Crazy Loop Animation with After Effects | Carminys Guzman | Skillshare

Crazy Loop Animation with After Effects

Carminys Guzman, Motion grapher

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10 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Course trailer

    • 2. Before to start

    • 3. Ideas & references

    • 4. Shortcuts in AI

    • 5. Design

    • 6. Shortcuts in AE

    • 7. Zoom loop

    • 8. Textures & crazy effects

    • 9. Rendering

    • 10. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Would you like to make crazy zoom loops in After Effects? Join the animation studio Operary by Carminys Guzman and learn how to make it fast and easy.

If you haven't used After Effects before or have little experience, I recommend that you take my previous course "Animate your illustrations in record time with Adobe After Effects" first. This class is suitable for intermediate users & above.

We will start developing the idea. I will show you how my work process is, and then we will design our project in Adobe Illustrator.

On the way, you will learn how to add crazy textures and effects to your animations, and finally, we will bring our design to life.

Here are the topics that we will cover during the course.

  • Complete professional workflow from the idea
  • The most used shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects
  • How to design in Adobe Illustrator from a Sketch.
  • The easiest way to create zoom loops
  • The easiest way to animate textures
  • How to create crazy effects with minimum effort.

This is your course if you like learning new techniques to take your animations to the next level.