Create 3D Shape Animation in After Effects | Dominykas Vaitkus | Skillshare

Create 3D Shape Animation in After Effects

Dominykas Vaitkus, Motion Designer

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4 Videos (21m)
    • Intro

    • Breakdown

    • Animating

    • Tweaking


About This Class

About This Class

In this class you are going to learn how to make your 2D shape layers to look 3D! It's very simple, fast and effective way to bring some life to the 2D world.


What You'll Learn

  • How to quickly create shape layers!
  • How to make them to look 3D!
  • Short intro about graphs


What You'll Do

You will be trying to replicate my 3D shape layer by using the same or different kind of shape. Experimenting is the key!  





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Dominykas Vaitkus

Motion Designer

Creative Director | Motion Designer
At the moment based in Copenhagen.

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