Create A Custom Typography: Transform Letters Through Shapes | Mar | Skillshare

Create A Custom Typography: Transform Letters Through Shapes

Mar, Logo Designer | Coffee Addict

Create A Custom Typography: Transform Letters Through Shapes

Mar, Logo Designer | Coffee Addict

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6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Drawing with Pen Tool

    • 3. Preparing the Font

    • 4. Fitting the Slogan

    • 5. Making Adjustments

    • 6. Conclusion and Rewards

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About This Class

Welcome to my second class on Skillshare!

*I've prepared lots of surprises for you guys, so stay tuned till the end.*

In today's class, I'll teach you how to:

1. Draw with the pen tool.

2. Separate a font into individual letters.

3. Transform any letter into a shape that will fit your object.

4. Improve your work by forgetting about it for a few days.

I'm so humbled by your response and your support. I'd love it if you'd rate the class and let me know what you liked (or didn't like about it).

Have a great day and stay humble!


**This class is dedicated to the Movember Movement - fighting for preventing men from dying young. If you are a man, show your support by growing your mustache throughout the month of November.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Logo Designer | Coffee Addict


Mar is a logo designer and a horrible driver. So instead of driving around seeing places, Mar found her happiness indoors in the world of vectors. She is here to share with everyone what she has learnt on her journey through the planet Design and prove to people that the pen tool is not an enemy.

Living in Malta, Mar has a lot of sun to enlighten her work and keep up the positive attitude. She enjoys swimming in the dawn and doing yoga at the beach. She is actively trying to quit caffeine and actively failing.

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1. Introduction: Hi, it's Marina and welcome to my second course on school share. Today we will be doing a little bit of custom typography, and we will learn how to draw an object off our choice using the mental and how we can dissolve a funked into small pieces or small letters so as to make it fit. Our object of choice through this course is dedicated to the November challenge. If you're not familiar with the remember challenge, it is a challenge that's fighting to prevent men from dying young. So if you're a man, you want to be a part of this challenge. You should not shave your mustache this month to show your support to remember challenge. I also want to invite you to stay tuned until the very end off the class because I've prepared some giveaways and surprises for you guys. So I'm really looking forward to seeing your projects without further ado. Let's begin with our class 2. Drawing with Pen Tool: welcome to part One. In this part, we will be learning how to draw the object that we will be using for inserting our custom type over feeds. And I will show you some easy ways to work around the pen tool and how to make it very easy for yourselves when you are drawing your object. Now, even if you're a beginner, when it comes to illustrator, dependable techniques we will be using in this video will be very simple. And I will do my best to explain them in great detail. So let's get started right away by preparing our documents. So I will be using Pathfinder tool to unite the elements off my object and to find the Petfinder tool. You you will go to window and turn it on here. And I like to put it on my board like this because it makes it much easier once you need to use it. So just put it out there in your drawing space and it will make everything much faster now for the grid. If you want to work with the grid a swell, you will go to you and go show grid. Now in my case. It's as high grid because mine in turn, is turned on. But if you're grid is not turned on, this is where you will find it. I also have smart guides turned on so that I can navigate easily around the program and that everything can be as intuitive us as it can to get started with the pen tool. We will go and grab it. And when I'm drawing right now for this area object, I do not want to draw with the field. I want to draw with the stroke so that we can see exactly what we're doing. And to do that to flip the fill into stroke, you can just easily go here to this lease two arrows and click. Now I will start off from somewhere around here, and I will start from the top of the moustache. Now I will click ones and then I will click one more time. Wherever I want my loop to end the small loop of the mustache and just hold down, click and hold down and dragged downwards. Don't drag too much. It's very easy to kind of if you're not trained to just go wild. But just very subtle movements downwards. Don't let go when you're ready to. When you're happy with the object, the curve, the shape that you've created on Lee then let go. Okay, for me, that will be, let's say sometime. No. Okay, now I want to go to this anchor point that I have just created and click on it because I want that path to stop. I want to start a new path. Okay? And now to do that, I'm going to click somewhere here. That's gonna be my left side of the mustache. Click again. Don't not go Hold and drag. Now in this case upwards because we want the curve to go down. Okay, so it's kind of the opposite Off the opposite, off the direction in which you want your curve to go going that they're in the office of direction. OK, and now I'm just trying to make that line from the this anchor, the second anchor as smooth as possible. Like that. Okay. And you can always go back and fix that later. And we will see shortly how to do that. Now I want to go back to the same anchor point and stop the curve. And now you want to go back here and, um, place another anchor point. Don't let go Click and drag. Now I want to go. I want the curve to go downwards. So we go upwards, Okay? Like that. I'm pretty happy with this right now, so I'm gonna let go. Okay? Again, Go back and hold on to shift key to get a straight line to the top and close the path. Okay. Now, let's see what we've created to see how it would look like colored. We can just go back real quick here and against which the stroke for film. This is how our mustache is looking right now. Now, this is looking fairly good. However, if you zoom in a bit, um, I feel like there's a little bit of, ah, kind of a very small bump here. Let's see how we can fix that. Select the whole thing, go to direct selection tool, and then just quick on this anchor points like that. And then we can grab this handle here, and we can just play with it until that bump is gone For me, it's gonna be like that. Okay, Now you're probably asking yourself, What are we going to do with the other side of the mustache? This is not what the mustache looks like. Well, let me show you a very simple trick. You don't need to draw the other side, right? We're gonna use this same object to create the other side, select everything with the selection tool hit O on your keyboard. So Oh, then you will get this little cross sign. Hold down the option or all taking and holding it. Just click and you will get this little panel here that says Reflect. You wanna reflect it vertically, 90 degree angle and to copy the object that we used previously. You want to go copy? And this is exactly what we wanted. So we now have the other side off the mustache. Now we want to unite Thies to select the whole right mustache. Bring it over using the shift key to the left side. And this is why we're using smart guides. Because we can see here when they're intersecting. Okay, The smart guides tell us, okay, this is where they're intersecting. You can let go now. That's what I'm gonna do. There we go. now. So, like both of them go to Petfinder and hit here. Unite! And there you go. It became one object. This is our mustache Looks now. Maybe we could make the moustache a bit thicker. If you want to do that, or if your moustache is too thin, I'm going to show you how to do that. Select everything. Then go to direct selection Tool. Zoom in and find this middle section here the bottom one and just click on it once. Then hold down the shift key, click on it and dragged downwards. Okay. Like that and that's gonna make everything kind of a bit more thicker. Now I think that looks better. And in the next video, we will be working with custom typography. And we will be trying to fit everything in soon. The next one 3. Preparing the Font: Welcome back to part two in this part, we will be choosing the typography that we want to use. We will be typing out our slogan or what you want your object to say and we will be preparing the fund for putting an inside in the next video. Now, let's start with typing out what we're going to but inside. So go here to date a type tool and just click anywhere. And we're gonna say in this video November, OK, now I'm just gonna make this a bit bigger like that. I'm gonna try to make it as because, um, the object that we have here and the time that I will be using for this particular video ISS called i c l brush up. It looks like this the type choice is entirely up to you and to your personal preference. However, I would advise you to use fonts that are is illegible and that will you will not have a problem with reading when it's inside your object, because right now, at this size, any funked, you will be able to read any fund. Technically, however, when these letters start to kind of gain a new shape depending on the object you're putting them in. Some cursive funds may actually completely lose their letter shapes, and it may be very hard to read what they're saying. So, um, choose whatever you want, but choose wisely. Okay, Um And now what's left for us to do is separate all the letters that we have and prepare them to be altered in the following video. So a very simple way to do this is to, um, select our fund and to go to object, expand and just select object and Phil and he okay. And that's going to kind of give us the letters in the form of a shape rather than the fund . And you can see that we can no longer hear see the fund, um, and or change anything related to the funds because technically thes letters right here now are not a font anymore. And that means that if you haven't chosen your font size yet or anything related to related to fund settings, you want to do that prior to expanding your object. So now you will notice that these letters are still grouped together so you cannot separate them one by one. and we actually want to do that because we want to line them up along dean middle section of the mustache so that we can alter them. And a very easy way to just separate them is to select the whole object and go to and go to object and on group. And what's that going to do is it's going to separate each letter as a separate entity, and then you will be able to move them separately or do whatever you want with them. Okay? And then in the next video, we will slowly start putting these letters inside our mustache. And then after that, we will one by one shaped them according to the idea. Sore object. So I will catch you in the next video. 4. Fitting the Slogan: we're back in our program just the way we left it. And we will start altering the letters on putting them in inside the mustache and finalizing our project. So let's go ahead and get rid of this Petfinder here because we will not be needing it anymore. And now what you want to do is lock this layer here so that you do not accidentally move it while you're moving the letters. And to do that very simply, you can press command and to number two. And now, as you can see, I cannot select that I cannot do anything with it or you can go to object luck. OK, now we will change the color off the letters simply because it would be very hard, impossible for us to alter them this color. So let's choose something that's not purely white. But let's say something like this. You can change this afterwards to any color of your preference. And let's just start aligning the letters. Now this I'm seeing maybe a bit too big the font size that we have right now. Remember, Once we extended our fund, we no longer can change the font size. So we will have to shrink them manually. I selected all of them, and I'm now using the shift key to proportionately resize. Done. Let's see if this will look better. Yes, this looks good. Now, um, let's start off by aligning days, um, inside our object. If you cannot fit them perfectly inside, that doesn't matter. Do not try to you don't minimize this letter just to make it fit here because that will create a bit of disproportion. Therefore, just leave it as it is, and later we will tweak it on and move it to the edges. So let's just keep doing like that. Now I want this. Um, this word has perfectly four and bless four letters. It's it's perfect for putting for on one side when 1/2 of the mustache and four on the other on that will make the whole look very, very proportionate and symmetrical. Um, but it's if symmetry is not something you're going after. Of course, you do not need to stick to this arrangement. Um, I am just aligning them, trying to leave equal spacing between them. Though you can always refined these things Later. S o B B people finished off with our on. That's pretty much how, um the letters will stand on top of this object. Now all we have to do is, um, allowing them to the upper and the bottom. But don't get too relaxed. It's not as easy as it sounds, though it will not be very hard. It is very fun. And you will, I'm sure have a lot of fun trying to feed these in without kind of creating a letter that no one will be able to recognize. Now, let me show you what you need to do to this object right now to make it go anywhere you want. So select the letter you're working on and go to object envelope distort, make with mash. And that will give you this little dialog box where it will ask you to choose the number of Ross and columns. And you can preview what you're doing at the moment. Now, this is this is too much for our purposes. And it would make everything to curving. We want, um, let's see. We want one Kahlan and three roast, maybe three roses. Good. So let's try to work with this and see how that goes, OK, don't Don't forget, it's just one letter. So if you try and failed with this letter, you can always try something else on it. Or just try something different. Another letter, and then if it's good, applied to the rest of them. So don't be afraid to explore and and find what works best for you. Okay, let's hit. Okay. Now you wanna grab the direct selection tool and start with the edges, Okay? So quick and drag now just looks bad, doesn't it? But don't worry. Um, it will. It will all make sense once everything is done. Now you have these side handles that are very useful for for controlling the corners and their direction. For example, in this case, we want to be a bit more curvy because the bottom match is a bit more Kirby here. See? Okay, in this part here, just keep going like that. Do not be afraid to try exploring different angles. And, um, just play with it until you feel like it's something that that you feel that it's working. You do not need to go all the way to the edge here because since our iss so very sharp. It would be, in my opinion, a bit unnatural. To try to fit something all the way up there. Always amount and see how it feels along the way. Um, give yourself as much freedom as you need to. And I will just keep going like this pretty much until I am satisfied with, um, how it it's looking and how the address, sir, feeling Thea edges of the letters against the edges of D the object. So we got our first letter. Now I'm trying, Teoh. What I'm paying attention to is kind of being consistent with the the space between the empty space between the top, um edge and the bottom edge right here. So is to make it a bit more consistent and a bit more proportionate. But also, this space that I am leaving out right now is entirely up to you. How much that will be. However, for the purposes, off proportions, I would be as consistent as I can with leaving that space empty. Now that's looking pretty good. I could do something else to make this a bit more curvy on decide. However, it is not a curvy letter, So there are some things that are beyond us. I think that's looking fairly good. Don't forget thes stay like this. And if you need to go and tweak something, do the refinements afterwards. Don't be afraid to live it aside. If you feel like you've reached your maximum with exploring and just get back to it later, when you feel more rested and more comfortable, I will now do a bit of, ah, speed up on the video just so that, um you don't get bored with me doing this because there's I hope. And I think that I've covered the majority off the things that I thought that you should pay attention to their four. I don't know what else I could talk to you about while I'm doing this. Maybe my cat. I don't think so. Anyways, um, I will spit it up a little bit, play some nice music, and, um, I will catch you once this whole thing is that way, - way , way. Okay, - I'm back here, and, um, I've just run you through my process off roughly going in, putting all the letters inside and allowing aligning them to the edges. There are a few things that I'm seeing right away. That could use a bit of tweaking. And that's this. I'm here that I kind of don't like the way this whole thing kind of got a bit too distorted . And then the space here, next to the letter B. I want to be a bit more wider on just a few things like that that, as I mentioned, you can always go back to afterwards or with fresh eyes. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. Um, so I hope that everything is being clear so far for you on that you've managed to successfully place your custom typography into your object. I will get you in the next video where we will conclude the tutorial and where I will tell you a little bit about your project. See you. 5. Making Adjustments: congratulations on making it all the way to the end before concluding our class. Um, I just wanted to show you what I have done after resting a little bit on being away from at the design that we have created, and in which ways have I improved it. So the one on the top that you can see is the one that we've created together. And I went ahead afterwards, and I kind of wanted thes mustache to be even more kind of curvy and kind of really, like stereotypical when you think off off mustache. So I added a bit more curve on the top. Andi. I made them just a little bit thicker in the way that I have shown you before. So by clicking on this anchor point here and dragnet a bit downwards when it comes to theme typography inside I've went over the letter m to begin with because I didn't really like how this this edge here was kind of lying on Theis edge off the mustache on die kind of also wanted to preserve a bit of that sharpness that GM has without, um without making it too rough on the edges. yet without am losing its its inherent property off being a sharp letter with this fund. Um then Theo hopes they pretty much the same the V as well. I did have to dream a little bit this left top part because off the increase in the curve, off the mustache and then the letter e, I kind of drag at the top and the bottom a bit inwards, even more so as to make give it a bit of a dimension and just make it kind of as if the whole left side is flowing into the right side with this e being the and the point of the where the floor is happening on. And then the M as well kind of lead the top in the bottom or narrower than the right side, the off the left side and the right side. So that's where the floor is kind of continuing outwards, and then the B I kind off exaggerated the bottom part of the B, and they now the I feel like that the M and B are following each other uh, much more fluently, like you have a feeling that there's something coming out off this this half. There's a flow from M following it to the B and then on the other letters as well. The e almost stayed the same and I just tweaked a little bit. The are at the end in not pushing it all the way to the end. Like we said, we won't do with this M And yet I did, and I couldn't notice it that much at the very beginning. But I did kind of to signal that that kind of a movement and continuation of that flow I didn't make this part the bottom part of it, a bit more kind of stressed out and, um, pointy towards the curve off the mustache. And that's pretty much all the editing that I did. And I actually felt much happier with the end result. So let me know in the discussion section how you felt about the modifications and what happened to you after leaving your work and giving it some time to rest, and for yourself, the rest and then going back to it have you improved and how significantly. And now let's move on to your project 6. Conclusion and Rewards: thank you for staying with me all the way until the end. Congratulations on finishing the glass. And as I promised, I have a few surprises for you guys. I want to reward each and every one of you who takes the time to go through the entire class on actually create the project and posted in the project section with, um, a bit of a moment for souvenir. So I've created thes custom pins on custom stickers off what we've done today. And I will be sending these to absolutely every single person that creates a project on publishes the project in the project section so you can choose between thes two. So once you create your project and post it, let me know whether you want the sticker or you want the pin. Now, apart from this, I really want to show you how grateful I am for joining me for such a important movement as November is. And I've prepared 11 I will reward the first person that receives 100 likes on their project with 100 custom made stickers off their project design. So make sure when you're posting and creating your project that It's something that you are really in love with because it may be printed out on stickers. Make sure that it's something that you can actually give away to your friends and family one more time. I really want to thank you for joining me for this class. I would love to hear your suggestions and your thoughts about the class and just make sure to write him out to me. Anything that you felt during the course in any if it hasn't sparred you in any way. I really I love to know that because that's the reason why I am doing this. I hope you have a lovely day. Don't forget, do not shave your mustache and season.