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Create #1 Class on Skillshare in 2 days: (My Story/Your Skillshare Success)

teacher avatar Franki B. Kidd, Franki B. Kidd

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Create a Best Selling Skillshare Class

    • 2. Skillshare is a Meritocracy

    • 3. Give more Get more

    • 4. Key to Success on Skillshare

    • 5. 5 Tips for Skillshare Success

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About This Class

Before we get started, I'll mention that this class, yeah this one, took me one day to create and yesterday it was in the #1 spot on Skillshare.  Today it's Trending #2 of the 8,000 Skillshare classes. 

Happy. Humbled.  Honored.  Thank you!

Want to know how to create a Best-Selling Skillshare class?

Since taking the May Teach Challenge  in May of 2016.

I have created 10 classes.  That’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9,10.

It ain’t been easy. 

My classes are -not all of them anyway -  are not as they say in Cancun “Sex-tay.”

But I’ve worked incredibly hard.  Over the period of 4 days in July 2016, I created 2 classes and went from about four hundred students to just over 1,700 mostly premium students.

You do the math.

Here’s my story.


Franki (FBK)


For those of you who do not have a premium membership, contact me and I will send you a coupon link.

And for those who want to upgrade to premium membership, get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99.  Here is the link

You might also like my new class that will help you promote your class on Skillshare or various platforms. 

Have a great day!  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Franki B. Kidd

Franki B. Kidd


For my writing students, check out my hawt (hot)  Nonfiction Book.  


Read about Skillshare payment model change.. 


Click here to read my Skillshare Success Story

From $200 to $2000 in a couple of weeks.  If I can - you can too :).

Franki (FBK) is a writer’s writer. She's an author who writes with a colorful simplicity. 

The hundreds of eBooks that she’s written for clients through online freelancing sites have become hot new releases and best sellers in their category.

She prides herself on writing and teaching others how to write books and compelling content that inspires the reader to take action: pursue a dream, learn something new, buy your product, start a business, make money online and much more.

Her teaching style holds your hand while pushing you into the water to make you swim (Write a Book or Pursue your Dream).

She’s friendly, professional and accessible.

Check out her new class about creating a Digital Information Product or the HAWT (hot) class  that landed in the Top Spot on Skillshare for a couple of days. 

I welcome new friends on Facebook or Twitter.  Simply click the above icons and lets connect.

If you'd like to check out any of my classes and your are not yet a premium member, shoot me a email via my website and I'll make it happen.  

Learn more about FBK at

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1. Create a Best Selling Skillshare Class : Hi. Oh, Frankie. Everyone calls me FBK. I'm a skill share teacher. In the month of July, I created two classes long skill share. Each class took me about two days for a total of four days. And over a two week period of time, I've had a great deal of success. One of my classes, I have over 1000 students and then the other class. I have over 600 students, but my classes average about 150 students. This class, yes. The one that you're taking now currently has over 400 students. And it's trending in the number one spot on skill share. But I don't know when you'll see this class, so I'm making a screenshot. So I can't remember the date clicking a roll today so I can show you how you can make your class a success on skill share 2. Skillshare is a Meritocracy: If you've taken one of my other 10 classes, you know, I don't believe it's selling unicorns and rainbow. I don't believe in being cells. You're spamming. It took one too. 345678 Finally, my seventh and eighth class is called Fire. But even after then I had to keep working and create more classes. 9 10 With most of the classes, I was only able to enroll. 100 students are less moral of the story is that you have to work hard, all skill share. If you want to achieve this, says, and then there's good news. 3. Give more Get more: The good news is, the skill share is, um, a tac Chrissy and meritocracy is a system where someone advances based on their ability, effort and talent night, but not by their wealth or social rank. That means that the more effort you put into your class, the more you'll get out of it. Everyone can. Sissy, the more f you put it. So even if you don't like to, even if you color and you get pain in your hands are you like to make silly faces or you like to stay up late? Are you like to color outside the lines? Are you crying for no reason or you like to dress up like a clown or you just get frustrated a lot? Or maybe you need to be institutionalized cause you're crazy, Crazy with a K. Not with the sea. Everyone. Each one of us can secede on skill share, but don't just take my word for it. Here's what skill, sure says in a block post stated on 2016. See right up here, here's the bait. A skill share. We believe that everyone contagion, that everyone should have the same chance to sissy. That's why we created an inheriting Mary Todd. I can't say that we're platform and I know I work on a lot of platforms, and that's not always the case. Sometimes the people who succeed or the best Internet marketers or the best you know, fill in the blame. And so it's just so great that with this platform are you have to do is be willing to work hard. And I know you work hard because creating the class and even working online it's not the easiest field to go into. So all you have to be willing to do isn't that great. News is work hard. Here is my block and fbk rice dot com and I completed the Maiti Challenge, and I don't know when you're seeing this video. But I completed the T challenge in May of 2016 and I wrote this block post, and one of the things I talk about here is upcoming podcast I'm going to be on. But one of things I talk about in this block post is that it's so key that you network with other teachers, it's very important that you support other teachers and they will support you so That's one of the keys that I found early on to success. I'll linked to this block postal that you can read it and just kind of figure out, get a play by play of what I went through. Completing the Maiti Challenge. Here's another black post that I wrote titled Teach What You Know Our Money on Skill share and in this block pose, I share some of the Facebook groups that are men. And again, I think it's so important to secede on skill share. You want to connect in some of the social media groups because you get toe, interact with other other teachers and you get to share what you know. And so that's going to be key to use. The CD is jumping on some of these ah Facebook groups and learning and sharing what you know. A really glad skill shares a meritocracy because if you're just willing to work hard, you are going to secede. And I know there are so many things about my classes that I want to work on, and one of the things and I've shared this. I've been perfectly honest. I want to work on my presentation skills I come from a background of writing a book, e books and being a ghost writer, so I don't have to talk. And so we have to talk. You don't have to talk. You spend your days writing. You kind of jumped your words when you're doing classes. So that's one of the things I want to work on. But guess what? Despite my in perfect little perfect classes, I'm still able to secede, and I'm incredibly thankful. 4. Key to Success on Skillshare: one of the mistakes I've made. I've made many in my own line entrepreneurship endeavors. Is that a Zai mentioned? I am an e book author and I'm also a ghost writer. So I'm on a lot of platforms and here is me on Amazon. I go by the a pen name. Frankie. Johnny. My real name is not spelled with the evil. My pen name is Frankie Johnny. So when I first started writing E books on Amazon in 2000 and 12 I thought because Amazon had millions and millions of customers, if I wrote thes e books gave him gave good quality and road good e books that surely some of Amazon's millions of customers would find them. And I thought at the very least, if a 1,000,000 of the customers didn't find my books, at least that was up. One would and I was sell lots of books. Well, that was that was a big, big mistake because putting your book or your product on Amazon just because they have me as a means of customers, you have to market your products. You can't just leave your product there and think that is going to fly off the shelves because it's not. I give the example in one of my classes Is that you ever been in a grocery store? And, you know, the grocery stores products are fighting for space. They're fighting to be showcased of front. And so when a product goes into a grocery store, if it doesn't take off right away, what happens? The product is either buried or it gets kicked out. The store might end up it like a dollar store or something like that. And so that's what happens with Amazon. When you get on a platform like Amazon, you want to trigger the algorithm right away so that they'll start doing the heavy lifting for you. Meaning promote your products and things like that are your books. And so you don't just wanna something. I'm tired all this back to skill share. So let's get on back to skill share. Let me tie this in. So we're back on the skill share platform. Let me tie this in with the Amazon here. These are the new classes you see here is trending. Here is the best happen. Here's the new tab. Okay. And so these new tabs, these are the classes that are being released, Um, the new classes that are being released. And so these people, you see, can he's actually on my friend of mine. So check out his class and Phillips in a group I'm and And so you see these classes right now, you see, they have four students nice to the six students. Will Can't because he is online person he's been teaching for. Well, he knows the importance of marketing his classes, but one of the mistakes I see and I'm by no means expert. I'm humbled and I'm honored. But one of the mistakes I see is that people they create their classes and this incredibly hard work creating your class. I mean, the more classes you create, it get easy. It gets easy, it gets easier, but it stills requires your time. And one of the things I see from new teachers on a skill share is that they create classes and then they go. Bye bye now, also a little David Ott. I don't know if I'm pronouncing his name correctly from a skills from a Facebook group that I'm in. And these people they know that you can't just create a class and go Bye bye. No, no, no. If you go by by your classes going to go Bye bye. The people that you see there are two classes are trending Let's go over to the trending tab and I'm honored that Ah, couple of my classes Aaron A trending tab. And as you see the class that are trending there with one of my classes Wouk and I think my classes trending as well. And there's Neil, Neil and Linda sharing he knew, knows how to market his classes. Neil recognizes that you can't just drop your class off and go Bye bye. Not gonna happen. Go Bye bye. Your class goes bye Bye. So one of the things you want to do to trigger skill shares out of rhythm for them to start promoting a showcase in your class is that you wanted to start marketing promoting your class right away. I'm back on this skill share block and I wanted to blow it up and listen what it says, it says. While scare share has overwhelming a students eager to learn new things every day there are 1000 teachers creating 1000 classes competing for students. Attention. This is where a marketing comes in. If you go, I'll also linked to this block and the notes for this class. And if you go to this block pose, you're going to see the importance of portents of marketing your class. And since creating my classes, I kind of joked with some of the people on my Facebook group, and I was saying, Wow, you know, you I thought creating the classes was the hard part. And I say this my because you can't just create your class and go away. Then comes the marketing. So what you put in it is what you'll get out of it. Once you start to market your classes and gain a following, you'll notice that it will become easier to market your classes in some of your students. They'll follow you to the next classes, but you do have to be willing to market your class. Here is my a profile on skill share, and I kid you not just two weeks ago, I had about 3 to 400 followers, and then, after creating more classes, I'm upto over 1700 followers. I'm so honored I've gotten a lot of go feedback. And no, I don't get all perfect reviews, but I've gotten a majority of perfect reviews, and again, I know that it's a process. I need to always be improving. And so that's going to be key to your success as well Is that when you put your first class up, and if it's not perfect, you want to keep making classes and keep improving on your presentation skills? If that's the area, you, um, you suffer and if if you suffer in that area, okay. 5. 5 Tips for Skillshare Success: welcome back. So I want to give you some tips to make your skill share class a success. And first I want to say that I don't want to seem like my classes through the roof because there are people. There are teachers on skill share who have four and five and 10,000 students. Generally, there was some type of company, like constantly or something like that. But they're just teachers on skill share who have thousands and thousands of students. But I'm very honored that I've only been on skilled share a couple of months and to have found the kind of success that I found that I'm honored to share what I know. So I want to say that the first thing that you want to do is you want to get try members right away. Try members are your family members and your friends. And, like if you have a spouse who lives in your home, have him signed up right away and start supporting and reviewing your classes. If you have a son or a daughter, that's you know over 18 that lives in your home, or that you connect with the daily. You have parents or anybody like that, have them sign up and support your classes. Right away they consign a with a free and Roman or they can get three months for a 99 ST. They get to take over 7000 classes. You support them. Your co workers. If you have coworkers, you support them. You buy their kids cross scout cookies. If you have nieces and nephews that are over 18 you gave on graduation money. You give your parents their 70th birthday parties support them. So you want to build a tribe right away. That is so crucial. Next number two market like your life depends on it. Okay, maybe not like your life depends on it, But really take it seriously. Skill? Sure give you the tips to market. I've seen people on the skill share platform and they say, and they're kind of kind of have this attitude where Oh, I don't want a market to my friends and family. Forget that your friends and family come to you for support in various aspects of their life and you support them. And I understand I'm not that kind of Sylvie person, So I do understand that But if you look at it like you support be, I'm supporting you were family, and it's all good and, you know, skill share. They give you ways, they talk about successful teachers. And if you do some of the things that they tell you to do, you will succeed at marketing your class one skill share. Number three. You're gonna want to make friends with skill share teachers. I'm not talking about, like, best best friends, but, you know, online developed online friendships. Um, it's some of the Facebook groups that I mean, and I'm gonna link to a couple of the Facebook groups in this class. I have become friendly. I talked about kin Wales and Neil Shearing, who has a very popular Facebook group. I've become friendly with some of these people. And one of the things about other skills share instructors. They are premium members. Ah, Hello. So you can support one another. Um, right here. I met her. Carry. Her name is Carrie K A. R. I. And I believe her last name is Steyer's s A y e r s. I'm not hurt. L skill share. Just talking in one of the you know three is or whatever. And she started a park has, and she interviewed me. So you want to make friends with skill share instructors you're going to see there's a lot of perks to being friends with. Other skill share members number four use social media responsibly. You don't want to be Cell Z on our spammy like on Facebook or on Twitter. Think about it. People come to Facebook to see, to interact with their friends and family in a casual setting. They don't come there to be so too, so you don't want to do in their in their face selling. You want to be casual, have casual conversations. You wanna like their pictures like their Facebook live status or whatever. But you want to use Facebook responsibly. When you join the Facebook groups with other skill share instructors, you want to support other instructors. You don't want to just come in. Drop off the link to your class and Lino, you want to comment on others of classes and give tips, and you want to be very, very helpful. So you want to use Facebook or social media responsibly. Number five you want to give and you shall receive one of the ways that I will say the one of the biggest ways I would say that my I've done fairly well on skill shares because I'm always wanting to give, like anywhere can help other, another skill share teacher, anyway, that I can do that. I can't enroll in everybody's class, but I do try to when I get a chance. If it's a class that I want to take, I will enroll in it. Um, when I get a chance, I will leave a review. I just try to be helpful. You can't do everything. You can't roll in everybody's class. You can't review everybody's class, but you can as much as you can. You can try to be supportive and help people out, because if you give, you will receive. And so I've been very honored to help different um, skill share teachers and they've helped me and it's been a wonderful experience. I talk about in this block post completing the May T challenge. Who are some of the teachers? I completed the Maiti Challenge wit and some of these people. I mean, it was like 500 class, I believe cleat created in May T shows. But some of these people that I mentioned here we just connected and click were not best friends. But we supported one another. And that's gonna be the key to your success is connected with like minded people like minded entrepreneurs gonna be key to your success. So I trust that what I've presented has helped you to be a favor. Please review this class. Also create your project. Your project is simply to introduce yourself until what type of class you have created on skill share or what type of class you want to create the stick together, let's support one another and most importantly, less half fun. Thank you for taking the class FBK signing all.