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Create 3D drawings on Facebook with Inkscape!

teacher avatar István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Is this really 3D?

    • 3. How it works?

    • 4. Draw the illustration -part 1

    • 5. Draw the illustration -part 2

    • 6. Create the depth map

    • 7. Upload drawing to Facebook

    • 8. Summary

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About This Class

Did you see those 3d images on Facebook?
Aren't they awesome?

They appeared at the end of 2018, and at the beginning  you needed to use an iPhone to create them from your photos. But now Facebook allows you to create your own 3D images in your browser, even from illustrations! Yes, you are able to draw something and turn it into a cool 3D image in minutes!

And the free vector program, Inkscape is a great tool for that!
Because you draw vector objects to start with anyway, and then you can easily separate your objects according to their distance from the viewer - and that is the key to make great 3D images on Facebook!

Join this very short class and see how I create this awesome fantasy 3D illustration with Inkscape in just a few simple steps! :)

What we will do:
-understand how 3D photos work
-create a fantasy style landscape
-create a depth map for the image in a few minutes
-learn the tricks to make it work on Facebook!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

István Szép

Designer and design teacher


I am a graphic designer and design teacher from Budapest. I draw cute characters and clever logos, build websites and sometimes videogames. My main tool is Inkscape, a great open source design program.

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1. Introduction: Did you see those three D images on Facebook? Aren't they awesome? They appeared end of 2018 and earlier you needed to use an iPhone to create them from your photos. But now Facebook allows you to create your own three D images, your roser and even form illustrations. Yes, you are able to draw something and turn it into a cool three D like image in minutes. And the free vector tooling escape is the best to for that. Why? Because you drove actor objects to start with anyway, and then you can easily separate your objects according to their distance from the viewer. And that is the key to make great three D images on Facebook. Join this very, very short class today and see how I created this awesome fantasy. Three D illustration. With escape in just a few simple, easy to follow steps 2. Is this really 3D?: three D photos are the latest Fed on Facebook. I mean, they are there for more than half a year now. But before you needed an iPhone or a similar device to take three D photo, because three D photo is consisting off a normal image and death image, a death nap, which is giving the death needed to the software to calculate how far object are from you. But no, you can also make it with illustration and escape is an amazing too for that. Here is what I made the other day. It's another illustration off mine, and this is how it is really in Facebook. Mind if it's not really three D? It's has an effect called the Paradox, where the different part of the image are visible, according to the Mouse pointer. Still, it is very nice, and it's a huge amount of fun to create it. So this is what we will create now, 3. How it works?: so doing this really illustration in escape is first of four huge one second before so easy Because, as I said, every image needs death information for Facebook to know how far are the different objects from the viewer and how far they are from each other. And if you are drawing in escape, you are using separate objects anyway, so it is very easy to color them and create your own three D men. Why I'm saying this. It's like, ah, before you had to have an iPhone to take a photo, and the iPhone would also create the three D meme for that on the photo. Doing a three D mapping on a photo properly by hand is enormous task, but doing it for a simple illustration in Vector, it's a breeze. Okay, don't get confused. If you don't understand, you will understand it in a second, so I just have a few colors for my image up. But now I want to tell you what is this death? Nothing. Let's say this is my image, and I wanted when the camera is moving, I want this dog to move. We would drove the image DAP, plicating and set, the further part darker and the things closer to me lighter. This is the same image, just color differently. And when you upload this to Facebook, Facebook feel, match the original image and the Deathmatch together and that's it. So your image will have a distant in it. Yeah, So this is how the distance is added, very simple. And now let's throw something to be more complex and escape. And then I will show you how to turn it in a breeze. Really? In a minute in tow, Death left map and then we will upload it and see how it works. 4. Draw the illustration -part 1: working with a nice image year. This will be my image background and I'm looking for a fund to the scene. This will be the sky and here is a rookie cliff hanging over the sea. I'm just using the I'm just using the panto which is the base here too. But I call it depend toe. Here are the colors I made earlier. This is my cliff and I'm just quickly clicked around to create straight edges. As you see, I want my image perfect. How is this that I don't care if they match on the side? Because this is a trick I always use. I duplicate with control de the background. So like the object I want to cut size and they go path Intersection that Ah perfect match on the edges. So this is my is my seashore. I do the same here because I want to add some lighter parts, replicate and bath, intersection or control, and pushed the Asterix the little star on your keyboard. Nice. Here is my cliff and I want to make it with double click. I add some notes with the know that it or I can't procreate. The Noto make event like this is the shoreline. Yeah. Nice. The sea can be here just for now. Let's make it like No, let's make this green color. Have your car. Color it later and I select the background. And I pushed shift control A you see shift control A to pull up their line and distribute windows. And I put these two rectangles next to each other. Now I select my see rectangle, and I send it back or using this little icons or pushing page down a few times. Nice. Now I can see how far I want my c It can also at some. You mean with the control and the mouse were and I add some grass and little stuff here. Okay. Again Going through a D and bath intersection. Make a doctor color here. Nice. So this is like the back off the he'll Okay. On the top of the heel, I would like to make a little castle. First of all, let's make the color off this. See a shift control f See Shift control F. I'm pulling up the color window, which is the feeling stroke window, and I'm setting the field color for deceive. As you see this time I'm looking for I'm looking for something. Great. So something like No, if you select the end off a Grady And so I just used the Grady into Then I select one end off a Grady int, and I can modify the color there. Nice. So I have the sea and it's just a block basically. And I want some waves crashing key or some form. So I just take the pento. Andi, I just drove over here and they do the same thing. Control de Select the waves going through a star or path intersection. And of course, I want this to be brighter, but not as bright. Nice. No, I just at some base you I'm using these. Read the mouse. I'm not using the tablet to dro. I'm just adding some ways. Some this and that and I use Yes, You see, even I want control. I use the busier tool or a pen tool when I just want baby stuff and some crazy effects. I'm having fun. I'm using the pencil here. Why? Because with the most I'm not really good at keeping them in order. And that's the whole point. I like this. So with Contra. Plus, I had these things together, and, uh, I also add the Grady into them, so they are almost not visible. It's like that is some shine on the sea. Very nice. Okay. I want si, sure. Have a less gray color. Find something all too bright, maybe something like this year, but I want to keep it cool. I want to keep this cold colors for sure. Okay, so now we're here. Let's put the castle here. I was living in Scotland for a while, and I saw some very nice ruins and different cliffs. If he ever go to Scotland, visit some nice castles because it's their magnificient. Okay, so I just again just click around and create a shape. I don't want anything. I don't want anything forced. I am just very relaxed here and having my fun. Okay. And this can be as dark as the cliff. What I did is, like here, its control it looking like a busty and, uh, on the other side. It's already falling apart. There are some loose stones. I also really put some loose stones here. I just drove them select Georgina shape, bath difference. And I caught in some shapes. I will do the same. Here I have. Ah, square circle on the top. Cut off the bottom off it. We don't know their square path Difference. And what do I have? Yep. Having though you will be here. Okay. And one more thing I want is to give some thickness to the castle. He's on duplicated again, but intersection and we page down ascended behind the hell. So it has some thickness. So there are some things going on there. What I like here. I can also add some very loose bricks, like almost falling down. Actually, they're floating, but our eyes real notice that they are part of the design. This is how you make something you see, these little floating rates are making it that it's just falling apart. It's crumbling. 5. Draw the illustration -part 2: Okay, So what? I want to us about this some brightness coming in from the side the same way it does on the cliff. I'm just really clicking around with the mouth. No, I close it here and replicate bath intersection. As you see, I used this trick a 1,000,000 times. I know. I just picked the color from there, and it's already looking great. I made this a bit longer and smaller. Now, this is what I have. I can also give this ingredient so it is going to something more lush and green here. Money steel has this bluish effect. What I miss is some foreground. So why we do this image again? Remember that we want the three d effect and the three D effect is can only be made on an image which actually has some depth. So he this has a background, a middle ground with the castle and the foreground. We'll be with some Bush's and maybe yeah, some other elements. I've let So how to do some Bush's. I went to Bush's here on the side. What time you do, I will create circle and I grab It has to be. And this has to be not so right. So I just grab it and holding it and pushing space. This is making a stamp, and here again I selected and control pass where I select them and I go Path union, you see control. Plus, this is merging them together. And these are my bushes. If I want to add more details because they are close, I can see some leaves. So let's create some simple leaves. If you know my other skills. Share classes. Your do you know how to create leaves? Because I have class is about creating leaves and autumn breath and Christmas ref out of it . So it's a simple that's for you, but I want to show it anyway. So I duplicate a circle and I go again path intersection, which is creating this I shape. It's very nice if you're driving a car tonight for character, but now it's my leaf. So I grabbed these two notes. Pull them down and I have a very nice generic leaves. Leave. Yes, just make it even smaller. Complicated. Put it here and there, rotated to create some randomness, you know, nice again. Here again, the implicate wrong button nice. So it is looking like a bush. Now I just merge them going through a plus going through Plus Now I What do you think? What I will do? I real again cut it to the edge. So I duplicated the background path intersection. I duplicated the background path intersection and it's cutting into shape. So this is my design Now. I will at some of the elements, more or less, I'm done. I will create a wanderer here, someone who is walking towards the castle. My wife is just watching Game of Thrones now, so that's like an inspiration. A bit a bit for these rowing. I'm just roughly creating human figure like he's just stepping and he has a huge cape in the wind blown in the wind. And it doesn't matter if it is not perfect, because although it's very big here, my warrior what it will be not as big here. It will be just a tiny character walking on the beach. Okay, And I will give him this color. Well, maybe even a darker one. Yeah, it was just a tiny dark figure walking on the shore. I can give him food steps as you see, I just click around again. Tinier and tinier. Triangular shapes us. He's food. Steps are disappearing. It's just a small character going towards the castle. Okay. And, uh, let's see, Maybe it has to be a bit lighter. Yeah, something like this. Okay, I cannot Some more stuff. Some seagulls here again. It is not for honor. To me, it is just for the fun of it. If you ever saw Seagal's fighting, there can be another one. Maybe as well. Okay, just if you see, guys can be bigger now. This needs some, Grady. And what if he has a brighter color? You What if my guys bright I'm just looking for any color that makes my character stand out . But it's okay. And the last touch is to give some clothes again. Be depends, you toe. And I'm looking for this long, wavy clouds cloud one cloud too. Add them together with control plus and then replicate the base again and forth Intersection. In the end, I sent them behind and we'd page up. I pulled them down a bit. And of course, they might not green but white or a light grace color. This is for leaving the eyes as well. I can put some mountains here or some other line in the back, just soft, and it up for the Grady and Control de Cut. It had the edge just for the fun. I can put their watchtower or something. She of control. See, I turned it into a path. Pull it together and I were just on the top. My hand. And it's okay if it's rocky a bit because it's far resistant. I selected in the emerging together. Now this is it. This is my front of the scene. A little character walking towards ah can be even smaller coming, and now he's very visible. He's walking towards the castle on a cliff. There are some distance he was in the background and some bushes in the foreground. So how will be this three D check out in the next lesson? 6. Create the depth map: So if this is my original image, I duplicated but controlled the I select everything and control D Now. As I said earlier, what is further from me has to be black or dark. The clothes and these mountains air so far behind that they are not really changing by the view. You know, the further thing is from you like if you're traveling by car, things close to ur swooshing next to you like trees are going very, very fast. They are changing the view, the direction because there close to you. But mountains in the distance are changing very slowly. So that's why I don't need those details. I don't need the waves either. I don't need any detail on the castle, so well, I just manage the whole cluster together with Path Union. I don't need this one either, because it's not is just ah surface design. So it's not really giving a distant or actually can nice he received in a second. Now these ones are the closer to me. They will be white, were very bright. This one is not needed either. And now the character is not very visible either because he is not above the shoreline. So what we do like that's middle. That's absolutely far that is far coming close. So I just used the Grady end. This fear will be because they are actually the same distance they are matched together. This one needs a Grady int as well. Us. This is the same distance as the top. But this is much closer to me. So this has to be like, yes, something like this. This will give a nice really effect to the and also I want to make the customer under here big, darker. So though it is behind the cliff a bit and if I would explore damage now, what do you think would happen? What is the missing point? Yes, the c goes. They are in the distance as well, so at least as dark as the further part of the sea. They are not wide because they're not close to me. They're very far. So that's it. It looks like a stage strange, inflated image or X ray. But it's basically a very simple death map I just created in a minutes, and this is what you can do also just applicator original image and make it into a death map. Further dark, closer bright, you are set 7. Upload drawing to Facebook: now in this lesson, I will show you how to use this and exported to Facebook and how to create the city, the image on Facebook. So first of all, we export our images and we take that The image he's named properly and the 1st 1 is Gosso , sweetie and the exported. Just copy the name from here and the 2nd 1 he's cause there's three d underline death. So that's very important for the naming and you exported. And now let's test it and see how this looks on Facebook. I'm come to Facebook and I want to upload the new image analysis pesto designed. This is my designer page, and so I sell a castle three D and castles Really depth right in this order. So this is how it looks down here. And I opened them and you see, Facebook starts to calculate straight on, So first image dot BNG than image underline death point dot pg PNG and that's it. Perfect. There is a bit of motion here. There is a bit of motion. Yes, the seagulls are falling apart a bit because Facebook has a tendency to really, really compress these images, so don't freak out. If it's not perfect, the effect is still cool. I mean, I'm literally looking into this image I just created in, like, what, 20 minutes? So it's very easy, and if I want to post it, I can just post it straight. So that's it. Have fun with your three D images. I will not post it right now, so that's it. Have fun videos, three D images and create what you want within escape and color it and create your amazing through the image. 8. Summary: so very short again. How do you create a three D image on Facebook? How do you create this? Read the illustration. Any escape? It is super easy. You just create a colored image. You are your details and everything. Then he duplicate the exact same image and remove the details that will be on the same level off death, The details that you no need. For example, the clothes here I remove those. Then you color your death map in a way that the further the things you are, the further the things are from you. They are darker. The closer they are, they are brighter. So black would be the absolute distance. And the background and right would be something which is in my face like the bushes here and everything. All the greys are in between. If you create this map correctly than Facebook, we recognize it and apply to this image Live aid applicator. This image is important that the edges are matching the original image. Okay. And the next step is to export your images a PNG file. So you just push Chief Control e exported and the first image is named Whatever dot p and G , and the next image is named the same. But I did and underlined and death. I thought B and G and you just export them with these names. And when you go to Facebook from your desktop closer, you said like these two images and you click first, select the image and then the image death, PNG and Facebook were start to cooperate your three d a much straight on.