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Create 3D Shape Animation in After Effects

teacher avatar Dominykas Vaitkus, Motion Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Breakdown

    • 3. Animating

    • 4. Tweaking

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About This Class

About This Class

In this class you are going to learn how to make your 2D shape layers to look 3D! It's very simple, fast and effective way to bring some life to the 2D world.


What You'll Learn

  • How to quickly create shape layers!
  • How to make them to look 3D!
  • Short intro about graphs


What You'll Do

You will be trying to replicate my 3D shape layer by using the same or different kind of shape. Experimenting is the key!  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dominykas Vaitkus

Motion Designer


Creative Director | Motion Designer
At the moment based in Copenhagen.

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1. Intro: Hello, guys. I'm the Minibus, a motion designer currently based in Copenhagen. Today. For my first class, I would like to show you how to make flat freed the design animation in after effects using Schaffler's. So stay tuned and let's start. 2. Breakdown: Hello, people. Welcome to my class. This glass was inspired by James Koran. Andi, work. Uh, give it on Onda. Uh, you probably have seen it. It's not incredible. And, uh, he's using a lot of motion graphics, son, some of this three day, some of the big I'm gonna show it today. So an example I have It's really simple one, but it can be applied to many different objects and it's just after you know how to do it. It's easy to apply to any other object, so it looks like that that's really simple. But it gives an impression that Greece Afridi object turning and it's made by only three layers. First is ah, shadow, which is a circle. And and it does like that just skills horizontally. So on by pressing, you show all the three key frames and you can see that there are not a lot So another one is front which is doing the same Accepted. Disappearing is disappearing and appearing again while the despairing because first of all , we're showing the front and then it shows the back here is the back. Then it goes again and it was the front and was the back were It's the same. And here are the key points. So yeah, this effect is pretty simple. And, uh, I think I can show you how quickly it animated. And and, ah, Dittemore, I'm gonna show a bit more interesting stuff what you can do with it later on. So, yeah, let's jump in. 3. Animating: Hello? Hello. Hello, people. So let's begin. Uh, let's start actually the circle. Well, think that's, uh, good shape. I started by pressing your lips to double clicking and play that it's ah, if well, there's a couple ways how to create a ship. Well, we can compress it and then drive. But then it, uh, anchor points. It's It's still the senator off the composition, and then they have a shape. The anchor point is there. Then you need to manually reposition it. Andi, It's just like, you know, it's it's a hassle. And well, if you double press it, Onda, you go to little this off and then you just you make your own size and the ankle pain is gonna be there because it's all this in the middle and it's just somewhere smaller. Simpler. So, yeah, well, we have a very good this is gonna be our shadow chateau. Um, let's make a front. Let's make two layers. So this shadow and we just duplicate it and this is gonna be our front for a front. We're gonna use the lighter color. So maybe this one so and the key is here, but the shadow needs to go a little bit to the side like that. Well, it's beautiful making Let's maybe make our back a bit brighter that, uh that's so much nicer. All right, so, Well, we're done. No. Well, we're not. So, um, as I showed you that our circles new to scale down. So let's start building that, um, but pressing us, you bring the skill options, we rest stop, which is like, moving Well, we don't need front, but we will be eso Let's do 50 frames. Um, after 15. Prince, Let's press Ah, stopwatch again. Well, the on button, but it's gonna similar. So we have a were 15 frames ahead on we way. We need toe. Uh, link this good sleeper questions and we need toe do 20. It cannot go to zero because the front will go to Joe and you need to keep our borders so you'll see what I'm talking about. Go for it, boom! And put it Estimates on and let's see Well, this is nonsense now, but but getting there, but going directly after distant creams ahead, we also need to put, uh, keep friend and this is going to be zero now and this is gonna be 100. So it goes like that. Oh, you see now, But front layer needs to disappear on. The shadow needs to be there because it's shadow becomes the side, the object. And, uh, you can do that back now for the back. Just use the same front layer. We just duplicated you went back and have it back. Well, we just changing color. Let's change it with super nice. So depressing you I really all the all the keep rooms on. So for a back, it's the same, but it's a little different, Um, so many all the key frames to be there. So, um, that's cultivos basis. Those basic it's got the voice is based. So we have ah, um, the front load. It's not, you know. So first of all, we need to cut the back here, so it's like that Bull, bull and boom, It's nice. Well, it's not, but it will be soon, so basis years that the back in the front is completely the same except the color. So in order to work, we need to Chris along. These should be and we need toe go a little toe aside allude to aside. And there is also an issue which needs to be fixed now, uh, by bringing a pastor, we presti on for adding a pastie here we hold shifted. So we need to to make the friendly and disappear while the back soon so. But we can cut this layer or we can just use a vice. So here, boom on here. We don't want to and we do here same thing that we want the front layer to appear beautiful . So he blames us, which would be fine. I see. So, um by okay, our actual there, but, uh, closer to the dimensions to the shadows, quick, we feel it from a bigger distance. You can see that it works first, like a three d effect, but it lacks emotion, not emotion, but motion. And we're gonna fix that, are coming western, and we're gonna do some, let's say, picturing on the single. So it was pretty easy. And let's go to the next lesson 4. Tweaking: All right. So we have Ah, a little bit of orange animation. Well, it's really worry, but that's making me a bit more nicer. Well, we select all the well. The keep rings dispersed Easy's right Click on the Keeper of Assistant and easiest Onda. Uh, well, I designed this besting my, uh which is blessing us. So we just like all this impressed graph, but here and brings ah, speed round Well, speed graph. It's ah, It's a bit more complicated than the Bala graph. As their is like two graphs there is Ah graph. Ah! Telegraph Onda Speed graph Telegraph Office has values as you Here I have a value. So it has the same Like what you did here we conceive er so it's like from hundreds zero and from 0 to 100 on the speed graph is a bit different. Its velocity of ah of action. So as you see here is like goes from it starts from zero on it goes We heard it. It's just like a number and goes back to you. So starts slow and goes faster and this is the best point and go exploring it Well, we want something similar, but not quite. Do you want to select all of this? Call it the graph and we want to do. Let's start slow and but it's, well, it's like this. And it's ghost food. Fast insulin really could. And we need to do here the same again. That it starts would fast and it goes through this low. Oh, nice. And again. Well, actually gets up from here. Ah, stance here, Like math is here, and it's lower home here. It's lower as well. I don't know. We hit the more, but let's see. Well, here's a bit too fast is receives, like 1000 here. 1000 here. Well, this is 2000. So think we just But we're gonna deliver it, but the problem can just weakness from Yeah, let's see. Super nice. Amazing. Well, the main Well, if we want to fix it completely. So it was like and really small issues like like that. But they concede here. So by we can manually fixed by, uh, driving skipper him on going one cream back, going the graph. And we just, uh if we can Let's see, man. What? Thanks. Well, not here. So we do the same here like this. Wait. Just think. No. All right. Every super who? Well, all right. So, uh, what could do? We'll save it. What we can do is at something to it. So we're going to front layer. Ah, the Shipler. Uh, we can, um, at pace. It's at the face so we can add the at button can add, uh, lips, You hear? It adds about anything. So wetting their lips here, But, um, it added just a path. We also need the stroke joke. Ah, Well, actually, no, that's not you. Stroke. That's just fill. Fill them. And, uh, all right, the issues here is that, um, and lives to is, uh, Phyllis. Also, it's just, uh well, the Phyllis justices overriding both of them. It's a bit. It's a bit, uh, we need to do of the group actually belies its hard works. The group has its own make, uh, Cherokee. So you put the pill in a group is going to be much better. And, um, if you put the group above their lips Yeah, we have not tonight, but we're going there. You just did. Vance, Let's changed black well this year, but more uh, we can duplicate it, play pressing called control D and having ellipse spec bomb. So we have it. We position it on, we need the mouth. Well, for mouth, we can select group path, you know, So press pass. So here on duh stopwatch and they make him out. So let's hear the wonderful It's all right. So everything sticks year, actually. So who blade? You see, it's perfectly sticking. Well, if we also want to leave of them. If you want to believe that the invitation, it's gonna bring interesting results for that A advise it to recompose the layer. Well, let's do it. We compose. Let's stream a little bit, uh, for a secret for animation because you need to then upset the frames and so on. So that's trim this by holding out in square brackets. And then I like him all and compose on and, uh oh, all right, So who pressed are are and we press p, for example, can move this. But, uh, thing is that well, I think we need they're just anger points. So great clicking this plan behind can move the anchor point center And if we stop watch this and we go here, for example. Go up here and you go, Tony things more. You're and to one rotation and do keep easiest. Well, it's really awkward because it's Ah, it's doing irritation well there. But But, as you see, it's it brings really interesting rotations here, Really. Three D rotation. We can also scale here and do grab graphs should be, but I think it should be staying in the middle of it more. It's really simple animation. I just want to show you see, it brings really like it freed the look of animation and confused to bend difference objects ends. It's so simple to make and so simple toe adjust. So, yeah, thank you for watching. And I hope to learn something, and they hope you're going to make some nice glass projects. Thank you for joining and to use. Um