part here. You can see. Okay, let's press three. I like the way you looks, but I will also select this, um this etch here and bevel it so control be and double it out. This one's I go out of editing or out of the transparent mogul feet here. But let's just do it one more time and flecked this row here. So command be change subdivisions on your most Not this whole face on Lee the edges control be Make it 21 segment. So here, once you belted you will see this window bevel and you just click on it. And here would you have segments? One segment shapes mooted And here we have the like I will add some more like definition. So let's elect duties. These two wrap them in y axes. Pull these two. So once we are done with that, we will select it. Shifty, duplicated and rotated in that direction died 180 gravity next direction. You can see that they are overlapping so we don't want that. Let's go from the bottom or from the top and transparent mood. You can do whatever you want and make sure that it is rotated. Pull the town press one and you can see here that they are crossing. So we want that like this object. You can see that you have a Okay. So now, guys, let's start making our bow and these a little details on the skirt, See in the next video. 4. Modeling The Hair Bow And Buttons: come back to the third video. Guys. Now let's make this awesome boat And let's make these these buttons on this skirt. So the first thing I will select the head and I will set the treaty cursor in dissenters, so shift us as cursor to selected. But before that, I will select the thes two legs, connect them. So command J. And we want to select them on and changed the name to Lex. Okay, Now let's start meeting this boat. I will go and add a que scaling down. Go to modifiers at a subdivision surface modifier. Increase the number of U port on and surrender to three. Now go to transparent mode skillet. Put it right here. Let's go. Impress number three on the no bad angle too right or too graphic you. Now I'm going to just scale it. And why axis so scaling and why axes move it to Why, g Why press one this for seven from my number, pet and rotated. So make sure that the origin of the curse off this met this object is in the center of the mess and rotated this once. We're down with that. Let's shake smooth Let's rotate it a little bit more in that access. So here we have the beginning of our now Let that treaty cursor in the center of this nice and add one mark. You shift a scaling down, go to transparent moment, grab it in X axis, grab it instead axes and aligning with this. Now we will add a subdivision surface modifier and start modeling. So I want to select these forever theses here RAB does and pull them right here. Skilled him up and down and skill these two up like this. Rotate them a little bit. I will add one more loop. Good here. So then I will I will make these here. Let's select this. This one is kill it up a bit is going to look bigger. Okay, accidentally, let's elect the whole object Skillet inset axes! And now let's just press seven. Oh, George ECMO selected and press three rotated as well. Okay, for now is good. Now we want to skill this one. And why axis this transparent and see what else we can do? I will sell like this top and moving down. I will have something like this. And now let's continue with the rotating, so I will rotate this bow here. Let's 1st 7 rotated as well. Grab it in y axis. Now let's go to edit mode. Killed is down and grab it and y axes. Now that's like these two. Vergis season grabbed him as well. Why access shade smooth. Now let's just sell like this one rotated in anti with duplicated, duplicated is show shifty and now let's rotated instead. Access by 180 moving in, set in the X axis. Grab it now That's a line it way with the bottom The bottom Vergis ease Camped him down. Gravity X axis. So now what we want to do is let's look at it by left. So here under to, uh, right above tab key on your keyboard, you have this key, this key, and let's press on it and go toe left. Now we want to rotate this and grab it instead, axes and pull it. Now grab it in y axis to here. Okay? I don't know. Let's go one more time and we want to select this stop part. Grab it in, Zad access and pull it down. Here. We have now our boat. Okay, so we are done with the bow. Now let's make those two okay. Let's elect these. 333 Let's select thes, separate them by selection. Now select them and go to edit. Also liked everything and add a circle loop here. And what we want to do now is we want to add a modifier. But before that, we need to apply our mirror modifier, go to object mode and applying mirror modifier. Now we will add a solidify modifier and pull it up. He's going to be up and change a thickness like this. Grab it in y axes and put it in front. Here. We made thes two looking buttons. And now let's create the whiskers, the face and the rest of the scene. See in the next video. 5. Making The Face And The Whiskers: welcome to the fourth video. So now let's make some whiskers. We will select the head shift s and select the cursor to selected. Now let's just change this. So let's elect everything Command J connected and change this name to hair boat like this. So here we have this one. We will select it and redeem its two buttons. Ok, press, enter. And here we have everything renamed. So let's go and make some whiskers shift a We will add a curves This one So the 1st 1 and rotated in X axis by 90 degrees Scale it down, go to transparent road and grab it to here way Couldn't just added the cute So we will make sure that we use occur later on I will show you how to make this here So shift a at a cube skillet down Grab it in x axis Put it here, Grab it x and add a subdivision surface modifier increased the number off Subdivision 23 and render and the View port moved this it at two more luv cut here and here can change the shape skilled this up way have our first whisker here. So now we want to align it. So here you can see that it The whiskers are right in front of the face. So what we want to do is you want to go out of edit mode, grab this into white access here, okay? And rotate. Press seventh and rotated inside like this. Grab it in y axis. So we have the first whisker came, so I will rotate it a little bit more and put it Now let's like this one. Shift D duplicated, grabbed down, rotated a bit rotated in. Zac's is like this Press one. See? How is it a mind? Okay, Chef De one more time. Rotated rabbit in X grabbed. And why way? How are whiskers now? Let's elect the three of them. Shift a command g to make one object. Now commend a set old transforms and to add a mirror modifier. We are done with the whiskers. Okay, Now let's make a face. We will select the head and let's see where are these? Okay, I will So at this thats one here. Now let's just duplicated ship deep separated by selection. And now let's are modeling sorrow. Grab it and pull it Now I will select this, but not this. So let's only select the front first. And let's add a solidify modified er. Let's pull it up here and increasing. Grab it and pull it y axes way are done with that. Let's see how it looks. I dated a bit. Awesome. Now let's make the nose. But before we do the knows, we need to apply the Montemayor modifier to the head. Now let's select these two shifty, duplicate them and separate them by selection. Now still, at this one. Grab it. Grab it in y axis. One way can also select the deed are empty. So are our photograph. Here are picture and use the also for days because we cannot see it. Now let's see selected here and select the nose. I want to make it as it is here. Protein. Okay. I think that it is good. Let's select these and scale them inside. Access by zero degrees. Also this one. Let's kill Jesus Well, and only move this stuff. Okay, now, once we made it, we want to go to modifiers and add a solidify modifier way. Want to change the thickness to minus 18? Grab it in y axis rotated a bit. So set the origin off the mess into center and we made it. Our face head looks flat, so I will go into edit mode. So let's thes Vergis is he's here and grab them tax. - Okay ? It looks I don't like it, so let's just returning. Okay? So it it will look once we add this cute little guy. So yeah, guys, let's make this beer and this bird in the next video cm. 6. Creating A Mini Bear: Welcome to the fifth video on how to make this Hello Kitty cartoon character. Now let's make this bear here on top of her head. So let's elect ahead. But before that, we want to select the faiths Adam Mayer modifier on and connected so command J and connected. But before that, we need to add to solidify modifier to the nose because then they are also on the eyes because then they are not going to be modified as knows or D. So let's go to number three. Select the head. Give it in. So we made our had a bit a bit thicker. So, like this let's move the whiskers in. Why access a little bit? Okay, everything is good. Now let's make this beer way. Selected our head here on. Let's make sure that here we have everything every name with a curse and police. Okay, everything is beginning. Now let's continue our shift. A We will add acute skillet Don grabbed up as we did with the previous one. Just add a subdivision surface modifier. Increasing number off subdivisions to three. Scale it up. Go to transparent everything. Rabbit xxiv skeleton xx Is this one wear down with face. Scale it in y axis, so it's not that big. And now let's elect the three D cursor to the center of this mess here selected. Let's add a cube. Just kill it down. Grab it. Here in addi subdivision surface modifier, increase the number off subdivisions to three. Rotate ISS in edit mode, so at least to these four burgesses and grab them inside wrapped. Ease these two down so they go inside. Hello, kitty. Here, rotate this one in said axes like this. And now we already to set location, rotation and scale. And at a mere modifier like this, let me just can't set trench transforms thing. Now let's make the body little. Make it on our own will add a cute at a subdivision. Circus modifier increased the number three grab it said in one scale. It is that direction like this and rotated scary and feeling And why Let's shirted buddies Zet axis. But in local. So now I will change it to global. So here on transform orientation. And so this. Let's make our feet for this little guy at a que let's go to number seven, it's here Subdivision increase the number. Now let's go to the side view rabbit inset axes and pull it here like this. Let's elect everything breast three rotated and let's selectees Vergis ease and extrude them and grabbed him and pulled them inside. Now let's go to the back and rotate this aleck like this. She smoothed and see how it looks like. Okay, I'm satisfied. Shift a quote, control or commend a old transforms and then add a mere modifier. We are done with the body. Now let's make, uh, years shift A at a cube. Kelly, Don, grab it here and add a subdivision surface modifier. Increase the number of you off subdivisions to three. Rotate this one. Select the bottom ones, skilled them, pull them down. Killed these two as well. Okay, now it's even there. So it is. Think we want them to be thinner. So that s why. And make him Now, let's just add a near modifiers to this command. A mayor modifier. So go to added more, select one and grab it in XX Okay. Way are done with that? No. Let's make his face go. Too transparent. Add a subdivision surface. Ma, departure that face here select these two not on the back, Onley in the shifty, duplicate them and separated by. So now here we want to add a subdivision surface modifier. Increase the number three and let's muddle these. They're good. So now we want to add a solidify modifier and let's see thickness. This is too much. We'll go inside and make it to minus zero. Born zero, not rabbit in y axis. Pull it inside. Pamela. Here we have these button looking like eyes. OK, when we're done with that, let's say like the head and let's make a nose. So I want to select this as well as I did with the previous one. I was selected and now let's start more lingered. Adam Subdivision Surface modifier. Increasing number two three. Now let's make it Scalea done. Gravity next axis. Well, this this now Onley, add a solidify modifier. Change it 0.11 and move it in white. Okay, I will chain desolate it by modifier to this one. So it is going to be lost 0.71 date. Grab him now let's let's add more thickness to the nose. Okay. Like this. Now let's make our let's make the mouth here area this'll one So shift s ends like the cursor to our nose. Now we want to add a curve. As I told you before, I will scale it down, rotated in X axis by 90 degrees, scaled down this and go to bed. Now I will just aligned these two rotate ist way will select this here. Let's change with the bevel so I will bevel this up So it is going to be a secret. Let's select this object Data properties, go to geometry and here increase the depth J now shift d duplicated and rotated inside access by 180 degrees. Grab it and pull it right here. Okay, so now let's elect the to okay. Press three rotated. Let's set the origin to to center off the mass rotated and grab it in wax. Okay, so now we will select these two killed in Let's make sure that they are now they're so like these to go to object and convert too much from data. So now let's select this one. It's fill it in as I just hear you and increase focal. So now command be lead level and as well a man be Let's militate tees up it here moving in my axis like this. Now we are ready to select everything and add So they defy modifier to each select everything and join it j a joining us now on starting down with that, I will select list and added to make sure that his face Okay, now we will add a mere modifier to the limps and the years everything. And it is clear feet. Let's continue on and start modeling. Just Bert CIA in the next video. 7. Modeling The Bird: Hey, guys, welcome back to the six video and and now let's make this bird here. So let me just see and hear. I'm going to select the whole beer and rename it to beer J. So here we have everything. Everything is labeled. So now let's create this nice looking birds. So let's edit cursor to the bear here. But before Dad left, said the origin of the mass to dissenter mess cursor to selected that. Shift a and add a cute rabbit and rig it up to here at a subdivision surface modifier. Increase the number of subdivisions team right here. Now let's add a beak. So we had a big like this. So shift as pressure to selected. Shift A at a coat. Rotate that comb skillet. Press one j smooth and go here to normals your updated properties and go to normals Artist . Now let's meet the body. Shift A at a cube on a cute scale it down. Read it in the X axis at a subdivision surface modifier, as we did with the previous ones. Go to edit more gold transfers mode skillet Here movies add a little good here and no movies. Add one more here. That looks okay. Now, let's elect this. Um, this edge here edges command, be beveled. Them like this. Now, let's elect these two edges and skilled him in y axis. Only this scale it in y axis. Okay, look, select these two edges on. Grabbed him in xx so it's more around. And let's elect the neck area here. So, like everything and skilled, it looks much better. Now, let's elect this thing's body shift as cursor to select it. But before that way, want to add a cube, scale it down at a subdivision surface modifier. Increase the number of u. T. Let's make wait here in here. Go to protect. Select. Go Here and now let's start modeling it. Okay, let's add one could here, and it's okay. So here we have a week. Now let's press three and our number pet. Select everything. Scale it in Y axes, grab it in. Why? Access is well and rotated. Right. Okay, lets seven here. So these forever theses read them up and grabbed him way have our wing. And now we want to make sure that it is on the other side as well. So let's just okay. So now we want to set location, rotation and scale and try to do it with the let's press shift, See, to make sure that our cursor is on dissenter. So, like the wing old transforms and add a mirror modifier. But on the y axis, let's see, it is awesome. Awesome. So we're done with that. And now let's make our this here, however, Got the word. Okay, this part on the back. Okay. At a subdivisions three, press one. Go to transfer mode, rotate the whole object at two. But for that, let's shirt. It's like at a jeez, heat one more with seven and kill it. And what we are done with the bird. And only we need this here that he has select these vergis ease shifty, duplicated and separate in my selection at a subdivision surface modifier, increase the number of U ports to three. Let's look for everything skillet and add a solidify much. Okay, dude, one more. So let's select the head. So everything but not on the backside. Okay. And on the back side, because we have two eyes, one on the one side and one on the back side shifty, duplicated, separated by selection. How selected at a subdivision surface modifier. Increase the number 23 No way! Want to steal legions that access like this way weren't too, so that these two skilled in the next sex is okay. I was like these four as well as these four on skill them in xx press one. Everything skillet up. It's like these four skilled. Okay, So once we are done with this, we want to go in modifiers and add isolated five months Increased the thickness. Seven. Here. Make sure that centers here we have a problem. So let's elect thes for Burgess Ease on the side here and killed in wear. Done. Now the final the final muddling are these thes clouds. So let's hop on and do them in the next video CIA 8. Modeling The Clouds And Final Details: Welcome to the seventh video Guys. So now let's create the clouds shift as select the cursor to the head, and now we want to add a metal scaling down, grab it in X axis and let's start modeling it so our will move it up. It is not going to look exactly the same as this cloud going to make it a little bit different. It is, I think, going to be big press one shift D picks and let's do this one, and I'm just killing them. So this one you can use as the default, the basic mashes you can scale them. You can, but you can't rotate them because they're medicals. You can, but your it's not effective. Let's go inside and make thes. So let's kill this. - We are done. Now Let's elect everything. So go to edit mode. Select everything so every notable go to object converts to mash from curve meta search next, like this, I want cycle out of edit mode. You can see those clouds here, and one thing that I want to do is I want to make so leaves for this dress. I wanted to make sleeps, so let's add. Let's elect these four Vergis ease thes four shift as shift D Duplicate them and separate them. Bart, by selection. Now let's select this one skillet up. Select the bottom the bottom Burgess, ease here E s extruding inwards like this. Select everything. I think that it looks much better. So now we are done with the with the whole scene here. So let me just select everything from here and a Let's combine it to one object. So let's apply your modifier like everything by President shift. Select everything and control J before just we need to add a subdivision surface modifier to everything here. Way too much. Okay, Now let's elect Thistle is a pigeon bird. I will rename. It s Bert. Now, let's see. What is this here? Let's Okay, We don't need that one that we deleted. And also, one thing that I want to add is a little tail. Okay? This is a tale. I got it now. So I will add you This fear scaling down Press three go to decide. Grab it in set. But I will add a, uh, UV sphere and I will change the segments to 16 by 18 8 by a three rings. Yes, have it have it. And why Rotated and shakes movement Way can also go in edit mode. Go to transparency mode, select the top off dialects and skill them in Why axes like this. And also that these rows here, this one in this one You just into debt killed him. And why name look or natural? Okay, let's select the metal bowls and rename it to Now that we have everything here, these are But we will combine it with little combined these two together. Okay, so now let's hop on and make some make some materials for our character here So let's hop on to do shader the next video. 9. Adding The Materials And Finish The Final Render: Hey guys, Welcome back to the eighth video on how to make this awesome looking cartoon Hello, Kitty Character. So what we want now is we want to go to shading editor and make some materials for our Hello Kitty. I will scroll this up and this is our timeline. And we want to change that to Shader editor Now here we once we click on the object we have here in the material set and what we want to do is we want to see how it looks like in the with the light. So we will import hdr I that you can find on Google and downloaded. So in Asia are I heaven? I think that is the name of the site. Yes, it is. So you can find it and then use it for your project. So here under object, I will change the world press here control t comments t and at a photograph Chiara down here. And once I go here, let me just add one more like this added to the three d u port I will go to render you here and we will wait. But before you do everything, save your files so blunder or sometimes can crash. Or you can run out of power in your home and everything will be forgotten. So make sure to save your files as you go step by step. So a five, for example, modeled ahead. I will muddle ahead and then to save the file and everything. Yeah, so here we have our kitty. So now what we want to do is let's change this world to object. And now let's get you files. So we will create a new for the head and body. So I will select the best color White and Alexis decree. Let's increase the roughness. So it is going to be rough under offer side these. I will add a new color, new material and add black. We can increase the roughness or this one as well. Why do? Let's turn on transition. Okay, so here we set the roughness to 66 to 0.662 Let's turn on, let's decrease the number of speculator. Okay. Transmission is going to be 0.242 Okay. And also for the whiskers, I will use the same material. Uh, let's rename the material two black eyes black eyes think that that should be good. Okay. This is also what we have a lack way. Have this face So in the face here you can see that. And also here I will sell at the I and assigned new material. Okay, here. Now I will select the body body and change it to We don't have to do it as WeII See on this photograph. So I think that I will change. So this bird, I will make it. Lexie, Let's make a new material and changed. Flirt too red maybe Looks like No, I don't like it. I think this pastel green is going to look really good, but he always let's make it a George e Think that OK, it's not the same. But the beak is the part. So that's adding new material. Okay, now it looks better. So let me just try to change the color to Dean. Okay? Now it's very good. I like it. Let's know. Add the material to Dio to the rest of the body. So for the hands, I will use this material. So this is the body okay. Also for this body or does skirt, I will make it read. Or I think I think, think you or her I'll make it a little bit darker like this. And also the boat was going to be Pinkas. Well, OK, I like it. And these can be, I think black no like it. So let's duplicated here and change the color to I don't know. All right, Violet, let's make it a bit four. This looks good. I really liked that. First, that's press one. It's no add new material body this'll is going to be a darker okay angers We are done with our shader. Let's only add the new material for clouds. I think that I will make him included. Grayish way can make the part of this skirt uh look darker, but it looks something like a disguise. Let's elect this empty. So this photo and sold it because we don't let me just go like this. It looks like he's meeting cartoon character guys. So now I want to do is I want to go on and make one more scene here. I will add a plane rotated in exacted by 90 degrees skillet up rabbit in Why access? So he just going to be declined. My character, I want to should be duplicated and rotated in X axis by 90 degrees. Put down here. Now let's change the let's head the shader editor here and make a new material. So for this one only new material this material is going to be press one. Let's see. Okay, let's make it baby a swell. Come in. Okay, we will connect these two kids. Your grab him. Why exes like this. Let's make this a new material and make it a little bit lighter for us. Make it a little bit darker so you can play with this and me. Let's look this one press l and separated by so we're going to separate it. Uh, let's show open another slot and change it to me. Yes, like this. Now go to render, add ambient occlusion, Add bloom and adds creates based reflection. Okay, we don't need here. We can change this as well. But what I really like like this. Now let's add a camera. So in the front Orta graphic view, we will add a camera. But before that, let me just turned shift a at a camera. Press seven, bring it in y axis, so I just want to be in front of your cursor to dissenter. Leads the camera. And now let's etiquette spread. Seven reading y axes. Press zero way. Here we have our cameras. As you can see here, this'll is the way ours looks like and let's render it and see how it looks. But before that, let's change this collar. I think I will leave it to So let's rendering in the written render settings here on the output, you have thes properties that you can choose. You can use it on and save it as PNG or J pig. You can hear you press on it and see where you want to. Uh, look it, where is your location? So final lender, except and yeah. So that is that. Guys, we did everything here. And if you want this, um, these behind this character to be transparent, you just go here under film. Transparent. So yeah, guys, we are done with this one. Let me just show you the final render. We will wait a bit. So, guys, this is a formal render. I hope you like it. And a stay tuned for more courses that are coming And guys, let's create by guys. See in the next video