Crash Course for Laravel 7 and VueJs Basics | Gerrit Vermeulen | Skillshare

Crash Course for Laravel 7 and VueJs Basics

Gerrit Vermeulen, Software Developer

Crash Course for Laravel 7 and VueJs Basics

Gerrit Vermeulen, Software Developer

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46 Lessons (4h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Procedural vs OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

    • 3. Introduction to section

    • 4. Install Laravel 7

    • 5. Setup MySQL locally

    • 6. Creating your first DB

    • 7. Configure ENV file

    • 8. Run Larvel Locally

    • 9. Add Laravel project to a Bitbucket repository

    • 10. Introduction to section

    • 11. Setup Digital Ocean account and Laravel Forge

    • 12. Connect your first project online through Laravel Forge

    • 13. Connecting a domain to your Laravel forge project

    • 14. Introduction to section

    • 15. Routes Explained

    • 16. How PHP artisan works

    • 17. Controllers Explained

    • 18. Migrations Explained

    • 19. Models Explained

    • 20. Views (blade system) explained

    • 21. Introduction to section

    • 22. Create Dynamic Pages

    • 23. Create Contact us Page

    • 24. Send Email

    • 25. Introduction to this section

    • 26. Install and setup VueJs

    • 27. Use VueJS to manipulate some views on home page

    • 28. Use VueJs to send an email

    • 29. Introduction to this section

    • 30. Install Laravel Auth

    • 31. Add resource routes into Auth groups to create specials

    • 32. Create Migrations for Specials table

    • 33. Create List of specials in Tabular structure

    • 34. Create a new Special

    • 35. Edit a new special

    • 36. Remove a special

    • 37. Realised you forgot an important field and add it to the project

    • 38. Show list of specials on home page

    • 39. Once clicked on the special, navigate to a new window to display special information.

    • 40. Introduction - How to include Cloudinary to your Laravel Project

    • 41. What is Cloudinary and why should we use it with our Laravel Project

    • 42. Register an account with Cloudinary for your Laravel Project

    • 43. Install the Cloudinary Laravel package and configure .env file

    • 44. How to upload files to Cloudinary through your Laravel Project

    • 45. How to easily manipulate images with Cloudinary through your Laravel Project

    • 46. Thank you for watching this course

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About This Class

In this course, we will start from the beginning and tell you how to set up your first Laravel Project. I will also show you how to deploy your code online to a Virtual Private Server.

This is a must-have course if you're simply want to jump into Laravel and learn the basics. And if you have help, you can contact me through this platform in order to help you.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gerrit Vermeulen

Software Developer


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1. Introduction: welcome to this course, and this course is suitable for you if you want to jump in and learn a lot of l seven or if you want to start living that honorable framework, but you don't know where to start or you start a program and won't lend more methods or you're about level and you want to see if it's for you on or you want to connect. Future is with Lauraville. This is a crash course, so we don't get in depth of its function. But it is the fast paced, easy to follow, and it's straight to the point. So we show the whole process from insulting or first level seven project and up to the finished product online. So I also want to become some kind of virtual private tutor. So if you guys have any questions and you submit to me, I will try to make a movie about that and help you guys out where I can. So it's not just videos that I will be uploading and you guys have to figure the rest out. So if you have any questions or if you are struggling with something or something, it's not clear. You can contact me and I will do my best to help you guys. I will also try to add one video at least one with you each week. So the idea is to continue with the clauses and give you guys steps. And as soon as days, something new that I want to show you guys. I will be uploading it. So let it. But Appelt me? My name is Carl for Mulan. I left in Namibia offering developments Since 2000 and nine. Andi, I've been developing in Laval since 2014 on I've done beauty is since 2018. If you guys have any questions, let me know. I hope you guys enjoy the course. I've put a lot of effort into making the scores and I did enjoy it on. I hope you guys too. 2. Procedural vs OOP (Object Oriented Programming): Okay, So before we start of Lauraville, I just quickly want to go over with what? The difference is between procedural coding and object orientated programming. Which is Opie Group, I guess. Okay, So, the first order of option with this procedural coding my public, I'm just going to create a new focal taste. I'm gonna create in this idea. You fall. I'm just gonna call it taste, which be, um, go here. I just want a cookie. Stop my server. You can use whatever. So you like Sam Sam or PHP? Zone? Ah, so so inside I created the taste Ph. B. So if ago in year I copied this and I call it test kits being you'll see, I will get something empty because there's nothing inside your so just not a bit before I just do this. Let's be on. I can close it. Actually, you get neither Close it, but asl long as there's nothing else that ends after it and he can actually just leave out the ending. It's just that if you would have HTML year for some reason, then you have to close a PHP file before you continue. If I seem hell but anyway, so regional coding is just normal coating, so you can actually just make a new variable called variable equals. Let's just call it greatly equals No, that's a That's a very original. Okay, so they want to echo that. I can just say EKO variable. And if I go back to my crumb, people say, LaBolt, that is just that. So the problem now is that everything I want to do is professionals. It means it gets executed from the top to the bottom. So if I want to do Mass, for example, I want to say, OK, valuable. That same math. You know, Nichols free or full on equals that say it's math in plus math, too. Then I can sit pick up on soup. I'm just going to because that you guys know because it echoes the variable. And then it goes the answer. It will be just in one word so I could show you. Wait, I did something wrong. Let me see. Oh, yes. I never put in the That will come a point something. Anyway. So if I did this, I will say it says, Hello, World 58. I do fix that I can I do this to see if that works? Now, that doesn't work. But I know that the grateful work, because that's a team health. Okay? Or I can just actually this you got that. Okay, let's give it out the end. So it echoes this, then it occurs to break, and then it occurs. Answer. So that should work that we could show you. Yeah, that still works. Okay, so that says this is the thing with original delays, No structure. We execute from top to bottom. So if you like to start with ice Jemele, you have to be in a digital in the year, so you will have something like Echo. I seem l And let's see on then I can say OK, the echo, it kind of just how the people would look like if he makes it and work on talkto bottom. So this is not a really cool way to do this because you want construction so on. So Larible is completely object orientated programming. So let me show you the difference between this and object oriented programming. Okay? So let's go create a taste to the Missouri difference so I can send you fall, I will say call it this two piece It's being And this is not going to be object oriented programming so normally for its class to create. You said I actually just use one file. So but in this case, I'm just going to use to classes in years so that you can see what I'm doing. All right, so let me start of the class. You have to create the close, and that's quit. Taste one and close. I will. Did you s got Yeah, it's quickly not forget about the pitch. Be so instead, Of course, I want to create a method. Okay, so let's cool it. Okay? I have to initiate the constructive. That's a public function going to stop on then for now, I'm just going to call a pinko something. So if I execute this, nothing is supposed to happen. Let me see. Say that doesn't do anything because even the executes it never actually called the class. So what I can do is as soon as I entered this, I can say something like Okay, taste, that's a taste in equals. New taste one. So now it should echoed this because this is now object. It actually creates this and this gets credit automatically. See if I opened this and execute Well, nothing happened. So what did I do wrong? Oh, I spelled home. I said gone. Star of it, I cannot see. Oh, there it goes. Hello world. So now it executed. Now you don't have to initiate the construct, but it's just very You know, it just means that as soon as you want to, especially go more functions, methods inside the function and you want the passing variables and stuff like that. You can do it with the constructs. For example let me show you. OK, so what I want to do now is I want to pose into math function variable So that school eight 13 coma via so afraid to comma and 43 I want to pause it fruit through this construct. So what I can do now is I can say private and not that that's going like math one like a deep off the other test and I cant scoping price that and call it back to so as soon as I call this I want this to be the fine, so all I need to do these. I can call this. That's hit variable one and variable do on inside you because this is no object. I can say this because it showed it references to itself. So this math one equals variable and math two equals a viable to. So if I want to that we could see if that works. So if I go and set Echo last one, it should say for you two. Let's see if that works. Okay, that works. But there's something else room under find valuable valuable to. So I did something there because my spelling is horrible today. I don't know why. So it possible for it to So another cool thing is, now you can actually say Okay, I want a new admitted inside this. So the one myth it is, I want Teoh that's making the public mythical. Probably function. So this is my function naming my method name. Uh, so I'm just going to return, But it's a snap one plus math, too. So if I do this, if I actually I can actually, yes, that's it. Takes two equals. Then I can say it's taste one, because this is now an object, and I can call within the object this. Ah, at the numbers. So what do does now is that excuse is this myth it and assigned to this, uh, vegetable over here. So if I want to echo that Oh, yes. So I did something wrong. That seat to anyone. Okay. So obviously, this isn't because I never actually referenced my own object, so this was never defined. So I just have to go say this on this. Said that's him off. This object on product available is now sunning. Okay, so if I go in at five, you will see he does this so I can execute a new one that stays. Um, are you quite multiply the numbers. My spelling is very good. Okay. So and the difference between that is I want to Yes, do that. Okay. So if I not do this taste three, Okay? Just not confuse you. I'm just going to call it object one and object one that's gonna test one test two. And but I'm going to leave that out from now, so test is gonna be object and then multiply numbers on. If I go that and say EKO, taste too. It's 1849 so you cannot actually explain both of them. So just this is a quick way. You can create object stuff like that. Now the cool thing is, you can actually initiate different objects s o, for example, if I create a new one and say object to and let's make it a simple one, it is five plus full and I do the same thing I want to taste One is that to his object to is one. So it's going to be the exact same thing, but object one is committed. 60. This may be because the values in year is different and object to is here. So no, I can actually do this. I just want to create a break with their on Let's see 86. So that does make sense. And basically, if there's something other you want to know about objects in precept, No, but this is suggest if it so you just understand what it's all about and don't. It differs between procedural and object oriented the program. If there's something specific you guys won't explain to let me know, and I will explain that, but I just want to show you the difference between object orientated on procedural coding. Just know that imprecision coding. You can still create functions, but it's gonna look like this function. Um, at math, you can say variable one and edible. So the difference between this should would have been decided. Okay, that's what this was actually this So I can actually just also create the functions and special coating. Actually, cool functions say I could do something like math and then say, See, five on inside here I could say something like Table one plus variable, too. Let's say so. Then you can say answer Equals also equals cause dysfunction for five. So answer should be actually nine. So let's just see if that works and this county legal life moving out so alter should be nine. Let's see Echo answer. And if I go do this and go back to my taste of pitch be it says nine. I see on a level I did something wrong. Oh, yeah, because I have a variable and there is no i going out student work. But yeah. So if I go there and nine, it's works. So yeah, that's basically it'll. Thank you very much. See you in the next loss. 3. Introduction to section: Okay. Welcome. Do this section. This whole purpose off the section is just to get your project up and running locally civil . I will go to go through all the steps. I will expend all the steps. So basically, all that's gonna happen is, you know, install the Lauraville project connected database connected email settings, and then add it all to a bet. Pocket the post story. So, yeah, it's old. There's old sections purposes. Only the gate have been set up locally, and once we're done with that, the next part would be to get it online, seeing the next class. 4. Install Laravel 7: Okay, so the first port is to install the lateral seven project on your PC. As you can see, I just navigated to my folder my drive. If and course I'm going to install the project over here and this doesn't matter. We install it. You can create any folder. I just like more structure. So normally I have a folder called Work Folder and inside that I usually install all my projects. But everybody has their own way off managing their products, so it's all up to you. So how I normally install a project is I just go to Google. I say stole alarm Bell seven. Usually it's the first result. As you can see P click here, you will. It gives me instructions how to install it. It's fairly simple. You can always also save this link. If you want to just go to wreck it to this page As you go down, you will see that you do need Composer do actually install arrival. Seven. So composer is the pendency manager for PHP. Do they are loaded? You can just simply go to download. It's opening system does have its underway with windows is fairly simple you just don't love the composer Set up with the XY and you can install it. So once installed composer, you can just simply go and install or run this in your skin. Your command line. So you do this, you just simply copy this on when you're in the fold, you can just click, shift and right mouse button. It will say open power shell window. Here. You can just copy and paste that I've already installed a lot of installer, so I'm not going to do that now. Once you're done installing the lot of installer, you can just go down and you will come to the place where it actually installs the project itself. Just quickly find its here. So once you copied this on basted in Europe, command in the face, you notice at the end you it's his blocks that this system name off your project. So I'm just going to call it crash course. Let's make it dies. Grass course. Laura Bell seven. Okay, just place enter and you just wait depending on your engine speed. This can take a while. I know that on my internet connection, it takes usually about five minutes team stole. Okay, So once installation finished, well, we have Don't lift installing the project. Why don't you go back to the folder? You'll see deformities day when you go inside. Sold there. Okay, so on the next cause real. Continue with my sickle. 5. Setup MySQL locally: Okay, So the next part is that we need to install my sickle to your local server or your you know , your computer. Uh, so what I do? He's just click on Google. And I say my SQL Stoller. Usually it's the first thing that looks like the first link of a year alternative. You can just see this link on Go directly to this page. I'm just showing you how I usually do it. I click on the first download when you want. You're not displace. Sometimes people get confused and they think they're after logging or so before they can continue. But you can just click on. No, thanks. Just start download. And then I just have to wait a while for the download finish. Luckily, it's just 24 megabytes. Okay, so once the dollar is done, you can just click on it and yeah, you can just go through the installation process. Okay? So once you're on this page, you can just click. Are you living on developer default? Then you can just praise next on next again. Now it's time to set up everything. I want to stand alone my sequel server. Just click next I just leave it on the default settings and click next the default living on a default settings and click next. So yes, the post with which you have to remember I'm just going to make my password. Password. Um, you have to remember your positive for the next class. I'm just living at the fort sittings again. Onda, I execute. Okay, so once you're finished, you just click finish next on finish. Okay, so the possible I ended was passed. Word and I click next and execute. I click next again on finish. Okay, so that's done. You're Sequels. My sequel seven is now up and running. See you at the next class. 6. Creating your first DB: Okay. So on the previous class, we installed my sequel server on your local sever. So I always find it easy to use sequel York in order to check out my databases and maintaining my database locally. So what I do is I just search again for sequel York community. The first result here. If you check out the link, you will say this sister links You can actually just go directed to this Linkous. Well, so I just unload this one over a year. Once it's done downloading, you can go ahead and install it once you installed it. It is now the time to actually connect your local my sickle sever so you can just kick new you name it. I usually just call it local, since it's your local 71 to connect to. But you could Okay, you have to enter your positive a year sell. Remember that. It was because I said you have to remember your password so you have to enter it here. So it's past my posit Waas password. So I kick connect it. Just ask you if you want to save the changes, you can just go ahead and click. Yes, on the left inside, you can see all the databases that's over the on your system. So for the project, your current working on you want to create a new database so you can just, tactically quite click and sacred high tech device I'm going to call mine. It's something around the lines off, guys. Course not available. So once I created, you will see my database every year. Once any tables are created, you can actually see the tables inside. You know, I think these are sample tables. You can see how they work, and you can actually also view the data inside a table. So this actual nice program to just navigate around the tables and see what is going on. But in this particular course, we're not ever going to create tables within this. Within sickle York, Larible has something called migrations. And we were using migrations in order to create a lower tables. So yeah. Okay. See you in the next class. 7. Configure ENV file: Okay, So in this class, we're going to connect our database to our Laval project. So it doesn't really matter what the EU is. I use Dreamweaver, but you can also use other ideas like, for instance, visual studio and so on. I just used him. We were because I after a double collection. And I pay so much for that every month that I feel like I have to use this. So you have to navigate to your Laval project with Adobe have do it like they set up in your sight and say something like a rash because, um, Laura Bell on I just navigate to where my project is official studios. A bit different, but basically the same. So I never get into this folder and I kicks like Fuller. I cook safe. Like I said, once you can see your falls, you will notice there's an environment file. So this is basically the fall that starts all the sittings off the project. If you open it, you will say things like app name. You can change the app name to your projects. Name. Just know that if you're fall as more than one, but you have to use quotation marks, so I'm gonna call it Crash Bush. Laura Bell AP Environment is local. Uh, I'm not going to go through all the exact things here. Local means that when once you after project online, it says production. So you can actually call certain functions and leave us in the functions when it sees its local or if its production. But I'm not going to go into that for now. The other part that's kind of important is the mile set up. I'm going to enter the email settings because I am going to want to send an animal eventually. So this is the place to set up your mail sittings. I'm using Mel Gun so you can use whatever you want. You can even use your own Imo several sittings. So if I already have the most seven, you can just add the settings here. So differences with my m o. My in most cities looked Looks like this. My hostesses NTP dot melgen's orc. My port number is 465 My user name is website at m g dot picks up Pinguin the boom my posit , I'm not coming. Certainly bullshit. Now for security reasons, but yeah, essentially, this is all you need. The mile from address is really important because that's the email address that's going to be shown to them receiver once a email is sent from the website. So normally we have for no reply at something from my instance. It's big self penguins at home, but it depends on your to my name and your email server. The mile from name, you will notice that it has this dollar shine with the brackets. It means that it gets the name from this. So what they were this name is it will be the from emerges if you choose there for different name specifically from the mail from name, you can just insert here something else life, Johnny. But if you choose to have the same name as above here, you can just leave it like that. So, yeah, this is now the middle sittings. Now we have to set up the database so you will see year issued database connection variables since we set up a must sickle, that advice this corrected DPS is normally locals, which is 1 to 7.0 dot 0.1. The report normally stays the same. Ah, database name. This is the database name you made. So in our example, I made it crash course. Laura Bell. My user name remained route. And my password. I made password. So you just have to make sure you inter that correctly. Andi Mike Show The spelling is correct and that's it. Now we can taste if the level project is upper running in the next class. 8. Run Larvel Locally: Okay, So in this class, we're going to check whether the lot of a project is upper running locally. It's very easy to do since we have set up everything. If you guys do experience any problems, just leave equipment and I will try to help you guys in the issues you have. But anyway, so I'm just going to never get to my projects folder. My father is at Dr, of course, and classical level seven. So we windows you just old in left shift. And what kicker? Mels on open power Shell Window year. And then all you need to do is typing gets big artists and serve. Once that's done, you can open your browser. Just copy this link over a year and based of a day. So then, you know. OK, so the level project is upper running, but this doesn't mean it is connecting to the article several correctly. So we have to test whether that works correctly. So once you go to your project folder and you navigate to roots, you opened routes and you open a whip in the next section of owl or actually, the first section. I will explain exactly the roots work, but for testing purposes just opened the Web. You are in the roots folder. You see, It pretends of you. You come in that out. I wrote a simple script to just stay sway there. The connection is actually correct. So you can just actually copy this. I will inserted as a downloadable document so you can just open up in copy and paste. So what twice do is it tries to be connected. A database, if it does exceed it, says yea, It worked with excitedly. If this doesn't work, it skips over to this line on it dies with this message. Put this error message so it will say why it doesn't work. So let's just go it. And yes, it says it worked. I just want to show you guys what happens when it wouldn't work. For example, I'm going to make my post incorrect. I just need to start restart several as change Anything in your environment files locally, you have to restart the PHP audience and surf. So if I go in place a five now, people give her utes areas so it says, please check your fridge configuration error. PDO exception sequel state blah blah, not going with this whole thing into a profit. Taking up a couple of minutes so you can actually see from the Macy's access denied for user route. Localizing posit. Yes. So this most probably means that the possible or use them is incorrect. If you guys do have different ever and you guys ever autumn could making a connection to your bicycle database to slip in our and I will see if I can help you guys. OK, so that's awful. It's close. In the next close, we will. I will show you out to act your project with a repository seeing the next clause. 9. Add Laravel project to a Bitbucket repository: Okay, So in this class, I'm just going to show you how to add your project to a repository for a post. Stories I am using. But bucket. As soon as you go to put buckets, we just have to register. If you don't have account already in order to create a Poe story, I just click, create, create a repository I entered. Riposte. The project type the poster rename. I'm just going to call it crash course. I don't know, seven. So then I just created the repository in order to create the clone. I just click on this https, and I just simply copy of this. I hurt my folder shift. Right. Click open. Partial window based. Enter. So what happens now? Mrs. Creates a clone off the proposed story, but repository is empty, as you can see. So what I'm doing is just coping all the info, the comment inside here, in this folder so I can just go ahead and to lead that folder. As soon as I'm in here, I just click left Mouse on, right click Open power shell. We know here now I want to push all my faults to the repository. So I just click Get a to add all the dis stage All the files get committed to commit all my changes off the message I'm just saying first unusual comet. So I just go it. And now I just get push This basically pushes All the information are all the foul stood in a post story So I just go ahead and click it Push and yeah, the project is now online. I need to go back to this website. We created this new pecan source. You can see all the falls are indeed on the era. Okay? And that's it for repositories. Now we can continue to the next section. 10. Introduction to section: Okay, So in this section, all I want to do is get of a project online. So this just run down how to get our project online using digital question. As of what? Your private server. And I'm going to use a literal fortune as at the point method in order to deploy on our digital origen server. So we're also going to connect our bed pocket of post story to our level force account. And then after that, we will connect a domain to our all and service so that we can access the project online. I hope you guys enjoy the scores and let me know if something is unclear. 11. Setup Digital Ocean account and Laravel Forge: Okay, So in this class, we're gonna connect Digital Ocean to a lot of L. Ford's project. So in this previous lesson, I should do this link where you can actually send up and get there. Honda love. Frequent over 60 days. So what I can do is just click on that link sun up. Um, I'm just gonna send up with my email. I'm just gonna say my name is Harry. Read. My memo is headed at Pixel Penguin. That come on, My possibilities. Well, I'm the same. A password. Good. So the next step is to confirm my email. So let's get my madres. It says, please confirm. I'm just going to confirm that it's once by credentials and let's continue on continue. Okay. So often this, um, the next step is for our lot of l force to connect. So let's quickly go back to my little of our force account. Let's create a new force to kill in silver. So let's go it. And it's called it Sarette from Mylan at pixel Penguin. That comb on my posit remains, you know, a secret. Okay, so what you need to do is just generating new A P I token from Digital Ocean. You can just click here, generate new token in the took a name and it's gonna call it for church. That's click generate. You're saying your token. Copy that. Place it, Dear Andi Connect. So I have to create a new building plan. They are free options. For now, I'm just going to use this Hopi one. So by clicking digital ocean, I'm choosing the lowest one. But, I mean, you can choose anyone, but for now I'm choosing this on London. The name you can limit any. I'm looking a good name. Mine Tin Cup Ph version. I'm gonna leave it on the latest one on going to say create, sever on like a set. These are important. Saved these Bosworth's Once you could close and you say create silver, you can see it's building. Okay, So as you can see, this process is actually creating a new droplet for your a digital ocean server. Say you don't need to create it proper it for your digitals and sever This part may take some time, so don't worry. Just wait it out. Okay, so it seems it's done. If I look at this, it actually create all these Starsk already. Let's go back to Jill Ocean. If I go to my droplets, he will see it automatically created this droplet. So, yeah, basically, you're done. So if you go but active for each click on that link there, you will see you have for several year on. Now you can actually start creating your own websites or applications. Well, see you in the next close. 12. Connect your first project online through Laravel Forge: Okay, So after you managed to activate your part seven to your lot of all forge account, then it comes really easy to actually at the project. So in my instance, I'm just going to go to my server. You enter the main. I'm going to make mind course dot pixel penguin. Come here to make sure you are in short, depend or you can actually register. Register the main on gathering that will be in the next class. Aliases. Basically, it means that if you have more than one domain, for example, if you want people to that is the main fruit that you're a well, you want to have them access. It is something else like some. So if you have a second menu on people to exit from the normally I've done that. Yes, I do. Sometimes you're using a years when I have I'm busy for beta Andi. Then I can just like that, said the person first access to Beta then that the mind is not pointing to this. You're all yet, but it's already set up in the project. But you're basically all you guys need to know is your your l You're the my name should be here. It doesn't need to have a supplement. I'm just using sub tomate in order for this example. But essentially, it can be just like this. Andi, you can also create a database, which is very nice. So my local that the base was called course, actually crash course support Laura Bell. So I'm going to call it the same thing. Ah, I'm gonna call it the same database name online, so I'm just gonna kick hat site. So I have a couple of projects on the seven. As you can see, it's still initializing the project. We just have to wait. Once it's done, you click on it. I click, get historian. Then you need to navigate back to your foot bucket account. You go to Europe. Oh, stories. Stick on the poster. You want to add to the project, go to the post story sittings on go to access keys. And this is really important because you're basically giving access to a lot of our fortune . Order to upload the false to the virtual private server. So I want you your kick at key. I just call it force. And I know this excuse is for Forge. I copied this string they gave basted here and I click. Add key. Then they say, please enter your off the post story. So basically what it means is on this link on the top you have to from your isn't name which, minus speaks a penguin. Andi on the repository name which mine is a crash course Larible seven. You have to copy that string on and basted here and click Install Repository. After that, the post area is done Executing back. Sure, your title. Bisquick correctly. And so you go to your sever again. You go. The database, Remember, we cry already. Credit at a place called Crash Course letter. Well, now the problem is I need to create a user. So I'm calling eight. That's a crash course. Well, user on the password, I'm going to call it this. Always good to have a positive generator, but I'm just for purpose. I'm just going Teoh, make sure that excuse what I'm going to do. Grass court, love. Well, that's it possible. I mean, it's better to have a process more like this, but for Damon purposes only I'm using it this way. Actually cope with the password and the user name and possible. Because we are going Teoh, I need to add it to the environment. Files off. Also, make sure essential at a database using make sure you Megat a user off the specific database you want to use. So in this instance, we had need to connect this use. And I'm impulsive to this database so we can say at user. Okay, so, yeah, unless they don't actually allow status and make sure you did ashes. Okay, then we can go with That's just make sure I cope with the database correctly as well. Okay. So as user, you can use it at it, as you can see. If you go Dona, you're supposed to see it here. Crash calls level user. All right, so when we go back to our side crash course of executives course to pick up a penguin, I'm going to my environment. Environment falls a click edit environment in the D. V. D. V connection. Just make sure everything is copy. Pasted them. So the databases that that's the name Mississippi use it and this is the password was you could safe your environment. Falls is updated like I mentioned before that system one false, um, actually updated correctly and go through everything. Remember the local one? Said Local. This one says production. It means it's but it's the production civets, the lifesaver. So you can also add your name You. I'm going to quit crash course. Laura Bell. You can go for everything can add your email settings here as well. All right, so let's save. I'm going back to ABS so year we can actually enable quick the poise. This means that as soon as someone or asking issue pushed to the repository, when you go get at a state of Falls in your good committee committal, the false and unique sick get pushed and it pushes to your positively it automatically the ploys to the servant. So I'm going to enable that, and while that's in a boat, I'm going to play for the first time as well. So basically, the perfect is up and running, but a sushi goto course got pixel pingan, but you will see it's not life. It that's because we still need to connected the main to the a lot of a seven said that will tackle in the next class 13. Connecting a domain to your Laravel forge project: Okay, So in the previous class, we managed to set up the product called course toe pixel penguin dot com. But as she's can see, it's not life yet. So in order for me to make it life, I have a Go daddy account. But it's not that year after use. Go down it in order to register your the minds, but it is very nice send. It also has a is manager, which you need in order to joins the DNS settings off its two main. And that's how we are going to point to the mine to our project. Seldon designed in on minus domains. So I have a couple of the mines here and I want to search for pixel penguin. But that's nice. I get it the main here. Remember, if you don't have the time and yet you have to register it, just register the menu simply. Coty, go very on set for something. Remain that called. This is the example. You can have any domain. It will tell you if the minutes available. For example, give it says something. Domain to come is available. This is a really, really terrible to my name, but it is just example. And if you like the man, you just click at the court and good, Go through the process and you're done. Then it should be less than under here. So I want point the supplement course daughter picks a penguin that come to our project. So I'm gonna click manage DNS. So you'll see off a couple off Dennis cities over the year. But not that confusing. Doesn't matter yours little. So I'm going to click on add and I want to I want to at a record. So this is basically pointing into the project. So I'm clicking on a on my hostess course, and it points to Let's go back to our love affords project. When you go into your silver, you'll see there is I peered Race. You have to copy that one. Since this system place where the civil way The project we set up you kissed based at the I P address then, so now we know it's gonna be course dot whatever the man we have here, so its course dot it's a penguin dot com. I'm going to save it on. It's gonna be a take a little while but see, it's not gonna perfect quickly. It depends, so there's a lot of factors, but normally it's up and running both in 10 minutes, but it can take up to a couple of hours in order to propagate correctly. Let's check if it's point already. Yeah, it works. So that's quick. It checks the reference. So if I code, if I go year to my project are right pick and say art isn't served on and I copied this. That's opening up. Here they are. So previously the environment of false I deliberately might incorrect. So I just have to fix that quickly. So if you fix it over here, Andi Okay, let me could see Yes. So possibles incorrect. I have to stop this. Let's check this l that says Yates works. I can go over to the roots because I want to display the placed parts instead off this center. So you'll see as his Hadco back to this like hickory face. It's just that the full thought about Paige Now, if I want to upload it to our own land several All after do is this so type and get at a two state of falls gets from a message, Uh, so you can type in the missing for this instance, I'm going to say something like, uh, Jones do display the full love language on get pushed in order to push. So when once you're so once you pushed the data, it takes a while for this place to reflect. And there you go. So the genius you act locally pushed online. All right, see you in the next section. 14. Introduction to section: Okay, Welcome to the new section. So in this section, I'm just going to explain the basics off Lauraville seven, for example, Our PHP autism works how the roots work out the controllers workout models work and how they view Blade System works. So this is the complete by six. This is just to get a feel on how things work so you don't get lost. This is also I feel, the most important part of Lauraville. Did you understand what is all about and how it works and how it operates in the next section we will die for, but deeper into their logic. Okay, so you're seeing the next close. 15. Routes Explained: Okay, so in this class, I will explain, but roots are and how it works. So let's quickly give you an example. I don't want to open that rather scores. Okay, sitting here, I just opened power shell again. I click. It's obvious insert to get our virtual server up and running. And supposed to be that I open it here. So as you can see a signature for the main name on you want different pages, For example, you want something like page about us. You want something like that now normally doesn't found because there is no route set up for that page. Now women will be created. We went the roots and we went to whip so basic in year, I say, if there was no root entered or basically, if there's no sup, Fuller enter to him like that goes to basically this apartment sedative trends of you. So basically what this means is as soon as you click on the home patch and then it redirects to this view. Fall year on it, execute this fall. This is all HTML. In this course. We will later tackle the basics off a smell, especially with bootstrap as you can see, if you open the base of the route the main This is this executed to give an idea quickly. Is that Let's say I want to change. This letter will name. I want to call it crash. That's good. Crash court class scores. Maybe Laura Bell. If you could go back to this pageant, we pressed a five. It says Class court Larible. So let's assume I want to create the sub page that would just say suffer like Hello. I am this page. Then all I need to do these. Go back to whip. I create another route. Okay, so let's assume you want to make the sub page. All I need to do is copy Paste this whole thing go. I will just put an echo year echo. Are you there? This is about face. I just need to make sure that this is rooted correctly. So as someone goes to four slash played force lies about us, then it will need to say this. So if I go back to this page, which is force trash Page four slash about us. Same as here. If I click on a five, then it says that. So if I do a spell mistake here, it doesn't work so that we could sit up and working. It's other things that will go in deeper. For example, you can actually part passing. And I have something like that. Looks like this, Eileen. And then you can pass this fruity two controller. All right, So basically, yeah, this is what explains route is all done. Food whip. You can actually have multiple routes. Falls. But I'm just going to for this purpose, use this one fall. It is not necessary to have a 2nd 1 It's just that when you're working with bigger and bigger projects, you tend to use different with falls in already could keep things more structured, but essentially with any basic weapons and so on. You basically with only need one view. One root file, sir. Yeah. See you in the next section. 16. How PHP artisan works: Okay, So in the previous close, explain what the purpose Waas roots before I can actually continue and say out the control Russian models work, which I think is important is I need to explain what the purpose is off PSB Artisan. So artisan is the command line interface included with Laura Bell. It provides a number off helpful commands that can assist you while you build your application. So I attached a list off help for helpful commands so you can just view them. But the 1st 1 will start with is, you know, created a controller with PHP artisan. So if I open the document command window Yeah, I could just say PHP partisan make controller And let's cool it about us controller for testing purposes. College have belt us control it. So let me just show you year as you open up the controversial you will see there is no other controllers over here. It's just controller and controller. This is actually not use countries this fall. It's used by other controllers. So if I click enter well, seeing if I refresh of the year nearest about this controller so it's really made for you now you can actually just go ahead and do your programming, Public function index or something like that. Other fun thing is that actually you can create folders within the controllers folder. So if you're using a bigger project and you want more structure in your folders, you can actually say something like, Let's assume this is the Websites controller you can say OK, so it should make a website folder. And inside the whips that fall, that is about as controller. So I just press enter. As soon as I refresh, you will say There's a folder, website and inside website. There's about us Controller in this case will say there is now two identical controllers. That should never happen. It's control Sapir Nick. Even though this controller is within another folder, it will still clash with its other, but quickly to let this one Okay, so other things you can actually create. We have paid for all this. And like I said, I attached a document that as some functions off, the artisan commend in the face so the other one will be using as models so we can actually create models. So again we can say its the autism make model on, Let's say page with Let's make a pitch model. It's always singular. You should never, uh, make a to plural. It should always be singular. It won't public break anything. So it is just that the full structure that the novel uses a soon as durable creates migrations. For example, if I create a migration, which I will also explain later on the tables on it did it on the database is always plural , while the models are always singler. So there's just something you have to keep in mind. If I do this, the dash came. It means that if the model, it also creates a migration, you can find you my graces every year. Just can see there is actually to my grace is created. I woke it to immigration on the letter stage, but just explain if I and of this he will see under the APP directory, you will see there's a new model called Page, and under the database there's actually a new migration called Create Pages Table and on standard creates the idea and the time stamps, which are created at an updated hat fields. But I'm not going to go into more detail at this moment. I'm just explained how that artist in command works, so Oh, yeah. Another thing I want to show you is that, as you can see, we created the pace that called was just page. But immigration the table it will create in the databases pages so quickly. Just leave this on this. As soon as I executed amount of Falcon minus in, it only creates the model and no migrations, as you can see. So basically, yeah, this is what our this in comment is used for. Yeah. So I will 16 the next class. In the next class, I will explain what the purpose of controllers are. 17. Controllers Explained: dollars are meant to group associate. It quits handling logic within a single class. Your controllers are in this folder under app STP controllers like I showed you before. You can actually also group to controls with in thats folder if you're handling a bigger project and you want more structure. All right, so we created control already, but I'm gonna delete that Controller Andi starts from this start from the start. Okay, so I'm kind of cool it. Mike gets the artist cell make controller. Let's call it the Now, Let's call it the disk controller. So give us the disk controller to access this. I want to create a new method. Some calling a public function. That's got that's good, index. Let's call it taste one. Just so you guys understand exactly why I'm calling it that? Okay, So remember, in the previous close, we when I showed you the roots Well, it's essentially want to access a controller. There is gonna be a certain changes, so I'm going to make a new route called, um I'm gonna make it the gates roots also house. I'm going to make it the folder test Taste one on, then. Here I can just call the control of show in this instance in these this from the troll letter. And now I want to know which meant that access within this controller. So I grab one and it's called Taste One. So taste one on I am done. So let's just quickly see year give ago echo and say something like, um, look, let's just launched. So if I go to I just around my local server always make that mistake. So I just think that I said you OK, so this is the home page at the moment. It's executing this one. That's because I want to execute this one. I have to add taste button. So now you can actually access the taste. Controller said this inside your you kind of like a normal Ph. B. It's not opening speech being so on in the next class, I'm gonna show you how morals work. Okay? Yeah. So basically, that's all about controls out to activate them on the next class of explain a bit more about controllers by expanding more about morals and views. But yes, this is how you actually call a controller. Okay, so I will see in the X close 18. Migrations Explained: So in this class, we're going to look at the models. So, yeah, what exactly is the model? Well, more are means to handle the business logic in any NBC framework based application, and none of L. A model is a close that represents the logical structure and relationship off on the land data table. So let's Kinler bone It's table as its corresponding model. So basically means that the page has a pages table and user would have a user's table in the database. As I explained in the previous class, as you usually around the migrations, they will actually create the tables. So let it couldn't first create tables my patients so that we can actually stop with the models and how they work. Okay, so inside here, I just want to make sure I just wanted to let this fight model so that we can start from scratch. Okay, So, like I said, previously used artisan command get or isn't make model page, so if you press enter now, it will create a model that's called Page, but there is no migration, so you have to create the table manually. So yeah, the critical manually is actually simple. We could either do it manually. This means that you would go to crash course table. Then you would say, Create table and you could say pages And you know, you can just make sure I the name Let's say it has this corruption created that's updated at so you could create it manually. But with Lauraville migrations, it's a bit better, especially to get keep tabs on who's creating what. For example, give given example is that as soon as I work and I create immigration and creating a table , I don't need to know. Let my teammates know that they need to create a table on their three local computer as well. So if the Migrates estimates a suicide gate the proposed story at the pool, their post story, they will also get immigrations and points once they execute the migrations. Then it's already uploaded into a computer also, and I think to consider is that if you go this route by creating the tables manually, then this means that you have to also go online to the online silver and create tables their online manually as well, whereas with migrations, as soon as you create a migration being automatically tables gets created online. But I'm just showing you how it works manually. Andi, did you understand similarities? And why we do that? So we can actually say Okay, I should always be int Tomicki not know on this name. Candy bar Char that stick through 55 description is usually long Text the create on update it. Andi Yeah. So level standard was always create a pattern. Updated that and yeah, that's basically it. So if I saved this, it would have looked like this. So if it wanted to great this immigration for the stable, I would simply do this. So I said, there are some make model page sick and asleep in for short or migrations migration. So I'm just going to use minus it has a press enter. Okay. So as you can see, it created the new paid model as well as a migration called pages. Instead, he really has the i d. And time stems. Time stems is actually the created at and operated updated at field. So that on idea already gets created automatically. If you go to Google with a lot of well migrations, you can actually see this whole less stuff, things you can use. So, like I said for name, we want to use voucher. It's called String in by the Migrations. So if I go Teoh thing that you see your is so all I need to do is copy this piece of Kurt, Go back to this and I would just say name on. Like I said, I want the length to be 255 If you wanted the full value as well, you can just say default. Um, let's say, um or if you want to be able, that table can be no, you would say in the level, but I want to make it required field. So I'm just gonna leave with him team as the description. It's a long text, as we saw a year. If it goes out of table, you will see I made it a long text. Long takes as its own. The full value for linguist known takes has own length, so you don't need to find it. So I would just such a long It's a example. The name is also correct. So the name off the field is a the number of columns his name and then I'm off this economist description. Like I said, you don't need it to find this length here, so I need to delete this table. Otherwise, as soon as I try to do the migration, it will class since the temple really exists. So if I delete this on a fresh, we'll see have no tables. So one side round immigrations they should be. I think four tables created these unstable. They felt job stable, very stable in this also a migration stable. My greatest table is used to keeper Easter off all the tables created so it doesn't try to recreate the table that what's really created by migrations. So let's go it on a run. The migration. So I just used his artistic command to create immigration's a presenter. Okay, Yeah, I have seen this before. I'm not sure what causes it. So what I do to fix this is no nickel to app. Um, provided this app service provider on. I just entered this. So if you have to say every, just do the same thing I'm doing now on under boot, I just added this. So if I do a place, May Alderson, my great now it should work. Okay, because the previous migration failed. I just have to make sure I lied tables on you as well, Because what essentially happened is that while credit table it filed and detail was already credit, been around the migration again shouldn't be a problem anymore. But let's see PHP audits in my great Okay. As you can see, it's successful because I click. Refresh your you'll see. Like I said, four tables felt jobs, migrations inside. You will see it will say it created their other free tables. So it's finished creating the euro step. It's fun. It's clear that felt job stable and finished created. A page is stable, so you always leave the migration in this folder, and it will never execute that can unless you move from this table. If you do want to re execute for what reason which you normally shouldn't, then you have to remove the table from this and here to let the table first and in democracies have to delete record. All right, so that's all for my grace at the moment. The next class, we will tackle models. See you in the next clause 19. Models Explained: So this is a model, but we're not going to work with this. Models. The models were going to work with these. These I know it's also horrible joke, but I just want to lighten up at the discourse a little bit. So OK, let's quickly go Teoh our taste. I'm just going to quickly start pasting artists. If and the people this close we created the table already. So I just want to show you how we can accept information. So OK, if I go to my silver for testing purposes are you will be using the taste route I created. So as you can see, it stays. Want that disk controller, this one. So we know we'll be using the test controller. So I go to APP has to be then taste controller. I'm just going to go ahead and close the other taps. All right, so it's that since I want to call a model, I have to make sure I'm using it first. I think explain why I'm just going Teoh first not going to include it. So once I do this, let's say I want to get all my pages. I say play just equals page. Oh, this is the command. You can actually see a list of all the eloquent commands you can just go to Larible database something. So what I used to just do is I say, Loville model. Let's say eloquent, eloquent is that I'm like Like it saves you. The elegant are included with love packages before simple, active record implementation for working with her database itself. Let's get combat. Here is a very nice explanation what you can do with eloquent and the models used in eloquent. But yeah, I'm going to use the basics. But if you want to learn more, you can just go to this link. So desk lamantia dd ages it actually just selling this command bisque. It just executes what ever is in this variable and kills the script so that it dies. So it's saying, essentially is the same as doing die in PHP as well. So you didn't need to do that, so anything after this won't be executed. So if I did something like I or anything like that, this won't be executed after this one. It was simply just execute whatever is inside your and anything that Waas printed before that. So if I did this, I will get an area. Let me see if I click. Oh yeah, I have to go to the roots is based one, and it will say class up speaking through page not found. This is because we have not included in the top here, So I have to say use app, backslash page, semi colon. If a president fish now, it should work. Losing there's no items in it is because in our table there's no records. So if I actually add a record as well so let's say, um, let's make it more like a belt us on description. Let's say this is more about us. Um what we off? We offer a lot of things Go object us. Yeah, don't tell us So now we have free entries in our table, so let's see what happens now. As soon as a five, you'll see we have free entries. As soon as we click here, we can see under original what the values are. As you may know, on air, I always start zero and goes to how many because they are so if you have free record still , iest arraign index is gonna be too. All right, so you make the simple Now we can actually do for each pages as page on Just echo each name . So let's say echo. Great name. So now we can actually access the field off the certain table so I can actually go it like this and say echo bracket, This is just an external attack, which means that it will make a break. So yeah, Gate essence. I could This isn't What I will want to see happening is that it will say a belt. Us enter new line. Um, built us, but we offer and connect us. That's all that needs to display on the page as soon as they go Year. Press five. Yup. That's what's happening since is about us. What we offer. Contact us. If you wanted to make it more details, you can actually just say OK, what beyond to know is this. Then attach this empty string worth. This basically means like I said, I'm not going to go in depth with PHP itself, but I'm going to explain what I'm doing now. So this is just making this string connect to this variable in other languages. it would have been a plus matching pair speeds This No, not all other languages has plus, but yeah, in Java script, it uses a plus. So then I want to connect Bates this clip since so what that does know is that it will say Belt us. That's on the description, what we offered that and the description off that field. So whatever is written in here, So if a crease placed a five yep, And that's what's happening. BHP also has a fun thing that you actually don't need to actually connect things like this . In this way, you can actually just added in semi colons, not cynical answering. Just add it in quotation marks, double quotation marks, Action City. That's what it will automatically detective valuables inside the string and replace them with. But they were description. It is like I said, this is not the page because but I am explaining some kind off benefits to it. So if I actually just wanted to make this in brackets, I can just say this and this. And was it Please didn't up if I didn't use it that way. If I use it Cinco quotation marks like this. It will actually just echo it exactly the way it's written here. I understand. So it has to be double quotation marks. Otherwise it doesn't actually echo them. Variable. I couldn't stand to sting itself, So it's actually a couple things you can actually do. You. Like I said, this commandeered accidents. It retrieved all the records. But if you just want a specific record, let's say you want page number one or you know the first row. So in this example you want are the number one, then all you needed to do we'll do something like this that see where I d equals one. Then you have to say all you want those records operative, Is it supposed to be first? This means that it will only pull one record. Or do you want to do something because usually when you do acquainting, there can be multiple records. But for this example, you will always just get one, because you are retreating from a specific idea. But if you would have said something like we're name is about us, so we can actually have been sick of the power last year. This this is about us too and lets me see if I would have said get it would get all the records with paid name about us is correct. So if I go back to this page and I press this, you will see their stew about us because both those does match. Okay, So let's go back to this. If you only wanted one break or and you still said get it would only given an array off that one page, which is not what you want. I see. So if I say first and I just get the one record, it gets better because I only have to work with that one collection. So now I can actually see Skip something like this. And when I echo it like this, it'll work. So I can just say echo. Oh, yeah, just for you know, But the practice always make sure that it's singular when you work of singular collection and brutal, and you have a pivotal, So okay, co page Lang EKO plays description. Let's just make echo B a R for break. Otherwise, if I don't do this, yeah, thanks after coming this out as well, it is about us and exactly the same. No space end or anything. So I'm just adding this eco breaker. It's readable. Very, Um, it's actually very nice to use because you can actually join. You can say where are did this and where name equals this and you can join, wears and or wears and so on. Like I said, I'm not going to go in there. If there's something specific you guys want to know about models, I'd be happy to help you out. Or maybe if you guys all insists off a certain type off close you want and l something should be done, I will it make extra video? But yes. So this is basically just the basics. Often models so young next up will be using views, and I'll show you out to connect and moved the model to the view and executed over there 20. Views (blade system) explained: Okay, so in this class will tackle the views and the Blake template system. So on this link here, it explains exactly what blade novel Blade is like. It says here, Blade, it's a simple yet powerful tempering engine provided the flora well. Unlike other popular PHP tempered engines, play does not restrict you from using paint PHP code in your views. So yeah, so normally, and the start was really difficult. Combining pH. People html. It looked something like this. So if you had a pitch being you wanted to echo something you needed to do that. You have to say something like it's be on added like that and say Suffer like echo and thing you had to what they've attacked. If you wanted to add a diff tech itself, that's a parent off track. So then you had to say something like, This is a new sink tins, really, that good looking Waas really horrible sometimes to see how the national tempered waas the page people's included was really messy. But luckily with tempered systems, it does make things cure. For example, now it will be simply suffer like this that's much more readable and pretty. If you ask my opinion. So anyway, let's go on doom. So back in the taste controller Oh, yeah, This Now I want to make a view that actually just give the displaced the first part, which is the about us. I want to display the name and description within the view fall. So I'm just going to simply common Let's too little this. So if you never get the restart and views all your beer falls will be inside this folder. So I'm just going to create new file and I'm gonna call eight. That's going taste one dot blade PSP. Please, not you have to call. It's not blade pitch. Just collect the PHP. It won't act as a blood system. And your variables wouldn't wouldn't be recognized within your template file. So since you want to return, that Oculus is open this atmosphere what inside year with dream, we will. It automatically creates this with other ideas. I'm not sure if it will populate basic I smell page to display by the XML place. The essence of this I'm gonna call this the title taste one. Like I said, I'm not going deep with HTML. If you want to know more or need any up. I can set me up with that. Just let me know. I will probably make a course that goes more in depth in HTML, and I will let you guys know as soon as that's done. OK, so this is an empty HTML page. I want to actually execute this from the controller. So in the controller to execute this template, I would just say Return view and then the location of the view. So this is in the root directory off the views full. That's all I need to Dewey's typing Taste one. And that's it. If you could have any other folders, let's assume that you have a folder called Websites or Web site and so on. And this was inside there. Then it would look something like this. All right, Okay, that's a bit like that. Should make any difference. Okay, so let's go to see. Okay, so yep, it is. It's empty, like you can see the title on the top here. It's his taste one, but there's nothing included, so that's why it doesn't say anything. So if I do something like this and say and name on the deck. The name, Let's say then name here on, make another paragraph and call it there Description year. Oh, yeah, because I moved the file. It doesn't see it anymore. Okay, so if I double click on this like I showed you, Okay, this I wrote it in here. Paragraph is the name year, and then second paragraph is this description yet? If you go back here on I click Refresh, I would say I would see the name and a description that's hard coded in the template. So the idea is that I want to past fruit this this collection of a year to the view fall so that I can actually just use inside here If I simply do this page right, it wouldn't work with, say, name. This won't work sense. I'm not passing fruit this to the views file, so this won't understand what this variable is. So it will say something like under find variable that seem yeah, under find valuable page. So he doesn't recognize the best valuable over a year, you know? So in order to pass through that variable, it's really easy. You just say coma and then herring. You see page he's face. So it just says that this variable will be passed through this view fall with this name. So this is work now about us. If I go over here and I say page description now, look at that works very noise. All right. So if I accept, we go back to this and I said, OK, but I don't want I d Number one. I want guardian up. Do Well, look at that. It changed. It's really awesome. All right, so best get that's views. This is your actual fall. You can install this that you want. Um, yeah. So basically, this is how the plight system works. I mean, it's very a little more complicated that, like I said, I'm just showing the basics. But it's a really powerful tempered system for PHP. I mean, there's a lot of things you can do. I made some really complex websites using this bite system on. It's really easy to manage it. Okay, So you in the next section 21. Introduction to section : Okay, So in this section, what I'll be doing is basically create a very, very basic website. Some countries start from scratch and start of my route, create a controller or actually multiple controllers in order to make a very basic website that that's their own page about the space in a contact us page. So yeah, basically, as explained in previous six. Now expend more about how and what the things are used for. This is more practical hands on experience that you can see while I would make a very basic website. This is by no means going to be the perfect website. This is just to let you see how I go about creating a basic website game, so see you next class. 22. Create Dynamic Pages: All right. So what I'll be doing is creating our own approach More website. So, yes, What I'll start doing is go to whip. Um, I'm just going to for now, kill this. Okay, so let's first also start off with creating a new controller. So I'm going to create Let's be artists. L make controller home from tour letter. So as you can see year, I created my new controller called home controller. Once I go back, I need to create a duty that goes to this page. Um, so let's start off with it and it's get in the next class I light of state. I work spend, but more. What is the difference between gate opposed? The lead on packs you'll be mostly working with get, since it's the normal way to actually load a route. So the Ritz name is going to be through this. This means it's there, all right. Read through telegraph terms website. So in other words, if you go to this, I want to go to this. And this is what will be executed through this route. So and I want to call this control of so it's gonna be home control that it at index, you see this index every year. This is the method I'm going to call within the controller. So I have to exploit your public function index and there's a signature. Execute this. It will execute this piece of good, which is nothing, said Shipping Blank. Let's see. Oh, yes, before we can. Actually, I have to make sure my Severus running my local sever. Okay, Andi. As you can see, it's blank. There's nothing. Service is. There's nothing inside I usually practically controlling you. You can see the source code on as my perfect example. If there is a smell but nothing investment, it will show the original tax inside your But since this is not even calling a template, it just shows complete blank. So next step is to for me is to write, to make a view, call, view, template I'm going to put on a website on I'm gonna call it Oh, don't blame the way it's being. So this is my blank template. Seems like, say, a little view website. Don't home. You can see as usual place control you. You can actually see the ice melt tax, but still nothing. The document itself. It's just a small tax will be using Woodstock Foreign or Teoh Cell, marginal tempered for very basic website. So what I'm gonna do is bootstrap for city in, so I can just actually cope with all this. Onda should be. Sit to go as soon as I paste it in this. So with all this includes I after bootstrap stall sheet, the J Query Jay's Fall as soon as Bella's popper and would step four. So I'm good to go. Bootstrap is just a simple way to stall your smell elements, and it's really important if you want to make a creator responsive website easily. So as you can see, it's still a blank document. But it doesn't think that I am good to go now. Like I said, I'm not going to go in depth for foot strap, but I am going to show you the basics off it. It's a nice place for me to navigate. Actually get some wood slept for basic asylum. In Sun is Double 50 schools that cone. There's a couple things here that you can see how to use with bootstrap. It's really nice website, so I'm just gonna kick your left bars. Night parts here. I can actually see a couple off people, of course. And how they worked. Explained in green. A little detail expend in detail What? It stepped us and so on. I'm just going to copy this NAFTA over here. It seems a click on that. And a priest based on that. Quickly, first, then let's see. Yep, That looks nice. So, basically, I can just say about that sound bite place and then link wanting to All right. So in our the first model yet be actually act these three quarts in our pages tables. So when I want to do now is create one for home and just working yet This is down place. 234 Yeah. So let's might Konica Space there. Yeah, sure. Okay, So I want to include all the pages in the navigation. So all I have to do is click here and say pages equals page where, actually I can see it all because I want all the pages like I mentioned in previous class, you have to give some reference with where the model is. So I'm going to say up on then Page so uses the app page. Yeah, all right. And what the past is fruit to your view file, You just click on average in the area like this. I want to just look for all the items here. So I seem to see Okay, basically, I want to look through all the pages within a template so I can see all the place inside this. So that's click Forage pages asked paid. So now I could, but it will do is it will look for each page on for each time groups. You can just echoed the result here. So you can saying fades name all rights in that C and expected that we see in for each Oh, yes, he spell. Mr. Expelling is very important. So what we offer contact us about a C. There is a small problem. My problem added the extra bracketed li. Yep, I did so like I said Always spelling. Make sure you do have been correcting, so yeah, we have no dynamic navigation every year. So this means that as soon as I'm inter new page um yeah, so and still let me All that part is from the other ways. So what? I want to do? Is that actually click on what we offer? Actually want to change the pipes to display that? But first, let's display home pages information in here. So no way. We're already passing all the pages through this variable. No, The problem now is that we can't simply call it Page equals plaids X. We're ID equals. The problem is, we can't simply dispatch three year with that variable. Because since we were in this loop were already making this. It's injury cold pace. Now. It will be great over year if you just display it. But after this navigation, this variable will be the last result of all the pages. So what I'm going to do is I'm just gonna call it page detail, so Yeah. Okay, so now we can go down here on I'm going to say, let's just in creating their collective. Okay, so after you, I could the description, you know, you can exit. Just chick, make sure you're safe. You proficient. You can see the sugar content detail, so we have a logo. The navigation on the contents of the next step is that I want to be able to click on this and it will shoot shoulder information off that place in this sex and every year. So yeah, what I'm going to do is I'm gonna create a new link. New Sorry s O s in Psycho to your roots weap. Let's make it the new I can also show you how we can make it simple, But let's make it eight on the play. Jaidi. We can actually make a new control off of that, but I'm gonna use the same patrol from now, so I'm just going to make it Paige on inside them. Controller, I'm gonna make a new method called, well, bleak function paid I d. Since we have this over a year, it means that this function or this method actually as, um fireable that can pass through or shut Shipley postural to be more exact. So, yeah, now it's really easy. We convict the exact same thing as we didn't top. You're The only difference is that instead of passing in one, you should pass in HIV on top off here. So what does that mean? So that means that the link for its place would be like four slash page for such whatever the idea is so if you look at our template, we asked the adrift here so it would look something like this If you're going to face the pitch, if you ever over this on the left to bottom here, you can see I said navigate through its page or our up over them. The link chances to whatever already they have. So if I click on what we offer information changed. If I filed over, contact us if I were over about us and of a new paid. All right. So, yeah, that's basically the end of this class. I will see new in the next Kloss. 23. Create Contact us Page: all white. So in this class, what I want to be able to do is when I click on contact us. I want a nice form year. Um, well, that just quickly activate my virtual server. So I want when I click on contact us, I want there to be like a form like name email, and son wants you to fill out a form. And when you click sense of it since the owner off the website animal that consists off the details. So first step, but I'm going to do is I'm going to create a new controller Coal going back us through one sidedly that they're supposed to be new control. Yes, there is. Contact us. So I'm going to create a new route to this controller that's first create discredit to roots. So Okay, I'll stop wondering route get, I want it to be Contact us. Yes, and it's going to be the contact asked Controller Andi, I'm just going to make it an index method. Okay, so over a year, I guess a public function index. So I'm going to go to double 50 schools for bootstrap. Just quickly see what a basic form would look like w fleecy school. Except for that go year. This is a very excellent website. I always use this to get my basic forms and stuff like that, So yeah. Okay, let's see if they contact us form already. Do you know what? I'm just going to use something simple like this. So let's return view. Can make it return view with site contact. Yeah, that's just going to inspect your contact under resourced. I'm just going to duplicate the home one Onda. I am going to call it contact. So once I'm in this page, I just want to move the content. I won't replace this with the four, Okay? Other thing I want to do is that first database. I want to move contact us from here because I'm going to make it a static link for now. Is this a place on their home? No. Added here as well. It's going to cope in place. This any contact? As loud. So what should happen now? Ease Once a click your fish So do I have to run my foot seven? Oh, yes, I am Drunk page. So that's first. Okay. So you can see contact us is in the last match. If I click here, it does under find valuable pages. That is because actually passing this variable year as well on the contact us, it is like a known page. I just want all the pages to populate the navigation because I actually need this just to populate. Okay, so what I mean is that you should cope to this picture. We have all the pages here in the contact us form A swell. So this is what I need passing this variables. So since I have the mirror, I just like the previous template. I just add them here. Um, yes, yes, I go to contact us. It should to work. Oh, yes. I forgot to include the model. So now we have a basic form. It's not from I want, but this is the basic form that we need. So I'm just gonna just it so it looks more like a contact us form and not like a looking screen. Okay, so what I'm going to do is go back to quit at a contact us page. I'm just going to I had some different with you. Glass row on and let's make this very basic, so it's understandable. So if using, then I just want the name on. And I want an email and I want a message. If you get go back here. Well, that doesn't look good at all. So what that do wrong here? Yeah, looks a bit better. Like I said, it's not class that goes a rip off the XML. If you want no more, I will be supplying a clause that goes more in depth of bootstrap Temple zoning and so far off. But I just want to do a basic thing now. Okay, so it says name, email and message Now shouldn't be any bit field. It should be a text area. And as you can see, the placeholder C are incorrect because it's his name. And using that email interviews the name. So basically, I want the place what to say in your name and then make the name name. Then I said email type. I'm gonna make him Oh, I will explain a little bit further why I'm making type female. The place holder is entered your email and for this part I want to make a text area. Andi, like what type placeholder. I want to say please into your message. Year on. Just Always be very. Yeah, they will be very kind to try to say it was Please, Because if you say just ideo makes it, it's gives the Viper off. You're giving a get us. No matter you can you can say what you want. It's not is not a course on how to be nice to people, but anyway, now you see this required fields over a year, I'm going to add it a year as well. This means that this field is required client side. So let me quickly explain. Yeah, before explained that name. I want to make a message. I won't just explain let on why This is important, right? So if I well, this miss, it doesn't look good at all. I just have to make sure if you use the clause form control. So the bootstrap actually styles it nicely for us. All right, well, this is actually pretty nice. What's in the Oh, yeah, okay. Always. Actually, it's no. Okay. So Well, what Markey says like, this should be full in. So I'm going to say had it. Now it's a green mark while. Very nice. Okay, so my email addresses had it at pixel penguin dot com. And my message would be like, Let's let's first don't enter any midgets and see what happens. So I presentment. Damn, it says, please fill in this field. If I go in into this fuel, Well, we haven't done anything. And it was a click submit. It's going to redirected this link, which is incorrect. It will say this thing that it exists. So let me show you submit on it. Brexit says follow for message, not found. So this this doesn't exist on my project at all. So we actually stall it now. I want to be able to send a message as soon as that prison submit. All right? Okay. So, uh, I want the link to be contact us and then forced has sent a message. Yeah. Okay. Let's just be that. So can we do this? Is this possible? Well, let's see as soon as be waiting here, we said okay. Actually, we have no method. I want you always post when I actually send a message. It's just the best practice. You don't want people to execute Lincoln. Yeah, Basically, you want the method to be post. Um, so because of that reason, when you go to root, you need to make sure it's post here as well. So yeah, what happens now? As soon as I could post it goes to index, which you don't want. So let's make a different method in the conduct as control called ST message. So if I go to contact us controlling, I just have to make a new make that public function Send message. Andi, you have to insert a valuable called request. But I think it's quest because you are receiving requests from the form. So it's request request. Okay, so let's see what happens. So first, let me just do something like this. So I want to convert all the request values into one in the one area. So I'm going to say input equals request. Oh, and then I want to die them and echoed So I guess I input. Okay, So a sensei say in a message, then ask Precip Mitt, then Oh, yes. After it faces Page zap inter. So nothing we have to keep in mind is that we have to insert eggs are tokens the city is a CR if tokens for Laura Bell Norwell. So we have to act this year as well. You're right. So let's go back. Okay? Okay, a bit. Virginia's message. I just came on the scene. Um, as you can see here with this you entered it automatically generates in the template to fuel to require to do the X tokens that underscore Tokcan filled. The reason for the sea is our If it's just for more protection on your so that days, it's also playing here, but you are basically just more protection on your website as new sin forms. So let's check up. Jake helped if it works now, if I pressed, submit Kalevala, you can see days older valuables. Okay, I see on the email, I actually never changed the name that quickly just changed that. You can see that's very important. So now comes to part of actually being able to send the message. So yeah, I'll do that in the next class to you. There 24. Send Email: Okay, So we in the last car. So we actually managed to be able to create a form as news and perform the message and you play submit it would give you return, actually display all the variables that you insert it. Like I explained in the previous class, you can actually Mike fields required, but this only client side. So it is still possible if they have a very old browser or die submit directly link that they can actually miss some kind of fields. So that's why we used it to some validations on the civil side as well. We've learned about super easy. Let me explain. You can actually go Teoh Google. I love to go so you can say quest, validation Sell if you're gonna top link days parts explaining exactly what validation is words useful except etcetera. So go Teoh to a basic one. Let's see, I'm just going to compete This So what I want to do is that's just make sure that the email is actually there. So I can say, let's just remove this so basically Okay, let me just quickly say it, see getting with us. So I'm just going to say OK, there needs to be an email, so we want to make sure its record on that. It's an email. All right, so let's make that the only validation we need. So as you can see as you submit, nothing happens. Well, that is because we did not really include the every messages here. So what we want to do is develop addition Patch. It says here that s news. Have any very much just that's include this piece of code of a year. So this means that if there's any enemies, just people actually do a loop and list all the Aero Sierra. So now if I go back to this and I say submit, it says the email field is required, let's include something. But it's not any murderous. Oh, yeah? Okay, let's squeaking. Make sure that this type is also not Immel. Just make it fix that. The kind side validation doesn't work. OK, so if I did this, it says that, you know, feel this quiet. If I do this, it will say the moment. This must be a ballot in Madras because it waas not even a valid Madras if ago and in certain my Marjorie's. Okay? I said I did something. Oh, yeah. Sorry. This is not supposed to be this instead of attempts. If it's inside, like this thing show Fine. Let's quickly check, OK? Yeah. So it displays everything again. So the validation on the client side work because they didn't require the name. It didn't require the Mississippi required animal. So if I wanted to make the name also required, I can just click on here. I can just say OK, I need a name also required. And so it always checks the 1st 1 It failed. So if I actually instances had it, then he will say by the emojis acquired. All right, so let's go eight on Send a message to this ever our two with the emergence. So that's very simple. Almost the same, like with just generating of you. It's basically almost the same. I'm just going to make a very simple view file that school eat, Let's cut the resources. I'm just going to make a sip before they're called males. And inside there, I'm going to enter a new fall called, um, contact us. Don't like the way it's being so inside your I just want to say something like I'm there. Name sing you a message, This message WAAS message. So if you go back to contact us, all I need to do is click my own, sing the location off this contact us So it's just like with view. It will say miles don't contact us on then. Also just like with few you need to personal details. So I was passing name in this case. I want to get name from input name on message which I get from input message. Then I need to make another coma and say function message we're from I can choose the email Address it, sending funds so I can say it's from no reply at Pixel penguin the from Andi The name is I think so. Penguin website I want to say the message to this is where you want to send a message to. So I want to see it from my email address and just come after my mothers have just country in my trace. Okay, so there's a couple of stuff you can do You can also actually see See another Imad race. Um, I'm not going to go in depth if you can do. But this is cup of things that large eyes includes. You can actually see seeing in another race, or you can actually add an attached concern. But I'm just going to do the basics. So yeah. Remember, I You have to include the male on top as well. So you have to kick you and say, Use mail. Otherwise, if you don't do this, let's see what happens. Okay? Uh, yeah. See, it say's it Can't find this. So if you know when you get there ever like this is similarly that you didn't include it into your project correctly or into this file. So yes effects. Did this use mail? I click this. Let's go back. Except Mitt. There's something I've done wrong that make a scene. Okay, so I found the message of the era. Okay, so I found the area. So it seemed like this message or nine clashed with another variable that's inside a lot of l project. It does happen sometimes. Time that larval asked me to find variables that it already uses. So in order to make sure our Children you change, I'm going to change the input. So it's makes its input on name input. Since I'm going to the temple Fell Just changed till name includes on message input. Said if I go did this page and I enter my details, this is a message that they submit it actually sent the midgets. Okay, So the problem? No, He said it sent the message, but it goes nowhere. Our message got away. But, I mean, there's nothing displaying over year. So what we can do is and since we go to direct the page, you can see as soon as you sent them, which is nothing happens. So I can actually say something like this. Uh, so you can actually just say Britain, do you? Exactly the same. Listen, took. The only difference is that you actually want to say thank you. The message has been sent or something like that. So you want to send them us that say something like, you know, sent message has been sent, will get back to us, and it's possible. So to do a basic one, I'm just going to say with on then say message status. No, let's say success message on and let's say thank you. Your mission has bean sent. So on the tempered side, I will just do something, like, just like this close over a year. I'm just going to add something like this. This and stayed up danger. I'm going to make it. Success. Andi, I am going to say is sit this just missing. Use it as soon as this Bible actually exists, then the following happens. And since this fable exists, I wanted to display Yeah, so let's see if that works. All right? So if I go back here, praise submit, then why? Why? What did I do know? Oh, yes. So true. I forgot to actually include this as well. So I connect us. I never actually added the navigation to this page as well. So that's include that data. Uh, okay. So with this view actually inserted over a year, but I never actually it Explore called, called the model. So yeah, Let's start it again. Okay, submit. And there you go. So it's it's Thank you, mister. Percent on. Yes, I have received a message. I've actually received images now a couple of times, but yet that's basically how you sent a message through Narvel. Okay, well, we'll see you in the next section. 25. Introduction to this section: Okay, so in this section will be implementing future wasting to our project. So we're going to start off with installing and set up in region. It said Our political actually used beauty is and then I'm just going to show some basic elements how you can actually manipulate the dome on with VJs. And then lastly, I'm going to send an animal using our previously created email form said Uses. Beauty is on going to show you the benefits. Why it's better to use beauty is to send animals rather than just normal wear PHP. That's or now you never normally does it. All right, so seeing the next class. 26. Install and setup VueJs: Okay, so let's start off. We first need to install at the NPM package Manager. So you just click, OK? I go to Google. I just say stole and be on this link. You can just click on it. Yeah, you just download it and install it. After you're done installing your MPM package manager, navigate to your folder. We mine is at coarse grass court. Let's shift right click open partial window here and then you just say NPM the m install on you just wait until the install installation is finished. Okay, So once it's done, I just navigate to my research is folding. I go to Jay is now They usually have one standard app and stepped already. So I'm going to create a duplicate. I'm going to go it and duplicate actually is otherwise you can actually just use after is But for example, I want to show you how to create a new one. So I'm going to be placed. I'm going to call a website. I go back to these a folder. I go to the SAS folder on a copy and paste that on call it website the A C basis. So what you want to do now is that you will see you have a whip. *** got mixed. A. J is that would already creates the after Jay's on the app that is so This is the place where actually knows where to compel the false that you'll be including into your view file so that beauty is accessible on kind of work in your project. So I'm just going to go eight and copy goes on based on, just make sure it stays. Website on website, As you can see it navigates to the newly credit falls with discredit said it goes to resource is resource is J. SJ is website and as well as we upset CS is all right. So now if we run, uh, it would be in run what? Oh, before around Watch. I just want to show you something. If you go to a public folder and you'll see there's nothing here if there's no folder, so what's around this command? It will generate the false. We need to include our into our project, so that's wait until it competes, right? As you can see, it really didn't new folders. The ones that CS is on the other one is the Jays. As you can see, it has it created app and website. Since it's actually linked over here decorated those files, it is. So consider this fall in this a victory on this fall into this directory. Okay, now we have to do is we have to link this files to our project falls. So if I go back to this and I opened up my let's add it to my contact blade Okay? So just like these falls are included. I need to include the two false it generated here as well. So I'll just go it and say link Vince still sheet on the link to it. As I just showed. It's under public. CS is on J s. So since this is a public, we can just say see essays. Four slash uh website dot CS is As for the script, I need to go through this a swell and this will be script source A's J stood website on Js . That's it. So yes. Now our future is is connected to our project, but we need to still set it up. So I'm just going to go ahead to open this up with you could censor. I've noticed that with visual studio, it's much better to work with a view. Jay is files, so I'm just gonna go ahead open folder. By the way, people still is free to download. So please go it you whip of you. Jay is for me. It's the best I ve to work with. All right? So I, of course, crash course. Andi, let's open up the folder. So if you open up this website to Js file so next we will create a fresh view epic case an instance Onda attach it to the page. Then you may begin adding the components to this application or customized JavaScript scaffolding to fit your unique needs. So let's start, of course, equals you. It was in your food then. I just want to the element will be using to know, um, where v j recipe active. I'm just going to school instead of its exit gold. I d so assumes that set up, we can go ahead on and go back to our future is file. Ah, CIFA Coke contact here. I'm just going to like, uh, live around all the elements on I'm going to give it the body off. So this actually basically means that within this tiff tack, it will actually look for any of you genius applications. So I want to add a new component to this project. So, um, let's assume I want to add other product us. Let's assume I want to add all these in the BoJ's Falls VJs Project or VJs false have become manipulated as we wish. Um, let's say, let's say we just want to add this container from year. The first of what you want to do is actually just correct, and you fall a year. I used to call it Components inside there. I'm just going to create a foul called and said Contact for the to. So inside this stay inside this I just want to start with template and on the template. It's the actual scripting, so understand that we have data on. I'll explain in a bit more about that talented. If it's there's a bit more tweet this, but this is the basic gesture of it. So within this template, I want to add everything inside here that's copy. Just for now is just copy, and I said here All right, so in the view just fall, we can't include any BHP, so this will not work. So I will delete this completely in college has played for now. I'm just gonna comment this outside. You can still can access this particular coat for future reference. So when I didn't know, I was just coming out that Scott's a drunk. It won't execute. All right, So yes, this see is our token will not work as well. Okay, I see. I do have a gift missing. Okay, So, actually, the masking about VJs, it's also associate if you have any wrong tax inserted, so yeah, Let's see. Okay. My guest waas incorrect. Luckily, video is that showed very nicely. Um, I'm just going to add the continued active. I'm not sure why it shows this area at the moment. I will get back to that for now. I'm just want I just want to add one actual and saying loading work. Nothing. No, that's a no, it's false. Okay. Okay. So what we want to do now he's go back to the Web center Js file. So just untroubled this. I want to create tax for this specific view Jer is false, so let's save you good component. I'm just going to call it whips of the contact us for Andi When I want to require that specific faults is gonna say require, um I would never gate to this components and contact fall. So it's components. Oh, that going that for? Don't do off this. I just want to say default. They're dead. Uh, yeah. So that's just about this quickly. Maybe this will tell me why the ever happened. Yes, one thing which is really important, which I forgot to actually add, is we have to add view to the project. So you had a was very e quint of me. Okay, so window dot Do it was acquired. Do Let's see what happens now. It could be That view is not installed at a moment. Let's scoot, Jake. It will say in this command when we run, if it's not installed, okay? Yeah. So as you can see, it says model not found. Error can result from view. All right. So I didn't still do. It's very simple. I'll have to do is click npm install Do do on safe on, then I just wait until food is installed gay. So let's try again. Okay. So also figured all the other inner. So, yes, the extension view is not capital V. You need a little case, so yeah, my mistake. It's very important. As you can see, Asness, I fixed this. This works on Let's execute this. Oh, yes. Sorry. So I fixed this, but I never actually fix it over a year, so Yeah, let's get this to that. Um oh, yeah. Okay, so that's actually also the cool thing about it actually shows you where you did Syntex era eso on the yet. I never actually entered the value for this, so I just safe. All right, let's go back and yeah, it executed. So this is what we want. Okay, So, uh, let's see, if you go to our browser, that's quickly run our virtual sever on. We go to the counter past page, you'll notice that there's no formula. It disappeared because we comin out the form itself. So what you want to do is we want to include this form inside here as one. With this way, we can attack. So I only need to do is just copy and paste on put this in year. It was like a normal Iceman attack would be using it like this. So inside this automatically, it would include all this. So, yeah, let's see if it works. I'm pressing a five. So why is that? That's not working. So the eyes there that's just go to this page, press a five. It says it can't find the element, the element. But as you can see, the idea is here on. It's not executing. So the problem is because this scripts get executed before the dome is completed. Loading. So what we need to do. Always remember it's based practice that all the scripts, any link, relevant style sheets has to be on top off the in the attack. So inside here and all the scripts should be on the way bottom so it gets loaded last. So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to put under just a couple of 40 completely on the bottom. So if a principal fish now, it should work, let's see. Yes, OK, so it loaded correctly, like you can see. So the submit work that nice anymore, but young, So in the next close, I'm conditions some kind of cool things you can do. A future is in our power, Feliz and yeah. Cool. See you in the next close. 27. Use VueJS to manipulate some views on home page: Okay, so after we installed VJ Senate's working. I just want to Syria a couple of things you can actually do. If you Jay, it's actually I'm going to show you very basic stuff. I'm not going to go in dipped just again. Just explaining what it's capable off. If you guys need something specific you want to know about digits, are there copies? Piss, please Feel free to ask me, and I will do my best to help you guys. And Okay, that's just so I just want to start up. I'm going to my contact form page here, so OK, let's say I want something simple, like half button on the bottom here now, So let's call button in between in primary. And this is just close off. Bootstrap, Which already started nicely for you, sir, because this I can say, Ok, um, click make to change my text to name fixed. Okay, So something simple like that. Um okay, to go back to this, you'll see this new button every year. So what I want to do is that assumes that inter text year. Let's say I say Barrett and I click here. I want this sticks in this label to change to this one. All right, so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to add a label under year. That is, this is all the data variables you'll be using inside your dome, stored in one place. This is actually very neat and tidy, and we get very powerful. So that's it. Button text. But text equals, and I'm going to change this. So if I go back, you know, I pressed the fish will see this button has no more takes. And sorry, because I just cut it completely. All right? So in order for me to add takes over a year now, I can use the variable names. I can just see this button fixed. So that place a five Now you'll see it will say click me to chance. It takes because it gets its value from there's variable over a year. So what I want to do is as soon as I click on this text, also it on this button. I wanted to change to whatever is inside this value. So I'm going to make this input Field nine. Uh, let's just make it no. For now, So the V model off this field his name. So it means that whatever value this is Bob in Saudi. If you change this valley over year, it automatically changed this variable over a year. Very powerful stuff. All right, so a suicide click on this button here at click I want button text to be equal to whatever the name, please. If I go over a year on the refresh on a click year, well, it's nothing because there was nothing entered here, so I can just put in a current click here. It's headed. If I say have Mylan, and I appreciate it, says Miller. Very cool. But let's assume you actually want this to put plate as soon as you enter this. Well, that's also possible. So you can do is at key up. He pressed, taking up. Then battle decks should be equal to Let's see if this works. Okay. Well, that does not work. Oh, yeah. See, I might expelling the steak spelling is very important programming. I'm pretty sure you knew that. Okay, let's taste again. Happen it from Yemen. This is so cool. Okay, on that I believe it's gone, so Yeah, I mean, if you guys have specific projects or stuff like this, you want to do feel free to ask. And I just did something simple to show you guys. So if you want something explained just prettier just asked me on this platform, and we're happy to at a new example. Okay, so I'll see you in the next close. 28. Use VueJs to send an email: Okay, So in the previous close or actually the previous section we actually created them. Contact us form on. I completely destroyed that form when I up implemented VJ is so what I'm going to do now. I want to be able to send email prove EU J is using Ajax and sending email. We just actually a more smooth experience on let me show you why. Okay, let's first start with implementing Axios. So, Axios, if we go to Google and still view X years, you get to this page. So actually, it's a nice method to actually just do it takes request with your application. So the future is actually this is a very powerful toe. Do get them posted Question So one with you Jay is so install it. They have actually f editorial or a nice segmentation stole it. So I'm just going to go ahead and do it through this page. So let's stop and copy and paste. Do the Axios view excess a enter and then I have to Cook implies this into we're website. The jays fall over a year. Let's see if it's finishing stooling. Yes, it does. It gets so MP and run Watch. Okay, so in the next step, what I want to do, I want to completely remove this over here because we won't be. Isn't that so? I want to know that as soon as this gets submitted at submit, it should execute the function. I'm going to great. Now called sing Message on the methods, I'm going to create a new method court, um, percent message. And, um, yeah, it's a couple of stuff I want to show you. First off, you have to do this. Coast self equals this because you want to initiate an instance off this current documents . So itself will be an instance off this particular document. All right, so game except Okay. So, first off, I just wanted to fund all my valuables. I'm going to go ahead and delete this, but over a year from now, participants previous example. I want to show you guys I'm letting this well, so we want the basic form inside. B. J. Is so we have the moral name, but we don't have a liberal email and we don't have the moral message. So let's just review a male because no on message equals, uh, no. So let's go ahead and do the model, you know, on the model message. Okay, so when the former separate, I don't want it to refresh the picture. What I'm going to do is just going to put an element Rebel year on a city scapes click. I just want to say keep the vein fold. This means that as soon as that was forming separate, it won't do that the full thing and tried to refresh the page As soon as the film gets submitted, I want the excuse to take over. So do the Axios post. I want to execute this link. So I'm gonna say, Let's call it Contact us Force Less ST Message force Last agents. Then I want to pause in some data to that your l So I want to cook. I want to send through name which is self that night because I want to access this. I need to define that Isn't this document so self dot name? I am all the same thing. Self dot email on May 6, his self taught message. So after it's gets a bird on it successful. I want this happening. Let's say I just want to my can look Thank you Your message as being sent. Otherwise, if it's an error failed for whatever reason, I want to catch the and I want to alert. Let's say I just want to makes a console. I want to make a services Sorry, failed in the console. Look, I just want to know what air waas so love. I just want to look this area in the console as well. Okay, So what will happen now? People try to execute this link Most probably because of this link, doesn't exist in literal project yet it will file. But let's see what happens. So if you're using crime, you can actually open this debate console, which is pretty cool. I on on chrome. I just place if 12 So this the consult this network So a suicide. Refresh the page. I can see what happens. I can say Let's try to submit. Yes, So there is the era. This error means the route is not set up. So what I want to do is set up the suit in the logical project. Let's go to roots weap. Here we are. We want to create something similar to this one. So I'm just going to cope in, placed on at this route every year. So yeah. So this truth should be the same as this. With over a year on, I'm just gonna make it that different methods inside the contrast controllers, I'm gonna call it a jacks. So when I go over here, I'm just going to create and you mythical public function send message hijacks same thing as the top here. I'm going to include request waste and let's see, let's first echo old requests. So request. Let's see if it works now, please submit. It says thank you, because it's actually successful. Although I didn't send animal yet. But if I look at the response here, you can say the name. The moment message was no, because I did not add anything. So that's at something. I'm gonna have a formula. No, please. That's a Webster genius. And girls is at best, a precept. Now it says, thank you. Your message has been sink. If I click yet, it just says Okay, name email. Macy's blah blah. All right, sale. Let's go back to this. Contact us Control. I'm just going to cope in place this whole thing because everything's left if you're the same. Except I don't have to populate the pages in the war. So what I'm gonna do? No, he's just copy this and what I want to do now is it then array that say something like Success equals two. Um, message. Thank you. We will get back to you as soon as possible and chemical on you. So what I want is a sinister Mr has been sent successfully. I want this message to display. How do I do that? Because as soon as I click now on, actually send an email blood, this is a test, and I send it still says the old message. So what I can do know is just go back to this formula. So all I want to do is that as soon as it was successful, I can say I lived United States response toe data dot message. So actually, been gates this valuable over a year, Andi. Then alert that. So let's see. So let's go it. This is a taste I'm going to submit seeing now. It says thank you. We will get back to us and it's possible. It's much cleaner. Only problem now is that with a film like this, because Ajax first you don't want you don't want people to have the ability to spam the button because if I pressed, submit three times now it will execute three or four times, depending on many times persecuted. So what I want to do is to make sure that I says someone picks, submit it says, loading or the button disappears or something like that. So what I'm going to do is this. I'm going to make any beautiful Colt Forum Singing equals false. So once this, it's executed, I want to say from From Salvador, self taught form sending equals two. And as soon as he's done, it stays self. That from sending was false, and it should do the same thing. If this and I'm going to put that as well. So if the button, if the form is not sending, so be if people's people's false, then this button gets displayed it. So let's try this again. So if I go year Prestes and I said, this is a test. When I click submit, it's the buttons treated disappear, so let's try it out from sending off undefined. Okay, It seems like I made an error again. Somewhere from sending eagles, eagles falls the falls. No, You see the problem? Waas? I executed their self that sending before it was actually the funds. And that's just added my mistake. Okay, lets try again. So I'm going to put a carrot for Mylan, but okay, they miss it. As soon as that place submitted. Shoot, disappear. Plan. Okay, Disappeared Assumes it sink. It will reappear. Well, there is. Okay, So after I send the message that what? All the text it disappears. Well, because otherwise it just makes them the politic. Spam it again. So after it was successful, I want this to happen itself. Don't nine. Because no self, you know, equals no sell message equals No. Also, which would be nice. Is that as since I click on this button I wanted I want something to say that you know, it's sending that. The person knows it's actually sending the message. So let's make something simple. Um, I'm just going to add another button here That says def class beat ended in primary on sending a message. So if t if form singing equals it goes through Just that You guys know this is equal to this. This just sort of way, sir. If from sending it doesn't say tour false, it means that if this value, it's true. But to make it more fear and just going to say equals equals through All right, so as well as I do this now, I'm going to say Herod bla blam, this is based message And as soon as I click submit, I wanted to say sending message on Once it sent this all she disappears. Let's see. And if you can see if I spend this, nothing happens because it's this is not the submit button. Let's see how, yes, that's exactly what we want. Also, within this, you can also enter the required fields again, Like I explained in the previous class required required quiet. So if you submit now, it will say please fill in the fields. All right, So, guys, if you have any questions, please please select. No, But you have to suggest on how to use future is the basics. But it's so much more powerful than this. So please let me know if you have any questions. But thank you. I will see you in the next section 29. Introduction to this section: Okay, so in the section, we're going to use a lot of bells or think a authentication. So this is basically when you want to create some kind off area on your website where people have to be able to looking or they have to look in in order to view the page. So this is normally use within assume is a content management system. So in the section, what I'll be doing is I will create a section on this whips that I created and that you have to look in and a she is. You look in, you can create a written at specials. So again, this is gonna be very basic. I just want to give you the basic idea of how the authentication off a lot of all works. So, yeah, without further ado, let's see in the next clause. 30. Install Laravel Auth : Okay, So to start off we need to add level authentication to our Laval project. So in order to do that, let's go to Google. Just typing in still Laura Bell seven. That's just just great morning Police level seven of thing off electricity or short for authentication, kick your yes so year. It explains. What exactly does you can actually just check it out with more about it if you want to. The only thing start I have to say composer, require level you. So let's install it quickly. Okay? And once that's done, we go back here on, We could be this command every year. This will also create a scaffold old off all the routes. So let's just basing them on, Xanterra. Okay, Since I already cried, I'm controlling it asks me if I want to replace it for now, I I'm going to replace it. That's just Mike it renamed controller so that I still have a cookie off it on. Let's just call it back up. Okay, so let's go it on place. Yes. Okay, so it's automatically generated. So what this means is that a suicide for my virtual server? Let's go Year. Okay, and I talked in my link over here. You can see this is my logging patch. Well, this is really bad. Stunning. It's because the appetite is has not executed. So, um, before this will Excellent. Nice. We can do an MP in run production. First we have to do MPM. There's still okay. So once that's installed, that's try this again and being run production. Okay, so now when I rephrase, it should look nicer. Okay, It's showing that divisional series running. All right, so there you go. So no, it has the basic off authentication scaffolding, so I can just go ahead and say registered. I can say my name, my emo and my password. I'm going to my compulsive easy. It's 123456 This is not my possible using you. So also make sure you have a greater possible than this on the revive. Six. As soon as I just did. Okay. Actually, it saves your positives to be bait. And it's actually very nice that is already building. It needs a big parcels, so I'm gonna make my pastor pause. Were wanted 3456 pass. Word wanted 56 as soon as a register, It says I'm locked in. That's pretty cool. And then it says I can look out well out. So the basic authorization is really built in. So, yeah. Now we successfully installed the basic authentication, so Yeah, I will see you in the next class. 31. Add resource routes into Auth groups to create specials: Okay, So before we start the section I quickly wanted to lead remembering the service costs with the install it available. You I the literal off you. I it created their own controller. I just want to go back to my old control. So I'm gonna delete this one, and I'm going to remain this back Teoh controller on duh. That's swing this quickly. So if I go back to this page and I go to the main Yeah. So if I go back to this and place, it should show my old website. Let's just quickly see, I always forget this part. I I have to serve. Okay, So yeah, So we're back at this patch, so I'm going to add a new navigation and say something like specials at specials. Yeah, let's say at move specials make it basic like that so as not to go to a home. I'm going to add a new navigation year, and I'm going to use just call it specials. It's with that. Hey, did remove specials on the link to access. It would be Ackman. Andi specials. Okay, so well, on this, your new navigation assumes you click on it. It will break this No diluted that gives access to that speech. So what I want to do is that what you want to add a resource. So what I want to do is create a new controller. So let's be actually has a nice thing where if you create in your control, Addison make controller And I said, I want to make a specials controller. I can add resource here. I remember every time when we credit a controller, it would have been an empty one. It would have been it would look something like this completely empty. Now, if you add this resource, it actually. So it's great the controller for me with all these nice methods already included. So I will explain in a But why this is important, but especially if you would work with a crowd system c r u d. Then this becomes really Andy because this is essentially all you need, especially if you have a system like specials where you want to be able to add, which is created store, which is your stories when you actually submit that that to them, database show is to view special boarding down. In this case, a special or is the edit form for special or when you actually update the information to the database? Also, if you want to destroy meaning you want to delete the records from the database. So it's all included in this control over the radio. So now all I need to do is if you go to do, it's before I continue, I actually want this specific bite to force you to look in before you can actually access the Pacific patch. So what I'm going to do is the following. I'm going to make a new route group. That's a middleware. So what I want it to do is that it's authentication. So everything inside this group needs to be authentic at first. So the person has to look in before you can access the this. Okay, so a suicide into this I can actually no, do something like this route. Get Ackman specials on introduce this controller that. Okay, so let's take this out. It's a click on happen specials. Let's see if it requires me to sign in. Oh, yeah, so you can forget about this resource. So instead of get or Post or if like that we will be using the resource. So since ago, taking this and say he's Barton sieve, it serves. Okay, so this this is out. Okay, So Okay, let me full in my positive here that my positives past work. 123456 Okay, on dime locked in. As you can see on the special space age, although there's nothing here, um, it executes this method and African serious. Nothing inside of this. Um, if it so first, what I want to do is create a new view file. So the view fall I will be using is that make it upset? That's making new full year. I'm just going to call it Ackerman inside Ackman. I'm gonna make a new full recalled specials. And inside there, I'm going to call the file indexed or blade that pits. So I want to return view bay shells actually happen. Don't specials don't index, you have to go back and refresh. You can see it's actually the empty document. Create now sits returning view. Okay, so that is for this class in the next class will be creating migrations for our specials page seeing the next close 32. Create Migrations for Specials table: Okay, So in this class, all I'll be doing is just create migrations in order to populate or created table for my specials component. So we start off again by grading model, so it's bits be or isn't make model. And I'm going to call it special. Like a mention it city singular, not plural on, and am to say that it should create immigration with the special. So I'm going to press enter. All right, so now I go back to my projects folder. Um, I'm checking on the database migrations on you will see a new migrations created called specials as a quick on it. I want to enter all the necessary fields again. I'm going to lot of l migrations, so I want the name field. So it's a string, and I wanted to be 255 planes because sometimes my name's off. My spaces can be bad along then I wanted before and after price. So it's more like Watts price on and current price. You know, since the special, sometimes you would want people to see it know that while this price waas $300 now it's only one on it. $50 So since we are working with Price, we have to work for a decimal. So we're not going to work with numbers because numbers and doesn't have a dismal place. So you would want to work stuff like, maybe it's $1.99. So we're coming to work for a full day singles. That's good. Just copy. Uh, all right, so this means it can be up to eight digits. Let's make it 10 digits on the dismal places on it, too, because it can only be 99 cents, not nine, another 99 cents. All right, so the same thing goes with current price. Andi, I want to add a description field as well, since I want to say, maybe add more detail on the special. So let's say this corruption. Another scripture. I want long text. Okay, So a long text means that you don't need to specify a length because it's I think their longest or the most characters in the text field can give in, um, article, database, So, yeah, you don't need to fill in the length, so the name is already correct. I'm happy with that. Um, yeah. So basically all I want for us to know now is that I want a name description awas, Bryce and the grand price on the time stems which are credit at under abducted at field. So now I can continue on and let's go back to before I excused. I want to go to exploit your community. If you go to craft scores of this, my particular product will say there is no special space specials a table here. So what I do now is just go and get our descent migrate. Andi, I'm done. So if I refreshed there's a special spate, there's all my data. Or actually there is no data in my table, but you can see all the fields over here. Okay, so basically this awful desperate ical class In the next loss, I will be populating the data on and start with them index page for the specials 33. Create List of specials in Tabular structure: Okay, So in the previous close, what I did waas I created the migration for specials. So what I want to happen now is that as soon as I click on add a bit removed specials, I want a list of all the specials here, as well as at Special and where all the special shows they need to be a delete button or any button so that, you know, we can edit the content as we wish. So I'm just going to start off with the basic template. I'm going to make a very basic template. Um, he said first, I'm just going to I'm just going to cook me there home page template based in year. And I'm going to lead some couple of stuff that I feel isn't that important. For example, the navigation bar one said, I just want one button that says, Go back. Andi redirected on page, then at W three c schools. Was that before? I just want to see what It's a basic table. I see. So, yeah, I just want the basic table like this. So I'm going to say try it myself on. Yeah, let me copy that table. Oh, Yeah, that's incorrect. I just want to quickly make it admin special. So ready Rex to the same page for now, it relates to the same page. Okay, So what I wanted little to show, basically, is something like the special name like we have in the database. We have to snag description, toe wasp, rise in the current price. Eso I want a name description. What? Waas. And now? So it should suit looks something like this. This just static information just to get an idea what the temperature will look like. Let's make it a massive special with Wonder off or what? So since that I wanted pulling all my data from the data by isolated looks something like this. So for now, I'm just going to enter data into my table to taste. So let's go ahead on and I'm going to make the big special description. Okay, so that guy sells desperate to the walls. Price waas 15 bucks 99 on the math, A special A student offense for 10 bucks in 99. All right, let's make a new special. I'm just going to Okay. Good. Special. Almost better than the previous special. It was also 99 is now 14 bucks. So how do we go? Hit and populate data over a year? All right, so in our index file for at APP specials, we want to go eight and get all the specials we can. Like I said, You go on specials equals special. Oh, because I want all the specials. And as I mentioned, you have to include the bottle on top of year. So it's on special. I want to include the specials into the view Blake file. So I just go it. Andi fills. So now I can actually populated into this fall. So now I can do something like this I can say at for each specials as special and four, it's on. Now I can go it and say some. I think I see living this part out years ago. So it is still displaced. The dollar sign because in the table itself, there is no dollars time, because since it's a decimal field, it means that it can only take digital. Can't save in the currency itself in there. So I'm living out a currency outside. So did this basic currency as well, so yeah, I'm just going to do away to do the same with current Price. So let's see what happens if a refresh now and there you go. So it pulls the data from the database, the wrecking to you. If you fall so it is basically it for this class in the next class will be adding new specials. 34. Create a new Special: Okay, so in the purpose close, we were able to create or to show all the specials on what I want to do next is to be able to create any special cell I want to make it that as need to click on this button, you get navigated to a form where you can fill in the details for new special and then just added to this page. Okay, so the first step is I want to create a new view. So I got the resource is I go to my views folder on 15 Ackman of the Specials folder and inside there I want to create a new fall cold. Let's put create dot blood dot PHP. Okay, I'm going to still some basic elements from a previous view I created called contact. So yeah, let's do that. I just want removes a couple of things like this, Andi that we could be seeing the database if I filled in all the fields. Let's go to seek or community because Larry well, gay and specials open and you're only have name description waas, price and current price. So I have all the fields I need here, so I want to say add special. Like I said, Let's say we want to make it that all the fields required, which is a really cool thing. Sever site Coming Clyde site. So if we go back to this bites every year, that's fresh. Okay, so I want to navigate to the spit at a special page when I click here. Like I explained, because this is a resource route, it already add pre defined routes made. So if I go to the specials controller, it's a pleasure called create. So I can just say return view. I just wanted never get to the correct folder, So it's admin dot special, because it's Advent, but specials dot create. If it goes the index spate, you will see I have to make it at men that specials force last create because we're on the access to create route. Okay, so if we go back to this page, refresh and I click on this page, let's see what happens. Call. I just want to make the former bit better, so let's just put it away in the clause. Container should look fine ish looks a bit and itself once a clicked in name description Prize prize, but okay, I first I'm just going to make the I smell a bit better because I want this to be numbers on. I want this to be a text area so fixed. I just needed Okay. Time. That's wrong. It should be nothing there, so yeah, types would be number. Uh, Okay, So this means that the input type of this input is number. So you can't fool in anything else other than numbers. And this this is a text area. Say it's self explanatory on this type. Should be. Takes the type called name. All right, so let's go back here. We'll see. Bassem takes area. Name that special to say Inter name, Name. I can't take anything other than numbers. I can say $1.99. Let's make it it. Waas $5.99. And now it's on the four Friedel night tonight, 7 20 Act will say description And okay, so coming back to this in order to do an update after redirected to admin specials. Okay, So in order to access the store route, which is here, you just do I need to do a post to this link over here. So the method is going to be post, and they're going to present that link for now. I'm just going to check out along the values that's Bean passed through to the streets. Request. Oh, and being I'm going to display all the results. Okay, So if I did this, refresh it. Okay? It's a big special. This is a big special. The price was $15. 99. Now it's figure 99 I'm going to add a special. Okay. This actually something I did not know. It seems that we have to add this stick to the input in order to be able to use the dismal place. Let's see Big Special 70. Before she is our f token, it's necessary. So a lot of seven they see are, if does see is our If so, I just add that to the phone in here on, then we're good to go. So let's do it again. The special This is the description Off speak special. The price was $5. 99. It's now follower 99. So at Okay. See, I've never actually named variables inside the field, so if this ever happens, you have to name your input fields. Otherwise you don't get fast food. So the name, his name? This name is description. This name is Waas Rice and this one is current price. If you go back and try to execute it again, it will say big special description off Big Special $5. 99. It's for over 99 now and that's a special. There you go. So it's getting past fruit to the method. So we have to do now is the following So we didn't know that this is getting passed through correctly. So we need to do no, ese, we can initiate a new model by saying special equals new special, as you can see bit. So now we can actually just assigned values. I want to assign special name to input name and I can do this with all the values. Description is description waas Price It wants price. Current vice is current price on Think after you The sign Older values All you need to do is now click special safe on after you saved it. Now you can decide with what you want to happen next. So I want to read a rig patted the index page as soon as and especially is at it. So I can say it written. Redirect and just say to admin specials. So that's in the side. Enter especially. And it will go back to previous page. Oh, yeah, Always like I just want to have a back button here quickly, because it's always nice to have a big back button. So let's go to say something like, I drive admin specials. Go back default. All right. Okay, so he's to go back button. Okay, So what I want to happen is as soon as I entered the information year psychic Act special should go back to this place and the special should be added here, So let's see if that happens. So I'm gonna say the new dynamic special This is this special on the dynamically. The price waas $15 could be sent on its now fortune teller. Can I? So let me at special on. There you go. So disposed Almaleki Abbott. Okay, so in the next class will be a dating a special. See you in the next class 35. Edit a new special: Okay, so in the previous close, we were able to at the new special dynamically. But in this class, we want to edit existing special. So let's assume the price has changed. Or we want to be able to edit this piece off text or dissent a bit desperate for some reason. And you want to change that because the employee wrote this waas Not good. Then what we won't do is make an edit button on the right hand side over here. So I'm just going to go ahead on Go to the index page and I'm going to call. I'll make a new column that say's it. Oh, accents on in year, I'm going to add a button. Let's say deaf class beauty in beauty in between is him for small. Let's make it X's for extra small on Bt in primary. So let's just see what that looks like. Mr. X s X that you wanna exits. Let's be discrepancy. It's in. Okay, I'm so this small button but there is a small doesn't seem to work. So once a click, your I want to navigate to the page. So I think Ricky do this in order to add that I have to make this end 80 attack. So I'm redirecting to Atlanta specials on and vain. I hate it. Inside this space, we will pass through the idea off the special, so it's special. So if I go here, you will see a lift inside. It's a specials. Want edit specials to edit, Check you on the left bottom free to one. So I want to 1st 8 of this one. As soon as I click here, it will be blank because it's executing this link over a year. So what I first want to do is create a link. So basically, it's gonna be almost exactly the same us to create one. So I'm just going to duplicate it. Great view or the crate Blade file Ongoing. Remain to it it as necessary. 10. This admin thought specials don't hit it. I'm just going to see an empty form. So this is not exactly what I want because I want to previous information to be entered here. So how do I do that? Okay, well, so since we have the idea, I know what's special to get from the table off the database. So it's gonna be special equals special. It's not special. Special were I d equals I D. And I want the first record because I only want one record. So I'm passing this fruit to my view file. So it's special, special. After this, I want to go to this edit black file on, and I want to add it as a value so I can just say value equals special name. I can do this with all the fields. So takes area. It's a bit different. Double share now. Input. It's the last price on with the current process. It's the same as so with Dex area because it's like a normal HTML tag. You can just add value inside year. So it's so let's see if that works and that works fabulously. Okay, so the next step it's too. Okay, let's just change the sticks from add special to aided Special. Okay, so what I want to do now is changed this link over a year since we're going to patch, we are going to change this two specials of the Link, the I D off spaceship there, special on to update on and and it, since it's going to use a patch route. We want to add this method patch inside the form. So let's go it Since I click aided special that story about that, Um, we have to remove this it. So in order to patch, it's only happened specials or whatever your route waas and then just the i d. So you don't need aided afterwards. So if we press that it should be good ago, let's see. Okay, so big special problem it special. That's click. And then we go. So the method was patched. This is the token. The name on everything. So after we have done that, now we want to actually assigned those values again, just like store. We can almost use exactly the same. But instead, off 3 18 any special you were calling the existing special like here, So it's gonna be special equals special. I the equals I d. First because we want the first record are actually just one record. So we get the body from you, it's gets passed for a year, and then we assigned the various exactly as they are past for year again, and then we save and we redirect to the spacious index page, so let's see if that works. Okay, so we're back to this bite. Andi, I want to move this. And that's actually may display mystics who, actually correct. That's well, let's say the current price is not that especially much on 14 bucks down plan. And I say that special. Here we go. Nice. It's updated. It works. You can do. This is both dynamic special. You can say on this changed, but it s special. There we go. There is so we just added ability to be able to edit any special we want. Okay, So let's me see you in the next clause. 36. Remove a special: Okay, So, basically, for the last part, I just want ability to the little record, because at the moment we can add a special we can edit a special, but if we want to remove for special, there's no way we can do that. So the first step we can do is let's add delete button over here. So what I'm going to do is just adding in the same column. Andi, I'm gonna use a button on the type is submit, and I'm gonna call it leads on the classes. Bit in Beauty in is, that's making danger. So it's rated. People know. That s Mr Collectors. It dies. Okay, so it deletes. Let's see. Nice. Like, um, it's a nice delete button. It looks like it's gonna delete something. But obviously, as soon as you click on it, nothing happens. So what we need to do now is we actually need to make a form for totally button to be able to leave this so as separate the phone. Um, the action is Hagman specials on again the special idea, and we have to make sure the but it is within the form because this pattern is going to submit this for. Since this is a delete methods we can access to the lead to it, we add, Make it on delete. Yes, I forgot something. Um, please remember as he used to do a method lead. Always make sure the method here is post. So let's try of the game. Let's just go back. And that the lead, let's say good special expired. Like I always forget. We have to Adam Token inside there as well, so let's just quickly get the piece of code. So let's just include over there. Okay, so now we should be good to go. Let's go. Good special delete and they go to space. The idea. So all we need to do now he's I can just say special where I d equals Islay on Just say delete. And after this is deleted, I can just return to the index page. So let's see if this works. So I have a good special and I have no good specials. I can add it again. I can say good special speaking. This is good special. There was boys Waas 30 and now it's 20 and I can add it again. And there we are. So you have basically, like, a very basic at one system. So in the next class, I'm just going to pretend like a forgot field that we want insert into our existing forum. So I will just explain. Explain how we will be able to add a new field in the database on so forth. So I will see you in the next class. 37. Realised you forgot an important field and add it to the project: Okay, so in this close, I just want to show you what I would have to do if I forgot something. Like, for example, or if my boss told me like, OK, you forgot one field, this name description. But I will. But I also want a brand options, so it should say suffer, like the branches, Sony or Erickson or whatever. I don't know, since when Erickson existed or if it still exists by anyway. So what I need to do first, my first step is to get it ended it into this table. So I want a brand table year as well. So what do I do know? So one would thought you would need a great or update that migration stable. But that's not what you should You. So what you should do instead is open your power show. Come on time and you say best be artists in make migration. So yeah, so we should add a new immigration to add that new field into that table. So I'm gonna school the migration at France off Brandt Field, um, specials table and then have to specify the table, so it's gonna be table, uh, space chills and our press enter. If you go in, you will see there's a new migration at it. So in order to add immigration, I'm sorry. I can just say if I let's go back to Novell Migrations so underneath. I'm just going to search for string again like this. I'm just going to add it here. I'm gonna cool this table or I'm gonna call this field brand. I'm gonna live with that one on a maximum characters because I highly doubt that it will go more than that. So after go year, do PHP Edison, My great. That field is now added to my table. Let's see, it's evident last part. So now we have brand in our table. So now I can go ahead on and added to my inexpert. So that's going to the sources, views, specials. Then in days, I'm just going to add a new column here and call it brand. I'm just gonna make a new field your way as well. Call it special and breath. So I would be able to see if I go to this page. Oh, yeah, I just have to I feel around saver. Okay, So as you can see this brand? A new column here called Brand, but obviously none after records have any value. So what we do? Okay, First off, I'm gonna add it at Acne Special. So I want to add a new field here, so that create, I will just added here, that's added on top of this one, I'm calling it Brand brand brand that type of text. This state, please enter the brand and brand. I also wanted to quiet. Let's do the same thing for eight it. So I'm going to add it. Just it is like you. Just beneath description on the difference here is that I need to at a value on just seriously over here as well. So special. You just have to make sure you spell correctly, not unlike me. Okay, you go here, Brandon Salvatierra. Let's check it out. So I'm gonna call it a big special on a car. It's based car. The brand is folks. The process price waas. One of the 50,000 bucks, but now it's on a massive, amazingly special off one of the 49 99 not 99 So let's add that special. Okay, So I did. If indeed forget something. So in our controller at specials, we also have to make sure that we included here. So if I go year after make sure brands also included because, as he said, to find the valuables and set of values after, make sure it's there as well. So brand brand of the same thing with update. So I just have the added then. So if I go it on, press a five on three submit, then you go. So we have a big special car. It's the best car. It's a massive special. It actually is a massive special because it was one the $50,000. Now it's only 40,000. So I made a mistake there. I have to add another nine. So yeah, I fix that. Okay, said the big special. I've never actually added the branches. You can have that after brand. If update now it would say you have to enter a brand. So let's make this to Iota. And if I ate at the special Walla, it's there. So, yeah, this is a basic, very basic way off. You know, off seem a system I've both here. If you guys have any questions on more detail. I could be happy to help. Just let me know what you are strong with what you want to accomplish And maybe I'm will make a new video on based on your question. So just looking now. Thank you very much and see you in the next section. 38. Show list of specials on home page: Okay, so on the previous six, and we created a small same is based application where you can add and remove the lead specials. So what I want to do now is on our home page here. I just want to list a list off specials, which is a very basic but that we continue. So what I want to do now is just navigated the home late on. I can actually just still something quickly. So yeah, that's quickly do this. I'm just going to make a new deaf class in its throw. I just want to death close, go in the free, for you can read up more about columns. But this is very essential for bootstrap because it makes the responsiveness off the website very tightly. So I'm just going to add that year. So what I want to do is that I want to display the Let's call it I free. I want to make the special name. Yeah, And then I wanted to prices. So let's make it waas 3 99 No, that's my 2 99 Andi. Then about it's a if for now, it's just gonna be ash. Click here to you special is that could be gonna be good looking, but let's see what we have. Um I'm just going Teoh sent that text. Okay, so I want all the specials to, you know, populate in that life. So in my home controller, I'm just going to get a variable off all my special so specials equals special. Okay, I just want to grab all this patients, and then I just want to put it fruit to our black template. So, like that. And then I will do you this way, - Andi . I wanted navigating different links. So link, I want this special. And then the idea off the special. So that's that idea. All right, So if I click on this now, undefined variable specials that see what have I done? Wrong specials. Oh, yes. So I actually introducing the wrong controller, actually, in the wrong methods have added here because since I'm navigating to this part of a year, you will see my controller, my Brutus a page one on to show you how it works in my roots folder. It goes to this method called Page. So other parts I have to call the specials on specials. I will just need to pass it fruited a blight system as well. Andi, if I placed a fresh and I almost forgot have Teoh add it on top of your as well. Special frieze now, Yes, that should work. Okay, that's quickly See what I can do here. I actually wanted to fool next to each other, so I actually did it for its stoop in the wrong place. I should be outside of this so that that classes to period as well. Just like that on. Then you go. So the specials are. If I want four in a row, I can just make this call MD free. So what happens now is that since I wanted view this special over a year and a click here, it will break them, find this link because I haven't defined this route yet. But that will be explained in the next clause. 39. Once clicked on the special, navigate to a new window to display special information.: So in the previous class, who we managed to add all the specials in their own parts, which were added here. So what we wanted to know is that as soon as we click on its special, it should show the special and in separate page. So how do we do that? Okay. As you can see, we have this route special forward slash one or whatever the idea is, so be curricula. It will be already number four. So I need to create a new route. I will just go ahead and create a route double point on get then special force less and whatever idea uses. Um, I'm still going to use the controller, but I'm going to make a new patch called Special. Since we are working with the idea is are the past of, or a viral variable post in the your Also, we need to pass in the variable yet as well. So that on what is this myth? Its name, the myth it's name is special. Entering on. We're gonna call it that cool. So when we open that you're well, we're going to execute this myth it So let's get the new root for that. Let's just make it a simple one. I'm gonna treat the new file. Just call it special. Special. I only got played dot PHP. All right. Okay. I'm gonna use that one inside. Yes. So it's gonna be returned. You a website? That special? That's entry. All right, let's see if that works for your face. Now it's blank. It's the empty original document that I just created. All right, so now I can display the document here. Okay. Lets could created this template. Before we enter this template. I just want to quickly get the special. So what we're gonna do is special equals special. Ah, we're Heidi first, and I'm going to pass this ideo this collection through to the, um, blight tempered systems. So Okay, so if I go fish, nothing will happen because I just passed through. I didn't do anything to the template. It is the first. I'm just going to do a basic entry. Let me kiss quickly. Copy some off the pushed up elements as well to Skopje. This. Yeah. So I'm just going to add a button here that says Go back. Let's make this 18. Because I want to navigate back to the patch. So it's gonna be I'd slave Just that this bins, it goes back to the root main route. OK, until we have a button over. The hearing was I clicked that I go back with the click here. Are there special without any information? So yeah, I'm just going to do the basics here. So if you want to display the first line Special name Bland, uh, waas price on current vice on Just added or sign yet make it seem like it's a currency. There we go. That's just center that bit. I said, This is not a course on how to do styling. I can say this is just a basic wars to get the understanding off, how the routing system works and how the collections work and how to display information and navigate through the templates and so forth. So, yeah, that's just making a container. And let's see what that's like. Okay, Very ugly template that will say, but you get a basic it here, so if you go to their they knew the name, expression and this change and you click your he said. Information year. If you go back and you add a special? Not actually. If you want to delete the special, it could delete one. Go back. There's only three specials here. So you basically made a very ugly looking website now, but it's still a very effective website. So, yeah, I got your guys learned a lot. If you guys have any questions about this course or want something added or something wasn't clear, especially in this section this let him know. I'm happy to add more videos if something wasn't clear. Or if you want to know something different, it's just just sent a comment on will see what I can do, Thank you very much and see in the next section. 40. Introduction - How to include Cloudinary to your Laravel Project: I think so. In this section, what we're going to do is connect Card Neri with our lot of l project. And I will also explain what culinary is and what the benefits are with coronary. Please know that ordinary is not the only solution that does this particular solution. But it is the one I e. S and it has proven to be very beneficial. Andi? Um yeah, seeing the next class. 41. What is Cloudinary and why should we use it with our Laravel Project: Okay, So what exactly is Club? Very well. Normally we knew upload falls to your server. You start on that particular server on. For example, if you have a bloke system that you wrote on your website, then in order to when you store one fall, you usually have to save different types off sizes. You know, you have to say for small, that's a free 20 by 2 80 pixels. Image for the frump nail and then for a bigger image bunch zoom in its 500 pixels by 600 pixels. And normally you would save original size image so that you can manipulate that in the future. Somewhere again, softer like ordinary. It's relatively easy to use this because it actually manipulates the image on the fly on once it actually manipulated a certain file. Then it also stores it on their service. So it's also it also acts like a CD in a content delivery network. So what this means is that your falls isn't saved on your survey, it's it's saved on an external foot party silver that also makes your website quicker to load. Since all your website acid is low, the local files and all the images gets loaded from this external for party, several, so it has a lot of benefits. It also has great features, for example, it as automatic face detection stuff like that. So if you want to crop an image sent, it has to send the image. We are the face and stuff like that. It's very simple and very powerful. There's a lot of the things you can do flattery, and it takes a load of work off Iran's. So I use it off all my website and I love it in the next few clothes. I will exactly show you why the benefits off longer is so very big seeing the next loss. 42. Register an account with Cloudinary for your Laravel Project: wait. So the first step we need to do is register at claw ordinary. So you can either go to the website itself, which is clogging any that come or, if you don't know, dispel it for some reason. And you certainly Google. It's supposed to be the first result, like here on you can just click on it. I mean, the registration process is very, very standard. There's nothing. We're about it, and it's free to register. Um, and you get a decent packets on the freak packets as well, so you can actually upload a bunch of images and do a lot off image manipulations. And you can actually upload videos as well and stuff like that. And as soon as it goes over limit, then only then you have to pay anyway. So first debut into your normal details. I'm just going to say, ferret for Mylan, my Marjorie's I'm going to use. Let's, uh, mm puts in Madras. Can I use? I'm not sure which seem. Others are used to register false word. I'm going to make it. I'm not going to say What is my partner today? Let's just make it something that you guys won't get. Uh huh. Okay. And if you guys have any details you want to fill in here, please do that. And you can actually also assign a cloud name that the cloud name is just on the link itself. They would be linked to each image on this. It's likely important. But you would like that, for example, even want to say something like crash course, Larible seven. Then that back, my sense. A sign. Cloud name. So if I click now, I'm not rowboat crosswalk. Okay? I have no idea what the cross is. This the crosswalk? Okay. Ah, I didn't see but bicycles. Okay, so that went well. Okay, so create account. Oh, yes. See, I didn't do a good job. Okay, Let's hope they don't. Our man. Okay, let's go preach it. Ah. Mm. But it is a bitch. Okay. In this one. And there's one. Okay. Great account. Let's hope it goes through. Okay? It seems I registered. So let's see, if I can go in on is that you're in, these are really not necessary. You can just click whatever you like. I think it's just for their own survey or their own statistics. you know what type of people are using the service, but there's no riel cancer year. I just say continue later. And when you're on the dashboard, this part over year is really important dollars. Part of this registration process was probably the Google caption, so you actually can see it's very easy. In the next close, I will explain how to add this to your a lot of our project. 43. Install the Cloudinary Laravel package and configure .env file: Okay, So in this class, what I'm going to do is connected this culinary count to my level project. It's very simple. So you can actually just type in level seven of Cabinet E. That's a lot of well uses. The first result is this. I mean, you can actually just click on this link as well. There's the link directly to this package. So this is a foot part of packets which it says is a rapper package for a lot of, ah, five. But it works well with a lot of all seven as well. There's no difference. So it installed this. They actually tell you exactly what you need. Doomed so into the installation on you to do. Is this copy This fall year when you go back to your a lot of, ah project, you can just go to the console. Always remember, you have to make sure that your navigated inside your project if you don't know that the radium. So once you place this Okay, for some reason I didn't copy this could be all right. Ah, no, my way. Okay. Okay. So once you're year, let's actually disclose this. You can just paste So it says composer Quiet Jar M two ke six force last cloud Their soak louder is short for something. Okay, so let's click enter and just wait for the Pakistan store. Okay, so after your packets s finished the loading and now if you go back to this, get the post story, it will explain what to do further. So they're actually after Scripture that you can actually run. So it actually installs the conflict falls. So let's just go ahead and do that. Gonna baste it after it's based, it you will see there should be new for l. Here it is, Cloud er and years, all the settings for the package. So it says what involvement falls and so on to get you can even even the furniture. But that's bad practice. Expected to do that in the environmental fall. So if you go to this environmental file, click your openwork. Okay. On your idea to probably this is double click. He has all your settings. Like you, Probably, it seems. Looks familiar. Um, if you go back here, they actually say what this acquired is in this couple of fields, so I'm just going to cope with this. These are actually optional. I'm not conclude that that I'm just going to go include these into my own very month environmental file. So if you go down here, I can just based it here and here. It says Probably a pikey, ordinary FBI secret and kill ordinary cloud name. So if you go back here to wear were registered, Remember? I told you, these are important. So cloud name you will based in here. This is your cloud name. Like I said, we could have to find it. Looks nice. I called my crash course level seven. Um, yes, a P I key. Just copy that implicit in year. Sorry. And I am not going to cope in mine in, but you should be that I just don't want to make my a p. I sick it available, so you can just copy that on when? Sure. Done. You can just place it in a year. Okay, so basically, that's it. Now, your Connery is connected to your a lot of our project. So now we can continue to the next close 44. How to upload files to Cloudinary through your Laravel Project: Okay, so in this cause, all I'm going to do is just make a basic upload fall so that we can actually upload an image to claw ordinary, and we can start manipulating it. So I'm just going to go do a couple of things. I'm going to make a new controller called PHP Artisans make controller. Um, that's a upload 14 letter. Once that's done, I'm just going to g o. Never get on top of here function, index. So this is what happens when I access that and I'm going to make a new link. That is what happens when I post. It's a function upload image, so this one is just going to return of you return view on dive. Still have to create that view. Let's go to resource views. Let's go under website. I'm just going to create one year. Let's say's upload. So if you see that we know it is under views on the website and that's the fall, so it's just website dot ah blowed image on. That's it. I'm going to get to this fact function later, so I'm just going to create a new Brit for that fall at school. Eight. The route Kate making that in which? Yeah, it's just that. And the controller is upload image controller, and I want to access the index method. Quite what, So I just want to make sure if I access that now. Ah, anti access is this route. I should get to an empty document. That's off course, if I replace the office and surf, most local sir was not running. Okay, let's see. Okay, Yes. So it opens the up empty document. So what I'm going to do now is just the make an empty. That's quickly open up that foul upload image. It is going to call it image. I'm going to make a very basic form. I'm not even including bootstrap because I just want to concentrate on Cabinet itself. Okay, so And to know that's at an input input type file. You can actually say. What did she accept? I want to accept. Okay. Lets for this. I actually want to accept any Any images cell that's just did this. Great. So on and off that I'm just going to make a button. I'm going. I'm doing bad things here. Um, at image. I actually also I just want to know after. I just want to mention that this this these two are exactly the same thing. It's just that, you know, So I just like this more because it looks more like an H male tack which has open close and stuff like that. But they threw in a difference. So if you use input types up, but it does the same thing she didn't after going So I'm not going to use Digex or anything fancy. For now, I just want to dio at action. So once the action is posted, I want to go to this link upload. That's because the scene it's upload image. I want to do suffer, like when it submitted should say upload like that crying. So I'm going to add idea and say method is post so that once you post this file, it goes to deposited this link. So this link is not set up yet. I just have to do it here, so I just make sure it's post its route post upload image on four slash upload on ghosted this Ah, controller, which is over a year, but I want to access it. This method So if I go year, I just want to say upload image year. So beloved image to see if this works. I just want to do something like Oh, yeah, because I'm posting this squad after get request from seven. So it's quest request. And if I want to get the values to coming from one to get a manages for some reason to think we were does this, um and I just want to see what he's uploading. So this is just a normal taste to see if it actually works. So if I go year a pasty faced off a very basic start thing yet, Okay, So actually want to upload this fall year? Let's quick navigated that the reason I want this fall is because I wanted like to show you the face detection It does. So I once I click upload, Okay, paychecks part. Why does the body do that? Because I forgot. Like always to see about the c. R. C is our token a lot of ah, okay. So I should just have it somewhere in the form. Okay, let's try this again. Okay. So if I go and click this click at image Okay, so it didn't actually pause the image because I've got a very important part, and that's I never named my input file. So I have to say, in name, Let's quote image name. I just normally could collect that, but you can collect image or whatever. OK, so let's quickly check again. And there you go. So it actually passes through the image. Okay, so the next step is to actually upload to cloud binary. So what do we do Know? OK, so 17 year, I'm just going to come in this out. The first step are usually do is I just make sure validated fall to make sure that it actually is Veloso. That's, um see that. So I go to this validate request on and I say, I want to actually check image name. This is the fall. Like I said, I I'm passing through the name off the input field. So and then I just want to say it requires it's required. Um, I want to check if it's one of these falls at least being P j pic or PNG on. It's the size repeated between one on that Say, uh, yeah, let's make it 10 megabytes. This note that normally on the free package, you only get. I think you get to upload till make about foul, so you have to make sure the fall you're uploading is less than 10 megabytes. I know that if you go over to the paid a countess on it, you can actually increase that. But I think for a free one, it's just been made about. So I just would check to say, if it's 10 megabytes or lays, it can go it and upload out of what she tries to a blood on once gonna get so far Jake State. So it's so much longer process to file. It's just better to fell it instantly. Okay, so to a beautiful I just do this, I say. OK, image nine equals Request Fall image name. So I'm just requesting this file to upload to calories. Fairly simple, I say. Say it's very result equals cloud there. And please note as because since I said Crowder, and it's not actually finding top here, we have to define that first, so that's actually pretty simple. You see, you say, use cloud cap. It's always important. Otherwise it will say under finder, you couldn't find other. Anyway, let's continue so called er upload on. Then we just act in which name and say get riel path. So because we want to real path to be alone, uploaded to cabinet. OK, so then the full edit of the filling in space is actually their location or the phone name , so you can actually just call it something like I'm going to manage just hard cut and name inside now. But it's bad practice. There are coat, obviously fix them. You have to do some random names or, you know, yeah, you have to generate a unique name for its fall. But for now, I'm just going to call it Sarit. Big fall, Okay? And we can actually just check whether it upload successful by doing this. Okay, I said this is just check. Like I said, normally you would accidents to a return or just tentative you again, but I'm just going to check with it uploads. So if you go back here, let's see if it uploads. So I'm going to quit that one and say upload image and nothing happened. What went wrong? Okay, I'm just going to quickly just show my click print buyers insider's view to see if I can see any terrorist because of a big feeling that somehow this validation is not working. I just want to see why it's not working. Okay, so Vic Liqueur and I cope back here. Let's see what it is. It gifts. He's going to add it here. So for some reason, the image they must be a foul off type J pic bmp j pic European G. For some reason, it doesn't see it as a J pic. Okay, so the reason why I'm getting this error message that says this must be fall type of Jay picked BMP in J, picc, P and G and even though it is a J pic, is because I actually forgot a very, very important part in form. Forget upload image. I have to define or actually asked it in in sit type. So if ago year and I say this and I click a multiple part from Dayton, I'm telling for at this that we are including falls and sending false fruit to our a lot of a project. So if I insert this, this should be fine. Let's see. So if I go and refresh over a year on a click on Select Fall and I click this one on that click upload let's see if it works and yeah, it worked you It actually says all the details. And if you need to know yesterday you were all on just to secure their own that the difference between two is that you can actually without ice t b s. You can just click on http or its components to be a so it has both iselle and none is l links. So let's see, in our current culinary account. So if you go inside here Yeah, here we go. So we have carrots. Big file. I just want to show you something else because I know I was actually I didn't know this in the beginning, but you can actually eat generate folders for its fall, so it's actually very simple. You just a sneezy uploaded image in the film name. You can specify your folder. So if you want to say stuff like example and crash course and force last, it will actually create these folders. Own your lauraville on your car binary account. So it's actually really nice because that's gives you more structure in the start. Actually, my adorable missed a cough. You know, just throw everything on the root folder and get some missing these thousands of false Amaret folder, and there's no way for me to actually make sense off it. But in this way you can actually structure it very nicely. So let's just quickly upload again, and I can show you our that it looks like. So if I go back on, I blow to the same farm. Then if you go back into the fresh, you will say years new folder called example. If I could come that there's new folder called Crash Course. As soon as they become that years, the far in the next class, I will show you all to actually use the falls and what's makes country so very powerful. 45. How to easily manipulate images with Cloudinary through your Laravel Project: Okay. So in the previous class, we actually managed to upload this, filed to our current account and and discuss I just want to show you some quick, awesome features. So the cool thing is that I mean, okay, So can wreak louder actually do, after a myth it off displaying how to display these, um, coming fall. So you can do stuff like this. Ah, show public Andre of options. So So on this page, I'm just going to show an image. The image of a blob loaded on defense name Waas. I will cook you see now, but last year's added here I'm going to add it under a death on in image and in your I'm just going to show it here like that. So yes, the public idea on just the array of options. I'm just going to show you the public idea and leave this as an empty Erin. So the public idea is whatever the name is off the phone. So probably if your blood you should have saved to fall someone in the database. But for now, I'm just going to click on this nine name every year. This is my my name. a public idea for this image. So if you click on that and I place it in year, it should work. Let's see. So the public idea of this in which is had its big file on if I go back and fish Yes, there it is. So actually want extra? A couple of things. Normally, I didn't do it this way, ing. I actually just had used a normal link. Um, when I go to that school, they ate it. I just normally copy this link of a year and used that inside of my dream. We were So I would do something like this if I were working from through a database, all I needed to do Waas used the name year in the database. Circle it in which name. So let's do it now. I'm just going to use copy this fall year and call it my variable. So the image name equals. Had his big file. No, wait, that's not right. Okay. So I could actually use it like that, and it would display So what is nice about this? Well, I seems to go to this value, and I said OK, but I don't want it as a J pic folder, and I just changed a PNG. And then this is actually converted tippy angina. It's a PNG fall. As you can see, it's actually come, but it's not just renamed. It's actually convert to a PNG fall on. You can do it to a multiple a couple of ways, so you're is a nice way to show you out of linkage generated as soon as you change the settings. So let's say I want to prop the fall. Let's say, Phil, this means that it will crop. Let's say I want to make it 30. Let's make it on a bahn of pixels. As you can see, it changed the link on the bottom here, so it has. This experiment is that says H 100 W 100. So if we refresh this now, it's small like this. So if I copied this actually like that, let's make a new one. It will actually show the two different types of images. So now I have two images. The one is that's big that what I wanted small, and it still reminds one fall on the server. As you can see, there's no extra falls that's there's no exit falls saved on year. So if I want to actually just making sure that I want to crop the image still under Boehner pixels but I want the face to be centered, then it's pretty cool because I can say more options. Oh, yes. Sorry. So on the gravity, you can say, actually, something like, I want the face to be centered. So you will see this new perimeter perimeter year that says, gee, face center safer. Refresh this. My fate is in the center. So this political, you know, you can make your false diamond like that, so I shouldn't you click on the year you can? Actually, um, yeah, look for all your faults and suffocate. Oh, yeah, One importing astonish. You do work with dynamic falls, this version ing thing. You have to removal the things except for the one. This is an assist necessity as Mitchell work for folders, especially so make sure it's V one and then you continue If your name so state will be one and the literacy of numbers because sometimes if you do have a dynamic and link and you want populate for all your table rose from a database of whatever and he wants populated all the files. Not every one of them as the same visioning foul. But if you change this Division one, it should work. Fine. All right, So if I go back on that pretty face there goes a year. We have two different types of images and there's a bunch of stuff you can do. You can actually play around with all the sitting shit. One day is a fit and crop unt a bunch of stuff you can do and play around. You can see what settings does work the base for you. So yeah, that's basically over club marrying. If they were something unclear or you guys within those suffering Eckstrom just let me know . But this is the basic just off country and how it works. 46. Thank you for watching this course: thank you for doing the course. Eso We are at the last port, but it's not goodbye yet. Like I said in the introduction, I will be uploading more videos. And I hope that as music guys need any help or have any questions you guys can just contact me on, I will try to help Because or maybe even a bloody video. That explains how it is done. So, yeah, thank you for doing the scores. And, uh, yeah, it's not goodbye it