Create A Crepe Paper Magnolia Branch | Ellen Espagne | Skillshare

Create A Crepe Paper Magnolia Branch

Ellen Espagne, Artist and Designer

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11 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. 1. Intro

    • 2. 2. Materials

    • 3. 3. Preparing the Crepe Paper

    • 4. 4. Creating the Branch Part 1

    • 5. 5. Leaves Part 1 Cut and Glue

    • 6. 6. Leaves Part 2 Assembly

    • 7. 7. Leaves Part 3 Mod Podge

    • 8. 8. Creating the Branch Part 2

    • 9. 9. Attach Leaves

    • 10. 10. Final Color

    • 11. 11. Conclusion


About This Class

In this Class; I will show you how I create realistic looking Magnolia Branches from crepe paper and wire!


1. 1. Intro: skills, your class. We are going to make it Bagnoli brush like this one. You will find Patton's and list of materials and everything that you need to make this project in the documents, but we'll get started. 2. 2. Materials: So here we've got materials to make this Magalie brunch begin, you need 18. Go twice. So I got regular thread covered. Why? And also brand paper cup of wine. You don't need to have the brown paper covered. Why? But I find it. Save some time when you're bulking up the branch green Florida and we have green and brown 1 80 grams Italian great paper. We also have green doublet. We've got a big brush which really need to laminate the paper together if you know, using spread attack Eager also, if they're applying, watch what should talk to the leaves. We have a small dish and some brushes with Susan's. And why Snips? Which real name as well. I've got Tuckey Straggler which I'm going use. Eliminate the papers to go if you don't have this sealed perfect refined to use regular tacky blue on Brush it up. There's the much punch which we were applied to the tops of leaps to give them shiny look And then we're gonna need some paints just to add a little bit of color to the stem to make it look more natural. I also like to use a bit of a sponge. Here, it helps to spread the color in a little bit more natural way. When you're using paints on the crepe paper, you can also use copy Marcus or pastels as long as the chocolates, you're gonna need to use a sealer. Anything like Kyle on eBay spray is a great deal because it not only seals in the color and protects it a little bit from water damage, but it then protects you also from discoloration from the sun. So if you move onto the next year, we will start working on Magnolia Branch. 3. 3. Preparing the Crepe Paper: Okay, So the first thing I'm going to do today is to eliminate the pavement so that they got time to draw it. So you're gonna have your brown 1 80 grand. Crepe you have you green. Don't let the first you're gonna wanna stretch this out just gently. True. Crinkled the ladies. Give it impression of the veins. Multi. Now I'm gonna spray this outside. But what you want to do is just get we're basically maturities. We're just gonna spray both sides. Um, and then we're gonna choose wait'll with this one. I need to wait till they get a bit tacky. And I can still impress them together and let them drive. If you're going to use tacky glue, just want toe spread license evenly. Try and do it fairly quickly, because the longer it's wet, the the more paper will stretch, the surgery will get and you'll get little bubbles and dimples. Okay, so these have both being sprayed now on there. Pretty tacky. So I'm just gonna glue them together. You should really pressed together. Okay, so now we're gonna sit. You decide to dry before we move onto the next step 4. 4. Creating the Branch Part 1: Okay, So while we wait for the paper dry where you're gonna work on the branch with these friends paper covered wise, we're gonna trim one a little shoulder Basica, Magnolia Branch, the classic talk. They're often in problem shapes and things like that. So that's what we're gonna do here. But first, we're going to just strip a little bit with this paper off the end. Then what we're gonna have to do is our bulk ease up a bit more. So generally we'll give them about another three or four lives off the Florida type. Just wanted all the way around, up and down just to make them seeker because they need to be have a little bit more body to know. All right, so that'll be the base where these touches later on. So I was just gonna wind take. That's a little different with this one. The world's and energy is you can cover it. You need to do a few more lives off. Floral title. You can cover. It means green or brown crepe paper up to you. Okay, so these have been covered. Now on. Just thank you. Absent together for three top shape here now that close to join together, you can put it aside. We'll go back to working on the leaves. 5. 5. Leaves Part 1 Cut and Glue: Okay, So you will also be able to download Lyft templates. Basically, you could just make these bigger or smaller depending and happy. You want the leaves to bay best there. Three kind of rough Bagnoli leaf shapes. So I'm going to cut these out, and then your murders. There's grain lines on the pattern like I normally put. So you're just like those up to the grain on the great paper and I will cut these out, and then we will start putting out some ways. So even any quite a few leaves to fill out the branch was a very pretty sick and, uh, close together. He's gonna cut some out, making sure that the grain line moved relief. Much is up to the green line on great paper. I don't have to be true. Exact could. You can always give a countryman later. But the most important thing is that you make sure that the grain lines matchup. So here you can see grains much up so they look like the veins on natural leaf. All right, so cut out quite a few. You probably don't want something different sizes as well. Solution small ones. True, because of the very top. You have a couple small ones, you get those will cut up and come back and start gluing. 6. 6. Leaves Part 2 Assembly: So next up, we can't stop touching elite. Yes, we do. Similar to how do words leaves and how you do? Pretty much any lace. That's good grain. The similar. So we're gonna get blue and just gently dab it on the sentence, edge these leaves and impress them together. Okay. What? You got your leaves? Little trying. Moving for the first step, you take 18 gauge wide that we had, how we're going. Shoe Makesem stands. You want to measure it along at least. So you've got about this much. You got enough that you can have a bit of a stem. Also be connected to the to remain stem without any issues. When you do this more leaves, you can slope down to a smaller gauge while. Now, just get strips of brown when a game crate you, Kurt, if you got spray. Glad you could use very blue. Okay, so we're just gonna I took it in nice and smug. Remember that The top end. What do you want to just full usually a boost stretches you twist just to make sure it doesn't treat. Probably. And you're gonna want to do that with the otherwise As Well, well, we're waiting for the glue on these leaves. Okay, now that leaves drying off. You got here, Let them out down. Doing a last train that we want to do from this off a little bit to one side and little bits of the fact that you can see working through. I remember. Well, dry. It's true. Now that we've just dry the use of going to tough shit stems down the vaccine. Press the zone, wait for trial. I want to set a little bit. You can put it down and just let it dry. It's to do a full branch. You're gonna need a fair amount more, I would say probably around 20 varying sizes and shapes. So you but there's already we'll come back and we'll do the next little bit. 7. 7. Leaves Part 3 Mod Podge: Okay, so now they're fairly dry, very secure. So the next thing that we're gonna do, he's poor. What? Pajama top? To give him a shine. Use the big brush for this, but you don't need to brush to speak Page one group paying it along with the lines. So drink it. Any read blocks that will dry clear. Don't worry to much of its going on. Interesting color on top. We're just gonna leave them to dry, and then we can shake them. Okay. So while these phones drying, I've got some that I already much for Australia. You can see that showing on them. So basically, what you gonna do now? Used to give them a little bit of shape? You have to go too much. You can always give a warship ranch. Just give them some stretch so that they felt more natural field. It's critical. Make a low. Really? Once feasible. I was trying opening, shaping them, and they will come back. You will attach them through the brash I can see here that didn't get good abruptly. So I need to put a little bit of extra glue in there. I'm just seal it back up again, but I want to be deal. It's easily fixed 8. 8. Creating the Branch Part 2: Okay, So just before we attached all of these leaks, we've now shirt. We're going to cover the stem with paper just to make it easier to have some color stick to later. So depending on the age of the Magnolia branch, Italy B more green or brown. So you can use either using 80 ground one a green. You can even use green black, if that's what you got. Clues, strips that cuts stretch story And I touched him around. We're just gonna make sure that we cover these well, Tuckey now really to stand where? If you're strips on quite wide enough, you can go back and add little bits. Talk to cover. That's not a big deal. Just make sure you person mice and smug Well, I need to be evenly glowed. Any little gets you can just cover with smaller paces just over the top. Once this is Dr Back and show you how to touch the lease 9. 9. Attach Leaves: now that out. Branches nicely covered. We can start to attack threes so open. Come, um, true's generally about opposite each other. Not too much stem. I'm gonna put this far. No major floor type of this just down from the top. And stop obviously smaller ones up top because they go down. Just tape it on a real smoke. Did you? Thanks from about opposite. It's essential. So what you want to do is well between tape sets of leaves. I used to cover this damn again. Little cut off bits off papers. That's what we've been doing. Okay? A small fire and the come on. Any excess stemware Just cut up these points, will, we're gonna start inside of it. You see, Magnolia leaves the often steiger it up. It's a little bush club at the top. And then it goes back to a bit more sticky French after worry about the belief position too much of this point. Because we will able to do more adjustments later. So for the wire backs, we just got to continue in that fashion to leave attached relates. Okay, so go. My simulated touched. Now just touch the last few, then once it's dry, we will make any little color adjustments. System when you're regin is useful position for all the leaves. Fifties We're going with a bouquet was greenery then I just cut back out of leaves. Should you have space to blouse and yellow tops Greenery in there as well? She could produce another place because this is a standard interaction. You're just gonna is me. Looks good, Realist. You can try and just keep. This is true. What a d in nature now touch. He was sitting. We can always do any last little adjustments with the shapes of the laser. Later on, I'm just gonna cover these last little bits with great paper. A little dry. Let me will come back and do the calorie, Understand? Just to get some variation again. It was going in the middle of the bouquet. He may not need to do too much of that, but again, it's a standard Lights down. We're gonna put some effort into making the coloring look more natural. Okay, so you have fresh dry and then we will color 10. 10. Final Color: Okay, so we're gonna add some color to the stems now that it's all folk up and covered with green crepe. I've got my paints here that I use and look a magnolia branches, you'll see that they often when they younger the stems greener and as they get over there, get promise. So what I'm gonna do, It's just that some bits of brown, mostly where the leaves are and with stem, um, he joins. And then little bits and pieces all along. I got my colors here and now I'm gonna just makes it much Jason blending and attach them to the brunch. So, depending what PETN using to guide you to war. Damn well, thin it out a bit so that you can blamed the colors well, and just make sure you've got a really even karting. So I find that spongy, you kind of piece of sponge, whatever can be very helpful in stages, will, just to make sure. Okay, actually, you can also use past ALS in the spirit. You just need to make sure that you use a good ceiling on it. All right? I'm gonna let these dry, and then we will come back and have a look at the final piece. Good luck. 11. 11. Conclusion: Okay, So now you will have any Children just like this one. Here, please. Exporters, any comments or questions that you have a swell down color. I look forward to seeing your projects.