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Create 15 Abstract Pastel Patterns in 15 Minutes

teacher avatar Angie Tran, Self Taught Designer.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create pattern

    • 3. Recolor Artwork

    • 4. Change Pattern & Final Words

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About This Class


Join me in this class and I will show you how to create these beautiful abstract pastel patterns in 15 minutes.

This class is suitable for beginners and intermediates, it is short and easy to follow. The only thing you need is Illustrator and the results will be 100% scalable, adjustable designs that can be sold or used in numerous of other projects. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Angie Tran

Self Taught Designer.


I graduated from Business School but at the same time, passionate about design and everything beautiful made with love.

Learning is a long journey. I am still on that journey and enjoy every minute of it.

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1. Introduction: hi, everyone, men and SNG. And today I'm gonna show you how crazy Houston off these abstract design is 15 minutes. The's designs are so easy to make, and you can use them for tens and tens off different users to use them as, like crowd in social media background in Tex or courts and greeting cards. Or they can be a hero on their own. Thes designs are smart objects, so we can easily change the stars and added colors. That's scalable so you can scare them up down to any size you want and don't have to worry about them being destroyed. The best thing off all is that you don't need any resource is all materials to create them . So are you excited? Let's get started. 2. Create pattern: so open up your illustrator and the size off the outboard doesn't really matter. I'm going to create a wreck. Tango by clicking on the direct and go, I can't. The color off the red tango also doesn't matter. We can actually go with any color. So now I'm just going to create many other. It's more thing goes and squares just be random because their positions and sizes are not really matter at this stage, because we are going to destroy them anyway, I'm gonna make the stroke transparent. I will use life pain to pain, those arms, more singles and squares. So start selecting everything and go toe object life paint and make. Now you can see the book it off paint here and there are three squares on top off the pocket. The middle one is the color that is going to be painted, and that color is taken from yours. Watches panel. So I just begin by pen Thing they're written goes with the color. You can use the arrows on the keyboard toe, which the color that way it will save a lot of time. Next will be choosing the 12 toe by default. It would be under this icon, which is the with tour and right clicking on this icon. You will be able to choose the 12 toe soc like that and I'm gonna double click on that toe . Access the 12 2 options. Over here you will be able to choose the brush size um, the with and height and Anglo intensity. So after choosing that, I just click OK, and then I will start to destroy the squares and rectangles. I just find out if I just go with one direction, it would turns out to be better than just going so crazy. So if you want to go clockwise, just keep sticking to going clockwise. So I just keep going over these until I feel that they are what I really want. You also can change the size off the brush if you want to adjust it even further and then because they are very messy, I want to crop it out into erecting Go so once again, select the tango two and draw a rectangle on top off everything. Then select everything object clipping, mask and make. So now direct and go is being clipped toe everything below and now you can only say direct and go. However, because the clipping mask is Aditya balls is underneath even though you cannot see it. But they asked you there in this case I don't want that. So I will crop them out from my rectangle. To do that, go to object, expand and then go to a power fighter. If you cannot fight power fighter on the right hand side, go to window and make sure that Path fighter is checked. After that, go to this icon, which is the crop tool. Click that and the access shape will be cut out from our rectangle. 3. Recolor Artwork: So the next step is still color our at work, and I'm going to Pinterest toe Such the bullets watches. I'm going to tie Pasto colors watchers and you can see that there are many ready made swatches that we can easily use. Well, I think I will choose this one and just copied image and paste it in Illustrator. Then I think I'm gonna choose another one. Maybe this one and then Alsop etched in. Illustrator Nan, quit another square. We really create so many squares in these class I'm gonna duplicate the square. So hold out option and then track the square toe another place. So when you release the square is duplicated, then I'm going to repeat the action off copying by pressing control De select the entire Oh , um hold out and track it down and then I'm going to control the toe. Duplicate that row again. So the squares are ours. Watches that we're going toe safe in hours, watches panel now using the selecting tour and select a square. Then I'm going to switch toe eyedropper tool by hitting I on the keyboard and then choose the color on my picture. So I'm gonna do that to the rest off the other squares. But I'm going to switch toe those selecting two more quickly by holding control. And then when I release Illustrator will quickly, um, switch Teoh, I chop a tool for me. Ondas gonna repeat the same thing by choosing different other in majors to collect color and throw them in with the rest of the squares. So now all the squares off huge. And I mean, this is enough for my collection off postal color. I'm going to select everything and go to this folder under the swatches panel and click bed . Then you're gonna give a name for your swatch panel. As you can see now, yours watches. Colors are added to this watch panel. We can use that to change the color off our artwork. Now select your artwork and then go through this icon over here, which is Rick Uhlir at work? If you can see right here is our color folder that we have just graded when you click. That would automatically change the color and we color for you. And you can switch color order by hitting this icon. It is so fast and easy and I think it is the best way to recover your at work. So when I'm satisfied, what the color combination? I will click. OK, I still want to try what other different color combinations. So I'm duplicating my artwork again, toe many, many copies and continue to repeat that process over again. I also added money other, um, color folder that I have created before. So my swatches panel, You don't have to do that if you are already satisfied with the collection that you have just great that So we are done. We coloring everything. As you can see, the patterns are all the same, only the colors are different, so I'm going to change that in the next step. 4. Change Pattern & Final Words: in this video, I will show you how I changed the pattern off the artwork to use in different project. So I'm going to create another document and I'm going to choose the size a four. But you can choose any size that is suitable for your project. I'm gonna choose one letting go and wreck it to my new document. Resize it because I just wanted to use a small portion off this artwork on my work. Let's see, I'm choosing this purple color and green and a little bit off pink. So I create a non directing go. And I know that the size off, um, a four is 11.7 inch and 8.3. So create a written go off that size, and then I'm gonna align the right thing. Goto the art boat, you goto window and choose a line. And then at the Icahn over here, make sure that is a line to outboard and then start toe aligned, particularly and horizontally. Then I'm gonna select everything goto object and clipping mask. Just like what we have done before. Now I'm gonna cut out the excess off the shape by going toe object and expend and then goto power fighter toe crop. It just going to do the same thing, toe the other at work. Now I'm going to select a not a portion and because I know that I will be repeating the steps over again. This time I will record my actions so you can record your actions and use it for the next artwork and save more time. So after I have scaled the at work and position it to the outboard toe, however, I like Goto Window and Click Action Select the icon, which say's create new action and I'm just gonna live it as it is on the impressed record. Now I'm just going through all the steps over again and knowing that all my actions will be recorded. So create a rectangle, um, a four size and then align it, toe the outboard, then select everything and apply. The clipping months, however, is you can see on the action panel. The clipping tool is not actually copy a ble. If there's a word I have tried before, and there will be an error if we run this action. So I have to delete this action or creating clipping mask and start another action. So I just press pause and then I create another action. Continue to do what I have to do, expended and then crop it. Well, I don't need more action to be copies, so I also think that move Now, let's try that on another artwork scale. The at work toe. However I like it. Well, maybe even rotated. I want this yellow and this blue in this pattern over here. I'm just going to delete this clipping mask action by tracking it. So that has been click on the first section. Click play. Now the next step is to create the clipping mask. I'm selecting everything. Then goto object, clipping mask and make clipping mask. Next, select the next action, which is Action five in my case and click Play again Click OK, And yet it actually does save me a little bit off time. So that's it. We have actually finished creating different abstract background on what pastor color is. Thank you so much for sticking with me. This is a shot and easy class and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it. So if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will see you next time