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Crash Course on Intellectual Property Rights: 4 Class in 1

teacher avatar Prakash Prasad, Simplifying stuff for betterment

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (2h 47m)
    • 1. Class 1 Introduction

    • 2. Class 1 What you will Learn?

    • 3. Class 1 Intellectual Property Rights

    • 4. Class 2 Copyright : Introduction and Class Overview

    • 5. Class 2 Copyright: Everything you wanted to know

    • 6. Class 3 Patent: In short what all you'll learn

    • 7. Class 3 Patent: Be an Inventor!

    • 8. Class 4 Trademark Glimpse of class

    • 9. Class 4 Did you know?

    • 10. Class 4 Trademark: Everything you wished you knew

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About This Class

Class 1:

Would you like to protect your intellectual property? Do you want to become a Intellectual Property Fundamentalist  but don’t know where to get started? In this course we will begin by covering the very basics of the Intellectual Property Rights, and move on to the understanding the skills by playing games, learning through case studies necessary to become proficient in Intellectual Property Rights! This is the 1st Course in the Intellectual Property Series. 

We will cover the following topics in this class:

  • Protect, Maintain, Defend and Safeguard Intellectual Property

  • Examples of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Origin of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights

  • Types, features and Characteristics of Intellectual Property Rights

  • The Theories of Intellectual;l Property Rights

  • Intellectual Property Rights:  A Story

  • Learn by playing game

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • How to protect your business and intellectual property?

  • Case Studies

  • Open Source Software, Generic Drugs and More...

The course is set up to quickly take you through, step by step,the process of understanding the fundamentals of Intellectual Property Rights. It will equip you with the knowledge to protect, safeguard and defend your  stunning Intellectual work that will stand out and brand you as a better creator of Intellectual Property!

Class 2:

Copyright has given rise to many important issues that influence our day-to-day life in whatever we do. The internet is overloaded and flooded with the torrent of Stuff. It is difficult for a layman or newbie to understand Copyright and Copyright Law. Copyright is difficult and complex. This course provides a solid understanding of Copyright so that one is equipped with the right set of armor and shield once creative and artistic work. This will provide a comprehensive fundamentals to Copyright and ways how to protect the creative works and the creativity.


  • Are you confused with the free stuff on interest?

  • Can you use internet stuff legally?

  • Are you interested to know how to protect your work for free or for a fee?

  • Are you confused with the Terms like Infringement, DMCA, Public Domain, fair Use, creative Common?

  • Do you need a checklist to check if this is Copyright Work?

  • Do you have USD 2500 to consult or conduct Copyright Search?

  • How to avoid copyright abuse?

  • Can people use creative work for free? Is there exceptions to this?

  • Can I legally use YouTube Video, Photos on Internet and Vimeo Videos?

  • What is Public Domain and Fair Use?

  • How to use the stuff that doesn't belong to you?

  • How not to get into trouble?

  • Who controls digital content?

  • What is DMCA?

  • Can I use Unpublished Works like books, lyrics etc.?

  • Can I public Stream the Videos, Movies or Music?

  • Can I upload or Download Torrent?

  • What is Copyright Permission and how to get one?

  • How to discover, if someone is using my work?

  • What are the exclusive benefits and rights of Copyright?

  • Do you know how to protect your creative work?

The course is set up to quickly take you through, step by step,the process of understanding the fundamentals of Copyright. It will equip you with the knowledge to protect, safeguard and defend your stunning Intellectual work that will stand out and brand you as a better creative owner of your creative works!


  • What is Copyright?

  • Examples of Copyright

  • The 4 identifiers of copyright

  • Exclusive Benefits of copyright

  • Copyright Registration

  • What Can't be Protected by Copyright?

  • Important Concepts of Copyright

  • Plagiarism

  • Fair Use

  • The Factors of Fair Use

  • Transformational Use

  • Exceptions for Fair Use

  • Fair Use (Gucci Case)

  • Fair Use (Google)

  • Image on internet and Copyright

  • Copyright Free Images Practical

  • Portion of Book

  • Can I use YouTube Videos?

  • Can I use Vimeo Videos?

  • Wikipedia

  • Facebook post

  • Reddit Discussions

  • Blog post, post on various websites

  • Music downloads

  • Types of Right, Contract & Agreement

  • Public Streaming

  • Unpublished Works

  • Lawful use of copyright

  • Copyright Checklist

  • Does Copyright requires registration?

  • Time line of Copyright

  • Orphan Work

  • Creative Common

  • Types of Licenses of Creative Common

  • Project based practical learning

  • Part-A: Image Infringement

  • Part-B: Search for Article Usage

Class 3:

Be an INVENTOR! Everything practical, hands-on, all about Patent.

When people have an idea that will change the world, it's common for them to protect their hard work and innovation.  That will revolutionize a specific industry, or simply the way this will work to make life better and more productive. In this pursuit, it is vital to know the do's and don't of Patent.

Image, if the wheels didn't exits... we will have to travel 60 days to travel 300 miles. Still the horses, camels, donkeys and bulls would be transporting the supplies and essentials.

This course has the purpose of equipping you with the solid foundations to protect, safeguard your invention by Patent and avoid Patent infringement. This course also provides hands-on demo and checklist for you to make the complex topic easy for you. Lot of illustration, analogies, stories and examples are given to make you understand the concepts better.


  • What’s Patent?

  • What can be Patented?

  • What can't be Patented?

  • Examples and Types of Patent

  • Discovery vs. Patent

  • Where to apply for New Patent?

  • Can I get Patent for Existing Idea!?

  • Validity of Patent

  • Can I get Patent for Published Works?

  • Awesome Story of Patent

  • Real Life: Counterfeits

  • Pre-requisite to Claim Patent?

  • What is Patent Documents? What are its components?

  • What is section 102?

  • Can I get patent for New Idea!?

  • What is Prior Art?

  • What are the claim elements of Patent?

  • What are the categories and classification of Patent?

  • Why do you need Patent?

  • What are the cost and Fees?

  • What is Office Action, Patent Prosecution, Obvious Invention and More..,

  • Can I get Patent for abstract ideas?

  • A Story of Hungry Lion

  • How to cover up infringement?

  • How to avoid the claim element of Patent?

  • Checklist for the Patent

  • Can the monopoly be controlled?

  • Time Line of the Patent

  • Case Studies

  • Search Patent for free - Demo: Cost approx. $20,000 to $30,000


  • Are you confused with the legal jargon of Patent?

  • Can you protect your inventions legally?

  • Are you interested to know how to protect your work?

  • Are you confused with the Terms like Pre-trail,Office Action, Patent Prosecution, Obvious Invention etc.?

  • Do you need a checklist to check if this can be Patented?

  • Do you have USD 20,000 to consult or conduct Patent Search?

  • How to avoid Patent abuse?

  • What can I get Patent for?

  • How to use the stuff that doesn't belong to me and invent?

  • How not to get into get into legal trouble?

  • How tp overcome legal trouble?

  • Who own the invention?

  • What is law world-wide?

  • What is Patent and how to get one?

  • How to discover, if someone has already invented my work?

  • What are the exclusive benefits and rights of Patent?

  • Do you know how to protect your invention?

The course is set up to quickly take you through, step by step,the process of understanding the fundamentals of Patent. It will equip you with the knowledge to protect, safeguard and defend your  stunning Intellectual work that will stand out and brand you as a better INNOVATOR!

Class: 4

Learn about trademark & Protect Your Name, tagline, Logo, Design, Brand & Be the Market Leader!

Creating a business and nurturing your company from the scratch is very time consuming and resource intensive. Over the years you put-in tons of efforts to make your company grow.  As your company and business grows, there are evil elements in our society how wants to make money out of this opportunity. No one like the small fish, everyone wants Big Fish!.  The mistakes which you might have made unintentionally can be very costly. hence, in this course you'll learn to safeguard your Brand and work identity regardless of whichever business or profession you are in; there is definitely something to gain and learn from this course.

This course has the purpose of equipping you with the solid foundations to protect, safeguard your company's identity  by Trademark and avoid Trademark Violation. Lot of illustration, analogies, stories and examples are given to make you understand the concepts better.


  • Have you ever dreams of an worry free brand name, logo, design, tagline?

  • Do you want avoid any trademark dispute or trademarking conflicts?

  • Do you know what are the Trademark Red Flags?

  • Do you know How to protect your business?

  • Do you know how court finds trademark violation?

  • Do you know how to protect your identity and Brand?

  • Do you know how long is the trademark valid?

  • Do you know the risk of losing online business?

  • Do you know how to deal with trademark violation?

  • Do you know what to do, if you are sued?

  • Do you know what what a trademark protects?

  • Do you know how to how to obtain trademark?

  • Do you know the penalty for trademark violation?

  • Do you want to save time, money and resources to safeguard your business?

  • Do you need an easy, fast, simple and jargon free course to understand trademark?

  • Do you want to save on the legal fees and charges?

  • Do you know what you can get trademarks for?

  • Do you know what you can't get trademarks for?

  • Do you know how to be a stronger Brand?

If the answer to most of the above questions is yes, then this class is for you!


  • Things or stuff for which you can obtain trademark

  • What is Trademark?

  • Examples of Trademarks

  • Why do you need trademark?

  • Registration of Trademark

  • Importance of Trademark

  • Trademark & Common Law

  • Trademark Filling vs. Usage

  • What is Service mark (SM) and Certification Mark?

  • Business Name vs. Trademark

  • Deceptive Marks

  • Trademark is not allowed

  • Why trademark?

  • Validity of Trademark

  • Why the Trademark is rejected?

  • Discover Trademark infringement

  • Search Trademark

  • How to discover infringement?

  • A short story on Trademark infringement

  • The Frisch Case Test

  • The Polaroid Test

  • Penalty for Trademark violation

  • How to be safe?

  • Trademark Challenges & issues with the Online Business

  • How to enforce Trademark?

  • What to do if you are sued?

The course is set up to quickly take you through, step by step,the process of understanding the fundamentals of Trademark and Trademark Law. It will equip you with the knowledge to protect, safeguard and defend your reputed business that will stand out and brand you as a better & Stronger Brand!

What else will you get?

  • Personal contact with me, the course instructor.

  • This all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. Plus you will get fast, friendly, responsive support from me on the Q&A section of the course or through discussion forum.


Learner hereby undertake to use, practice and explore the tools, techniques, methods, illustrations, cases etc used/demonstrated in this course at their own risk. They declare and confirm that the tutor/trainer of this course is free from any obligation, risk, liabilities, penalties, legal actions and damages suffered or incurred directly or indirectly. You are solely responsible for your action and use of information provided in this course. Any misuse or illegal activities conducted using the information provided in this course will be sole responsibility and liability of the learner. The information provided in this course is for general knowledge purposes only and is not intended to provide any legal advice or to replace legal advice. No promise or warranty. None in this course is intended to guarantee, promise or forecast the outcome of a particular case and must not be interpreted. There is no guarantee or obligation about the validity, appropriateness or completeness of the material found in this course.Info Subject to Change. Laws that are in this course are subject to change somewhat frequently. We can not ensure that this material is always up-to - date and valid. This course may contain useful or insightful links to other websites and resources. We are not responsible for the contents of any link provided or any related website. Nothing contained herein, or any information contained by any link, constitutes legal advice and is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a lawyer. You should not rely on this course without a qualified lawyer.

Let get started... :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Prakash Prasad

Simplifying stuff for betterment


Author is a member of the Cyber Crime Investigation Faculty, Cyber Forensic Analyst, Business Coach, Investment Banker and a Researcher. He has authored four plus books on Cyber Law, Digital Currency, Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cyber Crime Awareness. He contributes to Magazines of International Repute. In the last 2 decades, He has trained thousands of participants working in various sectors about Financial Markets and Products, Economics, Statistics, Data Science, Programming, Design Thinking, Public Administration, Life Skills, Law, Psychology, Banking Fundamentals, Advance Banking concepts, Foreign Exchange, International Banking, Risk Management, Compliance, Fraud Analysis, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, FinTech, Innovative Technology(Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AI, ... See full profile

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1. Class 1 Introduction: international property rates. Have you seen this before? This same buzz. I'm sure you might have seen this. You always put in tons of hard work to make your company in uni on different from others. It gives you an edge over orders. Your company always being targeted on. It is important to protect your company and your hard work safe guarding your secret intellectual property, proprietary information, research and development. Your innovation. A new creative work needs to be protected. There are people out there to steal your hard will. Still your creativity. Still your creative work and to profit from it. Did you know your cool creative artwork? Your song? You literally work. Prototype blueprint design, proprietary formula processes, confidential documents, sensitive information. Bastard employees, data manufacturing process equipment specifications. Your streak Wilders information unit would design your software, your phone directory, your plan, your stategy, your sales forecast, your pricing strategy, your marketing. You're our duty. Zeman acquisition, budget estimate on expenditure. Your financial data, your investment. Your data insure all your hard work can be stolen if you're not aware about your intellectual property rights and how to protect it in the series off four courses you will gain solid understanding off intellectual property rights on how to protect, maintain, defend and safeguard from intellectual property rights stuff. Don't worry. This courses are non technical and are easy for anyone to understand. The legal terminologies has been used minimal. I have included large self examples, illustrations and short stories to simplify the most complex topic, so let's get started. 2. Class 1 What you will Learn?: What do you learn is the fundamentals off intellectual property rights definition and examples how intellectual property rights protect rights, its source on origin, a brief history about it There we used time, self intellectual property rights, various features, interesting theories on mechanism behind intellectual property rights, car districts and am off intellectual property rights. Why it exist. We'll also look into gender IQ medicines on drugs. Open source software will also uncover some of the advantages and disadvantages. We look at sample histories, which are very interesting. We'll also look how to protect your intellectual property from your employees. That is very important. We'll look at some off the intellectual property tips on what can be done. At last we looked at how to protect your business intellectual property. 3. Class 1 Intellectual Property Rights : intellectual property is a creative intellectual product off mine kind. Right on. Basically, the ownership lo creates, right? Right offers you exclusive power or exclusivity right to control. Stop others from using it without your permission. Our authorization means exclusivity. You might be wondering why a product manufactured in Japan is available in U. S. C. India and many other countries, and yet has the same brand value the company needs to protect its intangible property. It's intangible property dives, which is more valuable than any tangible property. Let me give you an example. The Google brutal physical asset combined would fall short when it comes to the value off intellectual property. This is true for all valuable brands on Come please. Worldwide intellectual property has a profound impact on the development of the society. It fosters progress of science technology and now pretty innovations tends from intellectual property. Right. It is important to get the right of ownership on the creator, the exclusivity. It is also important to have a proper understanding to protect the innovation. You might be wondering what exactly is intellectual property rights? Intellectual property, right? Basically is I protect right on. I am dynamic in the words of intellectual property. How, by a set of defined rules on a legal binding that is law on intangible created works ideas original our song image on much more. Let me give you an example. Say you have created a new type of musical sound using your piano. No, to copy this How much effort and time is required. Minimal right are very less tried. Councilman Duplicate or copy your house literally. Can you make a Xerox copy of Fear House? No, Right, So your house is your tangible property. Where is the sound created? Using piano is an intangible property. What it means is to copy an intangible property. It is quite easy. There is to copy and tangible property. It is quite difficult on impossible close to impossible. So's an origin off intellectual property rights. The Universal Declaration for Human Rights Article 27 mentions about human rights. The World Intellectual Property Organization was an outcome off Paris Convention 18 87 on Berlin Convention 18 86. This convention in early days were like modern days. Trade treadle exhibition, creative growth off social economical on cultural progress and development depends on intellectual property. Right order the various types off intellectual property rights. It could be broadly categorize into copyright Peyton Trademark on trade secrets. An example off. Cooperate. It would be an artistic work, like a book on Normal William Photograph. A sound recording painting. Or it could be more to do with your computers and computing device, like a software program or a program code. A website All I know, D. W. It also covers various plans reports, car pollution, financial forecast mangle technical specification. Brook loses letters and emails sent by businesses. So these are broad categories off copyright examples. The examples off beaten would be that any for media using the cell phone with you hold in your hand the light bulb, the CFL bulb, which use at your home your computer mouse the proper Does the solar cell panel your jacket , even the three D printer Devise all three D printed organs are also example, all beatings. Other famous examples would be all the packaging or the innovative packaging stuff like you're the drop back off milk your life saving drugs on biomedical inventions. Their dental implants that you have today are some of the examples off beating some of the examples off trademark would be and his own dot com. You're flip card your E b your bridges company like Coca Cola, your favorite fast food. The McDonnell the Cadbury designed the design often iPhone iPad or or the Mac laptop sounds like NBC or New York Stock Exchange. Morning Bell. A tick mark symbol on 90 product. These are some of the examples off trade map trade. Secret example would be the secret recipe used in your famous so that all your favorite coffee the algorithm used in designing a software or functioning US after any inventions design formula, any device or methods used any research and development techniques all falls under the example of trade secrets. There are various features. Are intellectual property right? In order for something to be protected, it should be regulated. The revelation in creating a law. And once the noise did the protection can be in full. Let me give you an example. If there was no traffic rule, people who drive the really like and it would create a chaos. No one would follow the traffic light, and no one would follow the instruction if there was no law on no rules. for traffic like was an intellectual property has a legal status on it has a legal protection Worldwide differs from country to country But we're all the intellectual property, right is protected intellectual property right is also registered For example you have to register your beating, the innovation, the idea the book Which euro needs to be cooperated All of this is registered your tree secret your trademark If you don't register it, somebody is sitting there to copy your stuff. Somebody would steal your hard work your intellectual property. Hence intellectual property is required to be distilled and it is registered You little registration document with certifies you as the owner off that intellectual property right ? Intellectual property right is always describe and it is illustrated just a simple world off invention may not be protected. For example, if you have invented a dental implant, you need to explain what this dental implant is. What it will do water its value more builder, its value for the society. Then you will be granted an intellectual property right? Inform off. Beating intellectual property rights also has a commercial value means whatever in mentioned, whatever creative work which you do as a monetary value. If there was no monetary incentive, no one would work towards it, right, so it has a commercial value. So you have invented a special type of bulletproof glass. Now this bulletproof glass would be putting it media's industries and very stable usage, maybe in building a bulletproof car off having a mobile phone with a bulletproof screen so it has a commercial value. Intangible, intangible. Are things with you? Cannot. Intellectual property rights are intangible acids that no one can touch. But, yes, there are people out there to steal it. That's why there are damages and penalties for the infringer, the person who copies it, the person who Cal cop Is it the person who tries to damage your intellectual property? The damages could be very, very high. Theories off intellectual property rights. The protection richer given inform off intellectual property is and reward or an incentive for the creative authors not only to create their work on use the intellectual ability to create and, in a way, creative stuff, but also it heads them. Inform off incentive toe, bring out this knowledge to the public it encourages create DVD on publicity. In short, do intellectual property dives really stimulate articles. Innovation. This is basically a debatable issue. Let us look at various theories off intellectual property rights. The natural rights theory, This theory. WAAS introduced by John Laki What John Loki said that intellectual property right needs to be given to the Creator because it involves the intellectual labour the hard, well off the Creator has. It is the natural right off the creator to get ownership prize for its creation. Let me give you an example. Let's see. There is a Goldsmith who, using his intelligence capacity innuit a new type of metal, a metal which is more expensive than gold on which is unique. So aspirin natural rights terry off John Rocky, the national right off this Goldsmith to get a property right or the right off ownership on this creation. The next Terry is the utilitarian Terry, the theory, which emphasizes on the use and utility that is the maximum benefit and the incentive for the hard work. These theories suppose there, the creator or the creative owner should get the maximum utility or benefit. Inform off incentive that the monetary incentive for the creative hard work this benefits this society at large. Since the creative work has the utility, there should be an incentive for the hard work we just put in on this benefits the society at large. The social planning theory. The special planning theory speaks about the solution. Welfare, the benefit, which is, Did I or which is an outcome off a creative work off the creative auto. So it's mainly talks about the societal welfare, the welfare of the society at large. The social welfare Terry focuses on well being off the society, the people in the society. It's goods on a post 94 people. Do you really because of this innovation? So this theory support social welfare, the it takes and reward theory. It speaks about how we feel, how were obliged on a moral right to key the rights off the creating auto too bland him or her the right offer intellectual property. We're applies to do that, but this theory states that it is not a tickle to give the rights for a very long period in general an intellectual property right last four very longer. 10 year, for example, in case off beating, it is valid for 20 years, which is a recent time in case off copyright, it is valid for the lifetime out. An auto or the creative work often are tell plus 70 years in case of trademark that is perpetual, and it continues the personality theory WAAS proposed by Hagel. This theory is known as personality theory because it focuses on personality aspect, often individual or the creative water. I have created this work on my characteristics. My skin have been put in. If someone still it will be like stealing one's personality or spirit. Value is given by the society and not by one spirit. That is the criticism off this theory. It is a model, right? As per the theory off personality, the right, which identifies the creator on the right to prohibit damages, destruction are degradation off develop. Another important terry. It was there a social value theory. The social value emphasizes on the value which is created by the craftsmanship Off auto. The intellectual abilities can be off use to society. This aspect are part of social value theory. Some Terry also highlights are categorized intellectual property rights as a public good. That means everyone has equal rights and it is open for all, So let's quickly some raise the national knives Theory focuses on intellectual label. The utility theory focuses on utility Andi optimal benefits to the society on the incentive for the hard work. The social planning theory focuses on the welfare aspect. Natixis and reward theory focuses on the moral right, but it also stays that it is not right to give the auto rights for a longer duration. The personality theory focuses on characteristics and indigenous or creative waters personality, the social value. Terry focuses on the value created out off the intellectual ability. But the capacity of the craftsmanship often auto. The public good story focuses on its utility for public on it should be open for all. An awesome story, often intellectual property rights. Snow People is managed by a handful off very talented and skilled enterpreneurs. They don't go to international exhibition because off the fear that their ideas and intellectual properties might be stolen by others. This was actually two in 18 73 entrepreneurs never or hardly used to visit the international exhibition by other countries convicted in Vienna. So the Paris Convention held in the birth off intellectual property rights protection. Snow people had developed a very special kind off paper which can be folded, scrambled and really turn on reprinted. This was only known to them and was not disclosed. So they kept. The confidentiality is among themselves. They were very well protected by the page in no which states that you should not disclosed your invention to others. In case if you disclose it before filing a painting, the invention is no longer better in table. So the file beaten for the innovation. They also applied for trademark protection so that no one can copy their name, logo and tagline. One of the entrepreneur was notorious and quit the partnership. Then she started her own company with the similar sounding name papers No and applied for the trademark, then copied the truth formula. Now there's the secret formula that they used to make people on also registered for the trade Secret protection registration. Also, she was very clever to register for copyright high level software Good which manufactured this special kind off people. No, by the story you have a fair idea on understanding off various types of intellectual property rights and when how where they're applied characters Digits on a me off intellectual property dates. First guy interested is income and incentive. Everyone does opportunites hard work toe own something that on something is the incentive for the reward for the hard work. So in case of intellectual property, the right owner is given or incentivise by way off royalty on other licensing fee as an income for their hard work and innovation. The second characteristic is innovative thing. All the innovative stuff right from driving and or don't know well to our dental implant. When advanced medical surgery, robo digs do docket signs wouldn't have been possible. You don't the innovation and without the innovative thinking off the intellectual people in our society. That's why it's an important characteristics. Often I peer that is, intellectual property right technological innovation and progress. The technology is advancing from, and artificial intelligence to quantum computing. All this technological innovation and progress couldn't have been possible. This wouldn't have been possible without the intellectual property. Hence, it's an important character, states often intellectual property they shouldn't be any copy are infringement off the book ends. One needs to have an intellectual property drives order in intellectual property law, which protects the right off the creative auto or the person who is innovating new things for the betterment of society. The innovative and creative authorship leads to economic and society development on group. Also, it is in the interest of public welfare and public interest that an intellectual property rights should be protected. You get a lot of the gender, drugs and medicines in the medical store. Why are the cheaper than their counterparts? Have you ever talk? It is cheaper than the counterparts because the beating has expired and the drugs are manufactured and sold under the gender nickname, and they're cheaper alternative to the original job. It doesn't mean that the functioning is less or the effect is less When leaving is that the patent has expired and it is termed as gender, drug and medicine. If you look at various open source software, right from the PDF reader to your note pad plus plus are a text editor or anything, which is open to public three. Of course, these open so softly is down up for the betterment of society, the creative programmer other Arthur doesn't get anything out off the open source software . It doesn't mean this stop walking or doing things for the betterment of society. Open source software, basically is a software burying you. Quinn. Modify the court, improve the court on enhanced the capability off the software. The best example is the Linux operating system, which we have today. All the versions off Leonard's with B C three off course is the best example of open source software. All you modern, so was runs only enough. Server. It is open source on free. The limits operating system is open, source and free. Now let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages off an intellectual property, right? The advantages are the plus point off. Having an intellectual property rights are many, but we'll probably look into some of the categories. It gives the creative autor the exclusive right, the monetarily to judge for the hard work that is the exclusive right and in bless, point, often intellectual property rights. It has a commercial value. Whatever is innovated can be sold, can be applied to various industries, can be put to various application as it has a commercial value. International property is also protected by law. It is protected by specific law, like an intellectual property, right protection law are specially country. It is also protected by certain common law. Development of science and society is not possible without doing intellectual property rights that you would agree with me. So these are some of the advantages, often intellectual property rights. It also provides an incentive for the hard work Now that we know the plus point, often intellectual property write letters also look at some of the disadvantages into little copyright is very time consuming. In order to get your rights registered on, get a final registration letter or certificate. It is very time consuming. It takes about 24 months to 36 months, depending upon the kind off world. Now, sometimes even five years, in order to prove not somebody is infringing or cop in your work to collect the evidence is very challenging, and at times it's not a level. So because very challenging task, the law and the legal system differs from country to country. The law in us would be same as the law in India, the law in China within the same as the law in Japan. So the law, the first from country to country intellectual property rights, is very expensive both when it comes to registration on when it comes to the law or the legal aspect often intellectual property right? That is expensive. It is a very tiring and a tedious process. At times you feel frustrated. Why is that? I have to do a rework again and again. So this is some of the disadvantages, often intellectual book delays. World Intellectual Property Organization has a database off very interesting histories that does. Look at some of them. Have you ever heard off being less needle? I'm also afraid, Off needle. You might also be afraid off needle. But yes, there was an invention which was done in Japan. My company name. Turn you more. It was basically an idea off reducing the plane off a diabetic patient who needs toe check their blood sugar level multiple times a day and it is painful so the painless needle was invented. Sometimes the innovation can be derived or innovated by a simple observation. There is a plant in ST is aligned known as Cocked label, which has a special kind off which takes toe the club other animals when the past. Through those plants. Now well observing this one of the innovators observed this plant food under the microscope and found that they were special, kind off books on blue which was there. So using this technology are using this knowledge, you go on page into their technology off. Who can look all this zip back. It was later applied in various commercial application right from your seat built through the carry bag. Everyone wants a pure water off your drinking water, but better. Very few innovators or creative artist who thinks out of the way to create something new. The other one trait you was used to purify water by Dr are so gargle in India, he was inspired by the aspiration to solve the challenge off drinking water. In developing countries, this you re water purifier can kill virus bacteria, pathogens battling on the key source off serious diseases. All the water purifier. But you see today has a usual water land are UV purifier. That is the innovation off, Doctor Gargle! Let us look at another interesting case study if you don't know what an endoscope he is. Endoscope is basically a series off long state herbal pipe. What a camera! It is inserted from the mouth to investigate the functioning, often internal system. This is very painful. So in orderto relieve the pain Dr Arianna from Italy innovated and painless and this copy capsule This capsule was one inch long, and it could be solid without any issue or pain. This was inspired by looking at the insects which crawl. This is also an innovation, and it has led to a painless and disco P. No. Tell me one thing. In case if you do not incentivize this, innovators build a innovate. No, right hence, there should be an incentive, a reward for their hard work. That's why intellectual property rights are there. Let us look at under the interesting case study. Now, if I ask you then attacked Toby Copyrighted. Yes, the tattoo can be cooperated. There was an interesting case we're in. Garner's bro entertainment industry used cooperated there to design made by Victor like mill. What they did is the copy of the chateau, which was co operated by the artist and used it in one of the movies. This was an cooperate infringement, and the case was filed and no heavy penalty was imposed. Let us look at another case off $80 verses. Bayliss to a simple thing like a black line can lead to, ah, fine off about 340 million in case if it is registered as a trademark. What happened in case off Adidas Waas appeal is few manufactured used black parallel lines and for that parallel lines in gas shoes, this created a lot of confusion in the mind. Self. The bio. It has got extremely annoyed and filed. Also, the lawsuit was avoided. The penalty WAAS imposed on the penalty was approximately 340 million plus dollars. Next they use find right book My showcase Big Three Entertainment, the owner book Marshall, the famous movie booking at On the website claim that the book My even on another company was infringing their trademark. Now the question is can really on English Tome are a common term. Be granted exclusivity? No right go did the same The court verdict Waas that the book mine is the common English term on can't be granted exclusivity and the case was dismissed. We have a lot of hard working on trust with the employees, but there are some crooks in the group as well. How to protect your tapes secret and your company's intellectual property from your own employees. Let us look at them. You should have an agreement. A written contract with clearly states the right of ownership, liability penalty and every aspect which deals with intellectual property rights and protection off your intellectual property rights. You should disable the portable device. Portable device means aiport and life or any other device, which has the capacity to carry our store sensitive information that says, to depend driver stories device should be restricted. Also, you should have a non competing agreement signed. A non competing agreement is basically an agreement. We're in the employee science and agreement that for the specific duration or for the unlimited time, you cannot compete. I'll join a competent toe when someone steals something from the rightful owner. It is known as theft. An intellectual property right can also be stolen. There are beauties, types of intellectual property theft. Trademark tip. Somebody could copy your brand logo symbol identity and create an identical company. For example, if you know a very famous fancy ABC Bank LTD, someone would create a similar name. B. A C Bank LTD. Are a CB Bank LTD. It would sound similar on which would resemble similar. This is basically done to confuse the people on to exploit the goodwill, which has already been there in the market, which is very bad tenderness. Peyton test as well. People. Still, the patented technology and the cost is very youth. When detected, somebody could even steal the design or the floater. Other map by the process. Flu That is a design theft. I phoned. That's why has 1000. So intellectual property registered in their name so that no one can steal their designed cooperate theft or infringement is a very common case. You will find a movie being uploaded somewhere, a music being uploaded somewhere, e book or an audio book being distributed over there that is cooperate. Infringement. Piracy is also one of the serious crime you could find a Pirated, softer movie songs and what not that is actually about any hurts the original owner off the intellectual property. As the commercial value is not gained now, you would ask, How do I protect my intellectual property? You can protect your intellectual property if you know the law and the common law of the country in which you're doing business. Second, it is important to conduct a thorough background check. A thorough background check means check if somebody is already holding that name. Trademark on. Has somebody already designed or invented that product before? Has that been deeply dented? Is there special protection or preferential treatment even in specific countries? Take all their do Yotaro background. Check all this. Register your intellectual property right both locally, nationally and globally. You may not be thinking that it is important today, but as your business expand, it is important to have your international presence. And that is important for you to register your intellectual property Gold way. Always have appropriate intellectual property marks on get them registered in DT carefully draft or third party agreement or a contract or a vendor contracts or unemployed employer contract. Always keep track and monitor the theft and abuse off your intellectual property. It s specialized agencies who can help you out with this, you can do it yourself filing infringements. Who are a lawsuit in case if you find somebody infringing, you're right. This is an interesting stimulation which will help you to learn about intellectual property . It's like a game you should definitely try it. The permission was opting to use this one sale on this website. Click on Let's get Started or Let's start. This game will help you to understand the intellectual property rights. Better click on continue. You can choose either of this scenario, so I'll choose in a real one. So it has a couple of questions, so you can go through it like, what kind off bread are you baking today? I choose to so it list out that are standard off 55 grand. Mike blew out, says all others you might think sincere are fishing. Competition are forever. Trying to amend would be a big seller, but no. The typical grocery store utilitarian buy bread is what sells with a smaller profit margin . Okay, you can click on other questions and understand. Then you can click on the next round. Oppressions. Is there anything that you can do about this dust? And there is a problem that can be fixed. What are the three stage process? Is that your illustrating? It's a very interesting game. You you should check each of the in detail and read. It will help you to enforce U understanding off intellectual property rights. Once you're done, we can move on. They're the sort of questions I take it that you have found elevated lead the industry standard. That's collection system that already installed here. Well, sort of. I haven't come up with the new Machin ery Percy. I've just found a way to process the dust differently using the existing technology. Don't you already have a decent this collection system in place? Well, yeah, All commercial decrease. Have them, and you can go through this stimulation and this play this game and it's very interesting. And you learn you apply your concept off intellectual property, At least you'll have us a good foundation off intellectual property rights. A good found personal understanding off intellectual property rights. Click on it and then you can choose what type off idea Quincy have completed this step. You can choose more type off appear idea, ready to fight. So it list of everything. For example, you can paid into your for that you need to choose which of this option suits you flutes. This specific requirement on good fit under the dome, enough intellectual property you can click on move to RP strategies. You can choose between what is viable and what is not liable for you. Who gives you whatever choice you make better choices, good or back on water. The supporting reason for that we can click. Continue. You can explain by this particular thing is right. Why this particular thing is wrong. You can come back to the main screen and Jews scenario to and understand this industy. Fantastic, I meant Isn't it great? I'm sure by now you have a solid understanding off those and dorms when it comes to intellectual property rights. Also, you have a basic understanding off intellectual property, right? 4. Class 2 Copyright : Introduction and Class Overview: If you're watching this video, it is probably because you are new to copyright on our aren't sure what to do when it comes to copyright. Most of us are confused with the question. Can I do this or not? With the overload off information on the Internet, it leads to confusion on more confusion. What do you learn in the schools? You learn about copyright? What is some of the examples and illustrations off copyright or to the identify us? And how do you identify whether this material or the stuff for the clarity work can be copyrighted? What are the exclusive privileges and benefit off having a copyright for your work importance off registering or copyright? What can be protected by copyright? What can be protected by copyright? Some of the important concepts like plagiarism, fair use? What are the factors off fair use for the transformational use? What are some of exceptions to fair use? It also looking to Gucci's case will also answer some of the fundamental questions as fi Google. There's not for lead copyright Are they images on Internet copyright free? How can I use 23 images and videos? Can a copy that portion of book. Can I use that YouTube video? Can I use that via more videos? Can I use that Vicky P deal? Facebook Ready discussion or quarter answers on much more can. I don't know the music. What are the types off right contracts and an agreement for copyright? What is public streaming? What do you know or understand by unpublished work? Are those were copyrighted? What did the lawful use off? Copyright. We'll also look into checklist off copyright checklist Off. Cooperate would be like a guiding map for us to understand. If you're following the right part, it would be a guide map to understand if we're following the right part. This course is basically a project based practical learning course. You'll learn to search for image infringement. Also, you learn touch for your article, which was copied has been used by somebody else. This course isn't a substitute for consulting the lawyer. You should always consult your loyal and seek at wife. Instead, the school's gives you an overview toe award common mistakes that will save you from relation off copyright on paying heavy fine 5. Class 2 Copyright: Everything you wanted to know: copyright protects creative work. Creative work is an outcome off intellectual creativity. Creative works are unique, and their value increases when they are used more. Now you ask how supposed Steve Job had decided that his creative work should be restricted ? I should have not been used by people. Imagine what would have happened today. You wouldn't be holding that iPhone in your hand are the beautiful Mac laptop. The all turn off the creative work wants to protect the right. On the other hand, people want to copy the world, often auto, because the thing that creation should benefit the large audience and it should be accessible to all the Creator is monetarily compensated or use off their copyrighted will in short or to want to protect their right mirrors. People are there to use it. Some examples off copyright maps The map did you use to navigate can also be copyrighted, the design by the company or your own design and be copyrighted. The design can also be in fall off Chatto or any other artistic world or an engineering drawing that kind of copyrighted. The report are also an example of copyright choreography. Photographs on pictures can also be copyrighted music. All the sound can be cooperated videos, broadcast sound recordings, software, technological innovations. All these are examples are copyright their full common identifies or operate. This are full test what you should Do you understand the requirements if you can get a cooperate for your work or not. Number one. The cooperated work should be a reasonable that means only original book is given. Copyright doesn't really mean that it should be new. Distant on independent, not copied. Copyright doesn't necessarily us for the New World. It could be a different or an independent work, not the copied. Work off some breezes or an expression is protected by copyright. So first test, which you need to do, is get if your idea or your work is original. Second test is about authorship. Ah, copyright can only be granted to human beings. The living human beings. What does that mean? That it should have a human being as an auto, and there should be a good reason to believe on prove that human being contributed to the final outcome off the creative will human being contributed to the final outcome? Let's say you play a piano at home on your cat. Pity looks at you and start pressing random. Keep producing a new set off melody. Artoo, Can you copyright this? No, because there was no sufficient contributions from the human being in this. The third test speaks about expression. The idea, all the expression, the question you should ask is. Is this an idea? Can this be expressed in multiple ways, or can this expression be done in multiple ways? If yes, the copier doesn't apply you, let's say that you produce all vanilla ice cream, but to produce that panel ice cream. There are multiple bases right. Since you cannot see cooperate protection, the expression or idea should be expressed in very limited or in one way, then that can be given a copyright protection. The four test is for the identifier off. Copyright is tangible. It should be in a physical medium. It should be recorded, or it should be there in a fixed physical, medium or tangible medium. Example of this would be the people for the book, all the device or the stories. Media light CDs. When Dr for Music told Oh, mighty Lord on a piece of metal or stone this is a real tangible are tangible creative will hands. It can be granted copyright never. It is important for you to keep in mind all this. Four. Identify IRS or test to understand the requirement to get copyright for your work for your creative work. Your works will be orders. None. This would be an authorship. The authors would be human being. It should be expressed in limited ways or its should be expressive. Elin Limited Basil. One day it should be tangible. If it meets all of these four bacteria, you can claim copyright for your world. Their exclusive Bennett. It's off. Cooperate. Let us look at the exclusive benefit we produced. The first benefit is reproduced. The reproduction off cooperated work also cleverly done. An exact replica or a non exactly clicker or an exact copy or minor changes is not allowed . There is no fixed measurement or a scale to measure whether the work was copied or no, The question you should ask is, Was it done knowingly? Has somebody cooperated knowingly or it was done coincidently? Is there a proof for that? What is the proof for that? Under what circumstances it was done? How similar the work looks, if you get positive response for most of this, really, the work was copied. The cooperate, we'll look and file a lawsuit against the reproduction also cooperated material. The second exclusive right is to distribute our distribution dry. What does distribute means? A copyright holder can transfer sale rent and tend to whatever it wants with the first work or the original world. Now, one question would be there in your mind there as a forced or no, do I have all the exclusive right? Let us look at this example. Suppose you legally other forced owner and you buy an encyclopedia and then you sell this encyclopedia to somebody else it has or hasn't Boiler did the low as long as the copy was often lawfully and was the owner of the cooperated book. It means if I buy an encyclopedia, any facile it to somebody else as long as I have obtained a legal copy, I do not worry league any law as long as the copy was often lawfully and as long as was the owner of the copyrighted work. This doesn't mean that you buy a new copy legally and start selling it in the second and market. That's not correct. The third important point is adept and delight. Just covering an antique port with the new color or polish is modified derivative will are derived work in this case, their delight order derivative over work on beak operated the day. Limited work cannot be cooperated. If you have obtained the permission off the original water, then it can be suppose my book on cyber security awareness. Are you the next target of cyber criminal istan murdered into our cities with my permission and has added some original creative act that is a derivative book that can be cooperated as long as it has obtained permission on add a great monetary compensation or incentive s paid Then the Web said, Oh no can often copyright provided the incentive is not ignored. The copyright owner also enjoys the performance, right. What does that means? It means that toe act to play to dance funerary display by use of physical or electronic medium or means. His performance on it is protected by copyright law, and the cooperate wilder exclusively enjoys the benefit off performance. 50 Important point is displaying public. Suppose I have created an orderly process to store the data in the cell. This work can be printed, shared on aerated are displayed or demonstrated because I hold the copyright for the original process to store data in the cell. So the write off display is with me that is the copyright owner. This is a hypothetical example. The 60 important benefit off copyright all the exclusive benefit off cooperate is transmission right or transmission Transmission from any medium that is digital to audio or audio to digital to physical, medium or by symbols on any form of transmission. Requires the permission off. Copyright holder on it can only be exclusively done by the copyright owner. What is not protected by copyright? This question might be to clean your mind, so let's look into it. Fax ideas are not protected by copyright. You would ask, Why are the facts and ideas not protected by copyright? Because they're discovered they are discovered on not created. Fax and idea are basically discover and they're not who is newly created and cooperate cannot be granted for facts and ideas. Let me give you an example. If your boss would need too often copyright permission to ask about your work. Ah, work problems are. Our police would need a copyright permission from the criminal to get facts. Isn't this is rational or week? The world would be very, very difficult and full of lies and suspicion so it can be owned. You can claim copulate for your ideas only if there are very limited off you or one way off expressing your idea. Or it can only be done in Mumby on no other way. But this is very difficult to apply. Practically, for example, ice cream making process baking off rice. This is often referred to as doctrine off module. In legal terms, you're not required rumored illegal toe only thing you should remember. It's facts and ideas are not protected by copyright NATO bees and data like your phone number or your mobile phone number. Your evil addresses your subscriber list except cannot be granted copyright because the popular law itself doesn't protect database and data. No, let me ask you a question. Suppose really helpful stuff like government laws. Mandel Legal Instruction Online Dictionary. That term is defined and explain the veils. Exploration is protected on copyright doesn't protect health full stuff, but it is protected by Peyton. In short, really helpful stuff cannot be protected by copyright. There isn't another branch off intellectual property date unless Pete didn't, which can protect really helpful stuff. But the really helpful stuff should not be a public good. For example, like a government issued circular law manual, online instructions except, er, common names or frequently used phases, for example, you want to name a living being a popular name, say my order celebrating name, say Pretty Zinta. The name can't be copyrighted. You cannot copyright the name instant. The product or service is created by the name is protected safer. It isn't a Parliament Operatives in tow design. Let me give you one more example. Mericle movie book are the books on medical. The songs are protected by copyright are not honey itself. She was the famous boxer. If you remember, Tree still exists, but let's say you come up with a very unique on unknown name like Rudy Nolly that can be protected. Most of the name inflection work is protected by copyright. You can not use High reporter name without permission or create a new book because that is violation off copyright. So almost all fictional characters. Names are protected by copyright manufacture. Products also can be cooperated. Why? Because it is protected by another branch off intellectual property right known as Peyton. On not by copyright, let me give you an example. A manufactured product, maybe a jewelry car doll. No, the Barbie doll is protected, or consumables life, food or soda. But I should know where it applies. You're let me give you an example. Suppose it is, in turn, creates a magical pain, which can write on any surface, say, on liquid or eyes or on paper. The pain is not protected, but the creative expression is protected. Let me repeat. The pen year is not protected by copyright, but the creative expression is protected. Our personal techniques are not protected by copyright. To understand this, let's look at practice enters parlor example. The parlor might have a lot of beauty products on a tiny device for make up. Some of them can be purchased bases. The availability. There might be a small handout on how to use this tiny devices for makeup. The Operational instruction year. In this case, the small handout is not protected by copyright. Hence note a personal techniques is not protected by copyright. Is it important to register for cooperate? Yes, Cooperative specifically doesn't require registration, but if you register your work, you can ask all claim for larger damages. That's why it is important to register for cooperate, because if you have registered, you can claim large sum off damage rather than just the actual cost or the prophet that you would have made. Suppose you are an alternative. A book costing $10 or 10 U. S. Dollars. Somebody illegally or pains the copy off your book online, and you came to know how it came to your notice. If you're not registered, you can only ask for $10 but you have registered the book. You can sue for statutory damage between a very large amount off money. It can be at least a minimum off US dollar. 30,000? No, Let us understand some of the important concepts off cooperative. The difference between a property law and copyright People are always confused. The thing off copyright and after Patillo copyright protects the lives I know. Tries, use or property is restricted. I'm known as infringement and not stealing off piracy in case of books, music, movies, software. Is it correct to steal someone's work? Infringement is relation off copyright regardless offer the it is done intentionally or unintentionally. Are you contributed to infringement? Suppose there is a black market for, say, a designer software. If you put it from the illegal black market on, you have inference. The copyright. Now you make a copy off it on the CD and gave it to your friend for free again. You're infringing the law, you point out off. Give address off the black market to your friends to buy the designers software that you use, which is very good. You're going violated the copyright law. Now you were us. What's plagiarism? Cheating or crafting addictive walk off creative water is no nice plagiarism example. You are reading an interesting article on dealing with difficult leaders on. You could play copy the same, modify a few words on publish a new article that plagiarism the legal expert in this domain can deter mined this quickly. The question this might be bothering you is can a copy that drawing? Yes, because also cleverly force it can be like the original Risner is original as long as you blown selling hands. But the about doesn't apply you fair use. There isn't any set off fixed rules, although that can answer whether the copyright work usage was fair are unfair. It depends on the situation condition on the value which one is gaining out of this? For example, our mother, looking at the cooperated recipe on preparing a destro feed our hungry child, could be considered failures. But if the same recipe was used by the hotel to serve our delicious disc made out off this recipe without the permission is not a fair use, as there is a copyright infringement. This is this for your understanding, the court decides whether they use was fair use. Our use wasn't fair use, but you can also assess it if the uses to balance users right with the interest off the creative work or there I told her, then it can be considered as fair use. Remember, Sir, use is not the law or rule, but it is a defense for copyright. Suppose your court unintentionally violating or intentionally wanting someone's right. You can use values as the defense. This is not illegal advice, therefore, factors off failures. The purpose on the character. The focus on the character the date is for profit or nonprofit will deter mine. Whether the use is fair or unfair. Second, the nature off work. What kind of work is it involved in tow? Is it into educational domain? Is it into industrial product? Is it in tow? Publishing a book? What is the nature off work would deter my. Whether they use is fair or unfair, the amount on the quantity off work used with regards to the original work. There is no set standard or measure which can quantify that this much amount off work used is considered fair use. Or it is not a fair use. Say, if you pull out two lines from 3 8000 lines off essay for an educational purpose that might be considered as fair You. But if you're a software professional and if you cop a few lines off court from a commercial software that isn't a fair use, the fourth factor is commercial value. That is the current on the future value off the work, the future market value off the world. Therefore, all four factors must be evaluated in detail on the final outcome. Must be compared to determine if it is a fair use or no, is it? Is it used for public interest, all for profit? Whether the act was in good faith? All these four factors must be relegated carefully to determine whether the usage waas are it doesn't fall under the domain. Off fail. Use this transformational used failures in United States copulate law. Transformational youth. It's possible justification for fair use that is a certain use off work does not infringe the copyright holders. Right. Beautiful public interest off public benefit criticism A book review Commend news reporting . Teaching off for educational use for classroom use, for scholarship or for any research work. It is not an infringement of copyright, and it falls under the purview are fair use. Fair use allows the user exclusive right without seeking permission from the copyright. Oh, no offer paying to use it. No person exceptions to fair use as well. This exception allows to copy a portion of the book at times. 30 was another user exclusive, right, without seeking permission from the owner of the copyright holder or without paying for it . Fair use is developed over the period at a set of guidelines and standard the outlined the usage. The fair use is not mentioned in the copyright law. The Gucci scandal, What happened was the legs were copied from the painting and published in the magazine from a photograph. This was exempted under the failures, though it was useful profit because it had enormous impact on mass media. Now you'll ask, Isn't Google violating the copyright? Google isn't violating the copyright. What it does it it merely index the pages so that the search becomes easier. So it is not wallet in the copyright on their nearly listing it for the benefit off public . To find our specific information as they're not, we're letting cooperate. If you see the image displayed by Google is just a small fraction off that image has, they're not well, it in copyright there, just indexing it, indexing it, mint. It is just listing. Now the images or the information with you serves is the image on Internet cooperate free? The answer is no. Oppose. If I search for whom on all these images are displayed, these are all copyright protected. You cannot copy it or use it in your world. This is militant indexing off this images. I will illustrate to website wherein you can use the image royalty free. But I would say just always given attribution is possible now this is when website known as Brexit don't go what it states. It steers some royalty free images which are available for us to use what it says it is free to download and use. It is royalty free. There's high quality on it is licensed under the specific license contract. So let us read the license. So what? It states what is allowed and what is not allowed. It mentions all photos and videos are free to be used. Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photo careful may not be necessary, but it is always appreciated for their hard work. You can re modify, modify and use the photograph as you like, and you can edit it. You can modify the photos and videos as you like, so this is perfectly safe to use images and videos from the set side. Under the interesting website is bricks RB Darko Brooks and he's also a royalty free website. We just turns off high quality images. You are free to use those images as long as you even attribution. But I would suggest even if the Webster doesn't ask for an attribution for the hard work, it is always good to attributes. Let's say I want this image to be used. 48 states that it is free for commercial use. No attribution is required. Always click on the license term and rewarded states. It's does that all content can be used for commercial and non commercial purpose. Attribution is not required. You can make modification as you need what it does not allow. It does not allow, redistribute or sell off image of the doing. Another terrible photographic website that is not correct. You cannot sell on alter images on you cannot sell this as a physical product. Do not give the bad name. No one likes it. Don't use the image with identifiable brands to create a misleading association. You cannot create a similar looking product, our logo or a major design which can conflict or mislead a party. Globe brown, for example, e I create a windows image using one of the images you listed out here. That's not correct. You are not allowed to do there. Can I use you toe content for my tutorials or can I use that YouTube video? The answer is, as long as you do not directly listed and you link it, it is under the failures. But it doesn't mean that you can use Cooperated song all the news where to do real or for any other commercial purpose, what diamond is. As long as you provide a reference ling with directs user toe, the YouTube channel is considered failures. Now suppose you have your video listed on you do, and somebody is violating your right. What would you do using this? Cooperate mass to you can either email the polluter off the match. Contain You can request for immediate removal of content. You can give them a seven days notice, or you can archive the match without taking any action on the video. So this option is available. Fancy Logan and you search on YouTube help for copyright mass To using this, you can take down any copyright work off yours being used by somebody else on you, too. The Mueller is also another popular video hosting website read in both enterprise as well as people who still reduce for people So what now? As long as you embed that video like this on your back page, let me show you another example like this on your website. This is known as in building. This is where I live and they did. They do. It is considered and it is safe to we said as failures. But as a temporal, always often permission. If you opt in permission, you are safe to use the mountain. But the view mood terms off use allows you to m built the video into your website. It is basically like a small portion which can be displayed on your website. But it is always fair to obtain permission when it comes to book. You would ask that can I called few lines from the book. Yes, You can call few lines from the book as long as you're using it to write a review. Are you writing a criticism? It is allowed. It falls under the fair. Used to me know the question bothering you is connect convert a song or a music into MP three. Do my wallet. Copyright laws, conversion of song. Our music into MP three are on a pendant. Doesn't involve de revision off work. De revision off work is basically mortification off my original work. Hence, it is the fair use as long as the original content is not changed. Derivative off a copyright work Now let's see for timing. You have designed a beautiful picture book or a book which contains beautiful pictures. No, if someone merely clicks a photograph off the picture from your boat, it is not delegation off book, but instead, if the picture is edited, modified, reproduced, it is known as derivation off. Will. Copyright law doesn't allow very vision off work. To put it in simple terms, just a merely presentation or reproduction off work in a new former doesn't represent are derivative work. In the earlier example. Whistle a song being merely converted into a big tree format or being copied into 10 day. It is not a day vision off cooperate book. If you're an architect, you would ask, Can I copyright my book? Yes, you can copyright your work. Your design if it fulfills the condition off copyright, that is, if it is original on it is intangible for all format or medium. That is, it should be in physical for it can be cooperated. Public. Do me. As the name suggests, the work which is available to public for use, is known as public. To me, it doesn't mean that anything I believe in on Internet is a public domain resources. A public domain stuff on my TV. Let me give you an example for you to understand it better. Suppose and auto lease 400 years. Okay, this 100 years plus 70 years from the date of the year on which daughter dies, that is the end of the year when a creative auto dies. Less 70 years, if you add that would be in public. Do me most of the work offs experience in public. To me, it means that public domain will is free to access on. It is free. It is free to access on free access to information. Goldman issued notification or documents. All law are quote. Judgment isn't cooperated unless it is created by a private entity or person hired by the government. Supposed say, I'm a government, I hire somebody to do some work for me. Then that work would be copyrighted, not the world, which I would create as a government to sum up a public domain. Work is something where no one has proprietary interest and can be used by anyone. You are free to use it. Those cooperate requires registration. If you register your work, you get additional benefit. As in, you can claim for statutory damages as well, in addition to the original cost. But if you don't register your work, it doesn't mean that your content that's not copyrighted copyright doesn't need registration that needs to be kept in mind. Their tone off cooperate is life often auto plus 70 years on copyright, sometimes last 400 years or it is a perpetual are until expires, or on Tuesday, new. So remember, I repeat the entire thing again for you. The term of copyright is life off for creative water, plus 70 years on the copyright last 400 years. All it is in finite are until it expires or until it is renew often vote the concept off peer to peer currency. That is because meet you might have heard somewhere both created by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity was not there. No one knew who he was or who she waas. This is an example often often go. This exists because the holder are the creator is no more or no legal heirs. All the existence or the priest or the location is not found. We cannot find this Pato till you need to obtain permissions on the competent body or authority off that particular field. Now the question that you would have is a store in legal. Current is legal as long as you don't share illegal stuff or cooperated material. What is store in store? It is basically a peer to peer five sharing platform, but often what we find is all the copyrighted music videos are uploaded. This is illegal on. Remember for each piece off world, which is copyrighted and uploaded onto or in the penalty for this could be up to us dollar one like 50,000. That is a huge sum off money that is closed toe. One Croat lack rupees, which is a huge among hands. Do not use torrents for downloading or uploading music. Video legacies and royalties are paid. The copyright Oh, no other copyright holder inform off money now. This legacy and royalty can continue throughout the age or the life, often auto Plus, it could also be passed to the next generation out to the family members. And remember like other intellectual property, right copyright can last for in in final number of years as well. The general rule is cooperate last four about life, often auto plus 70 years. In some cases, it might also extend 200 years or beyond her, and the legacy and royalties upgrade well, the user copyrighted work. You will have a question that using my music streaming up for the child made the payment. I am a premium subscriber. Am I allowed to download the music? Are am I allowed to download and share it with others? The answer to this question is music download. By paying to listen, are downloading is restricted to personal use or postal entertainment only. It cannot be shared for profit that others heart. It cannot be re distributed. You are not allowed to copy transfers, sell or distribute the music to others. It is for your personal use on for your personal entertainment. Hence, if you caring that music sharing this downloaded piece off music with your friends or Cally , it is infringement off cooperate types of rights contracts agreement for Copyright work for hire Work for hire contract is basically a contract where your company hires an outsider or an employee who work or create a work under a written contract. Any creative work produced can be claimed as copyright by the employee. As the exclusive right is the day employer that is the company. The company is being the employees to do a particular job well. Also, the employee has used the company's time and resources to create the world. So under work for hire contract, which is mostly applicable in cases. Software company Any software which you don't love can't be cooperated by the employee. The copyright holder is the company to understand assignment right When you were in school , teachers used to give you home book an assignment, right that homework assignment was assigned to you by your teacher. Similarly, incorporate will assignment can be in various forms of work, would be assigned by assigning the right or limiting the rights known as limiting right. You can also specify their time, after which it expires. You can also specify a date after which the copyright expires. In case if you're assigning her task or assigning your eyes to somebody. You can also assign your right or transfer your right by a new agreement. Boehner's assignment Back. Transfer off rights in case of joint auto. It needs to be remember that both authors consent is required to produce or to use the cooperated will. Suppose there is a book Return back to Water? I knew often permission off my not, UM, that isn't sufficient. You need to obtain permission from both daughter to use their vote whenever you join a government agency or a private company or, for that matter very well, you are employed. You always signed a non disclosure agreement. Non disclosure agreement is basically you would not disclose anything which can hamper the company's reputation, trade secrets or commercial value in the market. There's also something known as confidentiality agreement. Under confidentiality agreement, you're not allowed to share any off those secret information any of the secret or confidential stuff with outsiders. The access is restricted and confidential oblique streaming off video. The legal term describes streaming as another method or ways to perform a work. Copyright applies to public streaming on, not private streaming off the video, for example, watching an episode on Netflix on your device as evening that you already have a paid subscription is all day. However, if you plan to stream the same episode on the Internet, are uploaded on the tour. And so that's copyright infringement because you haven't paid their creative water in this case, the episode maker on not the Netflix. Also, you haven't obtained permission to stream share with others. You're planted and negotiated the known exclusively stricter drives to sell, share, remote or advertise the use off unpublished jerk off a book or an article or cold is protected by copyright, and it should not be reached and should not reach the failure. Example. When the Harry Porter cities was being prepared, somebody pulls out few pages out of the unpublished, unfinished book. Remote differs it out for years or deprivation off the book. This is a breach off copyright. It is because opportunity to get published first. Worst misuse. It is like taking a scoop out often ice cream box and yet claiming are saying that the box is full on untested lawful use off copyright and not copyright infringement. First is fair use. The United States legal system is flexible to analyze the failures based on the litigation , whereas other countries go by The rule book. The fair use was created by the court based on the prior cases on litigation. This was codified in the copyright law in the United States. Second, this type of work, the type of work little minds, whether they use is lawful or unlawful, then the amount or the condom off copy the amount of work which is copied little minds, whether their use was lawful or unlawful or whether it leads to copyright infringement for what is the impact on the market value? Would the present earning and the future owning off the creative water determines whether the use was lawful or unlawful or whether it led to copyright infringement? It is required to test all the above four factors to determine it does use is fair or unfair. That is, they use was fair. Used or not, nothing qualifies automatically and a full evaluation is required. Also, it is important to know that works which are non commercial off free to use does not necessary fall under fair use. Men Indo about copyright asked this question. It is basically like a checklist, so questions which you should ask is. What is the purpose off this work? Is it for commercial purposes? Is it for non commercial purposes? What is the end use? What is the end? Use off this book? Is it for profit? Is it for nonprofit? Is it for public benefit? Is it for public welfare? Who has given the authorization? Who has authorized it? What does the local country law states? Or does the country's based law states? Is it allowed? Is it not allowed? Because the Lord, the first from country to country things which may be allowed in United States may not be allowed in China or any other country, for that matter. What is the nature off work? Is it an artistic work? Is it a book? Is it on music? What kind of work? It is because every work has a different set off rules that applies. What is the amount off work used? Does this affect the commercial value of the auto Other creator? Is this for profit? What kind off rights does the cooperate full? The whole. Is it a restricted tried? Is it a full right, or is it the right assignment or is it the right given by the company for temporary in tedium is the world, and they probably do me or to the lessons in tow, off work in public domain. Is this work allowed to be used in my country? I'm out tries to do so. Does the law permits who will benefit out of it, How it is to be distributed or how it is being distributed? Is it a new to a restricted set off people like a private streaming or a private placement ? Or is it to be in public? So if you ask all these questions, they will deter mined. Whether you're doing a writing all wrong, Now that you have a fair understanding off copyright, you would be able to award costly mistake which can save you from the trouble off. Cooperate infringement on the legal penalty. I hope you enjoyed the course. If there is anything that you would like to ask, please ask on. Do leave your feet back. Thank you. If you go to this website what? It stays there. If your video photographic text which you have published online has been copied, they can take action. Basically was formed to protect digital contain and it prohibits removal off watermarks, encryption, password or any other means employed to protect the digital contain by use off technology are by using technology. For example, purchase off subscription to get access to electronic man see articles lives on news articles. Yeah, the access is restricted to bonified users only. That is remaining members only, or that content on specially excites a Linda or any of the platform has a specific watermark. But you can see on the left hand corner what is this watermark for this watermark which you see under instructors video contained is an indicator that this is copyright protected on it prohibits you from copying it. In short, it limits you how you can use the digital content but doesn't allow you to copy on distributed. There is an exception on the basis off recommendations received from time to time from the copyright office. Let me quickly teach you a few tricks to search for copyright infringement. This is a Google image search. You can upload the image or you can place the U area. I will select upload image. I would choose teammate. I would choose my image and I can see all the places where a similar looking image is posted. This is one V off searching for copyright infringement. Second, what you can do is we'll do this tool, you ness. Plagiarism checker trance more ASIO toes. It is very interesting, tool. This is one of my articles. I would just copy cut off lines from my article. What I need to do is school down and to the copy text, or you can upload it in this particular format, scroll down a big on Glicken, check for plagiarism and protect some time. And it will lister all the places married matches. If you click on compare, you can find out all the places where it is listed. This is how you can find out. Cooperate, infringement free. Of course, if you like this tool pre subscribe, it is a wonderful tool. I'm not associate ID or affiliated to small issue, too. But it's an interesting, too, that you should try 6. Class 3 Patent: In short what all you'll learn : inventing a product could be time consuming. It requires years off effort. You need to protect your heart. Will your Peyton your invention? In this course, you will learn about Peyton. What can be paid, tinted? What can be pretended? Order the examples and various types of painting. Where to apply for new Peyton. Can you get waiting for an existing idea? Invalidity off, beaten? Can you get waiting for a published book? Will also look at some of the awesome stories off Phaeton. We'll also understand what are the prerequisites to claim painting. What is speeding document? What are its components? What is prior our motor, the various categories and classifications or painting? Do you need beating? Why do you need pitting motor? The season cost associated with some of the important terms, like office action painting prosecutions, August Invention on more. We'll also look at awesome story off a hungry lion. If your card how to cover up infringement How Toe Award claim element off beaten. This course also gives you a checklist for painting. We'll look at some of the case stories at the end. You'll also learn to search for painting for free, which approximately cost close to 20,000 to $30,000 for conducting a pit insert. See you in the course 7. Class 3 Patent: Be an Inventor!: some of the examples off beating sun. Some of the examples are creating toe diagram designed. This is in map new basil sitting energy. New system designed for a new plan. Beaten is not same as discovery. Discovery is basically you have discovered existing stuff varies in case off beating. You have invented something that was known existence that wasn't there. It is the strongest farms off intellectual property rights. Among the other installation property rights and it has a very wide school. New patent is filed at the United States beating country office in United States. The existing idea off phenomena can be pretended but creation or something that didn't exist expecting Peyton is only valid in a particular country where it is register. So in case if you have a multi country presents, you need to file a multi country painting. Now does he have to apply for international painting? What if you work? It is published Well, which is out of it is already disclosed is no less public domain will on that cannot be granted. Peyton, let me give you an allergy informer story for you to understand what exactly is speak. Let's assume that board is a reverse engineer Iwas engineer the person who tries to open up the piece of device or a software while hitting on, re modified to suit their requirement. So let's say that Bob is a reverse engineer and can modify any piece of software or even duplicate it. Or he can even create an exact order. Ditto copy off, say, Samsung Mobile phones Due to his evil skill, he can monetize this opportunity on can own a lot. But the question is, Should he does this? No, because he's were leading the president off Samsung and could costing very heavy Fine. This is a hypothetical situation, Martin. To your life. You come across exact replica off various product, right from smartphone to shampoos. Too large consumer durable like laptop cleaning machine and much more characteristics required for painting. We're looking toe. What did the various characteristics that are required to obtain a painting for your product process matter machine. The first character is useful, or it is also known as utility based. The question to ask is, Is this useful? Can a Lehman or a person with an ordinary skill can watch like this is useful processes, methods, machine can be protected, my payden provided it is proved useful. The Peten document clearly should claim at least one commercial or industrial use. Otherwise, the Peyton can be granted. The useful creative work should benefit. Many people on must have a larger market. For example, someone develops our drug footprint damage. This has a larger market on a commercial value as well. Because it's a life saving drug. They're useful stuff. Should not use the existing processes on build upon it to claim painting. For example, mobile technology is already there. That means the cell phone is already there. The technology is out there. You can't just modify a few lines off course or modify or add a few features, like adding a U V lamp and claim Britain. Because this technology already exists, the second characteristics are for Peyton is known obvious. I can't see the difference. The Lehman should be able to differentiate the product or service our machine from the existing product or service all machine or technique. It should be different in one all more ways from an already filed beating. For example, if you give a non flavor super candy small pieces on a normal she worked you toe a layman and us there difference in taste. The Lehman would say it is lead ordered. This sweet, you know. So this is obvious on the patent office Will not grant painting your job is to find one particular or unique use and it should not be obvious for a known technical man, meaning the lemon can also look at it and say, Hey, this isn't obvious. As for the United States Blatant Andre office, our Peyton for a claim invention may not be opt in notwithstanding that the claim invention is known or not identically disclosed as set forth in section 102 if the difference between the claimed invention Onda prior art our says that the claimed in mentioned as a whole would have bean obvious before the effective filing date off the claimed invention to a person having ordinary skill in the art to Mr Claimed invention pertains that instability shall not be negative by the manner investing. Their invention was made short, it means had claimed invention, their inventions, for which you're claiming Peyton should not be identical and should not be disclosed on it should not be the part off existing process. It shouldn't be the part of existing process. Bar apposite, little ordinary skill from understand the difference and should be clearly able to state the different that, yes, this war is no obvious. Has beaten can be granted? The third correctives takes off. A Peten is new that is, nobility. When it is compared with the existing painting, only true undiscovered inventions are granted. Painting the section toe one j independent at off 1970 defines novelty as invention means a new product. All processes involved are in world. Bring new product or process involving and inventive step on capable off industrial application. Inventive step means a feature often invention that involves technical advance as compared to the existing knowledge are having economic significance are both on. That makes the invention non obvious or not obvious to a person skilled in the art. To put it in simple words, it is not the public domain book by any means or mattered on. It is new. The food characteristic is disclosure. Does anyone knows about it, or have you disclosed it toe anyone about your idea, invention, process or machine? If you have done, then this can be granted painting all the above is known as prior art. No. What is prior art? Prior art is the existing body off knowledge or art form. This the eaten is measured, evaluated, composed on publication basis. The prior art or knowledge baiting document is the dark winged it covers really is details . So it would have the details about your pay. Didn't your invention, your discovery, the process are the mattered. It will have the name. It will also contain the place their date off hating on when it was filed. It would also list out the lights and ownership. It would also provide various claim, details and scope. So, in short, are beating. Document contains everything that you want to know about that particular product process machine. Our invention, never. Various types off beating have broadly categorised them into 11 categories. Number one useful Peyton. Useful patent are really useful stuff, for example, or three D printer drones. The GPS system. Can you imagine your life without the GPS system today? Their telephone, which you use the bulb is you use of the light, which you use the both state a claim the CFL bold. All of these are examples off useful pitting number do designed painting. As the name suggests, the patent is granted for unique design. The famous example would be the iPhone, the bottle of Coca Cola, the car food, the Google glass. All these are examples of design painting. If you research, each of them has more than hundreds off patent filed for specific design on their been granted under design Painting number three Now. Nope. Eating. As the name suggests, it is the Nanu. Very small device process or system or machine example of Nanu. Beating a nanotech Security Corp has been tainted for a nano optics found on currency notes as a measure to combat come to feet News. The food type of beating its software baiting all of us used software right before granting are softer painting. What is looked at is what it does. Water it functionality. How does it functions? How does it operate? This is that a softer patient is granted first technology. Hayden, while Google Search on ranking is an example off a technology painting, the Bluetooth headphone for the wireless had fun with you. Youth uses the Bluetooth technology there by five that you use at your home office is also pitting technology. The self driving car is an example of the technology beaten, so you will be wondering life. We don't have bean that easy right without this inventions has the patent is granted. Number six Innovation innovation pitting are given for the innovation. Example off. This would be a locomotive assisting device and method. The bionic eye, the three dimensional electoral device for brain stimulation. The lamented reality on virtual reality are the examples off innovation Painting seven. Process dating. This is usually given for manufacturing processes like manufacturing the same goods using a particular process. Say, manufacturing the umbrella the same good or the product year we're talking about. An umbrella can be produced using a modified version off the manufacturing process hands. This is the flip side off process painting through the process. Painting basically covers the manufacturing process. Number eight Valuable Peyton or it is also known as Petty Patent in Japan are utility patent in USA. Examples. Off this valuable paintings would be the Fire I, the warm detection software, their digital wallet or Bank Off America. The images based capture that dissolve before entering into a particular website or accessing a particular content. Number nine business processes business processes has not related to technology or software . It is the process. The European Union. France doesn't have this Peyton, but the United States has this type of Peyton, and they have granted business process patent as well. The 18 machine that you used today for all your cash and non cash transaction that is an automated teller machine is an example of her business process. Beating Amazon's one click coaches is an example of a business process beating Number 10 life. Peyton. This is the most complex form off beating which exist today. The vegetation bacteria being a modified innovation in human and plans bioengineered medicines are examples off life written the notorious painting. This is a funny name, right? Yes, because the people who uses this on Notorious in nature, they are being the right toe one or move it into product or services with the aim or objective off making money, either by licensing it all by filing a lawsuit or litigation rather than indulging into a real activities and product. Now the question would be, how do they do that? They buy low cost companies having lots off beaten And then they sue all the companies using the patent to profit from this type of activity or legal action. They are also sometimes referred to us Peyton Trolls. Famous examples of this would be were net X against the Apple, The company who sued for I Message and face time, NTP against Black Betty. All care are the famous example off Notorious Peyton. So by now you have a broad understanding off what orbiting ISS. Poor Peyton contains on mortar, the various types off painting. Now the question which you would have in your mind is, Why do we need Peyton? Can t just do our innovate stuff. Let us look at it. Beating protects against infringement. Infringement is basically stopping someone as from using your work. Are in case someone has copied or used your work. You can sue them in court. That is newness. Infringement. Beaten also has commercial value for unease, idea or an invention. For example, a person who invented three D technology today you can literally print a three D device or a three d Hartwall on many more medical application off three d printed stuff. So if the person who waited it didn't have incentive for this. Would that person be motivated to work? Are motivated toe think out of the box. Hence it should have a commercial value. We didn't also has a time bone validity. What does that mean is written is usually granted for 14 years to 20 years. This includes the patent filing time. The plating filing time is generally between 24 months to 36 months, sometimes in case of complex painting. It can even take five years or more. In case someone is using your painting without your permission or without paying you the royalty. You can always claim damages. Hence it is required to register. Peyton. Also enforcement off Peyton can be done only when you have a patent in your name are. Once the painting is granted in your name. What do the videos costs that are involved with Peyton? The various cost picture involved are the registration fees, the registration fees, where is from from $2000 to $20,000 or even more depending on the type off Peyton. There is also in renewal fees that is required to be paid every five years, three years, depending on the type of Britain. There are also legal fees which are required to be paid in order to search for patent, that somebody has this painting in their name and to take a legal view. Hence, there are various costs which are associate ID with Britain that their registration fees renewal fees on the legal fees it is. Look at some of the important terms associated with painting. Office action is basically when your patent application is rejected. Continuation application is basically a process to reapply. How to continue the application Once the office action has taken place, all your application for patent has been rejected. You shouldn't be demotivated because multiple times your Peyton might get rejected. You need to make the necessary changes. Andrea Ply Baiting Prostitution It is basically steps in moulding drafting, filing. Refiling negotiating with the patent office to obtain painting, creating disclosure. It basically a last IDs or provide description off the beating. Bryan Art. An existing process product undertone illustration is known as prior art. Person with ordinary skill means a layman obvious invention. These are not granted painting. What does that mean? It means that a simply demonstration off how things work or a simple mechanic. Existing knowledge on known stuff are known as obvious inventions. This could be in non related field. Are the field, which is completely different from the field? Are the knowledge gave you are applying? For example, if you're inventing something in medical application, the same process on the canny might be already there in other form of process, let's say in production off a particular type of teeth. Hence, if they already exist, it is suggested. Or the solution is you. Should we find the V's to solve a problem or change the technology? Are you should invent a changing technology injunction? Is basically stopping others from doing something that does either using your patent or stopping them to manufactured a particular product for which you fold? The Peyton inventor is the person who invent things, stuff useful processes. Contributor is the person who helps the inventor in their invention. They may have their names mentioned in Peyton are indicating document, but this is not always there. This may or may not be there. Wonder is the person who has the ownership of the painting. Water is the person who actually created it or who are the actual water trial is basically a legal meeting at the court, where the evidence on proof are presented for the Peyton on the just deter mines. If the suspect is free of charge or charge guilty for creating infringement or painting violation the word infringement you'll find mostly with the copyright your the world relation is used. Damages are basically monetary compensation. Litigation means the legal of the law. Suit off the legal action pretrial motion prior to actual trial. Or you can say the preliminary hearing in the court motion for summary judgment. It is a summarized or a brief version off trial where the merits of the case is investigated on the judgment is passed. Provisional. Peyton is basically you have invented a process or a method, but you have to. England more process on mattered to make it complete like a work in progress stuff. For that, you can apply for a provisional Peyton. But remember, the ideal time to apply for a provisional painting is three months before the final. Peyton is fine because most of the countries have this three month provisional. Peyton Close varies in countries like US and allied countries. It has a time limit off Daniel, but it is safe to file a provisional Peyton three months prior to the final. Peyton. You might have spent countless hours in inventing a product process. But if it can be paid tented, your entire effort goes based, so you should know what you can get paid in four. Number one. The existing phenomena that is nature. Our undiscovered species are minerals are obvious. Inventions are prior art. You can't get waiting for the existing phenomena, which already exists. Example of this would be a bioengineered vegetables. Food. Animals are plants you can't get waiting for them. Number. Do abstract ideas. Ideas which can't be felt. But it might or might not exist. Example. Love on freedom. Also, this can be illustrated or explained like the alien planet. Where is it? Has anyone seen it? Has anyone experienced it? Have you experienced it? Have you seen it? I don't know. That's an abstract idea. Towed Modified version off technology Any technology which exists and you have modified it are treated to make it better. Doesn't qualifies for painting. Number four matters to solve problems. For example, a matte formula or an al Gorey medic. Trading at the matters to solve problems that can be granted creating. Let us look at an interesting story. Often hungry lion, a lion Very passionate about hunting. He discovers a new method off hunting. Now can he claim a Peyton for his hunting technique? No, because it is nearly an additional skill which he already possess, or an already existing skill, which you already poses. Now the same lion was caught by the zoo authorities and was trained to Cem and difficult quarters. Poor lying. No, he has to swim in difficult waters. As few years past, the Lion trainer discovered a new idea of producing Blobel from the sand friction lying idle on the beach where the lion used to rule both swimming. This idea was unique, and hence he filed debating. A few years later, he found that someone in the vicinity most using his invention to produce energy generating battery charge itself man job on sand. Was this an infringement? Was this an violation? Yes, it was an infringement. It was a painting coalition. Now the only can seek an injunction. Are five litigation in the cold? Most of the Peyton cases are not more easily, and it takes years off dispute and fight in the court and is very expensive. It is quite expensive. Most of the times the lawsuit may or may not be in your favor. In case you rule, you can claim injunction and damages up to six years. In case if it is not in your favor, you can file an appeal in the high cool. The court will examine each element on component off Peyton on a similar idea created if, say, out off 10 components. Even if one doesn't match our isn't similar. The court may see that there is no infringement. They should be kept in mind before filing a lawsuit on getting into trial. Finally, if you win, you will emerge as a stronger brand on others will be afraid to infringe your painting. So this story basically summarizes what a beating is, what can be done in case off infringement. And how long does it take for a case to be new? Also, what are the names on damages that you can ask for in case you win? In case if your application is rejected and you can file an appeal in the High court or the higher court how to cover up infringement or eliminate infringement. Try to work out for a win win deal. Do not get into the Gulf War and indulging toe being lose deal because it is very costly, time consuming and expensive. Book together and find out of a solution for it, and most of the time win win deal would fetch better result. Next, you can defend yourself basis their design and structural changes all the differentiation, which you have in your product. Third, you can also claim that your material is very different or you have used of a different type of material. For example, if someone uses, let's say, silicon to manufacture a special type of chip, you can use titanium to manufacture that particular kind of chip that is not advisable and just giving you an example. Ah, work claim element off. Peyton. Do not do anything with the claim element off the patron document mentions. In case if you're doing any off the element, which is mentioned in the claim part off the painting document, you are in trouble. So avoid the claim element off painting this other eight point checklist that you should remember to check if you can get a pittance. Number one conducted extensive survey market research on background investigation to find out if a similar product process or idea is already there are already exists. Let's down the USB that is unique selling point on the key differentiator off your product , told Jana Lehman. Look at it and say this is a useful and can help us Now look full is wide enough. Are too narrow that needs to be evaluated. Number five. Is this obvious? If it is obvious bitten kindly granted. Number six. Is this an act off nature? Has nature produced it? Then you can get a pitted. Has this been told? Are disclosed. If it has already been disclosed or tool Peyton can be granted, does it work? Toe Have my people Peyton's? Yes, If you break your pay tinting small components, it is worth toe. Have multiple patrons, for example, in case off iPhone or, for that matter, apple device. They break down there, Peyton into multiple parts and then file a painting so that it becomes difficult for others to copy the technology. So they're doing a pretty good job. Now the debatable issue is canned. Amona pally be controlled. Yes, epics authority can ask the company having a Peyton to license some all the part office painting in case if it is involved in, Let's say, life saving drugs because they want to save more lives and don't want the company to be after, they said learned to this position. Our 20 year patent is granted, but the application time is also included, which is approximately 24 to 30 months. So the life off a painting this 20 years from the date the patient application most filed. Some painting can only last for 14 years. Like the useful painting or the utility pated, we can confidently conclude that a multiple your painting can also be controlled in taste. If it is extremely important for saving life, let us quickly look at some of the famous cases off beating More beetle Vitamin case mark innovators invented a special technique of the mattered to extract B 12 vitamin at a very low and a cheap cost. Same was being copied by somebody as as an alternate to B 12 Vitamin A. Competing company immediately started manufacturing B 12 Vitamin More, got extremely annoyed and filed a case off agent violation, the court said. This burden is invalid as it is a natural substance, and hence the painting can be granted. The Amazon one click Peyton was granted initially, but later it was reward because it was obvious on also the patent expired. Happened was his design thinking. Apple has been an innovator in terms of design. Peyton Something is also unique in its own. But some of the features off something initially looked similar to that often Apple I can are stuff like that. Apple filed the case against Time Sing. In some cases, apple wound in some cases, some single on this case. Battle was fought for very, very long time on an average of creating search cost about 25 to $30,000. I will teach you a simple trick. Wearing you can search for Peyton to yourself. At least you'll have a broad idea about it. Rather than paying 30 $40,000 you can search for beating. Let's say three D printers were not there and you invented three D printers. Let's assume for of time, be so what? You would do it to go to Google pitons and right three D printers frankly, concert. If the Cretan exists, it will list out all the places where it has mentioned off it. So in this case, we can see that the patent already exist. For three D printers, you can download the pdf. Are you concert? Similar inventions. Interesting, right? There are other methods to search for. Peyton, you can go toe. Yes, PT or patent. Full text and investors databases on Did you consult? So we'll continue with the same three D printer and click on search so it will look for all the database off three D printers where in the Britain has been granted. So you can see so many Britons have been granted. You can click on each of these on research. Interesting. Late. We can even search in international database if it has some mention. Suppose you belong to a particular country and you want to search. If it is already there in some other country, you can check that. Let us continue our research, say three D printer, click on search so it will list out every places where it has mentioned. And it has got didn't country ways. You can see your rate awesome. So in this tutorial we looked at what Peyton is. What are the types off reading? How you can get waiting for what you can get bitten for what? You can't get bidding. Why is that beating? Granted, what is the best use off patent? How to search for Peyton to yourself? We also look that checklist to teach such a complex topic in such a short time on an easy former. It is a daunting task. I'm sure you would have learned something and enjoyed gaining The basic idea are the fundamental aspects off dues and doing when it comes to a particular type of intellectual property rights. In case if you like this course, I would hurt you. Please leave your feet. That writer feedback In case if you have any queries, top any doubts or questions, please feel free to reach me. I would be glad to help you. Thank you. And all the best 8. Class 4 Trademark Glimpse of class: In this course, you will learn to protect your trademark, your brand, your company's identity, the stuff or things for which you can obtain. Trademark Portis Trademark. What are the examples off trademark? Why do you need trademark registration? Off of importance off prima to American Common law? Trade my piling versus you, said a service mark on a certification marked difference. What do you understand by business name motor Deceptive marks for things with you can grab trademark by trademark is important. Why do you need trademark more targets? Validity. Why trademark was rejected. How to sew straight mark Discover Trademark infringement. Will also look at short story off trademark infringement. We'll also look at case just used by co two results. Some of the complex dispute off trademark penalty for relation off trademark on how to Protect Yourself. How Toby Safe Water, The trademark challenges on issues with 10 online business or any commas business, how to enforce treatment and what to do in case you're sued. So let's get started 9. Class 4 Did you know?: most of us are off utterly confused with the question off. Can I do this or no? In this course off trade, MMA, we'll look into some of the do's and dunes on. We look into the fundamental aspects off trade Now. By the end of the course, you will have a fair idea off trademark what it is used for on why it is so important when it comes to protecting year old from please trademark. Protecting your company's logo slogan Mark are the special mark that identifies or differentiate you from others. Dirty and symbol, which you see at the end of the name or are encircled. Involved with Juicy is an example of trade map. Did you know the New York Stock Exchange? Morning starting Bell offer training session is a trademark. The Sergeant Sound is a trademark hunger giving voice is a trademark hospital as a speak alert type of smell, a straight mark. Love Islam is a trademark heart symbol is a trademark. Formed is a trademark for adult product. We must photo shop, cool, draw another adult application. A phone is a trademark. The far Pitino had to change their name because Starbird has this particular type of coffee known as tap itchy new. But they were selling different products. Still, they had to change the name because it sounded similar. That's the power off Friedman. 10. Class 4 Trademark: Everything you wished you knew: Big Mama marks, which is an identity off a product like your name, which is unique, among others. Other brand Digna creates goodwill. The goodwill generates more goodwill on the goodwill generates more loyalty, the more loyalty genders, More revenue. Examples Off Trademark would be the logo color shape. It could be a tagline ridden. It could be a sound pattern, a product specification smell. Hello, shoot. It could also be a slogan or a combination off one or more. Off this, for example. My daughter is a trademark. Starbucks has its own mark. Why did Mark, he would ask? Imagine there are about 20 place coffee outlet. If Starbucks needs to identify itself from others or stand out from others, it needs to have its unique mark to get itself identified among various other coffee outlet . It is like the differentiator for your product or services, which you send. It should be distinctive on unique. The registration off trademark is required globally. A worldwide apple paid a very large amount of settle a statement dispute in China, and it is important to register your trademark worldwide. Did not can a lot of bitter existing common law. Common law means the law beaches there off that specific country. For example, United States trademark and unfair competition are passing off. Law is the common law in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand. Some countries can define ST Mark basis it's used or use it so this mark could be specifically for sailors. So this is, say, repair teaching consulting. Those are defined by undetermined vessel this month, which was also part of trade map. There could also be certification mark certification. Mark the owner owns it. Other company owns it, but they may not to use it. This mark is subject to certain conditions before they are used. For example, certain conditions must be met in order to get that specific mark or to use that specially marked. For example, the ice I mark I s o mark cf a c f b c f b certified financial planner Certified financial accountant So deferred for examiners are some of the certifications mark, then green certificate. Energy Star Gold standards. A certificate mark for adult movies are the example of certification. Mouth business name is basically the name off the company. For example, Motorola is an example off the business name or for that matter. Bogle is an example of the business name. Trademark is equal to brand name. It represents the brand name. It identifies a particular brand. How trademark is equal to learning only if it is representative off the blind. Deceptive off eight marks are there to confuse people and to monetize out of goodwill off the company. For example, the 90 take months, if used in the reverse direction, can confuse people that it is a 90 product. But to copy says type of thing or to use the good will offer filtered brown. It can cost very heavily, and the penalties on the lawsuit is youth. This deceptive trade matter basically to deceive people. They're not what they show they are. Descriptive trademarks confuses people like cold and creamy for ice cream. Do you live for computers? Little like Rio Gen req names like email its agenda. Name, location, specific mark like Cuba Sugar. Well, good words all equaling are not allowed a straight mark. Now you would ask, Why should I have trademark? Let us look at the answers. Why should be have a trademark trademark is basically they're good with the brand value, which you create using a unique identifying it tells your brand value it gives you are intangible network that is your brand value. Today. Google's brand value is enormous constraint. My gives Brown value Trademark gives off brand value It is the brand you, the way you talk, the way the product functions, the way the product are, the way the services are offered. It is your reputation. It is your reputation off your company that is the bland you. That's why you need treatment. It creates a better liking on association among the people on people are able to link it to the particular brown. For example, if I tell you about coffee shop, the first name which would come in near mine Starbucks because they have created that brand value that brand me people are able to associate it. People are able to link a coffee to Starbucks. It is not that they're not other good outlets off coffee. It is just that it has a liking on an association with the coffee. Hence it piers and association. It creates a liking. A better liking for a product or a service is it helps in social media marketing. If you have a stronger plan. It helps you to create more positive wives and positive word off mull publicity. And even the publicity on social media becomes easy. When you have your brand name, your brand value that is straight mark trademark is your intangible asset. No one can beat that ass it from you. I didn't mean that. No one can. There are people out there who are finding ways and means to counter feet your product. You need to have a unique proposition off your product to differentiate it from others. If you have a good trademark, a better goodwill, it would be easier for you to access funds resources on human capital. Let me give you an example of where you suppose Reliance comes up with the right issue. Or, for that matter is. Let's say Apple comes up the right issue. People will blindly trust on apply for flight issue. Why it is not that the blind trust it is the brand value did the trademark. It is the goodwill that they have created, so they have easy access to resources funds on. In fact, people are more than happy to work for them, so they had typed and easy on a talented human capital. Our trademark neighbor expires. Unlike other intellectual property rights, speech has fixed toe or a flexible toe. The trademark neighbor expires. It is perpetual. It continues from one generation to another generation, so it is perpetual trademarked. Is there differential factor? It's appreciates that duplicate productive. It is the differential factor. It differentiates the original from the duplicate product or services. It creates goodwill. It enhances your market presence on your market reach. It serves as a guide for the buyer. People will not think twice before buying an iPhone. Why? Because it has created that goodwill before that matter. People will not think twice before buying a coffee from a Starbuck off a burger from a McDonald because the goodwill that they have created it Selves as a guide for the bio. It also protects the consumer that is your ultimate in. If you protect your consumer, the consumer will protect you. Consumer would protect you in terms off the loyalty at you or and in terms off the lifetime value that would get created. The commercials right. You also get a commercial right for the trademark so you can market your product and services basis their trademark, which you have God, you can put their tad. You can put that logo. You can put that symbol off your plan, and you can market that productive services that is your trademark. The objective for your brand on what you do is my. You need trademark. It stops are those are stop other companies from using your boot bill. No one can dare use your goodwill because you have a trademark registered. It commands higher or premium price due to the brand value. No one questions the expensive stuff off goods or products or services, which you see in the market because it has, oh, trademark. It has a brand value so the companies can charge a premium for the brand value are the trademark. It is important for us to know why a trademark is rejected. Are y all doing? Mark is not granted. The first reason for this is it kids conflict or confusion? If two similar looking product for that matter similar looking logo, tagline, symbol, color. Oh, Ma exists, Got it. Cipel's There is a similar product or a similar burger outlet. Like Mcdonnells said. Just Mac people will get confused with their to visit, not our Man tunnel. So in order to award this conflict, the trademark is rejected. Second, the trademark will be rejected if it is misleading, are deceptive in any form or in any manner towed. If the dude mark is known, localized trademark registration is not mandatory to establish the right toward trademark and Ryan uses or, you say establishes the right to trademark. There has been numerous cases on this, therefore, it should only be localized means it should be used. The non localized ST Marks are rejected. No trademark is also rejected. If it is big or it is vulgar. If you use some abusive words or abusive language, course moving your trademark can't be granted. Surname cannot be a trademark. There has been numerous application filed for surname to act as a trademark, but that was rejected because surname cannot be a trademark. So be careful. While selecting your trademark, you cannot use your so Nima ST Mark because it may confuse people. Let's say cities restaurant. It is a common tone in posterity Restaurant, Hence, the trademark can be granted for city. A strong name off a living person also can be granted trademark. So if you are in process of filing an application which denotes ST Mark as living person than your trademark might not be granted, I would get rejected. Your signature cannot be a trademark. Your signature is uni on differential factor, but still it cannot be granted. Trademark. You cannot use country's flag as your trademark that is prohibited until not wouldn't be Atlantic. You're not allowed to use ministry name or names off ministers as straight man. If you try to use minister name or a combination or a politician combination off minister's name, it will be rejected. You cannot use similar names off a brand which already exists, for example, Amazon jobs or as an alternate to Amazon. You can't use that me and you won't be granted trademark, and it is important for you to know my your trademark might get rejected before filing a trademark application. If you keep this 10 points in mind, you would be very liquid to know what not to do so that your trademark doesn't get rejected on your granted. A trademark you're granted trademark for your product or service is with your offering. The second way to discover a trademark infringement is by filing a lawsuit or legal case. If you discover similar sounding names, bran, recipe or any other identifies, which identifies your trademark and we forbid you have ah, registered trademark, always remember to renew and pay the fees off. Enable timely because if you don't do it, somebody might renew it and use it and you lose the right. So always renew and pay the fees, which are required. Though it is perpetual, it is a Puerto. Be renewed on the fees needs to be paid. You are required to use your trademark on a regular basis you cannot abandon. Or you cannot leave your trade map in isolation and come back after a couple of years and say that I own this treatment so you're required to use it. If you don't use it, somebody else to use it that is on infringement on you can discover it easily, so it is important for you to use your trademark on a regular basis. Let us look at us short story on trademark infringement. This is a very interesting story. If you listen carefully, you understand the major concept off trademark. Two friends who started a bicycle manufacturing company over the years. They earned a good amount of repetition. The name off the company was two friends. People were very happy quality and the services for the product that his bicycle was excellent. There was also an infringer by the name Mrs Infringe you. He was very notorious and had a back pass track. She designed a bicycle, which was exactly a copy off the bicycle, manufactured by two friends, the color speed style on the logo. Waas two friends This duplicate product in the market started to create a bad name for the existing two friends that is the bicycle trademark owned by two friends. A lot of complaints were posted online. This defame the reputation off the existing brand. The two friends came to know about this on day were very upset as it was impacting their business on they decided to file a lawsuit against two friends. The court looked at this similarity of the product, the color the logo channel used to sell the product on the mechanics used. After analyzing the case in detail, the court found that they were a lot of similarity between the bicycle manufactured by the two friends on the fate to friends. The good conducted the French taste test likelihood off. Confusion created is tested on eight grounds. That is, Marc similarities, proof or confusion, Similar trademark channel used in marketing, Which is likely would future expansion of product line on the polarized test known as celebrity rights or the personality test? The court tested it on seven grounds. The plaintiffs Trent degree of similarity, similarity in products and services offered even in self confusion. But Jesus sophistication that is experience and knowledge in finance, our business acumen or the amount off precautions and care taken before buying a good or services the quality of product and services intention were analysed. Both the French test, as well as the Polaroid test post conducted the court finally imposed depend lt, which included the punitive damage profits as Vela's extra penalty. It was also found that there violated the common law off the country and Hansen additional penalty was imposed. So whenever there is a trademark, this pew, I'm. If the treatment dispute is complex, most of the jury would use either off this to test to determine if there was an infringement off trademark on out. Even if one of the criteria doesn't matches doesn't satisfy, the case might get rejected, so it must satisfy all the aid rules for eight grounds in case off friend stays in case of personality test a polarized desk, it should satisfied the sudden ground for the seven conditions. What did the treatment challenges and issues with online business? There is high chances that there could be a legalism that is, the same name can be register by somebody else. There was a famous case in Delhi High Court bearing check in hotel and checking. Long had a dispute that a similar sounding name. They had a trademark dispute. So that's an example. Off legalism. Cybersquatting is another trademark challenge. When you're conducting an e commerce or online business, what is cybersquatting? Cybersquatting is basically the practice off registering names. Especially well known company are the brand names as an Internet domain in the hope off, reselling them for profit from the earlier story. There, Mrs and fringe of the malicious Mrs Infringer might have also registered than domain name in the name of the original trademark that is in the name of the original company to friends on. Later, she could have sold that domain name to them at a premium price, and they would be forced to buy since it is associate ID with treatment that granny. This is popularly known as cybersquatting blackmail. This is also a typical challenge when it comes to protecting your trademark online or protecting your online business. Blackmail is a crime threatening to reveal embarrassing. This graceful or damaging information about the person to the public family spouse are associate unless money is paid to purchase silence. This is very common in case of online business rumors. The another challenge is people are out there to spread False news about the company are a brand. Generally, it is in written form, also known as slander website Hijacking. Your website might get hijacked by malicious agent that is also a threat to your online business definition. Deformation is basically reducing moral value or the character on the good will. This is this is basically an order form, or it can spread using any means. So this other typical challenges for an online business on to protect your trademark. If you're having an online business, now that you have read Mark and you know about the trade Now, how do you enforce your right? You can influence your right by filing a case. Also, what you could do is take help off a reputed paid for our constituency. They can help you out. Consult an intellectual property lawyer who is expert in this domain. Jake. Four. Search on banking services like Alexa for page during. Create consumer awareness. Made people aware about your brand and how to detect fake or counterfeit check for common laws off their specific country or that particular region or their specific area where you are operating. Also do trade law and the commercial law on the country off that particular area off that particular region. It is important in case if you want to enforce your trademark right. Remember, do not abandon your trademark. Use your trademark regular me. If you follow this seven steps, you would be in a position to enforce your trademark right. What do you do if you're soon? What to do? Somebody fights a claim that you're infringing the trademark or if you're sued or in number one, claim fair use and competition that is productive is superior than the product manufactured by the computer on it is not identical. You have to explain on a last eight while doing this, you should keep in mind that you do not me any negative comments or statement about the competing product. Instead, you're differentiating your product by highlighting the superior quality. Also do not state or put in comparing remarks like This product fails in X number of years . So if you claim fair use and competition, you can be safe. Point number two claims selling different products If you claim selling a different product , you could be out of trouble to some extent, but that you have to prove it. You will have to provide evidence for that point. Number three. Don't create an illusion off the product. For example, Tall Bozo for more, bro. This is Justin hypothetical example that has nothing to do with the Tor browser. Don't create a big commercial or business. A small business can do wonders as long as it doesn't impact the original trademark holders . Long number fly. Don't register or domain with a similar sounding name. For example, amazon dot com for a Mazumdar calm. This is illegal and can land you in trouble Amazon is a very replicated blank, and it is known for its excellent customer service. This is just used as an example. This has nothing to do with Amazon in real life. So be safe. And don't try this. Settle it out of the group. This is a better and cheaper alternative. The courts can be very expensive when it comes to intellectual property rights and specially trademarks. So in this intellectual property, Siri's off trademark we looked at water straight mark. What other things that can be a trademark. What are the various examples off? Trademark. What is a service mark? What is a certification mark? What is the difference between of business name and then trademark? A business name is the name of company and trademark is your brand name. Then you also looked at various deceptive month order the red flags that needs to be kept in mind. We also took an overview off by trademark is important. The turn off Friedman. How do we save how to protect your online business? Why did eight mark is rejected? What are the common mistakes to award how to discover their trademark infringement? We also looked at an interesting short story off trademark off to friends We looked at French case test on. We also looked at the polar right test using this amazing thing story. We also looked at the challenges faced by the online business. Who knows when it comes to trademark. Finally, we looked at how to enforce ST Mark and what to do if you are sued. I hope you enjoyed this schools. If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to us. I'm sure by now you have a solid foundation off understanding. Trademark what other does and dunes off? Trademark. If you like the schools, please look at the other cities. Off course is an intellectual property right created by me. And please do leave feedback that acts as a motivation for others. Thank you all the best. Your product or brand might fall in specific categories off trademark. So as for the food should you off Trademark rules 2002. This is applicable in India. The trademark is classified into various classes, so class fernwood contain the chemical related stuff. Oh, industries class to would include things vanish and similar sightings. Then Class six would contain metals and their allies on Adam building material in which uses metal class 12 would contain bakers and all locomotive stuff all the cars. So there are various classes under which your brand could fall into, So there are about 45 plus is as per the Indian trademark rules. Then there is something known as Vienna classifications. The declassification classifies the trademark into 29 categories. Class one would include anything related to start cost made class to would include a different set off instrument, like anything that has to do with human beings. Inscriptions, except it gives you a detail analysis off. What I discovered this called on. You can read and go through it. Plus five contains everything that is related to plans. Class 24 is related toe Everything that is related to coins in blames ing balls plus 29 categorise everything, which has to do with colors that discolor off well browned and stuff like that. So this is some international classifications off marks. Now, this trademark on. If you look at Indian contacts there, about 46 classes now, you would ask that How do I know on the which category are under which class outrage among does my product falls? Suppose you manufacture. You have a manufacturer of bull. So I will search gold using this tool and click on search. Invade for ABI and it will display under this class My goods would fall. You first call down. I have a misclassification. In fact, like condos, It will tell me in the which cloud does it falls? This other organization whose tenderizes the trademark classifications. So this other religious organization we just classified goal on the class 14 that is germ stone walls, precious matin and stuff like that. Awesome. Right? So if you're using something, say a gold foil your trademark will fall in the category two. If you're using it for, say, and hardware that uses goal or like building material or Soling material, it will fall in the Class six