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11 Videos (23m)
    • Crazy Motivation 003 Mean People Suck

    • Why are People Mean?

    • The Energy around Mean People

    • When your mean it comes back to haunt you!

    • Mean People Become Targets

    • Mean People Can Become Contagious

    • How do your actions look in others peoples eyes?

    • Start by Loving Yourself

    • Good Deeds Come Back To You

    • The Wrap Up

    • Project : Mean People Suck


About This Class

Crazy Motivation  - Mean People Suck!

Why are people mean to others?  That question has been around for years.  If we look back in history we see so many examples of how mean people can be.  It usually boils down to power of greed.  Well it is time we break that habit and understand and love ourselves to help avoid the meanness in the world today.   We start by woking on ourselves and then letting that energy flow out to the rest of the world.

Join us in this class to get the energy of the world shifted to the positive side of light.  Crazy Motivation want to show you just how simple it is to switch things from mean to nice.  

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Peace and Love,

Rob Alex, Ph.D. 

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